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Don’t Despair

The concept behind IT OCCURS TO ME THAT I AM AMERICA was simple: a collection that would bring together writers and artists to tell stories that addressed ideas, thoughts or simply impressions regarding civil liberties and freedom through race, gender, to what it means to be an American, with an emphasis on women—31 of the 52 contributors are women—published on the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March and all in support of the ACLU.

When We Criticize Survivors, We Ignore Those Who Didn’t Survive

In a piece for the New York Times, writer Daphne Perkins criticized the #MeToo moment’s takeover of the Golden Globes—and pushed back against conversations exposing sexual harassment.

Across the Country, 2018 Ushered in New Laws Boosting Women’s Rights

On January 1 of this year, many laws that boosted women’s rights kicked into effect. Molly Adams In California, employers can no longer inquire into the salary history of candidates for positions.

War on Women Report No. 11

The War on Women is in full force under the Trump administration. We refuse to go back, and we refuse to let the administration quietly dismantle the progress we’ve made.

This Extreme Ballot Measure Campaign Shows The True Intentions of the Anti-Abortion Movement

In the state of California—at roughly the same time lawmakers are voting on a bill that could make abortion accessible on college campuses—anti-abortion activists are working to put a sweeping measure on the November 2018 ballot classifying all abortions, without exception, as first-degree murder.

Our Sex Trafficking Laws Hurt Sexually Exploited Girls

I am a survivor of the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), specifically family-controlled child sex trafficking and child pornography. I am now a Ph.D.

Masculinity, Missiles and Donald Trump

In a recent opinion piece for The New York Times, Carol Cohn, director of the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, examines the dangers of “mixing masculinity and missiles.” C.C.

#TimesUp on Period Stigma, Too

Just a week into the new year, the women of America have spoken: #TimesUp on sexual harassment and assault in the workplace.

#MeToo: Over 30 Years Later, I’m Reporting My Harassers

The #MeToo movement inspired me to finally report my experiences of sexual harassment—more than 30 years after they happened.

A Feminist Retelling of Sovereignty

As a student at Tulane Law School, activist, writer and lawyer Mary Kathryn Nagle once persuaded her Critical Race Theory professor to let her write a play as her final paper that was based on Worcester v.

March With the Ms. Community!

One year after the historic Women’s Marches, hundreds of Women’s Marches are again being planned across the country for the weekend of January 20.

End Patriarchy

MISOGYNY. SEXISM. PATRIARCHY. These words, it seems, have been used more in the past year than over the past decade.

Scoring the U.N. Secretary-General’s Feminist Agenda

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was elected after considerable public and inter-organizational pressure had been placed on the U.N.

From Silence to Culture Shift: Inside the Fight Against Sexual Harassment in Egypt

The #MeToo campaign that took the world by storm strongly resonated with women in Egypt. OXFAM / Creative Commons Emboldened by the global flood of women breaking their silence on sexual harassment, Egyptian women also took to social media to share their experiences.

This Week in Women: Fighting For A More Just New Year

This Week in Women is part of a series produced in partnership between Ms. and the Fuller Project for International Reporting.

From Y2K to Today: A Timeline of Celebrity Feminism

Given recent activism on the part of celebrity women—from the #MeToo movement to the Time’s Up Campaign—it’s easy to forget there was a time not that long ago when the link between fame and feminism was viewed with suspicion and even incredulity.

The Price of Being First

The first time I ventured onto the Civil Rights battlefield, I was eight years old. Thomas J. O’Halloran.

Peace Heroes: How Hamsatu Allamin Changed Boko Haram to Boko Halal

Last November, as worshipers were gathering for the “fajr” dawn prayer at 5 a.m. in Mubi, Nigeria, a man blew himself up inside the mosque, killing 58 people.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Wants to Tell the Story of the American Woman

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin wants 2018 to be the “Year of the Woman.” And in a new digital series for the network, she does her part in making that possible by telling the stories of eight game-changing women who have shattered glass ceilings and stereotypes.

12 TED Talks That Define the Future of Feminism

2017’s word of the year was feminism. It’s not surprising, really. Think of it as one of the outcomes of the current moral crisis in the US and around the world—along with a growing awareness of the scope of the global epidemic of sexual harassment and acts of violence against women, the continuing challenges of underrepresentation in all decision-making positions and the misrepresentation of women and girls in media.