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These Color Changing Tattoos Could Save Lives

MIT and Harvard researchers developed a color-changing ink to help monitor issues like dehydration and glucose levels.

Scientists Achieve Fascinating Results by Making a Two-Dimensional Material

Scientists at RMIT University have happened upon a breakthrough liquid metal discovery, and it is sure to have a great impact in the field of electronics.

One of the World's Best Meteor Showers Continues its Nighttime Show

The Orionids meteor shower continues its peak this weekend, courtesy of 'trailing' form Halley's comet.

Australian Military Develops One-of-a-Kind VR Training for Soldiers

In its latest effort to provide training for its personnel, the Australian military has begun to develop VR pressure training.

Researchers Use Fiber Optic Technology to Track Earthquakes

A team at Stanford University are currently using a fiber optic network underneath their campus, to sense oncoming earthquakes.

New Study Sheds Light on How Humans Control Their Dreams

Scientists Develop a Concrete Roof That Uses, Harnesses and Stores Energy

A Switzerland-based team has successfully designed and erected a prototype for a concrete roof structure that generates solar energy, the first step in a series of similar projects.

UAE Creates Role of Minister for Artificial Intelligence

As part of the UAE Centennial 2071 initiative, Sheikh Mohammed has appointed the first State Minister for Artificial Intelligence, an effort which is sure to move the country in a bold new direction.

Scotland Officially Opens the World's First Ever Floating Wind Farm

Scotland's Hywind project is officially underway and expected to supply power to over 20,000 homes.

This Is the Technology Behind the US Military's Largest Gun

This video outlines the essential engineering of exactly what railgun technology means.

You Don't Need Any Tools to Assemble This Furniture

This Silicon Valley startup has created a furniture line that can be assembled without tools. Campaign furniture comes with a lifetime warranty and can be put together in only 20 minutes.

A Crater Beneath the Moon's Surface Could House a Lunar Colony in the near Future

Japanese and US scientists have collaborated to confirm moons craters may be able to provide safety to moon colonists.

Why Does Your Tongue Turn White?

Ever wonder why your tongue turns white? As it turns out quite a few things, but the most common causes are pretty easy to keep at bay or clear up.

Top 10 Chemical Engineering Schools in the USA

Engineering programs are among the most popular and highly in demand courses in universities today, and there are several factors to consider as a priority before entering a university.

Here's How You Can Master Ethereum and Blockchain Technology

Cash in on the latest cryptocurrency trend with The Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery Bundle, now just $29

This Octopus-Inspired Robot Can Swim, Grasp Objects and Crawl Around

Researchers in Italy built a soft robot based on the anatomy and physicality of an octopus that moves and propels almost exactly like the real thing, they even tossed their prototype in the Mediterranean for a test drive.

USA and Japan's First Giant Robot Battle Is No Kids' Play!

The much anticipated fight between Japan's Kuratas and USA's double whammy of Iron Glory and Eagle Prime happened and it was a chaotic, well-rehearsed spectacle.

This Smart Crosswalk May Be the Future of Pedestrian Safety

London-based design firm Umbrellium’s plans for a smart and interactive crosswalk platform are a refreshing approach to modern pedestrian safety issues in urban environments.

FDA Approves Revolutionary New Cancer Treatment with Personalized Gene Therapy

The U.S. FDA recently approved its second major gene therapy treatment for cancer patients. The treatment could save the lives of over 3,500 people who would qualify for it in the U.S.

This Lightweight Plastic Ribbon Is Stronger Than Steel

This flexible plastic strip has a tensile strength of 900 kg. It can be shaped with heat into any form and weighs less than half a kilo per 30 metres.