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Remembering Space and Aviation Icon John Glenn

Legendary astronaut John Glenn died yesterday at the age of 95.  Since the announcement of his passing, plenty of astronauts, former NASA officials and political leaders have expressed their feelings: Sad news of the passing of Astonaut #JohnGlenn.

20 of the Best Free Engineering Courses Online

Convenient, easy to access and sometimes free, online courses can offer you a font of knowledge, until now, unheard of in human history.

This Tiny Robot Scales Walls With Spider-Man Style Agility

Meet SALTO, University of California Berkeley’s high-jumping new robot. SALTO (which stands for saltatorial locomotion on terrain obstacles), is the most vertically agile robot created to date.

DEA Looks to Ban Kratom, a Drug that Could Lessen Addiction

Kratom, the herb that once held promise to supporters of natural healing, could now be classified alongside ecstasy, heroin and LSD.

Google to Go Carbon Neutral By 2017

By 2017, the processing power it takes for your search of cute cat videos on the internet will now be carbon neutral.

10 Popular Programming Languages For Expanding Your Opportunities

With each passing year, technology develops rapidly. If you’ve used a smartphone or logged onto a computer in the last few years, you’ve probably noticed it.

The 3D Atlas of Our Universe Redefines Our Sense of Home

For the ones who would like to see where we are in the cosmos, this 3D digital atlas of our universe stretches out the universe to billions of lightyears away.

10 Ways You See Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in Real Life

In 1905, Albert Einstein, developed his Theory of Relativity. This groundbreaking piece of work changed how we think and perceive the world around us, overturning centuries of accepted scientific thinking.

99 Percent of Counterfeit iPhone Chargers Fail Basic Safety, Study Reports

With respect to Samsung, smartphones did not have a great year in 2016. From short charges to exploding batteries, the faults of smartphones made headlines.

10 of the Best Virtual Reality Games for Tech Geeks

Here at Interesting Engineering, our team lives by the ethos of “Work hard and play hard.” How does that relaxation typically manifest itself?

These Gleaming Crystals Offer New Water Purification

When high levels of heavy metals were found in drinking water in Flint, Mich., and Newark, N.J., a science team came forward with a new powerful tool, glowing Crystals, in cleaning up contaminated water sources.

See What Happens If You Reply to a Spam Email

For experienced web users, spam emails don’t mean anything. They normally just get deleted without ever being opened, or they pile up in the “Spam” section of your inbox. But have you ever wondered what happens if you reply them?

Transboard: The New Generation of Electric Scooter

The Transboard electric scooter looks to give users the safest ride imaginable. It’s perfect for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly way to commute around town.

Germany’s New Machine Brings Us Leaps Closer to Nuclear Fusion

A new study proves we might be significantly closer to fusion energy than ever before. Last year, Germany powered up a huge nuclear fusion.

Volvo Introduces Very, Very, Very Lengthy Bus

Most people who live in a major city know about articulated buses. They have the accordion-looking connection in the middle of two cars.

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Aqueduct

What did the Romans ever do for us? The very fact they still intrigue us should put this question to bed.

Will Morocco Solar Farm Soon Power Europe?

For centuries, Morocco has inspired travelers with its vitality and gripping history. From dazzling coastlines to the breathtaking Sahara, the Kingdom of Morocco huddles a remarkable variety of adventures into its corner of North Africa.

Delete Your Footprint Off The Internet with a Few Clicks

If you want to delete your cyber footprint and wipe your entire existence off the internet, this website will help you to do it just in a few clicks.

Meet Mary Temple Grandin, an Autistic Professor and Engineering Hero

Mary Temple Grandin is a legend. She’s an autistic inventor, designer, and professor of animal science at Colorado State University.

New Kid on the Renewable Energy Block: Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla’s recent debut of solar roof tiles to replace regular tiles seriously impressed the public. Similar solar roof tiles are the latest addition to the solar industry.