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A Man For All Seasons: Remembering Rick Piltz, Climate Science Whistleblower

Rick Piltz, Founder and Director of Climate Science Watch (via CSW) “If we lived in a state where virtue was profitable, common sense would make us saintly.

Beijing Marathoners Need Facemasks And Sponges Because Of The Air Pollution

In this Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014 photo, a runner, wearing a mask to protect herself from pollutants, looks at her smartphone as she and others jog past Chang’an Avenue near Tiananmen Square shrouded in haze at the start of 2014 Beijing International Marathon in Beijing, China Sunday, Oct.

Liberia’s ‘Brain Drain’ Is Thwarting Its Efforts To Stop Ebola

Health workers carry the body of a woman that they suspect died from the Ebola virus, as children, right rear, watch in a area known as Clara Town in Monrovia, Liberia, Wednesday, Sept.

Russian Tennis Official Suspended For Calling Venus And Serena ‘Williams Brothers’

CREDIT: AP The Women’s Tennis Association over the weekend fined and suspended the president of the Russian Tennis Federation after he referred to Venus and Serena Williams as “the Williams brothers” during an appearance on a Russian comedy program last week.

Renewables And Efficiency Made Up 70 Percent Of The Drop In U.S. Emissions Since 2007

CREDIT: Shutterstock Other than a slight uptick from 2012 to 2013, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have been on a slow decline since 2007.

New York Mayor Campaigned Against Pot Crackdowns, But Possession Arrests Are Still Soaring

CREDIT: AP Photo/Brennan Linsley New York City is implementing a court order to scale back rampant police stops, and Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) lamented during his campaign that marijuana possession arrests have “disastrous consequences for individuals and their families.” But in 2014, monthly pot possession arrests have gone up, and 86 percent of those arrests were of African Americans or Latinos, according to data compiled by Queens College professor Harry Levine.

Politicians Who Say ‘I’m Not A Scientist’ On Climate Offer Their Advice On Ebola

From left to right: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Florida Governor Rick Scott, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, U.S.

How San Francisco Is Forcing Its Gay Population Onto The Streets

Even before the sexual abuse, Olivia’s life was characterized by tremendous struggle. Growing up in Amman, Jordan as a member of a tight knit family, her difficulties long preceded any awareness that the male gender she was assigned at birth didn’t quite fit.

Tech Executive Says Companies Are Diverse Because Whites Are From Different European Backgrounds

Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen CREDIT: AP/Paul Sakuma Marc Andreessen, who invented one of the first internet browsers and co-founded Netscape, said in a long interview with Kevin Roose of New York Magazine on Monday that while he think the discussion of diversity in technology is valid, the companies being called out for homogeneity aren’t “deliberately, systematically discriminatory.” As proof, he pointed out that they hire a large percentage of Asians and that the white people come from different European backgrounds: No.

Amazon Deforestation Spikes 190 Percent After Long Reported Decline

Joaquim is an intern at ThinkProgress. CREDIT: AP Photo/Andre Penner Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is up 190 percent for the months of August and September compared to the same period last year according to the non-profit Imazon, which monitors deforestation via satellite imagery.

Floridians Deliver 92,000-Signature Petition Urging Gov. Rick Scott To Cut State Emissions

CREDIT: AP Photo/Steve Cannon Floridians travelled to the state capitol Monday to call on Gov. Rick Scott to make a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Florida.

Italian Prime Minister Proposes ‘Baby Bonus’ for New Mothers

Amelia Rosch is an intern for ThinkProgress. CREDIT: Shutterstock On Sunday, Italian prime Minister Matteo Renzi proposed a new policy that would give new mothers 80 euros a month.

Attorney General Candidate Says Fast Food Workers Should Get ‘A Real Job’

Striking workers outside a Chicago Burger King hold signs saying “We are worth more” in Spanish CREDIT: AP/M.

For-Profit Wedding Chapel Sues After Idaho Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Donald and Evelyn Knapp, owners of the Hitching Post Chapel. CREDIT: Alliance Defending Freedom Back in May, when a federal judge first overturned Idaho’s ban on same-sex marriage, the Hitching Post Chapel in Coeur d’Alene expressed concern about the possibility of having to marry same-sex couples.

Earth Just Had Its Hottest September On Record

Two paddle boarders cool off in the water during the ongoing Southern California heat wave, Monday, Sept.

College Students Fight Catholic School’s ‘Unfair And Unjust’ Ban On Birth Control

Fordham University CREDIT: Shutterstock Student activists at Fordham University, a Catholic school in New York City, are fighting back against what they say is an “unfair and unjust” campus policy that denies them essential reproductive health services.

Keystone XL Owner TransCanada Receives Top Climate Ranking In Sparse Energy Field

CREDIT: shutterstock Piping tar sands oil hundreds of miles, and leading the corporate energy world in climate change mitigation, can apparently go hand-in-hand according to a new report.

Megachurch Pastor Hints At Softer Position On Homosexuality, Quickly Backtracks

CREDIT: AP The leader of an influential global network of evangelical churches is sparking controversy for sending mixed messages on the subject of homosexuality, initially taking a hands-off approach to the matter before quickly backtracking and voicing support for “traditionally held Christian views” on same-sex marriage.

Indiana Plans To Cut Thousands Off Food Stamps By Reinstating Work Requirements

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) CREDIT: AP Photo/Darron Cummings Indiana will cut tens of thousands of its poorest people off of the food stamps roles beginning next spring, the state announced.

Ray Rice Could Be Reinstated To The NFL In The Next Month

CREDIT: AP Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s appeal of his indefinite suspension over his arrest on domestic violence charges could be resolved in the next month, which means Rice could in theory be reinstated to the NFL and eligible to sign with a new team by mid-November,’s Jason La Canfora reported Sunday.