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The 21 Best One-Liner Jokes Ever

For when you are in a hurry to make people laugh, just pull out one of these brilliant short one-liner jokes that are guaranteed to make people laugh, probably because of how silly they are.

New Supersonic Private Jet Is Capable of 1,200 MPH

This is the Aerion AS2, a private jet capable of reach 1,200 mph and taking you New York city to London in just 3 hours, much like the Concorde of the past.

42 Rarely Seen Photographs of Famous Celebrities

When we see celebrities on TV, in the newspaper or online it is often in a setup environment. The way they behave changes, the way they put themselves across changes and they can feel under pressure to perform.

Your Taste in Music Can Affect Your Intelligence

Virgil Griffith which is better known for the Wikipedia Scanner that looks at where Wikipedia edits are coming from also tracks other interesting correlations, one of them being the musical tastes of college students compared to their SAT score’s.

Beautiful River Deltas Photographed from above Appear like the Blood Vessels of Earth

Beautiful river deltas flow across our planet, largely going unnoticed both for the incredibly complexity and the benefits they have for over 500 million people around the world.

19 Adorable Dogs That Are Better than Pillows

Dogs are clearly superior to pillows when it comes to comfort. Just look at how comfy these little babies and cats are.

Giant Sculpture Crawls out of the Ground in Budapest

This giant sculpture by Artist Ervin Loránth depicts a man crawling out of the grass. Created using polystyrene the sculpture is located in Széchenyi Square in Budapest, Hungury, and was created as part of the international contemporary art fair Art Market Budapest 2014.

The 16 Creepiest Things Ever Spotted on Google Street View

Since it’s launch in 2007 Google Street View has been sending drivers up and down roads, paths and even off road in a quest to document every street in the world.

No Matter Where This Guy Goes, Leonardo DiCaprio Is Always Close By

No matter where this guy travels he is never alone. A lot of celebrities claim to be normal regular human beings like the rest of us, but you never see them out on the streets in the general public, probably because they aren’t just like us and are actually to busy living the life of a celebrity – that was until now.

Strong Wind Blows a Waterfall into Reverse

Hikers capture the amazing moment an extreme wind blows a waterfall into reverse. The hikers discovered this unusual phenomenon whilst hiking through England’s Derbyshire Peak District.

3D Printed Photographs Allow the Visually Impaired to Relive Old Memories

These 3D printed photographs make picturing old memories a possibility for those that are visually impaired.

Adorable Photo Series About Really Old Dogs

Its no secret that there have been a number of photo series’ in the past with main focus being the elderly  it makes for a strong powerful project.

36 Of The Coolest, Most Unique Watches Ever

In a time where watches are becoming more of a wearable due to them becoming more of a digital accessory, namely the Apple Watch – it’s important to remember their roots, along with the one-of-a-kind watches that’ll leave you in awe.

New Trailer for Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

The new trailer for Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has been released, much to the surprise of fans everywhere after the trailer was set to be released during next weeks Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

28 Of The Best Protests Ever

Whether you want to encourage it or moan at it, there’s nothing more enjoyable and conversation-provoking like a good, old-fashioned protest.

The 25 Most Interesting & Unique Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of the year again! If you love Halloween, the hardest part of your year will undoubtedly be choosing your Halloween costume.

The 21 Loneliest Houses in the World

Living in a busy city can be exciting and some people cannot stay away from the fast paced lifestyle, the people who own these houses however crave the opposite, complete isolation.

The Hoverboard from ‘Back to the Future’ Is Now a Real Thing

It has been a dream for years, ever since the hoverboard that actor Michael J. Fox rode on as “Marty” McFly in the iconic ‘Back to the Future’ film, we have longed for the real thing and now it is here.

The Scariest Pumpkin Carvings You Have Ever Seen

You might have seen some pretty cool pumpkin carvings in your time, but probably nothing as impressive as these.

Clever DIY Geometric Halloween Masks by Steve Wintercroft

These clever DIY geometric halloween masks are not only a way to get creative, but they will also help you save money this halloween.