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Vox Sentences: Virgin Galactic's deadly test flight

1. The Virgin Galactic crash California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (L) and Sir Richard Branson stand next to a model as Virgin Galactic unveils its new SpaceShipTwo spacecraft at the Mojave Spaceport on December 7, 2009 near Mojave, California.

LeBron James caused the Cavaliers' merchandise sales to grow 700%

LeBron James' return to the Cleveland Cavaliers started on a sour note as they lost their season opener on Thursday.

The video of Sharyl Attkisson getting "hacked" actually just shows a stuck delete key

Former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson has become something of a hero among segments of the right ever since she was pushed out from the network this spring over concerns that her reporting had taken an anti-Obama bias.

A child became a US citizen today while wearing a Captain America costume

Hundreds of thousands of people become US citizens every year. But only a few of them get naturalized on October 31st...and get to take the oath of citizenship in their Halloween costumes.

Maine judge sides with science, lets nurse Kaci Hickox leave her house

Doctors Without Borders nurse Kaci Hickox, who returned one week ago from treating patients in West Africa for Ebola, may roam free again.

The news, in 9 baby Halloween costumes

We're very used to writing explainers at Vox. We're a lot less used to being explained — especially by Halloween costumes.

Virgin Galactic's space vehicle has blown up during a test flight

During a test flight today, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo — a spaceplane that the company is hoping to use for space tourism next year — crashed.

Could water markets help solve the West's water crisis?

It's no secret that the American West is facing a serious water crisis. The region — home to over 60 million people and a huge chunk of US agriculture — is in its 15th year of drought.

Women haven’t gained much representation in state legislatures since the 1990s

Women are better represented in state legislatures today than they were in the 1970s, but there's been very little progress in gender parity since the late 1990s.

Meet Ruth Baby Ginsburg, Halloween’s most adorable infant

The contest is over. This infant has the best Halloween costume of the year, hands down. Kate Livingston of Ohio dressed her baby as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Arizona GOP is attacking a Democrat by tying him to Paul Ryan

Rep. Ron Barber (D-AZ) is in one of closest House races in the country. He's leading in the only recent poll but his Republican opponent — Air Force veteran Martha McSally, the first woman to fly in combat — lost to him by less than a percentage point in 2012, and Republicans are outspending Democrats on TV ads in the district.

A beginner's guide to the Burkina Faso crisis

Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaoré, who has ruled for 27 years, announced his resignation on Friday morning, a major moment in the political crisis in the West African nation, and apparently the result of massive protests and perhaps a military coup.

36 years ago, your employer could fire you for being pregnant

Happy birthday to the law that helps women have kids and still keep their jobs. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act was signed into law 36 years ago today.

The basic truth about internet access that cable & phone companies don't want you to know

A new report about the state of broadband connectivity around the world reveals some good news and bad news about policy in the United States.

The mysterious science of hiccups: Why we get them and how to stop them

Pretty much everyone has had a case of the hiccups at one point or another. They're quite common, quite annoying, and all your friends likely have different tips about how to make them go away.

The mysterious science of hiccups: why we get them and how to stop them

Pretty much everyone has had a case of the hiccups at one point or another. They're quite common, quite annoying, and all your friends likely have different tips about how to make them go away.

The arcade of your childhood dreams is now waiting to destroy your life on the internet

Do you miss old school arcade games like Pac Man, Galaga, and Tron? Well then you're in luck because The Internet Arcade has those and plenty of others for you to play!

9 photos of when Halloween was truly a terrifying holiday

Tonight you will probably go to a Halloween party and see sexy burgers, sexy grapes, people dressed as Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, and other kinds of tomfoolery.

This is what laser tattoo removal looks like

Destin Sandlin, host of the YouTube show Smarter Every Day, recently devoted an episode to the very interesting science of tattooing — even filming a tattoo needle piercing someone's skin at 3200 frames per second.

9 real-life horror stories of people who disappeared and were never found

The most terrifying stories out there are often true. And the best versions of those are the ones where the answer can never truly be known.