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Morrison’s Has Launched A Giant Meat Pack For £10

There’s nothing better than getting a bonafide bargain for your hard earned cash and this new meat pack from Morrisons seems to be the epitome of that as it’s absolutely massive and only costs £10.

The Grand Mac Is About To Be Taken Off The McDonald’s Menu

You've gotta be quick.

Boss Accidentally Broadcasts Himself Having Sex With Junior Employee In Boardroom To Whole Company

I’m sure we can all admit that nothing takes the edge off a bad day like an office shag, but if you’re going to do that you want to be careful that you don’t broadcast the whole thing to everyone else in the company.

You Can Now Get Cheaper Train Tickets By Presenting An Avocado At The Train Station

This is actually serious.

‘Gay Cure’ Psychiatrist Engaged In Oral Sex And Anal Sex With Patients

Classic behaviour.

People Are Comparing Netflix’s Gritty New Documentary Flint Town To The Wire

This looks spectacular.

Tom DeLonge Has Just Released More Footage That Proves Aliens Exist

His words not mine.

A Mysterious Six Foot Statue Of The Terminator Has Appeared In Birmingham Overnight

The Terminator is one of the most instantly recognisable and iconic film characters of all time, so you would be forgiven for thinking it was puzzling that its latest appearance would be on the back streets of Birmingham.

The UK Is Getting A Huge New Theme Park That Will Be Better Than Disneyland

Whilst the selection of UK theme parks is hardly to be sniffed at with Thorpe Park and Alton Towers at pretty elite levels of ride, they’re really nothing when you compare them to some of the attractions that we see across the Atlantic Ocean like Disneyland and Islands Of Adventure.

Watch This Drug Addict Crash Into Three Cars Then Get Attacked With A Sledge Hammer In Real Life GTA Footage

Whilst GTA is often regarded as one of the best video games of all time, it’s fair to say that it’s probably a little on the unrealistic side when it comes to actual action because there’s no way half of those car chases and vehicular homicides would happen on the reg in real life.

Mother Shares Photograph Of Son In Coffin To Illustrate The Effect Of Bullying

It’s a well known fact that bullying occurs in almost all walks of life and at almost all points of it, but it’s probably never so prominent as it is during high school – and the consequences of it could be fatal.

Flat Earther Reveals The Reason Why Nobody Has Ever Fallen Off The Edge

Makes perfect sense.

O.J. Simpson Just Pretty Much Confessed To Murdering His Ex-Wife And Her Lover

Bear with us on this one because it’s a bit of weird one, but the video below pretty much equates to O.J.

This Guy Used His Recently Amputated Foot As A Pillow In Hospital

Hospital conditions are often criticised in both this country and others all over the world, but I don’t think that I’ve ever heard of a situation like the one in this story where a man was forced to use his recently amputated foot as a pillow as there were no other options available.

A Woman Who Gouged Her Own Eyes Out On Meth Has Been Pictured For The First Time

She's now drug free and trying to educate the world about their horrors.