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KFC’s Colonel Sanders Heads to France with a Tin-Ear Accent and Old Spice-Ish Adventures

Sometimes you encounter an idea whose time has come. That doesn't make the idea good. Case in point: Twice in as many weeks, a famous American face has dived into the French market with strong "We come in peace" vibes, pioneers for their ilk, zealously shilling our two favorite types of food--junk and fast.

Kraft’s Super Bowl Ad Debut Will Address the Pressure on Parents to Be Perfect

Kraft, one of the relatively few well-known consumer brands that has never made an ad appearance in the Super Bowl, will make its debut this year, the company announced today.

Snap Execs Explain the Key to a Successful TV Partnership and Their Push Into Scripted Shows

During the past two years, Snap, Inc. has partnered with almost all major TV media companies to create exclusive, original content for the platform.

Focus on Social to Reach Esports Fans

With the esports audience estimated to reach 385 million people this year, it's time for brands to pay attention to the growing fan base and direct their efforts and advertising dollars toward targeting the burgeoning industry.

Want Your Own Super Bowl Ad? Tostitos Made a Platform for Personalized Spots

If you're hosting a Super Bowl party this year, Tostitos is giving you the opportunity to invite your guests using your own Super Bowl ad.

The Story Behind These Creepy Ads for a Soulless Corporation That Makes Everything

When the faceless conglomerate Hampton DeVille says in its new ads that it makes "everything," it's not kidding.

The CW’s Black Lightning Electrifies the Superhero Genre With a Focus on Family, Not Fighting

The CW knows a thing or two about DC superhero shows, given the success of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

This Hair-Loss Startup Is Part of a Growing Trend of Ecommerce Personalization

These days, consumers can order a personalized hair regimen, curated beauty products and now, a treatment plan to stop hair loss.

Adobe’s Newest Labs Project Can Track In-Store Customers in Real Time

Imagine walking into a grocery store, toward the produce aisle, but then getting a ping on your phone that the cookies you bought last week are on sale.

SNL’s My Drunk Boyfriend Is the Sloppy A.I. You Never Knew You Needed

If you thought Sophia the Robot was creepy, check out Saturday Night Live's My Drunk Boyfriend--a life-size doll whose artificial intelligence has mastered the art of having no intelligence at all.

Influencer Marketing in 2018: Becoming an Efficient Marketplace

Influencer marketing has expanded exponentially over the past two years. We've seen the industry go from a rising marketing tactic to an essential part of most marketing budgets.

Girls Trip’s Tiffany Haddish Will Star in Groupon’s Super Bowl Commercial

Last summer, while promoting Girls Trip, comedian Tiffany Haddish appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She told a delightful story about taking Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith on a Cajun swamp tour with a deal she had purchased on Groupon.

Where Is the Line Between Creepy and Creative in Advertising?

In 2018, consumers have largely accepted that marketers use an online log of their behaviors and spending habits to target digital audiences with relevant ads.

As Voice Continues Its Rise, Marketers Are Turning to Sonic Branding

Sound is a powerful tool that can trigger specific memories or emotions. It's a staple for marketers who have used jingles (think, "I'm a Toys R Us Kid") to connect emotionally with consumers, whether on TV or radio.

Why Eliminating Net Neutrality Is Bad for Women

The FCC's recent vote to eliminate net neutrality stands to impact some of the country's most enterprising innovators.

Infographic: How Consumers Perceive and Respond to LGBTQ-Themed Ads

There's a fine line between authentic representation and exploiting a minority group, and many brands steer away from that space entirely.

Adweek’s Arc Awards: Recognizing the Best Brand Storytelling of 2017

January is an interesting month for storytelling. At the outset you have the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Streaming Service Crackle Will Rebrand As Sony Crackle This Spring

Sony's free, ad-supported streaming service Crackle will rebrand as Sony Crackle this spring, the outlet announced at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour.

The Handmaid’s Tale Will Avoid the Season 2 Slumps Of Other Freshman Hits By Changing ‘Nothing’

When a show is as big as of a commercial and critical hit out of the gate as The Handmaid's Tale was last year--the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning drama was also one of Hulu's most-viewed shows in 2017--it sometimes goes off course in Season 2 as its creators try to lean into the hype.

Hulu Snaps Up Streaming Rights to ER—As Well As George Clooney’s Next TV Series, Catch-22

Hulu continued its dual approach of bulking up both its original and acquired series slates by announcing two big coups today: The company has landed exclusive streaming rights to the hit medical series ER--which turned George Clooney into a megastar two decades ago--and has also snapped up Clooney'