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Graphic Novel Friday: Best Graphic Novels of April

Welcome to our picks for best comics and graphic novels of April. This month, we feature four emotionally charged narratives in fiction and non-fiction, from slice-of-life to superhero.

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In this week's edition, a memoir from the author of Bad Feminist, two cautionary tales, and a new Agatha Christie-esque mystery.

A Survivalist's Literary Survival List

Brendan Leonard can't stop making things. In 2016's Sixty Meters to Anywhere, his slim-but-affecting memoir, Leonard recounted his ascent from a life of shiftlessness, drinking, and poor decisions to redemption on the peaks of Colorado and the West.

5 Books That Make Us Love This Planet Even More

A version of this article appeared originally on Audible Range.  * Just how long would it take to listen to an entire, comprehensive history of the planet?

The Best Mysteries & Thrillers of April

What a great month for Mysteries & Thrillers. Below is a selection of some of our favorite Mysteries & Thrillers of April.

Star Wars Readers: Are You Ready for May the Fourth?

April showers bring May...the Fourth! Hopefully the new trailer for The Last Jedi has reenergized essential conversations in your household about whether "Jedi" is singular or plural in the context of the film title, how the films are going to handle the death of Carrie Fisher, and who Rey's parents are.

2017 James Beard Award Winners

Last night in Chicago the winners of this year's James Beard cookbook awards were announced.  Those who took home a medal included familiar faces and newcomers, and we were thrilled to see some of our own favorites from 2016 represented.  See below for winners in five categories, you can find the full list on the James Beard website.

Shakespeare: Man, Myth, or Legend?

Some of you are answering, who cares? But whether you're a Shakespeare fan or not, there's a very good chance you will enjoy M.L.

"The Devil Was Standing Right There": The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

In the 1920s, the Osage found themselves in a unique position among Native Americans tribes. As other tribal lands were parceled out in an effort by the government to encourage dissolution and assimilation of both lands and culture, the Osage negotiated to maintain the mineral rights for their corner of Oklahoma, creating a kind of “underground reservation.” It proved a savvy move; soon countless oil rigs punctured the dusty landscape, making the Osage very rich.

Recipe Road Test: Instant Pot® Risotto with Bacon and Peas

I've found it.  My new must-have kitchen machine and a book to match.  I remember pressure cookers from when I was growing up.  Scary things, ours was a sickly pea green color (it was the 1970s...) and my mom always approached it at the end of the cook time with her head held back, oven mitt covered hands outstretched and serious trepidation on her face.  So I've been a little slow to join the new trend of pressure cooking...  But, oh, how far we've come with the Instant Pot!

Robyn Carr Celebrates 10 Years of Virgin River Novels

Robyn Carr has delighted and sustained readers through the years with her positive stories of men and women finding their way through the rough patches of life.

Announcing the L.A. Times Book Prize Winners

The winners of the L.A. Times Book Prize have been announced. The awards were held at USC and hosted by Tig Notaro.

Poetry: "Track Twenty Four" by Alicia Cook

Alicia Cook, a writer and activist focused on combating the heroin epidemic tearing people and families apart, was named one of ten Instagram poets to follow by Teen Vogue.

World Book Day: From Books Deserts to Reading Oases

“Books deserts” are those areas where, because of poverty or geographic isolation, would-be readers have little or no access to books.

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In this edition, pizza, one for Iggy Pop, Mommy Dearest, and more. Adrian Liang: My food-and-travel book club meets this weekend, so I need to quickly read Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage by Molly Wizenberg, about the opening of an acclaimed pizza restaurant here in Seattle.

5 Volumes of Poetry That Inspire Rupi Kaur

In the past several years, Rupi Kaur has electrified readers with her slim and powerful debut poetry collection, Milk and Honey.

Children's Books about Books

A book can take us across time and terrain (both real and imagined), on journeys of the heart, and discoveries of the mind.

The Books That Made Them Writers

As World Book Day approaches, we’re thinking about the significance of giving books as gifts. Book gifts hold such power: they can delight, enlighten, and expand our knowledge and compassion.

Deborah Heiligman on "Vincent and Theo"

‘When I was first reading Vincent’s letters to Theo I just kept thinking, “Why did Theo put up with him?

The Best Literature and Fiction of April

The thing that sets the best literature and fiction apart this month is the remarkable number of impressive debuts.