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I Want You To Grab My Hand When I Try To Walk Away

@justindegarbo If I try to walk away I want you to fight for me. I want you to grab my hand and pull me back; I want you to tell me you can’t let me go.

You’re Not Really A Couple Until These 32 Micro Habits Are Part Of Your Routine

1. Tagging each other in adorably lame comments on social media only you two can possibly understand because you have so many freaking inside jokes together.

No Matter What, Know That I’m Here For You

Nicholas Gercken I’m here for you. Four simple words that are sometimes harder to prove than that 3-word, 8-lettered sentence.

Leaving Him Was The Right Choice

@coleito Don’t doubt yourself because you think you didn’t do enough to keep him happy because I’m sure you did.

Dancing With The Devil? Ryan Lochte To Join Dancing With The Stars

Instagram Is Ryan Lochte actually set to join the cast of “Dancing with the Stars”? It appears so. Producers of the hit TV series might as well start issuing Personal Protective Equipment to contestants, judges, and audience members to protect them from the backlash is sure to come from this controversial selection.

What Each Of The Zodiac Cusp Signs Are Best Known For

Paolo Raeli Capricorn-Aquarius (1/16-1/22): Imagination and contradiction. Capricon-Aquarius cusp signs are often caught between the two strongest parts of their personalities: they’re emotional and creative, but also crave groundedness and logic, they prefer things that are both traditional and unusual, etc.

The Truth About The Man You Can’t Call Your Boyfriend I am infamous for calling anonymous crushes my ‘not my boyfriend.’ I’m finding that we all have them.

The Beautiful Reality Of Starting Another Year Of Teaching

USDOE Over the past few days I’ve been back at school for in-service, eagerly awaiting the arrival of a fresh crop of bright-eyed angels just waiting to call me magnificently crude phrases and blame me for their ever-downward-spiraling GPA.

10 Women On The Heartbreaking Reason They Broke Up With The Love Of Their Lives

rebekah 1. “I broke up with my longtime boyfriend because I developed feelings for one of my co-workers.

How To Be Okay When They Do Not Love You Back

Franca Gimenez He may be the boy who broke your heart but that doesn’t make you the girl with a broken heart.

How Each Zodiac Sign Wants To Be Kissed

Paolo Raeli Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd) A Cancer needs a kiss to be romantic for it to be considered a good kiss.

I Was Terrified Of Losing My Boyfriend, So I Drove 300 Miles To Offer Him My Naked Body

Drew Wilson While riding the lift to my boyfriend Dave’s room at the Holiday Inn, I stole a look at my reflection in the shiny surface of the elevator wall.

18 People Reveal The Most Embarrassing Drunk Text They’ve Ever Sent

TonyTheTigersSon 1. I somehow managed to mass text everybody on my contacts list “Where are you?” at 2:30am.

5 Reasons It’s Okay To Be ‘Just Friends’

Elliott Dunning 1. It’s fun. Friendships are playful, they don’t have to last long and therefore they somehow do.

10 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You (But Who Really Cares?)

Olga Ush You consider yourself a smart, independent woman. You make good choices for the most part and you’re always there for your friends.

34 People Reveal The Horrifying Family Secret That Shook Them To Their Core

tpetersson Content originally from R/AskReddit 1. Secret brother Maybe 6 months ago or so I found out that i have a maternal half brother that I never knew about.

6 Ways To Avoid Getting Bored In A Relationship

Larsbars Are you getting bored in a relationship? And want to know know to fix a boring relationship?

I’m Sick Of This Bullshit Dating World Where We All Have To Pretend Like We Don’t Care Apathy is so “in.” Isn’t it sad that we’ve gotten to a point where we envy people who are less emotional?

Why Dating With Social Anxiety Sucks (And What You Can Do About It)

Pexels “Well this is weird” – ahhh… the magical words that I uttered to my (now) husband Dan, when we first met.

50 Questions To Ask A Guy If You Want To Know Who He Really Is

corrinska 1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 2. Are you a morning person or night person?