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The Galaxy S9 Is IP68 Water-Resistant — Here's What That Really Means

The day has finally arrived — Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Apart from minor upgrades, the two might not appear to be much different from last year's S8 and S8+, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

How to Switch Your Galaxy S9's Navigation Bar to Black

We recently ran down several hidden features on the Galaxy S9 — items that are buried deep within the settings menu that can be tricky to find.

5 Relatively Hidden Galaxy S9 Features You Should Know About

If you recently received your new Galaxy S9 or S9+, you're probably excited to try out all of the features the flagship offers.

Here Are Some of the Cool New Home Screen Features on the Galaxy S9

While millions eagerly await the arrival of the Galaxy S9 and all the new features it has to offer, we can actually get a glimpse of its capabilities right now — if we know where to look.

Market Reality: Magic Leap's Branding Comes into Focus, Google Backs AR Cloud, & L'Oreal Takes Over AR Beauty

Noted poet T.S. Elliot once wrote that "April is the cruelest month." But Magic Leap might argue that March is the most miserable, as the Ides of March brought more legal woes to augmented reality startup.

How to Use Intelligent Scan to Unlock Your Galaxy S9 Faster

The Galaxy S9 is full of minor improvements and revisions that come together to make it a worthy upgrade over the Galaxy S8.

How to Get ALL of Your Data onto Your New Android Phone

Setting up a new Android phone can be a pain. Although Google has some automated features, it does not restore everything.

Spotify 101: How to Use Voice Commands to Play Artists, Playlists & More on Your iPhone

One weakness that Siri has is its lack of compatibility with third-party apps (though Apple is working on it).

Apple May Bring TrueDepth Camera to More iPhone Models & iPad Pro This Year, Analyst Says

Apple's TrueDepth camera made its debut in the premium-priced iPhone X late last year, and since then, the reviews have been pretty positive.

How to Hack Open Hotel, Airplane & Coffee Shop Wi-Fi with MAC Address Spoofing

After finding and monitoring nearby wireless access points and devices connected to them, hackers can use this information to bypass some types of security, like the kind used for Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops, hotels, and in flights high above the ground.

Magic Leap Filings Point to 'Magic Shop' Branding for Online Store, L.E.A.P. Creator Conference Event

Magic Leap's recent flurry of patent applications prompted us to look around for any trademark movements from the company, and it turns out that the Florida-based company has been quite busy.

L'Oreal Acquires Leading Augmented Reality Makeup Provider ModiFace

The cosmetics industry faced a rude awakening on Friday as beauty behemoth L'Oréal gobbled up ModiFace, one of the leading providers of augmented reality technology to the cosmetics industry (price details for the acquisition were not disclosed).

iOS 11.3 Beta 6 Released for iPhone with Minor Patches & Bug Fixes

Apple released the sixth beta for iOS 11.3 on Friday, March 16. It comes as a surprise, considering the company released the fifth beta only four days ago — an unexpectedly short time between updates.

Google Assistant Doesn't Work with Your Account? Here's What to Do

If your virtual assistant can't assist you, what's the point? Anyone who has ever failed to activate Google Assistant knows the frustration that error screen can be.

How to Turn Your Galaxy S9 into a Google Pixel

Unless you own an Exynos model, there won't be much development on the custom ROM front for the Galaxy S9.

Google Assistant 101: How to Use Lens to Copy Text Straight from a Book or Document

While certainly faster than writing by hand, manually typing passages from a book or document can be slow and frustrating.

Ex-Magic Leap Employee Files Lawsuit Alleging Shady Hiring Practices

The legal travails of Magic Leap appear to have no end in sight, as a lawsuit filed by an ex-employee further threatens to dampen the startup's 2018 launch.

All the Latest News & Rumors on the LG G7 Successor, Codenamed 'Judy'

This year looks to bring major changes for LG. After years of an underperforming mobile division, LG is taking a hard look at all its lineups and making some major changes to better compete in the smartphone market.

How to Boot Your Galaxy S9 or S9+ into Recovery Mode or Download Mode

From veteran modders to casual tinkerers, booting into either recovery mode or download mode is something every Galaxy S9 owner should know about.

Magic Leap Patent Details Spatial Audio That Changes Based on Users' Head Movements

Just days after Bose did its best to frame a pair of glasses frames with spatial audio as "augmented reality," a patent application from Magic Leap, surfaced on Thursday, March 15, offers a similar idea, but with real AR included.