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Why Engineers are More Important Than Everyone Else

[Image Source: Wikimedia] We’re not being cocky, engineers are really better than everyone else. Well, technicians and designers are still cool too, but engineers are on top.

The World is Experiencing an Ever Growing Coffee Shortage

[Image Source: Jen/ Flickr] Every engineer loves their morning cup of joe, but your ability to drink the liquid cold may soon gold to an end.

Why the USA Uses 110V 60 HZ AC and Other Countries Don’t

Many countries around the world use different standards in feeding electricity to residents. The USA for example, uses 110V 60Hz AC current, whereas India uses 230V 50Hz AC current.

Creator Builds a Giant Bicycle That Walks

If you are a fan of bicycles and mechanical walking machines, prepare to have your mind blown. The Boneshaker Big Weehl is a mahcine that is half bicycle and half convoluted machine.

Researchers Create Lionfish Killing Robot to Stop Invasive Species

Around the world, there are countless invasive species that have been introduced and are destroying local fauna.

Amazon is Shifting Employees to 30-hour Work Week

The world’s largest internet retailer is changing their working structure around to give some part-time workers 30 hour work weeks with the same benefits.

Imaginactive Develops Space Train that can Get to Mars in 2 Days

Imaginactive, a company focused on space innovation, has released plans for a space train called the Solar Express that would haul cargo and people into space.

CAT Unveils New Rugged Smartphone with Built in Thermal Imaging

[Image Source: CAT] CAT recently unveiled a new line of durable smartphones catered to rugged lifestyles.

WATCH: Bryce Menzies Sets a New World Record, Jumping a Truck 379 Feet!

On August 27th, professional stunt driver Bryce Menzies set out to conquer the world record for the longest four-wheeled vehicle jump.

Turkey Opens Third Bridge Between Continents In Megaproject Drive

Turkey, by virtue of its geography, connects Asia and Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus. It opened one of the world’s biggest suspension bridges on Friday, the latest megaproject in a $200 billion building spree in the country as reported by Reuters.

Researchers LevItate Large Object for the First Time

Researchers recently demonstrated the levitation of a polystyrene sphere that is larger than the acoustic wavelength- a world first.

New Capsule Collects All of Your Finger Nail Clippings

For ages, there has existed a problem with no solution, until now. An ingenious new device allows you to clip your fingernails without getting those nasty clippings everywhere.

Here’s Why Some Countries Have Super Weird Borders

If you stare at maps for long enough, you may start to notice some peculiar traits of certain counties.

Heroes Offer Free School Under Bridge In New Delhi

Class taking place outside underneath the Metro in New Delhi [Image Source: Altaf Qadri] A school in India is offering free education to underprivileged children who otherwise could not afford to attend.

Turbine Powered Longboard is as Crazy as you Expected

The Hacksmith recently created an electric turbine-powered longboard that is exactly as dangerous and crazy as you would expect.

Unique Water Tables Captivate the Magnificence of Semi-Submerged Animals

[Image Source: Edited/Derek Pearce] Designer and artist Derek Pearce is exploring unchartered waters with his enchanting Water Tables.

Professional Thieves Steal All the Wheels Off of Cars in Texas Dealership

One of the most impressive car heists in recent history was just pulled off, and not a single car was stolen.

New Wi-Fi System is 3 Times Faster Than All Others

Tired of slow Wi-Fi? Researchers have just found a transmission method that can increase speeds by up to 3 times.

Collapsible Smart Luggage is the Most Stylish Way to Travel

Traveling can be a stressful experience for many, and having a bad piece of luggage to carry your things only makes it worse.

Impressive Multi-Tool Incorporates Wire Strippers and Universal Wrench

Having tools on you at all times is essential to being prepared for whatever situation you may face. After all, if you really want to be an engineer, you have to be able to fix anything, anytime, anywhere.