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The White House Banned Cameras… So CNN Sent a Sketch Artist

After the Trump administration decided to again ban camera from a press conference, CNN decided to get creative: the network decided to send a sketch artist instead.

This Ad Has Photographers Shaking Their Heads

There’s a new “photographers wanted” ad that’s making the rounds online and causing quite a reaction from photographers.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Photographed from Space by Orbiter

Trundling along the rocky terrain of lower Mount Sharp, the lonely Curiosity rover was recently photographed from space by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter using the most powerful telescope ever sent to Mars.

Canon Rebel SL2 Photos and Specs Leaked

Just days after the Canon 6D Mark II was leaked to the world early, the Canon Rebel SL2 has now been outed as well.

Photographer Sues Trump Org for Copyright Infringement

A New Orleans-based photojournalist has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against The Trump Organization, accusing President Trump’s company of using her photo without permission.

Macro Safari: Turn Your Backyard Into a Photo Adventure

Yesterday was a rainy, hazy day at home. I didn’t feel much like going anywhere but I needed to find something to do that didn’t involve sitting or work.

How to Isolate a Moving Subject: Panning for Beginners

Panning with a moving subject is a great way to show motion whilst also separating your subject from the background.

These Are the Best Dog Photos of 2017

These pawsome photos from Dog Photographer of the Year 2017 will have you paws-itively going mutts. Oh my pugness, they’re just so cute!

How to Customize the ‘Before’ View in Lightroom

In Lightroom, the backslash key can be used in the Develop module to toggle the Before/After view. But you can actually do more: here’s a 50-second video that shows you how to customize which “Before” view is shown.

How to Create a DIY Car Camera Rig on the Cheap

Action shots of cars in movement are often taken with a ‘car rig’ – basically a long pole that is attached to the car, with a camera mounted on the end.

Portraits of English Soccer’s Impact in India and South Africa

It has been two years since I approached the Premier League with an idea of photographing their fans around the world.

Interviews with Photographers Annie Leibovitz and Richard Avedon in 1999

Buried in the depths of the Internet, these two interviews from 1999 with some very famous names in photography might just give you the inspiration you need for your next shoot.

A Tip on Maximizing the Distance of Your C-Stand

Jay P. Morgan of Slanted Lens has a quick tip about maximizing the distance of your C-Stand, and it goes against what you may have learned in school.

An Interview with Photographer Joe McNally

Joe McNally is a photographer and a storyteller. The word photography comes from Greek and means to write with light.

Improve Your Astrophotography Focus With a Bahtinov Mask

Finding razor-sharp focus when shooting astrophotography can be hard – stars appear as point light sources, and there are no detailed surfaces to aid the eye in achieving focus.

EyeEm Selects Will Show You the Best Photos on Your Phone

EyeEm has released a new feature to its app, called EyeEm Selects, that will tell you which photos are the best from your library. EyeEm is a stock website where over 20 million users submit images, selling them on their global marketplace to brands all over the world.

Throw Away Your Best Work, or: How to Create a Portfolio

My best photos aren’t in my portfolio. Or, maybe I should more accurately say, photos that were my best at one point in time, have now been discarded from my portfolio because they have been replaced by newer, better work.

BTS: Shooting a Subzero Time-Lapse at 10,000ft in the Swiss Alps

Timelapse photographer Drew Geraci recently headed up to the Gornergrat Observatory from Zermatt to shoot a time-lapse of the Toblerone Mountain: Matterhorn.

Sigma Reveals Pricing for New 14mm and 24-70mm Art Lenses

Today, Sigma has announced pricing for its new 14mm and 24-70mm Art lenses. The information comes 4 months after the original announcement of the new lenses, although pricing for the 135mm lens still remains a mystery.

No More Light Painting Inside the National Parks?

Buried within the 2016 Superintendent’s Compendium for Grand Tetons National Park & John D. Rockefeller, Jr.