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I Bought 1,500 pounds of Sand for a ‘Beach’ Photo Shoot, Got One Shot

I recently bought a stack of foreign Vogue magazines for inspiration, and inside of Vogue Italia I saw an amazing photo of Alessandra Ambrosio on a beach at night.

Reference the Golden Ratio Anywhere with This Nifty Pocket-Sized Card

The golden ratio (or golden mean, or golden section, or divine proportion, or whatever you want to call it) is the subject of heated debate among photographers.

Here’s How Much Photoshop Hotkeys Can Speed Up Your Workflow

Do you use hotkeys when you edit in Photoshop or Lightroom? If you don’t and you’re a professional photographer editing tens or possibly hundreds of images per session, this short demo might convince you to start.

The Most Interesting Thing About the Nikon D1x vs Hasselblad X1D

“D” is digital. “X” is cool and mysterious. And “1” is, well, number one. Since the introduction of the Nikon D1x, camera manufacturers have been riffing on these three letters.

Spectacular Drone Photos Capture the Beauty of Australia’s Landscape

You might be forgiven for thinking that the most photogenic part of Australia is the Sydney Opera House, but if you are under this misguided impression, you need a dose of drone photographer Gabriel Scanu‘s work ASAP.

The Winning Photos of Dog Photographer of the Year 2015

The Kennel Club, the official kennel club of the UK and the oldest kennel club in the world, has just announced the winning photos for the Dog Photographer of the Year 2015 contest, the largest dog photography competition in the world.

Blunt Advice for New Graduates from a Successful Photographer

Watch your step recent photography graduates, because famed photographer and director Chase Jarvis is about to drop some serious advice.

The 5-Year-Old Photographer on the US Presidential Campaign Trail

Of all the photographers on the 2016 US presidential election campaign trail, Clive Earle may be the youngest.

The Digital Bolex Camera is No More, Company Closing Up Shop

Digital Bolex burst onto the scene four years ago through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign for its first cinema camera.

ON1 is Crowdsourcing Ideas to Create the Ultimate RAW Processor

The photo software company ON1 drummed up some excitement back in April by announcing Photo RAW, the first new RAW processing software to be released in a decade.

Google Maps and Google Earth Just Got a High Res Update

Google Maps and Google Earth just got a whole lot sharper thanks to NASA and its Landsat 8 satellite.

Brutal Truth: Nobody Cares About Your Photography

Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography made this 7.5-minute video in which he talks about a brutal truth of photography: the fact that “nobody is interested in seeing your photographs.

Photographing African Wildlife Under the Stars at Night

The low-light capabilities of modern cameras allow us to photograph wildlife in ways that would previously have been impossible.

The Wet Plate Collodion Process from a Photographer’s Point of View

During a photo shoot last summer under the hot sun in the South of France, photographer Nède strapped a GoPro HERO4 Black to his chest to document what the wet plate collodion photography process is like from the practitioner’s perspective.

What Asian Wedding Photographers Do For the Perfect Shot

What unusual tactics do you have for nailing the perfect portrait? Over in East Asia, a set of viral photos circulating on the Web shows what some wedding photographers are doing to get the shot they’re picturing in their minds.

How to Create a Stacked Photo of the Moon

So you want to learn to take stacked images like the one above? Great! You’ve come to the right place — just read on.

Researchers Develop Micro-Camera So Small it Can be Injected with a Syringe

Today in interesting scientific breakthroughs, researchers at a university in Germany have managed to 3D-print a three-lens camera the size of a grain of salt.

How to Develop Color Negative Film at Home in 10 Minutes

Developing your own color negative film at home might not be as scary as you think. With a simple developing kit, a few accessories, and a short tutorial, the folks at the Film Photography Project will show you how to do it in just 10 minutes.

The Best Camera for Street Photography

What is the best camera for street photography? What do you recommend? That is the question I get asked most.

PSA: SanDisk CFast 2.0 Cards Corrupt Some Canon 1D X Mark II Photos

Canon has released an official service advisory for the 1D X Mark II that you’ll want to pay attention to if you’re one of the few already using the new camera.