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Blackwater Guards Who Killed 14 Innocent Iraqi Civilians Finally Found Guilty

The news: Four American security contractors working for the infamous Blackwater private military company were finally convicted for their role in the Sept.

Canada Just Showed the U.S. The Exact Right Way to Cover a Shooting 

On Wednesday morning, news emerged that a gunman shot and killed a soldier at the Canada War Memorial in Ottawa before  firing more than 30 shots inside the nearby parliament building.

Science Reveals the One Easy Thing You Can Do to Appear More Attractive

The news: Being nice is hot. Success in romantic endeavors is about more than just having a good Tinder profile.

One GIF Shows What the World Series Would Look Like Without Immigrants

As the World Series unfolds between the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants, it's worth remembering what makes America's pastime so, well, American.

Vivid Photos Show What America's New War on Terror in Syria Actually Looks Like

For more than a month, Kurdish militia and Islamic State fighters have battled on the streets of Kobani, a small town straddling the Syria-Turkey border that has become a focal point of the West's military campaign against IS.

9 DIY Feminist Halloween Costumes You Will Never Find in a Costume Store

Halloween can be tricky business if you're a feminist. Whether it's the "sexy Native American" or the "sultry geisha," there's just no shortage of offensive combinations to choose from in your Halloween shop.

One Dead in Shooting At Canadian Parliament

A gunman who shot a Canadian soldier in Ottawa was chased by police into the center block of the Canadian Parliament, Reuters reports.

Gunfire Reported At Canadian Parliament

A gunman who shot a Canadian soldier in Ottawa was chased by police into the center block of the Canadian Parliament, Reuters reports.

If You Looked at Renee Zellweger's Plastic Surgery, You Need to See These Photos

The news: Actress Renée Zellweger attended the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards on Monday and found herself suddenly thrust into a media frenzy: Her noticeably different appearance attracted mockery from outlets such as CNN and the Atlantic and spawned countless think pieces, from stigmatization of plastic surgery and pressures of Hollywood celebrity to impossible beauty standards for women.

Why You Should Drink All the Coffee You Want, Explained by Science

A new study in the journal Hepatology posits that coffee, even the decaffeinated kind, may be good for your liver.

These Striking Portraits Challenge Stereotypes About Iran's Father-Daughter Relationships

Photographer Nafise Motlaq recently set out on a mission to prove that not all Iranian fathers are the same.  Currently living in Malaysia, Motlaq grew tired of how her native Iran is frequently characterized.

13 Albums That the Most Successful Musicians Listen To

A musician is no greater than the sum of their influences. Though the most famous artists seem unapproachably original, everyone has to start somewhere.

Science Finds One Physical Feature We Should Stop Judging Each Other On

You may have been taught not to judge a book by its cover, but it turns out you  already do a lot of judging based on a person's face.

Study Finds What Liberals Are Doing Differently Than Conservatives on Facebook

Differing political views may cost you a friend – at least on Facebook. A fascinating new Pew Research Center study reveals how conservatives and liberals interact with their friends who post about politics on Facebook.

Disney Just Took a Huge Step Forward With Its Latest Princess

Move over, Elsa and Frozen, there's a new princess on the block. On Monday, Disney announced their next animated film: Moana.

One Troubling Chart Reveals the Harsh Truth About Inequality In America

It's one of our country's founding myths: Everyone is born equal.  But a new study from the Brookings Institution suggests that our celebrated equality is wiped out by the time we begin to walk and talk.

13 Women Have Accused Bill Cosby of Rape — So Why Has America Forgiven Him?

Bill Cosby is best remembered for The Cosby Show, Fat Albert and Jell-O pudding pops — not sexual assault.

It's Official: We've Lost This War on Drugs

We've seen plenty of reports about the war on drugs stateside, but it turns out the U.S. was waging a similar war abroad, and the results haven't been any better.

Wall Street's Top Regulator Just Sent a Strong Message to Big Banks

One of the country's top regulators has harsh words for Wall Street: Get your act together or face the possibility of downsizing.  William C.

Science Has Excellent News for Gamers (and Their Brains)

The news: "Portal 2 kicks Lumosity's ass." That's what Val Shute, a researcher at Florida State University, told Popular Science about the results of her study comparing the cognitive benefits of the popular game published by Valve in 2011 and the highly touted brain-training software.