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No surprise here: Pokemon Go breaks App Store record, Apple says

Pokemon Go has taken over the world, and Apple's App Store, apparently. Apple has confirmed to Polygon, The Verge, iMore, and a bunch of other places that the augmented-reality game has broken a record by being the most downloaded game in its first week...

Samsung fixes S7 Active's waterproofing flaw, will replace damaged phones

Samsung's Galaxy S7 Active is meant to be waterproof, but apparently, some units didn't get the memo.

You can now preoder Razer's OSVR HDK 2 virtual-reality headset

Gamers have another headset to choose from in the virtual reality space. VR headsets are all the rage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus: What's the rumoured difference?

Samsung will be announcing its next Galaxy Note device on 2 August at an event in New York. By default, the new smartphone should be called the Note 6, but Samsung has said it will be jumping a digit in order to align the Note with its current 2016 flagships....

BlackBerry Hamburg/Neon: Release date, specs and everything we know so far

Blackberry is expected to launch three phones over the next year. One of them is the Argon and, by the sounds of it, this will be the company's 2016 flagship phone.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 6S Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus: What's the rumoured difference?

Apple's new iPhones - the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus - are due to launch in the next few months, with most placing their bets on a September announcement.

A Pokemon Go smartwatch app needs to happen

Pokemon Go has basically taken the rulebook and thrown it out of the Window. It's seen huge interest around the globe and really shaken up mobile gaming, by insisting that you leave your house.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in pictures: Renders, and leaked photos gallery

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has had a strong following since it first pioneered the phablet. After a period where the Note 5 skipped release in some countries, Samsung is expected to come back swinging with an international Note 7 release.

HTC Marlin spotted in real life, teasing next Nexus specs

Discussion surrounding the next Nexus devices has been rife, with rumours of two HTC handsets known as Marlin and Sailfish.

BlackBerry's next flagship, Argon: What's the story so far?

Blackberry is expected to launch three phones over the next year. One of them is the Argon, and by the sounds of it, this will be the company's 2016 flagship phone.

Pokemon Go finally launches in Japan

Pokemon Go's global roll-out continues, hitting something of a milestone with official confirmation that the game is available in Japan.

Panasonic Viera DX902 4K TV review: Honeycomb-sweet picture quality

The big sell with the Panasonic DX902 (or DX900 in other regions) is that this 4K TV is about as close as you'll get to a professional reference monitor in the home.

Edit photos like the pros with the Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle (94 per cent off)

How many people do you know with framed Instagram or Snapchat photos? Likely none, and for good reason: those fad photo-filter apps don’t come anywhere near the quality and beauty of a well-edited photo using professional photo editing programs such...

Anonymous and unrestricted browsing for life: TigerVPN full lifetime subscription (93 per cent off)

These days, if you’re not using a virtual private network (VPN) to secure your online activity, you’re inviting serious trouble.

Here is Facebook's internet-beaming plane completing its first test flight

One day soon you may access the internet via a wireless-internet-beaming plane rather than fiber optic cable.

See how Google’s Bubble Zoom tech auto-expands comic book bubbles

Google has made it a lot easier to read digital comic books on your device. Google Play Books introduced vertical scrolling last year to help you better consume comic books, but Google obviously realised more handy features were needed in order to make...

Watch NASA's year-long timelapse of Earth from a million miles away

A new NASA video published to YouTube shows a full year of life on Earth from about a million miles away.

iOS 10 changes how you unlock iPhone - here’s how to switch it back

This is exactly why Apple lets you test unfinished versions of iOS updates. A couple of weeks ago, iOS 10, Apple's next major update to iOS, became available as a public beta, allowing intrepid iPhone/iPad owners to sample the software and give feedback....

11 reasons to upgrade your doorbell

When was the last time you found a "we tried to deliver" card on your door mat, but you were home? With more and more of us opting to have things delivered to our home, it can be challenging to not only make sure we are are in, but that we also hear...

Nintendo's new console available to order, but it's not what you expected

Nintendo has officially revealed its next console, but it isn't the long-awaited Nintendo NX. We still have to wait for more details on that particular beast.