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Apple Park : Apple’s New $5 Billion Campus Will Open This April

Apple announced on Wednesday that Apple Park, the company’s new campus, will open to employees in April.

The One Question Everyone Wonders: Is Time Travel Possible?

Is time travel possible? It’s a question that we all hope is true so we can go back and prevent all of the mistakes we have made.

New Nokia 3310 Finally Gets a Price Point!

Fans of the nearly-indestructible Nokia 3310 finally have a price point. The modern remake will cost about $65 (50 pounds, 59 Euro) each, according to VentureBeat.

Researchers Lose World’s First and Only Sample of Metallic Hydrogen

Harvard University physicists were thrilled last year when they successfully transformed hydrogen into a metal state.

These New Microbots Can Move Through Your Body With Magnets

Placing a microbot into a human body with a battery pack could turn from a useful device into a hazardous situation if the robot were to ever stop working.

The Simplest Things That Scientists Still Can’t Explain

Scientists are some of the top minds in the entire world, but there are some things that even these great thinkers still can’t understand.

Disney Creates Room That Can Wirelessly Charge All Devices in It

The Disney Research group managed to create a full-coverage wireless power system for all devices in a room.

NASA Reveals Their Discovery of Seven Exoplanets Around Dwarf Star

In a live-stream, a panel of NASA scientists announced seven planets around a dwarf star and thus continues the search for life beyond Earth.

NASA Live Stream: Watch NASA’s Major Announcement!

In just a few moments, NASA will conduct a livestream event to discuss things “beyond our solar system.” We’re really hoping for either aliens or inhabitable exoplanets.

Insect-Inspired Wind Turbines Offer 35% More Efficiency

Traditional wind turbines are great- as long as the wind blows at a certain speed. Now, with inspiration from insects and some clever engineering, scientists haive designed a new turbine blade which is 35 percent more efficient than traditional turbines.

15 Truly Useful Things You Can 3D Print

Do you have a 3D printer? Looking for something cool to print? Good for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Will Cars of the Future be Gyms on the Go?

Autonomous cars are driving the future, and they may add hours of productivity to our morning commute.

UPS Delivery Drone Nearly Smashes During Demonstration

UPS hoped to debut its delivery drone yesterday without a hitch. While not a complete disaster, the media event certainly shows delivery drones still need improvement.

What Is the Difference Between 64-Bit and 32-Bit Operating Systems?

If you have a computer made in the last 10 years, you are likely running a 64-Bit operating system, but what’s the difference from the old 32-bit OSes?

These Electric Mining Trucks Can Form Into a Single Haul Train

There are a lot of insinuations floating around about mining operations, specifically regarding their ecological footprint.

BMW Motorrad Debuts Its LEGO-Inspired Hover Ride

If the BMW Motorrad hover ride concept looks a little childlike, don’t worry. It’s supposed to. BMW Motorrad partnered with LEGO Technic and designed an incredibly cool, futuristic hover vehicle.

Li-Fi : Light-Based Wireless Technology 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

Li-Fi, or Light Fidelity, is an interesting and exciting potential competitor to the wireless veteran, Wi-Fi.

China Is Building Asia’s First Vertical Forest to Fight Air Pollution

Asia’s first Vertical forest, called the Nanjing Vertical Forest, will be built in the South of China’ Jiangsu province.

NASA Plans to Reveal Major “Discovery Beyond Our Solar System”

NASA will host a major press conference on Wednesday, 22 February, to present new findings surrounding the “discovery beyond our solar system”.

Roborace: First-Ever Self-Driving Car Race Finishes With a Crash

A unique addition joined Formula E’s Buenos Aires ePrix: autonomous racers. Two self-driving cars raced in the inaugural Roborace before the ePrix.