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Another Hilarious “Bad Lip Reading” of The Hunger Games

The comic geniuses behind Bad Lip Reading are back with their version of Catching Fire…

Jobs in Richard Scarry’s Busy Town Updated for 2014

A recent edition of Tom the Dancing Bug visits Busy Town to see what Richard Scarry’s classic municipality is like in the 21st century…

This Eagle with a Camera Soaring into an NFL Stadium Is the Most America Thing Ever

This rescued bald eagle eagle stole the show at the Bengals-Texans game in Houston Sunday, and it wore a camera to give us a literal bird’s eye view… (Turn your volume down…the crowd noise is loud!

Humans Racing Each Other on All Fours Is a Thing

“Setting a world record” may have jumped the shark…

It’s Mom Against Dad in This Insane Musical Ad from Old Spice

Dad and Mom don’t agree about whether Junior growing up is a good or bad thing… Previously… These mothers are very upset about how sexy their young sons are now

Why the President Shouldn’t Pardon a Turkey

They all deserve what’s coming to them…

Old Man Shares How to Dominate Black Friday. The Intercom Trick Would Actually Work…

You can always count on Mr. Forthright to give it to you straight. In this video he shares all his secret tricks for getting through Black Friday with the most stuff at the least possible expense…

Jennifer Aniston Purposefully Gives the Most Awkward Interview Ever to Prank Her Interviewer

BBC Radio 1′s Chris Stark did an interview with Jennifer Aniston last year that was incredibly awkward, so when the Hollywood star returned this year to promote her latest movie, she was happy to join Chris’s boss Scott Mills in turning the tables for a bit of payback.

SNL’s Black Friday Ad Is Too Close to Reality (Especially Anne Hathaway as the Ultimate Shopper)

A few years ago, Saturday Night Live made an ad for Mega-Mart’s 12-minute, 4-AM Black Friday sale. It’s funny.

Here Is Definitive Proof That Babies Need Pets…and Pets Need Babies

Growing up with a pet is a special experience — they’re your first best friend, greatest co-conspirator in mischief, and the perfect snuggle buddy.

Little Boy is Devastated to Learn the Woman He Loves is Getting Married

When young Chase finds out that his friend Paige is getting married, he has trouble handling the news…

This Letter to Parents Shows LEGO Was Way Ahead of Its Time 40 Years Ago

LEGO’s move towards gender-specific packaging in the 80s and 90s has garnered them a fair amount of criticism, but it wasn’t always that way. This letter accompanied LEGO products sold in the 1970s… As the letter circulated around the web, people began to speculate whether it was fabricated by today’s LEGO marketing team as a public relations stunt.

24 Bizarre “Jokes” Submitted by Actual Kids. They Are Accidentally Hilarious…

There is anonymous person somewhere in this great big world of ours who works for a site that posts jokes by kids.

Richard Sherman Has Fun Blasting NFL for Forcing Players to Endorse Their Products

As the NFL tries to clean up its image with players abusing alcohol, drugs, and even their fellow humans, the league is also cracking down on more trivial marketing efforts.

When Britain Tested LSD on Their Soldiers the Results Were Decisive…and Hilarious

In 1964, wanting to find more non-lethal ways to incapacitate enemies, the British military thought perhaps getting them high would work.

The Meeting Happening Across the Street Is of Utmost Importance

Taking care of the real issues here, folks…

As Ferguson Burns, Remember White People Riot for the Stupidest Reasons

Many people are rightfully upset at the looters and arsonists in Ferguson, but some of the arguments against the rioters have become racially charged and incredibly insensitive.

This Guy Wrote a Letter to the Editor Saying Girls Can’t Play Soccer and You Won’t Even Be Mad

He makes an interesting point… Via: Reddit

If You Have a Cat and You Haven’t Done This Hack, You’re Missing Out On Serious Cuteness

Some creative cat owners have put their Ikea hacking skills to the ultimate test…by transforming the Duktig Doll Bed into comfortable beds for their kitty companions.

If Black Friday Were the Darkest Thriller You’ve Ever Seen

Lock your doors. Shut off the lights. Draw the curtains. Thanksgiving is over, and none of us can stop what will happen next… Black Friday: All Sales Are Final