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This Hilarious ‘Grease’ Parody Is All The Convincing You Need For Legalized Weed

Sandy and Danny have never looked quite as marijuana-friendly as they do in 4 Twenty Today’s shot-for-shot parody of “You’re the One That I Want” from “Grease.” 4TT is a weed-friendly YouTube news channel that wholeheartedly supports Florida’s Amendment 2, which decriminalizes marijuana use for those with medical marijuana authorization.

Worst Date Ever Ends In Man’s Date Running Him Over With A Car

Everyone has been the victim of a sh*tty first date at some point, but this one probably takes the cake for the worst date in history.

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Guy Reverses Car Off Back Of Tow Truck (Video)

You know that panicked feeling you experience when the police pull you over and slap you with a ticket, or when your car gets towed and the fines drain your savings account?

How A College Football Star Ended Up In A Book Club Filled With Middle-Aged Women Will Inspire You (Video)

Number 26 wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell is unlike any of the other players on the University of Georgia football team.

Horror Movie Monsters Are A Lot Less Scary When They Come With Ikea Instructions (Photos)

Trying to build furniture from IKEA is its own unique sort of hell. It’s a terrifying proposition that rarely ends well.

Leo DiCaprio Continues Amazing Streak By Becoming The UN Messenger Of Peace

Leonardo DiCaprio is a true renaissance man. He stars in amazing movies. He’s a great cheerleader. He stands up for ecological causes.

Base-Jumpers Dress As Priests To Sneak Into Poland’s Tallest Building (Video)

If you have to sneak a parachute into a palace, the best way to do it is under a long, black cassock.

Asking ‘Do You Even Get Girls’ To People In New York City Is Not A Good Idea (Video)

Earlier, I boldly claimed New Yorkers are falsely tied down to the stereotype that holds we’re all mean, angry assh*les.

Woman Commits Suicide In Worst Way Possible By Jumping Into Crocodile Pit

A 65-year-old Thai woman killed herself by jumping into a pit of crocodiles in a Bangkok reptile zoo on Friday.

What Could Have Been: Why I’m Still Not Over The McAdams-Gosling Breakup

Babies are always a blessing. There is no doubt in my mind that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s child will be beautiful, well-rounded and very un-celebrity-like because that’s just how Eva and Ryan are.

Guy Is So Preoccupied With His Phone, He Doesn’t Even Notice Robbers With Machetes (Video)

Last week, the New York Police Department posted security camera footage of a robbery at Chelsea’s Crema restaurant.

For Some Reason, The White House Keeps The Kind Of Coffee Obama Drinks Top Secret

The Boston Globe’s Matt Viser has always taken interest in the president’s choice of beverages. He has previously inquired about Barack Obama’s favorite tea, beer and wine and received open answers without hesitation.

Someone Thought A Bedazzled Kim And Kanye Sweater Was A Good Idea (Photo)

Here’s something we probably all should’ve seen coming: wearable Kimye fashions, inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Entertainment themselves.

Over 200 Students Have Been Punished For Violating School’s Sexist Dress Code

A Staten Island public school is taking a few steps back from freedom of expression. Tottenville High School’s updated dress code bans halter tops, hats, hooded sweatshirts and sunglasses.

How ‘Zoolander’ Influenced Comedy With Its ‘Man-Child-Turned-Man’ Blueprint

The recent rumors around a possible sequel to Ben Stiller’s 2001 male model comedy, “Zoolander,” provide an apt opportunity to reflect on just how much the film helped to shape the direction Hollywood comedies would come to take.

Man Puts London’s Subway System To Shame By Beating The Train On Foot (Video)

City dwellers know that more often than not, the subway is the fastest mode of transportation. One guy in London decided to put the city’s underground system to the test, and his results are pretty amazing.

Artist Uses Body Paint To Cleverly Camouflage Models In Iconic NYC Scenes (Photos)

If you know anything about New York City, you know this is the one city in the world where anything goes.

Why The Vikings’ Choice To Not Sit Out Adrian Peterson Probably Wasn’t An Easy One

The Vikings announced that they will not sit Adrian Peterson against the Saints this Sunday, as they decided to hold off on punishing him until a formal decision gets passed down through the legal system.

The ‘Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants’ Reunited Over The Weekend Because Sisterhood

Holy f*cking sh*t! There was a “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” reunion this weekend. I can barely contain my excitement.

The Best Way To Fight The Cold This Winter Is Obviously With Mitten Flasks

For some reason, drinking in (non-bar) public spaces is frowned upon. So, as the fun-loving folk we are, we’re constantly looking for creative ways to sneak a sip without getting caught.