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Twitter Cuts the Vine: Video App Says Goodbye to Social Media

[Image Courtesy of Vine] All good things must come to an end. Vine just announced that it’s discontinuing the mobile app via an article on Medium.

Cutting-edge Company Stops Next-Gen Sequencing

[Image Courtesy of 23andMe] Utah-based startup 23andMe looked to expand what customers could learn about their history through DNA testing.

Studies Link LSD Trips to Long-term Bliss

LSD normally conjures up visions of the Beatles, Woodstock, hippies and a kaleidoscope of colors. However, a new study taps into its long-term benefits like increased levels of happiness.

SonicPower: ‘World’s Fastest Wireless Charger’ for Your Phone

[Image Courtesy of DESTEK] DESTEK’s SonicPower wireless charger claims to be the fastest wireless charger coming to the market.

Russians Craft Massive Nuclear Weapon

[Image Courtesy of Makeyev Design] Russian officials announced a massive new nuclear weapon, and its power is absolutely terrifying.

New Hydrogen Fuel Possible by Splitting Water Molecules with Nanowires

Nano Wires Coated in Teeny Crystals (Quantum Dots) [Image Source: Christopher Milleville/] Scientists are currently developing a technology using nanowires and crystals that have the potential to split water into its components.

Is Weed the New Kale? Study Shows Benefits of Raw Cannabis

New studies claim that cannabis could cure more ailments by consuming it raw than in any other state. Benefits range from anti-inflammatory to preventing fibromyalgia, bowel cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.

New Manually-Powered Elevator is a Workout

[Image Courtesy of Rombaut Frieling Lab] Designers with the Rombaut Frieling Lab in the Netherlands created the strangest ‘elevator’ ever.

World’s Deepest Underwater Cave Recently Discovered

A team in the Czech Republic recently discovered the deepest underwater cave in the world. Polish diver Krzysztof Starnawski and his team explored the cave named Hranicka Propast, and measured the abyss at 404 meters (1,325 feet) deep.

IKEA Moves to Mushrooms to Replace Current Packaging

[Image Courtesy of Wikimedia] The ready-to-assemble furniture giant IKEA announced they might be using packaging made with mushrooms rather that traditional polystyrene.

Otto’s Self-Driving Truck Makes its Debut Delivery

The Otto self-driving semi truck made its first major delivery – a lot of Budweiser beer. [Image Courtesy of Otto] The truck, equipped with $30,000 of new material from Otto, brought 50,000 beers from Fort Collins, Colorado to Colorado Springs.

New App Lets Your Kids Become Astronauts

For just $3, your child can have the entire universe at her fingertips with Cosmolander. The Cosmolander app, available on Android and iPhone, can inspire the young and the young-at-heart, as well as educate users on our solar system.

See How Painkillers Work in Your Brain and Body

Have a headache? Down a painkiller. Back ache? Pop an aspirin. Shoulder hurting you? Take an Advil. These instances happen daily as we thank our painkiller of choice for literally killing our aches.

Colorful New Maps Capture the Veins of America

A beautiful new map surfaced online detailing the interwoven rivers and streams throughout the United States.

16-Year-Old Goalkeeper Woke Up From Coma Speaking Fluent Spanish

High school goalkeeper Reuben Nsemoh got kicked in the head while playing soccer. He stayed in the coma and woke up speaking fluent Spanish – a language he’d never spoken before.

Archaeologist Discover Ancient Battle Site of Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists dug up the remains of an ancient tower of Jerusalem, frozen in time before the Roman army bombarded its walls.

The Most Popular Modern-Day Scams and How to Protect Yourself

It seems like scammers compromise more and more accounts each day. Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to not fall victim of a scam.

WaterSeer Collects Drinkable Water From Air Without External Power

Over 2.2 billion people around the world don’t have clean water. Even for the undrinkable and polluted water, they have to walk for kilometers away to stay alive.

Accelerating the Future of Aircraft with Electricity

It seems as though it’s becoming a daily occurrence for companies to launch initiatives to create the greenest technologies.

Linux Bug Could Cause Linux Users to be Hacked in Seconds

[Image Courtesy of Wikimedia] Linux has a new animal to deal with now, and it’s not nearly as cute as its mascot, Tux the penguin.