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Is there an error in this Constable painting?

The painting is "Wivenhoe Park" by John Constable, currently in the collections of the National Gallery of Art.

"Protruding iris collarette"

The iris collarette is a landmark that separates the central pupillary zone from the peripheral ciliary zone.

"Climate security"

Memo to self: use the phrase "climate security" when discussing climate change with skeptics. 2016 saw a "dramatic" decline in the number of coal-fired power stations in pre-construction globally.

Can't tolerate punches from cartoon kittens

A 17-year-old girl in California created a website "where users click on Donald Trump’s face to punch him with tiny kitten paws." But what was meant as nothing more than a jokey website for coding practice has turned into a legal nightmare.

When shall we meet?

From the archives of The New Yorker.

Another type of chess "problem"

Broadcast media (movies, television) have persistent difficulties incorporating chess into their storylines without introducing errors: “There are a ton of chess mistakes in TV and in film,” says Mike Klein, a writer and videographer for

Not untrue

From the archives of The New Yorker.

Compare and contrast

For your essay today, class, you will compare and contrast two of the leaders of major countries in terms of their knowledge about nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.

The ancient Greeks had no word for "blue"

Homer’s descriptions of color in The Iliad and The Odyssey, taken literally, paint an almost psychedelic landscape: in addition to the sea, sheep were also the color of wine; honey was green, as were the fear-filled faces of men; and the sky is often described as bronze.

"A Man Called Ove"

YouTube link. I watched this movie earlier this week and can unreservedly recommend it. A Man Called Ove (Swedish: En man som heter Ove, pronounced [ˈuːvɛ]) is a Swedish comedy-drama film...

Re universal health care

Via Reddit.

Word for the day: "Rotting Room"

Before the bodies of Spanish royalty are consigned to their gilded crypts, they are first consigned to a special chamber to allow the flesh to decay.

Remembering the Metropolitan Blues All Stars

YouTube link. When I lived in Kentucky in the 1980s,  I had several opportunities to hear the Metropolitan Blues All Stars perform.  The group members came from in the hills of Eastern Kentucky; they came to Lexington for concert performances (or to Louisville for Lonesome Pine Specials as in the 1987 one embedded above).

As reported by The Onion

For those unfamiliar with the publication:  "The Onion is an American digital media company and news satire organization...

Keeping foreigners out of the United States

As reported by Voice of America: Each year, the University of Southern California brings delegations from Africa to meet with business leaders, government officials and others in the U.S.


YouTube link.

Chess problem

From The Telegraph: The puzzle above may seem hopeless for white, with just a King and four pawns remaining, but it is possible to draw and even win.

Hospital waste

I can verify from personal experience that the following account is basically true: This, however, isn’t a story of about the crippling price of medical supplies.

"Heelwork" demonstrated

YouTube link. I remember teaching our dogs to "heel."  But heelwork at Cruft's annual show is a whole world different.

Future presidential candidate ?

He says no.  But lots of people are discussing openly the possibility of the Democratic party nominating a non-politician for the office of President.