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This Ski Resort Turned One-Star Reviews Into a Five-Star Ad Campaign

Turning your haters into your most effective promoters isn't the newest trick in the marketing playbook.

Ikea Piggybacks on Apple With Playful Ads for Its Wireless-Charging Furniture

One of the great things about Ikea is that it's not afraid to jump on current events and even have fun with other brands.

L.L. Bean Made a Clever Newspaper Ad That You Can Only Read Outdoors

Marketing that embodies a brand promise, rather than just communicating it, is always a delight. L.L.

Joe Biden Responds to Betsy DeVos’ Title IX Stance in Latest ‘It’s On Us’ Ad

In the new "It's On Us" PSA, former vice president Joe Biden delivers what may be his most emotional plea yet.

Bud Light Made Its Own Line of Leisurewear, If That’s What You’re Into

It's not the kind of branded clothing that gets shot out of a T-shirt cannon at sporting events, but it's mighty close.

Minecraft Built a Colossal Machine Inside the Game to Advertise a Special New Update

In-world advertising is always a fun tactic for gaming brands. And now, Minecraft has gotten into the act, enlisting ad agency 215 McCann to build a giant machine inside the Minecraft world--whose mismatched components serve as marketing for a special update to the popular building game.

Real Estate Ads Done Well? Look No Further Than This Sweet Local Campaign From Maryland

They'll take what's inside the box, Monty! In this syrupy sweet spot for Creig Northrop Team of Long & Foster Real Estate, a husband and wife keep giving each other gifts in little blue boxes.

How Hard Is It to Draw a Brand Logo From Memory? Much, Much Harder Than You Thought

You're a brand nerd par excellence, and you think you've got your brand logos down cold. But then you're asked to draw a well-known logo from memory--and you completely botch it.

Naomi Campbell Lip-Syncs to George Michael in H&M’s Stylish Tokyo Karaoke Ad

H&M and Naomi Campbell are taking an 1980s song about unemployed male empowerment and turning it into a 2017 ad about global female empowerment--through fashion.

These British Beer Ads Have the Best Cast of Characters We’ve Seen in a While

Beer commercials don't usually invoke famous Shakespeare soliloquies, or star a blind gal with her service dog, or a guy in drag named Carl who calls himself "a stroppy cow" for refusing to order "the usual" at the pub.

Clay Matthews, Odell Beckham Jr. Work Out With Sasquatch Once Again for Jack Link’s

After last year's "Workin' Out with Sasquatch" ads for Jack Link's beef jerky, NFL stars Odell Beckham Jr.

Netflix Sent the Best Cease-and-Desist Letter to This Unauthorized Stranger Things Bar

Netflix seemingly can do no wrong when it comes to its marketing. Even its cease-and-desist letters are creative enough to get glowing reviews.

Guinness Profiles the Compton Cowboys of L.A. in Its Latest Stirring ‘Made of More’ Ad

AMV BBDO London and acclaimed director Henry-Alex Rubin have developed new advertising for Guinness that profiles the Compton Cowboys, young men who've managed to break the cycle of violence and fear in hardscrabble South Central Los Angeles.

McDonald’s Used Intricate Light Sculptures to Make Some of Its Loveliest Ads Yet

TBWA\Paris makes some of the most visually striking McDonald's advertising anywhere, and its latest campaign might be its most artful so far.

These Dog Food Ads Are All About How Great Your Dog’s Poop Will Be

RPA's "The Proof Is in the Poop" campaign for Halo dog food adds Poopsie the poop coil to America's stable of anthropomorphic poop characters, right alongside Mr.

The Invisible Man Is the Perfect Spokesman for This Clever Audi Ad

This entertaining new Audi ad from DDB Spain reintroduces us to the Invisible Man and his Sunset Boulevard-esque relationship with his own fame.

Why This Radio Station Just Put Charles Manson on a Billboard It Admits Is ‘Tasteless’

Why would anyone in their right mind put Charles Manson on a billboard? Good question. First, some context.

Heineken Made Absurdly Dramatic Ads to Mirror the Thrill of Global Soccer

Not all of us get the fuss over soccer. Thankfully, there's Heineken. In the beer brand's self-bestowed role as great democratizer, and with help from Publicis Italy, a new series of Fredrik Bond-directed ads for its #SharetheDrama campaign interprets the stakes of the game by using cinematic tropes that non-sportspeople perhaps understand better.

Errol Morris Shot 56 Soothing Ads for Wealthsimple, and He Stars in the Best One of Them All

Money is a fraught subject for many Americans, even relatively well-off ones. Investment company Wealthsimple takes on those often unspoken anxieties with a new campaign shot by Oscar-winning documentarian Errol Morris (and created in-house), featuring a wide range of regular people chatting about their worries.

The Halo Top Ice Cream Ad That’s Creeping Everyone Out Is Even Weirder Than You Thought

You've probably seen the dystopian Halo Top ice cream commercial by now--the one directed by Mike Diva, the popular YouTuber with the twisted sense of humor.