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Coldwell Banker’s Adorable ‘Somebody to Love’ Ad Extends Commitment to Pet Adoption

It's kind of a toss-up who's more bedraggled and pitiful in this new ad for Coldwell Banker--the sad dude sleeping alone in a queen-size bed, or the stray mutt cowering on a dirty blanket in an alley.

North Carolina Jeweler Apologizes for ‘Sometimes It’s OK to Throw Rocks at Girls’ Billboard

Asheville, N.C., jewelry store Spicer Greene Jewelers' newest billboard, with pictures of gemstones surrounding the headline "Sometimes it's OK to throw rocks at girls," has invited some understandable backlash this week.

A Couple of Sheepskin Rugs Enjoy the Comforts of Ikea in Brand’s Latest Cute Commercial

Imagine life if everything were an Ikea product. Including you. A $79 sheepskin rug rolls out of bed as if it were human, at the sound of a $9 alarm clock, in a new ad from the Australian arm of the Swedish furniture chain.

McCann’s ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Will Get to Stay Through February 2018

She was never going to give up without a fight. Following a campaign of support from politicians including public advocate Letitia James and Rep.

Twin Peaks Fans Are Salivating Over Mysterious Pie Billboards That Suddenly Popped Up

As we know from the recent uptick in people on social media pretending they understood Twin Peaks, a remake of David Lynch's surreal ABC series is coming to Showtime soon.

Dell Technologies and Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright Tackle Clarke’s Third Law in Y&R Ads

It's not magic. It's science. That's the familiar spirit of a new campaign from Dell Technologies--the company's first major advertising rollout since forming via the merger of Dell and EMC last fall.

Mexico Just Made a Cloud That Rains Tequila, So Maybe We’ll Be OK After All

As part of a tasty new tourism campaign, ad agency Lapiz just made Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs a reality.

Sandra Oh Is ‘The Woman Who Can’t Lie’ in Fun Ad for Canadian Film Fest

Who can you trust for an honest assessment of the movies being screened at Reel Canada's National Canadian Film Day 150 on April 19?

50 Creative Projects in 50 Days: How Minted Is Challenging and Rewarding Its Artists and Designers

In a campaign that's as much art project as advertisement, boutique New York City agency Van's General Store (VSG) is collaborating with client Minted--the online marketplace that connects artists with consumers--on a campaign that will feature 50 creative projects produced on 50 consecutive days by 50 independent artists and creatives.

Aardman Hilariously (and Beautifully) Spoofs Every Client Conference Call You’ve Ever Been On

You've been on those conference calls with clients--the ones where you go around and around in circles, trying to nail down the brief, only to get so much confusing and conflicting information that you come away hopelessly pretzeled.

Publicis’ Disturbing Gun-Control Stunt Let People Shoot at Strangers, and Think They’d Killed Them

To promote gun control, the creatives at Publicis Russia wanted to see what would happen if they put firearms in the hands of everyone.

This Watch Ad Came to Life on a Bus Shelter to Reveal It Was Selling Something Better

Imagine you're waiting for the bus, and the guy in the watch ad next to you suddenly starts talking to you.

Forget DIY. French Yellow Pages Makes a Good Case for Pros in ‘Don’t Do It Yourself’ Ads

We're in maker culture now. And in maker culture, where there's a YouTube video for pretty much any activity you want to take on, you can do almost anything on your own if you put your mind to it.

The Boss Baby Is the Latest Movie to Sell Itself by Winking at the Competition

Next week, The Boss Baby hits theaters. The latest Dreamworks Animation release features Alec Baldwin voicing a briefcase-wielding, suit-and-tie-wearing baby who's sent undercover to a family to try to foil the plans of Puppy Co., which is working to out-cute the baby industry.

Kids Leaving Home? Try This ‘Child Replacement Program,’ Says Fun Pedigree Campaign

Empty nesters literally go to the dogs in Pedigree's cheeky "Child Replacement Program," which encourages parents to adopt Fido after their kids move out.

This Awesome Traffic-Jam-Beating Car Is a Sneaky Ad for Something Else Entirely

A car that conquers any traffic jam by rising up, having its wheels spread wide and rolling over all the other vehicles?

This Agency Sent a House to Sea for a Lovely Ad About the Choppy Waters of Life

To illustrate the personal aspects of taking on a massive home improvement job oneself, Leroy Merlin--a kind of French Home Depot--has released "Life's Adventure." Created by BETC Shopper, this is Up meets Life of Pi, with a couple's uprooted fixer-upper home taking to the seas as they begin the lon

Adobe’s Latest Comedy Shows How Great Customer Service Isn’t So Great for Bank Robbers

Doubling down on the notion that data helps drive great consumer experiences, Adobe introduces its latest software suite with "Heist," an amusing spot in which a bank's customers (and staff) aren't enjoying themselves at all.

This Funny Down Syndrome Ad Will Change the Way You Feel About ‘Special Needs’

Able society is weird about people with disabilities. Eyes dart away. We're overly helpful, not helpful enough.

Anger Meets Art: How a Cuban Immigrant Dreamed Up Der Spiegel’s Shocking Trump Cover

SOUTHAMPTON, Bermuda--Edel Rodriguez was just a kid when he fled Cuba and came to the U.S. as a refugee in the 1980s.