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How to Handle a Toxic Family Member

A toxic relative can blow up a Thanksgiving dinner, destroy a weekend visit, and leave a path of destruction through a family vacation.

Quotation Marks with Periods and Commas

Today, as promised, we’ll talk about how to mix quotation marks with other punctuation. Quotation Marks with Commas and Periods One of the most common question people ask me is whether periods and commas go inside or outside a closing quotation mark, and there’s a reason everyone is confused.

Using a To-Do List to Boost Your Fitness Success

Between your job, your friends, your hobbies, your family, and pretty much everything else you want to get done, achieving your fitness goals and nailing your workouts is often harder than it should be.

Phrases About Rain

The past few weeks, we’ve been hearing about the epic rains that have hit Texas and Louisiana. It’s been devastating—more than 27 trillion gallons of rain were dumped on the region in just six days.

What is Hepatitis A and How Do You Get It?

As of September 12, 2017 there have been 421 cases of Hepatitis A, along with 16 deaths, in San Diego County since early 2017.

8 Warning Signs of Identity Theft (and How to Fight Back)

Millions of Americans have been impacted by the Equifax data breach that was announced on September 7, 2017.

How to Turn Your Plate Paleo in 7 Steps

Michelle Tam, author of the new cookbook Ready or Not: 150+ Make-Ahead, Make-Over, And Make-Now Recipes by Nom Nom Paleo, joins the Clever Cookstr to dish on major misconceptions about paleo eating, what her own plate looks like these days, and how to entertain a mixed crowd when it comes to dietary restrictions.

The Low-Carb Craze: Are Carbohydrates Killing Us?

A big new study, published last month in the Lancet, suggests that cutting back on carbohydrates and eating more fat may extend your life.

The Best Physical Fitness Tests, Part One

So, you have been going out for jogs, hitting the gym, riding your bike to work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, using a standing workstation, and you are feeling great.

How to Critique a Colleague's Bad Decisions in 4 Steps

A couple of years ago, my tap-dancing, genius MIT mechanical engineer, New York musical theater actor, and accountabilibuddy Timmy and I started helping each other be more productive.

What are Extremophiles?

Did you know there is a creature that can produce its own antifreeze in order to keep its surroundings from freezing it to death?

6 Simple Tips to Motivate Your Lazy Kid

I grew up the oldest of five siblings and was used to being a “take charge” kind of kid, even in young adolescence.

Screen Time for Kids: 3 Questions You Should Be Asking

  Want a surefire conversation starter with any group of parents? No, it’s not bullying, college applications, or even the defective wiring of toddlers.

'Bad' or 'Badly'?

If you’re unhappy or sick, you feel bad, not badly. To feel badly would be to stink at feeling things.

4 Little-Known Differences Between British and American English

Most of us know about the big differences, such as Americans spelling “color” without a U and the British spelling “colour” with a U, but these were differences I didn’t know about before I visited the UK.

Equifax Data Breach: 5 Steps to Protect Your Personal Finances

Equifax, one the nation’s three major credit reporting agencies, announced on September 7, 2017 that they had been hacked.

Can You Be Healthy at Any Size?

Is carrying a few extra pounds really as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be? It’s true that body weight is strongly correlated with the risk of various diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.

8 Fun and Frugal Kitchen Hacks for Men

The below is excerpted from the book The Culinary Bro-Down Cookbook by Josh Scherer. Copyright © 2017 by Josh Scherer.

The Many Benefits of Foam Rolling

Liz wrote: “Hi! I'm a new listener, slowly working through the backlog of episodes. Has there ever been an episode that highlighted foam rolling?

How to Organize Purchased Products and Accessories

Earbuds! I just love earbuds! Since much of my prospecting, coaching, and negotiation work happens by phone, earbuds are an intimate part of my life.