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21 Hilarious Dogs Who Don’t Believe In Personal Space

Dogs – when the moment suits – can be the funniest creatures on the planet with their quirky little habits and lovable natures.

Dog Passes Out When Owner Returns After 2 Years

Get ready for your heart to melt. The dogs owner was working away in Slovenia for 2 years, when the owner came back the dog was so overwhelmed that is passed out.

The 26 Most Bizarre Scientific Questions Ever Asked

There is a whole thread on read called Shitty Ask Science where people post their rubbish scientific questions that tackle the real issues in life, such as ‘can fish get high on sea weed?

Weird & Slightly Creepy Facts About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most special experiences of any womans life right? Well it turns out it’s also a little bit creepy.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is Coming to iOS

For all you nerds out there, (I say ‘you’ but really I mean ‘us’) that are longing for some sort of Pokemon fueled fun on your iOS device, the wait may be coming to an end.

28 of the Most Extreme Free Climbing Photos Ever Taken

Here is a collection of the most extreme climbing photographs ever taken. You have to wonder how these people are able to keep their cool whilst stood on top of buildings sometimes hundreds of feet in the air with no safety equipment.

The 29 Most Useless Life Hacks Ever

29 of the most pointless and useless life hacks ever. They might not improve your life all that much, but at least you know how to make a doll bed out of toilet paper.

The 25 Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold at Auction

Here are the 25 most expensive cars ever sold at auction. There is a common theme throughout these cars, and thats apart from the occasional Mercedes-Benz the majority of these cars are all Ferraris.

50 of the Most Ridiculous Questions Ever Asked on Yahoo Answers

The internet is an amazing free place where information can easily be accessed and enables people to connect and share all over the globe.

20 Awesome Ways to Organise Your Cats

If you love cats so much you are slowly becoming overrun with them? then you need to see these 20 awesome ways you can keep your furry friends organised.

Grateful Kid Will Give You The Feels

This really grateful kid receives some gifts from his parents, who look like they don’t have much to give in terms of gifts to begin with.

35 Funny Names You Will Hardly Believe Are Real

You have to feel sorry for these people, growing up with names like this must have been tough and we doubt it got any easier as they blossomed into adulthood and graduated from college or got their first job.

18 People Who Need Reevaluate Their Life According to Facebook

When you are posting photos, comments and statuses like these then it might be a good time to take a step back and reevaluate your life and perhaps even your entire existence.

30 Pictures That Prove Life Hacks Have Gone Too Far

Here are 30 pictures that prove life hacks have gone way too far. 1. Nails solve everything. 2. Let them burn..

33 People That Should Never Be Allowed Anywhere Near A Kitchen

The single most important thing in life… food, should be taken with absolute 100% seriousness at all times if you want to make a mouth-watering masterpiece.

The Top 5 Medical Discoveries Ever

Could you imagine a world without vaccinations, antibiotics or x-rays? Or a world where everyone was still afraid of getting smallpox, hard isn’t it?

19 People You Can Bet Are Still Single

The first steps to getting a girlfriend involve learning to actually talk to them. These 19 guys definitely haven’t mastered that art yet, so you just know they are still out there, trying their best.

16 Adorable Photos of Dogs Wearing Glasses

Whether they are hard at work doing the paperwork, the kids homework or simply posing for a photoshoot with their matching outfits and glasses, there is no denying that dogs wearing glasses is an adorable sight.

The Majestic & Mysterious Lives of Cats Captured in Amazing Black and White Photos

Cats are strange creatures that are often self sufficient and don’t need a lot of looking after, they often get on with things by themselves which is what makes them so mysterious.

Overweight Dancer Has Some Awesome Dance Moves

Since Whitney Thore was little she always loved dancing and music, however as she got older she stopped to pursue a career in radio production.