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Kid Posts Ridiculous Tweet Asking The Internet Who The ‘Famous Guy’ Behind Him Is

Meet James Malcolm – a “wannabe gay icon” (his words, not mine) and now the most trolled moron on the internet.

Thief Gets His Life Ruined By One Angry Local And His Massive Rock (VIDEO)

According to LiveLeak, this video features a Colombian thief being escorted away from some angry locals who aren’t best pleased with his thieving antics.

The Creator Of ‘Peaky Blinders’ Has Revealed When The Series Will End

‘Peaky Blinders’ is one of the most loved crop of current series on television and probably the best thing to come out of Birmingham since forever, but it looks like we might not have that much of it left.

Manchester Couple Caught Shagging In Burger King; Refuse To Leave When Staff Find Them

I’ve always imagined that if you get busted having sex in a public place then you’re probably going to hightail it out of there ASAP in a pretty embarrassed state, but it turns out that sometimes this isn’t the case at all and some people want to stay and finish the job.

This Guy Came Up With An Elaborate Plan To Chat Up Girls Behind His GF’s Back

It really sucks when you’re trying chat up a girl and somebody you know cockblocks you, but it would be a totally new experience for me if the guy doing the cockblocking was actually my girlfriend’s father.

Can You Spot The Gigantic Crocodile In This Picture?

There’s probably not much scarier than being on a calm and gentle fishing trip and suddenly seeing an absolutely gigantic crocodile right next to you, but it’s apparently more common than you think if this video is anything to go by.

Mayor Gets Caught On Tape Making Truly Despicable Racist And Sexist Statements

These days you have to be worried about being caught on film doing anything, but back in the day it was a lot harder to tell if someone was filming you as they would normally use a tape recorder rather than a video device.

You Can Now Buy A Virtual Reality Mask That Lets You Sniff Dirty Panties Online

The latest in a long line of inventions that nobody ever knew they needed, someone’s created a virtual reality mask that lets you sniff your other half’s gentials whilst you’re having webcam sex – and it’s available for pre-order.

Julian Assange ‘To Hand Himself In’ After Chelsea Manning’s Sentence Commuted

Wikileaks has indicated that Julian Assange will finally leave the Ecuadorian embassy and face extradition to the US.

Young Thug Didn’t Show Up To Film His Music Video, So The Director Got The Perfect Revenge

The music video for Young Thug’s song ‘Wyclef Jean’ was released this week and has become an instant sensation, though not really because of the track/video itself, but more the circumstances around how it was filmed.

Irvine Welsh Thinks That ‘Trainspotting 3’ Will Happen Very Soon

The excitement regarding ‘Trainspotting 2’ is reaching boiling point with its release date next week, but its author Irvine Welsh reckons that this might not be the last that we hear from the gang in the future.

Granddad Gives The Most Pathetic Excuse For Owning Kiddie Porn And Bestiality Videos

As far as excuses for looking at kiddie porn and animal porn go, my favourite used to be that it was for “research purposes.” However, we’ve got a new winner thanks 67-year-old Robert Sibley.

Woman Describes Horrific Details Of Being Enslaved By Cult For 30 Years

A woman named Katy Morgan-Davies has bravely come out to the public to speak about her enslavement by a tyrannical cult leader, which lasted for over three decades.

Watch These Guys Pull Off Incredibly Complex One In A Million Pool Trick Shot

There’s something about the accuracy and finesse behind a trick shot that just makes you glued to the screen when you encounter one.

This Genderless Nipple Account Is Driving Instagram Crazy

A recently opened Instagram account is using close up images of nipples in order to test the app’s strict policy on female nudity.

Here’s Why You Should Never Shag A Man Whose Wife Is A Kickboxer (VIDEO)

You often see videos online of mistresses getting shamed in the streets for shagging other women’s husbands.

Donald Trump Can’t Be Bothered To Work On The Weekend He Becomes President

All hope for the future will be lost on Friday after Donald Trump officially takes up residence in The White House after his inauguration ceremony.

Celebrity Big Brother Hit With Complaints Over Last Night’s ‘Sex Abuse’ Scene (VIDEO)

I’m sure many of you haven’t really been paying too much attention to the recent series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

Pedro From ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Has Gone Through A Radical Transformation

We all remember the guy who played Pedro in the cult classic comedy ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ as the geeky school kid who befriended Napoleon.

7 Online Dating Stories That Will Make You Quit The Internet

Ah… 2017. I had high hopes for this year, but so far it has been unanimously shit. I got hammered at NYE, lost my friends, lost my coat, puked on the cat, the cat puked in my Xbox and I’m still very, very single.