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It’s Official, Today’s Teenagers Are All Virgins Who Don’t Party

When you think of being a teenager, you generally think of getting in trouble with your parents and school and maybe even the cops because for the first time you’re living your life the way you want to and this normally involves drugs, sex and booze.

Supreme And Vans Team Up To Release ‘Blood And Semen’ Trainer Range

Supreme and Vans have teamed up to launch an exciting new sneaker range – nothing too much out of the ordinary there.

Street Vets Caught Slicing Dogs’ Vocal Cords To Stop Them Barking

It’s well known that the Chinese don’t exactly treat dogs with the love and attention that they deserve, but this next story is really taking things to the next level.

Devastated Mum Bursts Into Tears On Live TV After Watching Brutal Video Of Her Daughter Being Attacked

A woman burst into tears on a recent episode of ‘This Morning’ after the programme showed a video of her daughter being brutally attacked by bullies.

This Couple Who Paid £300 For Their Council House Is Now Selling It For £1.9 Million

They say that buying a house will be the biggest and best investment of your life, but I doubt that many could have expected the rate of return that Jane Alexander and her husband Gus are experiencing on their council house in Whitechapel, London.

The Human Ken Doll Wants A Sex Change So That He Can ‘Become Barbie’

We’ve been following the moves of Rodrigo Alves AKA the Human Ken Doll for quite some time now because let’s face it, it’s fascinating.

Harvey Price Called Piers Morgan A ‘C*nt’ After Infamous Loose Women Show

Harvey Price famously went on Loose Women a while back and swore live on air, describing how he said “hello you c*nt” to people that bullied him.

Video Shows RAF Operator Stopping A Public ISIS Execution From 2000 Miles Away

The usage of drones in wartime situations has been controversial ever since their first introduction, but when they’re able to produce results like the one in the video below, I can’t really see why people are always so negative about them.

George Osborne Vows To Chop Theresa May Up And Put Her In His Freezer

George Osborne has apologised to Theresa May after vowing to chop her up and put her in his freezer. Featured Image VIA The former chancellor received a huge backlash from other Tory MPs after he said he “won’t rest until she’s chopped up in freezer bags”.

The Pie Face Is The Most Northern Sandwich Ever Made

If you’re from the north, then it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to like gravy, mushy peas, pies and chip butties, so it makes sense that someone would combine these four delicacies into a sandwich that can only be described as ‘the most Northern of all time’.

This Guy Won’t Stop His Naked Protest Until The Police Give Him Back His Weed And Bong

A man named Jeffrey Shaver has been fighting the good fight over in Canada after he was arrested for possession of weed and drugs paraphernalia.

Woman Accidentally Kills Herself While Performing Asphyxiation Sex Stunt Live On Camera

An inquest has heard how a woman accidentally hanged herself after performing an asphyxiation scene on camera.

Student Lies That Taxi Driver Raped Her After He Refused Kebab Soaked Money

A student who had aspirations to be a police officer has been arrested after lying about being raped by a taxi driver.

Theorists Claim This Is How The World Is Going To End This Weekend

September has going been pretty well for me so far – not sure about you but I hope you’ve been receiving similar luck – but that might all be set to change this Saturday as apparently the world is due to end that day.

Netflix’s New Gross-Out Comedy Tackles The Disgusting Side Of Puberty

It’s well known that some of the best TV shows out there are animated and also fairly well known that some of the best shows out there are available on Netflix, so it’s no real surprise that Netflix’s new animated show looks like it’s going to be a winner.

The Hairy Belly Bum Bag Is Here To Give You The Dad Bod You’ve Always Wanted

Given the fact that a guy’s hairy gut and a bum bag exist in almost the exact same space, it seems pretty surprising that it’s taken so long for somebody to combine the two and come up with the hairy belly bum bag.

This Couple Just Got Arrested For Using Their Local Burger King To Make Porn Films

A married couple have been arrested after they were found out to have made a series of porn films in public places including at their local Burger King.

Disturbing Deleted Scene From ‘It’ Has Caused An Uneasy Ripple With Viewers

We’ve probably all seen ‘It’ by now – given it’s one of the best horror movie openings of all time – and I’m sure that most of us will probably have been suitably scared about it.

Boxer’s Son Helps Dad Out By Sucker Punching Opponent In The Balls Before Fight

The young son of WBO middleweight Billy Joe Saunders might’ve thought he was helping his dad out when he punched his opponent Willie Monroe in the groin during before the fight, but understandably Monroe is not happy about it.

Poundland Is Now Selling The UK’s Cheapest Sex Toy Range

We all had a good old laugh last year when it was discovered that Poundland sell vibrators, but it turns out the joke was on us because those things sold like hotcakes.