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Skimm for February 11th

Skimm’d while watching Chelsea experiment. QUOTE OF THE DAY “If you are buying a diamond you need to know the clarity” — Jonathan Cheban, aka Kim K’s friend who brings her Cronuts, on why he’s helping to develop a school where rich kids can learn how to be properly…rich.

Skimm for February 10th

Skimm’d while binge-watching Netflix. QUOTE OF THE DAY “Beyonce Bounce” – What Red Lobster is calling the huge spike in sales after Bey’s “Formation” drop.

Skimm for February 9th

Skimm’d from Seattle. QUOTE OF THE DAY “Anyone who is rowdy…will be very gently…taken care of” – Qatar, explaining how it’ll deal with drunk soccer fans at the (already controversial) 2022 World Cup. They didn’t elaborate.

Skimm for February 8th

Skimm’d while trying to figure out who was ‘woo-ing’ at the Super Bowl.  QUOTE OF THE DAY “Bern Your Enthusiasm” — The name of Larry David’s pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good “SNL” skit.

Skimm for February 5th

Skimm’d over BBQ and politics  QUOTE OF THE DAY “I’m gonna show up at the courthouse…and I’m gonna tell you what happens not week by week, but day by day” — “Serial” host Sarah Koenig on her continued podcast coverage of Adnan Syed, who’s in court fighting for a retrial.

Skimm for February 4th

Skimm’d over Malbec  QUOTE OF THE DAY “Super rude customer” — Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s reason for canceling an order from a guy who posted something critical about him. No Tesla soup for you.

Skimm for February 3rd

Skimm’d after hot yoga. Namaste.  QUOTE OF THE DAY “I think he could have actually fitted on that bit of door” — Actress Kate Winslet finally admitting that Rose could have made room for Jack on the makeshift raft in “Titanic.” Draw me like one of your selfish girls.

Skimm for February 2nd

Skimm’d while waiting for the groundhog.  QUOTE OF THE DAY “If you believe in something you gotta fight for it” — A Golden State Warriors assistant coach on the team’s fight to get PB&Js back on their private plane.

Skimm for February 1st

Skimm’d on a red eye QUOTE OF THE DAY “Carrying my wedding bouquet” – Some new lyrics from last night’s performance of “Grease: Live” on Fox.

Skimm for January 29th

Skimm’d with red wine and debate. QUOTE OF THE DAY “Your Holiness, thank you for granting me this private audience” – Leonardo DiCaprio, speaking in Italian to Pope Francis. The Pope was wearing white…and only white.

Skimm for January 28th

Skimm’d after a burger and a martini. QUOTE OF THE DAY “This is not album of the year. This is album of the life” – Prolific tweeter Kanye West, informing us that we’re about to be #blessed with his new album, Waves.

Skimm for January 27th

Skimm’d after a Knicks game. QUOTE OF THE DAY “I like French history” – The (already controversial) governor of Maine’s explanation for wanting to bring back the guillotine as a form of punishment for drug crimes.

Skimm for January 26th

Skimm’d while catching up on “Shameless” QUOTE OF THE DAY “We all need the D” – The slogan for a Canadian public health campaign reminding people to get enough Vitamin D.

Skimm for January 25th

Skimm’d over football. QUOTE OF THE DAY “I’m going to be totally honest with you. I completely deserve this” – Shonda Rhimes during her acceptance speech at the Producers Guild Awards over the weekend.

Skimm for January 22nd

Skimm’d with Cap’n Crunch. QUOTE OF THE DAY “Bone Broth K-cup” – As in you can now brew bone broth in your Keurig, thanks to a CA-based company.

Skimm for January 21st

Skimm’d in Eberjeys QUOTE OF THE DAY “I don’t know why I am on this email” – Yesterday, a Time Inc. employee reportedly emailed an HR question to thousands of co-workers by accident.

Skimm for January 20th

Skimm’d with hot chocolate and a blanket. QUOTE OF THE DAY “Judge Judy” – As in almost 10% of college grads think she is on the Supreme Court according to a new poll.

Skimm for January 19th

Skimm’d from an (indoor) hotel rooftop.   QUOTE OF THE DAY “JOSEPHSTALIN” – Former Soviet dictator, and also the promo code for a discount on Papa John’s Pizza in Russia.

Skimm for January 15th

QUOTE OF THE DAY “None” – What Florida police initially listed as Nick Carter’s occupation. The Backstreet Boy was arrested in Key West after a bar fight.

Skimm for January 14th

Skimm’d over re-checking our Powerball numbers. Over. And over. QUOTE OF THE DAY “The pills are odorless, tasteless and double-encapsulated” — The leader of a new clinical trial that’s trying to lead the way to fighting obesity.