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This Time-Lapse Shows 13.8 Billion Year History of Universe in Just 10 Minutes

YouTuber melodysheep has created an awesome video that shows the entire history of our universe in just ten minutes.

How the First and Second Industrial Revolutions Changed Our World

We cannot deny that automation and industrial revolution brought on some adverse effects to the world.

11 Times AI Beat Humans at Games, Art, Law and Everything in Between

AI is simply better than humans at lots of tasks, from the obvious of data analysis to the unexpected of music making.

How to Make Your Boss Respect You

If we want others to begin treating us with kindness and respect in our office or place of work, we must first be kind to everyone we meet and while interacting with them it’s best to be clear and content with our plans and actions.

Sierra Leone Becomes the First Country to Hold a Blockchain-Powered Presidential Election

Blockchain technology was used to verify the recent results of Sierra Leone's presidential race, the first time this was done to oversee a national election.

You Can Get Certified as a SQL Professional with This Bundle

If you work in IT or data science, having an in-depth knowledge of SQL is absolutely essential if you want to get ahead.

France Commits 700 Million Euros for Solar Projects Worldwide

India pledges $1.4 billion and France 700 million euros to solar energy at ISA conference.

NASA Rendered a Massive Solar Eruption in 3D Using Three Satellites

A pair of astrophysicists have put together the most complete rendering of solar activity shock waves.

Physicists Discover Graphene Can Behave as Both an Insulator and a Superconductor

Scientists have found if graphene sheets are rotated at a "magic angle," they can act as both an insulator and a superconductor.

Elon Musk's Latest Video Reminds the World Why We Love Space

The SpaceX CEO just released a new two minute short film reflecting on the day his company launched the world's most powerful operational rocket.

Researchers Invent Way to 'Hack' Into the Brain's Electrical Signals

A team from University of Chicago figured out a new way to use light and nanotechnology to "hack" into brain function.

Nanotechnology Firm Finds Water in the Driest of Air

Canadian company Awn Nanotech created a new mesh netting to pull water to its surface through surface tension.

Have You Ever Wondered How Many Times a Clock's Hands Overlap in a Day?

Ever stared at the clock watching the minutes drag by? Watch this video to learn some distracting answers to the big questions about analogue clocks.

Dorothy Vaughan: NASA's "Human Computer" and American Hero

Dorothy Vaughan was an African–American mathematician and "Human Computer" who spent her entire career helping America stay ahead of the curve during the space race.

This Top-Rated App Helps You Fall Asleep Faster

Unlike most sleeping aids that use stock sounds and white noise, Pzizz Pro uses advanced algorithms and human-composed music to help optimise your sleep cycle.

Japanese Man Sets the Guinness World Record for Spinning the World's Largest Hula Hoop!

Yuya Yamada aka “Hoopman” has set the record for the world's largest hula hoop, spinning the massive hoop six times.

Elon Musk says Hyperloop will Prioritize People Over Cars

The Boring Company CEO laid out a plan on Twitter to refocus his hyperloop, high-speed transit company.

Norway Turns To Underwater Drones to Clean Up the Fjords

The port authority is planning to test underwater drones that will scan the deep water of the fjord for garbage.

French Company Debuts Cryptocurrency Heater for Homes

This processor makes the most of crypto mining by combining computing power with a heater.

Lost and Found: Century Old Message in a Bottle Part of an Experiment

A bottle found on a remote beach in Australia has ben discovered to be a part of a century old German science experiment about ocean currents.