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Man ‘accidentally shot dead friend’ while acting out song lyrics

Patrick was acting out lyrics when she reportedly shot his friend dead (Picture: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office) A man has been arrested after accidentally shooting dead his friend while acting out the lyrics to a rap song, police said.

Arda Turan throws boot at linesman during Barcelona match, doesn’t get sent off

Most players lose it with referees and linesman in their career, but few do what a frustrated Arda Turan did against Barcelona.

Exclusive: Nathan Sykes on why he feels ‘younger’ having gone solo from The Wanted

Going it alone (Picture: Tina Campbell) Exclusive: About to embark on a solo career, Nathan Sykes has the world at his feet.

Man dressed as Mr Incredible filmed assaulting Batgirl

A man who was filmed dressed up as Mr Incredible as he assaulted a woman wearing a Batgirl costume has been sentenced to three years on probation.

New rape guidelines will remove ‘any grey area’ over sexual consent

Protesters have taken part in ‘slut walks’ to voice their anger at treatment of rape victims (Picture: Getty Images) New guidelines will remove ‘any grey area’ over what constitutes sexual consent in a bid to reduce inconsistencies in the way rape cases are dealt with.

Bodyshockers: ‘I’m a tattoo virgin determined to turn my body into a human canvas’

(Picture: Channel 4) Most people who decide to get their first tattoo start off small, but not this guy.

Man found guilty of animal cruelty after keeping 30 dogs in ‘appalling squalor’ in his £4m house

Warning: Some viewers might find the images and footage in this article upsetting Some of the animals were locked in cages or rooms without food and water (Picture: Met Police) A man who kept more than 30 dogs in ‘appalling squalor’ in a £4 million house has been found guilty of animal cruelty.

He’s back! Fernando Torres takes just 38 seconds to score v Barcelona

Fernando Torres developed into a joke figure during his time at Chelsea, and again during his recent loan spell with AC Milan.

Iraqi football match is abandoned after MORTAR round hits pitch

Football matches in England are sometimes abandoned because of heavy snow or a waterlogged pitch, but things are a lot more dangerous in Iraq.

Would you sponsor this woman £10 to get caned?

(Picture: Pandora Blake/YouTube) This S&M star’s charity campaign to fight the recent UK porn laws may have gone a bit too well.

Diego Costa ban: Liverpool and Chelsea fans react to news on Twitter

Out: Costa will miss the visit of City (Mike Hewitt: Getty Images) Chelsea will be without Diego Costa for their crucial visit of Manchester City this Saturday after the striker was banned for violent conduct for a stamp on Liverpool’s Emre Can.

Elderly woman was drugged with sedatives ‘because she was a complainer’

Barbara Oldham was allegedly branded a ‘complainer’ by staff (Picture: Cavendish) The son of an elderly woman who was drugged with sedatives by Bupa staff has hit out at the ‘utterly disgusting treatment’ of his mother following a payout of £5,000 by the healthcare group.

Jordan ‘ready’ to exchange militant for pilot

Muath al Kasaesbeh would be exchanged for Sajida al Rishawi (Picture: EPA/REUTERS) Jordan’s information minister has announced the country are willing to hand over a captured Iraqi terrorist in exchange for the Jordanian pilot held by Isis.

From Kim Kardashian West to Taylor Swift: Celebrities then and now quiz

Ah, you’ve gotta love the internet. Long before the days of mobile phones, selfies and filters, there was no delete option and you had to actually wait until your pictures came back from the printers to discover the damage.

Nothing to see here, just Usher disguised as a street performer for his new video

Who’s that all covered in gold? Well it’s not a street performer…(Picture: Splash News) You’d be forgiven for thinking that this gold-covered gent was just a street performer attempting to impress the crowds.

Here’s what Charli XCX’s Boom Clap sounds like re-recorded in Japanese

Still listening to Charli XCX’s 2014 hit Boom Clap on a never-ending loop? Well here’s a brand new version she’s recorded – only this time it’s in Japanese.

You only have 24 hours to read this self-destructing novel

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘inflammatory literature’. Because this book will self-destruct in 24 hours.

David Oyelowo thinks the outrage over Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘coloured’ gaffe is ‘ridiculous’

David Oyelowo has defended fellow actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Picture: AP) Selma star David Oyelowo has defended Benedict Cumberbatch for using the word ‘coloured’.

Chef lost 21 stone after friend text him ‘fat f***’ every day for six weeks

Jamie has lost an incredible 21st (Picture: SWNS) Jamie Brooks, who has lost over half his body weight, says he feels like a ‘new man’.

Graphic anti-smoking video of blackened lungs will put you off tobacco for life

WARNING: Graphic content If this gruesome video of a person’s blackened lungs doesn’t put you off smoking – nothing will.