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The First 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Is Here and It's Absolutely Amazing

We've waited a grueling 21 years since the last real Star Wars movie (or nine if you actually count the prequel trilogy, but come on), but it's finally here: the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Walmart's Black Friday Is Going Just As Terribly As Expected

The first day of the holiday shopping season has arrived, and bargain-starved consumers are celebrating in their regular fashion: with fighting, arrests, employee protests and general mayhem.

The Absurdity of Black Friday, in One Video

Ah, Black Friday, the worst tradition in American history. It's a day when, just mere hours after giving thanks for the things we already have, consumers flock to stores to punch, shove, and stab each other in pursuit of the best deals on material goods that we probably don't even need.

America Is Finally Kicking Its Dirtiest Habit

The news: Americans are putting out their cigarettes for good. A new survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that in 2013 just 17.8% of the country's adults, or 42.1 million people, smoked cigarettes.

The Dark Side of Professional Football We Rarely Hear About

While this past year in sports has put a major spotlight on crimes committed by professional football players, it might be time to shine that lens on the cities that host those teams and the effects these games are having on the hometown fans themselves.  At least, according to a recent study published in the the Journal of Sports Economics titled "The National Football League: Does Crime Increase on Game Day?

We May Finally Have a Working Ebola Vaccine

The news: While Americans' Ebola hysteria has mostly calmed down in the past few weeks, the virus is still keeping a very tight stranglehold over West Africa — but there might finally be some good news.

The Story of When FDR Changed Thanksgiving Day to Benefit Big Business

Most debate about the historical meaning of Thanksgiving is centered on its hopeful depiction of relations between Native Americans and Pilgrims and whether it whitewashes a history of persecution of genocide.  But there's another episode in Thanksgiving history that's rarely discussed.

6 Alarming Facts About Retail Workers You Should Know This Black Friday

Millions of Americans will flood stores around the country on the most holy day of the year for retailers.

7 Facts That Prove We've Been Talking About the First Thanksgiving All Wrong

It doesn't seem that long ago that most of us were in grade school, happily coloring cornucopias as teachers retold the story of the first Thanksgiving, where the Pilgrims and Native Americans got over their differences and broke bread like the best of friends.  Unfortunately, much like Columbus Day, Santa Claus and Valentine's Day, America's annual turkey feast is based on a bunch of baloney.  History is written from the perspective of people with power and privilege.

The Clear Solution to Police Brutality Is One No American Will Talk About

Fact: Police officers in America keep shooting — and killing — unarmed (and largely innocent) black men.  Nearly every 28 hours the police shoot and kill an unarmed person, usually a black male (man, teenager or child), and they're doing so without repercussion. This has resulted in myriad calls to "demilitarize the police," but no one has stated the obvious.

Airports Across America Are Hell on Earth Right Now

The day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. But a massive winter storm on the East Coast has made pre-Thanksgiving travel even more hectic and horrible.

This Is What Thanksgiving Dinner Will Do to Your Body — And What You Need to Do Right Back

Hello, Thanksgiving! Goodbye, non-elastic pants. Over the past four centuries, Thanksgiving has evolved from being about family, football and mass avian slaughter to a nationwide excuse to gorge ourselves swollen, then sleepily recuperate by watching Jingle All the Way on cable.

The Definitive List of Stores That Refuse to Open on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving should be a time for family, food and merriment. For some retail workers, however, it has turned into a slow march toward materialism-induced doom as stores begin requiring employees to come in on Thanksgiving in order to pad profits and better prepare for Black Friday.  The tactic has become so common that it even has a name: Grey Thursday.

Here's What the Media Isn't Telling You About the Protests in Ferguson

FERGUSON, MISSOURI — Jessica Dunkins, 29, woke up Tuesday to find out she no longer had a job. Source: Sebastiano Tomada It happened abruptly.

Congress Is About to Screw the Middle Class With a Bipartisan Tax Deal

The news: Usually, congressional infighting about tax codes doesn't seem very dramatic. But not this time.

19 Photos From the Ferguson Protests That Shut Down New York City

In the eyes of the law, the case is closed. But tens of thousands of people across the country demonstrated the night of Monday's grand jury decision to let the country know that while Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted for the death of unarmed black teenager Mike Brown, the boy himself has not been forgotten.

13 Photos Show What Is Happening Across America Right Now

Ahead of the grand jury decision that cleared Officer Darren Wilson of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, the city of Ferguson, Missouri was prepared for the worst — Gov.

One Tweet Perfectly Sums Up the Double Standard of White Male Privilege in America

As protests erupted across the country Monday night in response to a grand jury's decision not to indict Ferguson, Missouri, Officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, feelings that bubbled over in the wake of Brown's death in August reappeared — with a vengeance.

2014 Will Be Remembered as the Year of LGBT Rights in Country Music

Last Thursday, two mainstream country singers came out of the closet. The first, '90s star Ty Herndon, revealed his identity as an "out, proud and happy gay man" in an interview with People magazine.

Colorado Gave Us a Reason to Actually Get Excited About Black Friday This Year

This holiday season, Santa may stuff stockings in Colorado with something new. The state's legal marijuana dispensaries are preparing for the year-end holiday rush, with some retailers referring to upcoming plans for "Green Friday." The Associated Press reports that marijuana retailers in the Centennial State are turning to old-fashioned doorbusters to drive up holiday sales, including some cut-rate deals: The Grass Station in Denver is selling an ounce of marijuana for $50 — about a fifth of the cost of the next-cheapest strain at the Colorado dispensary — to the first 16 customers in line Friday, Saturday and Sunday.