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This Might Just Be the Coolest Beach House Ever

This incredible home located in Long Island, New York, might just be the coolest beach house ever. Photographed by Trevor Tondro, its minimal look inside and out is what gives this house such a cool vibe.

Weekly Inspiration 7

A weekly roundup of the coolest and best photos on the internet. For more awesome content visit our Tumblr & Instagram.

Walking Along the World’s Deadliest Pathway Looks Utterly Terrifying

The El Caminito del Rey in Malaga, Spain, was built in the early 20th century and regarded by many people as the deadliest and most terrifying walkway in the world.

The Radioactive Man That Returned to Care for Fukushima’s Forgotten Animals

The terrible damage that was left behind from the Fukushima disaster in Japan has been widely reported in the media and we know all too well the extent of the tragic human suffering involved, but there is another population that still lives amongst the radioactive wasteland, the animals that have been left behind.

Albert the Cat Has a Serious Case of ‘Resting Bitch Face’

Meet Albert, the fluffy cat with the best resting bitch face we’ve ever seen. Resting bitch face is when someones face naturally looks angry most of the time and Albert has got a seriously bad case of it.

Artist Takes R-Rated Films and Turns Them into Children’s Book Illustrations

Josh Cooley is a talented storyboard artist who has many years of experience working for Pixar Animation Studio and his work has helped to create classic movies such as Up and The Incredibles.  Now he is just about to release his first book  which features iconic movie scenes and moments illustrated in the child-like disney style that he has spent years perfecting.

29 Things Only a Passive Aggressive Person Would Do

You have to be seriously passive aggressive to do anything like this. These people have mastered the art of passive aggressive.

If Disney Characters Had Instagram, This Is What They Would Post

This is exactly what Disney characters would be posting if they had Instagram. Italian illustrator Simona Bonafini has answered that question with a brilliant series titled Selfie Fables.

23 Photos That Need to Be Explained Immediately

All of these photos require an explanation immediately. Sense? there is none right now. 1. This: via 2.

This Man Hikes up the Transylvanian Mountains Every Morning to Photograph Sunrise

Every morning Alex Robciuc wakes up at 5AM and hikes up the Transylvanian Mountains that surround his village of Maramures in Romania.

14 Minimal Logos of Famous Brands

This list put together by StockLogo show just how minimal a companies logo can become and still be instantly recognisable.

30 Tinder Profiles That Took Weird to Another Level

These Tinder profiles are so strange that they might just work. 1. Andy the thug. 2. Melissa the demon.

These Photos of San Francisco at Night Are Jaw Dropping

We’ve already witnessed the incredible photography of Vincent LaForet in his stunning photos of New York from above.

This Beach House in Spain Is a Modern Slice of Paradise

Located in Cadiz, Spain is this epic private home designed by Alberto Campo Baeza. With a stunning minimal interior and a sharp clean structure made of white stone, the home pretty much blends into the hillside it sits on.

Blind Man and His Armless Friend Have Planted Over 10,000 Trees in China

For the past 10 years, a blind man named Jia Haixia and his friend who is a double amputee, named Jia Wenqi, have been replanting trees in Yeli Village, northeastern China to try and revive the once baron landscape.

Amazing Footage Proves That Volcanos Are the Gateway to Hell

This video really does show why many people consider volcanos as the gateway to hell, because they are absolutely terrifying.

This Cat Gets More Excited over Playing Fetch than Most Dogs

This kitty seems to think that he’s more of a dog rather than a cat. Just look at how happy he gets over a simple game of fetch… he puts most dogs to shame with his enthusiasm.

Photographers Perfectly Recreate Miniature Scenes of Famous Photographs

If you will imagine for just a second that these iconic photos were fake or created in a studio, then this is probably how they would have been staged.

This Glass Table Appears to Be Floating on Helium Balloons

We’ve posted some pretty amazing table designs before but this might just be the coolest yet. The UP Balloon Coffee Table designed by Duffy London appears to float on 11 helium balloons.

This Fox Rescued and Raised by Humans Now Thinks He Is a Dog

Todd the 11-month-old fox was rescued by his owner Emma D’Sylva as a young fox cub and has been living as a domesticated pet alongside two other dogs ever since.