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Vox Sentences: The ISIS battle you should know about

Sign up for Vox Sentences here. 1. The battle for Kobane People watch the Syrian town of Kobane from a hill near the Mursitpinar crossing, on the Turkish-Syrian border October 20, 2014 in Suruc, the Sanliurfa province, Turkey.

3 reasons iPad sales are tanking

Apple released its quarterly financial results today, and as usual the company performed well. From July to September 2014, the company earned $8.5 billion in profits, a billion dollars more than it earned in the same quarter of 2013.

The research paper behind a favorite Dr. Oz product was just retracted

Mehmet Oz, America's doctor, is known for many things, but being a proponent of good science isn't one of them.

Warning: This Parkinson's drug can make you addicted to gambling, sex, or food

In 1998, a West Virginia high school teacher named Ann Klinestiver was prescribed a drug called Requip to treat the tremors she suffered from due to Parkinson's disease.

This Ohio man has the perfect reaction to Ebola

Ebola hysteria is in full swing. Some kids are being turned away from New Jersey schools because they're African (but from Rwanda, a country without Ebola).

Oscar Wilde's all-purpose verb for any occasion? "Fling"

The longer you read an author's body of work, the more clearly certain patterns emerge from his stories.

Same-sex marriage rights are sweeping the US. Here's where each state stands.

Latest updates: On October 20, Wyoming officials announced same-sex marriages can begin in their state on October 21, following a federal court's decision on October 17 to strike down Wyoming's same-sex marriage ban.

Americans don't have a constitutional right to vote — it's time for that to change

On Saturday, the US Supreme Court decided — in a ruling that lacked any accompanying explanation — that a controversial voter ID law in Texas will be in effect this November, notwithstanding a contrary decision from a trial court.

One word that explains the Vatican split over LGBT rights

Accogliere. That was the Italian word heard 'round the world last Monday, when the Vatican's Synod on the Family released its relatio post disceptationem.

America gets 37% of its calories from sugar and fat. China gets 11%.

The world is eating a whole lot more than it used to. Back in 1962, the average person had about 2,242 calories available to eat each day.

How John Oliver predicted the New Hampshire pumpkin riots

Last weekend, the annual Pumpkin Festival in Keene, New Hampshire, turned into a riot — as drunken New Hampshireans threw glass bottles at each other, set bonfires, and overturned at least one car.

President Obama now says the Constitution protects same-sex marriage

President Barack Obama, who didn't support same-sex marriage until May 2012, now says the Constitution guarantees the right to marry to gay and lesbian couples.

One thing America can learn from Japan's weekend stock market boom

The Japanese economic and political system recently went through a debate that should be broadly familiar to most Americans, yet different enough to cast some light on issues that still confound us.

Sexy Halloween costumes vs. the real-life objects they barely resemble

Have you ever thought, You know, I'd dress up as a hamburger for Halloween, if only my costume idea were a little bit sexier?

A complete history of Ebola, in one graphic

The team at Involution Studios has put together an incredible graphic explainer of Ebola. It explains how the disease works and why this particular outbreak is so bad.

Map: Where is the world's most dangerous place to drive?

According to the WHO, over 1.24 million people die every year due to traffic accidents. But accident rates vary significantly between countries. Roads Kill, an amazing interactive built by the Pulitzer Center, maps countries based on their accident fatality rates: As the map shows, road-traffic deaths are a huge problem in developing nations.

CVS has a plan to strong-arm other pharmacies out of selling cigarettes

Early last month, CVS became the first major pharmacy chain to halt the sales of tobacco products. At its 7,700 pharmacies across the country, cigarette sales are now a thing of the past.

Chart: More and more academic articles are becoming free for everyone

Academic researchers generally want their papers to be read by as many people as possible. But the journals that publish those papers are, in many cases, for-profit institutions — and they prefer charging for access.

Bay area radio stations realize Lorde’s “Royals” is Kansas City-inspired, freak the hell out

San Francisco, a city known for acceptance and free love, banned moody dark pop princess Lorde's most famous song from it's airwaves this weekend.

The marijuana midterms: 3 states and DC will vote on legalization in November

On November 4, voters in several states could break down restrictions on a drug once known for Reefer Madness.