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Someone In Maryland Is Painting Anti-Hillary Messages On…Crabs?

via Reddit Seems like somebody was a bit…crabby? (Sorry) This image has gone viral on several different platforms, each one claiming the crab is from a different part of the country.

I’d Rather Be Kind Than ‘Cool’

Jeff Isy I’d rather be real than play a game I’m not good at. I’d rather learn from my own mistakes than follow someone else’s path.

9 Fun Ways You And Your BFF Can ‘Twin’

Twinning isn’t something you do with just anyone. It’s a privilege reserved for you and that special someone you call your lifelong friend.

The Nonverbal Way Your Partner Says ‘I Love You,’ Based On Their Zodiac Sign

christinacorso Aries (March 21st to April 19th) Taking you on a surprise spontaneous adventure that involves a small amount of planning and a large amount of ‘let’s just see where this takes us.’ Taurus (April 20th to May 21st) Always going out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable and having a good time whenever you two are hanging out together.

I Am So Excited For Love, But I Am In No Rush

raex I am excited for the day I can look at someone and know it’s a forever kind of love. The kind of love that is honest, yet playful.

18 Little Things To Start Doing Now If You Want To Be Ahead Of Everyone Else In 10 Years

Photo by sarazou 1. Be friends with different types of people. Don’t insulate your worldview by only socializing with those who are fundamentally the same as you.

Read This If It Feels Like Everyone Around You Is Finding Love (Except For You)

apricotberlin I know it might not be everyone, I know it isn’t everyone, but it sure as hell feels like it.

The Hardest Chapters To Close Are Often The Best Ones

Fabian Blank I love the simplicity yet complex nature of books. The story line can be complicated and unpredictable, but there is an opening and closing to each chapter of the book that makes it easier to digest and understand.

15 Hot Tips For Taking Doggy Style From ‘Bleh’ To Badass 1. Turn your head while he’s thrusting, so you can make eye contact with him. The sex can still be intimate, even when he’s behind you, you know.

30 PG-13 Text Messages That Are Way Sexier Than Straight Up Sexting

polina.chydes 1. “I’m in bed thinking about you.” 2. “I can’t stop thinking about your tongue inside my mouth.” 3.

If You Want Lasting Love, Know This: It’s Not All Roses And Handcuffs / Ondine32 If someone told me years ago that my relationship would one day change, I would have laughed and said no way.

This Girl Just Could NOT Believe That Her Classmate Wasn’t Romantically Interested In Her

These two individuals had a class together, and began with some nostalgic about bad lectures past. But it will get dramatic REALLY quick.

50 Straight Guys Confess The ‘Gayest’ Thing They’ve Ever Done

Flickr / Benjamin Linh VU Found on AskReddit. 1. He grabbed my dick and said, ‘Whoops, a fish.’ “I was swimming with my friend in a lake at a crowded beach.

Exactly What It’s Like To Date The 12 Men Of The Zodiac

Emily & Steve Photography Capricorn (22nd Dec to 20th Jan) If he is a Capricorn male, he is authoritative and is an amazing lover.

Finding Your Soulmate Has Nothing To Do With Fate

NickBulanovv There are those who believe in one soul mate, and there are others who believe in multiple.

I Survived Every Young Adult’s Worst Nightmare And Here’s How I Did It

Issara Willenskomer On February 1st, 2016 I woke up to the worst news I would ever receive. I had missed calls from multiple family members and text from my mom saying to turn my phone off until she got to me.

To The Girl Who Loved A Guy Who Only Loved Himself

LookCatalog Listen to me carefully. There are days when you find yourself awake at 3 AM not knowing what to do after your phone rings and it’s their name plastered on your cellphone screen.

How Your Brain Tricks You Into Staying Attached To Your Ex (And What You Can Do To Stop It)

Jesse Herzog The reticular activating system is a part of the brain which blocks out unimportant information in your environment and only allows you to pay attention to the important stuff.

32 One-Sentence Reminders For Girls Who’ve Had Their Hearts Broken

lookcatalog 1. Don’t pass judgment on people you meet in the present because of your past. 2. Try to believe that things happen for a reason, not necessarily in a religious sense, but in the sense that everything that has happened to you has helped shape the woman you are right now.

19 Ways To Micro-Flirt So You Can Drive Him Crazy (Without Even Getting Naked)

Thought Catalog 1. Act touchy-feely with your best girlfriends in front of him—hold their hands, braid their hair, pinch them, and hug them tightly.