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10 Most Amazing Facts About Great White Sharks

Recognised as one of the most fearsome marine predators that patrols the world’s oceans, the Great White Shark is one majestic animal.

10 Most Interesting Facts About the Knights Templar

Established in 1139, the Knights Templar were (and in fact still are!) one of the most fascinating secret orders in history.

10 Most Memorable Shakespeare Quotes

Without doubt, the most famous playwright ever to have lived was William Shakespeare. Born in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England in 1564 his many plays and poems showcased what a superb talent he was.

10 Most Awesome James Bond Films

What a creation super-spy James Bond was by author Ian Fleming. Men want to be him, women want to be with him all thanks to his debonair charisma and tough-guy heroics.

10 Most Important Items to Keep in Your Car

We spend a lot more time in our cars then we would sometimes like. Whether commuting for leisure or out of necessity, driving is an almost unavoidable activity, and as such, it helps to be prepared when we’re caught with nothing but what’s in our vehicle.

10 Most Amazing Victorian Inventions

The Victorian times in England were a period of immense creativity and artistic expression. The sudden explosion in science and technology had a significant effect not only in England but around the world.

10 Most Notorious Serial Killers

Murder by any definition is a heinous crime that rightly shocks and appals us all. Human life is the most precious commodity on earth and anything that takes that unnaturally is simply sickening.

10 Most Selling Candies at the Movies

Summer time is just upon and many summer free-time activities are spent at the movies. A big food seller at the movies is popcorn but that’s so overrated!

10 Most Popular Water Sports

We wait all year for the fun activities we get to enjoy during summer. No school, BBQs, and weeks at the cottage – there are so many things to do!

10 Most Notorious Things About Genghis Khan

If there was an award for the most brutal, genocidal leader in history then Genghis Khan’s name would be in the hat.

10 Most Unique Soda Flavors Worldwide

Soda is one of the top drinks consumed around the world. Everyone loves the taste of a cold carbonated beverage.

10 Most Crazy Ancient Creatures That Really Existed

We all know lots of weird and wonderful creatures from films like Jurassic Park and The Hobbit but strangely enough they’re not all totally made up!

10 Most Haunted Places in the World

Stories about ghosts and malovent spirits have fascinated and terrified us ever since time began. This is especially true in the modern world where we love to watch films and TV shows that will have us hiding behind a cushion as much as watching the screen.

10 Most Infamous Pirates in History

Enduring and colourful figures in history, pirates have always held a certain glamour and swagger ever since they exploded into the public realm in their heyday.

10 Most Jaw Dropping Supercars

Who doesn’t love a good supercar?! These amazing feats of engineering genius not only look fantastic but satisfy the need for speed in all of us.

10 Most Intriguing Facts About Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin is one of the most infamous, enigmatic and little-understood figures in modern history.

10 Most Talented Footballers Who Ever Played

Known as the beautiful game, football is the most popular sport on the planet. From Africa to South America and Japan to Spain, it is a universal obsession that brings everyone together.

10 Most Romantic Holiday Destinations in the World

Whether you’re heading off on a honeymoon following a dream wedding or simply taking a romantic break as a couple, you’ll want to go somewhere truly special.

10 Most Stunning Beaches In The World

There’s no doubt about it – most people love getting away from the stresses of modern life and relaxing on a perfect beach.

10 Most Curious Unsolved Mysteries

Do you love to read or watch a bone-chilling mystery? Stories of unsolved or unknown instances are a huge source of entertainment.