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The Longest Wrongful Imprisonment in US History Is Over

Ronnie Bridgeman had been awake for days, but he didn't mind that his childhood friend wanted to pace.

Friday Night in Times Square

[body_image width='2000' height='2000' path='images/content-images/2014/11/22/' crop='images/content-images-crops/2014/11/22/' filename='friday-night-in-times-square-546-body-image-1416671702.jpg' id='6031'] ​On Friday nights, people around the world leave their offices to fill their innards with cheese fries and shitty booze to put the pain of the workweek behind.

VICE News: State of Emergency: Ferguson, Missouri - Part 8

​In Dispatch 8, VICE News returns to Ferguson, Missouri, where the community is on edge as it awaits a grand jury decision over whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the August 9 shooting death of Michael Brown.

Obama Has Saved 5 Million Illegal Immigrants from Deportation – Now What?

On Thursday night, speaking to about 10 million people ​who thought they were tuning in to watch the Latin Grammys, President Barack Obama dared Republicans in Congress to take up a comprehensive immigration bill, and told them, in so many words, that until they do, he's going to do whatever the fuck he wants.

The NYPD Admits a Rookie Cop Killed a 'Total Innocent' Last Night

Seven months into his administration, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio began encountering something that has become a sort of litmus test for Gotham chieftains: the widely-publicized death of an unarmed black man at the hands of police officers.

This Week in Racism: 'Serial' and the White Liberal Media's Race Problem

[body_image width='1200' height='483' path='images/content-images/2014/11/20/' crop='images/content-images-crops/2014/11/20/' filename='serial-and-the-white-liberal-medias-race-problem-twir-121-body-image-1416520489.jpg' id='5627'] Last week, Jay Caspian Kang wrote a ​scathing indictment of the true crime podcast Serial for the Awl.

An Interview with the Man Behind the Global Drug Survey

[body_image width='670' height='473' path='images/content-images/2014/11/21/' crop='images/content-images-crops/2014/11/21/' filename='global-drugs-survey-2015-adam-windstock-308-body-image-1416594218.jpg' id='5869']Dr.

​Why Are Minorities Overrepresented in Private Prisons?

It's no secret that privately run, for-profit prisons can be shady places. The multibillion-do​llar industry has steadily become a particularly maligned sector of the prison-industrial complex in the United States, notorious for a unique blend of corruption, reticence, and violence.

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Rapper Might Be Going to Jail Because of His Lyrics

​It's time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don't know how to handle the world: Cry-Baby #1: The San Diego District Attorney's Office [body_image width='1189' height='720' path='images/content-images/2014/11/21/' crop='images/content-images-crops/2014/11/21/' filename='cry-baby-of-the-week-201-body-image-1416532775.jpg' id='5651'] Screencaps via ​YouTube The incident: A guy made a rap album.

Body Talk

​ [body_image width='1001' height='1452' path='images/content-images/2014/11/21/' crop='images/content-images-crops/2014/11/21/' filename='body-talk-903-body-image-1416590374.jpeg' id='5843'] ​Kayleigh Peddie underwear ​Photographer: Claire Milbrath ​ ​Stylist: Sara Graorac ​ ​Assistant: Catherine P

​Are We Destined to Become Our Mothers? A Scientific Investigation

[body_image width='1200' height='1563' path='images/content-images/2014/11/21/' crop='images/content-images-crops/2014/11/21/' filename='are-we-destined-to-become-our-mothers-890-body-image-1416584566.jpg' id='5818'] Illustration by Penelope Gazin It happened after work, at about a quarter past eight.

The Meat Puppets' Curt Kirkwood Talks About His Love for Disney and Old Musicals

The Meat Puppets emerged from SST, the LA punk label founded in 1978 by Black Flag's Greg Ginn. SST built its legendary status by releasing material from bands like the Minutemen, Dinosaur Jr., Saccharine Trust, Sonic Youth, and Hüsker Du—all groups that are dead and gone or in the midst of their 18th reunions.

Is Science Fiction Having a Gay Moment, at Last?

[body_image width='627' height='463' path='images/content-images/2014/11/20/' crop='images/content-images-crops/2014/11/20/' filename='is-sci-fi-having-a-regaysaince-328-body-image-1416487385.png' id='5374'] Photo via ​Jeff Toth This post originally appeared in VICE UK A long time ago in a galaxy not far away (our own galaxy, in fact), the genre of science fiction was born.

I Spent a Day Catcalling Other Men

Last month a group called ​Hollaback released a video that quickly became one of the more talked-about clips of the year.

​Signe​ Baumane Makes Amazing Animated Shorts About Sex, Women, Depression, and Suicide

​ ​[body_image width='1280' height='800' path='images/content-images/2014/11/20/' crop='images/content-images-crops/2014/11/20/' filename='signe-baumane-teat-beat-of-sex-rocks-in-my-pockets-interview-876-body-image-1416483678.png' id='5348'] "I think about sex every nine seconds and every 12 seconds I think about killing myself." That was ​Signe​ Baumane's response when I emailed asking for an interview, showing me that self-awareness comes when you least expect it.

The 'Daily Mail' Is Thinking of Doing a TV Show

[body_image width='640' height='327' path='images/content-images/2014/11/20/' crop='images/content-images-crops/2014/11/20/' filename='the-daily-mail-are-thinking-of-doing-a-tv-show-body-image-1416500942.jpg' id='5482'] A screenshot of just one of the many uplifting stories featured on the MailOnline website today This post originally appeared in VICE UK Yesterday, in ​an interview with MailOnline publisher Martin Clarke in the Wall Street Journal, the idea of a Daily Mail TV show was floated, apparently seriously: Ultimately, Mr.

Bill Cosby Allegedly Tried to Get Wendy Williams Fired for Mentioning the Rape Accusations in 1990

​ [body_image width='1200' height='1263' path='images/content-images/2014/11/21/' crop='images/content-images-crops/2014/11/21/' filename='the-time-bill-cosby-tried-to-ruin-wendy-williamss-career-for-bringing-up-rape-allegations-allegedly-878-body-image-1416534987.jpg' id='5659'] Photo via ​Flickr user Chris Favero ​ This week, Bill Cosby's late-career comeback suddenly imploded.

This Guy Got Stabbed by the Man He Was Interviewing for a Job

[body_image width='1276' height='714' path='images/content-images/2014/11/20/' crop='images/content-images-crops/2014/11/20/' filename='this-guy-got-stabbed-by-the-guy-he-was-interviewing-for-a-job-body-image-1416517911.jpg' id='5598'] Screen grab from On Monday in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego, a guy named Jose Franklin Lopez went into a marketing agency for a job interview and ended up stabbing his would-be employer.

VICE News: The Missing 43: Mexico's Disappeared Students - Part 1 - Part 1

​ On September 26, teaching students from the Ayotzinapa Normal School in Mexico were intercepted by police forces en route to a protest in Iguala.