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What’s the Difference Between a Macaron and a Macaroon?

In this one heavenly confection, a crispy almond meringue shell with a chewy interior yields to a lush ganache sandwiched within.

Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Your Cheesy Friend

We all have that friend — the turophile who raves about the nutty, creamy nuances of the latest Manchego or Bucheron.

How to Make Your Sugar Cookies Taste Better

Sugar cookies often look prettier than they taste. Now that's not right. With cookie season well under way, follow our tips to ensure yours are beautiful inside and out.

Stocking Stuffers for the Food-Obsessed

Sometimes a stocking stuffer is so on point, you like it better than any of the larger presents under the tree.

The Best Recipes and Tips for Christmas

There's more to Christmas dinner than a re-purposed Thanksgiving menu. Unlike the Turkey Day meal, Christmas dinner is much more flexible.

Special Occasion Dishes and Table Linens

We've curated some of our favorite fine dishes and table linens  — from classic and elegant to modern and rustic  — that you can pull out for special occasions.

Great Food Gifts for Hanukkah

Don't you dare show up to a Hanukkah dinner empty handed. Bring a gift, and make it food — but not any food.

Beyond the Sauce: 11 Ways to Use Cranberries

There's no need to resort to the sauce when you find yourself with a bag full of fresh cranberries to get rid of.

Host a Stellar Holiday After-Dinner Party

This article is brought you by our friends at Stella Artois. Hosting a dinner party during the holidays can be a huge undertaking—from menu planning to figuring out the guest list (no, Aunt Harriet can not be seated next to your cousin Roger’s vegan girlfriend)—it’s no small task.

CyberMonday Deals

There's still time to nab a few kitchen, dining, and food deals. We linked some major retailers for you and curated a list of our favorite finds.

Guide: Host a Gingerbread House-Building Party

Build a house for the holidays. An edible house. But make it so ridiculously charming and sweet (literally as well as figuratively), that you won't want to mess it up by eating it.

How to Host a Hanukkah Potluck

You aren't going to make huge, festive dinners for all eight nights of Hanukkah. It's just not going to happen.

Herbs and Other Ingredients Perfect for Decorating Your Christmas Table

Christmas is the time of year rampant with too much spending and too much wasting. Let's stop that, for our budget's sake and the earth's benefit.

Win an Anova Precision Cooker for the Holidays

We're offering you the chance to nab a sweet piece of smart-cooking tech to help you through the holidays (or to give as a great gift).

Plan Your Hanukkah Decor and Tablescapes — Tastefully

Don't overdo it. That's the lesson to remember most when planning special dinners for any of the eight days of Hanukkah (or Hanukah/Chanukah; they're all correct).

Your Guide to Entertaining with Cheese

You said you wouldn't do it this time. You promised yourself the cooking will be done by the time your holiday guests arrive so you can relax and focus on them.

Guide to Black Friday Deals

We kinda-sorta don't want to tell you about these deals. You're not interested in a KitchenAid stand mixer, right?

Best Gifts for People Who Love Food and Are Health Nuts

They won't shut up about kale, flax seeds, matcha, juicing, protein powders, superfoods, low-carb this, and clean-eating that.

Christmas Celebrated Across Cultures

Take a look around the world and see how Christmas dinner (and dessert!) is done. (more...) See More Stories Like This Share on Facebook | Tweet this | StumbleIt | See the comments

Ultimate Guide to Stuffing

Ancient Romans and Arabs stuffed their birds centuries before Thanksgiving was a thing. (more...) See More Stories Like This Share on Facebook | Tweet this | StumbleIt | See the comments