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Don't forget about Pebble: Update adds iOS 8 compatibility, emojis, and more

With Android Wear and now Apple Watch suddenly taking over the wrist-wearable space, Pebble is likely struggling to remain relevant.

Making the switch: Here's how to go from Android to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

We're leaving Android, for iOS (or, more specifically, for the iPhone 6 Plus). We're not platform-prejudice, as we've used everything from the Nokia Lumia 1020 to the HTC One M8, but lately we've strictly been toting around an Android phone.

Website of the day: Shockwave Killer Whale

Is it just us, or has it been a really long week? So much going on. New gadgets, trade shows, high street closures, historic referendums.

Larry Ellison retires as Oracle's CEO, will stay on as CTO

Oracle's chief executive officer is retiring. Lawrence J. Ellison, more commonly known as Larry Ellison, has announced he will step down as head of the company he founded in 1977.

Virgin Atlantic to offer Gogo's speedy in-flight Wi-Fi service

Virgin Atlantic is set to become the first European carrier to offer Gogo connectivity. More interesting however is that Gogo’s 2Ku system will be available in all Virgin Atlantic aircraft, essenially providing passengers with in-flight Wi-Fi service...

Microsoft Office 16 goes dark, if these leaked screengrabs are anything to go by

Microsoft has been working on the next version of Office for Windows, codenamed Office 16, and newly-leaked screenshots of the software reveal the company is planning to go darker in terms of design colours.

Photokina 2014 round-up: The best cameras due this year

Every two years the photo manufacturer fraternity descends on Cologne in Germany for the industry's largest show.

Pentax K-S1: Built-in LED light displays distract from some interesting tech (hands-on)

Pentax isn't one for the norm. In addition to its multi-colour DSLR cameras, the company was also showing off its latest K-S1 DSLR at Photokina - a camera that has coloured light indicator lamps said to guide operations.

Apple's Tim Cook issues privacy statement after iCloud nudie thefts

Following a hacking scandal that involved nude celebrity photos being leaked online, Apple's chief executive officer has spearheaded a new campaign to address policy changes, explain just how personal information is handled at the company, and provide...

London iPhone 6 queue is oh so British: 'We're queueing at Nike next'

How much do you want a new iPhone? How long would you be prepared to live on the streets to be first in the queue on launch day?

Just Dance Now lets you boogie on down in the street

Following the app's unveiling at E3 in June, Just Dance Now will release as a game for mobile devices later this month.

Olympus interchangeable lens mount for smartphones incoming, 'open platform' camera module revealed

Tucked away in the corner of the Olympus stand at Photokina 2014 was what could be described as a digital box Brownie with a Micro Four Thirds lens mount attached and a smartphone to its side.

Was your Phones 4u iPhone 6 or Plus pre-order cancelled? Here's how to still get one on day one

EE is offering disgruntled Phones 4u customers who had their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders cancelled a chance to get the device they wanted on day one.

Best apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: The first iOS 8 games and apps you must download

Whenever a new iPhone is released there are obviously those who are upgrading on an annually or bi-annually basis, but there are also a flood of people jumping on board for the first time.

Anki Drive for Android confirmed, new cars launched

Anki Drive, the modern day Scaletrix-esque toy that works with the iPhone and iPad, is coming to Android as the company looks to expand the appeal of the intelligent racing toy.

iOS 8 HealthKit issues see fitness apps withdrawn from iTunes App Store

The public launch of iOS 8 this morning was not a smooth one, it seems. Apple has confirmed it found a bug that affects the launch of HealthKit-integrated apps.

iOS 8 HealthKit issues see fitness apps withdrawn from iTunes App Store

Thanks to bugs in the way Apple's new HealthKit system interacts with third-party health and fitness applications, the iOS 8 update has seen many of them withdrawn from the iTunes App Store until a fix can be found.

Oculus who? AirVR straps an iPhone 6 Plus or iPad mini to your face

Move over Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, there's a new virtual reality kid in town and it's iPhone and iPad based.

Amazon Kindle Voyage vs Nook GlowLight vs Kobo Aura H2O: Which eBook reader should you choose?

With Amazon's announcement of a new Kindle device in time for Christmas this year and major rivals Barnes & Noble and Kobo also revealing their new eBook readers recently, there seems no better a time than to consider that purchase.

Amazon Fire range refreshed, with new colours for Fire HD and more powerful HDX

Amazon has dropped the Kindle branding from its tablet ranges and refreshed the line-up for 2014. The new Amazon Fire HD tablets come in 6- and 7-inch screen sizes and five different colour choices - perhaps to tackle the rise of the bright and cheery...