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Surfs Up in Rotterdam! Well it will be by June 2015 thanks to RiF010

There are many places around the world associated with offering great surf but Rotterdam certainly isn’t one of them.

The top 10 most luxurious car brands around the world

There are car brands that are typically associated with families and the everyday run-around car and then there are cars that are associated with being among the most luxurious on the market.

Stunning images of astronaut deploying nanosatellite into space

Flight Engineers Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev from Russia completed a 5 hour and 11 minute spacewalk on Monday and part of the excursion was manually putting a nanosatellite dubbed Chasqui 1 into orbit – and it was all captured in stunning images.

Solar Powered Grill Eliminates the Use of Air Polluting Fuel

Barbecue is not only a lot of people’s favorite food, it’s a popular pastime for friends to get together and enjoy the day outdoors.

10 of the world’s strangest feats of architecture

There are some buildings in the world that certainlydeserve being among the strangest on the planet so here we take a look at 10 of the world’s strangest feats of architecture from around the globe.

RoboClam can dig as quickly as natural burrowers

One thing that the clam is known for is its unique agility and ability to dig. Taking inspiration from this, engineers over at MIT came up with the idea of copying the clam to make an efficient aquatic digging machine and be able to dig as quickly as the natural burrowers.

Walking Bicycle Club Is A New Way To Ride A Bike

A new invention from Japan is making ‘walking’ new way to ride a bike. Since the creation of the first modern bicycle, very little has changed but the Japanese thought it was time for a little revolution.

Useful apps that engineers must have

Smartphones and their app stores have undoubtedly changed the world and have made day to day tasks a lot easier.

10 of the best American companies to work for

Some fortunate people love their jobs but others are just powering through to get by. There are numerous factors that go towards being happily employed and one of the biggest factors is of course, the employer.

Bet you wish your tricycle had been as much fun as the Power Rider

You probably had a lot of fun on your tricycle when were you were a kid, but I bet you wish that your tricycle had been as much fun as the Power Rider from Razor.

Ducati unveil new airbag system for motorcyclists

Car airbags have saved countless amounts of lives but the idea of putting an airbag on a motorcycle would have a pretty minimal safety factor.

Data and maps on the car windscreen thanks to the Navdy

With the rapid advancement of technology we are constantly being faced with stuff that was once only seen in science fiction movies.

Wheelchair users can rough it thanks to the HexHog ATV

Being confined to a wheelchair usually means missing out on a lot of activities, a fun day out on an ATV for example.

Could hemp steal the supercapacitor attention from graphene

Graphene won the Nobel Prize in Physics back in 2010 and it has always been in the spotlight as being the model material for a supercapacitor.

Innovative Bike Miilo ‘Grows Up’ With The Child

Children grow up fast, sometimes too fast. In a few months, clothes no longer fit, shoes are tight and the bike is too small.

Mercedes S Class Guard offers ballistic protection

Anyone who wants the very best ballistics protection in a car will want to take a look at the the S600 Guard from Mercedes.

Children’s Jerry house of fun inspired by Tom and Jerry

As a child your house may seem like a playground but what if it actually was. This is what one dad did for his four sons when he asked Onion, an architecture firm from Thailand, to come up with a design for a house.

Google’s satellite imagery may soon be able to see your face

Vice are reporting that after “much lobbying” by satellite company DigitalGlobe, the US government has relaxed restrictions on the resolution of satellite imagery.

Amphibious Trailer Allows You to Camp On Land or In Water

Hit the road with a trailer, camp out in a field or navigate a lake easily and affordably with the Sealander – an amphibious mini-trailer that works on land and water.

Control your phone with your cap thanks to the Snaptrax

Wearable technology is the craze at the moment with watches and glasses at the forefront. However, Will Miller from Sydney has come up with some new wearable tech that allows you to take control of your phone with a cap.