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What should the Han Solo movie be called? Here are the best options.

This much we can tell you for sure: the still-untitled Han Solo spin-off movie will not be called "Red Cup."  That's the working title, a nod to the fact that George Lucas named Solo's character for the plastic drinks brand.

'This Is Us' gives us a road trip we'll never forget in 'Memphis'

This recap contains spoilers for This Is Us Season 1, episode 16, titled "Memphis." In an episode sure to make Kleenex shares skyrocket, this week's installment of This Is Us takes us back to William’s early life in Memphis, where we meet his cousin Ricky and learn that William was once on track to become a serious songwriter and musician — until his burgeoning career was derailed by the death of his mother and his subsequent drug addiction.  While in Memphis, Randall also gets to connect with an assortment of heretofore unknown cousins, and in the process, we get to see exactly how delightful he is while drunk.

The Atlanta Hawks Twitter account doesn't want to hear your trade suggestions

The NBA trade deadline is less than 48 hours away, leaving basketball executives scrambling and trade rumors swirling, many of them on Twitter.

Trevor Noah says 2016 was so bad 'that it just never ended'

Ask Trevor Noah and he'll tell you: President Donald Trump has been a blessing for comedy. Noah's brand of comedy in particular.

'Overwatch' teases a possible new hero and it's (probably) not Doomfist

Overwatch revealed a brand new character in the game's universe, and she may have something to do with the next Overwatch hero to join the roster.

Based on Magic Johnson's tweets, the Lakers basically just hired Perd Hapley from 'Parks and Rec'

The Los Angeles Lakers named Magic Johnson — a three-time NBA MVP who won five championships in L.A. as a player — as the team's new president of basketball operations on Tuesday.  There are many facets to this story, including the fact that Lakers owner Jeanie Buss fired her own brother.

'Would You Rather?' gets a gross, funny twist with new Watchable show

Watchable is hoping to get viewers hooked to its new series with one simple, age-old question: Would You Rather?

Oscars contender 'La La Land' gets an old school video game treatment

Since La La Land took over the Oscars, we recreated the award-winning movie into a classic 8-Bit game Play your way through Seb and Mia’s 8-Bit romance in this old school RPG.

Rihanna now has more top 10 Billboard singles than Michael Jackson

Rihanna just outdid the King of Pop.  RiRi and Michael Jackson were tied with 29 Billboard Hot 100 singles each, but now, "Love on the Brain," is her 30th song to earn the distinction.

The worst 'Game of Thrones' villain is heading to the Marvel universe

Game of Thrones alum Iwan Rheon, who played literal and figurative bastard Ramsay Bolton, is heading to the Marvel universe for ABC's new Inhumans series, it was announced Tuesday.

'La La Land' as an 8-bit video game wins the Oscar for cuteness

Since La La Land took over the Oscars, we recreated the award-winning movie into a classic 8-bit game.

Moana and Maui outwit a giant eight-eyed bat monster in this 'Moana' deleted scene

The underworld of Moana is dark and full of terrors — one of which we never got to see before now. In this deleted scene shared exclusively with Mashable, Moana and Maui, the heroes of Disney's latest animated triumph, are lurking around the underworld lair of Tomatoa (the giant crab who has Maui's magical hook).

2017's $100,000 Oscars gift bag includes a pelvic floor exercise tracker

Eyeing a pelvic floor exercise tracker, but not ready to commit to the purchase?  Just go back in time, become a promising actress, land a film role, score an Oscar nomination and get your hands on this year's swag bag including, you guessed it, a pelvic exercise floor tracker.

John Cena is helping Nintendo advertise the Nintendo Switch

Despite what WWE Superstar John Cena tells you, you'll be able to see him. To be more specific, you'll be able to see him at a Nintendo Switch event happening in the lead up to the console's release.

Everyone is loving Reese Witherspoon on 'Big Little Lies' and it’s about damn time

If nothing else, Big Little Lies is the televised second coming of Reese Witherspoon. Now a bona fide movie star who doesn't always get or even go for her due, Witherspoon shines on HBO's Lies, based on the novel by Liane Moriarty, and critics have noticed.

'Blood on the Mountain' exposes the human costs of coal mining

President Donald Trump has promised to return the U.S. coal sector to its glory days.  Experts say that isn't likely to happen, given the nation's shift toward natural gas and renewable energy.

How to lock in your new Nintendo ID before Switch arrives

Do you have a Nintendo Network ID yet? Even if you think you do, you probably don't. Trust. The Switch is almost here, and with it comes a whole new world of subscription-based online console services.

‘Halo Wars 2’ is captivating, but mechanically flawed

Halo Wars 2, a for-console real-time strategy game, straddles the line between joyful and jarring. The sequel to 2011’s Ensemble Studios’ spinoff makes big advancements, particularly by adding PC players to the mix, but controls once again hamper the RTS experience on console.

New Han Solo movie details and this awesome first photo are enough to make your heart stop

Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, kid—though, if this photo's any indication, it is a hell of a lot of fun.  Lucasfilm released the above photo on Tuesday morning from the still-untitled Han Solo movie, starring Alden Ehrenreich, which started filming this month.

Miserable Kings fans dedicate their subreddit to 'The Lion King' after abysmal trade

It has been an awful weekend for fans of the Sacramento Kings.  Scratch that, it's been an awful decade for fans of the Sacramento Kings.