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15 Breath-taking Outer Space Photos Taken By Hubble

On April 24, 1990 the space shuttle Discovery took off for a very special mission – putting the Hubble telescope into orbit.

EarthRoamer XV-HD van takes families off the road and grid

There are many recreational vehicles on the market and they are all great for travelling around and stopping at campsites.

Independent off the grid living micro style with Ecocapsule

Details have been revealed about the Ecocapsule, a micro shelter that is able to operate off the grid offering sustainable technology that is impressive.

Math Hack: How To Subtract By Adding

As much as nowadays we all have easy access to calculators on our phones, sometimes in life when we are forced to put to the test the basic math skills we learned in school.

Saudi Arabia Plans To Build World’s Largest Hotel In Mecca

Currently, the title of largest hotel in the world is held by The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas – which operates as a single complex totaling 7117 rooms distributed on 53 floors.

LG reveal display that sticks like wallpaper to the wall

TVs today have displays that are very thin thanks to the use of LCD panels. However LG have gone one step further and they have revealed the LG Display that shows people that an OLED panel may be stuck onto the wall.

A mini PC that is Endless aimed for the developing world

Endless can turn any television set into a PC that is fully functional and it has its own OS along with apps that will be able to work online and offline.

Top 10 Oldest Buildings In The World

Most of the oldest buildings still standing in the world are ironically tributes to certain men, who actually lasted much shorter periods of time than the monuments created.

Researchers Create Metal Composite Lighter Than Water

Researchers at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering and Deep Springs Technology (DST) have created a lightweight metal matrix syntactic foam.

Things inspired by Mad Max Movies

Actor Mel Gibson helped to make the Max Mad movies a household name and now years later Mad Max has been rejuvenated in the form of Fury Road.

8 bridges with homes and stores on them

While the troll living under the bridge may be nothing more than just a fairytale, there are people who actually live over bridges or trade on them.

Super Enduro with two wheel drive helps Revit to break boundaries

The aim of Revit is to develop motorcycle gear that can take people can take as far as they want to travel.

World’s Most Efficient Solar Energy System Is Based On 19th-Century Technology

A Swiss company is claiming to have exceeded the boundaries of solar energy production efficiency. And in order to achieve this, the research team used a technology developed in the 19th-century.

Longest glass bridge in the world will open in China next year

Hunan Province in China is hoping to attract more tourists into the region and to do this they have commissioned Haim Dotan, an architectural firm, to design and build them a glass bridge.

Vortex bladeless turbines generate energy through wobbling

Vortex bladeless turbines have been designed and they look like huge giant reeds swaying in the wind, but they generate energy by wobbling.

The Droplet Smart Button Won’t Let You Forget Your Everyday Chores

In our busy modern-day life, it is quite common to forget to do a thing or two throughout the day, such as take your medications, take out the garbage or feed the fish.

The Lily Camera Drone Follows You Around To Capture Your Best Moments

Drones can be very useful at taking pictures in the best possible angles, but are not quite practical to handle and control.

The Pepper Hacker Blocks Wi-Fi To Spice Up Dinnertime

Dinnertime used to be a special family time in which we would all get together around the dinner table and talk to each other about how our day went.

Airbnb float a fully functioning house down the River Thames

[Image Courtesy of Airbnb] Airbnb are taking the term floating house to the extreme as they have created a house that floats up and down the River Thames in London and they are taking in guests.

Heaven-Linking Avenue Is The Most Beautiful And Dangerous Road In China

China has many breathtaking natural landscapes to explore but when incredible man made structures intervene with what nature has already created millions of years ago, the result is nothing short than the most amazing wonders in the country.