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New 3D Tissue Heart Model Could Save Expecting Mothers

Syracuse University bioengineers developed a way to replicate how a baby's heart forms in order to better understand the effects of prenatal medication.

Engineers Build a Prosthetic Nerf Gun That Can Be Fired Using Muscle Activity

Engineers at Hackerloop have designed and built a prosthetic Nerf gun for their colleague, it fires with flexing forearm muscles.

A New Advancement in CRISPR Genome Editing Achieved by Salk Scientists

The new tool developed by scientists targets RNA to cut and replace disease-causing genes with healthy ones.

Walmart Might Be Building Robo-Bees to Pollinate Crops

Walmart recently filed patents for robotic bees as well as other crop production drones.

New Contact Lenses Deliver Drugs Directly In the Wearer's Eyes

The contact lenses can be safely worn for two weeks while dispensing medication into someone's eye.

This Video Perfectly Sums up Life's Little Annoyances

Sometimes tiny occurrences annoy us intensely, this video makes a beautiful animated showreel of some of the most painful ones.

Optimize Any WiFi Connection with NetSpot Pro

This powerful WiFi analysis tool lets you visualize flaws in any WiFi network so you can fix them at the source or avoid them all together.

Scientists Create New Metal Organic Glass with Better Forming Properties

The new glass made from metal-organic compounds is more flexible and outperforms 50 other types of existing glasses in forming ability.

Flippy the Burger-Making Robot was Fired After Just One Day at Work

Flippy the robot has been asked to temporarily step aside while his management team can re-train his co-workers to help him become more efficient.

Researchers Have Developed a Robot that Teaches Children to Coexist with Robots

At the annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction (HRI), a team from South Korea unveiled Shelly – a robot that teaches children empathy.

9 of the Best DIY Electronics Training Resources

Every course and kit in this list is geared toward helping you build and control your own robots and automation systems.

NASA's Twin Study Just Proved Space Has Deeper Effects on DNA Than Thought

Approximately 7 percent of Scott Kelly's DNA did not return back to 'normal' after returning home, NASA recently confirmed.

Bali Will Shut off Mobile Internet on Saturday for New Year Celebrations

The Indonesian island of Bali will turn off mobile internet services for 24 hours as it observes Nyepi, which marks the start of Hindu New Year.

This Version of Monty Python's 'Galaxy Song' is Sung by Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking passed away this week, but we can continue to watch this amazing video of him singing a Monty Python song forever.

Microsoft Develops AI That Can Translate from Chinese to English Just Like a Human

A team of Microsoft researchers has created AI which can translate sentences of news articles from Chinese to English as accurately as a human.

Balkrishna Doshi: The First Indian Pritzker Laureate and Visionary Architect

Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi's style combines nature, culture, and history into a single, symbiotic space where the boundaries between outside and inside become very blurred indeed.

Ford Issues Recall for 1.4 Million Cars Because Their Steering Wheels Might Come Loose

Ford Motor Co. announced it will recall almost 1.4 million Ford and Lincoln cars in North America due to faulty steering wheels.

Adidas Sold 1 Million Eco-Friendly Shoes Made of Ocean Plastic in 2017

The sportswear giant has announced it sold one million pairs of sneakers, each made with 11 recycled plastic bottles found in the ocean in 2017.

33 Inventions That Lazy People Will Love

Lazy people will love these inventions that make you spend the most minimal energy to get things done.

New 'Body-on-a-Chip' System Could Help Examine Effects of Drugs

Scientists have developed a new technology which can replicate the interactions of human organs. The technology could be used to assess new drugs and find out possible side effects.