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Queen of Pain: How My Marriage Survived My Illness

Early on in our relationship, my now-husband Tom admitted that for him, sex wasn’t a huge priority. This caught me off-guard, not just because we slept together pretty quickly after we started dating and then continued to do so quite frequently.

The 5 Most Priceless Baby Registry Gifts to Put on Your BabyList

When someone is getting ready to have children, you may be thinking of everything from baby monitors to changing tables in terms of ultimate baby shower gifts.

Meet the Couples Who Were Gifted Honeymoons of a Lifetime

Everyone knows one of the best parts of getting married is what comes after. Wanderable is an entirely new kind of honeymoon registry — a place where you can explore and register for specific adventures and experiences.

Meet the Happy Couple Who Changed Their Marriage with Sex Parties

Jeff and Emma are your typical urban couple in their thirties. They have great careers, a steady marriage, a close circle of friends — they also go to sex parties together a few times every year.

Infidelity in 2014: How Modern Life Lets Us Cheat

When I got my first cellphone in 2004, I immediately noticed something. “These things are designed to help people cheat,” I pointed out to my then-husband.

What Catholic Marriage Training Taught Me About Sex

“Well, at least it’s not a nice day,” I said, as my husband Steve and I drove downtown on a cold, spitting-rain morning in May to spend a full spring Saturday in Pre-Cana.

On Having a Puppy Out of Wedlock

When people hear that I’m the only obstacle between my boyfriend and the dog of his dreams, their judging faces speak as loudly as a 100 PETA protesters chanting outside my window.

The Most Popular ‘Wedding Songs’ You Should Not Play at Your Wedding

Your first dance as a married couple. It’s part of the wedding canon, and despite the fact many of us do not possess the elusive combination of rhythm and skill required to glide across the dance floor with grace, there are few who eschew the tradition.

How This Bleeding Heart Is Still Able to Love a Die-Hard Capitalist

As I write this, my boyfriend of nearly six years (yes, I know, Grandma, six years, and still just “boyfriend”) is contemplating three job offers.

How to Make Your Own ‘Kitchen Maid’ Gift, a Downright Bizarre Bridal Shower Tradition

If you’re looking at these frightening humanoid piles of kitchenware, wondering what the heck they are and what purpose they serve, rest assured that they’re (relatively) harmless Kitchen Maids — not to be confused with KitchenAid, the brand that manufactures that sweet, sweet stand mixer.

Going Plural: Making the Jump From ‘Me’ to ‘We’

When I was single — which was for, like, 1,473 years — my skin would literally crawl when my married or coupled friends would talk about their lives in the “we.” Vacation going.

How Tea, Charity, and the London Riots Helped Me Get Together With a Wonderful Australian

In 2011, Amnesty International UK asked supporters to throw tea parties in honor of their 50th anniversary.

These Are the Very Best and Very Worst Sleeping Positions for Couples

Love makes for strange bedfellows. You and your partner might be perfectly compatible by the light of day, but when you’re snoring, drooling, and unconsciously scrambling for the sheets — well, maybe less so.

6 Hard-Earned Marriage Lessons I Wish I Knew Before My Vows

My romantic high school dream was to meet a guy on a train or a bus who would see me and smile the kind of smile that makes an alienated, angsty teenager feel known.

5 Great Things You Can Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Ceremony

Your wedding dress is really a single occasion type of outfit. It’s sad but true. But just because you’ve tied the knot, that shouldn’t mean that you’re completely done with your beautiful gown.