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29 Photos That Will Destroy Your Childhood

Remember all those cartoons and TV Shows that you used to watch as a kid? well it turns out they weren’t so child friendly after all.

Creative Noir Superhero Posters by Marko Manev

Marko Manev is a mixed media artist, comic artist and writer who creates beautiful series of illustrations inspired by movies, comics and films.

26 Relationships That Were Always Going to End Badly

These peoples relationships never even took off. As you can see from these messages there was never any love lost, because it just didn’t exist in the first place.

10 Poor Souls That Have Smashed Their iPhone 6

With the iPhone 6 recently being launched, it was inevitable that people would be dropping them the moment they picked them up.

Amusing Instagram Account Shames Inconsiderate Passengers on Planes

A new Instagram account titled ‘Passenger Shaming‘ has recently emerged and its as every bit infuriating as it is hilarious.

Artist Draws These Incredible Illustrations On An iPad

Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo, an incredibly talented artist from Spain ran into a financial crisis after finishing his degree in fine art, this meant that he wasn’t able to afford basic necessary materials to create his art.

Her Fiancé Died Weeks before Their Wedding, She Said Goodbye in the Most Beautiful Way

Earlier this year Janine tragically lost her fiancé and husband to be Johnny. In order to remember him she decided to say goodbye in the most beautiful way possible, by creating this photo shoot in her wedding dress.

A Brief History Of The Earth

It’s learning time! Here we have unbelievably interesting video by John and Hank Green that covers the history of the Earth, a big task eh?

Mario Balotelli Creates yet Another Epic Internet Meme

For those of you that may remember, this is not the first time that users on Twitter and social media have taken to Photoshoping an image of Mario Balotelli with hilarious results.

22 Side-Splitting Haunted House Reactions

With Halloween looming is there a better way to start of the spooky season than people being scared out their wits.

Fun Interactive Dancing Pedestrian Signal Light Makes the Streets Safer

This cool interactive instillation by car manufacturer Smart takes the traffic lights that we are all so familiar with and turns them into an interactive experience that members of the public can participate in.

These 15 Brilliantly Decorated Casts Were Well worth the Broken Bones

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to have broken a bone then you probably ended up with a cast, and that cast got written on and doodled on by either you or your family and friends.

Macro Photographs of Animal Eyes Look like Alien Worlds

Suren Manvelyan takes macro photographs of animal eyes with beautiful results. When you really look closely at these photographs you start to imagine that what you are seeing is what an alien world might look like.

25 Wallpapers Perfect for Your iPhone 6

Just picked up an iPhone 6 and not happy with the default wallpapers that iOS 8 has to offer? then you need to check out these 25 wallpapers that are perfect for your new device.

The 29 Best Wedding Photobombs Ever

We have covered out fair share of photobombs here on blazepress before, however these are probably the best yet.

How to Turn a Coconut into Something Beautiful

People at the Nymphs workshop are able to create something truly spectacular from just a coconut, and the result will leave you amazed.

Charismatic Pencil Drawings by Dino Tomic

These expressive and intriguing works of art are by Croatian tattoo artist Dino Tomic. When he isn’t busy inking people up he likes to draw, incorporating elements of sci-fi and horror into his dynamic drawings.

Hilarious iPhone 6 Parody Commercial

Since its announcement the upcoming iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has been the focus of a reasonable amount negative talk, some of it justified and some of it not so much.

What a Girls’ Night out Is from a Guys Point of View

Lets face it lads, we have all been there. You’ve planned a night out with one of your best mates and there are a couple of your girl mates coming along too.

Self Taught Artist Creates Incredible Body Art

Lara Hawker is a self-taught artist from New Zealand, she specialises in body art and her creations are absolutely fantasic.