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A Creative Dog Owner Invented an Angelic Way to Keep Her Blind Pup from Getting Hurt

No, that angel outfit isn’t Muffin’s halloween costume—it’s what keeps him safe from bumps and bruises!

This Chinese Hotel Has — How Shall We Put It? — *Minimal* Standards for Its Guests

The Star Hotel would like you to follow two simple rules. Think you can handle that? And according to one Redditor, the Japanese translation is almost as funny… Caution Customer whom we respect: Regards!

This Weatherman Just Won Halloween with the Costume He Wore on Air

A Meteorologist in Iowa put television technology to use to be the creepiest TV personality his audience has ever seen.

Watch What Happens When You Let a Squirrel Carve Your Pumpkin. It’s Perfect and Creepy…

This guy hadn’t gotten around to carving his Halloween pumpkin yet, so a helpful (and hungry) squirrel stepped in…and the results are surprisingly terrifying!

Helpful Flowchart Shows When It’s OK to Use the Word “Retarded”

In the ongoing and increasingly successful social-linguistic campaign against the use of the word retarded, the folks at Military Special Needs Network have put together this helpful flowchart for figuring out when it’s an appropriate choice of vocabulary… Via: Huffington Post Of course, the one thing missing from the chart is the question, “Are you using the word retarded in a flowchart (or blog post) about not using the word retarded?

Golfer Hits Ball 150 Feet to Sink a 3-Foot Putt. Yes, You Read That Correctly…

He could have taken the 3-foot route like a normal person, but that would have been way too easy…

Kids Don’t Care About Their Candy’s History, But You’ll Find This Candy Trivia Interesting…

Here are 25 bits of sugary trivia to make the candy you’re handing out even more interesting…. Via: Mental Floss

Phish was Playing in San Fran When the Giants Won. Here’s How They Responded Mid-song…

If you were a local San Francisco Giants fan who also loves Phish on Wednesday night, you were following the score of Game 7 of the World Series while you were at the Phish concert.

These 18 Cats Are Pissed to Be in Costume

Some animals might not mind letting you get your kicks by dressing them up, but not these cats. They endured their owners bad senses of fashion and humor as best as they could, but now things have gone too far… Via: Eat Liver

What If Disney Princesses Had Healthier, More Realistic Waistlines?

Obviously animated movies aren’t supposed to be entirely realistic. The nature of the genre is to portray characters with very exaggerated features — a huge nose or extremely broad shoulders, for instance.

These 2-sentence Horror Stories Will Chill You to the Bone in No Time at All. Enjoy…

Here are a few stories that will take you from zero to spooked in 5 seconds flat… *               *               * *               *               * *               *               * *               *               * *               *               * *               *               * Via: Fuzzy Dav

Michael Jordan Has a Very Simple Reason He Does NOT Want to Play Golf with Obama

After Michael Jordan condescendingly dismisses his interviewer Ahmad Rashad as not worth playing a round of golf with, he moves on to consider other people he’d want to hit the links with if he could organize his ideal foursome.

Horror Movies Become Hilarious When They Star Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn

What would happen if the bad guys in everyone’s favorite scary movies were taken out and replaced by the stammering duo of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn?

This is the Most Hilariously Sad Way to Get Rid of Your Ticket to a Terrible Pro Sports Game

The Minnesota Timberwolves haven’t had a winning season in 9 long years, so fans can be forgiven for being unenthusiastic about their lackluster team.

10 Hours of Walking in Skyrim as a Woman Wearing Skimpy Armor

It turns out it’s more comfortable for a woman to walk among the violent inhabitants of Skyrim than through New York City… Via: Reddit

2 Bears Knock Around Railings and Mailboxes in a Suburban Battle Over a Female

There’s nothing quite like strolling down the streets of suburban Rockaway, New Jersey, and stumbling across two huge bears grappling with each other over a female in the area.

This Dog Won’t Give Up on the Chicken Nugget “Stuck” in the High Chair, No Matter What…

The tasty morsel is so tantalizingly close, yet so frustratingly far away…

21 Families Who Took Halloween Decorating Way Too Far. The Ghostbusters Are Amazing…

Every street has one house that goes all out for Christmas decorations, but most homeowners just stick a pumpkin on their front step and do little else for Halloween décor.

Vigilantes Who Save Drivers from Parking Tickets Are Fighting a Restraining Order in Court

In a small New Hampshire town, a vigilante band of self-styled “Robin Hooders” has been following parking enforcement officers and quickly depositing money in empty meters before the parked cars can be ticketed.

Adorable 2-Year-Old Drummer is the Youngest Member of His Children’s Choir. He’s Flawless…

Little Camden is just 2 years old, but the kid is already making a name for himself as the best drummer in diapers…