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The hidden calories in your booze, explained in 3 charts

Three pints of India pale ale can deliver you half a day’s worth of calories. And a typical glass of California cabernet sauvignon today may have more alcohol and more calories than it would have a decade ago.

A history of male journalists fetishizing their famous female subjects, in 8 profiles

Very often when I read a profile of a woman who is also a celebrity, I snag on a sentence that seems to suspiciously belittle or even objectify the woman in question.

Big Republican donors are very open to Trump's harsh approach to immigration

On immigration, there’s a war in the Republican Party between the rank-and-file and big donors — or so the conventional wisdom suggests.

Trump wants America to stop being the world's policeman — and start being its rent-a-cop

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump clearly enjoys making headlines, and with his recent pronouncements on NATO and the limits of US support for its allies, he is making them across Europe — and in Russia.

But seriously — what can Omarosa really do to help Trump win black voters?

Hint: nothing. But that’s also not why she was picked to lead Trump’s black-voter outreach. Last week, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign made waves when it appointed Omarosa Manigault as director of African-American outreach.

Fort Myers, Florida, nightclub shooting: what we know

On Monday morning, it happened again: There was a mass shooting at a Florida nightclub. The shooting this time was reportedly at an event for teens, killing at least two teenagers and wounding up to 16 more people.

Why lauding Ted Cruz for "political bravery" is counterproductive

After an eventful week of politics, one thing that stands out is the emphasis on courage and conformity.

DNC email leaks, explained

Hackers have released a trove of 20,000 emails stolen from the servers of the Democratic National Committee.

Here's how the Democratic Party may weaken superdelegates' clout

PHILADELPHIA — Bernie Sanders could soon score another big win over the Democratic Party this year — by reducing the role of superdelegates, the party insiders that Sanders has argued shouldn’t have a say over the party’s presidential nominating contest.

Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” now includes anyone from France

Donald Trump is doubling down on some of his most controversial policy proposals. In a Sunday interview on NBC’s Meet the Press — his first since accepting the Republican nomination — Trump appeared largely unfazed by criticisms that his convention and his keynote address were "a little dark." Instead, he spoke about expanding the scope of a proposed travel ban that would bar Muslims from entering the country.

Tim Kaine: Hillary Clinton's pick for vice president

To many on the left, Tim Kaine’s selection as the Democratic VP nominee was disappointing more for who Kaine wasn’t than for who he was.

Here's how to interpret the new polls showing Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is riding high in the polls, surging past Hillary Clinton to leads in all six of the latest national polls released since Saturday.

How LSD and shrooms could help treat anxiety, addiction, and depression

One pill helped Alana beat a near-lifelong smoking addiction. It wasn’t a traditional medicine — the kind you may hear about from your doctor and commercials (at least not yet).

Democratic National Convention 2016: speakers, schedule, platform, and what to expect

Last week was about Donald Trump. Now, with the Republican National Convention over, it’s the Hillary Clinton campaign’s chance to take the national stage at the Democratic National Convention.

How to watch the Democratic convention 2016: DNC live stream, TV channel, and schedule of events

The first day of the Democratic National Convention kicks off Monday, July 25, in Philadelphia at 4:00 pm Eastern.

How I came to realize that a woman president would be a huge deal

One of the great and terrible parts of being a journalist in the 21st century is easy access to any story I've contributed to the internet.

Fort Myers, Florida, nightclub shooting: what we know

On Monday morning, it happened again: There was a mass shooting at a Florida nightclub. The shooting this time was reportedly at an event for teens, killing at least two people and wounding up to 16 more.

Gun violence in America, in 17 maps and charts

America is an exceptional country when it comes to guns. It's one of the few countries in which the right to bear arms is constitutionally protected, and presidential candidates in other nations don't cook bacon with guns.

America's gun problem, explained

After several mass shootings over the past two months in Orlando, Dallas, and now Fort Myers, Florida, many people are wondering: Why haven't we done more to prevent this kind of horrific tragedy?

Misfits, the UK cult superhero show, launched the careers of all your new favorite actors

If you, like Vox’s Todd VanDerWerff, fell in love with Ruth Negga halfway through the first episode of Preacher, you may be wondering where she could possibly have been hiding herself and her take-no-shit grin all this time.