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How a Dallas hospital failed to diagnose the Ebola patient

A hospital in Dallas that diagnosed America's first-ever known Ebola case also failed to recognize the patient's Ebola potential when he first sought care, missing an opportunity to isolate him when he was already contagious.

Stop reading this story and go get a flu shot

Here's a more productive way to stay healthy this fall than worrying abut the incredibly unlikely event of an American Ebola outbreak: Get a flu shot.

The 6 biggest myths about Ebola, debunked

The world is currently experiencing the worst Ebola outbreak on record. It started in Guinea in December 2013 and has since spread to four other countries in West Africa.

Ebola in the United States: What we know and don't know

What we know How this Ebola outbreak became the worst we've ever seen — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the first-ever case of Ebola diagnosed in America.

How Dallas failed to diagnose the Ebola patient

A hospital in Dallas that diagnosed America's first-ever known Ebola case also failed to recognize the patient's Ebola potential when he first sought care, missing an opportunity to isolate him when he was already contagious.

The US wants to help Central Americans — by letting fewer refugees in

On Tuesday, the Obama administration announced how many refugees will be allowed to enter the US from now until next September.

The Secret Service scandals, explained

The resignation of director Julia Pierson caps off an exceptionally rough fall in the US Secret Service.

Cartoon Network is airing its first ever miniseries in November

Cartoon Network plans to air a 10-episode miniseries beginning on November 3. The series, Over the Garden Wall, is based on a short by Patrick McHale, former creative director for Adventure Time, called Tome of the Unknown.

Poll: Potential Kansas disaster looms for Senate GOP

Senate Democrats have gotten bad polling news in several states lately. But the unexpectedly competitive Kansas race has been a consistent bright spot — even though the party technically isn't fielding a candidate.

Obama's getting more aggressive on ISIS — but it's putting more civilians at risk

Yesterday, Yahoo News reported a pretty ominous new development in the American air war against ISIS.

Why America's health care system can stop Ebola, even though other countries couldn't

On September 30, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the first confirmed case of a patient being diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. Although that news is frightening, it does not mean that there is going to be an outbreak in the US on the scale of the one that is currently happening in West Africa.

Gone Girl is one of the best movies ever made about marriage

Even the worst marriages exist in languages that only the two participants speak. They're a series of gestures and secrets, inside jokes and barely perceptible facial expressions.

The Ebola response shows how unprepared we are for global pandemics

The Ebola outbreak has finally reached America. On one hand, we're shocked: the hemorrhagic fever was previously only in West Africa, affecting people over there, far away, who did not have access to healthcare facilities and who do not all follow the best public-health practices.

35,000 walruses are swarming Alaska's shore — because their sea ice is vanishing

Pacific walruses have long depended on floating sea ice in the Arctic. They use it as a resting spot between dives, as they hunt for shrimp, worms, and various mollusks in the relatively shallow waters of the continental shelf.

Here's how people without bank accounts can build their credit

Let's say your bank disappeared tomorrow, and with it all of your credit cards and accounts. How would you save money or get a loan?

Map: The world has set off at least 2,400 nuclear weapons since 1945

The world's nuclear powers have set off thousands of the warheads since they were first developed. This map, from Radical Cartography designer Bill Rankin, tracks every nuclear explosion since 1945: (Bill Rankin/Radical Cartography) As the two military superpowers of the past six decades, the United States and Soviet Union are obviously on the top of the list.

The Secret Service scandals, explained

It's turning into a rough fall in the US Secret Service. First, on Friday, September 19th, Omar Gonzalez managed to jump over the White House fence and run into the building carrying a knife without being intercepted.

No one liked DC Comics' sexist t-shirts. And the company listened.

The last couple of months haven't been great for female comic book fans. In the wake of Marvel executives dodging the question of when the company would finally make a female superhero movie, and fresh off a Marvel apology after the company made a Spider-Woman solo comic book cover overtly sexual, it's now time for an apology from DC Comics.

Russia is starting to use the same line on Baltic countries that it used to invade Ukraine

A senior Russian Foreign Ministry official says that Moscow has a responsibility to protect ethnic Russian citizens of other countries, "regardless of where they live," and that "we will do everything possible to defend the rights and interests" of ethnic Russian minorities in the neighboring Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Here's how you can (and can't) get Ebola

You've heard it again and again: to get Ebola, you need to have direct contact with the bodily fluids — such as vomit, urine, or blood — of someone who is already sick and symptomatic to get the disease.