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10 Brand Activations That Weren’t to Be Missed at This Year’s SXSW

Each year, brand marketers come to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, to showcase immersive activations for the festival's thousands of attendees.

David Miami Announces Key Leadership Changes Following Co-Founder Departures

A few months after two of its co-founders left to launch a new venture, David Miami has announced a series of major leadership changes.

Is Social Media Making Us Elitist?

For years, we've known that social media platforms inspire jealousy. A 2013 study showed that people fall into a "spiral of envy" when Facebook reveals that their friends are excelling or leading glamorous lives.

Facebook Lite Is Not Just for Emerging Markets Anymore

Facebook introduced its Facebook Lite Android application in June 2015, saying at the time that it was designed for emerging markets and areas with poor connectivity.

Sony Debuts Virtual Reality Mapping Technology in Groundbreaking Music Video at SXSW

Sony closed out its week-long activation at South by Southwest with some fluffy clouds, a cash bar, special musical performances and a new type of virtual reality experience.

JWT Eliminates the Worldwide Chief Creative Officer Role

J. Walter Thompson Co. today announced that it is eliminating the position of worldwide chief creative officer.

The Seattle Mariners, Whose Ads Are Always a Hit, Just Rolled Out Their 2018 Spots

Few agencies have as strong a relationship with a sports franchise as Copacino+Fujikado has with the Seattle Mariners.

How Technology Will Continue to Refine People-Based Marketing

Ever since "people-based marketing" was introduced at Advertising Week in 2014, it has become a strategic imperative for almost every brand.

7 Stats That Sum Up What We Learned at SXSW

From Westworld craze to Elon Musk to dozens of branded activations, it's been a busy week for marketers at South by Southwest.

Video: What Brand Marketers Can Learn From Mondo’s SXSW House Party

After a week filled with AI and VR, one SXSW activation is keeping it simple and artful. Mondo creates screen prints for films, TV shows, video games and comics, as well as record labels, toys and apparel.

Q&A: Edelman’s Global Chair of Crisis and Risk on What Makes a Crisis

When brands have a crisis, they call the Winston Wolfe of public relations, Harlan Loeb. Loeb, who runs Edelman's crisis and risk mitigation practice, didn't grow up in the PR business.

As the Lines Blur Between Agencies and Consultancies, New Shops Are Taking a Hybrid Approach

After years of headlines about consultancies eating ad agencies' lunches, the two groups are increasingly starting to look alike.

Fast-Food Brands Are Making Slick Mobile Apps to Stay Ahead of Small, Fast-Casual Restaurants

For decades, fast-food chains have chased quick sales with limited-time promotions and products (R.I.P.

Why Consumers Are Increasingly Willing to Trade Privacy for Convenience

Consumers have long exchanged data for services they find valuable, like email addresses or location for free Wi-Fi and social media profiles for easier site logins, but they are starting to let platforms into their lives like never before, even going so far as to consent to vehicle tracking and access to their homes.

Infographic: The Widening Gap Between Customer Service and the Customer

Anyone who's ever had an infuriatingly long call with a company over a big bill probably doesn't exactly have a warm and fuzzy feeling about that brand.

The PGA Tour Created an Augmented-Reality App to Get People Interested in Real-Life Golf

It might not quite feel like golf season yet, at least not in New York where snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.

How Gimlet Media Is Tweaking Its Podcast Programming for Voice Assistants

Brooklyn-based Gimlet Media--the media company behind some of the most popular podcasts, like Reply All, Homecoming and Startup--wants to learn how to make content work on Amazon's Alexa.

To Celebrate the Revival of Roseanne, ABC Recreated the Conners’ Living Room at SXSW

If you've been in downtown Austin, Texas, this weekend, and especially if you've been near South by Southwest, you might have heard a loud, hearty laugh coming from a pedicab.

Alexa Is Your Helpful TV-Watching Buddy in Ads for Amazon’s Fire TV

If you're trying to watch an episode of Homeland and your mother keeps distracting you by asking questions about the twisting-turning, intricate, high-stakes plot, maybe there's only one correct response: Just start the damn thing over again.

Innocean Places Chief Creative Officer Eric Springer on Leave in Wake of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Hyundai's Innocean has placed chief creative officer Eric Springer on leave less than a week after Adweek broke the news of a lawsuit accusing him and the agency of sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.