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Dell’s Retina-Busting ‘World’s First’ 8K Monitor is Officially On Sale for $5,000

8K has arrived. Dell’s “world’s first” 8K monitor that wowed so many people back in January when it was announced is officially on sale—a 31.5-inch monster of a monitor that offers a level of resolution you will drool (and your graphics card will groan) over.

Try to be The Dumbest Photographer In The World

I always say the Universe’s favorite hiding place for the most awesome stuff is right behind fear. Isn’t that a little unfair?

Cambo Adapter Lets You Use Canon EF Lenses on Fuji’s Medium Format GFX

One of the biggest challenges a new camera system faces, no matter how innovative, is lens choice. But if that’s the reason you’re on the fence about Fuji’s new mirrorless medium format GFX, listen up, because Cambo has an adapter for you.

‘Cape’ Lets You Fly Real Drones in the Real World… Over the Internet

The startup Cape calls itself “the world’s first online drone flight platform,” and they do exactly as the name implies: Cape lets you fly a real drone, in a real-world location, without ever leaving the comfort of your desk chair.

This Photographer Built an Ice Dress for Her Maiden of Finland Photo Shoot

Look at Finland on a map (and squint your eyes a touch) and you’ll see a woman, standing strong, defiant, with one hand held high.

Ep. 162: Is Sony Really Keeping the Good Stuff for Itself? – and more

Episode 162 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 –  Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS!

This Photographer Captured People’s Lives Through Their Hands

Portrait photographers usually focus on the faces of subjects, but photographer Omar Reda wanted to tell the story of people’s lives in a different way: he created detailed photos of the palms of their hands.

Target Goes Photoshop-Free for New Swimsuit Photos

A couple of years ago, Target got embarrassed by a Photoshop fail that gave a swimsuit model ridiculously long arms (that model was later invited onto Ellen).

Apple Patent Shows an iPhone Turning Into a MacBook

Want to process your iPhone photos for Instagram on a laptop without having to transfer any files? In the future there may be a crazy new way you can do so.

The Exposure Triangle: Making Sense of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

How important is exposure in photography? What are the components of exposure? What is the “Exposure Triangle”?

The Battle is Over: My Micro 4/3 Camera Outsold my Full-Frame DSLR

The battle is over, and full frame cameras have lost the race. Here’s why. I’ve been selling photos through a high end stock agency for the last two years.

Wesaturate Lets You Download Free RAW Photos for Editing Practice

They say ‘practice makes perfect,’ and if you want to practice your photo editing, you need some RAW files.

How To Stand Out Among 2.6 Billion Photographers

Do you have the feeling that, nowadays, almost everyone is taking photos? Not even that long ago, photography was much more exclusive.

This YouTube Channel is Chock Full of Amazing Photography Lectures

If you’re always on the lookout for great educational, inspirational, or just plain interesting photography content online, you need to visit the School of Visual Arts YouTube channel ASAP.

Free Cactus Firmware Lets You Use HSS and TTL with Different Flashes and Camera Systems

Photographers using Cactus‘ new V6 II and V6 IIs wireless flash transceivers are about to get a huge update.

I Finally Found the Perfect Camera: The One I Already Own

I finally found the perfect camera. This camera does everything you could ever need or dream of—from capturing the perfect frame and exposure to developing your skill and photographic eye.

20+ Students Suspended for Liking Instagram Post About School Shooting

20+ students in North Carolina were suspended from school this week over an Instagram post, but it wasn’t even a photo they posted.

I Was Paid to be a Camera Tester… And I Think They Actually Listened

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one Friday night when a promoted post popped up and caught my eye (and there wasn’t even a bikini, donut or motivational quote involved).

Instagram Will Soon Blur ‘Sensitive’ Photos that Might Offend Users

Instagram made a major announcement yesterday. In an attempt to ‘foster a safer, kinder community,’ the app will begin blurring content that it considers ‘sensitive,’ warning users and requiring that you click through to actually see the image.

You Won’t Find the Trump White House on Flickr

In April 2009, the Obama Administration made the historic move of uploading 293 photos to a newly minted White House Flickr feed.