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Peg leg pirate

Elephant mud bath fun

YouTube link.

Busy rat stole and stashed hoard of Milkbones

Claudia Kucharek from Wichita, Kansas, thought someone was playing a prank when more than 100 Milkbone dog biscuits disappeared overnight on Saturday.

Members of anti-violence group arrested for assault

Two members of a anti-violence group in in Washington, Pennsylvania, were arrested by police, accused of beating a man unconscious.

Man accused of trying to steal TV from Walmart said he wanted to watch the Dukes of Hazzard

A 32-year-old Florida man reportedly tried to walk out of a Walmart with a large-screen television on Friday afternoon.

Dog's master fled from police, dog followed master, police followed dog, master arrested

A drug suspect is behind bars after his own dog helped police track him down. Police say Edwin Henderson took off when two drug officers arrived at his home on Wednesday with a search warrant.

Teletubby will now face charges for break-in and theft of Chinese food leftovers - Update

In a reversal, Pennsylvania police have filed criminal charges against a college student who, dressed as Laa-Laa the yellow Teletubby, broke into his friends’s home, raided the refrigerator, and fled with leftover Chinese food that he dumped into his “man purse.” Police officers on Wednesday charged Terez Owens, 20, with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct counts in connection with Sunday’s 2am break-in at a Bethlehem apartment two blocks from the campus of Lehigh University, which Owens attends.

Thieves wrote apology on table after ransacking and flooding pub

Thieves ransacked and flooded the oldest pub in Merseyside before scrawling a message saying they were sorry.

Attention-seeking man banned from lying on the ground or pretending to have an injury

A man from Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, who caused a “nuisance” by feigning injuries and making time wasting calls to the emergency services has been given a two year anti social behaviour order.

Three-year-old girl shocked after witnessing Tigger having sex in public toilet

A worried mother called the police after her young daughter caught 'Tigger' having sex in a toilet. The young girl caught a man in fancy dress having "full-blown sex" in the public loo at Barton Hill in Dawlish, Devon.

Anything good on TV?

Dog and sheep vie for human's attention

YouTube link.

Residents unhappy about mothball-lined driveway

Residents of a Florida neighbourhood say a woman with "400 or more" mothballs lining her driveway is causing a health hazard.

Naked man told police he felt a spiritual calling and had noticed strange things in the sky

A naked man spotted at an intersection in Port St. Lucie, Florida, told police he felt a “spiritual calling” to be outside in his birthday suit and that he saw “strange things in the sky.” When police encountered Keith Berfield, 56, at about 10:48 pm on Oct.

Kitten freed after getting head stuck in wheel

Two Sheriff's Animal Control officers from Martin County, Florida, helped rescue a 10-week-old kitten that got itself in a tight spot.

Stolen sheep found in woman's bedroom

A woman has been arrested after a flock of sheep which was reported missing was found in an outside room used as a bedroom on her property in Thabong, Johannesburg, South Africa, on Wednesday, said Free State police.

Vicar seeks ban on farting baby commercial

A vicar in Norway was outraged and has called for a ban on a cinema commercial trying to promote baptism using a farting, rapping baby.

Man brandished knife at party-goers after being accused of taking too much stuffing from buffet

A man from Llandderfel in Gwynedd, Wales, brandished a knife at terrified party-goers in a row over buffet food.

Police seek thieving couple who walked out of store carrying table

A couple were caught on CCTV walking into a store and moments later leaving with a £299 table. West Midlands Police have released CCTV footage of the theft in a bid to trace the pair.

Garden ornaments banned after elderly residents row at sheltered housing complex

Garden ornaments have been banned at a sheltered housing complex in Wales after police had to be called to stop months of rows between elderly residents.