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The Miniature Set Used for Blade Runner 2049 Will Change the Way You See Movies

Just like Ridley Scott's original 1982 Blade Runner that's gone on to become a universally accepted classic, it's 2017 follow up titled Blade Runner 2049 has garnered the same praise for its stunning visuals, this time from director Dennis Villeneuve.

These Powerful Illustrations Will Change the Way You See Society

A master of both art and satire for years artist Gunduz Aghayev has been putting his own spin on current world affairs and the pitfalls of society through his often powerful and emotive illustrations.

32 Creative Photographs That Show the Power of Forced Perspective

Whilst the number of tricks photographers keep up their sleeves in order to take a fantastic shot is almost endless (just check this out), one trick that never fails to amaze is forced perspective - angling the camera and the subject in such a way that it tricks the viewer into believing the ...

This Instagram Account Only Posts Uninspiring Quotes and It's Hilarious

Everywhere you look you see inspirational and motivational quotes, particularly on social media and there's no worse offender than Instagram, with entire accounts that are followed by millions dedicated to posting quotes that will help motivate and get people through the day, but if you're anything ...

Artist Paints Fake Shadows Onto Sidewalks Leaving People Seriously Confused

Take a wonder around Redwood City, California, and you're likely to notice something isn't quite right in the sunshine state, particularly with its shadows.

This Guys Genius Advert to Sell His Girlfriends 1996 Honda Accord Is Worth Watching

Whilst most people would simply take a few photos and write an advert including some of the basics such as mileage, previous owners and service history, Los Angeles-based writer and director Max Lanman had something greater in mind for his fiancé’s 1996 Honda Accord.

A Fascinating Breakdown of the Visual Effects in Netflix's 'Mindhunter'

If you haven't checked out Netflix's Mindhunter yet then you're missing out, but regardless of whether you've seen it or not you'll still be able to appreciate the impressive work that goes into the shows visual effects in order to achieve that 1970's look to create an immersive ...

Photographer Exposes the Not So Glamorous Side of Photography in Revealing Photos

As it turns out, how us 'normal' people see the world and how photographers see it is completely different, as seen in these fascinating before and after photos put together by Brazilian wedding and family photographer Gilmar Silva.We're all too used to seeing amazing and glossy looking images on ...

This Self-Taught Cosplay Artist Can Turn Herself into Any Character

What started out as a hobby for landscape architect Justyna Sosnowska back in 2014 has quickly become a huge success online for Justyna who's made quite the name for herself online thanks to her amazing ability to transform into just about any character.

Nobody Can Believe This Japanese Artist's Pencil Drawings Aren't Photographs

At first glance the work of 22-year-old Japanese artist Kohei Ohmori appears to be high quality black and white photographs thanks to their sharp and photo-realistic appearance, however it's not until you learn that each of the images is in-fact a pencil drawing that you're left amazed.

Take a Look Inside Europe's First Underwater Restaurant

Europe may be home to some of the most architecturally impressive buildings in the world, but one thing it doesn't have just yet is an underwater restaurant.

Removing CGI from Popular Movies Highlights the Magic of Visual Effects

When done right CGI can be a great way to enhance movie magic and allow for stories that were once impossible to tell to unfold on the big screen.

This $1.7 Million Motorhome Comes with Its Own Supercar Garage

Although the idea of travelling around or even permanently living in a motorhome doesn't exactly scream luxury at first, that may just changed once you've set eyes on the The Performance S, Germany company Volkner Mobil's newest luxurious motorhome.

23 Hilarious Halloween Comics You Won't Stop Laughing At

Whilst Halloween's roots stretch back some 2,000 years ago to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain in which people would dress up in costumes to scare away ghosts, these days people continue the tradition as an excuse to dress up in spooky and sometimes quite impressive Halloween ...

Animating a Short Film with Pumpkins Requires Another Level of Patience

Because Halloween only rolls around once a year many like to celebrate and while some create wacky looking costumes most settle for carving a pumpkin in the hope that it will be more impressive that their neighbours.

These 20 Hilarious Pumpkin Designs Are More Terrifying Than Any Scary Face

What's more terrifying than a scary looking face carved into the side of a pumpkin? student loans, deadlines and taxes apparently.

Illustrator Totally Nails What It Means to Be an Introvert

Whilst most people long for the weekend when they get to go out, meet friends and socialise and introvert will do the complete opposite.

27 People Who Took Halloween to Another Level

With Halloween soon upon us some people might be struggling to get a costume together for a party but fear not, you don't have to spend big to make sure you're the best dressed person on the day.

22 People with Disabilities That Totally Won Halloween with Their Sense of Humour

Although having a disability has the potential to significantly impact on a persons life that's not always the case.

18 Comics That Purrfectly Sum up Living with a Cat

Cat ownership is a rollercoaster of emotions thanks to their often unpredictable moods, but whether you're enjoying each others company whilst curled up on the sofa or putting up with your cats 3am sprint around the house one thing cat owners all know is that having a feline friend in your life ...