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Remember Disaster Girl? A New Ad Campaign Digs Deeper Into the Mysterious Meme

Disaster Girl is one of the most popular memes online. It's over 13 years old, and hails from a weird picture of a girl smiling devilishly while a home burns in the background.

Cat Videos and Business Don’t Mix in These Bright Ads for a Dual-Screen Smartphone

Imagine what you could do with your smartphone if it had two screens. The possibilities are ... well, they may not be endless.

Macy’s Emotional Holiday Ad Tears a Page Out of the U.K. Retailer Playbook

It's time for Macy's entry into the holiday advertising arms race: "Lighthouse | The Perfect Gift Brings People Together," its inaugural work from BBDO New York.

A Disenchanted Elf Learns a Christmas Lesson in Aussie Department Store’s Gorgeous Ad

When you're a Christmas elf, the holiday season is a pretty big deal. You expect those around you to take it seriously.

Cards Against Humanity Is Buying Up Land Near the Mexican Border to Stop Trump’s Wall

Remember that Black Friday promotion where Cards Against Humanity got a bunch of people to buy poo? What about last year's, when it raised over $100,000 just to dig a hole?

Budweiser Takes One Last Lap at Daytona With Dale Earnhardt Jr. in Stirring Tribute

Budweiser bids farewell to longtime brand ambassador Dale Earnhardt Jr. with a sendoff to the Nascar legend ahead of his impending retirement, in the form of a poignant three-minute tribute video created by VaynerMedia.

This British Holiday Campaign Promises Lucky Shoppers Their Own Personal White Christmas

Global warming must be getting really bad this year, because European retailer TK Maxx is offering customers a chance to have fake snow delivered to their house on Christmas Day, for free.

CarMax Offers $20K for Crappy 1996 Honda Whose Fancy Ad Went Viral

Two weeks ago, a gorgeous ad for a crappy 1996 Honda automobile stole the hearts of a few million YouTube viewers.

Sorry, Reindeer. Llamas Took Over Cost Plus World Market’s Cute Christmas Ad

Is the llama about to have its moment? Will it be the new sloth? The next baby goat? If a long-form holiday ad from Cost Plus World Market has anything to say about it, the gangly camelid could at least become this season's reindeer.

Two Instagram Friends Are a Little Too Alike in Short Film From LaCausa

If you find your mirror image on Instagram, should you befriend that gal with the impeccable taste or move to a different town so you don't bump into her while wearing the exact same outfit?

Climate Change Got You Down? Greenpeace Finds a Dark, but Tempting, Silver Lining in Real Estate

Climate change is real! It's totally our fault! The Doomsday Clock is two and a half minutes to midnight!

PlayStation Just Made One of the Best Star Wars Ads in a While, Thanks to Strong Storytelling

BBH New York stages a flirtatious and long-running rivalry in this Sony PlayStation ad supporting the launch of EA's Star Wars Battlefront II, which drops Nov.

Think Advertising Is Easy? These Entry-Level Kids Learn the Brutal Truth (NSFW)

Kids getting into advertising are so gung-ho. They're ready to win their first Cannes Lion as junior creatives and ride that train to a creative director job within a year.

Stove Top Made Stretchy Thanksgiving Dinner Pants, and a Loony Ad for Them

Food marketers love, love, love, love making campy clothing lines. The latest to jump into apparel is Stove Top, the Kraft Heinz stuffing brand, which is rolling out just one item--the Thanksgiving pants you never knew you needed.

BBDO Staff Do Timesheets on the Toilet in Innovative Time$hits Initiative

Always a pioneer in efficiencies, BBDO has found the perfect way to get employees to do their timesheets--by combining it with another crappy task.

A Tortured Tummy Overdoses on Fried Food in This Wacky Ad for Oranges

So, you've decided to nosh on deep-fried butter and Armageddon Demon Chilis instead of Wonderful Halos mandarin oranges.

Ewan McGregor Narrates Cinderella for the Social-Media Age in Cinematic Christmas Ad

If Prince Charming had been on social media, could he have found Cinderella quicker, skipping those unproductive shoe fittings and avoiding the three ugly stepsisters?

Diesel Came Up With a Bonkers Idea to Get Rid of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

For the record, we're into ugly Christmas sweaters, in part because this is the only time of year we can wear all the wool that people keep gifting us.

Lowe’s Built an Escape Room and Challenged Four DIYers to Build Their Way Out

Lowe's may not be the first brand to stage an escape room, but the stunt sure is a clever way for the hardware store to market its wares.

These Bank Ads Salute Successful Women in a Clever, Unexpected Way

Isn't it time everyone looked past their preconceptions about what women can achieve in the business world?