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Dad Gets Tattoo Of Daughter’s Hearing Aid So She Won’t Feel Alone (Photo)

Last week, we shared a story about two parents who got faux birthmarks tattooed on their legs so their daughter, who has a skin condition, wouldn’t feel alone.

WTF? Homer Simpson May Have Predicted The Higgs Boson Particle In 1998

Homer Simpson is typically known as an overweight oaf with not much going on upstairs. But, it seems Homer may have predicted the mass of the Higgs boson particle almost 15 years before it was even discovered.

14 Realizations You Have About Your Parents Only After You Turn 25

No matter where we go or what we do in life, there will always be one constant obligation: going home.

Researchers Find Peanuts Might Be A Cheap Way To Help You Live Longer

Incorporating peanuts into your daily diet could prevent disease and lead to a longer life. According to Yahoo!

Little Girls Recite A Maya Angelou Poem In This Touching Tribute

This past February marked the first Black History Month since the passing of groundbreaking poet Maya Angelou, who died in May.

Powerful Photo Series Shows How Male Entitlement Affects Women

The word “boundary,” as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is as follows: The last entry in the definition above — “unofficial rules that define acceptable behavior” — was the concept that inspired photographer Allaire Bartel to create a photo series documenting sexism and male privilege in our modern society.

19 Things To Make For Dinner That Will Totally Turn Your Date On (Photos)

Let’s set the scene: You and your honey have decided to spend a romantic night in. The curtains are drawn; the lights are dimmed.

2 Chainz Rolls The Most Expensive Blunt Ever With 24-Karat Gold Papers

It comes as no surprise 2 Chainz has a distinct taste for some of the world’s “most expensivest shit.” We all remember him eating a $295 burger and using a diamond toothpick afterward, but what about the munchies that brought him there?

This Is What $500 Gets You On New ‘Magic’ Texting Service (Video)

Magic, the hottest text-based delivery service on the Internet, might be able to get you anything, but just in case, WIRED tried it out.

Karma: Guy Hilariously Pranks Company That Scams Old People Online (Video)

At the risk of offending the two people over the age of 75 who can use a computer without downloading every toolbar on the Internet, I think it’s safe to say most senior citizens are less than proficient when it comes to understanding modern technology.

Ryan Gosling Joins Cool Dad Club By Getting A Hand Tat For His Daughter

Both Ryan Gosling and Kanye West are relatively new fathers. Gosling has a baby daughter, Esmeralda, with Eva Mendes.

‘The Simpsons’ Characters Decked Out In Streetwear Look Pretty Badass (Photos)

Remember that time we showed you a bunch of world leaders who ditched the suits for some awesome streetwear?

Woman Finds Hot Guy Who Ran Past Her With His Dog By Posting A Sign (Photos)

While lounging seaside in the New Zealand town of Picton, one woman named Sarah learned the true meaning of love at first sight.

Michigan Frat And Sorority Cause Over $430,000 In Damages At A Resort

A vacation should be a time to relax and unwind, but this one ended in serious consequences for a fraternity and a sorority from the University of Michigan.

7 Reasons Why Your Quarter-Life Crisis Is A Blessing In Disguise

Not too long ago, I was living the “perfect” life. I had a high-paying job; I traveled to fun places for work (and play); I had a boyfriend I was in love with; I had a side gig that was growing.

Get It Together: 4 Scientific Ways To Make Healthy Habits Stick

Everyone knows change is hard. If you want to achieve your goals, you have to learn how to delay gratification, step out of your comfort zone and overcome resistance to change.

10 Things You Need To Just Accept Before You Can Be Truly Happy

In life, there is no manual or 10-step guide to happiness. No one can explain why those who seem to have it all sometimes feel empty inside, while others who have almost nothing walk around with a constant smile on their faces.

Toxic Thoughts: 6 Beliefs Holding You Back From Career Success

We should all have BIG goals for where we would like to be in life. The issue is, no matter how many goals we set for ourselves, if we have self-defeating thought patterns and beliefs, we will never really go for them.

Researchers Have Finally Figured Out How Big The Average Penis Is

The wait is over: Scientists have finally determined the length of the average penis, and it’s probably less than you thought.

30 Things Millennials Need To Stop Wasting Their Hard-Earned Money On

Some of us have made personal vows, time and time again, to shop less, save more and just be more fiscally responsible.