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Gunman Takes Dutch TV Station Hostage, Gets Arrested Live On Camera (Video)

A man carrying a pistol came into the studio of a Dutch news station on Thursday and demanded to go on the air.

You Can Literally Make Over $13,000 A Year Just By Pooping

Your frozen poop could save a life and earn you thousands of dollars. It’s not a punchline, but rather an innovative medical donation system that began helping the sick in 2012.

Cheers! Scientists Say Beer Could Actually Keep Your Brain Healthy

New research has discovered that a compound found in beer might be able to protect the brain from numerous degenerative disorders.

Finally! Disney Announces Its First Latina Princess, Elena Of Avalor

Big news, Disney fans. The mouse house just announced its plans for the first Latina Disney princess ever.

Bizarre Illustrations Will Change The Way You Look At Kids’ Coloring Books

Prepare yourself: Childhood is about to get dark. The website Coloring Book Corruptions, which you may recall from earlier this year, invites adults to submit their worst illustrated cartoon drawings.

Someone Answered All Of Our Prayers And Created Alcoholic Oreos (Video)

We’ve seen some pretty awesome things done with Oreo cookies lately. Whether it’s transforming them into hybrid food creations like the Oreo churro, cranking out a bunch of new flavors or turning them into beauty products, there are plenty of ways to get creative with these classic cookies.

14 Ways Growing Up With Brothers Makes You A Stronger Woman

Growing up with brothers will teach you a lot about yourself. I like to think my brothers are two of the best things ever to happen to me.

Coolest Astronaut Ever Posed With His Dogs For Official NASA Portrait

In the 25 years astronaut Leland Melvin has been with NASA, he has logged over 565 hours in space, headed the Vehicle Health Monitoring team for the X-33 space shuttle successor and run NASA’s office of education and outreach program.

Marshawn Lynch Finally Explains The Honest Reason He Ignores Media (Video)

Marshawn Lynch finally spoke — and for real this time! The star running back took a short break from his silent protest of the media to explain why he does not care for it.

Couple Building Family Of Snowmen Ends In Surprise Proposal (Video)

When spending a snow day with a significant other, there are two very important things you must do. First, build a snowman.

Women Are Smearing Their Lipstick To Raise Cervical Cancer Awareness

You’re about to see a new, messy trend smeared across your Instagram. A new campaign aptly named #SmearForSmear encourages women to post selfies with their lipstick smudged to raise awareness for cervical cancer.

Scientists May Have Discovered A New Important Cause Of Depression

The results of a new study suggest that depression is caused in part by inflammation in the brain, potentially changing the way the disease will be treated in the future.

You Aren’t A Crutch: You Can’t Save People Who Won’t Save Themselves

No matter who you are or what your situation is, your life is going to be a struggle. Some struggle more than others and in different ways, but in the end, we all struggle to live.

Girlfriend Falls Off Cliff Moments After Her Boyfriend Proposes To Her

She promised to spend her life with him just moments before the end of it. A happy day ended tragically for Dimitrina Dimitrova, 29, who accepted her boyfriend’s proposal Tuesday on the cliffs of Cala Tarida, Ibiza before stumbling over the edge.

Super Bowl Party Expectations Vs. Your Super Bowl Party In Real Life (Photos)

It’s no secret the Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. If you’re like most NFL fans, you’ll probably want to spend the holy grail of football Sundays watching the two best teams go head-to-head on a massive TV screen as you pound beers and demolish a tray of hot wings with your best friends.

The Pit Bull-Dachshund Mix Is The Cutest Dog You Never Knew Existed (Photos)

In the past, purebred dogs were de rigueur. Crossbreeds or “mutts” were, for some reason, considered less desirable than their single-breed brethren.

17 Badass Grandmas Who Clearly Give No F*cks About Anything (Photos)

At a certain point in life, most old people stop caring about what other people think of them. Once that happens, things tend to get exponentially more awesome.

Mia Khalifa Hints That Drake Shamelessly Tried To Hit On Her

Mia Khalifa is the hot, new pornstar on the scene, and it’s not just the regular Joes watching copious amounts of porn who have taken notice.

Scientists Blew Our Minds By Figuring Out How To Unboil An Egg

Cancer research is about to become cheaper and more efficient thanks to one very special egg. An international team led by University of California at Irvine chemistry and molecular biology professor Gregory Weiss was able to unboil an egg using two very odd materials.

17 Reasons Science Says It’s Not Your Fault You’re Addicted To Sushi

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, I’d have to say it’s probably a shared affinity for sushi.