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This Man Has the Wildest Hobby You Have Ever Seen

Meet Carl Bovard, a man with a hobby and passion so wild it puts most peoples hobbies to shame. Carl is passionate about the future of big cats and tigers and decided to open his own sanctuary called Single Vision.

Man Walks through NYC with a Hidden Camera to Reveal Shocking Harassment

For those that may have missed it, a video of a woman walking through New York for 10 hours recently went viral after it revealed the amount of harassment woman have to endure whilst walking around the city minding their own business.

Thieves Stole His Fathers Truck, What They Did Is Heart Breaking

A week ago on sunday his father had his pride and joy stolen tells Reddit user tkamp11. The 1955 Ford F100 pickup was his fathers pride and joy and he had spent hours upon hours on restoring the truck to its former glory.

22 Puppies That Love Bath Time

It’s fairly common knowledge that puppies are the key to human happiness, right? Either way, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear after seeing these little cuties at bath times.

10 Unique Entries From This Years World Beard And Moustache Championships

The best thing about the year coming to a close? Halloween? Christmas? Nope. The World Beard And Moustache Championships.

10 Minimalistic Re-Takes On Popular Horror Movie Posters

American artist and horror enthusiast Jimm McShane has created a superb re-take on popular horror movie posters.

These 15 Images Will Make You Feel Old

After seeing these you are going to feel so old. Remember Jaden Smith from Karate kid? woah… 1. Hillary, what happened?

Incredible Optical Illusion Street Art by 1010

What you are seeing might look like paper cut outs placed on to the sides of buildings, much like the work of Jen Stark but it is actually the street art of German based artist 1010.

Planes Will Oneday Offer Passengers Beautiful Panoramic Views

Good news for the claustrophobic who have to fly often, the Center for Process Innovation which is a British technology research company have come up with a way to transform your flying experience forever – by removing the windows.

Ferrari’s Pininfarina Sergio Concept Car Is Being Put into Production

In 2013 Ferrari stole the show when they unveiled this incredible concept car. The Pininfarina Sergio left petrol heads and car lovers longing for an official road version of the car.

Marvel Announce Their next 10 Films

So Marvel have just unveiled their next 10 films they are going to be releasing all the way up until May 3rd 2019 with Avengers: Infinity War – Part II.

The Most Expensive Motorcycle Ever Sold

This iconic Harley Davidson is the worlds most expensive motorcycle after it recently sold at auction for a record breaking $1.35 million dollars which was actually $1.6 million after fees.

Brilliant Timelapse That Shows Paris & New York’s Striking Similarities

Watch and enjoy this gorgeous timelapse video that shows you the peculiar similarities between these two gorgeous cities.

Max Rive is A Photographer Whos Work Is Amazing To Behold

Max Rive is a European photographer with a genuinely special talent. Every single one of his utterly unique photos is mesmerizing to say the least.

Welcome To The Most Badass Video On The Internet

If you don’t want to watch an action movie after this, then there must be something wrong. The YouTube channel MovieClips have come out with an ultimate mashup of scenes from popular action movies for your viewing pleasure, there’s not an overall point to the video, but just prepare to be very entertained.

An Amazing Look At Paris From An Eagles Point Of View

When someones asks what superpower you’d have over anything else, this is why your answer is ‘flying’, how amazing would it be to see these sights everyday?

12 Animals That Are The Masters Of Disguise

It’s no secret that wild animals are some of the cleverest beings on Earth, the different ways in which they naturally adapt to their environment is crazy.

The 14 Biggest Movie Plot Holes Ever

After seeing these plot holes and fails you will never be able to look at your favourite films and TV shows ever again.

20 Halloween Houses That Totally Nailed It

If you are going to go all out on the costumes this year then why not go all out with decorating the house as well.

These People Had One Job, and That Was Too Much

These people only had one job and they couldn’t even do that. You had one job people… even that was too much.