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Justice Scalia might lose on same-sex marriage. But at least he'll get to say, "I told you so."

If the Supreme Court decides to legalize same-sex marriage nationally, it's a safe bet that Justice Antonin Scalia will be among the dissenters.

Here are the Supreme Court's oral arguments over same-sex marriage

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on Tuesday, April 28, over whether states' same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional.

Baltimore's "rough rides": the city has paid out millions to people injured in police vans

Freddie Gray died of a mysterious spinal cord injury a week after a rough arrest by Baltimore police and a ride in a police van.

Don’t expect Loretta Lynch to react to Baltimore the same way Eric Holder did to Ferguson

If only Loretta Lynch were still waiting to be confirmed by the Senate, she wouldn't have had to deal with violent protests in Baltimore on her first day as attorney general.

Iran just seized a cargo ship near one of the world’s most important shipping lanes

Iran has commandeered a cargo ship, the M/V Maersk Tigris, near the Strait of Hormuz, a vitally important shipping lane off of Iran's coast.

A resupply mission to the space station is in trouble. What will the astronauts do?

The six astronauts aboard the International Space Station are having a little trouble getting new supplies.

Listen to the Supreme Court's oral arguments over same-sex marriage

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on Tuesday, April 28, over whether states' same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional.

The sick and twisted history of Ultron, Marvel’s lesson about the singularity

Born during the Cold War, sprinkled with daddy issues, and blessed with an unquenchable megalomania, Ultron, a robot created by the most troubled Avenger in history, has been one of the great Avengers villains for 46 years.

What the Supreme Court's swing vote on marriage equality asked during oral arguments

In oral arguments at the Supreme Court over whether states' same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional, Justice Anthony Kennedy — potentially the court's key swing vote in the cases — asked questions that seemed both skeptical and supportive of marriage equality.

Since 2011, Baltimore has lost or settled more than 100 cases related to police brutality

It didn't begin with Freddie Gray. Before Freddie Gray, there was Jerriel Lyles, who had just purchased a box of chicken in a P&J Carry Out.

The tragic history of Scarlet Witch, who will make her film debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Avengers will take on one of the most powerful beings the Marvel universe has ever seen.

The Supreme Court could bring marriage equality to the US. Here's where each state stands.

Update: On April 28, the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments over whether states' same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional.

Why Hillary Clinton's evolution on same-sex marriage is totally believable

Hillary Clinton's prominent support for marriage equality is a sharp shift on the issue compared to a few years ago — but by and large, Clinton's evolution mirrored what many Americans went through in the same time span.

A solar future isn't just likely — it's inevitable

I plan to write a great deal about the short-term prospects for clean energy, both economic and political, but I want to begin life here at Vox with an imaginative exercise, a bit of musing about what energy might look like in the future — not 10 or 20 years from now, but 50, 70, even 100 years ahead.

This shocking 1975 letter shows how far the federal government has come on gay rights

On Tuesday, the federal argument will argue to the US Supreme Court that states' same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional. But 40 years ago, one agency within the federal government used a considerably different tone against marriage equality — using an anti-gay slur to tell a gay couple their marriage didn't exist.

7 scary facts about antibiotic-resistant superbugs

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have become a massive health problem, killing thousands of people every year and prompting calls to phase out the unnecessary use of the drugs on farm animals and in people.

The tragic love story of America's first Ebola patient

A lot of Ebola reporting, especially in the early days of the recent outbreak, focused on cold body-count calculations and faceless victims, as if the virus wasn't moving through individual people and their families.

Which religious Americans support same-sex marriage the most? Buddhists and Jews.

Support for same-sex marriage rights has rapidly grown among some religious Americans, according to newly released survey data from the Public Religion Research Institute.

People were flying paper airplanes long before there were real airplanes

A kid plays with a paper airplane. He's part of a surprisingly long tradition. (Shutterstock) The paper plane has a shockingly long history.

Watch how the marriage equality revolution swept America

In May of 2004, I was a freshman in college in Providence, Rhode Island.  But I took a quick trip home to my hometown Cambridge, Massachusetts to witness something extraordinary:  At midnight on May 17th, the city hall where I used to head as a young boy to apply for street closing permits to have a neighborhood block party, opened its doors to a party in the streets of central square.