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Nintendo Labo Is Cardboard LEGO for Your Switch

Nintendo has unveiled its next big innovation… cardboard accessories. And while this doesn’t sound particularly good, Nintendo Labo is sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike.

15 Best Amazon Alexa-Compatible Gadgets to Buy in 2018

You’ve probably already noticed, but Amazon Alexa continues to expand its reach. The personal assistant is just a little more than three years old and has come a long way from its humble beginnings with the original Amazon Echo smart speaker.

Amazon Has a Hot New Video Game for 66% Off

Right now, you can get The Evil Within 2, a fairly new horror video game, for 66% off the normal price.

How to Convert FLAC to MP3 for Free

You have probably only dealt with a few audio formats during your life, but there are dozens floating around.

10 YouTube Tricks and Tips You Must Try on Your Android

For so many of us, YouTube is a legitimate alternative to TV. On YouTube, you’ll not only find daily vlogs, travel journals, educational shows, and sketch shows, but also some really impressive web series.

What Is a Shortcut Virus and How Can You Remove It?

A shortcut virus is a kind of Trojan/worm combination that hides all of your files and folders, then replaces them all with shortcuts that look exactly the same.

Automate File Encryption in Windows With This Powershell Script

File encryption and file decryption can be a bit of work. However, using a PowerShell extension, you can slim down the process to a one-line command.

How to Disconnect Your Instagram Account From Facebook

Linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts has a lot of advantages. You can easily post your Instagram photos to your Facebook profile. It also makes it easier for your Facebook friends to find your Instagram profile, and for you to find out which of your Facebook friends are on Instagram.

How to Create Daily System Restore Points in Windows

System Restore is a vital feature that protects your Windows system. If you ever damage Windows and need to go back in time, System Restore lets you undo changes and return to a previous state.

Combine Your Mobile Screenshots Into a Seamless Single Photo

What do you say to an app that can seamlessly join several different images into one single but longer image?

How to Change Your Google Profile Picture

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to change your online profile pictures. Some tools, such as Gravatar, work on several sites, but they don’t feed into Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

Facebook Invites People to Watch Videos Together

If Mark Zuckerberg is to be believed, 2018 is going to be a year of change for Facebook. Fresh from announcing the social network is getting back to basics by favoring friends and family, Facebook is testing a new feature that could, if rolled out further, bring people back together.

Find Mac System Preferences Faster With These 7 Tips

If you want to customize your Mac and change how the operating system works, you’ll need to spend a fair amount of time inside the Mac System Preferences.

LIFX vs. Philips Hue: What You Should Buy

Smart light bulbs are arguably the most crucial technology product to launch in the past decade. Without these, the overall smart home industry might never have gotten its start.

4 Best Free and Open Source Android Keyboards

Back in 2014, Apple “borrowed” one of Android’s greatest features: the ability to replace default system apps.

What Is Quad9 DNS and Is It Better Than OpenDNS?

There are now several Domain Name Service (DNS) providers out there, all vying for your attention and internet traffic.

Today Only: Save Big On A Lenovo ThinkPad X1

If you’re looking for a 2-in-1 laptop and don’t want to spend a lot, today is your lucky day! Plus, there are deals on office supplies and the Echo Dot.

If You Can’t Cut the Cord, Try Cord Shaving Instead

If you’ve been paying attention, you will know cord cutting is all the rage around the world. Cable television companies are losing subscribers at a rate never seen before in history.

YouTube Introduces New Rules for Content Creators

YouTube is introducing new rules for content creators. On the one hand these rules will make it harder for channels, both big and small, to make money.

Pantheon Explained: A Look at the Minimalist Elementary OS Desktop

If you’re a first-time Linux user, there’s a decent chance you’re using Elementary OS. The relatively young Linux operating system has accrued millions of downloads over the past half decade, with many of them coming from computers running Windows or macOS.