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Two Thirds Of Tuna Isn’t Actually Tuna

We already had a slab of beef that looked like it was still alive and moving today, and now we’re also faced with the revelation that two thirds of the tuna we’ve been eating might not actually be tuna.

Man Charged With Crime After Explosive Diarrhoea Slams Kid In The Face

A man who is actually from Glastonbury and not just there visiting for the festival has been charged with outraging the public decency after he dropped his pants in a public place and sprayed diarrhoea all over a kid.

These Two Pro Golfers Got Into A Twitter Fight Because One Of Them Was Playing Drake’s Music On The Driving Range

It’s a well known fact that texting Drake lyrics to girls is always appreciated by the recipient, but what about blasting Drake tunes on the golf course during the PGA tour?

Game Of Thrones’ Goriest Deaths Recreated In Pixel Art Form Is Pretty Brutal

We’re going to need our fill of Game of Thrones material wherever we can get it while we wait for Season 6 to kick off in Spring 2016 (sigh).

How To Cut A Watermelon With A Massive Sword And Lose Your Girlfriend

Watermelons appear to be in vogue at the moment; for some reason they keep cropping up in new and weird ways.

Former ‘Queen Of Snapchat’ Banned For Posting Nude Selfies Is Campaigning Her Comeback By Going Nude On Twitter

Glamour model (she’s also a stripper at Newcastle’s Blue Velvet club, but OK let’s go with model) Chelsea Ferguson was recently banned from Snapchat for posting naked photos of herself.

Dude Asks The Internet To Photoshop A Bigger Fish For His Girlfriend, Gets Trolled To The Extreme

If you’re an Internet veteran like the rest of us at Sick Chirpse, there’s no chance you would ever ask anyone online for help in Photoshopping private photos of yourself or your friends because chances are you’re getting eviscerated every time.

Lionel Messi Is So Sick He Made Two Defenders Run Into Each Other And Injure Themselves

Lionel Messi everybody: Images VIA And in video form: That footage was taken from Argentina’s 6-1 pasting of Paraguay at the Copa America the other night.

37 Photographs That Perfectly Illustrate The Glastonbury Comedown

Glastonbury finished for another year on Sunday/Monday morning – or maybe even later for some. If you didn’t go then I’m sure you’ve had to endure at least one bland conversation/status update from someone you kind of know about how it was the best thing that had ever happened to them and they can’t wait to go back next year and every year ever after.

Syrian Terror Group Turns The Tables On ISIS By Releasing Video Of Them Executing ISIS Fighters

There’s no denying that ISIS has seriously creeped people out over the last year with all the videos they have released of people being executed in absolutely horrific ways.

The Pope Plans To ‘Do Cocaine’ On His Trip To Bolivia

Bolivia is known for a lot of things, but the one thing its probably best known for among people that regularly read these pages is the fact that it produces exemplary cocaine.

The Official ‘Creed’ Trailer Just Dropped And It’s Probably Going To Make A Billion Dollars In Its Opening Weekend

New Rocky movie? Oh fuck yes. Here’s the trailer that just dropped, starring Sylvester Stallone and Michael B.

Londoner Who Started Crowdfunder For Greek Bailout Has Nearly Raised €1,000,000

29 year old marketing manager Thom Feeney announced on Sunday that he was going to solve the Greek financial crisis in the most 2015 way possible – by asking for donations via crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

11 Year Old Rips Her Ex Boyfriend A New One With Epic Breakup Text

Everybody knows that breaking up is hard, but it seems like it’s even harder when you’re 11 and you’ve just heard about your bae going to the park with another girl.

There’s A Secret iPhone Menu That Shows All The Places That You’ve Ever Visited With Your Phone

In news that probably won’t be surprising to that many of you, the iPhone has a secret time capsule like menu that records information on the most frequent places that you’ve visited.

Freddy Mercury Rips Kanye West’s Glastonbury Performance Of Bohemian Rhapsody Apart

As many of you know, Kanye West controversially headlined Glastonbury at the weekend and for some reason he decided to perform Bohemian Rhapsody as part of his set.

These Bacon Shot Glasses Are The Must Have BBQ Food Item of The Summer

You’re probably going to end up at a few BBQs this summer and they’re probably all going to have their unique quirks that each host will have employed in order to try and make it the best BBQ you attend all summer.

Massive Snake Eats 30lb Porcupine; The Outcome Is Brutal

A 13 ft python was found pregnant with a food baby, after making the unwise decision to dine on a porcupine.

Shia LaBeouf Just Went Nuts At Mt Rushmore Yelling “America!” At Everyone

Shia LaBeouf is positively on fire this week – if by on fire you mean he’s managed to piss off a bunch of underground rappers, had some random dude paint him as Dr.

These Bacon Shot Glasses Are The Must Have BBQ Party Item of The Summer

You’re probably going to end up at a few BBQs this summer and they’re probably all going to have their unique quirks that each host will have employed in order to try and make it the best BBQ you attend all summer.