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The 20 Dumbest Things That Happened in 2016

We've already broken down 2016 into a terrible list of bad things that happened stat and these 20 people certainly didn't help the situation with their stupidity.

Scientists Discover World's First Dinosaur Tail Covered in Feathers Preserved in Amber

Paleontologist Lida Xing has made history after discovering what's thought to be the first known dinosaur tail preserved in a piece of amber.

262 of 2016's Best Movies Get Mashed up into One Epic Supercut

This year might have had its downsides but whilst watching this epic supercut of 262 movies from 2016 you might just forget all about them.

The Hills of San Francisco Captured in Enchanting Foggy Photos

For nearly a decade photographer Nick Steinberg has been photographing the San Francisco area and during that time he's become obssessed with the fog that often surrounds the city.

Paleontologist Discovers World's First Dinosaur Tail Covered in Feathers Preserved in Amber

Paleontologist Lida Xing has made history after discovering what's thought to be the first known dinosaur tail preserved in a piece of amber.

German Street Artist Creates Vibrant Murals That Look Like Portals

Whether it's working on small canvases or large building facades German street artist 1010 paints artwork and murals that transform flat surfaces into 3D portals that use brightly coloured rings to create an optical illusion, typically layering 6-10 different colour onto a dark ...

Black Model Highlights Lack of Diversity in Fashion Industry by Recreating Its Most Iconic Campaigns

Born in western Africa's Liberia and now an LA-based model Deddeh Howard is on a mission to raise awareness about the lack of diversity in the modelling industry and she's doing so through her brilliant photo series titled Black Mirror in which she flawlessly recreates some of the world's ...

18 Brilliant Christmas Tree Topper Alternatives for When a Star Won't Do

Funny, creative and often a mixture of both these Christmas tree toppers ditch the tradition of an angel or star at the top of the tree for pop culture icons and some of your most loved movie and cartoon characters.Whether it's the Death Star from Star Wars, the sorting hat from Harry Potter or ...

Guy Builds Giant Dragon-Shaped Tower for His Now Seriously Happy Cat

If you're the proud owner of a cat then we've got some bad news for you, you don't own the cat, it more than likely owns you, such is this relationship between one creative guy named Sam and his much loved cat named Denni.In order to keep his kitty happy Sam recently embarked on a quest to create ...

You Can Now Turn Your Beard into a Christmas Tree with Lights

Festive beards are nothing new, just last year there was the glitter beard and the year before that we had beard baubles, both of which were fairly 'out there' at the time but it would seem they've got nothing on 2016's newest Christmas trend, beards getting the festive treatment thanks to ...

16 Hilarious Comics That End with a Sad Twist

Whether they're about work, relationships or even existential crises (we all have them) you can gurantee that the comics of Jake Likes Onions will leave you laughing as much as they will pondering your own existence thanks to their creators witty and often obscure sense of humour.Often ...

During the Winter Moscow Is Pretty Much a Real Life Fairytale

Moscow based photographer Kristina Makeeva is on a mission to show the world why her home city is one of the most beautiful in the world, particularly during winter and the New year.

16 Pictures That Sum up How We All Feel About 2016

When we look back in years to come 2016 will be remembered as a year of celebrity deaths and laughable politics.

26 Reasons 2016 Will Be Looked Back on as a Terrible Year

Every year has it's bad moments but it would seem that 2016 had more than most, so much so that we're all pretty fed up with it.

The 11 Funniest Reactions to Trump Being Nominated Time Person of the Year

Looking back at Time Magazine's previous nominations for their Person of the Year awards, it's clear that they aren't afraid of controversy, you just have to look at one of their history of nominations, particualry in 1942 and more recently 2007 to see that.

Weekly Inspiration 69

A weekly roundup of the coolest and best photos on the internet. For more awesome content visit our Tumblr & Instagram.You can check out the previous episode here – Weekly Inspiration 68.

Japanese Man Takes the Art of Coin Stacking to Another Level of Impressive

Using just toothpicks, silverware, various household items and of course, the star of the show, coins, Twitter user @thumb_tani creates impressive stacked coin creations that at first appear to defy the laws of gravity, but on closer inspection are actually the product of incredible ...

What a Post-Apocalyptic World Looks Like According to Hollywood

No matter how bad things get, they'll never (hopefully) get as bad as the post-apocalyptic worlds that we see in movies, in which everything is baron, desolate, dark and quite frankly rather uninviting.What's interesting however is the way in which movies paint a picture of a post apocalyptic ...

Watching This Robot Doodle with Super Precision Is So Satisfying

Thanks to the wonders that are computers and smartphones, for some of us it's very rare that we ever have to put pen to paper, so when we do our actual hand writing leaves much to be desired. Sure there are some people that have beautiful handwriting, like these people, but even they can't ...

National Geographic's Top 20 Photos Taken in 2016

National Geographic, one of the world's largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions has long established itself as one of the leading sources when it comes to impressive photos not just of nature, but of humanity as a whole and now that 2016 is coming to a close they've put together ...