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A Ball Pit for Adults Just Opened in London — Here's Why Every City Should Have One

Who says adults can't have playtime?  In December, creative agency Pearlfisher decided to test out that question.

The Only "Low-Life Scum" in the McCain Hearing Was Henry Kissinger

"Arrest Henry Kissinger for war crimes!" The strained, sing-songy chant that sent Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) into a twitching fit of rage Thursday afternoon had died out by the time security escorted one last graying activist from the hearing room.

Brain Scans Reveal What Blind People Actually See When They Look at the Same Thing We Do

Calling Mr. Webster: We need a new definition for the verb "to see." Recently, NPR's podcast Invisibilia explored how Daniel Kish, a blind man, uses echolocation to create mental pictures of the world around him.

Here Is Your Glorious Hour-By-Hour Guide to Netflix on Valentine’s Day

Hate it or love it, Valentine's Day is a huge holiday, prompting the exchange of around 151 million cards in the U.S.

Stunning Photos of Curvy Women Prove Athleticism Comes in Every Size

Plus-size models may finally be getting the widespread attention they deserve: Tess Munster became the first model of her size and height to be signed to a major modeling agency.

Why Obama's Cuba Policy Is Even More Shrewd Than Anyone Thought

The first round of negotiations between the United States and Cuba drew to a close this week, and it's clear that those who rang the alarm bells over renewed diplomatic engagement with Cuba were premature in their criticism.

Here's How Much You Have to Earn to Be in the 1% in Your State

The "1%" label has become synonymous for wealth inequality and economic injustice, warning of the rise of a new global elite.

No, Mitt Romney Is Not Running for President Again

The buzz has flatlined. The whispers are fading away. Mitt Romney will not launch a third presidential campaign.

Science Shows Why It Seems Impossible for Men and Women to "Just Be Friends"

It's one of the oldest questions known to man (and woman): Can truly platonic relationships ever exist, or will there always be some bit of attraction there?

Five Months After Decriminalizing Marijuana, Here's What's Happened in Philadelphia

In October, the city of Philadelphia decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

This Incredible Mash-Up Proves That Nobody Knows How to Write Lyrics Anymore

People have been replacing actual lyrics with "whoa-oo-ohs" for as long as there have been songs. It's often catchy, but it's also just the easiest way to escape the need to write actually meaningful lyrics.

Girls Are Beating Boys in Schools Everywhere — Even in Places Where They Lack Basic Rights

Sing it, ladies: "Anything you can do, I can do better." A new study from Gijsbert Stoet of the University of Glasgow and David C.

This Website Lets You Mold Your Tweets Into Strange, Beautiful Poetry

Are your random tweets poetry? No — but they could be. That's the idea behind Poetweet, a delightful new website that scans your recent 140-character missives and transforms them into one of three poetic forms: A sonnet, rondel or an indriso.

If Obama Gets His Way, Sharing This Story Will Soon Be a Felony

On Jan. 20, this website published a story titled, "If This Is Your Password, Change It Immediately." The article included a list of the 25 personal passwords — "password" and "abc123" among them — most commonly found in databases of personal account information routinely leaked by hackers.

This Is How Much the US Spends on Imprisoning vs. Educating People, in One Startling GIF

Hardly a day goes by without a member of the media or policy world pronouncing that America's education system is in dire straits.

Rick Perry May End Up in the Big House Before the White House

A federal judge has refused to throw out felony abuse of power charges against cowboy hat-wearing former Texas Gov.

If You Care About Privacy, This Newly Revealed Police Technology Should Have You Worried

Last week, we learned that since 2012, yet another piece of battlefield technology has been used by police agencies across the country.

More Than 50 Years Later, These Civil Rights Icons Finally Got the Justice They Deserve

It took five decades, but nine men who staged a sit-in at a Rock Hill, South Carolina, lunch counter have finally received justice.