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6 Of The Most Influential Drummers Of All Time With Videos That Prove It

I decided to become a drummer after realising that I sucked on the guitar. I reckoned drums would be an easier option.

WATCH: Nutters Attach Fireworks To Quadcopter To Create Attack Drone

Recently there have been plenty of disturbing news items about drones being used to bomb the crap out of the Middle East.

Guy Sticks Middle Finger Up At Cop To See If He’d Respect His Constitutional Right To Do So (Spoiler = He Doesn’t)

35 year old Adam Rupeka went for a drive with a plan to stick his middle finger up at the first policeman he saw, in order to test his constitutional right to do so (it’s not illegal to stick your middle finger up at a cop).

New Exhibition Shows The Grim Reality Of Fast Food Workers Living On $15 An Hour

A new exhibition entitled ‘I Too, Am America’ has just opened up in Kansas City and aims to illustrate to everyone how desperate life can be when you only earn $7.25 an hour – the equivalent of £4.66.

Tito Villanova Once Scored An Impossible Free Kick Against Barcelona

The late Tito Villanova is more often than not associated with Barcelona due to his recent stint as their manager before his death, but during his playing career he actually hopped around a lot of Spanish clubs and actually ended up netting this incredible free kick against Barcelona when he played for Unió Esportiva Lleida.

A Crystal Meth Addict “Gouged His Own Eyes Out And Ate Them” While High On The Drug

An unnamed man who was high on crystal meth gouged out his own eyes and ate them, an anti-drug conference has been told.

France Is Making It Illegal For Supermarkets To Throw Away Food

In an example of the government actually doing something awesome for its citizens for once, French Parliament has voted unanimously to outlaw the destruction of unsold food at supermarkets.

Cholo Goth Is The Insane New Music Genre Turning Stereotypes On Their Heads

I’ve never heard of Cholo Goth or even imagined that the concept itself might exist, but two Mexican immigrants named Dave Parley and Leafar Sayer are so into goth music despite their heritage that they’ve decided to combine the two to turn traditional stereotypes of both sets of people completely on their head.

Are China, Russia And India Going To Spill The Beans About Alien Visitors To Earth?

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of articles appear stating that Russia, China and India already know about alien visitors.The gist of the articles is always the same: governments from these countries have been visited by ETs for years and they’re planning to break their silence.

Osama Bin Laden Had A Massive Porn Stash In His Pakistani Compound

Everyone knows that Osama bin Laden was (allegedly) killed in his Pakistani compound a few years ago and that he had been hiding out there for a few years before that, but nobody knew what he was really doing whilst he was there.

WATCH: The Rock Just Broke The Selfie World Record At The San Andreas Premiere In London

This bloody guy again. Why is he so good at everything? Can anyone think of a single bad word to say about The Rock?

This Documentary About Six Brothers Locked Up In Their Apartment Their Entire Lives By Their Father Looks Absolutely Stunning

There have been a few bleak and disturbing indie films I’ve come across during my time which involve the idea of children or people being locked away from society and their development in such an environment, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real life documentary about the subject.

Introducing The Timebomb – The Most Lethal Bong Ever

Well, this is certainly inventive and you might even call it a revolutionary way to smoke a bong – I’ve certainly never seen this attempted before or even heard anyone talk about it, although it seems kind of obvious now.

King Los Absolutely Destroys The Five Fingers Of Death Challenge – Is This The Best Freestyle Ever?

King Los was appearing on Sway In The Morning and was challenged to take part int he ‘Five Fingers Of Death’.

The Ultimate Test – Women In The Street Are Asked If They Prefer Dadbods Or Muscles

A few weeks ago the Internet lost its mind (for the seventh time that week) when apparently girls suddenly became all about the dadbod (re: ‘The dad bod says, “I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time.” It’s not an overweight guy, but it isn’t one with washboard abs, either.’) and ripped guys couldn’t believe it and neither could guys with actual dadbods either.

Guy Lists All The Hilarious Things His Girlfriend Says In Her Sleep And It Sounds Like She’s Completely Mental

There are loads of weird questions about the human body that science has yet to fully answer, but arguably the biggest mysteries yet to be explained have to do with sleep.

Sick Chirpse Reader Confessions #14

The best way to clear your conscience before the weekend is to admit what you did via our anonymous Sick Chirpse confessions box – every Friday we’ll be posting the best ones.

WATCH: The Rock Officiates Surprise Wedding For A Superfan

As if The Rock wasn’t crushing life hard enough at the moment with his recent incredible Mother’s Day story, he just had to go and raise the bar again with this amazing show of generosity to one fan.

Man Eating Hamburger Attacked By Vegetarian Wearing A Human Meat Suit

A guy named Brad Burns has recounted an absolutely insane story from when he was recently walking his dogs in Veteran’s Memorial Park in Boise, Idaho.

The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Might Be On His Way To The WWE

Word on the street is that Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson, the guy who plays The Mountain on Game of Thrones, is being courted by the WWE and has spent the last couple days checking out their training centre NXT in Florida.