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The Game Reveals Which Three Kardashians He’s Slept With

In the most breaking news story of the month, obviously, The Game has revealed that he did the horizontal bed dance with three of the Kardashians.  I know what you’re thinking, how will your world ever be the same following this life-changing news?

Can You Guess These 10 Films From One Screenshot In This Incredibly Hard Quiz?

Film’s an odd thing. You get judged hugely if you haven’t seen a certain one or if, say, you happen to think that The Godfather is disgustingly overrated.

‘Stranger Things’ Steve and Jean-Ralphio Met Up For A ‘Twins’ Photoshoot

Sometimes things happen that are just too good to be true.  Pop culture lookalikes Ben Schwartz aka. Parks and Recreations Jean-Ralphio and Joe Keery met up for a photo shoot and it’s definitely something out of the Upside Down.

Brad Pitt’s ‘Allied’ Trailer Drops Amidst Brangelina Divorce Drama

It was news that broke thousands of peoples hearts, Brangelina is no more. Angelina Jolie filed yesterday for divorce from her long time beau Brad Pitt due to an ‘incident‘.

It’s Bill Murray’s Birthday So Here’s Some Facts About Him

It’s Bill Murray’s birthday and you know what that means? It means he’s older now. He’s 66. He was 65.

We’re Finally Going To Get A Glimpse Into Yoda’s Past

If you’re lucky enough to be anything like me, you’ll watch any of the Star Wars films (bar ‘A New Hope‘) and wonder what Yoda was like when he was a young Jedi – one that wasn’t constantly being all profound and teachy and one that wasn’t driven to madness by isolation.

YouTuber Shows Us What £16,000 Plane Seat Gets You

American YouTube personality and filmmaker, Casey Neistat, is known for his daily vlogs, where viewers follow him on his extremely well edited and entertaining life.

George Clooney’s Very Genuine Reaction To Finding Out About Brangelina’s Divorce

If I was shocked to hear about the divorce of Brangelina, it’s no surprise that one of their mates, actor George Clooney, was also taken aback by the news.  Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced they were divorcing yesterday, ending their eleven-year relationship.

Brad Pitt Has Finally Spoken Out Over His Split With Angelina Jolie

The world joined in a collective “what? They’ve been together a while, haven’t they?” when we heard of the not-so-conscious uncoupling of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

People Are Going Wild For Netflix’s Latest Ingeniuous Update

Winter is coming, but don’t fear. The nights getting longer just means that there’s more time to sit inside, and binge watch Netflix.  And what could be cosier than that?

Amazing Hotel Lets You Live In Luxury In Spongebob’s House!

When you were a kid, what was the setting of a TV show that you really wanted to visit? For me, it was wherever the kids hung out in The Weekenders – I think it might be LA, in hindsight, but I was always jealous about how they got to chill out at the mall or on the beach when all I had by me was a highstreet and friends who lived miles away.

15 Hilarious And Clever Facebook Posts

Facebook mainly seems to be full of people moaning about other people you’re friends with on Facebook but, hey ho, sometimes it’s a little bit fun.

JonBenét Ramsey’s Brother Reveals Who He Believes Killed His Sister

For a recent TV documentary, a panel of experts came together to re-examine the case of JonBenét Ramsey – the six-year-old “child beauty queen” who was found murdered in her family’s basement on Boxing Day, 1996.  Initially, suspicion had fallen on her parents.

Are People Actually Upgrading Their iPhone 7 By Drilling Headphone Jacks?

I wonder if the words ‘headphone jack’ have been keeping any Apple employees awake at night. You spend all that time designing and building a new phone and then all anyone talks about is what it hasn’t got.  Well, fear not, if you have got an iPhone 7 you can install your own headphone jack.

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Are Getting A Divorce

After over ten years together, and two years of marriage, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are calling time on their relationship.  Jolie filed for divorce yesterday – hiring the same lawyer that represented Johnny Depp in his divorce with Amber Heard – citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

Emma Watson ‘Breasts And Nipples’ Pics Leak Leads To Lawyer Involvement

If I woke up and found out that pictures of my nipples had been leaked online I’d be devastated, not only would this be an invasion of my privacy but I also have impossibly small nipples and it’s pretty embarrassing.

Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Get Up Close And Personal In First ‘Passengers’ Trailer

One of the most anticipated films of the year, sci-fi romance Passengers finally has a first trailer.

This Brilliant Reason Mel And Sue Swear When Filming GBBO

Last week, Love Productions announced that they would be moving Bake Off to Channel 4, who had bid £75 million – £20 million more than the BBC could – for the rights to broadcast the hit show.  This didn’t exactly thrill fans – who foresaw a “Naked Celebrity Bake Off Benefits Island” replacing the quintessentially British, oh-so charming show that we know and love – and things took a turn for the worse when presenters Mel and Sue announced that they would be leaving.

This Is What You Need To Do To Be Able To Be A Male Pornstar

So I got my paycheck the other day. helloU have only gone and cut my wage from £750,000 to £350,000 a year.

Donald Trump Jr Compares Refugees To Skittles In Pretty Racist Tweet

If I told you there was a family of three siblings and a father, one of whom was an unrelenting racist, I would be lying… they all seem as bad as each other, really.