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Video: HoloLenz Adds Magic Windows to HoloLens & Gives Portals to New Worlds

When I first started with HoloLens development last April, one of the first things I created was a window.

Rumor Roundup: All of the Cool New Gadgets to Look for at Mobile World Congress 2017

It's that time of year again. The world's largest electronics companies are sending representatives to the annual Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, and for gadget lovers like us, that means we'll get our first look at some of this year's biggest upcoming flagship smartphones.

Punchabunch Just Made SSH Local Forwarding Stupid Easy

SSH local forwarding is a must for covering your tracks and getting out there to do your work. Also called SSH tunneling, this process will put one or more steps between your machine and the machine you're working on, for security and other purposes.

This High Voltage Furniture Technique Burns Lightning Designs into Wood

Lightning is scary and powerful, yet when harnessed correctly, it can become a beautiful pattern for hand-crafted wooden furniture.

Bacteria Turn Off Plant Genes to Help Parasites Destroy Billions of Dollars of Crops Every Year

Before you bite into that beautiful tomato in your garden, the tomato fruitworm, or the Colorado potato beetle, might have beat you to it.

Phantom AR Seeks to Democratize Augmented Reality

A development team in Silicon Valley is nearing early access release of a new hardware-independent augmented reality platform called Phantom AR.

Rumor Roundup: BlackBerry's Flagship, Codenamed Mercury, Will Sport a Physical Keyboard & Aluminum Chassis

Once a giant in the world of mobile phones, BlackBerry has since fallen into obscurity, due in large part to the rise of Android and the iPhone.

How to Hack Wi-Fi: Capturing WPA Passwords by Targeting Users with a Fluxion Attack

With tools such as Reaver becoming less and less viable options for penetration testers as ISPs replace vulnerable routers, there becomes fewer certainties about which tools will work against a particular target.

This Tiny Keychain-Sized Game Boy Can Actually Be Played Like the Big One

I don't know about you, but I was obsessed with handheld gaming devices when I was younger. Between my Game Boy and multiple Tamagotchis, I was guaranteed hours of entertainment that could fit comfortably in the palm of my hand.

If You're Low on Vitamin D, Supplements Can Help You Fight Off Colds & Flu

Some studies have shown that vitamin D supplements help fight respiratory infections, but some haven't.

iOS 10 Tip: Quickly Turn Off Your iPhone's Flashlight from the Lock Screen

If you're tired of fumbling with the Control Center every time you need to turn off your iPhone's LED flashlight, you'll be happy to know there's a faster way.

Top 4 Phones for Music Lovers & Audiophiles

While music may not technically be a "universe language," it is the one language listened to by all. There are over 1,500 music genres today—rap, classical, rock, jazz, trap, hip-hop, house, new wave, vaperwave, charred death, nintendocore...

Video: Space & Sound Used to Help Visually Impaired Navigate with the HoloLens

We live in a marvelous age, a time where technology is driving us forward as a species at a rapid pace, and tech-driven miracles are becoming more and more commonplace.

Common Defensive Cells Help HIV Spread Throughout the Body & Take Hold

A new study just out reveals that HIV takes hold in the human body with the help of cells that usually work to heal, not kill.

A Beach Infected with Fecal Coliform Can Ruin Your Vacation, but Seagrasses Can Save the Day

Seagrass may help your favorite beach stay a little less toxic. A new study, led by Joleah Lamb, a postdoctoral researcher in the Harvell Lab at Cornell University, found that coastal seagrasses reduce levels of pathogens dangerous to humans and marine organisms in near-shore waters.

Use This Type of Repellent to Avoid Mosquitoes—& Zika

Responding to the emergence of Zika in the US, researchers investigated what type of repellent works best to reduce your odds of a mosquito bite from Aedes aegypti, the mosquito species that spreads the Zika virus.

Save Battery When Streaming YouTube Audio on Your Galaxy, Pixel, or Other AMOLED Device

If your phone has an AMOLED display, it doesn't waste any battery to power black portions of the screen.

Rumor Roundup: Moto G5 & G5 Plus Slated to Have Water Repellent Coating, Fast Charging & Android Nougat

With Mobile World Congress right around the corner, the 2017 smartphone season has officially begun. We've heard plenty of rumors that Lenovo, the company who owns Motorola, would be debuting successors to last year's wildly-popular Moto G4 lineup in Barcelona at MWC, but now, that's been all but confirmed.

Have You Seen This?: New 'Crayon' HoloLens App Brings Back the Fun of Drawing on Walls

Crayon, a free 3D drawing application by the mysteriously named arkalian, showed up in the Windows Store recently, so I gave it a try like I do all new apps for Windows Holographic.

We've Finally Developed a Test for Mysterious Prion Diseases— Parkinson's & Alzheimer's Could Be Next

Prion diseases are a group of infectious brain diseases that causes extensive tissue damage, resulting in sponge-like spaces in brain tissue.