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10 Most Stupid Sports Stars Who Ruined Their Careers

It can be tempting to think that famous sports stars have charmed lives and no troubles. With the fame and money that being a major name brings, you would certainly assume this to be true.

10 Most Creative Chupa Chups Magazine Ads

Founded by Enric Bernat, the Spanish lollipop company “Chupa Chups” has had its history of ups and downs, but today its worldwide recognition puts it among the best of the most famous brands of candy.

10 Most Mind-Blowing Facts About Saddam Hussein

As brutal dictators go, Saddam Hussein was up there with the worst. As ruler of Iraq until his disposition by joint British and American forces in 2003, he had many back marks against his name.

10 Most Hidden Facts About the Illuminati

For a secret organization, it is pretty much a given that you have heard of the Illuminati by now. Much loved by conspiracy theorists, they are thought to be a secret society made up of the most powerful people on the plant who secretly control world affairs.

10 Most Gruesome Horror Films Based On True Stories

We all love a good horror film, right?! There is something inherent in human nature that just loves to be scared and made to jump.

10 Most Interesting Tips for Playing Online Poker

When online poker – and especially Texas Hold’em – boomed in the early noughties, winning was relatively easy for anyone with a small amount of skill or courage.

10 Most Effective Ways To Make A Life Change

It’s been said that we’re all allotted a lifespan of three score years and ten. That may be a little outdated now, but if you knock off the first 18 years or so as being largely dictated by our parents and education, then that leaves around 50 years of active healthy life for most of us.

10 Most Unusual Coffee Mug Designs

Coffee mugs don’t have to be in plain boring colors and round shapes. A creative coffee mug can say a lot about your personality, interests, and preferences.

10 Most Gung Ho Facts About The French Foreign Legion

One of the most famous fighting forces in the world is the French Foreign Legion. Star of many films and TV shows, it has a real air of mystery and glamour that fascinates us all.

10 Most Popular Cocktails In The World

One of the true pleasures in life is relaxing with a good drink! This could be in your home conservatory taking in the sun or on holiday stretching out on a sun lounger.

10 Most Unusual Dating Tips From History

If there is one aspect of being human that can cause lots of confusion or heart-break, it is dating. Finding a date was hard enough as it was, but the growth of online dating has made it even more of a minefield.

10 Most Beautiful Places In London To Live

If you are planning on moving to the English capital, then choosing the perfect area is key. With so many different neighbourhoods that you could call home, you need to take your time to get the ideal one for you.

10 Most Popular VR Online Casino Sites

You like what online casinos nowadays have to offer and a thrill and experience of gambling that you can get without leaving the cosines of your home?

10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World

Most of us like to travel and the availability of cheap flights along with value hotels has made this more viable than ever now.

10 Most Useful Devices for Your Car in 2018

After owning a car, it is crucial to equip it with the essential devices to enhance its use. Fleet owners require some of these devices because they make management easier and enhance the driving experience.

10 Most Exciting Detective Novels You Should Read

In the modern age, there are lots of different ways to spend your leisure time. With the lure of online and digital activities such as Facebook or Instagram, it is easy to forget how great reading can be.

10 Most Interesting Facts About Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

As creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will be long remembered in history. It should also be noted that he wrote many other books on various topics as well as his most famous literary creation.

10 Most Obscure Facts About Venice

If there is one place that sums up the passion and romance of Italy, then it is Venice. This beautiful island is home to many cafes and bars where you can enjoy a break with your loved one.

10 Most Legitimate Excuses for Taking Naps

Napping… some love it, some loathe it and some just think it downright idle! The thing is that there are all sorts of good reasons to nap… legitimate reasons… sensible and grown-up reasons concerning well-being and de-stressing.

10 Most Craziest Band Feuds in Music

Being in a band can be tough! We all think it is a breeze with the copious amounts of sex, drugs and drink and no doubt this can help in some ways.