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Nocturnal Animals is a stylish tale of psychological revenge through art

Tom Ford’s latest is too complicated to have worked on screen. Somehow, it kind of does. In 2009, Tom Ford, previously best known for his work in fashion, surprised the moviegoing world with A Single Man, a gorgeous, moving film about grief, depression, aging, and love.

Giraffes are on a path to extinction

The world has lost a third of its giraffes since 1985 Giraffes — the world’s tallest animal — are vulnerable for extinction.

A new report shows the hell LGBTQ kids go through in school

The report describes the school experience for LGBTQ kids as “walking through a hailstorm.” There has been a lot of progress on LGBTQ issues over the past couple of decades, with the legalization of same-sex marriage, the spread of laws that legally protect LGBTQ people from discrimination, the inclusion of LGBTQ people in federal hate crime laws, and more and more growth in the representation of gay and transgender people in mainstream media.

Women Also Know Stuff about the 2016 election

Over at Slate, prolific political science blogger Andrew Gelman has written a piece about 19 things political scientists and others interested in systematically studying politics can learn from the 2016 election.

Trump's labor secretary pick: “I like beautiful women eating burgers in bikinis”

Of course Trump would pick a guy like Andy Puzder to join his Cabinet. President-elect Donald Trump is rumored to be considering fast food CEO Andy Puzder to be his secretary of labor.

Trump is right that Air Force One is ridiculously expensive. He's wrong about why.

Donald Trump took to Twitter this week to blast plane-maker Boeing and their specialized presidential aircraft, commonly known as Air Force One.

The 10 highest-earning YouTube stars made $70.5 million in 2016

Teens used to dream of being movie stars, sauntering down red carpets in glamorous dresses before a glittering sea of paparazzi cameras.

Did declining social mobility cause Trump’s rise? In a word, no.

There has been a heated debate over the role that that economic factors played in the improbable journey that took Donald Trump all the way to the presidency.

All of Donald Trump’s known conflicts of interest in one place

When Americans talk about corruption in politics, they usually mean the outsize influence corporations and the wealthy can exert in politics through campaign donations.

Astronaut John Glenn loved watching sunsets in space

Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth. He returned in awe of the beauty of spaceflight. In space, even the ordinary and the ugly takes on a new sense of wonder.

The opioid painkiller and heroin epidemic, explained

US doctors wanted to treat pain as a serious medical problem. But when pharmaceutical companies pushed opioid painkillers with a misleading marketing campaign, they started a drug crisis.

Trump’s fast-food CEO Labor Department pick teaches us a lot about populism

You are what you eat. Donald Trump’s pick to run the US Department of Labor, Andy Puzder, is the CEO of the company that operates Carl’s Jr.

The bizarre political scandal that just led to the impeachment of South Korea's president

While Americans watch the Twitter-fueled drama surrounding President-elect Donald Trump’s efforts to build his new Cabinet, South Koreans thousands of miles away are transfixed by the bizarre political spectacle playing out on their TV screens — and that just led to the impeachment of their president.

Political donors in the US are whiter, wealthier, and more conservative than voters

The more money they give, the more conservative they are. Over the past few decades, especially in the wake of a series of Supreme Court decisions under conservative Chief Justice John Roberts (the most notable being Citizens United), the amount of private money flowing into US politics has ballooned.

Trump's governing strategy is taking shape — and it could be a political winner

The president will participate in populist stunts, while his Cabinet enacts hard-right policies. President-elect Donald Trump has a problem.

Watch: how the screens inside movies build fictional worlds

The computers, televisions, and phones in a movie can be key to building a cinematic world. Here’s how it’s done.

Let’s relocate a bunch of government agencies to the Midwest

Time to shift economic activity from the overcrowded coasts to places that need more of it. America’s post-industrial Midwest is far from being the country’s poorest region.

Democrats are mounting a last-ditch effort to win Louisiana’s Senate seat

Foster Campbell, a relatively unknown Democrat running for Louisiana’s second Senate seat during the state’s Saturday runoff race, has become the last Democrat left standing in the 2016 election.

Doctors have alarmingly high rates of depression. One reason: medical school.

Over the course of Elisabeth Poorman’s first year of medical residency, she went from crying occasionally to tearing up every single day.

Spider-Man Homecoming: watch the first trailer

The very first teaser trailer for Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming has arrived, featuring our first look at Tom Holland as Peter Parker since his appearance in Captain America: Civil War.