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Boy Dies After Dad Calls Cops To Teach Him a Lesson

This is the tragic, true story of a father trying to do the right thing, which ultimately ended in the death of his son.

23 Teens Trying (And Totally Failing) to Be Tough

We all know the stereotypical pressure society puts on men. Don’t show emotion. Man up. Be tough. Protect what is yours.

These 13 Life Hacks Will Help You Live Healthier

Life can be a bit tricky at times, and it helps to know that you can cheat the system every now and then.

Can’t Draw, Won’t Draw? Here’s How You Can With A Little Help Of Numbers!

Ever been the kid that dreaded taking art because it was all you could do to draw a decent circle? Image Source Well, fear no more my fellow art dud.

17 Pictures That Will Make You Wonder How Kids From The 80s Are Still Alive

With all of the things that the kids in the 80s were exposed to we scratch our heads in wonder to how the heck they are still alive today!

18 Shower thoughts that’ll boggle your mind

Have you ever been taking a shower and had some wild and crazy thought pop up in your head and then the more you thought about it the more it actually made sense?

These 19 People Must Get Mistaken For Real Celebrities All The Time

There really are people out there that do look just like some celebrities. Some people work so hard to try and look like a celebrity, then you have people that are born looking like a star.

300-Pound Runner Receives Anonymous Note That Brings Him to Tears

When young 32-year-old Jonathan Bellshaw unhealthy eating habits lead him to reach almost 300 pounds he realized he had to make a change in order to run and be there for his young son.

This Kid Just Created The Most Amazing Thing Using Thousands Of Lego Bricks

Lego building is one a game to some but to others is an innovative hobby, ask this Norwegian teenager Lasse Ankersø who built a 30,000 Lego bricks scale model of the RMS Titanic in his living room.

US Gov Are After This Man For Exposing Lie Detector Tests As A Massive Scam

Lie detector expert claims you might as well flip a coin to tell if somebody’s lying. The polygraph test was invented 100 years ago, the technology hasn’t changed since then.

These 16 Kids That May Have All the Answers in Life

Naturally generations change, and the youth of these wonderful times of the Iphones, their wittiness and out of the box responses are priceless.

Top 10 Keypers From The 80s

What a blast from 80’s past! Who remembers these awesome toys? There were 2 types of Keypers toys, Adult and Baby Keypers. Adult Keypers came with a Keyring, Brush & Key, all Baby Keypers came with brushes.

Groupon Posted This Product On Facebook, And The Comments That Follow Are Gold

When Groupon posted this image of their newly advertised  ‘Banana Bunker’, the fans couldn’t have enough, and neither did Groupon themselves!

This Father And Son Took The Same Picture For 28 Years – Until The Last One

Photographs are cherished memories that no one can deny their importance and sentimental values to most families.

31 Times Autocorrect Made Things Much, Much Worse

Don’t you just hate when you are trying to text someone real quick only to realise after you already sent it that the stupid auto correct totally messed up your text?

27 Struggles Only a 90’s Kids Understand

If you are a 90s kid you are going to connect instantly to these 27 struggles that you probably experienced at some point in your life.

26 Flawless Responses To People Who Never Text Back

Nowadays texting is much easier and somewhat more preferable than meeting face-to-face or even picking up the phone and dialing the number… Until we hear crickets on the other end….

12 Real Life Struggles of a Mega b***h

1. You don’t think before you speak Because you don’t need to. Why would you? If you’ve got something to say, you just say it.

23 Alcoholic Drinks Everyone Who Love In Britain Regret

If you grew up in Britain then you are going have a quick flashback to times spent on the bathroom floor praying to the toilet gods.

Husband Turns The Tables By Announcing To His Wife That She’s Pregnant

For probably the first time in the history of pregnancies, a husband (who’s also very handsome – but that’s not important) reveals to his wife that she’s pregnant.