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I’m A Believer: 5 Ways The Cynic In You Dies When You Fall In Love

You used to be the one out of your friends who had long since given up on the idea of falling in love.

I Am Not My Child Abuse: How I Overcame My Troubling Past

From when I was between 4 and 6 years old, the family that lived in the apartment below mine sexually abused me.

How To Trim Your Ideas And Make The Good Ones Grow

What do you do when you have too many ideas and not enough time? Or similarly, what about when you have too many tasks and not enough energy?

Bruce Jenner’s Struggles With Gender Reveal How Much We Have To Learn

He* endured whistles and catcalls from paparazzi asking him about his gender transition. He was followed to a secret doctor’s appointment for a tracheal shave, and remained silent as numerous articles raised questions about his gender.

‘Suicide Squad’ Director Tweets Photo Of Jared Leto As The Joker

It’s universally understood Jared Leto can pull off just about anything. Though, when it was revealed he’d be playing The Joker in “Suicide Squad,” the world couldn’t help but wonder how anyone could follow up Heath Ledger’s iconic performance in “The Dark Knight.” At least, late Friday night, “Suicide Squad” director, David Ayer, answered the question of what the new Joker would look like.

Not A Child, Not Yet A Grownup: 12 Signs You’re Almost An Adult

To be an adult or not to be an adult, that is the struggle. For anyone currently in his or her 20s, it can be hard to decipher when you’ve met enough of society’s requirements to be considered a real “adult.” Consider this a guide to discovering if you’ve reached the almost level, like I have.

What Modern Pop Songs Can Tell Us About Millennial Values

I believe the music we hear growing up has an impact on how we perceive the world. Some song lyrics resonate well in our minds and shape us into who we are, instill some belief in the backs of our minds and inject some meaning of life into our subconscious’.

Women Are Celebrating Their Bodies With Powerful #NoThighGap Photos

Ah, the thigh gap. The blank space between a woman’s legs, Photoshopped to oblivion by thousands of fashion magazines, is property more coveted than anything you’ll find in New York City.

Company Will Make You A Perfume That Smells Like Your Dead Loved Ones

Sniffing a familiar scent can evoke memories more strongly than any other stimuli. Personally, the smell of incense reminds me of my mother; cigarettes, my boyfriend; the ocean, my father.

Britney Spears Turned The 90s Song ‘Tom’s Diner’ Into A Club Banger (Listen)

Britney Spears just released a new track that seems oddly familiar. It’s a cover of Susanne Vega’s 1990 song “Tom’s Diner.” It seems like a strange choice for Spears to cover, but this version of the song works pretty well in this context.

Some Genius Builds An ‘Iron Man’ Glove With Laser That Actually Works (Video)

If you’ve ever had the chance to watch an “Iron Man” movie in theaters, you know that deep down, you wish you could live the life of Tony Stark.

Chrissy Teigen Quits Photoshop, Says We Forgot What Normal Looks Like

Don’t expect to see a ‘shopped selfie on Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram anytime soon: The model recently declared she’s never Photoshopping again.

The Girl From ‘The Mighty Ducks’ Is All Grown Up And You’ll Feel Old (Photos)

I’ve never really been a big fan of sports movies — unless we’re talking about the epic Disney 90s movie “The Mighty Ducks.” Seriously, that hockey film was my jam back in the day.

Everything Anthony Davis Is Learning Now Will Pay Off In The Future

In his home playoff debut, Anthony Davis had 36 minutes of everything going his way. The buzzer on the third quarter sounded, with the New Orleans Pelicans holding a 20-point lead over the top-seeded Golden State Warriors, and the fans at the Smoothie King Center were raucous.

Thrive In Chaos: Why Some People Just Aren’t Born To Work In An Office

Offices are typically viewed as places of production. Everyone checks in at the same time. Everyone is expected to pull his or her weight.

Robert Downey, Jr. Had The Perfect Response After His Awkward Interview

Robert Downey, Jr. recently walked out of an interview session after being asked some probing questions about his past and struggles with addiction.

This Tiny Washing Machine Could Change The Way We Do Laundry Forever

One of the toughest things about living in a big city is not being able to have your own washing machine.

Why An Intense Hatred For Your Rival Is The Best Thing About Hockey

The Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing. For most “normal” fans, this is a time for exciting and friendly rivalries to begin, where one can taunt their friends in an opposing jersey without fear of getting punched in the face.

How To Dress When You’re The Friend Who Is Constantly Sweating

So you’re the sweater of the group. You’re The Girl Who Is Always Warm. The one who advises against bringing a jacket to the bar.

Chris Pratt Opens Up About Being Homeless And Living In A Van (Video)

A while back, we told you about how Chris Pratt used to live in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER. No, it wasn’t actually down by the river, but it was in Hawaii.