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23 TV Comebacks That Are Guaranteed To Leave You With The Last Word

House “Somewhere out there is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology.” —House “Don’t talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street.” —Sherlock “You know, you’re about as annoying as a condom filled with fire ants.” —Veep “Screw you, I’m hilarious.” —Freaks and Geeks “Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.” —Firefly “2090 called.

18 Perfect Emma Stone Quotes To Remind You Not To Take Life Too Seriously

1.  “What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” 2.

10 Things Emotionally Healthy People Know How To Do 

mistrmilk Of all the health concerns our culture claims to be concerned about, it is perhaps our emotional health that is most severely neglected.

Why Internships Are Bullshit

A few months after I graduated, I was sitting at home watching YouTube videos of Mary-Kate Olsen trying to speak when I saw that one of my favorite magazines, Interview, was looking for summer interns.

21 Absolutely Heartwrenching Quotes On Loss And Grief

Evdokimov Maxim “Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night.

When You Love A Person Who Comes From A Broken Family

mille-couleurs When you meet someone who comes from a broken family you probably won’t know it right away.

38 Statistics That Matter If You’re Trying To Find Love In America

darren2112 1. If you date for three months then it’s likely you’ll be dating for four years. (Source) 2.

19 Signs You’ve Finally Rid Yourself Of Dramatic Relationships

alexandraleary 1. You’re done with the not-so-refined art of text fighting because you no longer have the time to engage in petty arguments, especially with someone who still writes, “see you later” as “c u later.” 2.

The Rise Of Experts

There Will Be Blood First things first, let’s understand that everyone writing a think piece is just talking to themselves.

Read This When You Don’t Know How To Make Sense Of Your Heartbreak

james2231 People tell you that everything happens for a reason. And they expect that to fix you. They believe that it is a truth that trumps everything else.

19 Signs You’re Playfully (But Actually Very Seriously) Competitive

Friends 1. When most people meet you for the first time, they have no idea how competitive you are. You’re just this cool, calm person that’s just chill.

9 Weird Facts About Tampons That Will Make You Happy To Be Alive Today

myspyphone Some products are so ubiquitous that they seem like they’ve always existed in the exact form they’re in today.

How To Measure A Good Life

emily_katz We measure a “good life” based on how well we adhere to trajectories. How closely what happens is aligned with our temporary, subjective past thoughts about it.

Here’s What You Should Know Before You Date An ENTP

Leo Hidalgo 1. They need space to explore their many interests. If there’s anything an ENTP loves, it’s spearheading a new project that will have a lifespan of anywhere from one day to the rest of their lives.

5 Theories On “American Horror Story” And How The Seasons Are Connected

Youtube, American Horror Story “American Horror Story” recently accomplished the very impressive task of replacing “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” as my favorite television show.

What It’s Like To Fall In Love With Someone Way Before They Get There

yanos At cocktail parties, couples often share their charming courtship stories before inviting my boyfriend and me to reciprocate.

Creepy History: Who Were The Green Children of Woolpit?

Wikimedia Commons Once upon a time in the quiet English village of Woolpit, something very peculiar occurred.

12 Undeniable Stages Of Falling Head-Over-Heels For A New Book

tgaltgal 1. The Meet Cute You were walking through the bookstore, and there it was. A sweet, unassuming novel perched on an end cap.

21 Things To Remember When You Love A Person Who’s Lost A Sibling

eddierioscreative 1. Don’t be afraid to say our dead sibling’s name. We don’t want their memory to die, too.

17 Ways Your Weekends Start To Change Once You Hit Your Mid-Twenties

trendsandtolstoy 1. You no longer feel flustered when you don’t have any Friday night plans. Rather, you feel flustered if you do have Friday night plans.