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The 11 Tastiest Ways to Satisfy Your Cinnamon Roll Cravings

It’s chilly and gray outside, you have a ton of holiday shopping to do, and there isn’t much that can cheer you up – except, of course, for cinnamon rolls.

11 Sparkling Wine Cocktails Perfect for Celebrating the Holidays

Sparkling Wine is synonymous with celebration, so it's no surprise that sparkling cocktails can pull your holiday event together with a simple pour, stir and twist.

Holiday Party Etiquette: 13 Ways to Survive and Thrive as a Guest

Walking into a room full of festively dressed total strangers who will all stare at you and judge you mercilessly is really intimidating for many people.

Nagging Question: Should You Refrigerate Leftover Pie?

Should you find yourself with the exciting and rare predicament of having leftover pie, is it best to store it in the refrigerator?

4 Things You Can Do to Smash the Holiday Buffet and Stay Healthy

We are knee-deep in the season of total gluttony. You can hear the dips calling your name, the cider and wine and eggnog and cookies and PIE!

Everything You Ever Wondered About Dessert Custards

Dessert custards all share something in common: a silky texture and impossibly rich flavor. But what marks the difference between pot de crème and crème caramel, or pastry cream and pudding?

Time to Crown Chowhound’s Best of 2014: Vote Today!

What happened to 2014? Hanukkah is just days away, and with less than two weeks to go before Christmas, it’s officially time for those ubiquitous year-in-review roundups.

Chowhound’s Best Food Blog of 2014: Vote Now!

You guys were passionate about food blogs in 2014! This year’s 10 nominations represent the community’s favorites.

Chowhound’s WORST Food Trends of 2014: Vote Today!

Well, apparently there were no good food trends in 2014 (we didn’t get enough nominations in that category), but you identified over 58 worst food trends!

Chowhound’s Best Restaurants of 2014: Vote Today!

What’s your take on the state of dining in 2014? We want to know. Whether you live in one of these 13 cities, or you’ve visited them, please vote for your favorite restaurants so that they can be crowned Chowhound’s Best of 2014!

9 Savory Quiches Perfect for a Party

Quiche is one of the most beloved and easy recipes for entertaining a crowd: with a few eggs, some cheese and whatever add-ins strike your fancy you can create a tasty and filling meal in about an hour.

9 Side Dishes You Won’t Believe Came Out of a Crock Pot

Slow cookers are a trusty go-to for large pieces of meat like pot roast and pulled pork, but what’s not as known is the fact that they can make many a mean side dish, too.

8 White Wines You Should Buy Instead of Pinot Grigio

“Where can I find a nice Pinot Grigio?” is a common refrain in every wine shop — and with good reason.

11 Hot Cocktails to Warm Up Winter

The arctic chill has already set in and we have the cure for the next polar vortex –a hot cocktail. It’s never frowned upon to pour a little booze into your cup of coffee late in the evening, but there are a lot more delicious and complex combinations just waiting for you to try.

This Is the Turducken of Donuts

Combining things that it is unthinkable to combine is the height of art in cooking. Ramen burgers, cherpumples, the lambpigcow (a side of Wagyu wrapped around 24 deboned quail, a dozen chickens, eight ducks, six turkeys, two lambs, and a pig)—they exist as the juxtaposition of things we want already, as individual elements, intensified by association.

9 Inventive Lasagnas – No Boil Noodles Are Just The Beginning

Traditional lasagna is delicious –nobody would ever deny that. But sometimes you want to do something more interesting than just heat up a Stouffer’s five-cheese lasagna or spend an entire Sunday assembling your Nonna’s classic mozzarella and meat sauce dish.

10 Reasons to Look Beyond Rack of Lamb

Lamb is having a moment. Chefs and restaurants all over the country are putting lamb back on the menu, often spotlighting underused cuts of meat.

7 Crock Pot Entrees to Add to Your Dinner Arsenal

Search for slow cooker entrées on the Internet, and you’ll find there’s no shortage of recipes online.

9 Pot Pie Recipes to Add To Your Repertoire

Pot pie is one of the ultimate comfort foods and is surprisingly easy to make. You can assemble it ahead of time for a dinner party and it's the perfect dish to feed a crowd - you can use anything from a pie plate to a 9x13 pan or even larger casserole dish.

10 Must-Make Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are always a welcome addition to any holiday party, but the same old sugar cookies just won’t cut it this time around.