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Happiness is a piece of cabbage

Little dog doesn't like to dine alone

Rescue dog Bonnie has a solution in order to eat alongside her new friend Clyde. YouTube link.

Four caged puppies strapped to roof of van rescued by police

Police officers in Akron, Ohio, pulled over a van on Interstate 76 on Friday after getting multiple calls of caged puppies strapped to the roof.

Peculiar self-amputating vertical swimming sea creature found washed up on beach

An unusual self-amputating, vertical swimming, serpent-like marine specimen has washed up on Aramoana Spit at the entrance to Otago Harbour in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Wild chimpanzees look both ways before crossing roads

In a 29-month survey, researchers observed and recorded 20 instances of wild chimpanzees crossing a busy road in Sebitoli, in the northern part of Uganda's Kibale National Park.

Man fined for putting rats in wife's attic

A court has heard how a man whose wife took action to evict him from their home in Dumfries, Scotland, retaliated by putting rats in the attic.

Man surprised and his sister hospitalised after 3ft-long snake found dangling from oven

A man from Halliwell in Bolton, Greater Manchester, found a 3ft-long snake dangling from his oven on Wednesday evening.

Suspected would-be thief cut free from charity clothes bin after becoming trapped inside

A man suspected of trying to steal clothes had to be freed by firefighters after becoming trapped in a charity bin at St Stephen's Shopping Centre in Hull.

Vigilance urged after naked grunting bald man seen aggressively masturbating at bus stop

Residents of Grove Park in south east London have been urged to be extra vigilant after a naked man was seen “aggressively masturbating” at a bus stop.

Mixed feelings over mystery bench plaque

A mysterious message has appeared on a bench in Leytonstone, east London. A plaque on a bench close to Saint John the Baptist Church in Church Lane now reads “Sit on me.

It's the weekend

Dog wants attention

Lexi expresses exasperation that no one will play with her. YouTube link.

Man fired gun after becoming upset with neighbour requesting air for his bicycle tyres

A Florida man is being held with no bond after firing his gun outside his home, police said. Police were called to Delray Beach shortly after 7pm on Sunday on reports of shots fired.

Man arrested for riding a horse while drunk

A man from Betsy Layne, (population 688), in Floyd County, Kentucky, has been arrested on a litany of charges after police say he was found under the influence while riding a horse.

Woman removed from flight after poking seatmate with pen for his alleged snoring

A female flier was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight on Thursday after allegedly jabbing another passenger in the arm with a pen.

Men stabbed each other with broken beer bottles during debate about which is best phone

Two men have been hospitalised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after an alcohol-fuelled argument over whether iPhones are better than Android phones.

Elusive 'Tree Ninja' caught attempting to chop down tree with a hammer

After years of terrorising plant life in the Brighton neighbourhood of Boston, the so-called "Tree Ninja" has been apprehended.

Raccoon climbed 200 metres up crane before going back down again

A fearless raccoon climbed more than 200 metres (700 feet) up a tower crane in Toronto, Canada. Rob MacFarlane spotted the raccoon clutching a ladder, looking a little apprehensive, with his eyes wide open.

Unfortunate beaver crushed by tree it was felling

A beaver in Norway has been crushed to death after misjudging which way the tree it was gnawing down was going to fall.

Hippopotamus spotted in London pond was probably remote controlled

A hippopotamus has been spotted swimming through the boating pond at Bushy Park in Richmond, south west London.