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ISIS Unleash SCORPION BOMBS In Iraq As Latest Terror Tactic

As if it wasn’t enough that experts think ISIS terrorists are going to turn themselves into Ebola suicide bombs some day, it’s now been revealed that extremists fighting for the Islamic State have started launching bombs packed with live scorpions.

Vladimir Putin Releases Absolutely Insane Big Budget Movie Trailer For Press Conference Tomorrow

Russia’s economy has crashed massively in the last few days. The ruble dropped 19% of its worth from Monday to Wednesday – which is the single biggest drop in its 16 year history – and this has reportedly led to Russians mass rushing to malls to swap their TVs, washing machines and other luxury items for cash before it drops even further.

Manchester Man Spends £100,000 To Look Like Kim Kardashian

That’s it, it’s done. It’s over. Millions of years of evolution; the first sea creatures becoming mammals, man discovering fire and Bill Hicks, it’s all for nothing.

Dan Bilzerian Is Now Being Sued By The Porn Star He Threw Off A Roof

You might remember a while ago we ran a post about how Dan Bilzerian didn’t give a damn and just lifted up a porn star on his roof and threw her off it into a pool, accidentally breaking her foot.

‘The Interview’ New York Premiere Has Officially Been Cancelled

Following on from the numerous hacks that they’ve experienced in the last few weeks, and threats from the hackers that they’re going to go ‘all 9/11′ on cinemas that show the movie last night, Sony announced that The Interview’s New York City premiere tonight has officially been cancelled.

Iggy Azalea Shuts Down Rumours That She Was Born A Man Called Cody With These Tweets

Even though Iggy Azalea recently revealed that she’s had to stop crowd surfing at her shows because so many people are trying to finger her, she’s still being forced to defend herself against allegations that she has a penis and was born as a man named Cody.

Man Attempts Outrageous Wedding Proposal; Goes Completely Wrong And Destroys Someone’s House

Not sure where this would rank in the worst marriage proposals of all time but you’ve got to think that it would at least be up there near the top, although she did still say yes so maybe it wasn’t that terrible.

Student Gets Absolutely Wasted; Passes Out On Radiator And Melts On To It

I don’t know what they’re putting in the water down in Plymouth but it seems like it’s fast becoming party central in the UK for students, at least in terms of getting so wasted that you end up doing something completely ridiculous.

Wiz Khalifa Just Took Part In The Most Bizarre TV Interview Ever

Wiz Khalifa is completely baked off his face for this one, which could explain why he was mellow enough to sit through this complete train-wreck of an interview on the Eric Andre Show the other night: Clearly, chaotic and directionless interviews are what Eric Andre does, but I’m not sure how anyone would benefit from appearing on them since the attention seems to be on Andre all the time.

Motorcycle Rider Ruthlessly Cockblocked by Scooter Driver Whilst Chirpsing Hot Biker Babe

Imagine the scene – you’re riding your motorbike through a busy city when you notice a beautiful female biker across the road from you.

This New Photo Of The Undertaker Is Straight Up Depressing

After receiving the battering of a lifetime at Wrestlemania XXX and despite speculation he’ll be appearing at next year’s Mania as well, this brand new photo of the Undertaker chilling in an airport somewhere has us thinking his in-ring days are truly over: Who knows – maybe all he needs is a few sessions in the gym.

Sony Hackers Threaten To ‘Go 9/11′ On Cinemas Showing ‘The Interview’

The Sony hackers AKA the Guardians of Peace, reportedly working on behalf of North Korea (though the FBI have found no evidence of this), have turned up the heat on Sony big time, after spending the last week or so leaking private Hollywood e-mails (the wildest of which revealed American Hustle director David O.

Best Man Can’t Find Wedding Rings At The Critical Moment – Then This Guy Shows Up

If you’re wondering how to make your wedding day memorable, then look no further than this for a great idea.

The Cannabis E-Joint Is Now Available To Buy In the UK And It’s Completely Legal

Great news everybody – it was announced earlier today that KanaVape, the electronic cigarette that contains cannabinoids instead of nicotine, will be available to buy in the UK from Thursday (Christmas Day!

Google’s Most Searched Terms In 2014 Says A Lot About Us

Want your entire 2014 summed up in one easy list? Here it is – no surprises really: But how about Google’s most searched people in 2014?

Huell From Breaking Bad Is Now A Jujitsu Master

There’s a slight spoiler in this article so if you’re really anal about that sort of thing then don’t read it.

Kim Kardashian Crops Her Own Kid Out Of Selfie

Kim K’s behaviour and vanity really shouldn’t still be surprising us as much as it is, but then she does something like this and a whole new level of hatred arises.

Charlie Sheen Blames Nitrous Oxide For Assaulting A Dental Nurse; Was Definitely Not On Coke

Charlie Sheen was accused of assaulting a dental nurse in October and now the lawsuit has made it to trial Charlie is going with the story that the nitrous oxide made him do it.

Mickey Rourke’s Boxing Opponent Finally Reveals ‘The Truth’ About Their Boxing Match

Mickey Rourke hit headlines for the first time in a while about a month ago after he managed to knock out a much younger opponent – 29 year old Elliott Seymour – within a couple of rounds during a fight that for some reason took place in Russia.

Someone Made A Trailer For A GTA V Movie And It Looks Completely Awesome

GTA V is awesome and everyone knows that – it’s pretty much indisputable – and you would have thought by now that somebody might have made a movie out of it considering how many video game movies there are out there these days.