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Can Breast Milk Kill Cancer Cells & Shrink Tumors? Let’s Find Out……!

It’s utterly amazing how many treatments for cancer have turned out to be effective. Sadly, majority of them are not promoted for the reason they don’t generate profit.

For a Full Year I Drank Warm Honey Lemon Water Every Morning (The results are in front of you)

In the past I used to purchase honey and lemon drinks in a packet from the chemist when in the death-throes of a full blown flu.

Chronic Fatigue IS ‘a Real And Serious Disease': Doctors Formulate Fresh Guidelines On How To Diagnose The Condition

Called a ‘controversial illness’ most people feel it’s a malady of the mind. But chronic fatigue syndrome is a ‘real and serious disease’ that calls for genuine diagnosis, doctors have said. These comments were made by the Institute of Medicine, a prestigious government advisory group in the U.S.

Fancy Losing 10lb In 2 Weeks And Never Feel Hungry? Eat A Lot of FAT And Exercise For Merely 12 Minutes Every day, New Book States

Are you eager to lose weight but always hungry when dieting? Do you dread going to the gym? You can avoid all of this—–plus eat foods traditionally banned on weight loss plans—a new diet promises.

4-Year-Old Australian Boy Fitted With World’s First Artificial Pancreas

In just one year in 2013 around 79,000 children were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes: an autoimmune disorder that affects the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas.

The 10-Month-Old Who Weighs Equivalent To A Five-Year-Old: Doctors Bewildered By The Whopping Size Of Colombian Girl Who Is Already THREE STONE

10-month-old baby Juanita Valentina Hernandez has the same weight as an average five-year-old. At birth she weighed a normal 6lb, but quickly started to expand in size just weeks later.

A 20-Year-Old Woman —– Told Her Stomach Cramps Were ‘growing pains’ —– Is Currently Battling For Her Life Subsequent To Being Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer

A young woman is fighting advanced cervical cancer after doctors brushed off her symptoms as growing pains.

11 Habits of People Having Depression That’s Kept Secret

There will be two major kinds of people reading this blog: those who think they’re better equipped to understand some of the people they love and those who see their own reflections in these habits.

Hidden Goodness of Coffee: 10 Reasons To Drink It More

Coffee is often accused by people that it is bad for healthy in spite of that fact that it is largely consumed all over the world.

Gym Equipments That You Should Avoid

People loves to go to the gym, try on different exercise and equipments and sweat a lot. But do you really think that every instrument and machine you are using in the Gym is contributing to the achievement of your fitness goal.

Baby Boy Having THREE Arms At Birth Operated Upon Successfully To Remove Extra Limb

To be born with three arms is a rare condition which affects one in a million infants. The boy had two arms on his left side when born.

Horrific Transformation of Drug Addict, Whose Life Was Devastated

The shocking photos below show how a young woman’s life has been ravaged by snorting a powerful party drug as she escaped jail over a drunken knife attack.

113 Year-Old-Man Divulges His Secret of Long Life: 5 Foods

Bernardo LaPallo is an extraordinary man – he is 113 years old and in good health. From Mesa, Arizona he claims that he has never been sick a day in his life.

Foods Which Should Be Added To Your Diet Coming Year

As the New Year approaches, new resolutions, new friends and yes new food also approaches you.  Below are a few healthy foods which will keep you fit and fine: Matcha Tea It can be defined as dry leaves of Green Tea which is grounded into powder.

Physical Training Workouts – Why You Need a Personal Trainer!!

People looking to lose body weight to get an attractive and healthy body need some kind of physical workout.

How to Procure Right Home Gym Equipment

No one can deny the numerous benefits that a regular membership of a health club can bring. However, today it is possible to install the exact same fitness gym equipment at home.

Chamomile Essential Oil Can Kill Breast Cancer Cells By 93%

Essential oils have a plethora of uses specially in aromatherapy and integrative medicine. And the best use of essential oils is as an anti-cancer remedy.

Scientific Evidence That Testifies The Body Can Heal Itself

Lissa Rankin checks out how the placebo effect has spiritual and scientific ramifications over us in this TEDtalk.