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Meet The The Sworn Virgins Of Albania, Who Live Their Lives As Men

The one thing you can rely on about the internet is that if you look long enough you’ll find something that you’d never heard of that blows your tiny mind.

Experimental Implant Could Give You Terminator Style Vision

Image VIA Fancy having real-life Terminator style vision? Kind of like Google Glass and Oculus Rift but without the glass or the silly outfit?

Creepy Baby Is Born With The Number 12 On His Forehead

We all know kids can be really creepy – check out these weird things they say as evidence – but normally this begins after they can walk and talk and develop some form of consciousness.

Georgian Dude Gets Clocked Smuggling A Woman Into Turkey In A Briefcase

Turkish police detained two Georgian nationals after a young lady was caught trying to smuggle herself into the country squashed inside a tiny suitcase.

Manny Pacquiao Just Spent $12.5 Million + 4 Tickets To His Fight For This Mansion In Beverly Hills

Three people were involved in an intense bidding war for this mansion overlooking Beverly Hills, but Manny Pacquiao had just a little more leverage after offering the homeowner and his family 4 tickets to his Las Vegas showdown with Floyd Mayweather later this year, on top of the $12.5 million asking fee.

Football Team Celebrates For So Long That The Other Team Has Time To Kick Off And Score Into An Empty Goal

The dumbest thing about this video is how one of the blue team’s own players gives the ball back to the ref when the rest of his teammates are clearly not done celebrating yet.

A+ Video Of ‘DayZ’ Player Being Held Hostage And Saving His Own Life With His Guitar Skills

DayZ is an online multiplayer survival game that looks like a tonne of fun on this evidence, as you get to run around a vast open world forming clans/enemies with other players.

Here’s A Video Of A 65 Year Old Man Getting Over 100 Flesh Eating Maggots Removed From His Nose (NSFL)

We’ve seen spiders getting stuck in people’s ears and people eat tarantulas and spiders on the site before, but this is definitely up there for one of the grossest videos we’ve ever featured.

Here Are Ten Stories About People Who Won The Lottery And Then Completely Messed It Up

We’ve featured stories about people who have won the lottery before and completely and utterly messed it up and been left penniless before, but it never hurts to hear some more and make you feel better about your own life does it?

This Shaolin Monk Has Trained His Body To Withstand Incredibly Sharp Objects

Everyone knows that Shaolin monks are complete and utter badasses – just take a look at their training techniques if you need any evidence – but this video exemplifies the point even more.

Man Superglues Wife’s Vagina Shut After He Accuses Her Of Cheating

There are some novel ways of dealing with cheating – like chopping off your spouse’s dick not once but twice – but this has definitely got to be most creative.

Wrestlemania XXXI Is This Sunday: Here’s What You Need To Know

The Royal Rumble might have been a big steaming pile of shit this year, but let’s not dwell on that because Wrestlemania is 2 days away and if it’s anything like last year’s Mania it should be pretty sick.

Absolute Genius Hacks Tinder So That Straight Guys Flirt With Each Other

Everyone knows that guys are notorious jerks to girls when it comes to Tinder, because they can pretty much say anything they want and there aren’t any consequences at all.

Tyrese Gibson Tells Story Of How He And Paul Walker Became Best Friends After Hooking Up With The Same Girl

From an interview he gave to Yahoo this week promoting Fast & Furious 7: While reminiscing about his late co-star Paul Walker, who passed away tragically in a car crash in 2013, the singer-actor pointed to the moment the pair first truly clicked, while shooting 2003’s 2 Fast 2 Furious: “Well, the first moment me and him really broke the ice is when we found out we were sleeping with the same girl in Miami,” Tyrese said matter-of-factly in our interview, which you can watch above.

Sick Chirpse Reader Confessions #7

The best way to clear your conscience before the weekend is to admit what you did via our anonymous Sick Chirpse confessions box – every Friday we’ll be posting the best ones.

Katie Hopkins Will Leave The UK If Labour Wins The General Election

In what is surely guaranteed to ensure a landslide victory for Labour in the upcoming election, Katie Hopkins took to Twitter last night during the televised debate to state that she would leave the UK if Ed Miliband was voted into power.

This Is One Of The Most Ridiculously Tech Skate Videos We’ve Ever Seen And Features Some Of The Most Insane Tricks Ever

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a really good new skate video here at Sick Chirpse, but just when you least suspect it one comes out of nowhere and absolutely blows you away.

This Lady Got Arrested For Picking Up Dog Poop And Smearing It On Her Neighbour’s Face

Amy Goldberg from Boca in Florida (surprise) has been charged with smearing dog shit on her neighbour’s face after their got into a fight because the neighbour’s dog took a giant dump in her front yard.

The Jenga Breakfast Looks Absolutely Delicious

We’re big fans of new and innovative ways to eat your breakfast here at Sick Chirpse, and the guys from Epic Meal Time have come up with an absolute game changer here with what they’re terming the Jenga breakfast for obvious reasons.

Professional Racing Driver Disguises Herself As Loser And Freaks Out Driving Instructors On Their First Day With Insane Skills

Leona Chin is a professional racing champion over in Malaysia and she thought it would be a gigantic LOL if she dressed up as a really nerdy girl and then went and got driving lessons from instructors who were teaching their first days.