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I Went To One Of Those Extreme Haunted Houses, But Something Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong

Kris Williams I was never much for Halloween mazes; there were a lot better ways I could think of to spend 35 dollars.

I Used To Live In A Small Town Not Too Far From Here But Moved Away After Everyone Died

stephen h I used to meet my boyfriend where the cobblestone paths leading out of our backyards converged; three meters past the fallen willow tree, 27 steps away from the abandoned cottage, and close enough to the river that we could hear the splash the fish made when they jumped out of the water.

Who’s The Saddest Shark In The Tank?

Shark Tank I cancelled my cable when I moved and am now living that Netflix and Hulu Plus life. When I made the change I thought I’d watch WAY less TV because my options would be scarce (they barely even carry Bravo shows on Hulu!

21 Bone Chilling Six Word Horror Stories About Your Ex

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 1. And then they started walking over. 2. Are you still up right now? 3. We need to talk, he/she said.

10 Quotes About Real-Life Monsters That Are Scarier Than Halloween

chatelaines / ( The best part of Halloween is the scary movie marathons, dressing up in hilarious and terrifying costumes, and the spookiness that lingers in the air the entire month of October.

13 A**holes You Need To Avoid At This Weekend’s Halloween Party

Hocus Pocus 1. The Racist Asshole Blackface, afro wigs, binidis, geisha makeup: this person sees nothing wrong with appropriation.

A Model’s Candid Thoughts On Body Image

It struck me the other night that if I didn’t look in the mirror, I would never feel fat. How I only just realized this I don’t know.

5 Last Minute Tricks To Avoid Looking Stupid On Halloween

Mean Girls DITCH THE HEELS I don’t mean “ditch the heels” the way Cosmo means it when they’re talking about paring ballet flats with a casual fall look as if it’s as unbridled as helping yourself to dessert more than once a week.

How To Build A New Habit In 3 Easy Steps (And Make It Stick)

Shutterstock Are you a master of a skill? Perhaps you’re fluent in a language. A Grade 8 pianist. Or a master craftsman in carpentry.

4 Things I’ve Learned From Loving You

I thought we could work things out, that we could be friends. I thought that after five years of wanting you, two and a half years of having you, and two years of letting you go, that I would be absolved of the part of my heart that has always belonged to you.

Confessions Of Someone With Peter Pan Syndrome

I’m at that point in my life where everyone I know is dating someone and I’m over here contemplating whether or not it would be illegal to marry wine.

6 Zen Lessons From Your Kids

They say kids are your greatest teachers. But it’s not about quadratic equations, it’s about finding out how your own issues and pain create problems for those closest to you.

Are People Bothering You? Don’t Let Rude Jerks Ruin Your Day.

Shutterstock / Piotr Marcinski Waiters that look like they are doing you a HUGE favor – bringing you the menus.

Mission Critical At Writer Unboxed’s UnConfab: Reviewing What’s Craft And What’s Crass

iStockphoto / sphraner When You Review A Book, What’s Your Motive? Next week, I’ll be leading a session on criticism — “When To Listen And What To Hear” — at Writer Unboxed’s “Un-Conference” event in Salem, Massachusetts…where they know a few things about being critical.

The Mind Racing Reality Of Anxiety

Shutterstock Anxiety, to me, is the tightness I feel in between the base of my neck and my shoulder blades.

7 Inevitable Things That Happen When You Play College-Level Field Hockey

Shutterstock / Racheal Grazias 1. You will find “your people” As you’ve heard, everybody finds that one significant figure in their life that becomes their “person” whether it be their boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend.

6 Things You Can Do To Not Look Like A Tourist While Traveling

Shutterstock / VGstockstudio When Americans venture out of the states, we have a hovering red, white, and blue flag indicating “foreigner.” Whether it’s wanderlust from first time travelers or naively ignoring cultural norms, it takes no genius to spot an American abroad.

A Cynic’s Take On Romantic Comedies

They Came Together Well, here we are again. For the second Thursday night in a row I am left home alone with plans that fell through as unexpectedly as the stock market crash of 1929.

6 Things You Can Do To Fall In Love Over And Over Again

Shutterstock / Kotenko Oleksandr If you have ever been in love you know the feelings involved when you first fall in love.

Date A Guy Who Puts Up With Your Crazy

Date a guy who claims all girls are crazy. Because chances are, he hasn’t given up and has the patience to love again.