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Interview with the Magus: Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

Below you will find and interview with wizard, author, world traveler, artist, transpersonal psychologist, metaphysician, naturalist, theologian, shaman, author, sculptor, lecturer, teacher, and ordained Priest of the Earth-Mother Gaia, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart.


WE THE HALLOWED presents our first Wayward Worship – a live, variety talk-show held during our 4th Thursday residency at The Waypost in PDX.

Dan and Fran Keller Are Finally Free

Anyone who lived through the late ‘80s and early ‘90s may remember the wave of child abuse and sexual assault stories that captured the headlines every month.

Tripping Balls and Learning to Work with The Patron Saint of Criminals

(Originally posted at Gods & Radicals) “The revolutionary knows that in the very depths of his being, not only in words but also in deeds, he has broken all the bonds which...


DEEP STATE BLUES REDUX by Robert Guffey on November 14 via Cryptoscatology: On Monday, November 13th, I returned to the DEEP STATE BLUES radio show hosted by Badbaby and Steve Olson to...

Reminder: Pastors Were Into Being Creepy Pervs Way Before it Became Trendy in Hollywood

And they continue to be. I’m partially mentioning this because I somehow ended up watching a Dateline NBC about that super skeez Mormon cult with my wife over the weekend.

Meet the Weirdo Texan Who Inspired Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust”

Take your protein pills, and put your helmet on. So, we all know David Bowie’s masterpiece, “Space Oddity.” At least, I hope we do.

Subliminal Pokémon Weirdness (My review of “Pokémon: I Choose You!”)

I rarely go to the movies, but somehow I ended up going to see a new Pokémon movie that I was unaware even existed, “Pokémon: I Choose You!

Taking an Honest Look at America’s Relationship With Oil and Gas

Richness in natural resources has undeniably been an essential component to the success of the United States.

Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos interview- Conceived Under A Crepuscular Light..

Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos (b.1982) is a brazilian self-taught artist whose work plunges on the realms of the mythical, mystical and occult.

Bad Trippin’: This Week on the Disinfocast

Just a reminder that things can go horribly wrong when materialism and shamanism collide. Psychedelics are powerful force of nature and spirituality ain’t a joke.

Attract Positive Energy With The Secret Smile

The late Dr. Glenn Morris noticed that when attempting to teach meditation and energy work, some of his students would get trapped in the darker emotional states that can get dredged up...

Occult of Personality: An Interview with Greg Kaminsky

Below you will find and interview with occultist, esoteric scholar and practitioner, Greg Kaminsky. Greg is the host of the hugely popular and supremely excellent “Occult of Personality” podcast.

Facebook Is Ready With Your Next Dopamine Hit

I’m not one of those people who hates social media. A couple of years ago when my wife was very ill and handling the treatment for her disease very badly, my entire...

A Cab Has A Soul

Passengers, I have a confession to make… Until a few weeks ago, I’d been living a double life here in San Francisco.

Surviving A Dark Night Of The Soul

A dark night of the soul can be a tough experience to deal with, especially when you don’t know what’s happening to you.

If You Get Turned Into A Shitty Internet Meme, Own It

Jesus people online are dicks. It’s sort of sad that recently I’ve found myself accidentally going off on random people and then being like, wait, that person wasn’t being a dick.

From the Outer Limits of Debate Shaped by the Corporate Media: Maximum Wage Laws

The idea of a maximum wage is alien to most people. And just like with aliens, maybe the truth is out there but the lies are definitely right here at home.

Let’s Get Real About How Much You’re Affecting Reality

As a seer, I always wondered why rootworkers were always way more intense for me to be around than ceremonial magicians.

The Betty and Barney Hill Virtual Reality Experience

I’m sort of in disbelief something like this even exists, but yeah, there’s apparently a Betty and Barney Hill virtual reality thingy (I don’t think it’s a game really) coming out here...