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Study Confirms That Alcohol Is Ten Times Deadlier Than Cannabis on the Road

An examination of over 3600 cases concludes that alcohol is ten times deadlier on the road than cannabis, a fact which is just now being confirmed as a result of legalization.

Confessions of an Ultracrepidarian: 7 Controversial Solutions

“Don’t be an ultracrepidarian, say NO when you don’t no.” ~Nïtesh Âmbuj Ultracrepidarian (adj): One who gives opinions on something beyond his or her knowledge.

Water vs Oil: The War Between Healthy and Unhealthy

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community.

Tesla’s New Semi Truck is Here, and it Has a Tremendous 500-Mile Range

Good news! The electric semi truck Elon Musk, the co-founder of Tesla, teased several months ago has finally been unveiled — and it’s more impressive than many of us anticipated.

Photos: Self Driving Vehicle Crashes on First Day of Use in Las Vegas

On the first day of an AAA insurance sponsored driverless shuttle in downtown Las Vegas, the vehicle crashed in a minor collision.

Bogus Trademark Claim Blocks Band From Using Name They Had For 20yrs

Intellectual Property is often sold as a legal measure to protect artists from scammers who may attempt to replicate their brand, but more often than not these types of legal avenues are taken advantage of by opportunists and exploited by publishers to the detriment of truly creative people.

10 Theories That Will Make Your Brain do Backflips

“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

Photographer Treks 14 Hours To Capture ‘Extreme’ Wedding Photos In Norway

You only get married once — hopefully, which is why an adventurous couple decided to say their “I do’s” atop the Trolltunga Rock in Norway.

Trump Admin Lifts Ban on Import of Hunting Trophy Elephants Because, Somehow, Conservation

For years, American hunters who wished to bring home trophy kill elephants from Zimbabwe and Zambia were thwarted by a prohibition under U.S.

World’s Largest Solar Plant Switches On In Jordan Refugee Camp

Life for tens of thousands of people is about to get much easier, now that the world’s largest solar plant has switched “on” at the Zaatari refugee camp, located in Jordan.

Roy Moore’s Popularity Among Evangelicals Exploded After Accusations He Pursued Teens

Allegations of sexual misconduct levied against Alabama GOP Senate candidate and highly contentious former conservative judge, Roy Moore — that he pursued teenage women and initiated sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl while in his 30s — have left the embattled politician with a rapidly dwindling support base.

How Cards Against Humanity Will Save America from ‘Preposterous Golem’ Trump and His Wall

Cards Against Humanity — the bawdy, blunt, provocative, and unabashedly offensive card game and company, famous for a deliciously snarky attitude and occasional social and political stunts and billing itself, “a party game for horrible people” — will attempt to thwart construction of President Trump’s fraught border wall with the company’s purchase of a tract of vacant land directly in its path.

FDA Approves First Digital Pill in Orwellian Nod to Big Pharma, Big Brother, Nanny State

Monday night’s groundbreaking announcement of approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration marked a jaw-dropping tandem victory for the Nanny State and Big Pharma, in the form of a new pill embedded with a sensor, which can detect whether or not a patient took their medicine as prescribed — thus, opening a veritable Pandora’s Box of compliance, quality of care, cost, and more.

This Michigan University Is The First To Offer A Degree In Marijuana Science

Are you a cannabis enthusiast? Does learning about how to cultivate — or cook — with marijuana get you as high as if you smoked the plant?

Time Is Running Out: 15,000 Scientists Pen 2nd Warning on Human Annihilation of the Earth

Twenty-five years ago, hundreds of scientists issued a bold and dire portent, warning humanity its unparalleled, rapid consumption of resources, unhindered population growth, and continued decimation of the natural environment would ultimately lead to wide scale plight — if the planet cannot rein in its excesses and disparities.

Surprising Study Suggests ‘Gluten Sensitivity’ Isn’t Caused By Gluten At All

After eating foods that contain gluten, do you tend to experience itching, irritability, bloating, or general discomfort?

Told by City They Are Increasing Homelessness, Church Ordered to Stop Feeding Homeless

Since 2014, the United Methodist Church in Malibu, California, has provided meals for homeless people in need, every Wednesday — as many as 100 hungry individuals were served at a time — but, after Thanksgiving this month, the invaluable service will be shut down for good.

Parents Floored After High School Installs Surveillance Cameras INSIDE Student Restrooms

Surveillance cameras peer into private lives in the stale name of safety and security, from rooftops and highway overpasses, to government buildings, retail stores, and, now — to the resounding consternation of parents in one Colorado town — high school bathrooms.

25+ Bizarre Vintage Ads That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Ah, vintage advertisements. There’s nothing like ‘em — that is, if you’re in search of sexist, demeaning and downright confusing adverts.

Woman Fired For Flipping Off Trump Receives Nearly A Half Million Job Offers

Late last month as US President Donald Trump departed from Trump National Golf Course, his motorcade passed by 50-year-old mother Juli Briskman who was riding along the side of the road on her bike.