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13 Inspiring Einstein Quotes Never Actually Said by Einstein

Ah, the Internet, a purveyor of viral, inspiring quotes to be reblogged on Tumblr and memes. One of the most prominent names attached to popular quotes is that of physicist Albert Einstein.

Model X Owner Sues Tesla for $1 Million After Falcon Doors Fail to Open in Fiery Crash

A Tesla Model X owner tries to sue the electric car company for $1.1 million for being stuck inside the vehicle because the Falcon wing doors failed to open after a serious head-on collision.

This Software Helps You Turn Plastic Bottles Into Strong Large-Scale Structures

Calling out all the engineering students and especially non-engineers out there. You can now design and build structures on your own without having to perform complex mathematical operations!

13 Most Mind-Blowing Chemical Reactions

Chemistry can be one of the most mesmerizing but also dangerous sciences. The mixing of certain chemicals can cause rather unexpected reactions that make for fun demonstrations.

This Artificial Womb Just Successfully Grew a Sheep, Humans Could Be Next

Researchers have developed an artificial womb to sustain the life of premature babies. That womb just proved successful in animal testing for the first time.

World’s Largest Spar Platform Starts Its Journey From South Korea to Norway

An enormous, larger than life transportation project is currently taking place from the docks of South Korea to the Norwegian Sea.

MasterCard Reveals Next-Generation Card With Built-In Fingerprint Reader

Major credit card company MasterCard is testing out the “next generation biometric card” that will include a user’s fingerprint onto the card.

A Brief History of the Speed of Light

What is the speed of light? Such an easy question to answer today in the age of the internet. Have you ever wondered how exactly we have reached out our current estimate of 299,792,458 m/s?

What It Would Really Take to Run the World off of Renewable Energy

As the world continues to debate global warming and what the causes are, we are left with a looming problem for the future of our energy needs.

Nanobots Will Be Flowing Through Your Body by 2030

In the next 10 or so years, your blood will probably be streaming with tiny nanorobots there to help keep you from getting sick or even transmit your thoughts to a wireless cloud.

Here’s Why Airplane Engines Have White Spiral Marks on Them

Are you a frequent flyer? If yes, then you’ve probably noticed that most aircraft have swirls painted on their engines.

This Prison Ship Looks More Like a Luxury Cruise Liner Than Jail

Naval architecture is sometimes considered to be a conservative industry as it follows stringent engineering rules and design safety principles.

These Incredible Mixed Metal Bowls Revive the Lost Art of Sand-Casting

Kawther Al Saffar, a Kuwaiti designer and artist, has brought back the ancient art of sand-casting with a contemporary twist.

The Worst Oil Spill in U.S. History Caused Over $17 Billion in Global Damages

In the first-ever study of its kind, scientists put a number on the environmental damage of a massive oil spill.

If You Have $1 Million to Spare, You Can Get This Flying Car by 2020

Since the year is 2017, it’s high time to make those science-fiction vehicles a reality. You know, like the car that “Doc” converted into a time machine using flux capacitors in the movie Back to the Future?

Chinese Startup’s All-Electric SUV Could Give Tesla Serious Competition

The Chinese startup Nio recently unveiled a car that could challenge Tesla’s growing power in the electric car sector.

Jagadish Chandra Bose: The Father of Modern Wi-Fi

In a world where Leonardo da Vinci was merely a painter, one might say that Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose was a scientist.

Check out These Gigantic Oil Platforms of the Seas

Conventional engineering could sometimes get boring and extremely repetitive. With the same structural elements designed for prescribed loadings, it’s just the matter of filling out a spreadsheet matrix and confirming the generated values.

MIT Created an App That Teaches You a New Language on Your Spare Time

Speaking a new language is a skill that many people would like to have but only a few actually take the time to learn.

World’s First All-Electric Vertical Take-Off Flying Car Nails Test Flight

Flying car concepts have been the human dream for years now. It seems that all global corporations are innovating to be able to achieve the breakthrough first.