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Please enjoy this sweaty clip from Idris Elba's new documentary 'Fighter'

If ever you needed more proof that Idris Elba is a complete and utter badass, just feast your eyes on his kickboxing skills.

How Alice's 'Resident Evil' homecoming will change everything

All good stories come full circle, so it’s no surprise that we find ourselves back with Alice in the place where it all began in Resident Evil’s last installment: The Final Chapter.

Teenage Bollywood actor faces vicious social media abuse and no one knows why

She's sixteen, talented, newly famous. And unfortunately, facing vile abuse on social media.  Zaira Wasim, the young actor who dazzled audiences with her flawless debut in Dangal — India's highest-grossing film ever — posted an inexplicable "confession/apology" on Facebook last night.  And then, she deleted it in no time.  SEE ALSO: 'Dangal' becomes the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time Not before screenshots had been taken though.  Shocking open letter by #Dangal actress @zairawasim apologizing for her work.

You're breaking my balls: Tennis pro smashes rival in the groin during match

That must've hurt. The tense five-setter to reach the Australian Open second round on Monday took a dramatic turn when pro Stanislas Wawrinka slammed a ball at his rival, Martin Klizan's groin.  The defenceless Klizan, standing by the net, was taken by surprise to say the least.

Will Ferrell has been photographed filming a 'Sherlock' parody

LONDON — Well, the bad news is that the final episode of Sherlock Season 4 has now been broadcast, and the adventures of everyone's favourite sardonic detective are wrapped for another year.

Green Day drops 'Troubled Times' video in case it wasn't clear how they feel about Trump

A head on fire topped with a "Make America Great Again" hat haunts Green Day's lyric video for their Revolution Radio track, "Troubled Times."  Releasing the song on Martin Luther King Jr.

Designer builds 'The Last of Us' out of 20,000 Lego bricks

Fans anxiously awaiting the sequel to The Last of Us can instead look to Lego builder Tim Schwalfenberg.  Schwalfenberg built a Lego diorama of the 2013 Playstation game, spotted by Kotaku, that covers an entire city block of the game's dystopia.  The 100-hour, 20,000-brick project shows The Last of Us's Ellie and Joel surrounded by junk and overgrown grass.  Image: Tim Schwalfenberg/Flickr Image: Tim Schwalfenberg/flickr Image: Tim Schwalfenberg/flickr Playstation debuted a trailer for the game's long-awaited sequel last month.

This is why it's a bad idea to Facebook Live in the locker room

On Sunday night, while celebrating a big playoff win, Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown streamed the team's post-game celebration on Facebook Live but might have given their upcoming opponent, the New England Patriots, some bulletin board material.

Skrillex reunites with From First To Last because emo is forever

Alert your Top 8 immediately — From First to Last is back.  "Make War," the band's first new song in a decade  — and since frontman Sonny Moore transformed into EDM superstar Skrillex — is here.  "Happy anniversary from the bottom of my credit card," wails Moore.

'Sherlock' Season 4 finale weaves an exhausting, tangled web

It's telling that a show about a 47-year-old American pope with a fluctuating accent and troubling proclivity for Cherry Coke Zero was only the second weirdest episode to air on TV on Jan.

BBC is investigating if Russians leaked Sherlock finale

The BBC is investigating how the fourth season finale of Sherlock was leaked online, after a Russian-language version of the episode was illegally uploaded ahead of transmission.  SEE ALSO: 'Sherlock' creator shuts down Season 4 critics with poetic open letter A leaked version of His Final Problem featured a short continuity announcement that identified it as broadcast by Russian state-owned Channel One.

Pakistani singer halts concert to save girl from harassment, earns praise

Pakistani singer Atif Aslam is going viral for all the right reasons.  The popular artiste who was performing in Karachi on Sunday stopped mid-song to prevent a girl from being harassed by a bunch of boys.

These guys are making some seriously catchy beats with household objects

With all the music tech on the market, it's rare to stumble upon electronic music that still feels raw and home-made.

'Homeland' Season 6 introduces a female president-elect, but whose side is she on?

This recap contains spoilers for Homeland Season 6, episode 1, titled "Fair Game." Homeland is back for Season 6 with "Fair Game," an episode that finds the key players a bit scattered when the season begins — but it's only a matter of time before they converge.

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone take 'musical quiz' and one of them fails miserably

Ryan Gosling may have nailed his performance in the multi-Golden Globe-winning musical La La Land, but damn, he knows almost nothing about the genre.  While Emma Stone adorably offered mostly-correct answers to the "musical quiz" questions, leveled at her by Magic Radio, London, her co-star Gosling grimaced through the ordeal enough to provide footage for a whole new "Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal" edit.  So how bad was he?

Donald Trump isn't happy about 'Saturday Night Live's' pee jokes

In what has become something of a weekly tradition, President-elect Donald Trump has once again responded to an unflattering portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live.  This time, however, people had some golden reactions to his tweet.

Tina Fey crashes Felicity Jones' 'SNL' monologue to beg for a 'Star Wars' gig

Hologram Tina Fey stopped by Saturday Night Live to give Felicity Jones some tips on hosting the show ("If Steven Seagal can do it, so can you") and tell her to disregard whatever tweet storm from the president-elect that follows.  But more importantly, Fey pleaded with Jones to relay the message that she is "technically available to act in films" to J.J.

The Ringling Bros. circus is shutting down after 146 years

A circus without elephants might be more humane, but apparently it's far less enticing. The owners of Ringling Bros.

'SNL' asks Trump about 'big Russian pee-pee parties' in first cold open of 2017

As if they needed a setup beyond the "failing pile of garbage" that’s been the last few weeks of current events, Saturday Night Live took on President-elect Donald Trump’s controversial press conference last week — and unsubstantiated reports of his "big Russian pee-pee party" — for its first cold open of the new year.  And just like that much-maligned newser, the sketch did not disappoint.

Samantha Bee on media responsibility in Trump's America: 'They're coming for all of us'

Samantha Bee thought she'd be telling very different stories on Full Frontal after Nov. 8.