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Nothing About My Depression Is ‘Haunting’ Or ‘Beautiful,’ Everything About It Is Awful

Xopher Wallace I’m not quite sure when the meeting was to decide that depression was the première mental illness to glamorize by mentally healthy people, but I was certainly not invited.

For The First Time Ever, You Make Me Want To Be Reckless

@aereist I have always been cautious. No, not even cautious. Neurotically careful. I joke that I was born a Jewish grandmother (but in a 24 year old body – meow).

Here’s Why You Need To Stop Compromising When It Comes To Love

Jonas Weckschmied Dating in the modern era is difficult. It’s messy, it’s full of unknowns, and honestly, it can get pretty daunting at times.

I Just Hope That Wherever You Are, Tonight Brings You Healing

Larm Rmah I’m thinking about you. Right now. Isn’t it strange how we can be miles and miles apart, yet so close in the folds of my mind?

Read This If You Need To Move On From Your Heartbreak

frank mckenna I have been in love only once in my short life and it was both the best and the worst thing to ever happen to me.

If You Leave, Don’t Come Back

Creative Photo Corner If you were to leave, don’t try to be gentle about it. Don’t pity me. Don’t treat me like a charity case.

Read This If You’re Still Looking For Your ‘Forever Person’

Jenny Woods We as human beings talk a lot about love. I think it’s because whether we admit it or not, our biggest fear isn’t heights.

This Is How You Love A Scorpio

Allef Vinicius Prioritizing Loyalty. Once you have entered the inner circle of a Scorpio’s life, you will forever have a protector and advocate in your corner.

What I Learned From High School, Rumors, And Mean Girls You know what I realized? All the friends I could’ve made but couldn’t. Not for lack of trying, but due to the efforts of others who have contributed to my own toxicity.

When You Break Your Own Heart

RachelAnne It’s a broken heart. Not the kind of broken that comes from falling in love and then it ending.

Here’s Why You Need To Stop Being Intimidated By Strong Women

George Bohunicky The word feminism gets thrown around like a newborn baby at its first family function.

Here’s What #Basic Fall Activity You’ll Mostly Likely Indulge In, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

@andreagccc Aries March 21 – April 20 You are energetic and passionate about everything you do (and competitive of course), so your #basic fall activity is totally pumpkin-carving.

It’s Okay If You’re Not A Forever Person

Brooke Cagle Forever People is a bizarre concept to you. You’d like to believe they exist. That somewhere, out there, is your Forever Person who is just waiting for you to ask them, like, 12-52 specific and personal questions—the answers to which could align the sun and the moon and the stars and black holes and space dust and you’ll suddenly realize this person (who had a great answer to what he or she would save in a fire) is the person you’re going to spend Forever with.

Shannen Doherty Shares A Chemo Photo “To Everyone Suffering: Stay Courageous. Hope Is Possible.”

Shannen Doherty hasn’t been quiet about her battle with breast cancer since she was diagnosed in March2015.

25 Toxic Things You Need To Let Go Of By 25

Brooke Cagle 1. People who make you question yourself, your self-worth, and who you are as a human being.

Dear Women: You Don’t Have To Apologize If You’re Not Into Him

James Bates I was reading a question in a relationship forum a few days ago. A young lady had gone on a date with a man.

This Is The Beauty In Loving A Free Spirit

kirillvasilevcom His freckled nose tells a story of its own. This boy was no stranger of the sun. His Vitamin D levels were always sufficient, no need for milk.

14 Modern Literary Passages That Beautifully Describe Every Part Of Love

Brayden Heath / Lightstock 1. “‘I am,’ he said. He was staring at me, and I could see the corners of his eyes crinkling.

You Can’t Rush Me Into Loving You

@edric I want to love you, I do. I want to memorize each curve, each vertebrae, each crease of your skin.

Read This If You Are Afraid Of Love

Joshua Newton It hasn’t always been this way. Love used to be effortless and as natural as breathing.