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Top 10 Los Angeles Auto Show premiers

The press days for Los Angeles Auto Show are done. Now we decided to deliver a top 10 with the most impressive models revealed in Los Angeles.

Discover the Most Expensive Land Rover Ever

Land Rover has gone a long way from being a no-name in the automotive industry to becoming one of the most important players in this huge industry, in the SUV niche.

The Very First Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique ”The Blue of London” Opens in London, UK

On November 12, the world-famous Bugatti brand opened the distinctively ritzy, exclusive and highly-anticipated Bugatti flagship store themed around the concept of ”The Blue of London”, as an homage to the traditional blue color which distinguishes the legendary brand.

Samsung Auctions Off Gold UHDTV for Charity

Having a curved 78-inch ultra-high definition TV in your living room is still something reserved for the affluent, but what would you say if that particular TV was clad in gold?

The Top 10 Cars of The Fast and Furious Franchise

The recent announcement of Furious 7 has shown that the action packed movies of The Fast and The Furious franchise still have plenty of gas in their tanks.

Top 10 Most Expensive Car Movies

For years and years now, films with expensive cars featured alongside a star-studded cast have been a favorite for moviegoers everywhere.

Discover the Top 10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits in the World

We live in a world and age where men’s clothing usually takes a backseat at important events, such as weddings or parties.

The Ultimate In Luxury: Etihad’s $20,000 Flying Apartments

Earlier this year, Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, headquartered in Abu Dhabi unveiled the world’s most luxurious and opulent living space in the air, suggestively named ”The Residence”.

Top Ten Weird Celebrity Dressing Room Demands

Ever since Van Halen requested that all brown M & M’s be removed from their candy bowl, it seems as though celebrity backstage requests (known as “riders”) are becoming more expensive and strange.

The New HM6 Space Pirate Watch by MB&F – Being Fascinated by the Universe

Every single time MB&F launches a new product, we are amazed by their creativity and uniqueness. This brand stands out of the crowd due to their ingenuity and insight, creating high-end watches that both look stunning and bring something new to the table.

Top 10 Most Expensive Movie Memorabilia

Held in October 2014 in LA, California, the Hollywood Memorabilia auction event organized by Profiles in History, the world’s largest dealer and auctioneer of authentic Hollywood memorabilia realized per total an unprecented amount of $5,425,590, significantly exceeding pre-auction estimates.

Top 10 Hottest and Most Wealthy Male CEO’s

What could be more sexy that a hot guy with a boat load of money. If you are looking for that unique combination in a guy, what better place to start than the top 10 hottest and most wealthy male CEO’s list.

Top 10 Hottest and Most Wealthy Female CEO’s

Women CEOs were once a rare occurrence in the business world as the position has historically been dominated by men.

List of the Top 10 Most Expensive Cigars

Have you ever been curious as to how much the most expensive cigars would cost you? Just ask anyone who smokes cigars on a regular basis, this is a very expensive hobby to say the least.

Top 5 Most Expensive Video Game Accessories

While the wealthy might consider purchasing luxury homes, cars, and yachts, as just another ordinary expense, who knew that the gaming industry created many accessories that are also designed to cater those with plenty of cash on hand.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Haunted Houses

Haunted houses are becoming more popular by the minute thanks to paranormal reality TV shows such as Ghost Hunters, The Dead Files, and Haunted Highway.

The Top 5 Most Expensive Video Games of All Time

We all know that video games are big business, but what most people don’t know is that some of their development and advertising budgets rival the biggest Hollywood movies.

The Top 5 Most Expensive Video Games of All Time

We all know that video games are big business, but what most people don’t know is that some of their development and advertising budgets rival the biggest Hollywood movies.

Top 10 Most Expensive Plane Tickets

The airline business is quite competitive which causes the carriers to slash prices often and offer special one-time deals.

World’s most expensive engagement rings

Engagement rings come in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices. No matter the style or the price, engagement rings are beautiful and cherished by the woman who received it.