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This Is The Most Insane Downhill Urban BMX Run Of All Time

This clip is from the winner of this year’s final in Taxco in Mexico - a guy by the name of Filip Polc – and for sheer insanity it’s definitely up there.

Happiest Man Alive Celebrates Making His Final Alimony Payment To His Ex-Wife

The rest of us can only hope to experience this level of happiness one day, but hopefully it won’t be because we’ve just made our final $10,000 maintenance payment to an ex-wife: Pure, unadulterated relief and joy – how can you feel anything but chuffed for him?

Video Emerges Of T-Pain Singing Without Autotune

I bet when you clicked on that headline you thought you were going to get an absolutely horrendous video of T-Pain singing really badly without autotune akin to this clip of Britney Spears singing without autotune.

Check Out Some Of The Finalists For National Geographic’s 2014 Photograph Competition

Every year around November some of the photographs from the National Geographic photograph of the year start emerging onto the internet and every year they completely blow our minds.

4 Weird Things Your Brain Does Without Your Permission

The human brain is a complicated bit of kit, if you stick it in a complicated environment like society and make it hang out with other equally complicated bits of kit it’s no surprise there’s some weirdness going on.

Here Are 20 Of The Freakiest Photographs Ever Taken Just In Time For Halloween

Halloween is the scariest holiday around and it’s pretty much guaranteed to freak you out, especially if you end up going to an extreme Halloween horror maze rather than just going to some lame costume party.

Tesla Boss Elon Musk Likens Artificial Intelligence To Summoning Demons

Humans have a pretty dodgy track record when it comes to predicting the implications of new technology.

Alan Pardew’s Press Conference Interrupted By Bizarre Ebola Announcement

Alan Pardew took his Newcastle side to the Etihad yesterday in the Capital One cup and surprisingly managed to emerge with a 2-0 victory against a fairly decent Manchester City side.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Comes Out As Gay

In his own words from the article he wrote for Bloomberg this morning: Throughout my professional life, I’ve tried to maintain a basic level of privacy.

Letters Sent To Tupac In Prison Prove That Jada Pinkett Smith Was 100% Whipped

Way before she married Will Smith and gave birth to the new Karate Kid and Whip-Your-Hair girl, Jada Pinkett was hooking up with the baddest dude on the planet – Tupac Shakur.

Meet The Gangs Of Papa New Guinea: The Raskol

Papa New Guinea is the second biggest island on earth but one of the least explored. The huge emerald isle is predominantly forest and 90% of its occupants still live and thrive in the jungle.

Oscar Pistorius Was Direct Messaging Katie Price On Twitter During His Murder Trial

As if ‘accidentally’ murdering his girlfriend and being sentenced for five years in prison because of it wasn’t enough of a problem for Oscar Pistorius, Katie Price has today stated that he was direct messaging her all the way through his murder trial. Unfortunately given that Katie Price is involved it isn’t anywhere near as seedy as you might think, and it seems like Pistorius was generally thankful that someone was on his side when the whole world was against him.

Man Films Himself Walking The Streets Of NYC For 10 Hours

Following the success of the video of a woman who endured over 100 instances of street harassment walking around NYC, Funny Or Die decided to run the same experiment using a white dude on the same streets: And we thought the girl had it rough.

You’ll Never Guess Who The Fastest Player In The Premiership Is This Season

When you think about the fastest players in the Premiership, you generally think of players like Angel Di Maria, Eden Hazard, Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, so you’ll probably be pretty surprised when you find out that the fastest player in the Premiership isn’t any of these characters and isn’t even a pacey winger or striker.

Angry Bull Pulls Off UNBELIEVABLE Finishing Move On Bull Runner

This might actually be the most brutal move we’ve ever posted on this site, and god knows we’ve posted some brutal ones.

The All In One Beer And Weed Bong Will Be Sure To Mess You Up

Weed is getting ingrained in pretty much everything it can be these days – weed pizzas, weed girls and cats smoking weed – so it was only a matter of time before somebody found a way to combine weed with the other great love of stoner kids the world around: beer.

Meet The Barber Who Cuts People’s Hair With A Samurai Sword

Getting a good haircut seems to be getting harder and harder these days – take a look at these guys if you don’t believe me – and with the plethora of gimmick barber shops opening up over East London it’s difficult to even know where to go to try and get one.

The Weirdest Snacks From Around The World

It’s been well documented on this site that people in other countries like eating really weird stuff, but what we haven’t ever really touched on is how stuff like crisps and water and oreos and McDonald’s and stuff like that have completely different styles and menus in other countries and how they’re also completely and utterly weird.

This Is What It’s Really Like To Be Married To An Investment Banker

The Wolf Of Wall Street came out at the start of the year and girls everywhere swooned over Leonardo DiCaprio and his insanely expensive debauched lifestyle fuelled by fraud and lies, even though he pretty much treated both his wives in the movie like shit.

46 Year Old Tony Hawk Rolls Back The Years With Awesome New Skate Video

It’s undeniable that Tony Hawk is one of the greatest skaters of all time – if not the all time number one – so it’s great to see that even at the age of 46 his love of the sport isn’t fading and he’s still pushing himself to make awesome skate videos.