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Ludogorets Defender Forced To Go In Goal For Penalty Shootout; Saves Two Penalties And Scores One

If you were a supporter of Lubogorets – that’s in Bulgaria in case you were unfamiliar – and hoping to qualify for your first ever Champion’s League campaign then you were probably screwing late on in the game last night when your goalkeeper Vladislav Stoyanov was sent off for a professional foul heading into a penalty shootout for a spot in the tournament with Steaua Bucharest.

Brother And Sister Have Sex In Church Car Park After Watching The Notebook

Seriously, you couldn’t make this shit up. A brother and sister have been arrested afar they admitted to having sex three times in a tractor trailer parked outside a church, following a viewing of The Notebook.

Palestine’s Answer To The Stupid Ice Bucket Challenge Is The ‘Remains Challenge’

The only way you can have avoided seeing videos of the ice bucket challenge is if you were living in the middle of a war zone… Oh hang on a minute, even people in war zones haven’t avoided it.

Parents React In The Worst Possible Way To Their Son Coming Out As Gay

Wow. This is some really dark fucked up shit so don’t say we didn’t warn you if you want to keep on reading.

Aragorn From LOTR Teams Up With Guns N’ Roses Guitarist To Produce Some Absolutely Fucked Up Shit

This is possibly the most random musical connection I have ever heard of. Viggo Mortenson (Aragorn from the Lord Of The Rings) has teamed up with avant-garde guitarist Buckethead, who was at one time lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, and is called Buckethead because he performs with a white mask and a KFC bucket on his head.

You’ve Been Eating Sushi Wrong The Whole Time, Here’s How You’re Meant To Do it…

I’m not the biggest fan of sushi I’ll be the first to admit, but I figured this might be a useful tip for all you sushi heads out there because it turns out you’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

NSFW: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Gets A Fart Remix

We premiered the new Nicki Minaj video for Anaconda last week which was a pretty unusual move for us because we don’t normally do that.

Cops Kill TV Crew Member From ‘Cops’ During Robbery That Was Caught On Camera

Remember that show Cops that used to be on Sky One all the time (and probably still is if you stay up all night drinking and smoking weed like I used to), where a TV crew follows a bunch of Cops around on the beat as they bust drug dealers and generally just beat people up?

Kim Jong-Un Is A Massive Man United Fan And Wants Their Matches Shown All Over North Korea

Not content with being a massive NBA and Dennis Rodman fan (so much so that the big man will even sing happy birthday to him), it’s now been revealed that Kim Jong-Un is a massive Manchester United fan and has been for years.

Dark Sky Deliver Their New Album ‘Imagin’

Dark Sky are no newcomers to the Dance scene in any way shape or form. With nine EPs sporadically released across seven different labels they certainly know their way around a studio.

Jamie Carragher Completely Trolls Manchester United Fans On Twitter

As if things weren’t bad enough at the moment for Manchester United fans (your team is complete dog shit, everyone in the whole world is dissing you etc) they got even worse when even Jamie Carragher decided to get in on the joke.

ALIEN WATCH: Clouds Found Outside Our Solar System For The First Time Ever

ALIENS!!!! Only joking, not yet. But they have found alien clouds. For the first time ever, clouds of water have been found somewhere outside of our solar system.

Egyptian Feminists Literally Poop And Bleed All Over ISIS Flag (NSFW)

ISIS have been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently – most notably for the brutal execution of American journalist James Foley – and there’s been a negative reaction to them in pretty much every corner of the globe.

The 20 Most Brilliant Shower Thoughts Ever

It’s well noted that some of the greatest thoughts in history have occurred in the shower – OK the whole Eureka thing was in a bathtub but that’s pretty much the same thing – and Reddit has kindly created a subreddit to discuss some of these from every day people because as Reddit knows, the thoughts of every day people are way weirder/better than you could ever have possibly hoped to imagine.

Zara Pulls Kids’ T-Shirt That Looks Like A Nazi Prison Camp Uniform

The Spanish retailer Zara has been forced to pull a new line of kids’ t-shirts on Wednesday once a bunch of people on social media pointed out that it strongly resembled the prison outfits that Jews were forced to wear at Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

This Guy’s Made His Own ‘Ginger Discount Card’ And Is Saving Cash Everywhere He Goes

After news that gingers are set to become extinct due to increasingly sunny skies in Scotland, one dude is making the most of his red-headedness by creating a home-made ‘ginger discount card’ which incredibly, has so far worked for him in bars, restaurants, cinemas and taxis.

Two Year Old Drops F-Bomb After Doing Ice Bucket Challenge

We’re just waiting for someone to light themselves on fire while doing the ice bucket challenge before we wrap the series up for good.

North Korea Slam USA For Human Rights Abuses In Ferguson – And They Couldn’t Be More Right

Brilliant. North Korea, the world capital of human rights abuses: imprisonment and execution without trial, torture, sexism, racism, random beatings and intense enforced poverty and famine.

Dude Shatters His Hip Into A Million Pieces Doing Running Jump Into Swimming Pool

Ron Burgundy would not be proud of this dude’s catastrophic attempt at a cannonball, mainly because he misses the pool completely and lands on concrete with a sickening thud before rolling into the pool with a shattered hip.

Unmanned Drone Wars: What’s The Beef?

Just the term “drone” has an eerily clandestine Orwellian feel about it. Faceless deadly war machines floating high above civilians and terrorists alike, reigning down fury from afar.