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Hidenobu Suzuki Will Chill You Out More Than 800% With His Super Smooth Photos

I often find myself posting grim, gritty and grizzly photos up here, but today I plumped for the complete opposite.

The Cuban Missile Crisis: The Closest We Came to Nuclear Apocalypse

With two World Wars, the threat of fascism in Europe, and the rise of Limp Bizkit, it’s fair to say that the twentieth century was a pretty sketchy time to be alive to say the least.

8 Facts About Gravity You Probably Never Knew

If there’s one thing we all take for granted it’s gravity. Sure, we’ve all looked at photos of Kate Upton in zero gravity; and we’ve probably thought about having sex in zero gravity, but it’s rare we sit down and really have a ponder on this mysterious and ubiquitous force.

PHOTOS: Indian Baby Born With 8 Limbs (NSFW)

Image VIA You might remember a while ago there was an Indian fella who had a tail. He was worshipped wherever he went because people assumed he was some kind of reincarnation of Hanuman, the monkey God.

Watch This Woman Eat 3 72oz Steak Dinners In 20 Minutes

Ever since Man Vs Food decided to retire and get really skinny (and then briefly became a vegan) we haven’t really seen that many videos of impressive eating challenges going down on television or the internet.

This Monkey Has The Most Death Metal Growl In History

Death metal has to be one of the most ridiculous music genres out there as it’s basically just a load of down tuned guitars playing really fast over double bass drums with some guy growling incomprehensibly over the top of it.

Vladimir Putin: A Lesson In Lying

No matter who you are, or what your political opinions are, we can all agree on one thing: Vladimir Putin has made an exceptional career out of lying.

Watch This Guy Shamelessly Hit On Another Guy’s Girlfriend While He’s Sitting Right In Front Of Him

Things are going to get awkward anytime someone starts hitting on your girlfriend right in front you, but for some reason this kid feels the need to stick around and explain his entire thought process behind coming over to talk to her – awkward: Good effort there mate.

Dad Unknowingly Impregnates Daughter, She Has To Tell Her Son That His Grandad Is His Dad

Retired South African school teacher Alfred Mokoena (age withheld) has apologised for getting a 16-year-old pupil pregnant four years ago, after realising she’s his daughter.

Australian Farmer Is Outright REFUSING To Take Down This ‘Offensive’ Sculpture He Made Of Two Bales Of Hay Having Sex

Bruce Cook, who owns Kactus Point Charolais near Kerang, Australia, built a hay bale sculpture of two cows having on Good Friday, and was particularly proud of his creation.

Couples Watching Hardcore Porn Together For The First Time Is Pretty Awkward

Following on from recent ‘classic’ videos like ‘couples reveal how many people they’ve had sex with to each other‘ and ‘women drawing their perfect penises‘, Buzzfeed have seen fit to join the club by getting couples to watch hardcore porn together for the first time.

80 Guys Ride Push Bikes To Various Houses Across Perth And Consume Over 1000 Beers Between Them In Awesome New Bar Crawl

Well this looks like a completely sick idea and it’s already developed into a yearly tradition by the people who came up with it down in Ellenbrook, Western Australia.

Viking Looking Guy Gets Absolutely Rinsed By Female Weightlifter On The Flexcam

I didn’t know such a thing as the flex cam existed, but I suppose it’s a pretty good idea for getting the crowd pumped up at a live event.

30 Year Old Plumber ‘Gives Birth’ To Twin In Scene Straight Out Of Alien

This actually happened back in 2009 but seems to have been resurrected for some reason and it’s way too freaky not to mention.

Taiwanese People Are Giving Their Dogs Perfect Geometric Hairstyles

The hot new trend for dogs (or for dog owners to inflict upon their dogs more accurately) is for their hair to be cut so it’s perfectly geometric, either in the shape of a square or a circle.

Forget Jay Z’s Tidal, Tradiio Is The New Streaming App You Want To Be Downloading

As we reported a couple of days ago, Jay Z’s new streaming service Tidal has spectacularly flopped as it isn’t even in the top 700 apps in the app store.

Hot Girl With ‘Balls’ Prank Fools Guys On The Beach Into Rubbish Lotion On Her

You just know something like this is going viral just by reading the title. Hot girl + horny guys + fake dick & balls = a million plus hits every time.

Sick Chirpse Reader Confessions #11

The best way to clear your conscience before the weekend is to admit what you did via our anonymous Sick Chirpse confessions box – every Friday we’ll be posting the best ones.

The Black Mass Trailer Makes It Look Like The Best Gangster Movie Ever

Wow. This looks seriously sick. Black Mass is the story of Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger who seems to be a complete psychopath from this trailer, which mainly takes the form of him intimidating someone at a dinner party and switching from being a cool party guest to a dark crime boss in a nano second.

Dude Posing At Eiffel Tower Asks 4Chan For Photoshop Help, Gets Trolled To The Extreme

Anyone who knows anything about the Internet knows that you don’t just share your photos on 4chan and ask for help with Photoshopping without expecting to get trolled to high heaven.