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From Slave to Real Estate Mogul, Biddy Mason Helped Wayward Souls Of The Pioneer Era   

THE GOOD NEWS: There's no shortage of incredible stories of amazing women throughout history. Victorian Los Angeles was a ruthless, transient place.

Charting A Greener Future For Mexico’s Aztec Floating Gardens

We arrive at Yolcan’s Chef Semillas restaurant floating on a shimmering canal rowing a humble trajinera, a flat-bottomed boat with improvised oars typical of Xochimilco’s marshy canals.

This All-Girl Hockey Team In Harlem Is Changing The Game

Cross 110th Street on a frigid Friday night, when bitter winds blowing off the surface of Harlem Meer have driven most New Yorkers indoors, and you might think you had Central Park to yourself.

The Curatorial Hub Helps Artists Get Their Fair Share

THE GOOD NEWS: Artists can earn more money without having to sacrifice their vision to the art market’s trends.

11 Latina Photographers You Need To Know Now

At a time when the impact of the female gaze and its importance in photography has become a part of public discourse, Latina photographers are stepping up to share images where women hold the power.

Understanding The Science Of Para Ice Hockey

It brings me such joy and pride to watch the amazing and inspiring athletes at the Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Twitter’s 13 Funniest Responses To Trump’s Ridiculous ‘Space Force’ Idea

THE GOOD NEWS: Trump may not be entirely serious. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) which was dubbed “Star Wars” by its detractors.

24 Protest Posters And Political Messages From Trump's Visit To L.A.

President Donald Trump rolled into Los Angeles the afternoon of March 13, 2018, to dine with zillionaires and beg for money for his 2020 campaign and, presumably, “Space Force: The Movie.” It was Trump’s first visit to California since he took office, even though he owns a light-blonde-colored, fake Tudor mansion in Beverly Hills – which has had some “​wall problems” of its own – and a failing golf course on a Palos Verdes cliff that could be swallowed by “​Waterworld”-style climate-change-induced rising tides just like his Irish resort.

The Astros' Visit To The White House Was As Awkward As Expected

The Houston Astros paid a visit to the White House on Monday, March 12, having been the lucky recipients of an invitation that wasn’t later rescinded as a posturing power move.

'Ready Player One's Nostalgia-Heavy Posters Have Prompted A Hilarious Backlash

In anticipation of much-hyped sci-fi adaptation “Ready Player One,” the marketing team behind the film has issued a litany of repurposed posters from 1980s films, all bearing characters from the upcoming film, which arrives in theaters March 29, 2018.  The film’s source material, the 2011 Ernest Cline novel of the same name, had been criticized for serving as a barrage of nostalgia that critical readers found to be little more than a heaping portion of “remember when” served over and over and over again.  With the release of film posters in the same vein, an already wary public has turned its reservations into, well, jokes.

Gunmakers Get Special Economic Protection – And They Have George W. Bush To Thank For It

The gun industry is one of very few industries to have congressionally backed immunity from liability.

Brewery Uses 'Beer For Girls' To Mock The Parade Of Ridiculous Tactics Marketing To Women

In its lead-up to International Women’s Day, U.K beer company BrewDog announced a “Beer for Girls” campaign to highlight its Pink IPA in a purported effort to satirize stereotypically sexist marketing tactics.

Swearing Can Help Boost Your Physical Performance

A few years ago, my good friend Mark Foulks occupied the rear seat of a tandem on a sponsored long-distance cycle ride from Berkshire to Barcelona.

Ariana Grande Asks Fans To Stop Cropping Themselves Out Of Selfies They Take With Her

THE GOOD NEWS: The pop singer sends an empowering message to her fans by asking them to stop covering their faces in selfies with her.

Students Came Out In Droves To Defend A Gay Athlete Protested By The Westboro Baptist Church 

THE GOOD NEWS: A huge crowd came out to support a gay football player being harassed by the Westboro Baptist Church.

What The Gun Control Movement Can Learn From The AIDS Activism From The 1980s

THE GOOD NEWS: People who are new to activism can learn a lot from the social movements of the past.   On March 9, the Republican governor of Florida, Rick Scott, did something that only weeks ago seemed impossible: He signed a bipartisan bill limiting access to guns.

A Simple Guide To Entering A Million-Dollar NCAA Bracket, Even If You Don't Know Basketball

With the bracket for the NCAA’s annual March Madness basketball tournament now set, millions of Americans — basketball fans or not — will do their best to fill out the brackets and predict winners to rake in prizes from office pools, sponsored contests, and even billionaire Warren Buffett.

Martin Shkreli Has Been Sentenced To Prison And The Public Seems Thrilled

On March 9, a tearful Martin Shkreli gave a New York judge a final plea for leniency before being sentenced to seven years in prison for wire and securities fraud.

How A Young War Reporter Learned To Live With The Echoes Of The Battlefield

THE GOOD NEWS: Virtual reality technology can inspire radical empathy by bringing audiences to conflict zones around the world.

The Brasil Open Used Some Very Photogenic Rescue Dogs As Ball Boys And Girls

The Brasil Open may not be among the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, but if you’re a fan of dogs, it could very well occupy your top spot.