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23 People Who Thought…I Can Fix That!

Have you ever had one of those days where NOTHING seems to go right? Well here’s 23 pics of people trying to fix things, and make the best of a bad situation.

This Taxidermist Handles Prank Texts Like a Pro!

This taxidermist sure has a great sense of humor. His witty comebacks at the end of the prank are PRICELESS!

35 Greatest Animal Photobombers Of All Time!

Here’s 35 of the greatest animal photobomers of all time. Sometimes it’s the “littlest things” in life that give us the BIGGEST LAUGHS!

Sugar Scrub Instructions That Will Make You Laugh!

I couldn’t help but laugh at these sugar scrub instructions! But seriously ladies, this stuff DOES work.  **WARNING: Use of very strong language used-NSFW**  Via: The post Sugar Scrub Instructions That Will Make You Laugh!

38 Tattoos That Fail Miserably!

Here’s 38 people whose tattoos will make you wonder, “what the hell were they thinking?!?”  Can you say, “MAJOR FAIL”?

24 Times Pranks Got Taken To A Whole New Level

Some of these pranks are hilarious! Unless of course, you’re the one who receives the prank. Some people are so mean!

Why Do Cassowaries Even Exist?

Cassowaries are native to the tropical forests of New Guinea, nearby islands, and northeastern Australia.

20 Honest Slogans Reveal The Truth About World’s Biggest Brands

These 20 slogans may be closer to the truth for some of the world’s biggest brands. At the VERY least, they’re worthy of a good laugh!

29 Things That Are Way More Important Than Work Right Now

Take a little break from work, check out these funny animals, and have a GOOD laugh. After all…You deserve it!

24 Bizarre Hybrid Animals

Okay, so these 24 bizarre hybrid animals “evolved” by using Photoshop, but they are still TOO FUNNY! Kinda wondering what these animals should be named…What do YOU think?

28 People Who Are Too Dumb For Their Own Good!

These 28 people have just taken DUMB to a whole new level! All I can say is…”SERIOUSLY?!?”  1. Ryan and his history lesson: Via 2. The owner of a meat oak ass: Via 3. Laura and her conspiracy theories: Via 4. Jack and his hard-hitting questions: Via 5. This guy: Via 6. This person who should probably have her phone confiscated: Via 7. Jamie and his tech hacks: Via 8. This person who has clearly never seen earplugs: Via 9. The creator of the #FlamingYoung hashtag: Via 10. Eric and his astute observations: 11. This lizard person: Via 12. The architect behind the Flute Swimming Pool: Via 13. This person unfamiliar with how pickles work: Via 14. Shelby: Via 15. This cook: Via 16. These people who have never seen a corkscrew before: Via 17. The last person you’d expect to use the #smart hashtag: Via 18. Pretty much everyone involved in this thread: Via 19. The owner of the world’s best/worst selfie: Via 20. This person who hopefully didn’t swallow: Via Facebook: yufunnydotcom 21. This navigator: Via 22. This person and their deep, philosophical questions: Via 23. The proud owner of some “chef hat” nails: Via 24. The world’s worst twin: Via 25. Slay asking the important questions: Via 26. This person who knows a lot more about the Earth’s crust than we all do: Via 27. This person who should not be allowed near a computer: Via 28. And, of course, Andy: Via So close, yet so far… Via: The post 28 People Who Are Too Dumb For Their Own Good!

Honest McDonald’s Applicant Gets Job

This young man was actually hired after he submitted his job application at McDonald’s in Florida. His hilarious honesty actually PAID OFF!

33 Insanely Clever Innovations

Not sure why these insanely clever innovations aren’t everywhere already, but hopefully they will be soon!

35 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t Such A Bad Place

Sometimes, just one random act of kindness is all it takes to make someone’s day better. These pictures prove that the world isn’t such a bad place after all!

Katy Perry – Roar Music Video

Katy Perry – Roar Music Video Album: Prism Released: August 10, 2013 Recorded: March 2013 Label: Capitol Writer(s): Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin, Bonnie McKee, Henry Walter Producer(s): Dr.

28 Eyebrow Fails of the Worst Kind!

28 Eyebrow fails that will have you saying WTF? Some of these women look like they got into a bitter fight with a Sharpie!

17 Fast Food Signs That Are Bizarrely Sexual

These 17 fast food signs may leave you wanting MORE than just food to “wet” your appetite! **WARNING: ADULT CONTENT** 1. The sign where Wendy just puts it all out there.

Unbelievable Fun Facts About the Human Body

Here are 14 fun facts about the human body that may seem unbelievable, but are totally true. Well, #4 may certainly explain why some people act the way they do!

20 Ways to Subtly Mess With People’s Minds

Here’s 20 ways to subtly mess with people’s minds. Some may be evil, but pure genius!  Via: The post 20 Ways to Subtly Mess With People’s Minds appeared first on

20 Meals You Can Make In 20 Minutes

If you don’t have much time after work to make some healthy meals for your family, here’s 20 meals that you can whip up in just 20 minutes!