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Burglars Ram Dodge Ram Into Atlanta Camera Store

A Wolf Camera store in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia, was targeted by burglars who drove a truck through the front of the store in a smash-and-grab theft.

The Largest Contact Print Ever Made is 24 Square Meters Huge

An Italian experimental photography group has set a new world record. Using a 24 square meter negative, a canvas of the same size, and 12 minutes and 30 seconds of exposure courtesy of the sun, they created the world’s largest cyanotype contact print.

Nikon 105mm f/1.4 Lens Leaked, Will Arrive in August 2016

There’s an interesting lens coming for Nikon photographers. A new Nikon AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E ED lens has been leaked early, offering us a glimpse at what’s incoming.

Quick Tip: Crop Your Photos in ‘Lights Out’ View for the Best Results

Cropping a photo just right can be challenging, especially if you’re working on a smaller laptop screen.

Verizon to Own Flickr via $4.8B Yahoo Acquisition

Verizon will be the new owner of Flickr. The telecom giant announced today that it will be acquiring Yahoo’s core Internet business — including Flickr and Tumblr — for $4.83 billion in cash.

Ep. 92: New Gear Rumors Abound

Here’s episode 92 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. You can also download the MP3 directly and subscribe via iTunes or RSS!

Quick Tip: How to Fix Shiny Skin in Photoshop and Lightroom

Here’s a quick retouching tip that almost every portrait photographer will end up using at least once: how to quickly and easily fix shiny or oily skin in both Photoshop and Lightroom.

How to Build Your Own $18,000 Robotic 360° Camera Rig for $650

In one of the most daring (and cost saving) feats of do it yourself engineering we’ve ever seen, the folks at YouTube channel Indy Mogul managed to recreate a remote-controlled 360° camera rig that normally costs $18,000 for just $650!

Apple Forgot to Scrub the EXIF Data from This OS X Wallpaper

If you’ve ever been curious how some of the beautiful desktop wallpaper images in Apple’s OS X operating system were shot, you’re in luck.

Watch a High Speed ‘Cinebot’ Capture Some Killer Slow Motion Shots

Not everything looks better in slow motion, but a whole lot of things do. Case-in-point, check out this behind the scenes video that shows a high speed robotic arm being used to capture slow motion footage, and then shows you the sweet results.

The CASE Remote Air is the World’s Smallest Wireless Camera Controller

Controlling your DSLR from your smartphone or tablet has never been … smaller. Meet the CASE Remote Air, the self-proclaimed “world’s smallest and most powerful smart camera controller.” If the CASE Remote Air sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of the original CASE Remote.

Canon Lenses May Soon Have a Digital Display

Canon may have some unusual things planned for upcoming DSLRs and lenses. The company will reportedly introduce “a DSLR first” in the upcoming 5D Mark IV, but that’s not all: an upcoming lens may be the company’s first to include a digital display.

Dreambit is a Face-Swapping Search Engine, No Photoshop Skills Required

A computer vision researcher at the University of Washington has developed a face-swapping image search engine that will automatically insert the face from an uploaded photo into any search term at all.

Photograph Earth’s Shadow in the Sky at Sunrise and Sunset

I never get tired of seeing our closest star set below the horizon, and seeing how the landscape changes as the warm light gets fainter by the minute.

Shooting the Neon-Lit Streets of Tokyo with Dave Powell

Here’s a 3.5-minute film by SmugMug Films about the life and photography of Dave Powell, the street photographer behind the photo blog ShootTokyo.

You Can Swing This Camera Backpack to the Front Without Taking It Off

The new Wolffepack Capture camera backpack does something that we wish every photography backpack could do: it lets you swing it around front without actually taking it off, making it much easier to get at your gear.

Stop-Motion Recreates Classic Arcade Games with Random Things

“Game Over” is a 1.5-minute stop-motion by PES that recreates classic arcade games using photos of carefully arranged things.

Eerily Beautiful Macro Timelapse of Different Pills Dissolving in Water

Amazing photography subjects are everywhere, and if you don’t believe us, look no further than this gorgeous macro photography timelapse of pain killers, vitamins, and other over-the-counter pills dissolving in water.

This Nature Photographer is an Animal Whisperer

Konsta Punkka is a 21-year-old nature and lifestyle photographer based in Helsinki, Finland, who has attracted over 750,000 Instagram followers, thanks in large part to his magical up-close photos of wildlife.

Portraits of Foxes and Their Unique Personalities Explained

When, during the sixties, Jane Goodall gave wild chimpanzees a name instead of a number, she put the science world upside down.