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Black Friday: The Opposite Thought Process

Canadapanda / Black Friday is coming and the internet, just like every year, has been lit up by outraged employees, so-called activists, anti-establishment types, holiday traditionalists, and so many more detailing how no one should shop on Black Friday, or especially Thanksgiving.

What I Didn’t Tell You

Caterina Appia What I didn’t tell you is that I’ve written about you before. I’ll never show it to you but I hope you one day stumble upon my words.

The Difference Between Being A Traveler And Being A Tourist

orion_Katerina It was a pretty straightforward question from the middle-aged Burmese man we met at a small pagoda in Bagan.

I Am Worth More Than Nude Snapchats

Maurizio Pesce “Now don’t be afraid to be creative with your snapchats,” he says with a slightly leering grin.

When You Find A Lump (And Realize You Aren’t Immortal)

Bec The moment I realized I wasn’t immortal was not when I first found my lump. In fact it was many weeks later.

How To Be The “Almost Girl”

Brittani Lepley There are many things I have learned in college; how the brain works, what statistics are, how to open a wine bottle without an opener.

I Still Feel Like A Victim

►►haley I remember when he perched me on the table. I was 8 and clueless when he pulled my panties down.

I’m Happier Without A Dating Checklist, Thank You Very Much

kate hiscock Every time I see an article about dating, I already know what it will be. It’s going to be a list of what men like in women or what women like in men.

What It Feels Like To Be Haunted

erin kelly There are ghosts in my apartment. I swear there are. I hear them banging around between the walls and knocking down things in my shower.

8 Things Guys Do On Tinder That Really Get On Your Nerves

1. When The Phrase “No Drama” Appears Anywhere In His Profile Well aren’t you a special snowflake! It’s one of those things where I’m all, if you have to say you don’t want any “drama” then certainly you must be a drama magnet, because obviously nobody wants to be around a train wreck.

My Love Affair With Books

Shutterstock The only thing I’ve ever really loved is books. I was read to constantly as a child by patient parents who would’ve read “Lyle, Lyle Crocodile” ten thousand times in a row had their doted-upon first child requested it.

Very Cool: Canadian Hockey Crowd Finishes The Star Spangled Banner After Mic Goes Out

Slightly late here, but too good not to share. This happened earlier this week, when the Toronto Maple Leafs took on the Nashville Predators.

13 Songs From 1992 You Completely Forgot About

I just saw a commercial for the latest NOW That’s What I Call Music franchise and it turns out we are on Now 89, meaning I am old as fuck.

Dark Things The Cold Brings

Shutterstock I used to wear a fake leather jacket and an American Apparel hoodie all winter. I used to wear black leather boots with no grip, and 80 den tights.  A black jersey skirt hiding the thickest part of my thighs.

10 Musings, Thoughts, And Opinions On The Current State Of The American Theatre

1. Let’s Start at the very Beginning There are four types of theatre currently happening in America. Theatre that entertains and distracts Theatre that illuminates ideas and makes people question Theatre that does both Theatre that does neither All are necessary and important.

How And Why To Sex Like A Man

Shutterstock We can’t just demand that be viewed differently by talking about feminism. In order to change the way society sees women as a whole, women need to change what is considered to be “the norm.” The only way to take down a double standard is to turn it into just a standard.

5 Simple Strategies To Get Stuff Done This Week

Shutterstock It’s a short work week, but it feels longer than normal, right? Thanksgiving is Thursday, but it feels like months away.

College Killed My Love of Reading

Shutterstock I remember the first time I was captivated by a book.  It was in first grade, when I checked “The White Cat” out of the library.  It was a large, thin book with beautiful pictures and a fairytale plot.  I checked it out every week that year and completely lost myself in its pages at home.

The Politician’s Cycle

House Of Cards There are ongoing elections around the world, most recently in one of the casualties of the Arab Spring Tunisia, Brazil, the US mid-term congressionals and my native Botswana where general elections were concluded and the president sworn in last week.

21 Things I Learned Before 21

Pitch Perfect 1. Forever21 is called Forever21, because it’s the only store you’ll be able to “eternally” afford as you wallow through the debt you’ll be paying off at the end of your college career.