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How to Set a GIF as the Wallpaper on Your Android's Home or Lock Screen

Recently, iPhone users have been bragging that they can set Live Photos as their lock screen wallpaper.

How to Configure Port Forwarding to Create Internet-Connected Services

Ports allow network and internet-connected devices to interact using specified channels. While servers with dedicated IP addresses can connect directly to the internet and make ports publicly available, a system behind a router on a local network may not be open to the rest of the web.

The 4 Best Password Managers for Android

Over the years, the internet has become a dangerous place. As its popularity has increased, it has attracted more hackers looking to make a quick buck.

Still Missing Live Photos on Your Android? Try These 3 Apps

Apple didn't invent the concept of photos with videos embedded (that credit goes to HTC and their Zoe feature), but they sure did popularize this functionality when they came out with Live Photos.

New iOS Update Will Tell You More About Your iPhone's Battery Health & Turn Off Slowdown

Update 1/17: Tim Cook chimed in about the upcoming iOS upgrade with expanded battery health data. We'll expand on that below.

New iOS Update Will Tell You More About Your iPhone's Battery Health [Update: Tim Cook Responds]

Update 1/17: Tim Cook chimed in about the upcoming iOS upgrade with expanded battery health data. We'll expand on that below.

Dev Report: 'Book of the Dead' Demo Shows New Unity 2018.1 Features Are a Literal Game Changer

In its goal to push the visual quality of real-time rendering to a new level, Unity is starting the new year off right by releasing a sneak peek at its upcoming interactive rendering improvements via a short, three-minute first-person interactive demo called "Book Of The Dead." Utilizing a new feature called the "Scriptable Render Pipeline," which was introduced to the Unity beta program in the recently released Unity 2018.1, the video preview (below) shows a collection of complex and organic scenes.

FaceCake Uses Snapchat-Like Camera Effects to Let You Try on Earrings Instead of Masks & Rainbows

Although it sounds like a foodie's take on Facebook, what Calabasas, California-based FaceCake actually offers is more about augmented reality fashion marketing rather than food selfies.

Sketchfab Launches Professional 3D Model Store for AR & VR Content Creators

After hosting millions of free 3D models online, Sketchfab is betting that augmented reality and virtual reality developers and creators will be willing to pay for premium 3D content.

Google Play Music 101: How to Adjust Music Quality to Save Data While Listening

The nemesis of music streamers is data caps, cell phone or otherwise. Restricting monthly data and forcing users to decide between quantity and quality of music has had audiophiles tearing their hair out since streaming toppled the iPod.

How to Set Up Google's Project Fi on Your iPhone

Google's next-gen cellular carrier, Project Fi, is making waves across the mobile industry. With super-cheap plans starting at only $30, and the ability to connect to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots across the globe, it's tempting many users to make the switch from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.

iOS 11.2.5 Beta 6 Released, Almost Ready for the Masses

Apple pushed out iOS 11.2.5 beta 6 today for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch to developers and public beta testers.

Outlook 101: How to Manage Spam & Quickly Delete All Junk Mail

Nobody likes spam, and that's why email apps continue to vie for your digital attention by boasting about new ways to filter and reduce unsolicited messages.

New Messages Bug Lets a Single Link Freeze & Restart Your iPhone

It has not been a good year for Apple, as far as software scandals are concerned. From autocorrect nuisances to secret slowdowns of aging iPhones, Apple has had a lot to answer for.

Snapchat 101: How to Unlock Hidden Filters & Lenses

There's nothing more fun than unlocking a hidden Snapchat filter or lens and beating everyone to that perfect first selfie.

How to Send & Receive iMessages on Your Android Phone

One of Android's most glaring weaknesses is its lack of an iMessage equivalent. While Google recently released Allo, it doesn't support the number one feature that iMessage users brag about: sending and receiving messages from either their iPhone or computer.

Binance 101: How to Add Bitcoin & Ethereum Trading Pairs as Favorites for Instant Access

With the sheer number of alt-coins that you can buy and sell on Binance — Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), and NEO to name a few — keeping track of coins you're interested in is a hassle.

This App Takes Eyebrows from Bushy to Blessed via Augmented Reality

Among consumer brands, cosmetics companies rival furniture retailers as the quickest to adopt augmented reality as a means to help customers visualize how products will look before they buy them.

If You've Ever Wanted X-Ray Vision, Check Out This Combination of Augmented Reality & Ultrasound

Seeing your baby for the first time via ultrasound is an exciting moment for new parents, but a new augmented reality twist on the experience could make the experience even more powerful.

4 Cool New Features Oreo Beta 2 for the OnePlus 5T

OnePlus is on track to deliver Android 8.0 Oreo to its flagship users by Q1 2018. Open Beta 1 was released for the 5T in late December, and we just received Open Beta 2.