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He Never Expected His Blind Date With This Beautiful Woman Would Go Like THIS…

Fellas, listen up: Next time you go on a blind date with a beautiful woman, and you take her up on her offer to drive you around in her nice, new sports car, do yourself a favor and don’t undermine her ability to handle the vehicle.

35 Hilarious Revenge Tactics from People Who Won’t Tolerate Your Awful Parking Job

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the parking lot is a paved hell. It should be simple.

47 Hilariously Stupid Hacks. OK, They’re Actually Kind of Genius…

They say necessity is the mother of invention and, if that’s the case, these people had a need to try and make their mothers proud — or at least solve an annoying problem.

A Man and His Dog Have a Heated Argument About Some Stolen Food. Freaking Hilarious…

This adorable pup may be guilty of stealing Dad’s snack, but that doesn’t mean he has to admit it. He’s going to stand up for himself no matter what.

How to Transform Your Boring Deviled Eggs Into Something Special For Easter

Easter is just around the corner and, if your Easter gatherings are anything like mine, that means you’ll be sitting around a big table stuffing yourself with food while trying to think of clever things to say to your strange uncle.

Bacon Lovers Unite! 35 Fun and Ridiculous Bacon-Related Products You Need in Your Life

It’s been said that bacon is the duct tape of food. Wrap it around just about anything, and immediately all problems are solved.

They Rescued Norton From The Frozen Chicago Streets, But That’s Not Where His Story Ends…

The stories of rescue dogs Norton and Evey were recently shared on imgur…and they will take you on an emotional roller coaster, so get your tissues ready.

Endangered “Magic Rabbit” Shows Its Adorable Face For the First Time in Two Decades

Near the tops of the Tianshan mountain range in northwestern China lives a creature so adorable it’s hard to tell, at first glance, if it’s even real.

Can the Tooth Fairy Meet the Demands of These 35 Hilarious Letters?

Being the Tooth Fairy isn’t an easy job. You have to work late nights, travel, collect discarded body parts and master the art of breaking and entering all while doling out cash.

25 Fun “Frozen” Facts Including Silly Mistakes and a Hilarious Note in the End Credits

If you (or more likely, your kids) are still singing the songs from Disney’s smash hit “Frozen” more than a year later, don’t worry — you’ll have a whole new set of songs in the not-too-distant future.

Voldemort and His Crew Sing Their Own Version of “Uptown Funk”

A brilliant Harry Potter “Uptown Funk” parody…

How to Write a Song with the Pizza Guy

Are you feeling the urge to write a song with someone but you’re all by yourself? Just order a pizza…

This Animal Shelter Has a Brilliantly Simple Strategy to Find Homes for Their Pups

If you’ve ever considered adopting a pet from a shelter, you know how hard it can be choose just one when there are so many animals deserving of your attention and love.

3-year-old Responds to Mom’s Pregnancy with Complete Honesty, Dad Can Barely Handle It

When little Kathryn heard that she was going to be a big sister, her response was not at all what mom or dad expected…

This Pup Sucks at Catching Food…and It’s Absolutely Glorious

Here’s Fritz. He’s a 3-year-old golden retriever whose claim to fame online is his utter ineptitude at catching.

These Kids’ Amazing(ly Hilarious) Trick Shot Video Is Finally Going Viral

Back in 2011, a couple preteens set out to make the most aMAZing, even — dare I say it? — EPIC basketball trick shot video of all time.

A Baby Bird Lives to Grow Another Day in the Happiest Video You’ll See Today

When Patrick Smith went outside for a break recently, he heard some troubled tweets coming from a baby bird in a nearby bush.

And This Is Why You Can NEVER Sleep If You’re in the Military

This compilation of pranks played on sleeping soldiers is funny on one hand…and downright infuriating on the other.