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9 stylish kitchen gadgets

These kitchen tools are not only useful; they are stylish, fancy and charming as well. Besides, we could even say ‘lifesaver’ for some of them!

Nike’s Self-Lacing Sneakers Will be Available in November!

Fasten your seatbelts and go back to the future. The first generation of the self-lacing sneakers, the HyperAdapt 1.0, will be available in November 2016!

Cooling Without An Air Conditioner

A new material, developed by engineers out of Stanford University, incorporates a nanostructure that cools the body more effectively than traditional textiles.

The Secret World of Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are our constant companion in the technological age. Optimising their performance requires insight into their electrochemistry, a degree of detail previously unobservable.

Thousandfold Increase in Memory Speed

Fast, energy efficient memory storage is a vital component of the technology we rely on every day. Using new semiconductor materials, researchers are making permanent storage up to a thousand times faster.

This Machine Produces Drinking Water From Thin Air

Clean drinking water is an increasingly major concern in many parts of the world, especially in hot, humid regions.

Airborne De-mining system Aims to Clear all Mines within 10 Years

[Image Source: Mine Kafon] A new startup company is developing airborne de-mining drones with the initiative to clear all the world’s mines within the next 10 years.

Build your own Aircraft, Even Build a Jet!

Bede Corp offers a range of kit aircraft for you to assemble at home. Ever feel so inclined to build your own aircraft?

CNBC Claims that Google is Interested in Buying Twitter

According to CNBC, sources from Google claim that they are engaged in conversations with Twitter. The news is not officially announced yet, but even if it’s a rumor, it was enough to get the investors excited.

This Blanket Makes You a Lifesaver

A medical emergency is the great leveler; you either rise to the challenge or crumble. Even recent first aid training can become jumbled or lost in the high stress accompanying a life-or-death situation.

Drinking Water From Thin Air

Clean drinking water is an increasingly major concern in many parts of the world, especially in hot, humid regions.

Here are the Top 10 Best Airports in the World!

If you travel a lot, airports are one of the most important places where you spend most of your time, sometimes even more than your flight.

Russian Programmer Volunteers For First Human Head Transplant, Next Year

[Image Source: CBS/ REUTERS] The world’s first complete head transplant is taking place next year in order to save the life of a Russian programmer.

Finally! You Can Buy Reversible USB Cable for Cheap

Meet MicFlip, the ‘world’s first ever fully reversible USB cable, and plug’ from Winnergear. We are living in the networked century.

Speed Of Light Communication: Graphene-Based Optoelectronics

The rate of advancement in digital communication may be hampered in the future by the amount of energy required to power it.

Galaxy Simulations Solve Missing Satellites Mystery

The evolution of the Milky Way is a fascinating one for astronomers. Governed by the basic laws of gravity, work in simulating the conditions that led to our present spiral disk have indicated that there should be thousands of dwarf galaxies orbiting our own – but there aren’t.

World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Train

Hydrogen fuel cell technology provides a promising solution to traditional fossil fuel powered transport.

Poo-Powered People Mover

There’s a lot of chatter around at the moment about the so-called Hydrogen Future. Hydrogen-powered technology is unlikely to progress, however, when the production of hydrogen is so energy-intensive.

Apple Seeking to Aquire Luxury Car Manufacturer McLaren

[Image Source: Wikimedia] According to multiple reports, Apple has approached the British Supercar manufacturer, McLaren, to initiate major investment discussions.

New Cow-free Milk is Based on Beer Brewing and 3D Printing

Ryan and Perumal are two cheese lovers. They said that they couldn’t imagine living without dairy products, so they created Perfect Day, a cow-free milk, based on 3D printing technology.