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22 Cosmic Tattoos Every Stargazer Will Love

Looking up into the sky on a clear night can be truly breathtaking as you get lost in a sea of stars so it’s no wonder that people try and capture that magical moment in the form of something more permanent – in this case epic tattoos.

12 People That Need to Re-evaluate Their Public Book Choices

Reading books is great and it’s an activity that not enough of us do on a regular basis these days, but if you are one of the intellectual few who enjoy reading then it’s a good idea to just check what you are reading before you decide to take it out into public.

Baby Goat Rejected by Mother Becomes Best Friends with Human Instead

Meet Benjamin the pygmy goat who was born at Pot House Hamlet in the U.K. Sadly Benjamin got rejected by his mother because she had twins and was unable to take care of both of them.

Funny Cartoon Characters Drawn onto Photographs by Lucas Levitan

Brazilian born artist Lucas Levita who is currently based in London likes to doodle cartoon characters onto photographs in this playful series titled “Photo Invasion”.

Beautiful Silhouette Artwork Sculpted from Butchers Knives

We’ve covered some incredible sculptures before but we’ve never seen anything like these silhouette artworks by artist Li Hongbo.

The 19 Funniest Letters Ever Sent to Santa by Kids

When it comes to christmas time kids expect santa to deliver, but when santa finds himself financially compromised he doesn’t always deliver the goods.

16 Photographs That Prove Norway Is the Most Beautiful Place in the World

Norway is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth, second only to Iceland in terms of geological landforms and diversity it looks like an incredibly tranquil and peaceful place to explore.

10 Useful Web Tools You Need in Your Life

For people that spend a lot of time on a computer or tablet all day for either work or entertainment visiting the same sites and viewing the same content can become repetitive and that challenge can be made even harder by hard to use apps and web tools.

21 Products You Need to Complete Your Life

Life can be tough at times, chores can get in the way and you can get hold back from being your awesome self.

They Were Bored at Work, so They Decided to Recreate Famous Paintings with Office Supplies

Let this be a life tip to anyone that finds themselves bored at work, which i’m sure will be a lot of you, that when you are feeling bored don’t just try and ride it out – do something about it!

The 10 Most Amazing Sculptures of 2014

We’ve covered plenty of incredible sculptures this year so we thought we would do a round up of our favourites.

The 10 Most Epic Sports Photos of 2014

Mainstream media covers everything on sport that people want to know, whether thats who won sports personality of the year too what was the score for that football game last night, which is all well and fine… but theres so much more going on that we don’t see.

16 Real Life Fairytale Castles around the World

Castles have been the subjects of legends, myths tales and battles for centuries in both the real world and the fantasy world.

The 23 Cringiest Things to Happen in 2014

People oversharing on Facebook, others tweeting information that only tells us how stupid they really are and Avril Lavigne meet and greats.

The 10 Coolest Celebrity Power Couples

Take two mega famous celebrities and pair them up and what do you end up with? a celebrity power couple that everyone wants a piece of.

Beautiful Photographs of Foxes Playing in Snow by Roeselien Raimond

Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond takes extraordinary photographs of wild red foxes. The photographer told BoredPanda that where she lives snow can be scarce which makes these amazing photographs even rarer.

3D Printed Prosthetics Allow Derby the Dog to Run for the First Time

Derby the dog was sadly born without properly functioning front legs. There are wheeled options out there to help disabled dogs move around by themselves but Derby’s owners knew that this loving dog deserved more so they decided to get some special help.

23 Fascinating Photographs You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

The world is an extremely big place full of weird and wonderful things that will leave you in awe. Whether they are man made or completely natural here are 23 fascinating things you probably haven’t seen before.

Jaguar Is Developing an Incredible 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen

We really are living in the future, just yesterday we posted that Skype is developing a new software that enables real-time translation and now Jaguar and Land Rover have announced they are in development of something called the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen which will mean that blind spots in cars are a thing of the past thanks to a heads-up display that highlights hazards and objects moving around you.

Someone Has Decided to Build a Lamborghini Rally Car

Forget conventional rally cars because Matt Brandenburg of BRAKIM Racing is going to turn a Lamborghini Gallardo into a proper rally car that is going to compete in the Empire State Performance Rally next year in 2015.