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If You Get Chills When Listening To Music, It Could Be A Sign You’re Special

Have you ever been listening to a song when all of a sudden, your heart skips a beat, the hairs on the backs of your arms stand up, and a piece of you feels as if it has taken flight?

Road In Mexico Looks As If It is ‘Breathing’ After 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake [Watch]

Shortly after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico, killing 248, locals were stopped in their tracks by a “breathing” road.

These 10+ Photos From The First-Ever Comedy Pet Photo Awards Are Amazing

Animals — specifically, household pets — don’t just make the world a better place, they make it a funnier one, as well.

How Long Until Our Most Secret Data is Used Against Us in Court?

How long do people have until our most private data is used to formally convict us of “crimes” in court?

Euthanasia Propaganda Video Horrifies People Into Supporting Medical Eugenics

A euthanasia propaganda film is making the rounds, spurring viral headlines to emerge such as this one from Unilad titled “Euthanasia Video Of ‘Dying Man’ So Horrific People Can’t Watch It.” The Australian film depicts the death of a Victoria man named Greg Sims, as recalled by his daughter.

60 Perfectly Preserved Ancient Shipwrecks Found in Dead Zone of Black Sea (Photos)

60 fantastically preserved ancient shipwrecks were recently discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea, in an oxygen-free zone known as a “dead zone.” They include galleys from various ancient empires, such as the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman empires.

Fluoride Exposure In Utero Correlates to Lowered IQ in Children, Peer-Reviewed Study Finds

Children exposed to elevated levels of fluoride while in the mother’s womb display conspicuous decreases in IQ, Canadian scientists have now found, meaning the neurotoxin — long suspected by the skeptical as responsible for ‘dumbing down’ society, despite its widespread dissemination into public water supplies for the supposed sake of all our teeth and bones — really might not be as innocuous as officials insist.

Entirely New Communication Channels Conducting Light Found in the Brain

Over the past Century of scientific study of the brain, it was discovered that mammalian brains produce a type of faint light, known as “biophotons.” First observed in rats, the biophotons appear within the visible spectrum very faintly, ranging from near-infrared to the violet end of the spectrum (between 200 and 1,300 nanometers.) To this day, scientists don’t know what they do, and that touches on the reality that science itself is never going to be the one, overarching way of analysis that is going to provide us with the answers to the nature of our existence.

Surf Artist Battles 28-Ft Tide To Paint Climate Change-Inspired Mural In Bay Of Fundy

How far would you go to share an important message with the world? Artist Sean Yoro is willing to go to some extreme lengths, and recently proved this when he painted a 30-foot x 45-foot mural in the Canadian Bay of Fundy.

The Ultimate Way to Cure Anxiety: Why are We All Addicted to Something?

Why are we all addicted to something? Why do human beings in our culture have this nagging, constant insatiability?

Is Fascism Already Here? St. Louis Police Chant “Our Streets” After Mass Arrest of 80, Including Journalists

St. Louis erupted into protest again Sunday evening, as law enforcement arrested at least 80 people — kettling protesters and agitators together with journalists, live-streamers, and legal observers — then proceeded to torture the detainees by targeting them repeatedly, unprovoked, with pepper spray.

Your Vaccine Company’s President Led Biowarfare Program & Experiments on Americans

Did you know that your vaccines were made by a corporation whose president led the US’ biological warfare program?

Internet Raises $80,000 for Hot Dog Vendor Mugged by Government

To be handed an arbitrary citation is one thing, but to have your cash simply snatched by an officer of the law is especially egregious.

China, World’s Largest Car Market, Just Announced a Coming Ban on Gas-powered Cars

In a breathtakingly decisive move against fossil fuels, a Chinese official told an audience attending an auto conference in Tianjin that “production and sales of traditional energy vehicles” — as in, those powered by gasoline and diesel — will soon be banned.

Wildlife Photographer Who Captured This Tragic Image Wishes It Didn’t Exist…

While snorkeling off the coast of an island south of Borneo, in Indonesia, wildlife photographer Justin Hofman captured an image that perfectly portrays the destruction mankind is wreaking on the environment.

Agent Orange: 24 Chilling Photos Of the War Crime The US Got Away With

For ten years during the Vietnam War, the United States used a toxic concoction of two herbicides, labeled ‘Agent Orange,’ to wipe out large areas of Vietnam which were covered by thick jungle.

California Puppy Mill Crackdown: State Moves to Ban Non-Rescue Animal Sales in Pet Stores

Adopting a pet in California may soon assist in curbing an astronomical explosion in stray and feral animals, if Governor Jerry Brown signs unprecedented legislation banning the state’s pet stores from sales of cats, dogs, and rabbits not originating from a shelter or rescue organization.

Midwest Americas’ Most Bass Heavy Music Festival Is Almost Here. Are You Ready??

The inaugural ‘Lost Lands Music Festival‘ is coming fast. Are you ready? The media wing of the festival has graciously allowed The Mind Unleashed team the chance to do press coverage for the ‘soon-to-be-annual’ bass heavy electronic festival.

5 Controversial Ways to Turn Our Democracy Around for the Better

“Good political institutions are those that make it as easy as possible to detect whether a ruler or policy is a mistake, and to remove rulers or policies without violence when they are.” ~David Deutsch Sadly, for us, we do not live within a healthy political institution.

One Local Cop Earned $442,000: How Police Rob Taxpayers Blind in Pay, But Refuse to Reform

Precisely how much dough can be had as a badge-and-gun-wielding government enforcer of laws can best be explained in the head-scratching case of a local school safety cop in New York, who hauled in a stark $442,000 — just under two and a half times that of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $179,000 — as well as by the fact that, across the United States, the aforementioned, now-retired officer wasn’t an exception.