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Take A Look At The Most Detailed Images Of Living Human Anatomy Ever Taken

As science spreads its mighty wings ever further, the view we generate of the world around us becomes clearer and clearer.

Deaf Comedian DJ Demers Does Hilarious Stand Up Ripping The Piss Out Of Himself

Toronto-based stand-up comedian D.J. Demers wears hearing aids but never wanted to be known as the “hearing aid guy” or incorporate any deaf jokes into his routines… until he realised it could make him rich.

You Can Now Charge Your Phone Whilst You Dance At The Club

Unfortunately for most of us, the sad reality of modern life is that we’re all too reliant on our phones and a lot of the time they’re prone to running out of battery at the most inopportune times.

This Is Officially The Best Breakfast In The UK

Yesterday we featured the brand new doughnut bacon buttie as our breakfast of choice, but today that’s been blown out of the water by the guys over at Bunnychow in Soho who have been named the Best Breakfast in the UK for their innovative dish the Full English Breakfast Bunny.

Japan Trolls ISIS With These Superb ISIS Hostage Memes On Twitter

When ISIS took journalist Kenji Goto and private security contractor Haruna Yukawa hostage (one of whom has reportedly been beheaded) the other week, Japan found themselves directly beefing ISIS much like the Western world has been.

Michelle Obama Causes Outrage In Saudi Arabia By Not Wearing Headscarf

In a move that can only be compared to the time Lebron James put a big sweaty arm around Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama rocked up to Saudi Arabia this week and decided not to wear a headscarf.

The ‘Ghostbusters’ Remake Is Going To Have An All-Female Cast, Line-Up Confirmed

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Answer = Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, because they’ve just been selected as the all-female leads for the Ghostbusters remake being filmed this year and released in July 2016.

Lindsay Lohan Completes Community Service; Judge Might Send Her To Jail Anyway

As we reported last week, Lindsay Lohan was given the ultimatum of completing 80 hours of community service by yesterday or risking going to jail for some time.

Scientists Believe They Have Found A Cure For Baldness

As much as Larry David and the people who have tattoos of him profess to like being bald, I’m pretty sure that the one in four men in the UK who start losing their hair in their 20s – like Wayne Rooney – probably aren’t actually that happy about it.

WATCH: Japanese Fishermen Catch A Live Giant Squid

Over the last couple of years, there has been a considerable rise in the number of giant squids reported, but usually these are either seen via underwater cameras or wash up dead in the nets of fishermen trawling for some other kind of catch.

Zombie Cat Comes Back To Life 5 Days After Being Buried

By now we all know exactly what to do in a zombie apocalypse, we’ve all trained hard and it should be pretty easy: aim for the head.

29-Year-Old Virgin Tries To Sell His Virginity For £700, Doesn’t Get A Single Offer

You’d think that if you failed to give something away for free for 29 years, putting a price on it won’t help matters.

Tesla’s New Electric Car Has An ‘Insane Mode’ That Takes You From 0-60 In 3 Seconds

Back in October, Tesla Motors introduced the P85D as a dual-motor four-wheel drive version of the Model S, set to be the fastest accelerating four-door production car ever.

Outrageous Corner Shop Fight Sees Boyfriend Get Cracked In The Head With Metal Bar Trying To Remove Drunk Girlfriend

Outrageous altercation here. You’ve got the drunk girlfriend crawling around on her hands and knees and causing total chaos, the elderly shop owners trying to be patient before totally losing their heads, and the pansy boyfriend who doesn’t know if he’s more scared of his girl or the shop owners.

This Guy Just Had The Most Disturbing Tinder Conversation Of All Time

This conversation got posted over at Reddit’s r/tinder and the guy claims it’s his first Tinder conversation ever.

Justin Bieber Has Complete Mental Breakdown; Posts This Disturbing Video ‘Begging For Mercy’

We’ve posted recently about how Justin Bieber has allegedly changed his ways from the asshole that he’s been the last couple of years – even agreeing to do a celebrity roast as part of this – but we weren’t convinced that he was actually telling the truth.

Check Out These Awesome Fictional Corporate Logos For Pokemon Characters

A guy called Sebastiaan de With – the founder of San Francisco based design agency Pictogram – has created a project called Pokemon branding, where he imagines the corporate logos for your favourite Pokemon characters like Bulbasaur, Charmander, Ekans and of course Pikachu.

WATCH: 2000 Horsepower Lamborghini Loses Control And Crashes Into Lake

We’ve seen before on the site that it’s easy to lose control of a sick Lamborghini and crash it, but it seems like everyone is getting involved in the act now.

The Unreal 4 Engine Is The Most Realistic Video Game Engine You Will Ever See And Will Completely Blow Your Mind

This is called Unreal Paris which kind of made me think it would be a computer game version of Paris, but it’s actually just a guy walking around a Parisian apartment.

Comedian Breaks Rules By Swearing On Stage, Knocks Out Emcee When He’s Asked To Leave

When you’re a stand up comic, your job is to get on stage and make people laugh, not punch them in the face and make them cry.