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Adobe Calling It Quits on Photoshop Touch

After a three year run, Adobe is retiring Photoshop Touch, its current horse in the mobile photo editing race.

Photographer Carter Warden Shares How He Got His Flickr Photos into National Geographic

Carter Warden is a photographer very similar to the rest of us; he captures the world with a lens to his eye because it is a hobby that brings him joy.

Adobe Sneak Peek: Retouching a Giant 50MP Photo in Prototype Mobile Software

Adobe wants to be the 800 pound gorilla of mobile photo editing. Today the company released the 2-minute sneak peek video above showing off some mobile retouching features its currently developing.

Bundle: A Smart App That Groups and Backs Up Your Best Mobile Snaps

There are a great number of storage options out there for your photographs, but a new app called Bundle believes they can bring something to the table that others cannot.

GekkoPod Camera Mount Uses Flexible Legs to Latch Onto Anything

Zuckerim Inc. has launched a Kickstarted campaign to fund their new product, the GekkoPod. Modeling its design off of gekko feet, the GekkoPod aims to be a flexible phone and camera mount for all of your favorite devices.

Shooting Son Doong

As me and my team left for Vietnam this January, we had a goal: to make an interactive reportage about the world’s largest cave for National Geographic.

Nikon D750 C:1.02 Firmware Update Simply Makes the DSLR ‘More Reliable’

Nikon has just released a new firmware update for the D750. The download is version C:1.02 and is designed to make your D750 “more reliable.” That’s literally all Nikon is saying about this update.

Norm MacDonald Jokes About the Past and Future of Photography

Comedian Norm Macdonald paid a visit to the Late Show on May 15th to perform a short stand-up routine.

High School Forces Student to Remove Online Photos Under Threat of Suspension

Imagine assembling a portfolio of over 4,000 photographs and then being forced to make it disappear or face life-altering consequences; that’s the situation sophomore Anthony Mazur is currently facing at Flower Mound High School in his Texas hometown.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Be Inspired by Your Photos

I think, as an industry, photographers talk about inspiration a lot. We are either trying to find it, discover it or attempting to evoke it.

Richard Prince Selling Other People’s Instagram Shots Without Permission for $100K

Artist Richard Prince is notorious in the art world for taking other people’s work, “appropriating” them as his own with various changes, and then selling them for large amounts of dough.

Lumy Arrives on Apple Watch to Put Golden Hour Reminders On Your Wrist

Last September, we featured Lumy, an elegant iPhone app that’s designed to help photographers track golden hour and other times of the day with ideal natural light.

Achieving Black Backgrounds in Macro Photos

One of the most important aspects of fine art macro photography is capturing a non-distracting background so your subject stands out.

Here’s a Way to Create a Time-Lapse and Real-Time Composite in 5 Minutes

My name is Kyle Hart, and I’m the founder of Rhino Camera Gear. In this post, I’ll be sharing an easy technique for combining a real-time camera move with a time-lapse to create a simple composite without doing any rotoscoping.

Panasonic Says It Will Release an 8K Camera by 2020 That Can Produce 33MP Photos

When Panasonic unveiled its new Lumix G7 camera this past Monday, the company also gave a glimpse into where it’s going with its camera technologies.

A Photography Pioneer Could Be the Face of the Next £20 Banknote

The Bank of England is looking for a historical visual artist to feature on the latest £20 note, and the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) wants to make sure the winner is someone connected with photography.

Flickr Fixing ‘Racist’ Auto-Tagging Feature After Black Man Mislabeled ‘Ape’

Flickr has caused some unexpected controversy with the auto-tagging feature it launched earlier this month.

How To Protect Your Rights As a Photographer in the Modern World

In today’s society, it seems that no knowledge is more prudent for photographers to learn than the rights of themselves and their photographs.

Filtered Photos Are 21% More Likely to Be Viewed

Popularized by the likes of Instagram, photo filters are divisive in the world of photography: some people love using and viewing them, while others consider hate what they’ve done to the medium.

ShutterSpots is an App for Finding Photo Hotspots Near You

Want to find the sweetest photo locations near where you are? There’s a new app that can point you in the right direction.