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10 Mystical Forests Everyone Needs To Visit

I’m lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest, and aside from hipsters and imminent megathrust earthquakes, we have some of the most beautiful forests I’ve ever set foot in.

Groundbreaking Research: Cannabis Treats ADHD Better Than Adderall

The medical use of marijuana is no secret. It can be used to treat a number of ailments, chronic and short term.

The Language Of Nature – Plants Communicate Using An Advanced “Bio-Internet” Of Fungus

Take a walk through the woods alone and you’ll probably hear many different things. The gentle hum of the Earth brings a type of quality relaxation not much else can.

31 Native American Quotes About Life And Death

“Those who have one foot in the canoe, and one foot in the boat, are going to fall into the river.” – Tuscarora “Don’t be afraid to cry.

New Research Says Working Before 10 AM Is Equivalent To Torture

When I saw this study, I knew I had to write an article about it, though I decided immediately that it would definitely have to be written after 10 AM.

This Baby Deer Refused To Leave The Man Who Saved Her

Darius Sasnauskas, while outside on his property, got to see one of nature’s most cherishable moments: the first moments of a young animal’s life.

These 4 Images Prove Ancient Builders Had Access To Highly Advanced Technology

Puma Punku is a temple located near Tiwanaku, Bolivia. If you plan to visit ruins anywhere in South America, make Puma Punku your #1 spot.

25 Years Ago He Isolated Himself From Society. The Inside Of His Cave Will Blow Your Mind!

In New Mexico, in its northern most high desert, there exists a cave that has been home to a man who has poured himself into solitary life.

Place This Mixture Under Your Tongue Before Bed And You’ll Never Wake Up Tired

No matter how old they are, I hear people almost everyday complain: “I’m so tired!” Instead of getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night, most people have been averaging 6-7.

These Hilarious Comics Perfectly Illustrate Life As An Introvert

Being an introvert is often misunderstood in our culture. We’re seen as being total shut-ins. That’s not always the case.

This “Agrihood” Creates Suburban Living Around Community Farms Instead Of Golf Courses

Visit any huge suburb and you’re bound to see giant parks of endless grass and gigantic golf courses.

This Abstract Image Test Will Reveal Your True Personality

Our life choice are part of what makes us unique individuals. Our experiences and our genetics determine our world view.

15 Things You Don’t Owe To Anyone

There’s an awful lot that’s demanded of us these days. It’s actually pretty amazing what people think we owe them.

7 Species The World Might Lose By The End Of The Year

One of the most stunning developments of the last two centuries is the loss of the natural world to extinction.

This Beautiful Power Plant Uses The Oceans Tides To Power 155,000 Homes

The potential for renewable energy is pretty incredible. Our planet can churn out a lot of juice without burning a single lump of goal or a single drop of oil.

This New Alzheimer’s Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function

Alzheimer’s is a brutal disease. If you’ve ever known anyone with it, you can attest to that. 50 million people worldwide suffer from it.

This Is What They Don’t Want You To Know About The Pyramids

Pyramids all over the world have long captured the attention of people everywhere. There are many theories about how ancient societies were able to build these colossal structures.

Dadirri – The Way Indigenous People Heal Trauma

Pain is something all people experience. We all go through things that frighten us and cause us trauma.

5 Reasons Introverts Are Irresistibly Attractive

1. They’re amazing listeners. Introverts are well known for being excellent listeners. They like to hear what the people in their lives have to say more than talking themselves.

7 Signs You’re In Love With The Wrong Person

1. You’re putting more into it than them. You find yourself putting more of yourself into the relationship than them.