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Burger King’s Japanese All Black Burger Looks Disgusting In Real Life

Even thought it’s blatantly obvious that fast food never looks like it’s advertised, for some reason I’m sure that everyone who saw the Burger King ‘All Black burger‘ that we featured last week actually thought that it would look like it did in the picture below.

Woman Pays $20,000 For Three Breasts Boob Job, Family Disowns Her

Historically, when it comes to boobs, two have always sufficed but not for wannabe TV star Jasmine Tridevil who just spent $20,000 on surgery to get a third breast built between her two natural ones.

Was Oskar Dirlewanger The Sickest War Criminal In WWII?

Wars are no place for the fainthearted. If there’s one place you’re going to get to see and hear about atrocities it’s a war zone.

Sick Chirpse Sounds #001 – Jonny Dub

Sick Chirpse Sounds marks the start of a new series featuring mixes from DJs we feel have that special sick head feel about them, and today we’re happy to bring you the first of the series; by our main man Jonny Dub.

German Midfielder Moritz Stoppelkamp Scores Volley From The Edge Of His Own Area

You’ve just got to love completely sick goals, haven’t you? Newly promoted Paderborn were playing Hannover over the weekend in the Bundesliga and the new kids were winning 1-0 with a couple of minutes to go when Hannover got a dangerous looking free kick on the left hand side of the pitch.

USA To Send 3000 Troops to “Combat” Ebola In West Africa

Last week, President Obama announced that there would be a major increase in the U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Street Racer Doesn’t Wear Seat Belt, Ends Up With His Legs Through The Windshield

The last time we saw a dude go through the wind-shield, he was Russian and so that kinda explains how he survived.

Gervinho Doesn’t Wear Hairband In Weekend Football Match; Hairline Is Even More Ridiculous Than We Thought

Gervinho might have flopped at Arsenal, but he’s still fondly remembered by Premiership fans for his completely erratic playing style and the fact that he kind of looks like an alien crossed with King Kong.

This Is What Sex Looks Like In An MRI Scanner

An MRI scanner is pretty weird as it literally shows you what’s going on inside your body, and hence it’s pretty useful when doctors are trying to diagnose your ailments.

MMA Fighter’s Unfortunate Last Name Results In Hilarious Announcer Commentary

We can only imagine what Jim Ross would’ve sounded like announcing this match, in which Danny Mainus takes on Zachary Chavez at a Resurrection Fighting Alliance event: Yeah, pretty immature but funny all the same.

Rihanna Nude Photo Leaked Via ‘The Fappening’

First Kim Kardashian, then Justin Bieber, and now the one and only Rihanna. Yes, Rihanna’s full nude has been leaked.

Justin Bieber Nude Photo Leaked

Well it’s finally happened. Justin Bieber’s had a nude photo leaked online. It’s on the next page and it’s extremely NSFW, so make sure your boss isn’t standing behind you when you click.

Unbelievable Footage: Cyclist Miraculously Avoids Certain Death

If you thought that Greek cyclist who got started on by 25 angry barking dogs had a lucky escape, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Ugandan Security Guard’s Hilarious Reaction Experiencing Oculus Rift Virtual Reality For First Time

The Oculus Rift console is set to change gaming forever, with awesome-looking games like survival horror ‘The Forest’ and this freaky zombie shoot-em-up among the first games ready for release.

More Nude Celebrity Photos Leaked; Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian, Mary Kate Olsen

Who is this 4chan person and how do we stop him? Whoever he is, he assured the world while on the run earlier in the month that there were more nude celebrity pictures coming, and late last night he delivered.

Crackhead Sings Best Version Of Bump N Grind Ever

Sometimes when you do a cover, there’s just no need to mess with the original and you might as well just sing it how it’s supposed to be sung.

Paddleboat Proposal Ends In Disaster After Girl Knocks Ring Into Water

Choosing the right time and location to pop the question is integral to the proposal itself – check out 25 of the worst proposals ever for proof of this – and this guy probably thought he had made a pretty good choice with the idyllic location of a paddleboat in a river.

Massive Anaconda Spotted In Brazil Still Digesting A Huge Feast In Its Stomach

We all know there are some completely messed up things going on in the Brazilian jungle – who can forget this snake that looks like a giant penis for example?

In Russia, Throwing Around A Tree Log Is A Game – Sometimes You Get Knocked Out Though

We all know that our friends in Russia might be a little different to us – check out our From Russia With Love series for definite proof of that – and this is yet another example of how things are completely weird over there.

Even Joan Rivers Wants An iPhone 6 And She’s Dead

It’s already been established that the iPhone 6 screens are a piece of shit, but you know that won’t stop the Apple hype whatsoever.