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What is Wine Harvest Season All About?

As dawn breaks each morning this time of year, millions of grapes glisten with dew like clusters of jewels hanging heavy in the vast vineyards.

Why Roasting Makes Vegetables Taste Sweeter

Here's the scenario: You have a bunch of vegetables and aren't sure what to do with them. You don't have the energy or brain space to make anything remotely complicated.

How to Set Your Table for an Autumnal Dinner Party

Invite a few friends or family members over some fall night, and surprise them with your gorgeous table.

How Does Packaged Guacamole Stay Green?

In the same way sun exposure ages our skin, oxygen is the enemy of fruit that doesn't want to brown. (more...) See More Stories Like This Share on Facebook | Tweet this | StumbleIt | See the comments

Ingenious Ways to Lighten Up Heavy Fall Dishes without Losing Flavor

Eventually, the chill in the air is going to lure you to eat more rich food and then regret it later.

Should You Salt Eggplant Before Cooking?

You really only need to salt eggplant if it's old. Although, this meaty vegetable — which is actually a huge berry — has crazy huge pores that soak up oil like no other.

Greasy ’N Great Pub Grub Recipes

"Woooooo!" (chomp, chomp, slurp) "Ah, man!" (chomp, chomp, slurp). These are the raucous and sloppy sounds of football season, when following the game means fried food and beer at your favorite bar with friends.

17 Ways to Stuff Your French Toast

You know what's even better than French toast? Stuffed French toast. Yeah, you probably know where we were going with that one.

Best After-School Baking Activities

Kids get out of school pretty early, and you could find yourself racking your brain for something to keep them occupied besides digital entertainment.

How to Pull off the Perfect Early Fall Picnic

The leaves haven't turned, and it feels like summer still. There's a whiff now and then of some cool relief, and when that happens, dive into your closet and uncover your picnic blanket.

15 Summer Produce Ingredients We Miss Already

We're already feeling wistful about those golden-hued days of lolling in the summer sun with our bright watermelon wedges, grinning over our cobs of fresh corn, and getting our faces sticky as we dig into our juicy peaches.

How to Build a Bloody Mary Bar

The Bloody Mary cocktail is made for day drinking. Don't drink it at night. That's just weird. (Although we do like weird.) This official drink of brunching champs who find mimosas cloying is also a sunshiny, spicy, outdoorsy kinda drink whose accessories can get pretty wild.

Go Beyond the Grill: 15 Ways to Gourmet Up Your End of Summer

Quick, squeeze in something outdoors and wonderful. Winter is coming. Have you enjoyed your summer enough?

Ultimate Guide to Using Different Types of Kale

Kale has grown so trendy (thanks, Brooklyn), that it still gets the royal treatment on menus and at home nearly 10 years after its renewed popularity — including massages.

Spiralizing Zucchini Is Going to Change Your Cooking Game

    Pasta is so not what it used to be. Semolina? For adventurous eating amateurs. These days, you've got so many more incarnations of pasta made from quinoa, rice, kamut, spelt, and here, it's the green summer squash we all love called zucchini.

What’s the Difference Between Tofu and Tempeh?

It doesn't matter if you lust for a bloody burger once in a while. Soybeans can satisfy a different kind of craving when you need some protein, and you want it fast and cheap with no remorse.

How to Close Out Summer with a Memorable Lobster Feast

This article is brought to you by our friends at Stella Artois. If you’ve finally recovered from the dog days of summer and are trying to plan one last hurrah before breaking out your fall apparel, there’s no better way to celebrate than by planning an epic lobster feast for family and friends.

Does the Color of an Egg Yolk Indicate How Nutritious It Is?

Deviled eggs, poached, fried, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, sunny-side up — whatever way you like your egg, you're looking at that golden center, and sometimes you notice something.

For the Coffee Obsessed, 15 New Coffee and Tea Items

You might be riding the Third Wave coffee movement if you can discuss the chocolatey nuances and mouthfeel of your preferred region of coffee bean, if you've made your own cold brew coffee at home, or if you own anything decorative that extols the virtues (and necessity) of coffee.

9 Slushy Cocktails for Hot Summer Days

Being an adult lets you do things only grown-ups can do, with a whole childhood’s worth of inspiration to give you ideas.