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Harvard Scientists Hold Secret Meeting Aimed at Creating a Synthetic Human Genome

Secrecy Breeds Suspicion  Recently, a project called the Human Genome Project 2 (HGP2) was organized by Harvard University. Their mission?

Chinese Researchers Have Built a Mind Controlled Car

Mind Over Matter Driverless and self-driving cars are all the rage nowadays. Even governments are getting in on the action, working on relevant regulation and pledging to support development of the field or to encourage more driverless vehicles on their roads.

Google’s “Chirp” Could be the Next Big Voice-Controlled Personal Assistant

According to a source at Recode, Google is working on its very own version of the Amazon Echo. The hardware device would integrate Google’s search and voice assistant technology into a package that will resemble its OnHub wireless router.  Google OnHub We don’t know the official name of the product, yet.

Hyundai is Developing an Iron Man-like Robotic Exoskeleton

Your Own Wearable Robot Hyundai may be known for their cars, but did you know they’re working on a real-life Iron Man suit?

The Butterfleye Smart Security System Will Specifically Recognize You And Your Pets

When Butterfleye’s camera detects something out of the ordinary, it will notify and send you a link for a live stream.

TheWave Lets You Become A DJ In Virtual Reality

An immersive 3D interface allows you to mix your music in real time. The post TheWave Lets You Become A DJ In Virtual Reality appeared first on Futurism.

Machine Learning: AI the Runs on Human Failure Succeeds in Making Crystals

Past Failures The use of machine learning has allowed us to solve many of our problems. It can allow us to effectively manage bandwidth, possibly predict solar flares, automate the rooting out of weeds, and so much more.

It Can Feel Your Pain. Garmin’s New Watch Knows Your “Suffer Score”

One of the more critical steps in every workout plan is beating that goal you set in your previous session—it tells you how much you’re progressing.

Change Colors, Not Clothes: New “Smart Thread” Can Make Chameleon-Like Clothing

Changing Shades Wearable tech is all the rage nowadays. Putting computer and chips on your glasses, on your contact lenses, even on your skin is the common trend, so that we never have to leave our electronic lives behind.

New ‘All-in-One’ System Combines Solar, Wind, and Diesel Power

Off-Grid More and more countries are switching to renewable energy sources. This is an indisputable fact.

This Five-Fingered Robot Hand Is Nimbler Than Your Own

Robot Hands Robots have done and are able to do some of the most amazing tasks we never thought we could trust to a machine.

This Water Bottle Is Designed To Convert The Air Into Drinking Water

Fontus’ water bottle can harvest up to 0.5 liters of fresh water per hour….if you use a lot of energy.

The Future of Fashion: 3D Printed Clothing

The post The Future of Fashion: 3D Printed Clothing appeared first on Futurism.

New Samsung MicroSD Card Can Store 55,000 Images or 23,5000 MP3s

Samsung just unveiled its newest creation: The World’s Highest Capacity microSD Card. The EVO Plus 256GB microSD card has enough memory for 12 hours of 4K video, 33 hours of full HD recording, 55,200 photos or 23,500 MP3s.

Watch a Computer Algorithm Transform Videos into Moving Van Goghs

Recognizing Art Deep neural networks have progressed immensely in recent years. Far from being moonshots, they are now at a point where they are better than humans at several tasks.

Google’s Next Project? They’re 3D Mapping The Inside of Earth’s Buildings

Mapping the world You know, sometimes one can’t be faulted for thinking that Google likes to dream some pretty big dreams.

Shell’s New Concept Car Will Get You 107 Miles Per Gallon

The chassis is made from recycled carbon fiber and has room for 3 passengers. Unfortunately it’s currently only a concept.

New Images Reveal How Quickly Earth’s Magnetic Field is Changing

Mission: Swarm The Earth’s magnetic field is an essential part of the planet. It protects us from the harsh conditions of the universe and allows life as we know it to thrive.

Space Race 2.0: Astrobotic Moves Closer to the Moon

Funds Not A Problem Astrobotic Technology has completed its $2.5 million seed funding round for the Griffin Lander, propelling it farther in its attempt to get the $20 million grand prize from the Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP).

Diabetic Stem Cells Were Just Transformed into Insulin-Producing Cells

Diabetics’ Own Stem Cells As Weapons Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St.