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10 People From Around The World On What Scotland’s Secession Vote Means To Them

Today, Scotland will vote on whether to secede from rule of the UK and become an independent nation or to remain under its hold.

You Have To See This Unaired SNL Sketch Of A Dead-On Aziz Ansari Impersonation

It’s no secret that women have struggled within SNL since day one to really carve out their comedy spot on the show. But, because of this, almost each and every female comedian chosen to join the cast is eons more hysterical than most.

Is The West About To Face A Bunch Of Extremists Randomly Beheading People?

“So this is not just suspicion, this is intent and that’s why the police and security agencies decided to act in the way they have.” I know, the title sounds like a scare tactic.

When You’re The Girl Who’s Never Going To Be “Cool”

I have not, have never been, and probably never will be cool. But I tried. I’ve been trying to be cool my entire life.

6 Smarter Ways To Manage Your Network

Shutterstock Great networkers rarely, if ever, apply for jobs… Let that sink in for a moment. The people who truly understand networking are always a referral, swooping up jobs that plenty of other candidates are equally, if not more, qualified to perform.

The 7 Girlfriends You Will Need To Get Through Your Twenties

1. The “Mom” Girlfriend While mothers are pretty cool and I’ll always consider mine my closest friend, I will also always have enough respect for my mother to treat her first and foremost as a parent.

We Are Born In One Day. We Die In One Day. We Meet The Loves Of Our Lives In One Day. Never Underestimate A Day.

No feeling is final, but each moment is. Your life happens in a day. The only thing that really exists in a life is a day.

How To Inspire Others by Example: What Tommy John Can Teach Us About Behavioral Change

Shutterstock Tommy John is often regarded as one of the most tenacious and well-rounded baseball players in major league history.

This Season Is About Becoming: 13 Quotes For Late 20-Somethings Feeling Stuck In Life

martinaphotography Next year I turn 30. It’s one of those milestones that always seems so big, so monumental, as if by starting a new decade a whole new set of expectations and responsibilities are placed on you.

Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs, Or Are Dogs Smarter Than Cats?

image - Flickr / R Kurtz Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: Are cats smarter than dogs? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread.

The Final Fantasy XV Trailer Is Here And Most Of It Takes Place In A Car

What’s going on here? The kingdom is under attack by some giant tortoise and there are only four people in a car to stop the madness?

18 Shameless Behaviors Every Oversharer Is Guilty Of Doing At Least Once A Day

1. When you have big or small news to share, no matter if it’s as silly as finding the last pair of the earrings you’ve been coveting for a few weeks (which, sidenote, is always big news), you have a set list of friends in which you mass text.

When Are You Going To Be Done Chasing Beauty?

Monica Kelly I know there are beauty standards and there are expectations on you to be a certain way, to look a certain way, to achieve a certain kind of life and body and face and level of put-togetherness.

How Do You Know When You’re Done Finding Yourself?

image – Flickr / seyed mostafa zamani In the seventh grade, I had a blue streak dyed into my hair. In eighth grade I went through a moccasin phase, and wore clunky men’s moccasins every day to school.

20 Ways To Get Someone To Really FALL For You

They Came Together 1. Splash around in leaves, and conveniently forget that you’ll spend the next 3 days in a crazed state waiting for them to text back.

Don’t Make This About Your Daughter? Dude, Preventing Domestic Violence Is SO About Your Daughter

image – Shutterstock So the other day I was blessed and lucky enough to meet a very successful, Emmy award-winning film production company owner whom I will call… The Dude.

When You Live A Numb Life And Don’t Even Realize It

Numbness isn’t only nothingness. It’s also trying to pick and choose what you feel. Numbness is it’s own kind of pain, you’re just less aware that it’s hurting you while it’s doing far more damage than anything real ever could.  Somewhere along the line, ‘numb’ became the new ‘deep.’ We think ‘not feeling the bad thing anymore’ is the answer, when problems are not stop signs, they’re guidelines. Being well-adjusted to a sick society isn’t a measure of mental health.

Learn The ABCs With These Super Smart Dogs

What does that spell!

15 Vital Things From Your Childhood That You Need To Start Doing Again

1. Telling people exactly how you feel. One of the reasons I absolutely love children is that they mostly don’t know how to fake how they feel – those are things we learn to do as adults, and it’s very much a shame.

11 Photos From DILFs Of Disneyland That You Didn’t Know You Wanted

1. Look at this guy! 2. And this guy too! 3. Just look! 4. Seriously look at these guys. 5. You can find them in Disneyland apparently.