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The Fact We’re Entitled to Countless Medications Revealed After Mother’s Facebook Post Goes Viral

Many parents have found they are entitled to medication including Calpol for their children, on the NHS.

The Correct Method Is Squatting, NOT Sitting! ‘We’re All Pooing Wrong,’

It’s a subject which is rarely discussed. Nevertheless, one scientist has sensationalized poo, and now everyone’s talking about it.

20 Signs That Convey You’re Actually Addicted to Your Phone

Do you feel naked and afraid without it? Stop being worried, you’re not alone. Is this an accurate description of how you feel when you leave your phone at home?

The Foods You Think Are Safe to Eat Actually Contain SECRET Animal Products

Dump the myth that bananas, figs and miso soup are perfect foods for vegetarians – an array of foods, from fruit and packaged cereal to beer and even figs, that we assume are safe to eat, actually contain animal products, warns an expert.

Hairstyles for Women: The Cruella de Vil Hairstyle Catches-on With Women

Hairstyles for women The hairstyle currently in fashion is that of Cruella de Vil – the Disney villain.

Teen With Down Syndrome Redefining Standards Of Beauty

Teen With Down Syndrome Redefining Standards Of Beauty Madeline Stuart, a teen, is determined to become a model.Her story is making headlines and winning support because of one little difference, however – Maddy has Down syndrome Madeline Stuart, a teen, is determined to become a model.Her story is making headlines and winning support because of one little difference, however – Maddy has Down syndrome After she lost 44lbs (20kg) to keep healthy, she decided to start modeling “She really wants to change the way people discriminate against disability,” said Maddy’s mother “People with Down syndrome can do anything, they just do it at their own pace.

Father-of-Two Squirm In Pain As His Wife Watches on With Glee

A daredevil husband and father agrees to undergo the physical pains of labor as a Mother’s Day gift to his wife while bravely letting himself be filmed as he went through the agonizing experience.

Wanna Know Whether Short Hair Will Suit Your Face Shape? Figure It Out With The Help of A Secret Formula

The crop is the latest fad in hair styles right now as Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Lily Collins and Scarlett Johansson all go for the chop.

Foods You Need To Eat if You’re Aiming For A FLATTER Tummy

In order to beat the bloat – don’t touch stone fruits, don’t chew gum, and don’t make fizzy water a part of your diet!

Scientists Manage To Grow Fully-Functioning SPERM in Lab

Scientists announce they have for the first time grown sperm cells in a laboratory – promising that a treatment for infertile men is on the way.

15 Fruits That Aid in Weight-Loss

The general saying is that ‘fruits aid weight loss’ — but that’s wrong. Not all fruit is created equal – fruits with high level of sugar promote weight gain.

Calories Bacteria in Your Gut That Make You Fat! And Eventually, Cheese, Alcohol and Chocolate Can All Help

Don’t rely on calorie-controlled diets – they just don’t work. In a new book by Professor Tim Spector, a leading genetics expert at King’s College London – there’s a compelling evidence, about the truth of the above statement.

Maybe That’s One of The Reasons Why Fast Food Makes You Fat

Junk food destroys vital bacteria that helps keep us thin, says a leading researcher. Professor Tim Spector thinks this somewhat explains our rising obesity levels.

A New Study Has Found You’re Not As OLD As You Feel — Inside You’re Ageless

If you feel several years younger than you really are – think yourself as lucky. Because there are thousands who feel several years older.

8 Post-Pregnancy Photos That Are No Less Than Controversial

1. Princess Kate looks immaculate just 10 hours after giving birth After the Duchess of Cambridge came out from the hospital looking immaculate, just hours after giving birth on May 2015 – mothers took to social media to share their disbelief.

How Much Filth Does Your Beard Hold? Study Contends Facial Hair Can Hold More Faeces Than A Dirty Toilet

Hipsters all over the world were panicked by news this week that their much-loved facial hair may hold more faeces than a toilet.

Do You Have A Sleep Problem? Test The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique Out That Assures You’ll Nod off In 60 SECONDS

You gave warm bath, a hot, milky drink and even counting sheep, a try but you’re still lying wide awake.

Many Balding Men Are Resorting To A New Procedure To Create The Illusion of A Shaved Head

Balding bring on loss of confidence in men, as they start to lose their hair. Now a large number of men with the condition are giving ‘hair tattoo’ a try —- it’s a new non-surgical technique which gives the illusion of a shaved head.

‘Hollywood’ Therapy Helps Keep Pain and Depression Associated With MS at Bay

Hollywood stars, big business and politicians love this form of meditation — called mindfulness it could help reduce pain and depression in people suffering from the debilitating disease, multiple sclerosis.

Scientists Make A Breakthrough: Develop An Enzyme That Can Convert Any Blood Into Universal Donor Type

This situation is often faced by patients when they are rushed to a hospital for a blood transfusion — they don’t have their blood type.