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‘Gardens by the Bay’ in Singapore is Jaw Dropping

Sometimes you come across places in the world that can only be described as jaw dropping. The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is definitely one of these places; it is so surreal that a visit there will have you nipping yourself to wakeup from a dream.

Movpak: The backpack with a foldout electric skateboard

Everyone has their personal method of commuting and the Movpak is bring another possibility to the table.

There’s something fishy about the Doumen Observation Tower

There is definitely something fishy about the design of the Doumen Observation Tower in Zhuhai, found in the Guangdong Province of China.

Malloy Aeronautics Hoverbike is the bike of the future

Over in the UK a company by the name of Malloy Aeronautics are working on a project to develop a hoverbike and they have launched the project on Kickstarter to raise funds.

Asus smartwatch set to bring affordable wearable tech to all

Wearable tech has been booming in recent years and smartwatches seem to be being released and announce from all companies – now it’s Asus’ turn.

The Ravelijn Bridge floats on water to the fortress island

When you thıink of a bridge you typically imagine a structure spanning across water or a gap at some offset in the air.

Man Made Biological Leaf Might Allow Us To Live In Space

Julian Melchiorri, a student at the Royal College of Art, UK, created a synthetic biological leaf that is capable of producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and water just like real natural leaves do.

10 Tips for cleaning that make life easier

No one really likes cleaning and there are some jobs that can be very tiresome or nasty. However with these 10 tips for cleaning jobs, your life will be much easier.

Quantum of the Seas is the World’s First Smartship

The Quantum of the Seas Ship is set to raise the bar on luxury cruises. Considered one of the most modern ships around and weighing 168 tons, this giant is packed with high tech items such as high speed internet, projections and even robots.

Sony KW1 quirky camera that masquerades as a perfume bottle

Sony is targeting the ladies with their latest Cybershot camera, the KW1. It’s a quirky looking camera that masquerades as a perfume bottle.

Scientists Create Explosive-Detecting Laser

American researchers have developed a laser capable of detecting individual chemicals at a distance of 1 kilometer.

Sharifi-ha: The House With Rotating Rooms

A house with rotating rooms that work at just a touch of a button is an architectural design by Iran’s Nextoffice called Sharifi-ha House.

The Swash brings an innovative new method to laundry

Procter & Gamble know a thing or two about getting clothes clean and they have come up with a novel idea for doing laundry.

Compact plastic water tank home you can pull with your bike

A design company from New York have come up with an alternative home that is made from water tanks that have been recycled.

India Is Planning The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm

The National Hydro Power Corporation, the state-owned power company in India, will build a floating photovoltaic project of 50 megawatts which will be the largest of its kind in continental waters worldwide.

Blackline bike is a stylish tech-packed bicycle

The Oregon Manifest want to get more people using bikes and so they hold a competition each year and challenge designers in five cities around the country to design a bike that would encourage people to ditch their cars and turn to pedal power.

New Survey Reveals 15 Monuments Underneath Stonehenge

The Stonehenge Hidden Landscaped Project have performed a detailed underground study at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, which has revealed evidence of previously unknown constructions and other forms of human activity.

NASA Designs Origami Inspired Solar Panels That Unfolds In Space

With no recharging station in space, most satellites need to make use of solar panels to get the energy it needs to keep operating.

The KiraVan is an all-terrain vehicle for the future

The KiraVan is a van designed for the future and it features everything that you could ever need to deal with if the apocalypse was to strike.

10 of Google’s Important Acquisitions

Since 2001 Google has spent a lot of money on taking over 163 companies - $28 billion actually. This means that Google have bought on average one company each month.