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Rudy Giuliani says Obama and black leaders incite "anti-police hatred"

The cold-blooded murders of NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos have sparked a lot of hot takes, but perhaps none so bold and drastically wrong than the one offered by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who cast the blame squarely on "four months of propaganda, starting with the president, that everybody should hate the police." He said black leaders, in particular, have contributed to "an atmosphere of severe, strong anti-police hatred in certain communities." Giuliani went out of his way to be clear that he's not blaming a handful of bad apples.

Loved Serial? You should binge The Staircase next

You need to watch: The Staircase How can I see it: It's on DVD, and you can digitally download it on iTunes.

5 surprising things scientists have discovered about swearing

There's a surprisingly rich body of research about swearing. Academics have studied the prevalence of accidental obscenities on live TV, the frequency with which nurses are sworn at by patients, and, naturally, the significance of swear words in Quentin Tarantino films.

7 addictive podcasts that aren't Serial

Everything good — including the first season of Serial — must come to an end. The good news is there are hundreds of great, interesting podcasts out there that aren't Serial.

Here's why millions of Americans are binge-watching Korean dramas

It used to be that the TV series Americans were able to consume were all pretty much produced right here in the US.

Voter ID laws fix a fake problem by creating a real one

Loyola University law professor Justin Levitt tried to quantify the epidemic of voter ID fraud that's forcing so many states to pass restrictive voter ID laws.

The best sketch on last night's Saturday Night Live

The most talked about sketch from last night's Saturday Night Live hosted by Amy Adams was a long, winding parody on Serial, the podcast about a 1999 murder in Baltimore.

Tonight will be the longest night in the history of Earth

Today, you might already know, is the winter solstice. That means for people living in the Northern Hemisphere, it's the longest night of the year.

Two police officers killed in New York City in possible revenge for Eric Garner's death

Two New York City police officers were reportedly shot and killed on Saturday. Here's what we know so far.

Scientist who claimed stem-cell breakthrough resigns after misconduct scandal

Stem-cell scientist Haruko Obokata has resigned from her position at Riken research institute after being unable to replicate her "breakthrough" STAP technique for making stem cells, the BBC reports.

North Korea trolls America with offer to "investigate" Sony hack

In almost any other country, having the United States accuse your government of hacking into a major American corporation would be a cause for concern.

How catnip gets your cat high

One of the stranger aspects of the modern human-pet relationship is that many cat owners recreationally dose their pets with a psychoactive drug.

If you really want the job, take religion off your resume

So you're a recent college grad who just blasted your resume to a thousand employers, and none of them is calling you back?

It's time for the US to use the metric system

The metric system is far superior to the bizarre system of feet, miles, pounds, and gallons used in the United States. The whole rest of the world seems to get this.

Insects are having sex in your coffee beans. Seriously.

See that cup of coffee you grabbed this morning? That delicious, life-sustaining beverage comes from coffee beans.

Madonna announces 2015 album, drops six new songs

Friday at midnight, 80s pop queen Madonna dropped a new song and announced her new album, Rebel Heart.

One map that shows just how poor North Korea is

After the Sony hack, North Korea's gotten a lot of attention for its belligerent foreign policy. But it's also worth remember that, as a result of the Kim dynasty's misrule over the last 60 years, the North is unbelievably, crushingly poor.

One small study that explodes the myth that inequality is efficient

If you want people to consume less water, there are roughly two ways you could do it. One is to raise the price of water, and the other is to simply mandate that everyone cut back on their water consumption.

Science journals screw up hundreds of times each year. This guy keeps track of every mistake.

In 2010, on a nerdish whim, Ivan Oransky — a medical editor and physician — co-founded the website Retraction Watch with his journalist friend, Adam Marcus.

Watch Darlene Love perform "Christmas" on Letterman for the last time

David Letterman hates holiday music, according to his band leader, Paul Shaffer, quoted in the New York Times.