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Chris Rock Just Announced His First Major Standup Tour In Nearly A Decade

Chris Rock hasn’t performed a stand up comedy for eight years since ‘Kill the Messenger’, but last night he announced that 2017 is going to see his return to the touring circuit with a whole new show named ‘Total Blackout’.

Google Time-Lapse Reveals What’s Really Been Going Down In Area 51

Area 51 remains one of the greatest mysteries on this earth and hundreds of conspiracy theories have been born as a result of this area, which has been sectioned off for decades.

Watch This Skateboarder Absolutely Kill It Despite Being Fully Blind

Going blind out of absolutely nowhere must completely and utterly suck, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world as we can see in the video below.

Do You Think You Could Survive The ‘Withnail & I’ Drinking Game?

It’s 1969. You’re in London, an unemployed and unemployable actor, stuck between an alcoholic thespian and an insistent drug dealer.

All Of Your Favourite Sega Mega Drive Games Are Getting Film Adaptations

It looks like all of our childhood favourite games will be coming to the big screen, as Sega has signed a deal to adapt some of its most loved games into movies.

MMA Fighter Ruthlessly Punches Ring Girl In The Face After Losing The Game

Losing at anything completely sucks, but I imagine that losing at MMA sucks more than most things because it literally means that someone else is better at you at something you’ve trained for months for.

Preacher Claims He Can Enlarge A Man’s Penis Using The Most Unusual Method (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing that most guys are pretty self conscious about, then it’s the size of their dicks.

Make Your Home Stink Of Fried Chicken With The New KFC Scented Candle

Forget your vanilla, sandalwood or mulled wine scented candles this Christmas. This year, why not fill your home with the smell of fried chicken fresh out the deep fat fryer?

Shia LaBeouf Has Responded To Soulja Boy’s Threats With This Disstrack

It’s been well documented over the last couple of years that Shia LaBeouf loves hip hop and fancies himself as somewhat of a rapper, and now he’s going fully in on the ideal by getting involved in beef with other famous rappers.

Snowbombing 2017 Announce More Amazing Acts

I know, I know, Snowbombing 2017 isn’t until… well… 2017, but the hype is already ramping up to a delirious fever pitch.

Lena Dunham’s Getting Rinsed For Posting This Photo Mid-Flow With Pants Down

Always one to break the mould, Lena Dunham decided to post a rather controversial selfie recently. Images VIA  Unlike most Instagram users who post themselves pouting or with their arses stuck out, Lena decided to put up a picture of her on the toilet, mid-piss with her trousers down.

AUDIO: ‘The Exorcist’ Director Witnessed And Recorded A Real Life Exorcism

There have been rumours flying around for years now that ‘The Exorcist’ director William Friedkin was invited to the Vatican to witness a real life exorcism.

Lisa Appleton Tries To Be ‘The UK Kim Kardashian’ With This NSFW Photoshoot

Not so long ago we reported on how reality TV star Lisa Appleton (2008 edition of ‘Big Brother’ in case you can’t remember) had decided she wanted to be the UK’s answer to Kim Kardashian.

Mum Tries Her Hand At MMA; Immediately Gets Obliterated In One Punch (VIDEO)

A self-confessed “soccer mom” attempted to make an MMA debut after a short practice run and let’s just say, it didn’t end too well for her.

It Looks Like The Stone Roses Are Set To Headline Reading And Leeds Next Year

It might seem like festival season has only just ended, but already it looks like Reading and Leeds Festival are planning their lines ups for 2017.

The Crash Bandicoot Remastered Gameplay Has Finally Been Revealed

Crash Bandicoot was one of the great games on the original Playstation, but the character’s been in the wilderness for some time now until Sony recently announced that it was remastering the original trilogy for its current consoles.

Maisie Williams Just Went NSFW For The First Time Ever (PHOTOS)

Maisie Williams AKA Arya Stark is at that point in her career where she’s tired of being viewed as an innocent youngster and has to take all her clothes off so people can start taking her seriously as a sexual adult.

The Man With The Bionic Penis Has Been Absolutely Bombarded With Sex Offers

A couple of years ago, 44-year-old Mohammed Abad made history by being fitted with a £70,000 eight inch prosthetic penis, after he lost his back in a traffic accident when he was just six years old.

‘The Autopsy Of Jane Doe’ Is The First Contender For Scariest Movie Of 2017

‘Troll Hunter’ became a deserved cult classic upon its release back in 2010, but director André Øvredal hasn’t really been heard of since.

MMA Fighter Shows Off At The Weigh In; Gets KO’ed In The First 10 Seconds

Unless you’re Conor McGregor, it never really pays off to be completely and utterly cocky before you go into a fight because it just might come back and kick you in the ass.