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WATCH LIVE: SpaceX’s Recycled Falcon 9 Rocket Is Launching Historic Bulgariasat-1

The first out of the two historic missions by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will be launched today at the Cape Canaveral launch complex in Florida.

How Planes Land on Aircraft Carriers With Short Runways

Flying an aircraft is not the simplest task but landing on the flight deck of a carrier is one of the most difficult tasks a naval pilot ever has to do.

Top 5 SolidWorks Partner Products to Leverage Your Design Capabilities

SolidWorks is a popular CAD tool utilized by more than 3 Million users across the globe. Its powerful 3D modeling and design documentation capabilities, along with the focus on ease-of-use is what makes this tool the first choice of every design engineer.

Will Asteroid Mining Be the Next Gold Rush?

There are innumerable near-Earth asteroids that could supply us with plentiful resources in the future.

The Roof of the New Apple Store in Chicago Is Basically a Giant MacBook

A few years ago, Apple has teamed up with one of the most acclaimed architecture firms in the world to design a global series of Apple stores.

If You Thought Fidget Spinners Were Bad, Just Wait Until You See Toothpick Crossbows

Just when schools thought they’d got rid of distracting toys – read fidget spinners – a new toy craze is on the scene and it has dangerous potential.

This Extraordinary Chess Set Features Iconic New York City Buildings

Chess isn’t generally known for its good looks, but when your chess set is designed by architects it becomes a thing of beauty.

This New Dating App Uses Augmented Reality to Find Your True Love

Move over Tinder, the world’s first augmented reality dating app is here. FlirtAR uses facial recognition, geolocation, and augmented reality to help you find the love of your life.

This Breakthrough Could Solve the Most Dangerous Problem With Nuclear Fusion

Creating Nuclear Fusion could mean unlimited energy, free of any radioactive by-product or greenhouse gases.

These Vans Provide Brazilians in Japan With Food and Mobile Banking

Living abroad can be tough, missing your favorite foods, newspapers and dealing with simple stuff like banking can be a nightmare.

A Tesla Model S Just Managed to Go a Record 901.2 Km on a Single Charge

Two Tesla enthusiasts attempted the hypermiling challenge using a Tesla Model S P100D and ended up with an unofficial world record.

France Aims to Transport Passengers on Driverless High-Speed Trains by 2023

The French government-owned railway, SNCF, has a project called “drone trains” and it is really exciting.

WATCH LIVE: KFC Is Actually Sending a Chicken Sandwich into Space

Get yourself a bucket of chicken and strap yourself in. KFC is about to launch a zinger burger into Space!

This 3,000-Year-Old Wooden Toe May Be the World’s Oldest Prosthesis

Swiss Egyptologists reexamined a 3,000-year-old wooden toe with state-of-the-art equipment and discovered revelating facts about its origins.

20 Great Brainteasers for Engineers

A lot of tech companies and other employers seem to have a penchant for asking tricky questions for potential candidates to assess how they think.

SpaceX Will Attempt to Launch Two Falcon 9 Rockets Within Only 48 Hours

SpaceX will be attempting a twofold launch of the Falcon 9 rocket within a 48-hour window. This is a clear manifestation of Elon Musk’s vow to make rapid rocket launching a possibility.

What Is the Difference Between Bullet Sizes?

Whether you’re a gun nut or a computer game addict, don’t worry you’re not alone, you’ll have commonly heard of the different types of bullet sizes.

Why Planes Can’t Take off When It’s Too Hot

Recently in Phoenix, more than 40 flights were canceled due to the extreme heat that approached 50 degrees Celsius.

Google Joins the Craze by Hiding a Virtual Fidget Spinner in Search Results

Google just got on the fidget spinner train! Unsurprisingly Redditors were the people to spot the nifty widget. Google it now and get started on whiling away some time!

Cubetto : A Programmable Wooden Robot That Teaches Kids to Code

Cubetto is a friendly programmable wooden robot toy that will teach your child the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands-on play.