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AirSpaceX Unveils Its Vision for Air Taxis with New Electric VTOL Aircraft

AirSpaceX have unveiled a sub-scale model of their autonomous aircraft the MOBi ONE at this year's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

This Company Uses a Wall of 100 Lava Lamps to Encrypt Data

San Francisco-based company Cloudflare is using lava lamps to generate unique codes for data encryption.

Bitcoin Value Drops Below $10,000 for the Second Day Amidst Massive Sell-Offs

Bitcoin took a staggering dive in the last 48 hours to plunge below $10,000, slightly rebounding on Wednesday.

Lexus Unveils New Luxury Crossover Concept with All Electric Potential

Lexus has finally entered the EV market unveiling a luxury crossover concept called the LF-1 Limitless that could be powered by an all-electric powertrain.

New Virtual Reality Technology Allows Scientists to 'Walk Through' Brains

Researchers have developed technology that lets scientists explore images created by microscopes in 3D.

EU Unveils €1 Billion Plan to Develop World-Class Supercomputers

EU will try and get ahead of China as it makes plans to build a superfast computer before 2020.

This Hybrid Turntable Digitizes Your Vinyl Records

You can bring your vinyl collection into the digital age with this all-in-one turntable.

China Develops 'World's Biggest' Air Purifier to Combat Smog

This 100-meter air purifier could be China's biggest tool in its quest for lowering dangerously high air pollution and smog levels.

IBM and Maersk Create New Blockchain Company to Improve Global Trade

Hyperledger Fabric, originally created by IBM, is a blockchain ledger that is optimized specifically for shipping solutions.

This Google App Matches Your Selfie With Famous Paintings

Google's Art and Culture app continues its rising popularity, but the app draws considerable concern according to a few users.

This Viral Google App Matches Your Selfie With Famous Paintings

Google's Art and Culture app continues its rising popularity, but the app draws considerable concern according to a few users.

This Bundle Will Prepare You to Ace the Latest CompTIA Exams

Work towards CompTIA's Security+, CSA+, and CASP with this comprehensive guide.

Underwater Explorer with Metal Detector Finds Working iPhone, Returns It to Its Owner

This curious diver uses his metal detector to unearth lots of incredible treasures including working iPhones.

People Think This Google Earth Image Shows US Air Force's Top Secret Spy Plane

The satellite images that appear to show the US Air Force’s top-secret spy plane was discovered by YouTuber Tyler Glockner.

Researchers Develop Cells that Can Restore the Sense of Touch

UCLA researchers found a way to coax human stem cells into feeling thanks to combining particular proteins with human stem cells.

Hackers Steal Over $400,000 Worth of Stellar Lumen from BlackWallet Users' Accounts

The Stellar Lumens virtual currency is the latest target for hackers, resulting in a $400,000 loss this past Saturday.

Ford Unveils New Mustang Inspired by Steve McQueen's 1968 Movie "Bullitt"

Reaching back into Ford's dynamic history, the company has designed a Mustang inspired by the car in the famous Steve McQueen film "Bullitt".

Germany's Central Bank Director Suggests Global Regulations Needed for Bitcoin

One of Germany's most prominent banking leaders suggested that international regulations on cryptocurrency would be the only effective way to regulate it.

This AI Can Help Emergency Responders Diagnose a Heart Attack

A Danish company developed an AI that takes into account unspoken cues to diagnose heart attacks faster than ever before.

Cryptocurrency Prices Plunge as South Korea Looks Set to Ban Trading

Cryptocurrency markets are in freefall as traders frantically sell coins ahead of an expected announcement from South Korea that they will ban all cryptocurrency activities.