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Masters of Sex, episode 11: The season moves toward climax

The episode in one sentence: Truth and lies are stacked up against each other, as every single storyline comes to a head.

7 reasons why you should care about The Good Wife

Tonight, The Good Wife will return for its sixth season. We've seen the season premiere, and it kicks off what looks to be another stellar season of the best drama on network television.

The surprising rise of disability among America's higher-income kids

Rates of disability among children rose more than 16 percent over the past decade — and researchers aren't totally sure why.

Watch the US get more educated in 20 seconds

Just over 40 years ago, only around 1 in 10 US adults had a four-year college education. Today, that rate has nearly tripled.

Watch this weird new ad urging women to break up with their boyfriend Barack Obama

Since 2012, Democrats have increasingly portrayed Republicans as waging a "war on women." Now, one GOP outside group is ready to fight back — with this weird new ad in which a formerly lovestruck woman says she's ready to dump "Barack": "In 2008, I fell in love.

Watch this cartoon to finally understand quantum computing

There are few topics more intimidating than quantum computing. For one, the key principles involved — like, for instance, the idea that atoms can exist in two different states at once — are utterly bizarre.

This map shows Liam Neeson's global reign of terror

Liam Neeson's new movie A Walk Among the Tombstones premiered this weekend, with reviews ranging from glowing to brutally harsh.

The NFL isn't governed by rules. It's governed by Roger Goodell.

The public's anger and frustration over the NFL's domestic violence problem — provoked by its handling of Ray Rice's assault on his then-fiancée (now wife) Janay Rice in February — has been focused on commissioner Roger Goodell. Women's groups, sports commentators and former players have called for Goodell to resign.

The GOP didn’t nominate any Todd Akins this year

In 2013, when political analysts gamed out this year's the battle for the Senate, few people believed Senator Mark Udall of Colorado was in any danger.

Why every major network wants an Olivia Pope

This TV season, it's impossible to get away from Olivia Pope. For Scandal's nearly 10 million viewers, there can never be enough Pope.

The population of the internet, in one map

How big is the internet? This map from the Oxford Internet Institute shows where the world's internet users live: This is a cartogram, a map in which the area of each country is proportional to its online population.

As The Cosby Show turns 30, celebrate the genius of its opening credits

The Cosby Show, the sitcom that singlehandedly revived the fortunes of the genre and its network, NBC, turns 30 today, having debuted back in 1984.

Jerry Seinfeld explains how to write a joke

I'm a sucker for interviews where professionals talk about their craft. And I'm a Seinfeld fan. So it's perhaps overdetermined that I'd love this 2012 New York Times video where Jerry Seinfeld explains how he writes his jokes.

Mix it up this week with a playlist of great covers

A tried-and-true move for a young musician is to cover some big hits, ones the public will recognize, as a way of coasting atop other successes.

Here's why we won't have a government shutdown this year

Something remarkable happened Thursday night. The Senate passed a bill to fund the government. The bill, known as a "continuing resolution", keeps the federal lights on through December.

Is Martian soil actually good for farming?

If we ever wanted to permanently colonize Mars, one thing seems probable: we'd have to figure out how to grow some food there.

How to rearrange your environment to lose weight

The design of a food label, the size of a package, the name of a restaurant item: for more than two decades, Cornell professor Brian Wansink has been studying how these little things add up to shape the decisions we make about our food — and reshape our bodies.

A short visual history of the Ebola epidemic

Since 1976, Ebola has plagued Central and (most recently) Western Africa. The scale of the current outbreak is unprecedented, and shows no signs of slowing down. The infographic below illustrates how many people have been affected by the deadly disease since it was first discovered.

Madam Secretary boasts a killer cast and complete lack of subtlety

Of the many shows debuting this fall, none carries with it the hopes of a nation's Good Wife fanatics quite like CBS's Madam Secretary.

By Ted Cruz's logic, Obama fixed the child migrant crisis by promising amnesty

When the child-migrant crisis was in the headlines over the summer, Ted Cruz tried to make the case that President Obama was to blame — most specifically, his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which Cruz called "executive amnesty." Now, the number of children entering the US has plummeted — stunningly.