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21 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Accidentally Opening Your Front-Facing Camera

We have all been there, you go to take a picture and accidentally flip the camera and all of a sudden you are instantly reminded of how unattractive you look.

The Latest ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer Is Epic

Marvel have just released the third trailer for the second Avengers movie ‘Age of Ultron’ and we have been left more excited than ever for the official theatre release on May 1st.

Majestic Dragon Lizard Caught Playing a Leaf Guitar in Indonesia

Aditya Permana, a professional photographer in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, recently managed to take a photo that is literally once in a lifetime and the very definition of perfect timing.

Rippling Water Tables by Zaha Hadid

This Liquid Glacial table designed by Zaha Hadid is one of the most spectacular tables we’ve ever seen.

27 Cats That Have Made Terrible Life Choices

These cats have made some terrible life choices that have resulted in some pretty hilarious photos and GIFs.

Mother Captures Her Daughters Love for Animals in Beautiful Photographs

Since her daughter Amelia turned 3-years-old, photographer Robin Schwartz has been documenting her daughters passion for animals in truly beautiful and magical photographs.

Baby Weasel Photographed Riding on the Back of a Green Woodpecker

Although this might look like an image thats been created in Photoshop, what you are looking at is actually captured in camera by East London resident Martin Le-May.

Mind-Bending Body Art Turns Humans into Living Optical Illusions

These incredible optical illusions are not projected onto the human body or created in Photoshop, they are actually painted directly onto human skin by artist Natalie Fletcher.

22 Celebrities Without Teeth

We don’t know who came up with this idea or why for that matter. All we know is that it’s creepy and hilarious at the same time.

Artist Spent 7 Years Turning UK Forests into Surreal Works of Art

Ellie Davies is a UK based multimedia artist who has spent the past seven years transforming forest landscapes in the UK into surreal and ghost like works of art.

25 Lazy People Who Are Actually Borderline Genius

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and these people have the need to be incredibly lazy, which has created a lot of genius solutions along the way.

There Are Literally No Words to Describe These “Cholafied” Celebrities

The term “Chola” is used to describe a Latina gang member who has a very distinct and recognisable style, including crunchy hair, piercings, makeup and eyebrows that have either been drawn or tattooed on.

33 Smartass People Who Won’t Be Told What to Do

Despite what the signs or society might tell them, these people can’t be controlled or told what to do.

Giant Frozen Waves Slowly Roll in on off the Coast of Nantucket

Photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh recently captured these stunning photographs of waves that appeared to be frozen over as they came rolling in off the coast of Nantucket.

This Modern Home in Spain Has Spectacular Views

This spectacular home designed by Ramon Esteve Studio has unspoilt views of the surrounding Mediterranean Sea in Spain.

32 Stunning Photographs Taken with the iPhone 6

As smartphone cameras continue to improve, the photos taken with them are becoming increasingly impressive.

This Make-Up Artist Has the Power to Turn Ordinary People into Superheroes

Possessing a superpower of her very own, Canadian makeup artist Lianne Moseley is able to turn ordinary people into real life comic book superheroes with nothing more than greasepaint and a few brushes.

32 Adorable Before-and-After Photos of Cats Growing Up

Cute kittens don’t stay small for long, they quickly grow up and over the years they become like another member of the family. Because you see your pet everyday you probably don’t notice how much they’ve changed until you look back at old photos.

This Unusual Hotel in Japan Lets You Sleep inside a Capsule

Located in Kyoto, Japan, the Nine Hours hotel is different to every other hotel you’ve ever stayed in.

Stunning Surreal Photo Manipulations by Vincent Bourilhon

Vincent Bourilhon, a fine art photographer from Paris has been taking photographs ever since he first picked up a camera at the age of 16.