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Incredible Optical Illusion Makes This Painting Move and at First You Can’t Tell Why

As you walk toward this piece by painter Brian Weavers, you will see it moving, like you’re looking through a camera and the camera is moving back and forth.

Actress Seamlessly Sings 25 Celebrity Impressions in a Dizzying Live Performance

Singer and actress Christina Bianco took YouTube by storm last year with her version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” using 19 celebrity impressions.

This Nameless Thief Proves It’s Easy to Steal a Port-a-potty…If the Conditions Are Right

Fair warning: This video does not answer the most important question that it raises, namely — Why?  But this SUV has proven one thing: If you take your time and you’re very patient and you remain on a smooth surface and no one is around to walk up and ask you What the hell are you doing?

18 Hilarious Doorbell Notes from Moms Who Just Want to Be Left Alone

Whether it’s a salesman or the delivery guy waking a child up with a ringing doorbell, there aren’t many greater annoyances for a tired parent.

This Adaptation to the Banjo Is “The Biggest Revolution in Folk Music Since Deodorant”

Over the last decade, banjo player Kurt Quinn has perfected his invention — the bandrum. It’s a relatively simple addition to any banjo that creates built-in percussion.

Surprisingly Obedient Black Bear Seems to Understand English Perfectly

If this footage is any indication, all you have to do when you encounter a black bear is tell them precisely what you want them to do.

Sarcastic Moms Hilariously Caption Ridiculous Stock Photos of Motherhood

If the pictures of parenting featured on many stock image sites are to be believed, having kids is all bright smiles, bright kitchens, and bright clothes.

This is How You Launch (and Almost Tip Over) a New $360-Million Ship

You wouldn’t think that putting a huge combat ship in the water for the first time would remind you of a child tossing a toy boat into a bathtub, but that’s exactly what it looks like.

Hero Sergeant Returns to Work After Ottawa Shooting. This Is How Parliament Greeted Him…

Yesterday, a day after bravely defending Parliament Hill from an armed attacker, Sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers was back at work marching in the speaker’s parade just like a normal day.

This Teeny Tiny Kitten Goes on Awesome, Absurd Adventures

Jesus Segura had been unemployed for over a year when a little fluff ball, Napoleon, landed on his doorstep.

This Guy Keeps Ramming a Gate with His Car. Finally, the Gate Ends It with a Knockout…

After the woman he seems to have been arguing with got out of the car, a man inexplicably decided that driving through a parking gate was a good idea.

15 Small but Mind-altering Realizations

Sometimes the littlest things can feel ridiculously amazing if you just look at them differently… Via: Shower Thoughts

These Boys Lost Their Cat for 2 Months. Watch Their Tearful Reunion…and Prepare to Cry

Anyone who’s pet has gone missing knows that it is absolutely heartbreaking — after a certain amount of time, you begin to lose hope that you’ll ever find your beloved furry friend again.

This Song and Dance About a Cannibalistic Shia LaBeouf Is Both Bizarre and Truly Impressive

This is every bit as absurd as it sounds like it would be…and yet it’s really good. Seriously…

These German Shepherds Are in BIG Trouble…but They Don’t Even Bother to Look Guilty

Anubis and Penelope just destroyed the groceries in the back of their human’s car, but do they have the decency to feel guilty about it?

Would You Use the World’s Most Dangerous Port-A-Potty?

It takes some insanely tall cranes to build an NFL stadium and when nature calls for a construction worker at the top, it’s a long ride back to the ground.

Air New Zealand Takes Us to Middle-earth in the Most Epic Airline Safety Video Ever

As “the airline of Middle-earth,” it only makes sense that Air New Zealand would remind their passengers of all the safety rules by taking us on a virtual tour, complete with Elijah Wood, Peter Jackson, and more as our guides…

Brad Pitt Visits “Between Two Ferns” to Be Insulted by Zach Galifianakis

In the latest edition of “Between Two Ferns,” Brad Pitt drops in to discuss the irony of him hating Nazis, what it’s like living in his wife’s shadow, and more.

You Do NOT Want to Get Pictures Like This from the Babysitter. OK, Maybe You Do…

When Erica and Hannes were asked to babysit their friends’ 6-month old son Alex for a full day and night, they were understandably a little nervous. Alex’s parents gave the timid babysitters thorough training, but no one expected things to go so wrong.