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Are you my dad?

Spinning bird feeder gives squirrel a dizzy tizzy

It was fine until it let go. YouTube link.

Woman offered ride in police car arrested after asking if it was okay to bring her weed along

A woman from West Volusia, Florida, is facing drug charges after trying to take marijuana into the patrol car of a sergeant who offered her a ride, according to a sheriff’s report.

Stop pooping on bike path signs aimed at people not pets

Two new signs have been added along a bike path in Hampton, Illinois, saying, “Stop pooping on bike path.” The message isn't for dogs, but for humans.

No one hurt when plane with nobody onboard crashed

A plane with nobody onboard crashed in a field near Nipawin, Saskatoon, Canada, and no one was hurt. It happened shortly before 6pm on Thursday at the Nipawin Airport, the RCMP said.

Man made citizen’s arrest of large python that ate his prized rooster

A man in Queensland, Australia, performed a citizen’s arrest after wrestling a 4m-long python intruder which broke into his backyard and ate his prized rooster.

RSPCA express concern after seeing video of cat on a lead being taken for a walk by woman

The RSPCA has expressed concern after a five-second video of a cat apparently being dragged on a lead by a woman in Hertfordshire was posted online.

Elderly lady died after being hit by unoccupied parked car

Police are appealing for witnesses after a 74-year-old woman died after being hit by a parked car that "lurched forward" outside a supermarket in Pontefract, Yorkshire.

Convicted fraudster escaped from prison with faked bail email

A convicted fraudster used an "ingenious" escape plot to trick prison wardens into letting him go free, a court has heard.

Thieves smashed through wall of school to steal iPads

Thieves have smashed through a brick wall at a Cheshire primary school to steal tablet computers. The raid happened some time on Thursday night at Culcheth Community Primary School.

It's the weekend

Little fella bonds with bear

Gabriel appears to have found a friend in Cheyenne the bear. YouTube link.

Taxi driver presses charges after drunk would-be bank robber failed to settle fare

Stanley Geddie arrived by taxi and was drunk during an attempted heist of a bank in Tallahassee, Florida, on Wednesday afternoon, police say.

Dog which had plastic container stuck on his head for three weeks rescued by residents

A wayward black labrador is alive, thanks in no small part to three southern Minnesota residents who captured the scared animal and pulled a plastic container off his head.

Indian tourist destination bans kissing in public

An Indian village in the popular coastal state of Goa has imposed a ban on couples kissing in public, claiming the sight of such “obscene” behaviour is unwanted by local residents.

Life-sized elephant sculpture made from crashed cars aims to help save lives in Western Australia

A life-sized elephant made from the parts of crashed cars has been erected as part of a campaign to get people talking about high road fatality rates in Western Australia's country areas.

French baker ordered to remove 'racist' cakes

A court in the French Riviera has ordered a cake maker to remove cakes from his bakery after he was accused of inciting racial hatred and the cakes branded "obscene".

Man stole tortoise to fund his heroin habit

A man stole a £300 tortoise from a pet shop before selling it on to fund his heroin habit. The 37-year-old Lee Pemberton was caught on CCTV cameras at Glovers Tropical Fish & Water Garden Centre in Stoke-on-Trent taking the reptile from a vivarium.

Semi-naked customers fled into the street after masked gang raided swingers club

Police are hunting a masked gang who raided a Birmingham swingers club, attacking a man and a woman and sending semi-naked customers fleeing into the street.

Man seen towing boat with moblity scooter says he was taking girlfriend out for a day’s fishing

A man spotted towing a boat with a moblity scooter through Hartlepool in County Durham on Thursday says he was taking his girlfriend out for a day’s fishing.