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Stunning Slow Motion Video of Metal Work In Action

Metal working, like most other trades, is anything but easy. We tend to valorize a college education.

How To Create Electricity From Falling Water

A simple experiment called “Kelvin’s Thunderstorm” can produce electrical sparks from running water. That’s right, electricity with absolutely no machinery required.

Brain Barrier Opened For First Time, New Way To Treat Tumors And Alzheimer’s

Image Credit: Sebastian Kaulitzki / Shutterstock Our brains have a number of built in defense systems.

First Ever Heart Transplant Using “Dead Heart”

Image Credit: St. Vincent’s Hospital In an amazing medical breakthrough, doctors and scientists recently transplanted two hearts that were (circulatory) dead.

The Science of Magnetism

(Photo Credit: Katie Waldeck) Ancient humans have been aware of the magnetic force ever since at least 600 BC, back before Newton developed this laws of motion, and before we had any grasp of the four fundamental forces  of nature. Despite the fact that we didn’t completely understand what magnetism was, we still used compasses back then.

Astronomy Photo of the Day (APotD): 10/24/14 — Siding Spring Travels Past Mars

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, PSI, JHU/APL, STScI/AURA This composite NASA Hubble Space Telescope Image captures the positions of comet Siding Spring and Mars in a never-before-seen close passage of a comet by the Red Planet, which happened at 2:28 p.m.

Did We Detect Dark Matter? Astrophysicists Weigh In

X-ray imaging of the Perseus galaxy cluster with Chandra data closer to the center and XMM-Newton data on the outskirts.

Data Transmission Gets A New World Record With ‘Smart Circuits’

The photo shows the 140 GHz transmitter chip, containing an I-Q modulator, a 3-stage amplifier, and a x3 frequency multiplier for the local oscillator.

Scientists Create First Working Mind-Controlled Prosthetic

For the first time, robotic prostheses controlled via implanted neuromuscular interfaces have become a clinical reality.

Neanderthals and Humans First Mated 50,000 Years Ago, DNA From Siberian Bone Reveals

Svante Pääbo studies the bone belonging to the Ust’-Ishim man (Credit: Bence Viola, MPI EVA) According to “Nature,” biologists have managed to derive DNA from the 45,000-year-old skeletal remains of the Ust’-Ishim man; Ultimately allowing them to establish a firm timetable for human and Neanderthal interbreeding.

Astronomy Photo of the Day (APotD): 10/23/14 — Tethys Hangs In The Balance

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Over the course of Cassini’s tenure in orbit around Saturn, it has beamed back numerous stunning images of the ringed planet.

Mangetar Storm Seen Ripping Into Star 15,000 Light-Years Away

A rupture in the crust of a highly magnetized neutron star, shown here in an artist’s rendering, can trigger high-energy eruptions.

Far-Flung Worlds: Our Quest For Alien Life Advances Another Step

NASA image of Uranus In our recent explorations, NASA’s Hubble Space telescope has given astronomers the tool needed to explore the galaxy for planets that are possibly suitable for alien life.

Population Growth As Seen From Space

Yes, it’s India, but it’s not a photo captured from space during Diwali night. (Credit: NOAA) Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, falls on Thursday, Oct.

The Comets of Beta Pictoris

An artist’s impression of the comets orbiting Beta Pictoris. (Image Credit: ESO) Just as we participate in a decadal census to track our population numbers here on Earth, scientists catalog and track the number of comets, along with other celestial bodies.

Education Is Kind Of A Big Deal

  aIt’s no secret that there is an issue with education in the United States. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), of the 34 countries assessed for Mathematics, the United States came in dead last (just below Israel and Hungry).

Heavy Metal Frost? Another Reason You Don’t Want to Visit Venus

Global view of the surface of Venus (via NASA) Venus is hiding something beneath its brilliant shroud of clouds: a first order mystery about the planet that researchers may be a little closer to solving because of a new re-analysis of twenty-year-old spacecraft data.

Astronomy Photo of the Day (APotD): 10/22/14 — Comet Holmes

Image Credit: Tony Cook Before we had ISON or Siding Spring, there was comet Holmes, which blazed past Earth back in November of 2007.

How to Predict the Odds of Anything (Video)

If quantum physics has taught us one thing, it’s that the universe is inherently probabilistic at heart.

The Future’s A Year Early: Researchers Create First Hoverboard Prototype

Image credit: Brant Ward / The Chronicle Researchers at Arx Pax have created a kind of hoverboard that allows individuals to float across metal surfaces, not unlike Marty McFly in Back to the Future.