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The unpowered Fortis exoskeleton lets you lift heavy tools indefinitely

Lockheed Martin have developed a next-generation, unpowered, lightweight exoskeleton called the Fortis that will provide the user strength, endurance and flexibility.

Watch: F1 transporter jumps speeding Lotus F1 car in epic world-record stunt!

A giant semi-truck sets a new Guinness world record after catapulting over a speeding Lotus F1 car. The jump was made as an advert for EMC technology, who are technology partners for Lotus F1 team.

Get gourmet coffee brewed easily at home thanks to Coffee Gourmet

If the Coffee Gourmet Kickstarter project goes to plan then you could enjoy gourmet coffee in the comfort of your own home and it’s simple and easy to make the perfect cup.

The Kairos T-Band allows any watch to become smart

Smartwatches are the in-thing at the moment and we have seen them many designs from many different companies since the Pebble watch stirred up a fuss on Kickstarter. Now another alternative solution from Kairos known as the T-Band is hitting the scene.

Top 10 stunning computer generated landscapes

Believe it or not the pictures below are of landscapes that have been generated using a computer. It takes a great deal of skill, time and imagination (plus the most advanced graphic design software and high spec computer) to be able to generate images like these.

Turn the engine of a Kia Sportage into a Mustang V8 with SoundRacer VX

There is the perfect gift this Christmas for the man in your life who wants to hear the throaty roar of a V8 Mustang engine instead of the purr of a Kia Sportage or other family car.

Playbulb Color fuses smart colored lighting and wireless speaker into one

The Playbulb Color from MIPOW is a smart light bulb that infuses colored mood lighting along with your own personal music.

Norway looking to grow crops in space

An EU-funded research project will have a team of scientists in Norway investigating in methods of growing plants food crops in zero gravity.

25 images that will change your perspective on your existence

When you look up at the stars and ponder at our place in the universe you may begin to feel almost insignificantly small.

Ostrich inspired Bionic Boots let you run at up to 25 mph

Ever wanted to run like a superhero? How about an animal? Keahi Seymour has spent more than a decade on the Bionic Boots after being intrigued as a child as to how ostriches could almost effortlessly reach speeds of 25 mph, covering up to 5 metres in a single stride.

German inventor creates his own James Bond LaserWatch

Fans of James Bond will know all too well about the fictional spy’s use of his trusted laser watch, the one he uses to save himself from the grips of death in the nick of time.

ShotTracker wearable tech helps you improve your basketball game

If you are looking to improve your basketball game then the ShotTracker is a great piece of technology for you.

3D printed prototype electric car from StreetScooter

StreetScooter, a German company known for electric vehicles, have recently designed a prototype of the C16 electric car and made most of the components for the cars exterior using a 3D printer.

Autonomous ‘Robocops’ go on patrol in Silicon Valley

Autonomous “Robocop”-style robots, equipped with microphones, speakers, cameras, laser scanners and sensors, go on patrol in Silicon Valley. The robots are programmed to notice unusual behavior and alert controllers.

Charge your device using your belt with new wearable tech

When you hear about wearable tech in the news chances are it’s another new smartwatch. However, a young entrepreneur has taken a new approach to wearable tech with the XOO belt: a combination of a classic belt and a portable USB charger.

The Two70 Multifunctional Entertainment space on-board the Quantum of The Seas

The Quantum of the Seas took to the sea on its maiden voyage recently. This is the largest cruise ship in the world belonging to Royal Caribbean and it is taking cruise liners to the extreme.

Watch scientist climb the wall like Spider-man in gecko inspired gloves

Check out the video below that shows Elliot Hawkes, a mechanical engineer at Stanford, climb the wall like Spider-man using a pair of gecko inspired adhesive gloves.

Getting your child’s Christmas list to Santa the 21st century way

Many people around the world allow their children to believe in Santa Claus and children honestly believe that this is where all those expensive gifts come from.

Mercedes want driving to be a relaxing experience in autonomous cars

A few years ago people would talk about how in the distant future there could be cars that could drive themselves around.

NASA’s Pluto probe to wake up after long slumber

NASA’s New Horizons probe is set to wake up next month after 99 days in hibernation en route to dwarf planet Pluto.