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Cheri Oteri auditions for Chicago Bulls dance squad…but she’s worried she might be too sexy

When you think of Cheri Oteri, this is what you might picture… But now she’s trying out to be a cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls.

This intensely heartfelt speech after a devastating loss is what coaching kids is all about

After a heartbreaking loss to Chicago that sent Rhode Island home from the Little League World Series on Monday, Rhode Island coach Dave Belisle gave his team a post-game pep talk that now has the thousands watching it online holding back tears.

Acrobatic little kid climbs a refrigerator like Spiderman. Then he one-ups himself…

Watching this little boy scale a refrigerator the first time is amazing enough, but the way he climbs it the second time is just insane…

What happens when two corny dads sit next to each other at the bar

Imagine the conversation that would happen if two dads happened to be at the bar together. Pain Train shows us how it would go…

Girl gets wisdom teeth removed, does Ice Bucket Challenge. Ridiculously funny…

This young lady has just had her wisdom teeth out. Mom said to stay in her room and maybe sleep the drugs off…but, no.

30-year-old guys hilariously lip sync 60-year-old mom and aunt’s boring conversation

After recording his mom and aunt’s rather mundane conversation, Nik and his buddy Mitch from The Kloons got together and reenacted it, with hilarious results that are anything but mundane… Previously… Women’s normal, boring chitchat becomes hilarious when lip-synced by their son and nephew

Romantic Disney World visitor proposes to all the princesses there…and one villain

When Blaine Gibson visited Disney World recently, he wanted something different than the standard photos of the Cinderella Castle that he and his friends were taking.

Verne Troyer saved a lot of water with his Ice Bucket Challenge. He didn’t even use any…

There’s a drought in California, and Verne Troyer didn’t want to waste water…

It works way too well to sing Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” in a minor key

It’s almost like this is how it should have been written in the first place… (By Chase Holfelder, who previously brought us the National Anthem in a minor key)

Dog doesn’t understand how a mirror works, has a hilarious battle with himself

Linus has a love/hate relationship with…well, himself…

Meet the man with ALS who started the Ice Bucket phenomenon…and grab a tissue

You’ve definitely heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but you probably haven’t heard of Pete Frates.

Shocked TV host can’t stop laughing at how dumb this call-in contestant is

This old clip of a TV host trying to help a caller understand the (very simple) game they’re playing is…ridiculous.

Makeup artist’s lips are the canvas for her incredibly creative cartoons

Artist and beauty blogger Laura Jenkinson has taken face-painting to the next level. Her characters are masterfully crafted, full of color and personality, but with a twist.

George W. Bush refuses to do the Ice Bucket Challenge… We’ll see how Bill Clinton responds

He’s right, I suppose. Participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge isn’t very presidential…

Tortoises may be slow, but they’re not *that* slow. Look at this one chasing a truck…

This tortoise is very determined to catch this remote control truck. It’s nice of the driver to make the little guy feel like he actually has a chance…

When a cuddly, bald baby wombat gets into the hands of silly photoshoppers…everyone wins

Someone recently submitted this adorably goofy baby wombat to be the subject of a Reddit Photoshop Battle… Photoshoppers there immediately began to work their magic, demonstrating that with those good looks and some hilarious photo editing, this little guy can do anything and go anywhere… (via E Min

Laugh and cry with David Letterman as he remembers Robin Williams a week after his death

Letterman talks about how scared he was of Robin Williams when they first met and how amazing it was through the years to have him as a nearly constant visitor.

Insanely lucky motorcyclist survives like a superhero

Weaving around traffic, this biker was taking it for granted that all the cars he was passing would just stay in their lanes.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus tries to pawn her Emmy to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul…but they’re up to something

Raising money to buy herself an island, Julia Louis-Dreyfus appears in a reality TV series where she considers pawning her Emmy award at a shop run by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

Cops run stop sign, break woman’s neck, arrest HER for DUI, then cover it all up. But not anymore…

This is a crazy story, but justice is on its way… When a police cruiser t-boned her little Toyota in February of 2013, Tanya Weyker broke her neck in four places and required surgery to fuse her vertebrae.