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36 Awesomely Bad Puns That Will Crack You Up In An Instant

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23 Men Share The ‘Annoying Behaviors’ They Absolutely Won’t Put Up With In A Relationship

@wiesmannnn / 1. If I can’t be myself around you.

25 Phrases Girls Never (Ever) Want To Hear From Their Boyfriends

Meg Augiar 1. You are a nice girl. I don’t deserve you. 2. You wear too much make up. 3. You should/ should not wear this.

36 Little Insights That Perfectly Reflect Your Hot Mess Of A Life

1. Am I a good person? No. But do I try to be better every single day? Also no — Hippo (@InternetHippo) March 28, 2015 2.

The Person That’s Secretly In Love With You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Twenty20, makenamedia Aries: March 21st – April 19th You don’t realize it, but one of your long-distance Facebook friends or Snapchat followers is obsessed with you.

I Don’t Have A Goddamn Clue Why I Still Like You

Troy Freyee Why do I keep putting you on a pedestal when I know the truth about you? There’s no reason to build you up in my mind, because I already know the reality. You’re just another guy.

When Two People Really Want Each Other, Distance Doesn’t Matter She’s here and he’s there. Different time zone, different weather, different views. She’s finishing deadlines at her work, while he’s picking up metals on the ship He’s calling at 4PM while she’s picking up the phone at 4AM His voice so familiar to her and her smile engraved on the back of his mind Conversations and questions thrown back and forth Both their eyes yearning each other’s presence Their love going stronger from million miles — talking about the future that awaits them just A few months away from now.

To The Ladies Who Tried Their Best To the ladies who tried their best; you deserve happiness. You tried your best and you gave your all to him.

Date The Man That Makes You Forget You’re Terrified Of Relationships

Twenty20, kirstylee If you have to check his phone to see if he’s been flirting with other girls, don’t date him.

17 Hilarious Tweets About Work That’ll Make You Laugh So Hard You’ll Forget To Do Your Job

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6 Ways You’re Ruining Your Single Years Without Even Realizing It

@CamLee 1. You focus on finding ‘the one’ instead of enjoying yourself. You haven’t found him yet (or her) so bask in the glory of not having to worry about anyone but yourself.

15 Unromantic Ways You Know Someone Really Loves You

@lynne.colette 1. They hold you accountable. They respect you enough to know what behaviors are beneath you, and love you enough to call you out on them when necessary.

Nobody Can Prepare You For Epilepsy Nobody can prepare you for epilepsy, the sadness and confusion when you inevitably feel you are fading as a person after each seizure.

Girl Printed Out All The Mean Subtweets Her Roommate Made About Her, Now The Police Are Involved

Twitter College can become one big blur after a while, but the vast majority of us probably remember our freshman* dorm room and our freshman roommate.

Here Is How You Say Goodbye To Your Forever Person

Elliott Dunning Our ‘forever people’ are, by definition, the ones we’re meant to never say goodbye to.

Date Someone Who Never Fails To Show How Much They Appreciate You

Kaci Baum When people talk about the core traits needed to make a relationship work, they often mention things like trust, communication, and friendship.

31 Questions To Ask If You Want To Reinvent Yourself But Aren’t Sure Where To Start

@wiesmannnn The allure of reinvention is one of the things that makes frustration bearable. We know there’s always time for another chance.

If You Don’t Try, You’ll Never Know

@NickBulanovv If you don’t take a shot and text me, you’ll never know if I’ll respond, if I’ll say too much or too little, if I’ll be happy or I’ll play it cool or if I’ll pick up the phone and call you because all I needed was a simple ‘hello.’ If you don’t try to ask me out, you’ll never know my favorite food, my favorite movie, my childhood memories and which parent I’m closer to, you’ll never know why I do what I do, who I write about and what inspires me, but more than anything, you’ll never know how coyly I act around you or the way you make me smile and you’ll never know how I see you — how I look at you.

When Is It Time To Walk Away From The Person You Envisioned Forever With?

Elliott Dunning Love is a mess, sometimes it’s perfect, but most of the time it’s a mess. You have contradicting thoughts and ideas in your head.

Read This If You’ve Ever Fallen In Love With A Narcissist

Pexels People who fall in love with a narcissist sometimes look to take care of others more than they look to take care of themselves.