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10 Fruits That Help Manage Diabetes – Eat and Feel the Difference

Diabetes is a serious, chronic condition that is progressively turning worse. American Diabetes Association forecasts that almost 50% of Americans will be diabetic by 2020.

Amazing! ”Dead Hearts” Successfully Transplanted – Was Never Done Before

Two Australian patients had hearts transplanted into their bodies – they had been dead for over 20 minutes.

What heaven actually looks like – by a renowned brain surgeon who states he’s been there: Read his testimony before you mock…it might just shake your viewpoint!

I was an adopted child – and knew nothing of my birth family. I was unaware that I had a biological sister, named Betsy.

Go Out In The Sun To Stay Slim

Wanna keep the pounds off? Go out in the sunshine, scientists have claimed. Researchers state moderate exposure to UV rays allow release of a key chemical which slows the progress of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Sushi Lover’s TOTAL Body Left Riddled With WORMS After Devouring Foul Sashimi

It is without question the most costly — and many would contend tasty — part of a sushi menu. However, sashimi that people around the world love so much almost killed a man.

Story Of Real Life Mermaids

Mermaids have been around for years — ruling the realm of fantasy, folklore and fairy tale. The half-human, half-fish creatures surfaced for the first time in ancient Assyria, now Syria when the goddess Atargatis turned herself into a mermaid out of shame – she mistakenly slayed her human lover.

Kids From Around The World And Their Lunches Rock

These meals look like they’re from a five star restaurant instead of a school cafeteria.

20 Epic Bizarre Facts

20 Insanely Realistic Cakes

20 Historical Fascinating Facts

Scientists Unveil The TOP Sex Position For Men Suffering Back Pain

Scientists have laid out the top ways for men suffering back pain to have sex. Reversing the popular belief ’spooning’ say researchers is not the best position for those who suffer back ache.

12 Convincing Reasons Women Should Lift Weights