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10 obsolete technologies

Technology is advancing fast and what was the in-thing when parents of teenagers today were small, is now classed as obsolete.

Forget air guitar thanks to Aerodrums, the invisible drums

Just everyone will have heard of playing an air guitar, holding your hands as though you are playing the guitar and playing along to a guitar solo.

Frank Green’s SmartCup Makes Your Daily Grind Easier

What if the reusable cups you get at your local coffee shop could do little more than just hold that early morning cup o’Joe?

Scientifically engineered game develops creativity in kids

With evidence suggesting a decline in creativity over recent years Maker Monsters are looking to rekindle the fire of creativity within young people.

Lego Titanic is among the biggest Lego kits ever

If you want to recreate that ill-fated day when the Titanic sank or perhaps re-write your own history you can thanks to one of the biggest Lego kits ever.

Robo Chef will cause a stir in the kitchen

Moley Robotics from London has revealed a prototype robot for helping out in the kitchen. The Robo Chef robot can cause quite a stir and it was shown off at the industrial technology trade fair, Hannover Messe, in Germany.

Build a house with water? This guy did

Matyas Gutai is a Hungarian architect who’s big on using water in the construction of a house. We’re not talking water fountains for therapeutic reasons but actual liquid engineering.

Polish Researchers Create Bullet Proof Liquid

The Polish based Moratex Institute of Security Technology have announced the creation of a bullet proof liquid, that in the future may be used to line bulletproof vests. The liquid is non-Newtonian, more precisely a Shear-Thickening Fluid (STF), that has the ability to harden upon impact at any temperature (you may have seen people running across pools of custard), therefore being impenetrable by high-speed projectiles.

OmniO Rider is the stroller that turns into a backpack

When toddlers first start walking they can only walk so far before you have to pick them up or put them back in the stroller that you have to push around empty.

Salamander amphibious car could keep residents of Philippines mobile in floods

The Philippines may be a beautiful part of the world but it is prone to suffering from flooding in certain regions and small villages.

You need to see this sword fighting robot

Manika Laboratory based in Japan specialise in robotics with high-speed manipulation and vision that can both move and react quicker than humans.

World’s Smallest Electric Skateboard Can Also Charge Your Phone

We have recently showed you the “Post Modern Skateboard”, the Movpak, and the RocketSkates, and it seems the high-tech skateboard trend isn’t quite over yet.

Sensor Detects Cancer Before Symptoms Even Appear

In most cases, the sooner a cancer is detected, the better are the chances of recovery. It is a challenge, however, to detect the disease before any symptoms show up, especially without a biopsy or other invasive procedures.

Forze VI hydrogen fuel cell car completes successful tests

Students of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have overcome many technical challenges to finally complete successful tests of their hydrogen fuel cell car by racing for over 40 minutes.

Airlines can pay $300,000 for one airplane seat, here is why

The race is on between airlines to find out which one can offer the fanciest and most luxurious first and business class seating on-board their airplanes.

Tesla self-driving cars: Who gets blame in a crash?

If there is a two car collision on the roads the blame is put upon one of the drivers of the two vehicles.

Stanford’s Aluminum Battery Charges In Just One Minute

Have batteries that take way too long to charge been a problem lately? If so, this pickle may be close to an end.

Rivet motorcycle co-designed by William Shatner is stun-ning

When you get William Shatner on-board to co-design the Rivet motorcycle the design is guaranteed to stun anyone who sees it.

Tiny treehouse retreat cost just $8,200 to build

Geoff de Ruiter from British Columbia gave himself the challenge of building a tiny treehouse retreat 17 feet from the ground and it cost just $8,200 to build (plus additional land costs) and offers stunning views.

Halfbike II is a huge improvement over predecessor

The Halfbike was introduced to the world last year by Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov. It was put on Kickstarter and enjoyed enormous success.