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Best smartwatches to look forward to in 2015: Apple Watch, LG Watch Urbane and more

To hear watch without the word smart in front of it will soon be indicative of a heirloom description.

Become a Hobbit and face off with Smaug in Oculus VR thanks to Weta

If you’ve seen The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and the big screen didn't feel immersive enough there's hope.

Apple preparing 'Spring forward' event for 9 March, likely for Apple Watch

UPDATE: Apple has been spotted preparing to put banners up at its Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, ready for the 9 March event.

Watch as Fujitsu iris recognition tech unlocks smartphone at a glance, literally (video)

Phone access has evolved beyond a PIN code or screen swipe. Fingerprint scanners? So last year. Retina scanning, as per the ZTE Grand S3?

World’s first power meter for running is here to make you faster, meet Stryd

Professional athletes improve performance by measuring their efforts, analysing data and targeting how to train.

Gigabyte P37X v3 review: Goliath among gaming laptops

Think gaming laptop and a clear image probably forms in your mind. Huge chunky body? Check. Adolescent blue LEDs everywhere?

HBO streaming service, HBO Now, should hit Apple TV with new Game of Thrones in April

HBO is reportedly in talks with Apple to make Apple TV one of its launch platforms for its highly anticipated stand-alone streaming service, HBO Now.

Creior Harmony Watch: Stylish well-being wearable for women (hands-on)

Creoir unveiled the Harmony Watch concept at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, introducing a new take on what the activity tracker could become.

Larger 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro delayed until September

Apple is reportedly planning to release a larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but not as soon as expected with delays expected to result in a September release.

Meerkat: Everyone is talking about it, so here's what it is and how it works

If you search for #meerkat on Twitter right now, you'll see two things: thousands of tweets with that hashtag included, and just as many links to live-streamed video feeds.

Gear VR to get full consumer launch later this year with Note 5, hints Oculus' John Carmack

The next Gear VR is going to launch for consumers alongside the new Galaxy Note 5, or at least that's what we can assume by parsing together information revealed by John Carmack.

EA shuts down Maxis Emeryville, the studio behind The Sims and SimCity franchises

Electronic Arts has announced it will shut down the studio behind SimCity and The Sims, though development of both franchises will continue at EA's studios throughout the US and Australia.

Microsoft rolls out Xbox Live SDK and says it'll bring Xbox games to HoloLens

You'll soon be able to do cross-platform play between Windows 10 devices and Microsoft's Xbox One console.

Hyundai launches Android Wear app for controlling its cars, with Apple Watch app coming soon

If you own a Hyundai car and an Android Wear watch, you just got some new functionality between the two, such as being able to remotely control your car.

New Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer lays out Ultron's plan to destroy hope and peace

Blockbuster season is around the corner, meaning some of this year's biggest-budget films are just starting to release their trailers, and the latest example is from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Dell XPS 13 review (2015): To infinity and beyond

After company privatisation and realigning its focus for the business market, Dell has only gone and launched the most desirable 13-inch consumer laptop that we've ever seen: the 2015 version of the XPS 13.

Forget Oculus Rift, the incredible HTC Vive experience will blow your mind (hands-on)

"Next, I'm going to take you deep underwater," a voice says quietly out of the tranquil darkness we're standing in.

8 smartphones with 3,000mAh batteries or larger, made to last longer

Mobile World Congress 2015 has shown us that bigger batteries aren't always going to keep coming. Samsung opted for smaller power cells in its Galaxy S6 than the previous generation – in favour of faster charging.

The real theme of MWC 2015 was luxury

Mobile World Congress 2015 is almost behind us, but the theme of the show wasn't what we expected. It wasn't about Cat 9 LTE, it wasn't about 5G, it wasn't even about USB type-C.

Wolfenstein returns this May: The Old Blood is a standalone downloadable title for new-gen consoles and PC

When B.J. Blazkowicz came blasting onto our screens once again in Wolfenstein: The New Order back in 2014, we were rather taken by the first-person shooter that MachineGames and Bethesda had made.