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It Was Too Little, Too Late For This Texas County Clerk To Issue A Same-Sex Marriage License

In Texas, Hood County Clerk Katie Lang had refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples for well over a week after the Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v.

The Media Is Still Confused About Whether The Paris Climate Deal Will Limit Warming To 2 Degrees

Right now, the global climate is a patient that has no plausible chance of survival if left untreated.

The Media Still Won’t Use ‘Bill Cosby’ And ‘Rape’ In A Headline

Bill Cosby, an alleged serial rapist who has been accused of sexual assault by more than 20 women, acknowledged in a 2005 court deposition that he purchased a sedative drug with the intention of incapacitating women whom he wanted to force to have sex with him.

How To Save The Polar Bears

Nearly every headline about the U.S. government’s new report on polar bears echoes gloom and doom. One after another, they range from speculation of “the brink of extinction” to predictions of a “population crash” that will likely begin in about 10 years.

The Single Worst Idea From 1990s Welfare Reform May Be Dying, As Quietly As It Began

Nineteen years after President Bill Clinton endorsed conservative ideas about fighting poverty and signed sweeping welfare reform into law, one of the most poorly thought out elements of that political pact is on the verge of crumbling.

IS The U.S. Better At Women’s Soccer Than It Is At Gender Equality?

Last night’s FIFA Women’s World Cup Final was nothing short of remarkable. From beginning to end, Team USA brought unprecedented athleticism, including the first hat-trick in Women’s World Cup history from midfielder Carli Lloyd and the continuation of Hope Solo’s 540 minute shut-out through the first half of the match’s first period.

This Country Made It Easier For Kids To Spend One More Year In School And Dramatically Cut Their HIV Rate

Just one additional year of secondary school dramatically cut the risk of HIV infection in Botswana, according to a new study.

Court Strikes Down Agricultural Industry Arguments Against Cleaning Up The Chesapeake Bay

The future of the Chesapeake Bay looks a little cleaner Monday, after a federal appeals court struck down a case that sought to undermine an effort to clean up the bay.

Days Of Rioting Showcase Arizona’s Private Prison Failures

Correctional officers equipped with rifles, tear-gas equipment and batons were instructed to guard Arizona State Prison-Kingman Sunday morning, following a spate of riots that left seven inmates and nine prison staffers injured last week.

South Carolina Lawmaker Rants Against Gay People While Trying To Preserve Confederate Flag

Before he could address his belief that the Confederate flag should remain flying on the South Carolina State Capitol property, ultra-conservative state Sen.

Why White Americans Don’t Think Charleston Massacre Counts As Terrorism

Only 41 percent of American adults believe the shooter at Emanuel A.M.E Church in Charleston, S.C. should be charged with terrorism, according to a CNN and ORC International poll.

People Are Still Dying From Measles In The United States

A young woman in Washington State has died from complications stemming from the measles, according to health officials — which marks the United States’ first confirmed measles death in more than a decade.

Proposed Bill Could Make Social Media Companies Monitor, Report Terrorism-Related Content

Congress may soon require tech companies to treat terror-related content like child pornography by reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement agencies.

Scott Walker Uses Holiday Weekend To Sneak Controversial Provisions Into State Budget

Only one hurdle stands between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his upcoming bid for the White House: passing a budget to keep his state chugging for the next two years.

Dozens Of Nobel Prize-Winning Scientists Call For Action On Climate Change

Sixty years ago, Nobel laureates gathered on a tiny island in Western Europe and warned the world of the dangerous effects of nuclear weapons.

Ava DuVernay Passed On Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

Ava DuVernay will not be directing Marvel’s Black Panther. It’s not that the rumor was nothing but rumor.

Episcopal Church Votes To Withdraw Investments In Fossil Fuels

Leaders of the Episcopal Church voted to divest its holdings from fossil fuels on Friday, citing the fact that fossil fuel burning causes catastrophic climate change.

Greeks Just Voted Against Austerity. Here’s Why They’re Right.

On Sunday, Greeks overwhelmingly voted against a European deal to extend financing to the country’s banks that would have required more harsh austerity measures on the part of the government.

Court Says Maryland Police Can Keep Their Disciplinary Records Secret

Months after the rough ride that killed Freddie Gray in Baltimore, the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that officers’ disciplinary records can remain hidden from the public.

Where The GOP Party Lands On Donald Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Comments

Donald Trump’s nativist comments about Mexican rapists and drug dealers crossing the southern border has become something of a litmus test for where the Republican Party stands with Latino immigrants and Latino voters.