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10 Funny Illustrations Every Dog Owner Will Relate To

Dogs make some of the best pets there are, not only for the adorable appearance and wagging tales but their loyalty and loving nature.

19 Hilarious Face Swaps That Show How Bad Some Tattoos Are

Everyone likes to save money, but getting a tattoo is probably one of the only times that you might want to spend a little bit more, after all you get what you pay for and these people seem to have learn't that the hard way.Paying the price for going with a less experienced tattoo artist these ...

Dress Submerged in Dead Sea Becomes Amazing Crystallised Sculpture

Inspired by her deep love with the Dead Sea, Israeli artist Sigalit Landau's latest project has been two years in the making and the results are incredible.

The Dramatic Difference Between Photographers and Ordinary People

Even when armed with the most basic of cameras a professional photographer will be able to take a better photo than your average person who's using a DSLR or similar and Reddit user 2manyToys proves this point perfectly with a series of photos taken at the same location by both amateur ...

The Dramatic Difference Between Pro and Amatuer Photographers

Even when armed with even the most basic of cameras a professional photographer will be able to take a better photo than your average person who's been using a DSLR or similar and Reddit user 2manyToys proves this point perfectly with a series of photos taken at the same locations by both ...

Bloggers Reveal the Truth Behind 'Perfect' Photos on Instagram

We've seen how Instagram's photos can be completely changed from a simple crop before and some photographers, such as Peter Stewart have even shown us how easy it can be to transform landscape photos from 'average' into 'out of this world'.These days social media is, particularly Instagram is ...

22 People Who Are Having the Worst Day Ever

We all have bad days now and then, the only difference is just how often they occur and how bad they are.

Weekly Inspiration 58

A weekly roundup of the coolest and best photos on the internet. For more awesome content visit our Tumblr & Instagram.You can check out the previous episode here – Weekly Inspiration 57.

Amazing Stone Table Encased in Resin Mimics Ocean Reef

A fan of furniture designer Alexandre Chapelin's amazing work we've previously featured his stunning resin tables that resemble the topography of the ocean floor and in his latest piece and underwater reef. Based on the North American island of Saint Martin it's clear to see where ...

Thor the Bengal Cat Has the Most Beautiful Fur You've Ever Seen

Whilst the internet is overrun with famous celebrity cats and more cat photos than you can possibly browse through in a lifetime there are none quite like Thor the Bengal cat, unique for his beautiful markings.More wild tiger than he is household pet Thor's fur is quite literally perfection and ...

Crazy Couple Film Themselves Climbing World's Tallest Crane

There's a whole lot of things that you can do with a significant other in order to spend some quality time together and free climbing the world's tallest crane really shouldn't be on that list, unless of course you're Angela Nikolau and her boyfriend Ivan Beerkus.Not that long ago we ...

Someone Finally Invented a Head Hammock That Makes Falling Asleep Whilst Travelling Easy

Getting to sleep whilst travelling is never easy when you're sat upright. You start to nod off and then your head falls forward and all of a sudden you wake back up again in an instant before the cycle repeats itself, but now it looks as if Paula Blankenship has come up with a ...

Jiff the Pomeranian Is Easily the Best Dressed Model on Instagram

Not only is Jiff the Pomeranian the most adorable and best dressed pet on Instagram, he's also probably more accomplished in life than most of us ever will be as it seems that there's nothing he can't do.

Landscapes Fold in on Themselves in These Stunning Inception Style Photos

Based in California photographer and designer Pete Ulatan's latest photography series defy's the laws of gravity and physics as both urban and rural landscapes are folded in on themselves to create the sort of surreal scenes made familiar to us all by the movie Inception.Distorting reality and ...

Artist Creates Clever Street Art Installations That Interact with Their Surroundings

Rather than choosing to simply fill empty voids and blank walls in urban environments with murals, street artist Ernest Zacharevic takes his work a step further by creating small site-specific artworks that interact with the objects placed around them, often featuring children either ...

27 First-World Anarchists That Don't Play by the Rule Book

These days you can't even walk down the street or visit the park without coming across signs and notices telling you what you can and can't do, but that doesn't always mean you have to follow them.

This Russian Girl Takes the Most Dangerous Selfies In the World

Whilst the average person will pose for a selfie just about anywhere, ordinary and average locations to snap a photo just won't do for Russian self-taught photographer and daredevil Angela Nikolau.

Hot Wheels Car Mounted with a Go-Pro Captures Amazing Footage

We've seen a whole lot of awesome uses for Go-Pro's before but this footage of one strapped to a Hot Wheels car might just be the best yet.

Bioluminescent Shrimp Create Blue Rivers of Light in Japan

Spotted off the coast of Okyama, Japan, these photos taken by creative duo Trevor Williams and Jonathan Galione of Tdub Photo show the oceanside illuminated by streams of bioluminescent shrimp, a species that's native to the area.More commonly known as sea fireflies, although ...

Perfectly Symmetrical Tattoos by Valentin Hirsch

Combining animals, geometric patterns and abstract elements, Berlin-based German artist Valentin Hirsch creates stunning perfectly symmetrical tattoos in his own unique style which often involves splitting his artworks in half.A lot of the final creations you see inked on the people ...