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The Man Who Makes the Freakiest Pumpkin Carvings

Once a year, every year, we realize that our pumpkin-carving skills are not what we thought they were.

Baby’s Projectile p**p Ruins a Family Portrait but the Shot Went Viral Anyway

At last – the father-son moment has arrived. Junior made it safely into the world with all fingers and toes – and apparently that’s not all.

You Will Never Guess What This Guy Does To Himself After Finding Out He Couldn’t Please His GF

We have all heard of folks who do drastic things upon a break-up. Some gals get b**b jobs – some guys might get a Prince Albert.

You’ll Never Believe the Letter One Woman Wrote to the Lady Behind her in Line at the Grocery Store

Andrea, mother of five, runs a popular blog entitled “True Stories of a Midwest Yankee.” One of her recent posts about an experience at a grocery store is gaining a lot of notoriety as it moves hearts across the nation.

Diamond Ring Rescued from Toilet Sewer Manhole

One might call this a one-in-a-million-dollar rescue. Okay, so the ring might not have a value of a million dollars on the market – but it sure does to the owner!

Point-and-Shoot App Solves Math Problems

There’s always a new app out there – this new one will do your math for you. All you have to do is aim your phone at it, scan the problem and receive your answer.

What Happens When Kids Leave Traditional Education

Meet thirteen-year-old Logan Laplante, former student of the public education system. Not only was he placed in home schooling, he was given the ability to tailor his education to his own interests and learning style.

Facebook-ers Who should be Banned for Hypocrisy

Texting while driving is perfectly ok if there are only adults involved (hmmm) On second thought, don’t hate these folks.

How a Superhero at Burger King Shut up a Screaming Brat

We’ve all been there – you are standing at a fast food restaurant and an out-of-sorts child seems to be controlling the entire joint.

Dad Finds Harshly Worded Letter to “Tooth Fairy” Under His Daughters Pillow

This is a letter written by the daughter of Reddit member willsanderson addressed to the Tooth Fairy.

23 Shallow Reasons to Break Up with Someone

Just leave it to Seinfeld’s George Costanza to come up with a list of the most shallow reasons for breaking up with someone.

23 Look-A-Likes Will Make you Think Twice

How often does this happen to us? We are  strolling down a street and do a double-take when something or someone catches our eye.

Underground Wonderland

Who knew the Cold War era could be so warm? Welcome to the dream home of Girard “Jerry” B. Henderson.

Haunted House Camera Captures The Most Terrifying Moment of The Tour…. And I Can’t Stop Laughing

In case you haven’ heard of it, the Nightmares Fear Factory claims to be the most terrifying Haunted House experience in Canada.

Her Daughter Was Bullied at School For Having Disgusting Shoes. Then This Man Stepped in

My daughter was telling me a girl at school called her shoes “disgusting”. A man chased us down, then this happened… Thank you stranger ;-; While this lady was on her way back from hospital after getting an EKG holster attached, she was chatting to her daughter about a mean girl at school.

3 Simple Steps to Trap a Cat: The Circle of Life

Whether the feline is a ferocious beast on the continent of Africa or a furry feline in your living room, at least one thing they will all share in common is their love for a sacred space.

Having a Bad Day? This Will Cure All On Your Way Home.

Welcome to your new normal – this should happen every day on the way home from work. Wouldn’t you say?

The Worst First Date – There’s No Topping This One!

What started out as a simple bathroom break resulted in disaster. It was the middle of winter with a ton of snow on the ground and very low temperatures.

8 Foods You Should Never Eat

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” But what if there was more truth to that than we realize?

Hard Man Detective and Boxing Teacher Surprises Everyone in Court. Astonishing

Detective Jack Mook is your all American hard mad detective come boxing fan. In his private life he was living alone as a bachelor enjoying the work / boxing gym balance.