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Legendary News Reader Can Rap!

It’s always a right laugh when a news anchor messes up by mistake. Sponsored Link They’re always so serious and controlled so it’s nice when we get to see the fun side of them.

They Put 12 Jolly Ranchers in Each Bottle

Perfect for parties this summer, this easy, fun to make drink is an absolute must have at any occasion that involves alcohol!

Why Boots is Keeping It’s Free Medication Scheme a Secret

Recently the internet has been flooded with information about the Boots ‘Minor Ailments Scheme‘ thanks to a young mum accidentally coming across the news that Boots will give your children free medication.

Puppy Training Tips Using Rolled Up Newspaper

Puppies can easily get in the habit of peeing inside the house if they aren’t trained properly. Your training should start from the moment you meet them, they ARE old enough to start learning, even if it is a little slowly!

41 Blasts From Your Primary School Past

Saying your prayers before lunch and at home time, getting your knees grazed and changing your best friend every other term.

Even If You Don’t Like Ellen, This Is The Most Hilarious Interview Ever Recorded.

Sponsored Link If you are from the UK, you may not yet have heard of Amy Schumer. She is an American acrtess and comedian who is best known for staring in, co-writing and producing Inside Amy Schumer, the popular Comedy Central television.

28 People Who Failed So Hard, They Ended Up Winning

Ever wondered what it would look like if the usual losers who fail time and time again actually failed so badly that they ended up winning?

After Coming Home To Catch Her Husband Cheating, He Says This

Sponsored Link OK I have to admit, the first time I read this, it took me a few minutes to get it. Call me ditsy, call my whatever but it is pretty darn funny so I decided to share it here with you guys.

29 Problems Only Tall People Have to Face

I’m sure we all have something to say if our bodies don’t “fit the norm.” These will definitely make you think and LOL while you are at it!

What Disney Characters Might Look Like If We Saw Them in Public

We all love to spot our favorite celebs on the streets of City USA and see “how they really dress,” right?

Bieber’s Briefs Get a Makeover

Being a celebrity sure has it’s perks. When one poses for a photo, we all know they are getting paid big bucks to do it.

38 Questions on Yahoo That May Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

#1 Only serious mermaid spells, please. Sponsored Link Image Source: buzzfeed   #2 Uh, I believe the term is “little people”… Image Source: buzzfeed   #3 Where is Bill Nye when you need him?

20 Odd but Effective Ads

Everyone is tired of ads, right? We are bombarded by them every day. But check out these innovative and eye-catching ads that will leave you thinking.

27 Pics Only Harry Potter Fans Will Think Are Hilarious

#1 This pickup line… Image Source: buzzfeed   Sponsored Link #2 Dumbledore’s logic… Image Source: buzzfeed   #3 There are 3 types of exam takers… Image Source: buzzfeed   #4 This yearbook photo… Image Source: buzzfeed   #5 This relationship advice… Image Source: buzzfeed   #6 Solid dating advice… Im

14 Reasons Scarlett Moffatt Really Is The Best Contributor To “Gogglebox”

Sponsored Link We all have our own favourites when it come to Gogglebox. Whether it is silent Jay or the jovial gay couple or the posh drunks.

The Most Honest Wedding Invite. Ever.

If you’ve planned a wedding, you’ll remember being surprised that you’re nearest and dearest, the people you chose to share your special day with, had the nerve to be so d**n difficult/disrespectful.

12 Things Students Have in Common With Toddlers

Is there a scientific reason that when human beings finally get to flee the nest that they revert back to being a baby for a while?

Things Men Don’t Realise Girls Worry About

Most girls worry and a lot of the worry the experience is directly related to the pressures from the media.

14 Spots You Would Never Know Were In Scotland

Scotland really does have it all – from snow-capped mountains, palm trees and turquoise seas. But at first glance, would you guess where you actually were?

Jaw Dropping Teeny-Tiny Drawings

What is this? Art for Ants!? Incredibly talented artist, Lorraine Loots has created a series of beautiful miro-drawings and paintings that will boggle your mind.