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Kids Fighting Aren’t Usually Cute. Bu What If They’re Pandas?

This group of young pandas are in an all-out brawl…and it’s kind of awesome.

Beautiful Pup Performs Tricks on Command Faster Than You’ve Ever Seen

Getting a dog to sit, sit up, stand, and lay down on command is simple, relatively speaking. But doing it as fast as Purin the Beagle?

5 Weird Things Our Bodies Do Involuntarily Explained

A quick look at why we hiccup, yawn, get startled awake right as we fall asleep, and more…

The 55 Most Oddly Satisfying Images on the Internet. You’re Welcome, Perfectionists…

Calling all perfectionists, idealists, and lovers of order! Here’s a collection of pictures just for you.

Dog Says “Hello” in the Funniest Animal Video You’ll See Today

Usually when you try to get dogs to “speak,” you aren’t actually expecting them to say a word. Not true in this case, though…

Watch These Babies Go Through Tunnels. They All Do the Exact Same Adorable Thing…

From this cute collection of clips it’s obvious that babies are all shocked — shocked, I tell you — when they travel through tunnels.

The Most Incredible Car Stereo Ever. Don’t Just *Listen* to the Bass, LOOK At It…

The audio system they’ve put in the back of this truck is…well…it’s crazy, to say the least…

The Weather Map Was WAY Off, But This Meteorologist’s Wit Turned the Gaffe Into Gold

When the temperatures in the Phoenix area seemed a bit high on his weather map, FOX 10 meteorologist Cory McCloskey just went with it.

Hallmark Doesn’t Make Cards For When Dad Cheats on Mom So This Son Improvised

Ryan was as upset as you’d imagine when he heard that his dad had been unfaithful. And his main concern was his mom — that she feel supported and loved in this awful time.

You’ve Been Cutting Peppers All Wrong. This Brilliant Method Gets Seeds Out in One Slice.

Here’s a fantastically simple way to cut a pepper. You wouldn’t think at your age you’d need a lesson on something that basic, but check this out and see if it isn’t a vast improvement on your current method…

Food Thief Steals This Guy’s Food While He’s Making a Video Asking Them to Stop

This guy’s polite but passive aggressive attempt to get his roommates to quit eating his food doesn’t go how he plans…

Key & Peele’s Latest Bit About Crazy Football Names Stars Real Players…and One White Guy

Key and Peele are back with another “East/West Bowl” player introduction skit. And this one features real players, including one unlikely surprise…

The Most Intense Super Bowl Ad You’ll See This Year Is “Just” a Conversation Off-screen

This ad from No More features two people talking and you can’t even see them. In fact, there are no visible characters at all in this 1-minute story.

Huge Puppy Is Gloriously Awkward on the Ice…and in Slow Motion, Too!

Quinn the “little” Bernese Mountain Dog loves to play outside in the winter…but that doesn’t mean she knows exactly how to handle herself on the ice yet.

News Anchor Painfully and Beautifully Announces the End of His Career and His Life

In a clip that will be a tearjerker for many, especially those who grew up with Larry Stogner as the voice of their news, the long-time and much-loved North Carolina anchor broke the news of his retirement and the incredibly painful reason for it… Via: Reddit

This Kitten Had No Idea the Attention She’d Get When She Climbed Into a Box of Ducklings

She had no idea what she was getting into… Via: TO

A Very Helpful Hotel Concierge Team One-upped This Silly Guest at Her Own Game

During a recent trip to San Antonio a guest at the Hotel Indigo got a friendly offer from the concierge… Knowing that a concierge’s job is often quite dull during the day, she decided to risk having some fun with the good folks manning the desk in the lobby… As you can see, Ramon and company seemed perfectly willing to play along.

Dude Films His Friends Being Shocked by His Tesla’s Crazy Fast Acceleration

This proud Tesla owner gave unsuspecting friends rides in his car and recorded their reactions as he took them 0-60 in 3.1 seconds.

Skittles Lets Marshawn Lynch Say Whatever He Wants to In Their Super Bowl Commercial

In a “press conference” leading up to the big game, Marshawn Lynch agrees to take some questions from Skittles.