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Here’s How To Show Gratitude To Climate Heroes Big And Small This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving season, the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication once again wants you to tweet out some gratitude via the hashtag #ClimateThanks.

What Chuck Hagel’s Resignation Signals About Obama’s Foreign Policy

CREDIT: AP Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel submitted formally resigned on Monday, after being pressured by the White House to give up the job after less than two years in the cabinet post.

Texas May Soon Be Forced To Clean Up Air At Iconic National Parks

South Rim overlook, Big Bend National Park, 2012 CREDIT: flickr/ daveynin On Thursday the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a plan to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions that impede views, disturb health, and disrupt experiences at renowned national parks in Texas and Oklahoma.

3 Reasons Why Republicans Should Get Behind Obama’s Executive Action

Immigration advocates react to President Obama’s speech announcing deportation relief for millions of undocumented immigrants at the United We Dream headquarters on November 20, 2014.

The New Clean Tech Boom Is Real, And It Will Let You Control The Temperature In Your Cubicle

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — On a typically grey and fogged in morning in the Bay Area, a group of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and assorted wonks from the world over gather together in what once served as the administration center for the 1939 World’s Fair.

Florida State Shooter’s Friends Tried To Get Him Mental Health Treatment For Months

CREDIT: Screenshot from Months before Myron May opened fire on students in a Florida State University (FSU) library, his closest friends made three unsuccessful attempts to admit the troubled lawyer and FSU alumnus into a mental health clinic, even as he spoke about the voices in his head and mentioned plans to purchase a gun.

Republican Senator: GOP Needs To Develop Real Position On Climate Policy

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, on Sunday, July 3, 2011. CREDIT: AP Photo/Musadeq Sadeq A leading Republican in the U.S.

What’s Next For Ferguson After The Media Goes Home

Activist and writer Ashley Yates has lived in the St. Louis area since she was 15 years old, so the fatal shooting of Michael Brown hit close to home literally and figuratively.

Abortion Opponents In Alabama Equate Clinics With Sex Offenders

Abortion opponents pray as they gather on the steps of the Alabama Statehouse CREDIT: AP Photo/Dave Martin A right-wing group in Alabama is hoping to put an abortion clinic out of business by encouraging lawmakers to enact a new ordinance that requires abortion clinics to maintain the same distance from schools as sex offenders do.

Here Are All The Cases Of Sexual Harassment Thrown Out Because Of One Supreme Court Decision

In March of 2011, Samantha Stabenchek, a 17-year-old at the time, was cornered by her Safeway colleague Jose Lopez at their store.

World Bank: Without Action, The Planet Will See 4°C Warming By The Time Teenagers Turn 80

CREDIT: Shutterstock A new report from the World Bank has determined that warming of around 1.5°C (around 2.7° Fahrenheit) by mid-century is already locked into the atmosphere but that further warming beyond 2°C — and some of the worst projected impacts — is avoidable with immediate action.

Four Times That Watching ‘Mockingjay’ Felt Like Watching The News

CREDIT: Murray Close The newest installment of the Hunger Games film reaped in the biggest opening day box office sales of the year on Thursday.

83 Percent Of Americans Wouldn’t Say ‘Redskin’ To A Native American’s Face

Washington owner Daniel Snyder CREDIT: AP Leaders of the effort to change the name of Washington’s football team have attempted to highlight the fact that it is a “dictionary-defined slur” by asking a simple question: would anyone, including team owner Daniel Snyder, call a Native American a “redskin” to his face?

Oklahoma High Schoolers Will Walk Out Of Class Today To Protest The Bullying Of Rape Victims

Activists with the group Yes All Daughters outline their demands ahead of Monday’s walkout CREDIT: Screenshot via KOCO 5 A group of high schoolers in Norman, Oklahoma plan to silently walk out of class this morning to protest the way that three rape victims have been treated in their community.

Two Innocent Men, Sentenced To Die For A Murder They Did Not Commit, Are Now Free

Ricky Jackson and his lawyers, upon learning that Jackson would be released from prison CREDIT: AP Photo/Phil Long On May 19, 1975, Ricky Jackson was a 20-year-old ex-Marine who had recently received an honorable discharge for health reasons.

Old Navy Responds To Consumer Backlash Over Charging Plus Size Women More, But Doesn’t Change Prices

CREDIT: Shutterstock After Renee Posey created a petition on calling out Old Navy for charging more for women’s plus size clothing without upcharging larger men, the retailer has announced changes to its policies.

Meet The Two Men Who Ran 550 Miles, From Atlanta To Michael Brown’s Memorial In Ferguson

Ray Mills comforts Londrell Hall at Mike Brown’s memorial. CREDIT: Carimah Townes Londrelle Hall and Ray Mills set off on a grueling 550 mile run from Atlanta, Georgia, to Mike Brown’s memorial in Ferguson, Missouri, on November 3.

SNL Skit Updating ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ Is Hilarious, Totally Wrong About How Government Works

The opening sketch of this week’s Saturday Night Live is an update of the famous ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ song explaining how a bill becomes a law.

UVA Temporarily Suspends Fraternities After Horrifying Gang Rape Accusations

An image of protests against rape culture on the UVA campus on Saturday. CREDIT: WHSV Screenshot The University of Virginia is temporarily suspending all fraternities for the remainder of the semester in response to horrifying allegations of fraternity-based gang-rape — a reaction that many say is not enough to combat the school’s problematic rape culture.

Cleveland Police Shoot 12-Year-Old Brandishing A Fake Gun

James Swartz of World Against Toys Causing Harm displays a toy gun on sale for the holidays this year.