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A Man Discovers He's a Bot in This Amusing Warning About Click Fraud

Click fraud is a big problem, but it's also an exceedingly boring topic. So, how do you liven it up to warn marketers about it?

Here's the Most Fascinating Slide From BuzzFeed's 2008 Pitch to Investors

Back in 2008, BuzzFeed was a two-person editorial operation with 750,000 monthly visitors, but it already knew exactly where it was headed.

YouTube Star Hannah Witton Gives Candid Advice About Sex in Durex Campaign

As brands continue to use popular YouTubers for ad campaign, Durex has found the perfect endorser with Hannah Witton—a vlogger whose non-branded content already includes plenty of talk about sex and relationships.

Hallmark's Mother's Day Ads Are Shockingly Edgy. Just Kidding, They're Really, Really Sappy

Adland's trend toward weepy gratitude continues, just in time for Mother's Day, as Hallmark rolls out a series of videos from Leo Burnett in which people express love and appreciation for their moms.

Manny Pacquiao Wonders If Mayweather Fight Is On, or If It's All Just a Foot Locker Ad

Foot Locker is happy it can finally celebrate the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight—for real.

Zooey Deschanel Says the Word 'Adorkable' Came From Fox Marketing and Isn't Her at All

Many actors deal with fans confusing them with their characters. But not many have a term like "adorkable" following them around.

Plagued by Haters, a Pilates Trainer Photoshops Herself Skinnier in This Video About Body Image

No matter how much you accomplish in life, there are always going to be plenty of people online to tell you just how crappy you still are.

These Posh Videos Show You How to Pronounce Ogilvy & Mather 'Like a Lord'

Do the Spanish have a tough time pronouncing "Ogilvy & Mather." Apparently so, judging from this comical video series from the agency's Spain operation—aimed at getting people to pronounce the agency's name "like a lord." Along the way, we get a little bit of Ogilvy history and one unexpectedly swift kick in the balls.

Check Out this YouTuber Making Some Insane Trick Shots With Oreo Cookies

Showing crazy trick shots is a pretty good way of getting viral video views, as we've seen in branded efforts from Wheaties (bowling), McDonald's (soccer)—and of course, that old, fake-as-hell Michael Jordan and Larry Bird ad "Nothing But Net." Now there's a new kid in town, Peter Bamforth—a YouTuber who makes "videos about anything and everything." But he's particularly adept at trick shots.

A Man Discovers He's a Bot in This Amusing Warning About Click Fraud

Click fraud is a big problem, but it's also an exceedingly boring topic. So, how do you liven it up to warn marketers about it?

Foot Locker Catches Emoji Fever With 80 Individually Drawn 'Shoemojis'

If your brand hasn't made custom emojis yet, sorry—it's now mandatory. Or so it seems, given the rush of marketers doing so.

Glock Shoots First, Asks Questions Later With This Strange Earth Day Tweet

Earth Day is a special day—a day to think about Mother Earth and how to keep her happy by recycling, by conserving her riches, by protecting her.

NYC Agency Sagmeister & Walsh Says It Was Robbed, but It's Strange What Got Stolen

Sagmeister & Walsh says a brazen robbery has occurred at its New York offices, with three men making off with its most valuable property—and the whole thing caught on tape by the ceiling camera that normally streams live footage of the studio to the agency's website.

Tiny Billboards for Ant-Man Are Popping Up That Ants Are Really Going to Love

There's something irresistible about tiny billboards. We've seen them before, of course—for example, there was this LittleBigPlanet campaign from 2008 and this Lego stunt from 2012.

Noooooooooo! This Loony British Ad for Mints Ends With a Comic Shocker

This Trebor Mints ad from Wieden & Kennedy London has a bit of that 1990s Gushers weirdness to it, either as a tribute to nostalgic thirtysomethings or just for shiggles.

Blindfolded Kids Try to Recognize Their Moms in This Lovely, Smash-Hit Mother's Day Ad

Are you unique enough that your child could pick you out of a lineup by touch alone? The charm-bracelet pushers over at Pandora Jewelry have just released The Unique Collection, but you won't see much jewelry in this two-minute spot by Grey New York.

Check Out the Amazing Welcome Kit This Ogilvy Office Gives Each New Hire

It's a red box, but in some ways it's more like a red carpet. Ogilvy Cape Town has been giving a remarkable welcome box to employees over the past year.

Kmart Celebrates Sloth With Joe Boxer's Inactivity Tracker and an Hourlong Ad About Nothing

Nike FuelBand may have fizzled out, but luckily the Joe Boxer Inactivity Tracker is here to take its place.

What's Better Than the Star Wars VII Trailer? Babies Watching the Star Wars VII Trailer

If your eyes grew a bit wider and your jaw a bit slacker when you saw the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer, you're bound to love these kids' reactions to it.

Craigslist User Warns Against Buying Secondhand Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer

If you're not into Star Wars, you might as well sign off the Internet for the rest of the year. Not only are the filmmakers going to bombard you with content, everybody else is, too.