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20 Hilariously Ridiculous Things Overheard at Whole Foods

As a mecca for super-trendy foodie nonsense, Whole Foods is a perfect place to overhear hipsters saying the darndest things… Via: Distractify Farro really is having a moment, though.

This Christmassy Pole Dance Is Way Different Than What Just Popped Into Your Mind

Get your mind out of the gutter! Pole dancer Paul Groslouis is back with a Christmas video for the whole family.

This Mama Husky Found a Way to Play with Her Pups and Avoid Them at the Same Time

Of course, moms love their babies with all their hearts. And babies love them back with all their attention and neediness, and who doesn’t want a break from that sometimes?

How Much Is 200 Calories of Each Christmas Food

In complete opposition to the spirit of Christmas, here is a dismally guilt-inducing list of holiday foods from The Atlantic.

This Asian-American Doll Is Completely Inoffensive… Or Is It?

Saturday Night Live takes a stab at making a non-white doll that won’t offend anybody… (If the embedded video doesn’t work for you, try this one.)

What Sound Do Zebras Make? They Laugh Like a Wheezy Old Uncle…

Serious professionals would probably call a Zebra’s noise a “bray,” but give it a listen yourself. It’s totally a laugh, and hearty one at that…

How to Make Pliers from One Piece of Wood with 10 Cuts (Not Including the Ones on Your Fingers)

If you visit the Warther Museum in Dover, Ohio you will see someone deftly whip a single stick into a pair of working pliers in about 10 seconds and with only 10 incisions.

You’d Need the Entire Width of the Lower 48 to Fit Alaska

You already know Alaska is massive, and you’ve seen maps before that compare the state to the rest of the country.

If Santa’s Anti-Rudolph Bigotry Had Taken Place in the Age of the Internet

Santa would’ve had to put in more of an effort to maintain his beloved status if he’d discriminated against Rudolph in this day and age…

233 of This Year’s Biggest Videos Scrunched into 7 Impressive Minutes

Here’s the last year on YouTube reduced into a video you can watch in a single sitting…

Here’s How to Wrap Your Cat This Christmas

Having a little trouble wrapping your cat this year? This extraordinarily patient model, Kit Kat demonstrates how easy it can be…

Chocolate Bread So Easy You Can Just Send Your Kid to Make It While You Sit in From of the Fire

This treat requires only 3 ingredients and looks awesome… (OK, so if you actually do just send your kid to make this, it might not look perfect and you may have to clean up the kitchen afterward, but so what?

13 Hungry Dogs and 1 Disgruntled Cat Have a Holiday Feast…With Human Hands

Despite being the hostest with the mostest, the cat is just not having it, and completely refuses to participate.

This Kid Walks Up to Random Strangers and Narrates Their Lives. It’s Hilarious…

Have you seen this viral video from Thomas Sanders yet? He likes to go up to people in public and begin to narrate their lives, just for a moment.

Have You Ever Loved Anything As Much as This Bunny Loves His Balloon?

Just look at how excited this fluffy little fellow is… Aren’t you happier just having watched him bounce around?

This 8-Year-Old Boy Wrote a Book and Raised $1 Million to Save His Best Friend’s Life

Meet Dylan Siegel and his best friend, Jonah Pournazarian. Jordan has a rare liver disorder which makes his blood sugar levels drop dangerously low.

This Homeowner Fought Off an Invader with a Wooden Spoon in the Gentlest Way Possible

Yesterday, Alex Steel posted a video ominously titled, “So I was a victim of a home invasion last night.” Sounds scary…but it’s actually kind of hilarious.

Coworkers Hilariously Recreate Famous Art Using Only Stuff They Find at Work

Chris and Francisco may have office jobs at Squarespace, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun.

This Adorable Puppy Is Ready To Be Safely Arrested

The owner of this 3-month-old Shiba Inu could have taught his dog to “play dead” when he points his fingers at him like a gun, but that’s not nearly as funny or adorable as what he taught him to do instead…

This Is What It Looks Like to Run Into a Deer at 30 MPH…on a Bike

You know what’s going to happen in this video…but you’ll still get startled. Don’t worry. The deer ran off and the biker is OK.