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Man Rips His Own Head Off In Broad Daylight In The Bronx

Here’s a particularly bizarre story to start your Tuesday off the right way. It involves decapitation and is possibly even more screwed up then when a bunch of Brazilians decapitated a referee because they didn’t like his decisions in a non-league match, and that was pretty damn messed up.

Is This Dodgy Leaked Footage A Trailer For Tarantino’s New Film ‘The Hateful 8′?

As many of you may know, Quentin Tarantino allegedly shelved his film ‘The Hateful Eight’ after an agent of one of the actors leaked it to everyone in Hollywood.

Why Boomtown 2014 Lived Up To All Of Its Expectations

As many of you know, we’re pretty tight with the guys at Boomtown (who could forget last year when that loser tried to rig our Boomtown competition and we got him to send in all his personal details and absolutely rinsed him?

Dope Shots #153

Feast your eyes on this… Our one-hundred-and-fifty-third instalment of Dope Shots features plenty of aesthetically pleasing snapshots and .gifs that will shock, stimulate and soothe your eye balls.

US Soldiers Vs Camel Spider

Camel spiders may not be poisonous, but you still don’t want one crawling all over your face when you’re trying to get some shut eye.

Landlord Returns To Tenant’s House After Three Years And Finds It Completely Wrecked

Many of us have experienced the house share from hell, but imagine having to live with whatever family occupied this accommodation in Bulwell, Nottingham. Might wanna be a little more thorough in the tenant screening process next time:

Here’s How To Make Sure You Don’t Get Hacked And Your Nudes End Up All Over The Internet

As you probably saw and we reported earlier, a bunch of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrity nudes ended up all over the internet yesterday thanks to a suspected iCloud hack.

5 Mental Class A Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of And Would Never Want To Do

The other day I inadvertently found myself perusing a list of drugs categorised as “Class A” under the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971.

Beautiful Moment Mum With Alzheimer’s Remembers Who Her Daughter Is

Alzheimer’s is a real fucked up disease you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Here for a few brief moments, a sweet old lady with Alzheimer’s regains her clarity and recognises her daughter and they share a special little exchange.

Funeral Horse Drops Dead During Funeral Procession In East London

Funerals are a rubbish time for everyone involved for many reasons. For starters they only happen when someone’s died.

The Oldest Person Alive Celebrates Her 127th Birthday And Reveals The Secrets To Her Long Life

Yesterday it was Leandra Bucerra Lumbrearas’ birthday and she made it to the grand old age of 127, increasing her reign as the oldest person to have ever lived since records began.

Martin Scorsese Is Working On A HBO Series Follow Up To Shutter Island

Dry clean your straight jacket and hover the padded room because HBO and Paramount Pictures are planning another trip to Shutter Island.

Bart Simpson Signs For Zenit St. Petersburg

This is easily the most bizarre transfer of transfer deadline day, even more bizarre than that Zigic to Arsenal rumour that started last week.

Man Intentionally Infects 24 Other Men With HIV, Brags About It In Texts To Friends

Some 29 year old landscape artist douchebag from San Diego named Thomas Guerra deliberately infected at least 24 men with HIV after he contracted the disease himself.

Scientists Train Fish To Walk On Land

The simple answer to the question above is that you force it to try walking for months. But the question to answer initially is why would you want to train a fish to walk on land in the first place?

9 Year Old Boy Slaps His Junkie Mother In The Face Because She’s So Wasted She Can’t Respond To Him

This video is almost as heartbreaking as the one we featured last week of the parents beating up their kid when he came out to them, so if you’re feeling fragile this Monday maybe skip watching it.

Is This The New iPhone 6?

As is usually the case in the run up to one of Apple’s big announcements, the internet is awash with speculation over just what this one is going to be about and how they’re (probably) going to revolutionise the world again.

Woman Has Intense Orgasm On Theme Park Ride

I’m a big fan of theme park rides but it turns out I’m nowhere near as big a fan as some people, because they can actually achieve an orgasm just by riding on them.

Nude Photographs Of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Avril Lavigne + More Leak Online

Yesterday afternoon, a bunch of nude pictures of famous celebrities started leaking onto Reddit, the most famous of which was Jennifer Lawrence.

Old Irish Horse Trainer Hits On Reporter After Race Day Victory

Just like the 76 year old dude who refuses to stop driving even though he’s been banned till 2090, this old Irish horse trainer stopped giving a fuck long ago: “Havin fuckin sex tonight and everything” and he doesn’t care who knows it.