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If We Go To Mars, We Might End Up Killing Life That’s Already There

The case for planetary protection Now that Elon Musk has revealed his bold plans to colonize Mars, many have voiced that a human presence may not be great for the red planet.

Partnership on AI: Tech Giants Unite to Develop Synthetic Intelligence for Humanity

All in for AI Consider it one of humanity’s first coalitions for the development of artificial intelligence.

This Week in Science: September 24 – 30, 2016

The post This Week in Science: September 24 – 30, 2016 appeared first on Futurism.

A Supersonic Jet Trainer

This is the supersonic aircraft that could land an $11 billion contract from the U.S. Air Force. The post A Supersonic Jet Trainer appeared first on Futurism.

3D Scans in Seconds

Create a 3D scan of anything using just your iPad! The post 3D Scans in Seconds appeared first on Futurism.

Transparent Solar Panels

Your phone could soon charge itself! The post Transparent Solar Panels appeared first on Futurism.

Synthetic Biology: It’s Alive, but Is It Life?

“What is life?” Perhaps this is one of the most perennial questions of, well, life. It’s a question further compounded by discoveries that have allowed us to understand what living things are made of and that it’s the exact same material non-living things are made of: molecules.

The World’s First “Artificial Pancreas” Will Be Hitting the Market in 2017

A Better Life for Patients Good news for people with type 1 diabetes. The first “artificial pancreas” has been approved by the U.S.

Relive Your Memories in Virtual Reality

Capture life’s important moments in virtual reality. The post Relive Your Memories in Virtual Reality appeared first on Futurism.

Twisting Light: New Measurements Could Revolutionize How We Use Light

Photon spins and light wins! Measure the torque generated by light on a microscale mechanical device. That’s essentially what Professor Mo Li and his team from the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering set out to do with “Optomechanical measurement of photon spin angular momentum and optical torque in integrated photonic devices,” a new study published in the journal Science Advances this month.

Antibiotic Resistance is Taking Away Our Last Line of Defense Against Some Diseases

An Emerging Superbug The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Hawaii’s Department of Health have reported a number of high-resistance gonorrhea cases in the state.

Legally Blind Man Sees Clearly For The First Time Ever, Thanks to Virtual Reality

A byte of the reality sandwich With the rise of specialized hardware such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR, virtual reality (VR) is at its most accessible point ever.

The Cost of Renewable Energy Is Plunging, and It’ll Change Everything

The Lowest Bidder Renewable energy is currently shaking up the power sector. All over the world, countries are running days, if not weeks or months, solely on solar, wind, or hydroelectric power.

New Parkinson’s Treatment May Stop the Spread of Faulty Protein

Losing Control Parkinson’s is a debilitating chronic illness where vital nerve cells in the brain malfunction and die.

Iron Nanoparticles Could Be the Next Line of Treatment in Battling Cancerous Tumors

A novel way to fight cancer Though medicine has come an incredibly long way, prolonging life and treating a plethora of diseases, one medical condition still continues to leave experts stymied: cancer.

A Revolution in Heart Surgery: Scientists Create Artificial Blood Vessels That Grow Normally

Growing Implants We have sufficiently advanced medicine to the point that artificial body parts are no longer science fiction.

What Happens When This Robot Brings an End to Sweatshops?

‘Seams’ Like Magic The clothing industry has long been using machinery for garment-making: fabrics can be woven by machines, and then cut into pieces by computer-controlled cutting machines.

New Horizons: To Pluto and Beyond [INFOGRAPHIC]

The post New Horizons: To Pluto and Beyond [INFOGRAPHIC] appeared first on Futurism.

Engineers Have Created Artificial Synapses That Mimic the Human Brain

Emulating Synapses Some scientists suggest that, instead of working on artificial intelligence that functions better than the human brain, we should be making computers like the brain. We may well be on this path after engineers from University of Massachusetts Amherst demonstrated devices that emulate the behavior of the brain’s synapses.

Quantum Properties Are Letting Physicists Close in On Room Temperature Superconductors

3D Racetrack Many people with a laptop can tell you that electronics heat up a lot. That’s because microchips tend to lose a lot of energy as they are used.