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Top 10 Cars To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

If you are trying to find the perfect vehicle to stay alive during the zombie apocalypse, these would be your 10 best options.

Top 10 Extreme Method Actors

Described as both challenging and unorthodox, extreme method acting is one of the most popular trends in Hollywood.

Top 10 Insane Survival Stories

Human beings supposedly have the ability to live against all odds. After all, they are the most advanced of all intelligent beings.

Top 10 Weird Celebrity Fears

We always envision celebrities as people who live in endless sprees of glamour. This is in many ways true.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Kanye West

Kanye West is famous for speaking his mind, even if no one else agrees with his opinions. He is also known for his hate of the paparazzi, with whom he has had numerous run ins, and who in turn have sued him for either breaking their cameras or for assault.

Top 10 most controversial politicians

Controversies are a part and parcel of the lives of politicians regularly bringing them in positive or negative limelight.

Top 10 Celebrities That “Came Out” And Shocked The World

There are a lot of celebrities that have come out as openly gay over the years, some of them didn’t come as a surprise because a lot of people always assumed they probably were, while others came as a shock to their fans and peers, because no one would have guessed that they were.

Top 10 Most Popular Children Books

It’s a well-known and widely accepted fact that parents should regularly read books to their children from as early an age as possible.

Top 10 Celebs that made bad parenting decisions

Whether it’s because of their glamorous lifestyle or the short lasting relationships, stories about celebrities making poor or bad parenting decisions, and later writing books about the same are something that keeps popping up in the media continuously.

Top 10 Weird Celebrity Plastic Surgery Transformations

Top 10 Weird Celebrity Plastic Surgery Transformations When a person gains celebrity status and seems to constantly be under the magnifying glass for the amusement of the rest of the world, their physical imperfections (or perception of) may be magnified as well.

Top 10 stands of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show is the greatest automotive event in the world because here you can see all the car manufactures and as a bonus the niche producers that are delivering to us the supercars.

Top 10 Live TV Meltdowns

Celebrities are famous for being the best in their careers. They have also produced some of the most epic moments of funny, interesting and even bizarre rants on TV, moments that the world has captured and immortalized for posterity.

Top 10 Cursed Movie Sets

Hollywood studios have created some of the scariest movies that we have ever seen. Movies like The Exorcist and Paranormal Activity, have scared the pants off moviegoers, and made a lot of money worldwide.

Top 10 Celebrity Ghost Encounters

Watching a horror movie makes one comfort themselves by thinking that it wasn’t real and everyone was just acting.

10 Celebrities That Do Their Own Stunts

A career in acting, without a doubt, is the dream of many owing to the glitz and glamour associated with it.

Top 10 Scariest Places On Earth

There are a lot of wonderful places here on earth, however, there are also places that are stranger than the most alien landscapes you see in sci-fi films.

Top 10 scary celebrity stalkers

Getting famous is accompanied not only by money, fans and paparazzi, but also brings along a world of crazy stalkers.

Top 10 Cars To Drive Before You Die

Cars have been in our life for decades and I think each family has its petrol head. This is why we decided to create a top 10 with the cars you must drive before you die.

Top 10 Weird Celebrity Fan Mail

Fans love their idols to a point of obsessive derangement. While some fan mail sent to celebrities have been hilarious, others have been outright scary.

Top 10 Crazy Men on the Bachelorette

It’s hard to resist a good dating show. The gossip is juicy, the drama enticing, and some of the men and women involved are extra crazy!