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The Chase

It’s that time of year… The annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, where suits from around the world to converge on San Francisco to schmooze, darting between Union Square’s bustling cafe’s and hotel...

Robert Anton Wilson’s Negation of All Beliefs Is An Irrational Position

“Belief is the death of intelligence.  As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes  certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence.” -Robert Anton Wilson There is...

Interview with the Magus: Phil Hine

Phil Hine is a man who needs no introduction. One of the founding fathers of Chaos Magic and a legend in his own right, Phil has authored some of the most prolific...

The 858 Archive

In addition to numerous photographs and documents, The Mosireen Media Collective has made available 858 hours of video footage shot since the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.


The post MK ULTRA appeared first on disinformation.

Jeff Bezos Donates 0.03% of His Wealth to Immigrant Kids, Wants a Fucking Medal or Some Shit

Lord, if headline writers were even sort of honest. This would be roughly the equivalent to a person who  makes 50K  giving $15 bucks to a cause, then getting all kinds of...


STARSEED AWAKENING by Robert Guffey on January 14 via Cryptoscatology: Yesterday afternoon I appeared on STARSEED AWAKENING, broadcast out of KCOR in Las Vegas, hosted by Miesha Johnston (author of COVERT ABDUCTION),...

Living in a World of Infinite Entertainment Options – This Week on the Disinfocast

Okay, we actually did this a few weeks ago but I’m just realizing I forgot to post it. Of course we know that art is magick because art transforms consciousness and man,...

The Aziz Ansari Scandal Might as Well Be An Alt Right Hit Job

It should be obvious to anyone by now that any progressive movement that gains any sort of popularity will be intentionally turned against whatever cause it was meant to further.

Ritual Generosity Magic – Or, How to Profit from Kindness

There is nothing mysterious about magic, and a little bit of discipline and sacrifice can go a long way.

Interview with the Magus: Billy Brujo

Billy Brujo is the proprietor of Billy Brujo’s Botanica and host of the popular Youtube show “The Black Magick Cooking Show” on which, he teaches magick with tact, humor, focus and skill....

On Dissent In 2018

The last few years in this country have been in so many ways years of dissent. While they may not have held the largest protests in our country’s short history, they are...

Another Chance at Another Try

It’s officially New Year’s Day, and there’s no slacking off for your driver this morning. Nope. Alex is ready to dive in to 2018.

Make Discordianism Transcendent Again

Can Discordianism still be a useful perceptual filter even though it has become a playground of juvenile trolls and edgelord cliches?

The 4th Dimension Making Headlines

I’ve been saying this for years now, but now science is proving it to be true! 4-d physics are beyond our comprehension, and something from a higher dimension like 4-d would only...

Let’s Face It, You Hate The Last Jedi Because You Hate Women

I know I’m a bit late to this party as I just saw The Last Jedi over the weekend but I must say, I’m even more confused now that I’ve seen it....

The Tao of Alan Moore & Grant Morrison

I have something of a fascination for the recurring manufactured drama between comic/occult/visionary writers Alan Moore & Grant Morrison.

The Flat Earth Society Tells You Where It’s At

John Davis is the President of The Flat Earth Society. Need I say more? I would give anything to have that business card.

Mark Hamill Says Bitcoin Will Destroy the ‘Empire’

Star Wars star Mark Hamill says that he believes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have the power to completely destroy the ‘Evil Empire.’ The 66-year-old actor was asked his thoughts on...


THE TRUTH UNDERGROUND by Robert Guffey on January 3 via Cryptoscatology: Last evening, on January 3rd, I appeared on Jim Rivas’ radio show THE TRUTH UNDERGROUND, which is broadcast out of New...