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Take Quick Notes on Android Without Leaving Your Current App

So you just bought a fancy new Nexus 6 complete with its gorgeous and gigantic display—now what? Unlike Samsung's TouchWiz, stock Android doesn't sport any cool split-screen features, so how do you really take advantage of all that screen real estate?

Get Breathtaking Aerial Wallpapers for Your iPhone's Home Screen

If you're looking to spruce up your iPhone's home screen, look no further than Aerial Wallpapers, a Tumblr blog that specializes in bringing you the most unique and breathtaking aerial photographs from across our planet, filled with both natural and artificial scenery.

Use Your Computer to Send & Receive WhatsApp Messages Faster

Pretty much my only gripe with computer-side messaging clients like Mighty Text is that they don't allow you to send and receive messages shared through WhatsApp, the popular third-party messaging application, which was purchased earlier this year for $19 billion by Facebook.

How to Hang a Christmas Wreath Without Damaging Your Door

Whether you choose to hang an authentic or artificial pine Christmas wreath on your door, or an entirely different type, like ones made of paper waste or even food, chances are you've spent a year or two struggling with how to keep your decor hanging.

8 Additional Home Remedies for the Common Cold

Have you come down with the dreaded common cold during the holiday season? While it is always recommended to rest your body, drink a lot of water and eat chicken soup, some of the less common home remedies listed below may also help expedite the recovery process.

Feeling Smart? Test Your IQ with Your Android Device

Whether it's heated competition during trivia night at the bar, board game night with the family, or just another weekday in front of the TV watching Jeopardy, it seems like a natural human condition to want to test our intelligence.

Turn Your Android's Wallpaper into a Christmas & New Year's Countdown Clock

Christmas is only a few days away with New Year's right around the corner. If you're like me, you count down the days until Christmas for family and presents like a little kid, and then count down the days until New Year's like an adult that can't wait to have their first cocktail.

Theme Your iPhone's Home Screen with Falling Snow for the Winter

Just in time for the holiday festivities, iOS developer Tristan Kennedy has created a snowy HTML widget for your jailbroken iPhone's home screen called SnowScreen.

Food Tool Friday: Get Some Whisky Stones

Connoisseurs of hard liquor always face a dilemma: how do they chill their spirits without diluting the flavors?

Slow Down: Too Much Productivity Can Be a Bad Thing

Our workdays are typically filled with one thought: get as much completed as possible. Whether you face an inbox filled with tasks or just a project or two, both our bosses and our inner workhorses encourage us to knock out as many tasks as we can each day.

Disable the Redundant Google Now Swipe Gesture on Nexus Devices

When on-screen buttons were introduced alongside Android 4.0, it didn't take long before Google added a gesture to these virtual navigation keys.

How to Build a Gingerbread Downton Abbey (With Martha Stewart)

Bow down, peasants: your gingerbread house just got owned. By whom? Martha Stewart, of course. The lifestyle guru has constructed elaborate gingerbread buildings in the past, but this year PBS asked her to build a gingerbread reproduction of Downton Abbey, in honor of the show's annual Christmas special (Jan.

Theme Your Galaxy Note 3's Air Command Controller Window

The Air Command window on Samsung Galaxy Note devices makes it easy to access all of the features that the S Pen has to offer, such as Action Memo, which turns your handwritten notes into actionable links, and Pen Window, where you can draw a square on the screen to open a certain application.

How to Fill in Ugly Bare Spots on Your Christmas Tree

You've found the perfect tree—or so you think. As hard as we try to display an ideal tree each year, both plastic and pine can disappoint, especially when you're shopping on the cheap.

Ingredients 101: How to Salt Your Food Like the Pros

In order to make your food taste good, your favorite restaurant is most likely using way more salt than you think they are (among other pro secrets).

Use the Earpiece & Speaker Together for Surround Sound on Your Galaxy Note 3

Located at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 lies the speaker from which music, notifications, and most other audio comes from, which provides warm and clear sound when needed.

How to Disable the Photo Auto-Enhance Feature in Facebook's Mobile Apps

Facebook is really good at two things: connecting people all over the world and force-feeding changes to its users (ahem...Facebook Messenger).

How to Bypass Restrictions to Install Hearthstone on Any Android Device

Blizzard Entertainment, the wildly successful video game developer that brought us World of Warcraft and StarCraft, has finally released their popular trading card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft to the Android platform.

How to Calm Your Fear of Public Speaking for Better Presentations

Sweaty palms, stuttered speech, and terror blackouts: if you're someone who absolutely despises speaking before audiences, you've probably experienced side effects like these.

Weird Ingredient Wednesday: The Wonders of Black Garlic

Garlic: almost every cuisine in the world considers it a staple, and for good reason. Its pungent flavor gives depth and character to food.