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Interview with the Magus: Rob Rider Hill

Below you will find an interview with Musician, Magician and Proprietor of CRUCIBLE Hermetic, Rob Rider Hill.

Noise Guy Calls Empath out on her Bullshit

This guy came up to me after his noise set and said “I’m mad at you.” I was like “Excuse me? I’m sorry?

People Are Neither Machines Nor Computers, We Need Better Metaphors People

I’m sure a lot of people have by now read that Aeon article about how your brain doesn’t actually process information or store memories and so the computer metaphor only makes a...

Disinfo Needs Content Aggregators

Are you a news junkie? Do you look at the current state of the world’s mind blowing insanity and think: what can I do to help exacerbate this madness?

A Buddhist Contemplates the Merits of Meditating on Psychedelics

This is a fun article. What’s funny is that it’s hard to say that I “meditate” on psychedelics per se, but I have now used them in a purely ritualistic context on...

Sheldon Katz for San Francisco Mayor!

Non sequitur intro: San Francisco, 8th & Market, a hand rises in the air. A Citizen’s Cab rolling west, 1015, hits his flashers, and pulls to a stop up in the lane...

Music(k) Offerings: Tim Palmieri

Below I present to you an interview with guitar virtuoso and international touring artist, Tim Palmieri.

Matt Furie Cease And Desists the Fuck Out of the Alt Right

I suppose the problem with a bunch of dweeby right wingers starting a magickal “meme war” might have something to do with the fact that they have no talent.

Atheists vs. Religion: This Week On This Disinfocast

Is there anything dumber than the ongoing debate between atheists and religious people? Why have the voices who think both sides are shockingly ignorant been conveniently silenced from this ongoing dialogue?

DISINFO COMICKS # 8 3/4! Inuit Supremacy!

These were done about a year ago and published in the BOOK OF BUD. I know they won’t change any minds but it’s still kinda funny.

Are Young Men Leaving the Workforce Because Video Games Have Gotten Too Fucking Cool?

I think better video games are pretty much the reason we need universal basic income. We should honestly just have someone storm into Congress like: “Have you seen video games these days?

Selling Sadowa

It’s Monday. The Citizen’s Cab lot’s amber lamps are off for some random reason. And it is dark, but for the light of an almost full moon bouncing off the yellow roofs...

Interview with the Magus: Blueflake

I am supremely excited to present an interview with magician, artist, author and creator of “The Psychonaut Field Manual”, Arch Traitor Blueflake.

If You Work For Your Money, You Pay Waaaaaay More In Taxes Than If Your Money Works For You

Is there any defending the sheer ridiculousness of our economic system at this point? When you take the environment into account, the whole thing seems more and more like a rapidly accelerating...

Snorting Coke is Sort of Like Snorting Murder

Look, I don’t want anyone to think I’m moralizing here. The fact is, I’ve used cocaine recreationally in the past and never had an issue.

Deadhead Comicks issue #1 part 3

True Unbelievers! (if there’s any) Here’s part 3 of Deadhead issue 1 Part 2 is here and part 1 is here.

Looking back on Silicon Valley in 2016: Unicorns, Psychedelic Drugs, and Disruption

Artwork above by Sharah Moonglow. Originally published on Thursday October, 27th 2016 here. The company I work for is a technology company in south central Massachusetts, just a stones throw from the...

Finding a Health Care System That Works

If the Affordable Care Act was flawed when it finally got passed in 2010, Trumpcare was an entirely different kind of monster.

Why Even a Super Hallucinogen Might Not Break You Out of Your Cultural Imprinting: This Week on The Disinfocast

You ever notice how some people can pull out of a transcendent visionary experience and be all like: “You know, maybe more materialism is in fact the answer?

New Species Born Out Of Immortal Cancer Cells

File this one under ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. A tale of ethical murkiness, medical breakthrough, and the genesis of a new species.