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The Quietest Room in the World: Where Sound Goes to Die

[Image Source: Edited/ Microsoft] Microsoft currently holds the world record for the quietest place on Earth at -20dBA.

4 Brilliant Ways You Can Re-purpose a Satellite Dish!

[Image Source: Edited/ Kipkay] Satellite dishes often get replaced after 5-10 years as technology upgrades or they begin to malfunction.

Scientists Synthesize Liquid Fuel from Solar Energy

Scientists have just discovered a way to directly convert solar energy into a synthetic fuel using carbon dioxide.

385 Meter Long Production Blast is the Most Epic Thing You’ll See Today

Bremanger Quarry in Norway is one of the most environmentally sustainable rock quarries in the world.

You Should Always Put Your Oxygen Mask on First – Here’s Why

If you have ridden in a plane during your lifetime, you know the long drawn out safety speech where the flight attendants tell you to always put your mask on before helping others.

Engineer Discovers Da Vinci’s Hidden Knowledge of Friction

When researchers at the University of Cambridge began looking into the sketches on the side of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks, they stumbled across something incredible.

Reinvented Scissors Solve a Problem We Didn’t Even Know We Had

There are many products that for the most part haven’t seen too much change over their lifespan. Scissors are perhaps one of those products, and believe it or not, one man has come up with a much better and more ergonomic design.

Stay Green with this Pedal Powered Washing Machine

The Drumi from Yirego is an incredibly useful, portable washing machine that does not require a lick of electricity.

New Air Conditioner Provides Cooling and Generates Electricity!

The Be Power Tech company recently designed an air conditioner so efficient,that not only does it provide cooling, but it can also generate enough electricity to create potential revenue.

This Silver Pen Lets You Draw Electrical Circuits

A new pen is about to revolutionize how we create electronic devices. There have been conductive gel circuitry projects on the market for a little while now, but a new pen is about to change the process of building circuits.

What Happens to Healthy Lungs After Just One Pack of Cigarettes

Whether you are a smoker or not, you likely understand that smoking is harmful to you. However, do you really know why they say each cigarette you smoke takes 11 minutes off of your life?

French Artist Turns Barren Walls into Beautiful Photorealistic Murals

[Image Source: A. Fresco] In our constantly growing world, beauty is often thrown out the window in preference to functionality.

Mothballs Allow for Quantum Computing at Room Temperature

Quantum computing has been one of the greatest scientific achievements as of recent. However, previous quantum computing advances have required very low temperatures near absolute zero (-273.15˚C).

Heavy-duty Truck Can Lay 50 Meters of Track in Under 6 Minutes

[Image Source: Faun Trackway] A crucial problem that convoys often face when attempting to plow through mud is that the more vehicles that pass through, the muddier it becomes.

Official Star Wars Drone are here!

This is the real (replica) Millennium Falcon that you can BUY [Image Source: Propel] Beauty takes many shapes and forms.

Pokémon Player Creates Phone Case to Help Aim Pokéballs

Love playing Pokémon  Go but just can’t seem to get down that Pokéball throwing action? Well, one user has designed and 3D printed a case that will help players throw the perfect ball every time.

Korean Inventor Creates Revolutionary Sanitary Toilet Unclogging Tool

If most of us were to walk into our bathroom right now, we would likely find a dirty, contaminated plunger sitting in the corner.

Remote Pet Camera Lets You Play with Your Pet While You’re Away

If you have pets, you probably know just how hard traveling can be on man’s best friends, or cats. Sorry, my inner dog person is showing through there, but there is a new technological solution so you can play and reward your pets 24/7.

What Humans Would Look Life if They Evolved to Survive Car Accidents

[Image Source: TAC] We humans live in a world where cars have to be designed to protect us during crashes, but what if our bodies were built to survive crashes with little injury?

U.S. Seizes KickassTorrents, Founder Behind Bars

[Image Source: Wikipedia] Notoriously infamous torrenting site ‘KickassTorrents’ was recently shut down by the U.S.