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Illustrators Offers People Free Portraits in Exchange for Their Secrets

Under normal circumstances if you want a portrait of yourself from a professional artist you would have to pay, however this fascinating on-going series from illustrator and art director Terence Eduarte is far from normal.

15 Hilarious Reactions to the Moment the Pope Met the Trumps

Being The Pope means that a lot of your time is taken up with meeting people from around the world and as Pope Francis recently found out, you can't like all of them.

Bride With No Female Friends Calls on Her "Bros" for Hilarious Bridal Photo Shoot

You're probably already aware that there aren't as many women who have STEM related careers so it stands to reason that those that do have more male work colleagues than they do female, which isn't a problem - at least not until you plan on throwing a bridal party.

Guy Gets Professional Photoshoot With His Cat, They End up Looking Like Engagement Photos

With Mother's day in mind one reddit user decided that his mum deserved a gift worth keeping, so he booked a professional photoshoot for himself and his cat Charlie, a 1.5-year-old Russian Blue mix with the idea that he'd turn one of the photos into a canvas print that she can cherish ...

Photographer Captures the Claustrophobic Living in Hong Kong Through Epic Aerial Photographs

As well as being a popular place to visit for tourists Hong Kong also has a certain complexity to it that makes it a photographer dream to explore with endless places and perspectives to explored and photographed, it's attraction reinforced when you hear of photographers like Romain ...

Croatian Artist Creates Hilariously Dark Web Comics With Totally Unexpected Endings

Some people are good at drawing, others good at making people laugh, however 19-year-old Artist and illustrator Dino Čujko just so happens to be brilliant at both and he's recently brought the two together in the form of his own humorous and sometimes brilliantly dark web comic.The ...

20 Hilarious Comics That Deal With Everyday Life Through Absurd Humour

Since late 2012 the work of UK-based artist Chris McCoy has been the mastermind behind one of the internet's funniest and most popular web comics, Safely Endangered, and it's probably safe to say that you've seen some of his work before.Taking on common problems that are shared universally, from ...

This Artist Is Giving Classical Paintings a Geeky Makeover and It's Amazing

Classical art is often composed and beautiful to look at but because it's from a time now passed many people struggle to relate however there's one artist over on Tumblr named Lothlenan that's looking to change that with their brilliant fantasy and geeky makeovers.So far the digital artist has ...

Superhero Logos Turned into Oddly Satisfying Line Animations

Paying tribute to our most loved and cherished superheroes Canadian design studio Baboon Creation's most recent design project re-imagines the logos of DC heroes such as Batman and Wonder Woman as well as Marvel heroes such as Captain America and Iron Man by putting an animated twist on ...

Swedish TV Studio Accidentally Broadcasts Kids Show Subtitles over Political Debate

Politics tend to be a little boring, especially when on TV so after this Swedish TV station "accidentally" broadcasted a political debate with the wrong subtitles it was a sort of welcomed break.

20 Absurd Signs That Will Make You Question Where Humanity's Heading

You'd like to think that humanity as a whole is slowly evolving and that we're all becoming a smarter, better version of our former selves however one look at these signs and you'll be left in despair.

Attaching a Flamethrower to a Skateboard Makes Any Trick Look Amazing

Impressive as some skateboarding tricks are there's always a little room for improvement, especially if that improvement comes in the form of a flamethrower underneath your skateboard which just so happens to be Mike Warren's latest crazy creation.Leaving a blazing trail of fire wherever it goes ...

This Gecko Was Given His Own Toy Gecko and Now He Can't Stop Smiling

If you need your daily dose of adorable then look no further than the adorable duo that is Kohaku the gecko and his new toy gecko who are just perfect together.

Motion Designer Uses NASA's Archived Photos to Create Brilliant Short Animation

Using thousands of photos made publicly available over on NASA's own flickr, motion designer Christian Stang has turned archived photos of the Apollo missions into an incredible animated short video that celebrates space 1960's space exploration in beautiful fashion.

17 Memes You'll Appreciate If You're in a Group Chat

Group chats are great... for all of a few hours that is - during which time a lot can happen. People get hurt, someone ends up getting roasted and eventually the conversation dies and people start leaving.

Instagram's Newest 'Shine Line' Trend Is Giving People Rainbow Hair

Although not the first colourful hair trend we've featured before Instagram's latest new hair trend is being called 'shine lining' and it involves turning people's hair into an array of beautiful colours, much like a rainbow.The trend, which is being fuelled by the hashtag #shineline actually made ...

Spectacular Time-Lapse Captures Rare Cloud Inversion Inside Grand Canyon

Although they're a pretty rare phenomena cloud inversions happen often enough so that every now and then a photographer of videographer will capture one on camera, often with spectacular results.

16 Furious Kittens That Would Make Perfect Supervillain Sidekicks

When you think kitten you probably imagine a cute, fluffy and cuddly ball of fur but not these kitties - they've got an attitude and their not afraid to show it.

20 Dogs That Are Completely Terrified of the Funniest Things

Just like us humans dogs have their own fears too and because they're smaller than us and don't always fully understand the world around them, what's normal and everyday to us is a big deal to them - especially when we're talking hoovers or things that move or make a noise on their own.In-fact, it ...

You Can Now Get Black Lattes That'll Appeal to Your Darker Side

Thanks to a new trend over on Instagram black coffee is not the only dark caffeine filled drink you can enjoy as goth latte's are now a thing and they'll appeal your darker side.We've previously had black ice-cream cones and ice-cream made possible by activated charcoal and the goth latte is no ...