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5 Smart Travel Planning Apps for Easier Trip Itineraries

The trick to a great trip is a little bit of planning. You don’t need every second of your schedule to be filled with activities.

Google Lens Is Now Available on iOS

The world around us is filled with people, places, and objects we don’t know anything about. But how can we make sense of it all?

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Shooting 4K Videos Already

The future’s here and it has 8.3 million pixels. Unfortunately, you probably don’t even own a 4K TV yet.

Create the Perfect Wedding Invitation Using These Phone Apps

If you’re planning a wedding, then you know how much is involved. Big or small, ceremonies take coordination for the location, photographer, flowers, and of course, the invitations.

Chromecast Ultra vs. Apple TV 4K vs. Roku Ultra vs. Amazon Fire 4K: Which Is Best?

The streaming device market is more competitive than ever. Today, there are a plethora of devices to choose from across a number of price points.

How to Persuade the People You Love to Use Linux

You love Linux, but how can you ensure the people around you can make the switch safely, and without resistance?

How to Clear the System and Internet Caches on a Mac

It’s normal for macOS to use some of your hard drive space for everyday operations. Your web browser constantly downloads new data, which it retains to speed up future browsing sessions.

How to File Taxes Online With TurboTax

When it comes to filing your taxes online, there are few names bigger than TurboTax. The app has become synonymous with do-it-yourself taxes.

7 Ways to Make Your Video Footage More Cinematic

We’ve all been there. You watch a film or TV show and see a simply amazing shot. You think to yourself “that can’t be too difficult to reproduce”.

The 5 Best Microsoft Office Password Recovery Tools That Actually Work

Protecting your zombie romance whodunnit novel draft with a super strong password was a great idea. That is until you cannot remember the password to unlock the Microsoft Office document.

Medical ID: This iPhone Feature Could Save Your Life

Statistically speaking, you’re probably reading this on your smartphone. It goes everywhere with you.

Yi Discovery: The Best Budget Action Cam for Beginners (& Giveaway)

Our verdict of the Yi Discovery Action Cam: The Yi Discovery is not without it's trade-offs, but the price tag makes it a great choice for beginners.810 The action cam market was at one stage dominated by GoPro.

This Is Why Your Phone Is Charging So Slowly!

Your smartphone can do a whole lot—but not if the battery’s exhausted. Unfortunately, as your phone gets older, it might take longer to charge.

The Best Single-Board Computers for Chrome OS and Android

A single-board computer (SBC) is an entire computer built onto a circuit board. SBCs come complete with memory, a microprocessor, inputs, and outputs.

You Can Now Let Alexa Listen for Longer

While some people think Alexa is stupid, most of us realize Amazon’s artificial intelligence is extremely capable.

10 Exciting iPhone Education Apps for Kids

In a little more than a decade, the combination of the iPhone and apps have transformed so many parts of our lives.

What Is Proprietary Software? 5 Ways It Beats Open-Source Software

Have you given any thought to the way the software on your computer is designed? If you bought your PC in person, chances are it’s running proprietary software: software that’s typically created for profit, for which you can’t edit the source code yourself.

One of These Smart Email Tools for Gmail Can Fix Your Inbox

Like most people, you probably spend a sizeable chunk of your total internet time per day managing emails.

Deals, Deals, and More Deals! Check Out Today’s Best Bargains

Looking for an SSD, thumb drive, or SD card? In the market for a Macbook? Want an Echo? Check out today’s best deals for all these and more!

Raspberry Pi Media Center: How to Install Kodi on Raspbian

You want to turn your Raspberry Pi into a media center, but you also need it for other tasks? Perhaps you’re using your Pi for programming, or playing Minecraft.