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Passing sheep helpfully trim man's hedge

Oddly, he doesn't seem that pleased about it. YouTube link.

Jealous woman allegedly assaulted 82-year-old boyfriend with hacksaw and model plane

A woman from Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, is accused of attacking her 82-year-old boyfriend. State police at Rockview were called to Mount Nittany Medical Center on Friday morning after getting a report of a man receiving treatment after an assault.

Man's enlistment of stuffed owl as defence attorney proved to be unsuccessful

Charles Abbott arrived at court in Aspen, Colorado, on Tuesday with a stuffed owl and placed it on the defence table in front of him.

Unhappiness about overbooked flight led to man stripping naked in airport

A man reportedly stripped naked in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina early on Wednesday morning after he became angry about a flight being overbooked.

Cat rescued from Volkswagen Beetle drive shaft

A stuck cat named Baby was rescued in Los Angeles last week. Upon arrival, the rescuers were surprised that the animal was inside the floor an old Volkswagen Beetle.

Man faces charges for allegedly trying to shoot raccoon that had been stealing his dog's food

A Florida man faces weapons charges for reportedly trying to gun down a sticky-fingered raccoon on his property.

Sign language interpreter left little doubt about unparliamentary language from sweary politician

New Zealand Member of Parliament Ron Mark uttered a barely audible swear word in the House, but viewers watching Parliament TV's sign language interpreter were left in no doubt about what was said.

War of words over whether animals can suffer verbal abuse

A case of alleged animal abuse in the far west of New South Wales, Australia, has led to debate about whether sheep can comprehend human speech.

Sex-obsessed seal sent to girls-only park as she keeps falling pregnant despite being on the pill

A "sex-obsessed" seal has been removed from her home in Cornwall to stop "further illicit breeding". Common seal Sija, originally from Belgium, has been transferred to Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park where there are no male seals.


Kittens suffer from contagious yawning

*yawns* YouTube link.

Bearded man dressed as woman robbed pharmacy

A bearded man dressed as a woman robbed a Walgreens pharmacy at gunpoint on the west side of Detroit, police said.

Man allegedly assaulted cousin in disagreement over way she was cooking hard boiled eggs

A Florida man is facing a felony charge after allegedly assaulting a female relative because he “did not agree with the way she was cooking hard boiled eggs,” police report.

12-year-old boy in trouble after being enlisted by his drunk father to drive him home

A drunk father in France has landed his 12-year-old son in trouble with the law after he enlisted him to drive him home following a boozy fishing trip.

Tourist jailed after patting Dubai policewoman's shoulder while asking for directions

A holidaymaker, who denied molesting a policewoman when he patted her shoulder to ask her for directions to Dubai Mall, has been jailed for three months.

Eight people injured by gun-toting elderly man in dispute over gate not being closed properly

A pensioner in Italy has wounded eight neighbours including three children, after shooting at them during a row over the gate to their apartment building.

Plane steward who smuggled fake passports in his underpants jailed

An air steward who tried to smuggle fake passports into the UK by hiding them in his underpants has been jailed for five years.

Distraught man appeals for return of his father's ashes left in back of taxi following day in pub

A grieving son has issued a plea for help after he left his dad’s ashes in the back of a taxi after spending a day in the pub.

Hostage negotiator called in to talk two men down from single storey roof

Police chiefs called in a trained hostage negotiator to talk two men down from a rooftop just eight feet off the ground.