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The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Takes Flight as a Drone

An Oscar Mayer drone? When pigs fly! Well, now they’re flying—quite literally—in the form of hot dogs with the meat and cold cut company’s latest vehicle: the WienerDrone.

How To Make the Best Iced Coffee Of Your Life

If your idea of “iced coffee” is “letting my hot coffee get cold” then, honey, we need to talk—you deserve better.

Vegan Recipes for the 4th of July Grill

It’s officially summer and 4th of July is right around the corner. That means it’s grilling time. Whether you eat a plant-based diet or just want to consume lighter fare at your next barbecue, 4th of July’s typical meat-heavy dishes can be easy to avoid.

As The Heat Turns Up, The Reds Cool Down: Your Guide to Drinking Red Wine This Summer

Poor wine. Beloved as you are, you never can seem to completely shake the nagging stereotype that you’re a bit complicated, bound by rules and guidelines that lead people to find you intimidating and inaccessible.

What Is the Difference Between Campari and Aperol?

In a battle of the adjectives, sweet doesn’t typically lose to bitter. Unless, of course, you’re talking cocktails.

What Is the Difference Between Tea Types?

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Over six billion pounds of tea leaves are harvested each year to meet the demands of tea drinkers, who choose from over 1,500 varieties each day.

How to Infuse Your Watermelon with Booze

If the idea of eating your alcohol sounds more amazing than terrifying, you’ve probably wondered how to achieve what seems like the impossible: a drunken watermelon.

9 Summer Flatbread Recipes That Look Like Works of Art

The term “too pretty to eat” may be one of the most overused expressions among foodies. (“Foodies” is another great example of an industry word that deserves a premature death, but I digress).

Lime Skittles Are Back, But for a Limited Time Only

It was a cold, dark day four years ago when the masterminds behind Skittles decided to bid adieu to their coveted lime flavor.

What Is the Difference Between Bourbon, Whiskey, Rye, and Scotch?

They all taste great in a cocktail and, when mixed together, make for one hell of a hangover, but what exactly is the difference between bourbon, scotch, rye, and whiskey?

9 Foods That Have Been Renamed So You Actually Want to Eat Them

Chinese gooseberry, anyone? The idea of eating any type of fruit named after a feathery bird that poops a lot is certainly off-putting for most of us, which is why you’d be unsurprised to learn that the “Chinese gooseberry” is now called a kiwi.

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Caesar Salad

Like apple pie, meatloaf, and hot dogs, Caesar salad has secured itself as an American food staple. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly-featured restaurant menu items in the country, having found places in both the finest of restaurants and most questionable of dumps.

10 Terms and Phrases That Chefs Use on a Daily Basis

Whether you’re cooking with family or a small group of friends, it’s fun to play the role of executive chef and bark orders like Bobby Flay or Emeril Lagasse.

13 Clever (and Ridiculous) Corkscrews to Open Your Summer Bottles of Rosé

Aside from crop tops, hot dogs, and last-minute road trips, the only thing that pairs better with summer is a cold bottle of rosé.

OMG, Burger King Just Released a Lucky Charms Marshmallow Milkshake

Cereal-loving kids of yesteryear, pay close attention. If you’re searching for a perfect TBT that’s “magically delicious,” you’ll want to head to Burger King for their latest sugar-laden creation: the Lucky Charms marshmallow shake.

9 Ice Cream Hacks to Get You Through Summer

It’s an undisputed fact that we all scream for ice cream, especially during the summer months when the sun is hot and we can’t always get what we want (#bikinibodgoals).

Starbucks’ Newest Frappucinos Are Perfect for Summer

The reign of the Starbucks unicorn has officially come to an end. In its place are two new Frappucinos that are big on taste and low on enchanted marketing gimmicks.

Hair of the Dog Pancake Recipes Inspired by Your Favorite Booze

Consuming even more alcohol after a night of poor decision-making may sound like the absolute worst idea ever, but hair of the dog (the act of drinking more booze to reduce the effects of a hangover) has been a proven remedy for many late-night partygoers.  While we’re not really interested in putting this theory to the test, we’re happy to recommend some liquor-inspired pancake recipes that may just do the trick.

People Are Actually Tanning with Coca-Cola This Summer

Aside from being one of the most iconic soft drinks of all time, Coca-Cola is multifunctional. The bubbly beverage has proven to clean toilets, strip rust from bolts, and even remove bugs from a dirty windshield.

10 Must-Have Snacks for Your Next Road Trip

So you’ve decided to hop on the road and explore the wonders of ‘Murica by car. Great! Like your vehicle, you’re going to need lots of fuel (in the form of food, of course) to get you from place to place.