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Turning Nirvana Into a 1-man a Cappella Doo-wop Show Is Both Amazing and Freaking Hilarious

Comedian and musician Daniel Koren brings us his own, slightly jazzed-up version of Nirvana’s “Lithium.” It’s as impressive as it is funny…

15 Brilliantly Creative Ways to Use Leftover Wine

Leftover wine? Is that really a thing? Yes, there are times when one too many bottles are opened or you forgot about the one in the back of the fridge and find it’s no longer pleasing to the palate.

Dude Demonstrates Brutal Pro Wrestling Moves on a Girl and You Won’t Even Be Mad

Repeatedly leveling your girlfriend with your sick WWE moves is hardly the definition of gentlemanly, but you have to admit that this guy came up with the best way to do it if it needs to be done.

Adorable 1-year-old Chef Is Amazing with an Egg

This 16-month-old and her parents just discovered she’s an absolute natural in the kitchen. Dad says, “We were playing…and decided to give her an egg, fully expecting to have a mess to clean up.” But is that how things went down?

Maroon 5’s Biggest Fan Got Scared When He Met Them. Adam Levine’s Response Was Perfect…

Meet Christopher Warner: he’s ten years old, he has Downs Syndrome, and he LOVES Maroon 5. In fact, he’s their self-proclaimed #1 fan… At school, he sings their songs, draws pictures of his favorite bandmate, Adam Levine, and dances along to their music, his teacher told— He has just been fascinated with Maroon 5 and especially Adam Levine.

Vince Vaughn Is Promoting His New Movie By Posing in Hilariously Stupid Stock Photos

Whether it is women having entirely too much fun while eating salad or an executive looking serious “doing business” in the boardroom, stock photos are notorious for being cheesy and taking the brunt of plenty of jokes — for good reason.

15 Unexpected Ways Your House Is Almost TRYING to Make You Sick

Most people make an effort to avoid things that are obviously dirty and most likely harboring millions of germs — garbage cans, public restrooms, the handholds on the bus.

How to Blow Really Easy (and Good-smelling) Smoke Rings…Without Smoking

Smoke rings are cool, but they generally require…smoking. And smoking comes with the annoyances of smelling bad and, after awhile, killing you.

This Meanie Toys with His Dog’s Emotions and It’s Adorably Hilarious

Don’t worry. Her oppressor — I mean, owner — assures us she got her treat…

These Embarrassing Parents Think They’re SO Funny…and They’re Right

When the kids are little, it’s all about taking care of them and giving them everything they need to thrive and be happy.

Geico Made an Ad You Can’t Skip, but You Wouldn’t Want to, Anyway. Hilarious…

Even if there is an option to skip when this Geico commercial runs on YouTube, you still won’t be able to.

11-year-old’s Desperate Letter to Her NHL Team Asking Them to Let Dad Come Play for Them

Jordyn Leopold’s dad Jordan is a defenseman in the National Hockey League and for the last season he’s played in Ohio, a long way from their family’s home in Minnesota.

Sleepy St. Bernard Is VERY Patient with This Tiny Kitten…for Awhile

This huge pup just wants to be left alone to nap, but his little feline friend wants to play and is being very adamant about it.

15 Sneaky Ways Grocery Stores Control Your Mind and Money

We all want to save money where we can, right? The savvy shoppers among us clip coupons, check the weekly ads and go in with a list and a plan.

6 Facts That Prove Jack from Titanic Is Actually a Time Traveler

At one point or another, we’ve all delved into that dark part of the internet. You know, the one with all the completely weird and totally insane fan theories about our favorite movies?

Who Needs a Hill to Go Sledding? Not These Kids…

The lack of an incline on his property didn’t stop this dad from building his kids their own personal luge…

If Hobos Were Awesome Skateboarders

In a display of creatively minimal skateboarding, The Berrics hit the icy sidewalks with their boards and nothing but their backs and some plywood for making ramps. As they say, “When all you have is a piece of plywood, sometimes you gotta take one for the crew and make the spot out of yourself.”

An Idiot’s Guide to Smart People and Money

For much of pre-history, human idiots held all the power. Then along came money, giving smart people the upper hand.

This Dad Started a Company to Employ His Son. His Business Model? Hire Autistic People.

Most parents have dreams for their children to be successful. To be happy. To be independent. For parents of children with autism, they fear that this dream is out of reach.

Fatherhood Sets in Early for This Man and Millions Like Him. Educate Yourselves Today!

Ethan Diamond raises awareness of a little known disorder affecting far more men than anyone cares to admit… …Early Onset Dad Humor.