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Another one will be along in a minute

Here are some baby opossums munching fruit

YouTube link.

Farmer's valiant attempt to save frozen newborn goat by baking it in oven was sadly unsuccessful

When farmer Dennis Albaugh from West Milton, Ohio, discovered a newborn goat nearly frozen to death on Thursday morning, he was willing to try just about anything to save it.

Man told police officers that all the items in his vehicle were his except for anything illegal

A Florida man pulled over for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs told deputies that all the belongings in the vehicle were his, except for any illegal items.

Man fined for throwing horse poo over politician

A veteran protester in New Zealand has been found guilty of throwing a bucket of watered-down horse manure over former ACT leader John Banks last year.

Stick and axe wielded in dispute between men over not sharing Doritos

An argument over Doritos escalated to the point where a man threatened another with a stick before his companion then threatened him with an axe, police in Australia's Northern Territory say.

Street brought to a standstill when man dressed as Superman attacked his car with a pole

A man wearing a Superman costume stopped traffic on Chapel Street in Melbourne, Australia, on Monday afternoon.

Swearing workshops help boost awareness of sign language at Australian festival

Barry Priori, a profoundly deaf sign language instructor for Deaf Can: Do, a service provider for Adelaide's deaf and hearing impaired community, wants to get more people interested in sign language.

Bus passengers get wet after fronts of shelters are removed so motorists can see adverts better

A Birmingham city councillor says bus passengers are being soaked, splashed and left windswept just so transport chiefs can make money from advertising.

Lonely 50-year-old monkey has successful first date following the death of her partner

Daisy, a lonely 50-year-old monkey, has gone on a successful first date following the death of her partner.

Smile for the camera


Waggly-tailed baby goats enjoy their dinner

YouTube link.

Hapless thief caught after footprints in the snow led straight to his front door

Mother Nature proved to be lead detective in a crime in Athens, Tennessee, during heavy snowfall on Wednesday.

Squatting woman's shrine to an unrequited love removed from house

Police in the Buffalo Grove suburb of Chicago have advised that a woman be moved out of a house that no one gave her permission to sleep in and take her love shrine with her.

Blind dog found alive after two weeks out in sub-zero temperatures

Eleven-year-old Madera, a Labrador retriever, had the odds against her when she wandered away from her home in Ester, Alaska, in the midst of a cold snap earlier this month.

Indian minister proposes law allowing people to keep tigers as pets in bid to increase population

In an unusual suggestion, a senior Madhya Pradesh minister has sought a law that allows people to domesticate or keep as pets big cats like lions and tigers for their conservation.

Thief stole everything from woman's freezer while she was hanging out her washing

A woman from Castlecliff in New Zealand is warning residents to keep their appliances under lock and key after a brazen thief snuck in and stole everything out of her freezer while she was hanging out washing.

Man complains to Human Rights Commission after being told he was 'too old' to enter bar

An 42-year-old man from Auckland in New Zealand is furious he was turned away from an inner-city bar because of his age.

Daughter angry that council sent bill for a penny to her mother six months after she died

A daughter has spoken of her anger and hurt after being sent a 1p council tax bill for her deceased mother – more than six months after she died.

Father upset that his son's first words, picked up from defective Peppa Pig toy, were f*ck you

A three-year-old boy with learning difficulties horrified his parents when some of his first words were “f*ck you” that he was taught by a Peppa Pig toy.