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Famous Fall Recipes from 10 Iconic Chefs

If you asked a room full of chefs their very favorite season to cook, you could expect a variety of answers.

What Is the Difference Between Farmed and Wild Fish?

One of the best things about eating seafood—besides the rich flavors, easy prep, great protein, and low calories, of course—is the variety of available options.

What Is the Difference Between Braising and Roasting?

The techniques of braising and roasting are integral cooking skills that transform ordinary ingredients into meals that will impress even your most critical dinner guests.

Cooking as Meditation: Easing Your Stress This Holiday Season

Over the last couple days, I’ve noticed myself getting a bit stressed. First, I’m in the midst of a job search.

What Are Your Chicago Michelin Star Predictions?

Another week, another round of Michelin’s Bib Gourmand Awards bestowed upon a major city. And this time, that city’s windy.

Get ‘Monster Smashed’ with These Horror Movie-Themed Cocktails

As the kids dress up as ghosts, goblins, and witches for a night of trick or treating, the adults dress up their personalities with a bevy of Halloween-inspired cocktails.

How to Make Poached Pears, the Easiest Fall Dessert Ever

Poached pears are the Cinderellas of the fruit world. Sitting modestly in the produce aisle, raw pears don’t turn heads.

A Beginner’s Guide to Jewish Food

Jewish food tends to get a bad rap. When it comes to fine dining, it’s usually French or Italian food, not Jewish food, that you’re having in a restaurant or cooking at home (unless, of course, it’s made by your bubby).

What Is All the Stink About? Durian Explained

Durian is one of those things that you either love or hate. Its smell is astoundingly potent and deterrent enough to keep most people from going near it.

What Exactly Is Sancerre and Why Is It So Popular?

Has this happened to you? Someone starts talking about how amazing Sancerre is, you agree, but deep down you are not really sure why or what it is.

What Is the Difference Between Free-Range, Cage-Free, and Pasture-Raised Eggs?

What isn’t there to love about eggs? Complete little packets of protein and nutrients, eggs fulfill an amazing array of functions in almost every way you could possibly want to cook them.

What Are Your D.C. Michelin Star Predictions?

It’s no secret that D.C. has emerged as one of the culinary capitals of the world, but things aren’t looking too good from a Michelin star perspective (at least for those restaurants who are hoping to earn their first).

13 Food Tips for Your Local Pumpkin Patch

This year, the 13th day of October falls on a Friday. Because there’s something a bit more sinister and ominous about an October version of Friday the 13th, I thought I would key you in on some place where you can avoid the bad luck willies and have some good, old-fashioned, family fun this fall: the pumpkin patch!

13 Kombucha Cocktails To Jazz Up Your Bartending Game

Your favorite probiotic tonic is here to up your cocktail game! Kombucha, a fermented tea beverage, is a now widely available product, known for its vinegary tang and fizzy sweetness.

How to Host a Creepy Yet Classy Halloween Party

Sure, Halloween is prime time for all things spooky and scary, but it’s also become a time for lots of tackiness.

’90s Kids Rejoice! You Can Now Buy Reptar Bars and Cereal from ‘Rugrats’

Guys, we’re having a moment. Nothing defined our ’90s childhoods more than Nickelodeon, and no other show left more of an impression than Rugrats (Sorry, Aaahh!

How to Stock a Filipino Pantry

With Filipino food finally getting its due here in the U.S., now is the time to impress friends and family by tackling the Southeast Asian cuisine in your own kitchen.

This NYC Bar Celebrates Halloween All Year Long

Be still, our cold black hearts. NYC bar and restaurant Beetle House is for any “freak, weirdo” or “grown-up goth kid” who revels in the idea of celebrating Halloween year-round.

The Warm, Fall Beverage to Serve at Your Next Dinner Party

As the temperature drops, your desire to get cozy is sure to be on the rise. Though spiked hot chocolate and hot toddies are likely already in your rotation during the fall, you may have been missing out on another highly customizable warm alcoholic drink: mulled wine.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Can’t Stop Posting About Food

When it comes to posting about food, no other celebrities are more devoted than these top 10. Nothing can stand in the way of their next food post.