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A Man Drew These Trippy Self-Portraits When He Got High On 20 Different Drugs

Bryan Lewis Saunders is an artist from Washington DC who has drawn over 8,000 self portraits . He has taken a shitload of drugs in that time, too.

20 Mind-Blowing Science Facts

Second Earths? A country bigger than Pluto? Disturbing koala anatomy? Your mind is gonna widen with these 22 crazy facts.

How To Find Out Whether You’re a Tall Girl

You’re used to towering over most of your female friends. You’re filled with guilt after blocking people’s views when you go to the movies or a concert.

10 Most Contentious Debates On Breastfeeding

1. If you love browsing the internet then chances are you’ve stumbled upon Time Magazine’s provocative new cover showing a woman breastfeeding her nearly 4-year-old son.

Ways To Get Romantic In Bed

A little romance never hurts. Rather it cements relationship, as well as gives you and your partner an opportunity to know each other better.

Tips and Precautions You Must Take Before and After a Fainting Episode

Fainting can be a creepy thing particularly when you do not know why or what to do. It calls for taking certain precautions.

3 Simple Methods to Get Out of a Funk

A funk is described as a state of great fear or panic. It’s milder than depression, but lasts for a weeks or months if you don’t try to get rid of it.

Dealing With Excessive Sweating (Hyperhydrosis) on Holiday

We usually sweat a lot while travelling or staying abroad. It’s embarrassing! Use these tips to stay away from excessive sweating: Steps See that you bring a lot of vest tops that in shape (on the sides) do not go right up to your armpit.

3 Top Ways To Clean Nostrils

The nose generates sticky mucus in order to catch tiny dust particles that could harm your lungs. But this mucus can harden and clog your nostrils, & usually become unpleasant.

Sexual Assault Victims Come Out With The Long-Lasting Impacts of Rape and Abuse

Tons of sexual assault victims are using Tumblr to share their harrowing stories of abuse. The posts, getting published on a Tumblr account dubbed Lasting Impact, tell graphic tales of what life is like for victims years after the actual attack occurred.

The Simple Exercise That Foretells How Long You’re Gonna Live

This simple exercise of sitting down and standing up again without holding onto anything, is an effective way to find out how long you have to live.

Will Eating Organic Foods Do Any Good In the Long Term?

When it comes to shopping for food, especially produce we often opt away from the organic section to buy conventional.

Have These Low-Carb Fruits To Lose Weight Fast

All of you who’re following low-carb diet plans to lose weight now have to count net carbs—a number calculated by subtracting a food’s fiber content from its total carbohydrates—instead of total carbohydrates.

5 Gritty Women Who Defied All Odds To Stay Fit After Tragic Accidents

These 5 women bravely overcame all sorts of tragedies, such as loss of limbs, car accidents, and explosions to get fit.

Some Weird Facts That Will Change How You Think About Giraffes, Static, And The Sun

World is full of strange things. Here are 15 facts that are just flat-out weird. They are things you should know to impress (or weird out) your friends.

One Small Joint of Cannabis Once A Week Won’t Cause Any Harm to Your Health

According to scientists one small cannabis joint won’t harm your health. This recommendation came at the time of the launch of the world’s first ever guidelines on how to take drugs safely.

14 Reasons You’re Forever Tired

If you feel sluggish—–ditch these bad habits that drain your energy. Reasons Why You’re Forever Tired Lack of sleep is not the only thing that’s draining your energy.

If You Crave Chocolate, Suffer Bloating And Aches and Pains—They’re Signs of BREAKDOWN! Warns Stress Expert!

1. We all feel stressed sometimes, but if it reaches a breaking point it’s alarming. Stress can give rise to breakdown where coping with the simplest, everyday tasks can be hard and exhausting.

7 Daily Habits Can Stop Heartburn—Check It Out!

Over-the-counter antacids and prescription medications are your best bet when it comes to treating GERD.

20 Foods You Must Aim To Eat In Breakfast

Start your day off right. Don’t miss your breakfast because it can set you up for overeating later in the day.