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A New UN Report Projects Worldwide Populations to Approach 9.7 Billion by 2050

Rapid and numerous advances in medical science are keeping us alive longer and helping us deliver the next generation of healthy babies.

Peter Diamandis: The Future Of Real Estate Shopping Is Here

Futurism only supports products that we trust and use. This guest post is in partnership with Abundance 360, and Futurism may get a small percentage of sales.

Flying Cars Could Hit the Skies as Soon as 2018

Flying Cars by 2018 The Personal Air Land Vehicle (PAL-V) Liberty is looking likely to become the first flying car intended for general adoption and real world application — and it could be available soon.

12 NFL Teams Have Already Ordered the Helmet…

12 NFL teams have already ordered this helmet… The post 12 NFL Teams Have Already Ordered the Helmet… appeared first on Futurism.

How Close Are We to Successfully Cloning the First Human?

When Will We Clone a Human? Human cloning may endure as one of the go-to science fiction tropes, but in reality we may be much closer to achieving it than our fictional heroes might imply.

Experts Answer: Will Gene Editing Let Us Live Forever or Destroy Humanity?

Will the pros of CRISPR outweigh the potential cons of this breakthrough technology? The post Experts Answer: Will Gene Editing Let Us Live Forever or Destroy Humanity?

WATCH: We Can Predict The Future to Prevent Disasters. Here’s How.

Global security experts noticed a pattern emerge in the aftermath of the worst disasters—and it could be critical to preventing future ones.

The Company That Builds Robots for Tesla Wants to Put a Bot in Your Home

Coming Soon: Robot Maids In 2016, Midea, a Chinese company that makes home appliances, purchased Kuka, the company that creates the robots used to build Teslas, for $5 billion in a bid to cover its automation and robotics bases.

Why the Ethereum Flash Crash Isn’t Surprising, and What It Means for Crypto

On Wednesday, the price of Ether “flash-crashed” by over 99.9% in less than a second on GDAX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Fusion Breakthrough Puts Us One Step Closer to Limitless Clean Energy

Taking It Slow Scientists consider nuclear fusion the “holy grail” of energy production for good reason.

A New Study Reveals That Half of Canadians Will Be Diagnosed With Cancer in Their Lifetimes

The Canadian Cancer Epidemic A new report from the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) predicts that almost 50 percent of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer, and half of these (25 percent of Canadians overall) will die from the disease.

A Genetic Mutation May Cause Men to Live An Extra 10 Years

Aging’s Genetic Factors Ever since many scientists started to consider aging as a disease that could — and should — be cured, a number of efforts working towards this goal have begun.

7 Million One-Of-A-Kind Nutella Labels Were Designed by an Algorithm

Individually Different If you’re a fan of Nutella, you’re likely more interested in what comes in the company’s jars than what goes on them.

London Mayor Announces Major Initiative to Make City’s Transportation Zero-Emission by 2050

London is taking its commitment to reducing its impact on climate change to a new level: the city’s mayor, Sadiq Kahn, recently announced a major initiative with the goal of significantly reducing carbon emissions within the next few decades.

Here’s What’s Happening With the World’s First Space-Based Nation

Space-Based Nation While it plans to someday host a moon colony and space station, the proposed space-based nation Asgardia is starting small: The project will launch its first satellite this fall to store data for the nation’s newly selected citizens.

Tesla Brings on a Leading Computer Vision Expert to Give “Sight” to AI

Tesla’s line of vehicles is changing our concept of personal vehicles forever. The unique combination of electric engines, self-driving ability, and even integration with home energy systems are allowing them to carve out a significant portion of existing and future markets.

This Robot Just Gets Us

This robot just gets us The post This Robot Just Gets Us appeared first on Futurism.

Europe’s Space Program Will Launch a Gravitational Wave Hunting Spacecraft in 2034

LISA Launch Set The ESA’s Science Program Committee met on June 20, and at the top of their agenda was addressing planning for the agency’s missions to come over the next 20 years — one of which will be a three satellite Laser Interferometer Space Antenna mission (LISA).

Volvo Takes on Tesla with Announcement of Its New Electric Vehicle Brand

A string of recent reports from Volvo has suggested that the Swedish car company is preparing to take on Tesla with an electric vehicle (EV) division.

New Evidence Suggests That Our Solar System Has 10 Planets

Ten Strong The Solar System hasn’t been the same since Pluto was downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet, and all bets have been off since this monumental decision.