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Jocelyn Chew Has Quite A Sexy Instagram Feed Going

This gorgeous Canadian model has a pretty outstanding Instagram feed going. But the coolest part isn’t her good looks or knack for constantly being in bikinis, but the fact that her profile name has an excellent Star Wars reference.

Canada’s New Passport Design Is Impossibly Awesome

It feels like every other country is trying to outdo each other in the “cool passport and/or currency” trend.

This Video From Volvo Is Automotive Marketing Perfection

The team behind Volvo‘s marketing is doing an outstanding job. They followed up what we considered the best ad of 2014 (apologies to Rob Lowe and DirecTV) with an absolutely stunning extended commercial that’s really more of a short film.

Graphic Designer Combined NBA Logos With Classic Video Game Characters

Graphic designer Mark Avery-Kenny took his love for the NBA and his love for classic video game characters—Mario, Luigi, Bomberman, Sonic The Hedgehog, plus others—and combined them together for an awesome mash-up.

Funny Parody Ad Shows What Facebook Would Have Been Like In 1995

For those old enough to remember, this will give you some serious flashbacks to the old days of AOL, dial-up, and ultra-cheesey commercials pitching web products.

DTV Shredder = The Segway On 1,000 Types Of Steroids

If you’re looking for a dangerously cool Mad Max: Fury Road-esque way to get from point A to point B, there are few better choices than the DTV Shredder.

Aussie Girl Natalie Roser Has An Outrageously Hot Instagram

This blonde beauty from Australia knows how to work an iPhone lens. Case in point—her very attractive Instagram feed.

‘Star Wars’ Trailer Recut ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Style Is 1,000x More Epic

Many classic movies, the original Star Wars trilogy included, are cinematic masterpieces. Classic trailers, though?

28 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Panama

Our man-in-the-field, Samuel Lippke, is taking a break from the hustle and bustle of California life for some R&R in Panama.

This Mind-Blowingly Good Archer Is Like A Real Life Hawkeye Or Green Arrow

The phrase “mind-blowing” is thrown around the internet a little too often, but there isn’t anything more appropriate than that when describing the massive skills Lars Andersen has when wielding a bow and arrow.

Cara Delevingne Looks STUNNING In This New Commercial

The always gorgeous Cara Delevingne is bringing the HEAT in this new commercial for the jewelry company John Hardy.

R.I.P. SkyMall: 25 Weird And Creepy Things For Sale In Its Catalog

SkyMall, the world famous catalogue that used to be in almost every airplane, has filed for bankruptcy today.

Brendan Fallis’ Latest Mix Is 72 Minutes Of Pure Audio Bliss

Need some good tunes to get you through your day at work or evening gym session? Check out the latest 72 minute long mix from Brendan Fallis.

Sonos’ New Logo Pulses Like A Speaker When You Scroll Up Or Down

In perfect/awesome/cool design news, Sonos, makers of some of our favorite wireless speakers around, unveiled their new logo for 2015 which was designed by Bruce Mau.

10 Cool Fitness Accessories That Will Make You Want To Hit The Gym Harder

We’re still in month one out of twelve in the new year, and last year you said this year. It doesn’t matter if you go one day out of the week or all the days out of the week as long as you get yourself active.

27 Ridiculously Hot Instagram Photos Of Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is physically unable to stop posting the sexiest photos on her Instagram. Here are a few of her most recent uploads that will leave you unable to comprehend a human of this calibre even exists… Her sex appeal level is at, like, 3,000.

The Origin Of Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Alright, Alright, Alright’

There is literally no one in the world on the same level Matthew McConaughey. His famous catch phrase—“alight, alight, alright”—didn’t just come out of nowhere.

The Nike’s That Helped Germany Win The World Cup Now Have A Street-Ready Version

Really digging this casual version of the Nike Magista Obra cleat that helped Germany win the World Cup.

17 Beautiful Photos Of Melissa Benoist, Your New Supergirl

Melissa Benoist is a beautiful under-the-radar actress who is a regular on Glee and had guest spots on fantastic TV shows like The Good Wife and Homeland.

The Latest NFL ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Is Hilarious

These absolute never disappoint. The latest bad lip reading feautring the NFL has a whole lot of things that could have been said, but probably weren’t.