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Beyonce’s ‘7/11′ Music Video Is Mesmerizing And Sexy

It looks like Beyoncé’s latest theme for her music is more personal than ever before. Just yesterday, she released her new single, “Ring Off,” and it’s all about her mom, Tina Knowles.

The Pentatonix Christmas Performance Is Beautifully Haunting (Video)

There are officially 32 days until Christmas… but hey, it’s never too early to start listening to some of your favorite holiday tunes.

Pretty Boy Finds Paper-Bag Dating Difficult In ‘Say No To Shallow’ Experiment (Video)

This past Wednesday, dating company Loveflutter brought a new version of matchmaking to New York City: paper bag speed dating.

Hot Girl In Yoga Pants Wears Hidden Camera To Catch Men Looking (Video)

Tons of people across America seem to be attaching hidden cameras to themselves to see if people on the street harass them in some way.

Someone Just Took Basic To The Extreme With The Bacon Spice Latte

If you thought the Pumpkin Spice Burger was proof that our obsession with the PSL has gone too far, brace yourself.

Congrats, Binge Drinkers: Research Says You’re Probably Not Alcoholics

Shot-takers and happy hour lovers, have another drink. You’re not an alcoholic, just a binge drinker.

Comcast Charges Man $3,000 To Cancel The Service That He Still Wanted

Tennessee’s Adrian Fraim is a Comcast customer who wanted to move his service to a new residence. The Internet provider told him over the phone that it wouldn’t be a problem and that a technician would come take care of it.

US College Actually Offers A ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Study Abroad Course

If you’re a big “Harry Potter” fan, you might want to think about enrolling at California State University San Marcos.

NSFW Emoji Will Take Your Sexting Game To The Next Level

Emoji are great for cutely expressing simple emotions in a highly visual way. But they’re not exactly sexy, which means they’re not exactly appropriate to use while sexting.

These Breathtaking Sunsets From Around The Country Are Incredible (Photos)

Experiencing the day’s sunset is often easier said than done. Most of the time, we’re still at the office, studying in the library or already at home digging into a jar of Nutella and packing our bongs.

Baby Stops Crying As Soon As A One Direction Song Starts Playing (Video)

Music has the rare capacity to completely alter a mood. That certainly holds true for this baby, who simply won’t cheer up until a One Direction song is played.

Billy Cosby, Rape And Why Society Is So Quick To Abandon Its Victims

Before we get to anything else, let’s get one thing straight: Bill Cosby did it. He used his power to access, manipulate and rape at least 15 women; it was an open secret, and he kept on doing it for decades because no one gave a sh*t.

Woman Finds Paralyzed Dog And The Internet Gives It A Second Chance (Photos)

This is a story about true love. It’s the tale of an unconventional relationship between a paraplegic stray dog named Leo and the animal lovers who saved his life.

Couple’s Stunning Wedding Photos Will Make You Want To Get Married In Norway

Destination weddings seem to be all the rage these days. As couples cross continents in search of the perfect place to tie the knot, we’ve seen everything from images of beautiful brides standing on sandy beaches to underwater mermaid brides.

Student One-Ups Ferris Bueller And Sends A Robot To School In His Place (Video)

Jeffrey Kaji of Babylon, Long Island, had his appendix taken out last week, and doctors told him he’d have to miss at least a week of school.

Forget Wine, The Key To Staying Young Could Be Running

If you’re afraid of growing old and sickly, you better start lacing up those sneakers. It turns out elderly men and women who run for 30 minutes, three times per week only use about as much energy walking as a 20-something.

High-Tech Jacket Has A Built-In Phone Charger For Stylish Convenience (Video)

New York-based clothing brand Opening Ceremony teamed up with battery manufacturer mophie to create the first-ever smartphone-charging jacket.

There’s A Bus In England That Literally Runs On Human Sh*t (Video)

Britain’s newest airport shuttle is the country’s first bus to run on two unlimited resources: food waste and human feces.

How The Raiders’ Win Means Thursday Night Football Is A Problem

The Oakland Raiders entered play Thursday night as the lone winless team in the NFL. Mercifully, their ineptitude ended with a gutsy effort over the Kansas City Chiefs, winning 24-20 last night at the Coliseum. Despite blowing a 14-3 halftime lead, the Raiders got the first win for rookie QB Derek Carr against a playoff contender in KC.

What Every Couple Goes Through Just To Upload The Perfect Selfie (Video)

The ridiculousness that is our cultural obsession with the selfie — and with Instagram in general — is shamelessly mocked in this hilarious video by YouTube video producer Pizza Party!