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Lloyd Kahn's good advice on how to rebuild after disaster

After the California fires, the building expert has some suggestions that really make sense for anyone building.

UK government appoints a minister for loneliness

Prime Minister May is hoping to cheer up the millions of Britons who live in a sad and unhealthy state of chronic loneliness.

Hope rises for critically endangered monkey thanks to conservation efforts

The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey may survive because of work by communities, NGOs and the Myanmar and Chinese governments.

Can we stop treating kids like 'delicate morons'?

Kids aren't stupid, nor will they shatter, but most school playground rules treat them like they are.

No, your microwave oven isn't killing the planet

These stupid headlines miss the whole point- Microwaves use very little power, slightly more than a 7 watt LED bulb over its lifetime.

Photo: Bison versus snow in Yellowstone

It's hard not to respect the legacy of this herd.

'Trash Girl' won't back down: Despite bullies, 12 year old keeps up anti-litter fight

She picks trash on her way to and from school. And she's not going to let anyone stop her.

Edmunds reviews the Tesla Model 3

In almost all aspects, it lives up to the hype, says Edmunds. But man is that screen a distraction...

Artist turns bathroom into magical nature spot using recycled materials

A boring bathroom gets an amazing hand-drawn makeover.

Entertain like a TreeHugger this winter

Host gatherings with friends both outdoors and in your home, while sharing food prep to make it more affordable.

An uplifting story: the escalator just had its 125th birthday.

On TreeHugger we often say "take the stairs!" but escalators have changed how we get around.

UK supermarket promises to go plastic-free by 2023

The fact that Iceland specializes in frozen food has not daunted its directors, who say they'll switch to recyclable paper and pulp trays.

"ReNEWable Living Home" opens Orlando Builders Show, and it's not totally horrible

There are lessons to be learned from this model home built by Meritage, even if it is big and beige.

'There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather' is a Scandinavian mom's guide to raising kids

Written by one of my favorite bloggers, this new book will inspire and guide readers to install a love for nature in their children.

Library opens in Turkey with books collected by sanitation workers

Thousands of books destined for the landfill have been rescued by garbage collectors and are now available to the public.

Photo: Double rainbow brightens up Yosemite

Our lucky photo of the day was taken from Yosemite's Tioga Pass Road.

New, lower cost Nest Thermostat E: First impressions

The smartest features of a smart thermostat may actually be the pretty simple.

University of New South Wales to go 100% solar powered

There's a renewable energy arms race going on in academia. UNSW just blew the competition out the water.

Toronto Police tells pedestrians: "Road safety- It starts with you."

Telling people to "cross the street as if your life depends on it" is just going to scare people out of walking.

What's needed to clean up the fashion industry?

A new report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation outlines steps to a circular fashion economy.