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Here’s A Bunch Of Photos Of Random And (Mostly) Unlikely Celebrity Friendships

How the hell does someone like Ed Sheeran end up as bum chums with Courtney Cox? And when did you ever think you’d see Sting chilling at the same table as Tupac?

Glamour Model Spends £30,000 On Cosmetic Surgery In A Bid To Become The Next Jodie Marsh

Of course, the question does have to be why would anyone want another Jodie Marsh, but for some reason Latvian glamour model Victoria Wild has decided to provide us with Jordan Mark II.

Introducing KickOn – Tinder For After Parties Has Arrived

Following the success of Tinder – and all the lolz we’ve had from all the creepy guys on there – the next step has occurred with new app KickOn which allows you find the perfect after party when you’re beaned off your face at 5am in Fabric.

KFC Korea Launches The Double Down King

We’ve featured a lot of high calorie treats here on Sick Chirpse with the best (?) probably being the ultimeatum but this offering from KFC Korea might give it a run for its money.

Tour Guide Unleashes Racist Rant On Her Last Day At Work

A San Francisco tour guide decided that as it was her last day at work, she may as well go out with a bang, so she decided to embark on a length racist rant abusing literally everything possible about the Chinatown area they were driving through.

Dope Shots #162

Feast your eyes on this… Our 162nd instalment of Dope Shots features plenty of aesthetically pleasing snapshots and .gifs that will shock, stimulate and soothe your eye balls.

An Army Of Low Wage Workers Keep Child Porn And Torture Off Your Facebook Feed

Although there are probably a few of you that don’t agree, I’m sure that most people are pretty stoked that they don’t have to deal with images of child porn, animal torture – you know stuff like Chinese bear bile farming but way worse – decapitation and whatever else when you’re scrolling down your Facebook feed.

Spanish Street Artist Pejac Visits Istanbul And Creates Beautiful Optical Illusion Street Art

We feature optical illusion street art (and even optical illusion tattoos) on the site fairly regularly, and we featured Spanish street artist Pejac a couple of months ago because he creates some of the trippiest optical illusion pieces of street art out there.

Best New Tumblr Find – What’s Lunice Sketching?

Occasional Sick Chirpse writer Antony Firth-Clark went to go see Lunice last week at XOYO and was surprised to discover that he didn’t use decks when he played live but instead used an Ableton box.

Someone Has Recreated Iconic Scenes From Drive With Pop Bangers In Response To Zane Lowe’s ‘Reimagining’

Earlier on this week everyone got really really pissed off when it was announced that Zane Lowe had curated his own soundtrack for iconic movie Drive that was going to be shown on BBC 3 next week.

Cadbury’s Reply With Amazing Rejection Letter To Guy Who Tried To Bribe Them With A Fiver For A Job

It’s fair to say that getting a job is probably one of the most annoying and time consuming things you have to do with your life, so it’s not surprising that sometimes people try and think a little out of the box with their applications in the hope of standing out.

Iraqi Body Builder Uses Synthol AND Steroids And Looks Absolutely Disgusting

We’ve written about Synthol on the site and how injecting it into your muscles makes you look like a complete and utter moron like this Brazilian guy called Arlindo Arnomalia, but to be honest we thought he was the pinnacle of stupidity and never thought we would see anything like this ‘bodybuilder’ from Baghdad who injects both Synthol and steroids into his muscles to make them pretty much the biggest things anyone has ever seen.

What The Hell Is This Girl Doing?

We can’t for the life of us figure out what this girl is on but it sure looks like a fun time. Nothing like being so high that you’re standing in the middle of the car park trying to decide whether to sit down in the invisible chair or not when suddenly some guy beeps really loudly at you and BAM – welcome back to the real world.

8 Things We Used To Think Were Healthy That Totally Aren’t

As a species, humanity is pretty cocksure of itself. We always reckon we’re right and that the current mode of thinking is spot on.

You Won’t Believe What’s Going On With This Tuna’s Head

Oh Lord, what have they pulled out of the sea this time? We all know only too well that the ocean holds some pretty magical and terrifying items.

Here’s What Tiger Woods’ Ex Wife Bought With Her $100 Million Divorce Settlement

Divorcing your husband isn’t so bad when it means you get an $100 million divorce settlement – just ask Tiger Woods’ ex Elin Nordegren.

GoPro Footage Of Moment When BMXer Boots London Cyclist Off His Bike During Busy Traffic

Commuting through a major city is akin to going to war some mornings. It’s every man for himself. The trucks hate the cars, the cars hate the taxis, the cyclists hate the cars and buses, and pedestrians hate the cyclists, the cars and the taxis.

Julian Newman Is A 12 Year Old Basketball Protege Who Has The Most Insane Workout Routine Ever

We’ve featured some insane workout routines on the site before, but this one for 12 year old Julian Newman is probably the craziest yet.

Microsoft Set To Breakdown Language Barriers By Releasing “Universal Translator” App For Skype

If you have ever watched Star Trek or other sci-fi media, you have probably seen some rendition of a Universal Translator.

Guy Writes Amazing Complaint Letter To BT; Uses ‘Wankers’ As Name On Invoice

A dude called Mark Jorgensen sent this story in about his experience with BT and how they ripped him off for a year and then didn’t even give him a good internet connection that he could get a decent stream on.