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Australian DJ tests swooping magpie deterrents

Amber Wheatland, one half of Amber & Billo, discovers that apparently the eyes don't work. YouTube link.

Man took cruise using credit cards in name of blind friend he'd met at Alcoholics Anonymous

A Florida man is facing criminal charges after an investigation revealed he’d financially taken advantage of a blind man he met at Alcoholics Anonymous, police said.

Wily fox outwitted firefighters

A cunning fox gave firefighters and locals the slip, after sending them on a wild-goose-chase in Valparaiso, Chile, last Friday.

Headmistress arrested after five-year-old boy put in dog kennel by teacher for talking in class

Police in Trivandrum, Kerala, south India, on Monday arrested the headmistress of a private English school following a complaint that a five-year-old boy had been locked up in a dog kennel for talking to friends.

Police chased runaway horses pulling carriage

Speeding police with sirens blaring and blue lights flashing chased after a pair of runaway horses pulling a carriage in Bielsko-Biala, southern Poland.

Woman drove car over raised bridge

A woman in Croatia startled onlookers by leaping several metres across a raised bridge in her car, apparently after missing a red light.

Former ship's captain spanked wife's bottom with deck shoe

A 73-year-old former ship's captain repeatedly slapped his wife on the buttock with a deck shoe. Michael Forwood has been ordered to do unpaid work after pleading guilty to assaulting his wife by beating.

Men face prison sentence despite being cleared of sexually assaulting man with hard-boiled eggs

Two men accused of carrying out a series of degrading acts on an unconscious, dying man have been told they face prison sentences.

Elephant, zebra and giraffes face eviction from shop roof

Two giraffes, an elephant and zebra have appeared on a shop roof to the delight of children, but not of the local council.

Casual observer

Playful monkey pesters snoozing cat

YouTube link.

Student arrested for jogging while drunk

A student was arrested for jogging while drunk, Pennsylvania police report. James Finan, 21, was spotted “jogging without any light” at 1:27 on Sunday morning, according to a Lower Saucon Township Police Department report.

Men accused of assaulting neighbour dressed like a pirate

Larry Harcar was swaggering down his street in Florida last week in full "Pirates of the Caribbean" regalia: Bearded, in black and with a toy gun and sword.

Coyote recovering after being found stuck in vehicle's bumper

Passengers at Waukegan train station in Illinois couldn’t believe their eyes on Sept. 24 when a train conductor pulled into the employee parking lot before work with what looked like a fox stuck in the bumper of his vehicle.

Pilot flew hot air balloon deep into underground cave

A hot air balloon pilot succeeded in flying deep underground in a cave in Croatia, a feat he believes is a world first.

Thai tourism minister says visitors may be issued with identification wristbands

Identification wristbands may be distributed to tourists in Thailand, the country’s tourism minister says.

Man faces jail if he writes more than two letters of complaint to the council a month

A man who has been plaguing the municipality of Dordrecht in the western Netherlands with thousands of letters in the last years has been warned that he has now been given a letter-limit of two per month.

Grandmother claims she can cure eye problems by licking eyeballs

A Bosnian pensioner claims she can cure eye problems by licking eyeballs with her golden tongue. For over 40 years, granny Hava Cebic, 77, has been helping friends and neighbours in her small village of Crnjevo, in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina, by licking eyeballs.

Transgender woman attacked paramedic with bottle of shampoo in back of ambulance

A transgender woman attacked a paramedic with a shampoo bottle in an unprovoked mid-afternoon assault.