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Sumo Goalie vs NHL Player: Is a Bigger Goalie a Better One?

Perhaps it is the most questioned concept in leagues that require goalies: why not stick a massive person in front of the net?

Project Bloks: Google’s Open Platform to Change Coding Forever

Kids learn from hands-on experience, which is exactly what Google is targeting with their new open source platform, Project Bloks.

Massive Wind Turbine Blades Could Allow for 50 MW Offshore Stations

[Image Source: Sandia] Wind energy is abundant in many areas throughout the world, and many believe that efficient harvesting of this power could lead to a more sustainable energy grid.

Dirty to Clean: How a Water Treatment Plant Works

You probably don’t think much about where the water in your tap comes from, but odds are that it has come through a municipal water treatment plant.

What it’s Like to Eject From a Plane at Supersonic Speeds

Fighter jets can achieve amazing feats, but sometimes they malfunction and the skilled pilots behind them only have one option.

New Life-Saving Device Created to Save Kids from Hot Cars

[Image Source: Sense-A-Life] Two Tampa dads developed a new device which uses “Smart Sensor Technology” and aims to prevent fatalities among kids who are left unattended in vehicles.   Warmer temperatures are on the rise after record-breaking heat waves continue to punish the Earth.

Body Armor Backpack Allows you to Feel the Bass in Your Music

Listening to music can be one of the best times in our days, but having a good speaker system really makes a difference for you audio experience. There is a lot of equipment that can hit the high-end audio, but finding a good low-end speaker system can be difficult.

Top 5 AI Virtual Assistants: Now and Into The Future

In Silicon Valley and elsewhere there’s currently an AI arms race going on. The first wave of this race is centered around artificial virtual assistants that are poised to become our new digital best friends in the very near future.

Siemens Wants to Power Electric Trucks with Overhead Lines

As the world faces a future of autonomous and eco-friendly transportation alternatives, exactly how we will reach that point is still unknown.

New Healthier Chocolate Created Thanks to Science and Engineering

Chocolate is arguably the most enjoyed sweet on the planet, but its deliciousness comes with a heavy load of fat-  served with a side of guilty pleasure.

Video Game Bionic Arm Turned into Reality

Deus Ex is a video game set in a world where human augmentation is commonplace, and it looks like some of the video game design may be coming into the real world.

Which is Better: A Roundabout or a 4-Way Stop?

When it comes to driving, the USA differs from the UK not only on the side of the road they drive on.

Combustion Chamber Explosions Recorded at 20,000 FPS

If you have ever built yourself a potato gun, you know just how fun and possibly dangerous the cannons can be.

66,000 Cups Used to Make an Amazing Mural

[Image Source: Serge Belo YouTube] Artist Serge Belo wanted raise awareness about the global clean water crisis, but the way he decided to do it will astound you.

12 Best Gadgets to Make Life Easier

Life is hard, but with so much technology nowadays, it doesn’t have to be. Just like there is an app for that, there are also gadgets for every struggle throughout your day.

‘Rain Bomb’ Phenomenon Caught on Camera During Storm

Do you think you know a lot about weather? Do you know what a ‘rain bomb’ is? Storm chaser Bryan Snyder was taking some time-lapse video of a storm over Tuscon, Arizona when he caught an incredibly rare meteorological phenomenon on camera.

Turkish Phone Repairman Creates Privacy Glasses for his Phone

[Image Source: Haberturk] If you find yourself out in public using your smartphone all the time, then you know the struggle of keeping others from glancing at your personal information.

Nissan GT-R Races a Drone at 115 MPH

As drones have become more prevalent and highly advanced, first person drone racing is becoming quite the sport, if you can call it that.

The Robot Pizza Wars Have Officially Begun

Leave it to Silicon Valley to come up with another industry to disrupt: the pizzeria. [Image Source: ABB Robotics YouTube Still] According to Bloomberg, Zume Pizza is a Mountain View startup that began its operations in secret and was founded by Alex Garden and Julia Collins.

Mystery That No One Has Solved: The Voynich Manuscript

In a world where knowledge is only a Google search away, mysteries have become scarce, indeed. Although there are plenty of things that humans still do not understand, the amount of knowledge that is being generated on a daily basis is simply overwhelming.