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This 4-Minute for an All-Natural Deodorant Is About as Different as the Product Itself

Let's talk personal hygiene. But to make a delicate subject slightly less awkward, how about we toss in some silly choreography, Oprah-style product giveaways and hippie satirist JP Sears?

The World’s Most Eligible Bachelor on Tinder Is Literally the Last of His Kind

Meet the "World's Most Eligible Bachelor." He's 43 years old, has a 90,000-acre home and military-trained security.

A Snack Brand Put Serial Killers in Its Videos in Spectacular Twitter Fail

British potato-chip maker Walkers Crisps crashed and burned on Twitter in stunning fashion Thursday, as the brand asked for selfies from followers and made videos out of them--not realizing that a number of the photos were of serial killers and other notorious British criminals.

Nissan’s Stupidly Satisfying Self-Parking Office Chairs Just Won a Much-Deserved Award

This fun Nissan stunt from last year just won a Pencil at The One Show--by inventing self-parking office chairs.

This Hearing Aid Becomes a Vibrating Bracelet at Night to Keep the Wearer Safe

Practically all hearing-impaired people remove their hearing aids at night, according to the Ministry of Social Development and Human Society in Thailand.

A Menacing Black Hole Embodies Marketers’ Greatest Fears in the Latest MailChimp Campaign

You've heard of MailChimp. And if you've followed the ad industry or listened to any podcasts over the past year-plus, you know what it isn't: a shrimp, a blimp, a limp, or any other adorably rhyming object.

Meet the Robotics Wiz Behind Old Spice’s Giant Mechanical Sea Creature

Unless you've been lost at sea, you've probably heard about the giant robotic squid that Old Spice deployed last weekend for a wacky, high-profile internet game on Twitch.

Netflix Got Pete Souza, Obama’s Photographer, to Shoot ‘Candids’ of Frank Underwood

Netflix has always enjoyed dipping into the real world for its House of Cards marketing. Most famously, it did so with the "FU 2016" campaign via BBH, which including running a campaign ad for Frank Underwood during a Republican presidential debate in December 2015.

Twin Peaks Returned Once Before, in These Surreal Japanese Coffee Ads From 1993

The two-season show Twin Peaks first launched in 1990. And--thanks to its compelling weirdness, some ace acting from Kyle MacLachlan, characters like the Log Lady, and its appeal to our prurient interest in small-town life--fans have gone on loving it, and wanting more, for nearly 30 years.

Will AI Take Creative Jobs? Judging by These Paint Names, Probably Not Today

Colors can affect our feelings and behavior in ways so profound that studies have been conducted on how we can better use them in life, and in society, to "hack" culture.

Old Spice Made a Giant Robotic Sea Beast, and Wants You to Run Its Bizarre Life This Weekend

Want to spend 15 hours this weekend teaching a giant eight-tentacled robotic Kraken sea beast how to navigate the squishy steps from adolescence to adulthood?

These Incredible Play-Doh Ads Took 948 Pots to Make, and They’re for Grownups as Much as Kids

One of the unfortunate side-effects of getting older is that life starts to retract. With time, age and the cinching-down of careers and financial responsibilities, doors slam shut.

Kendall Jenner Returns to Advertising in a More Familiar Role

Kendall Jenner is putting the Pepsi fiasco behind her and returning to a more comfortable gig, as fashion model, in new advertising from Italian luxury brand La Perla.

Why the Marketing of Wonder Woman at Warner Bros. Is Coming Under Fire

A couple of weeks ago, Shana O'Neil at Blastr created a tempest when she publicly questioned Warner Bros.' marketing commitment to the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

This Pop-Up Travel Agency Let Visitors Smell 64 Different Places in Europe

For the last six years, rail company Thalys' "Welcome to Our World" signature has served as a series of uniquely packaged invitations to encourage people to travel.

This Pop-Up Travel Agency Let Visitors Smell 16 Different Places in Europe

For the last six years, rail company Thalys' "Welcome to Our World" signature has served as a series of uniquely packaged invitations to encourage people to travel.

The Martin Agency’s Latest Fun Preroll Stunt: An Ad That Skips Itself

The Martin Agency is famous in recent years for its innovative preroll ads for Geico, beginning with "Unskippable" (which won the Film Grand Prix at Cannes) and continuing up through the current "Crushed" campaign.

Yo, Anything Goes in These Insane Ads for the Brooklyn Film Festival

Lights, camera, cray-cray! TBWA\Chiat\Day New York and OPC Films celebrate wild (and creepy) creativity in a set of commercials touting the 20th anniversary of the Brooklyn Film Festival, which runs June 2-11 at various neighborhood theaters.

Silicon Valley Fans, Rejoice! Jian-Yang’s Not Hotdog App Is Now Available on iTunes

Mike Judge's HBO show Silicon Valley is beloved for both sending up the Valley's financially frenetic, bro-grammer culture while highlighting many of the very real, sometimes insane stuff that results from it.

WestJet Got Vegas-Bound Passengers to Play the Biggest Game of All Even Before They Landed

To celebrate 21 years in business, and 12 of shuttling Canadians to Las Vegas, air carrier WestJet decided to give passengers on one flight access to a special game of chance--a giant spiraling light show lottery visible from 12,000 feet in the air.