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The Quick & Easy Secret to Reopen Accidentally Closed Tabs in iOS 8's Safari

With a new, somewhat buried feature in iOS 8, unintentionally closing a tab in Safari is no longer the burden it used to be.

Apple Created a Switcher Guide for Android Users, but Don't Bother Reading It

Apple used to be a great, innovative company. But lately, it's filling its coffers with money raked in from selling folks on "new" and "unique" features that have been blatantly ripped off from Android.

SwiftKey, the Mind-Reading Keyboard, Is Here for iOS 8

As soon as third-party keyboard compatibility was announced for iOS 8, Apple loyalists and the newly curious both looked to the popular Android third-party keyboard developer, SwiftKey, to see if they'd be offering their services to iOS.

How to Delete Your Message History Automatically in iOS 8

By default, messages are stored forever on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It's not too often that you'll need to view a text from a year ago, and keeping all those images, video, and other media—and the messages themselves—can take up valuable storage space on your device.

How to Send & Share Your iPhone's Current Location in iOS 8

In certain situations, it can be a little difficult to get a handle on my exact location when others ask where I am or how to get to me.

How to Block Google from Tracking Your iPhone Searches in iOS 8

Anytime you surf the web on your iPad or iPhone, Safari saves which webpages you visit, the information you enter into them, and other types of data.

How to Share iPhone Apps, Music, & Movies for Free with iOS 8's Family Sharing

There are a ton of great new features in iOS 8, and one of the most interesting (and perplexing) ones is called "Family Sharing." By utilizing this feature, you are creating a continuity among all of the iOS devices in your family, granting members the ability to share apps, locations, media, and photos through iCloud services.

How to Request Desktop Versions of Mobile Websites in iOS 8

The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have bigger displays, and that means more overall screen real estate, something that the new Safari app has taken into account by letting you access desktop versions of mobile websites.

8 Delicious Frozen Waffle Food Hacks

Just like Leslie Knope, I love waffles. Unlike that imaginary character, I don't require that my waffles come from JJ's Diner.

How to Give Group Messages Custom Names in iOS 8

Waking up to hundreds of text messages in the morning usually points to one thing—group messages. Whether it's your fantasy football league, your work buddies, or just a bunch of bored friends, group messages can leave your iPhone vibrating off the hook.

Use a Keylogger to Record What Friends Do on Your Android

With recent security breaches in the news, there is no better time than the present to make sure you know exactly what's happening on your device.

How to Get Rid of the U2 Album You Never Wanted on Your iPhone

From my experiences, there are only two types of U2 people: those that love them and those that hate them.

Auto-Fill Credit Card Forms Using Your iPhone's Camera in iOS 8

There's a feature that debuted in iOS 7 that lets you to save your credit or debit card information in Safari so that you can auto-fill text boxes when purchasing something online.

Molecular Gastronomy 101: How to Cryogenically Freeze & Shatter Berries

"Cooking" with liquid nitrogen seems like one of those activities that should be strictly limited to pros who are appearing on Top Chef, but it's the only way you'd ever be able to make Dippin' Dots at home.

Get Yosemite's Dark Mode Menu Bar in Mac OS X Mavericks

If you've been testing out the Mac OS X Yosemite preview, you already know that Mac OS X 10.10 has a ton of cool under-the-hood tweaks and optimizations.

You Only Need 3 Ingredients for This Amazing Pasta Sauce

One of my favorite things is finding an easy way to make what is normally a complex dish. Case in point: pasta sauce.

9 Home Remedies for Treating Common Feet Problems

Feet sore after a long day? Treat your feet to a DIY massage by rolling tennis balls under the soles of your feet for about ten to twenty minutes.

Hack Like a Pro: How to Create a Virtual Hacking Lab

Welcome back, my amateur hackers! Many of you here are new to hacking. If so, I strongly recommend that each of you set up a "laboratory" to practice your hacks.

Live Stream Your Gameplay on Android Directly to the Web

Broadcasting your gameplay for others to view has recently become a phenomenon with the advent of

12 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks Made Possible with Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is one of those things that every cook, experienced or just starting out, has in their kitchen.