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'Wonder Woman' director Patty Jenkins is reteaming with Chris Pine for a Black Dahlia TV series

Wonder-ful news for everyone wishing that Chris Pine could be on your TV screen on a weekly basis — pop culture's most self-aware Chris is reteaming with his Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins for a new TV series.  TNT has announced that Pine will executive produce and star in One Day She'll Darken, a six-episode drama series that explores the incredible life of Fauna Hodel.

Disney is using facial recognition to predict how you'll react to movies

Tech and entertainment companies are betting big on facial recognition technology and Disney wants to be the cool kid on the block.  SEE ALSO: Disney unveils 'Star Wars Land' and it is everything fans dreamed of The company's research team is using deep learning techniques to track the facial expres

In the 'Star Wars' edition of 'Fiction Kitchen,' we recreate Yoda's rootleaf stew

This episode, we leave Earth and enter the galaxies as we bring to life some foods that stole the scene from the Star Wars films, and the stomachs of fans across the universe.

There's a new Sansa fan theory and this time it's about her necklace

Sansa Stark is such a prominent Westerosi icon that her smallest wardrobe and hair changes are gossip fodder.

June Foray, voice actor of Cindy Lou Who and more, dies at 99

June Foray — iconic voice actor for hundreds of beloved characters — has died at the age of 99, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed on Wednesday.

If Danaerys Targaryen's madness doesn't undo her, trust issues will

You might've noticed Daenerys Targaryen acting a little too extra on the last episode Game of Thrones, appropriately titled "Stormborn." First, the rain pissed her off.

'Game of Thrones' fan's theory about Daenerys and Melisandre is on point

It's always entertaining when long-standing Game of Thrones characters meet each other for the first time.

10 better uses of your time than subtweeting a female writer on the internet

We get it, dudes: You really didn't like that thing we wrote, and maybe if you tweet at us, we really will see it your way.

Video shows the moment Justin Bieber accidentally hit a photographer with his car

Justin Bieber has been involved in a car accident, but luckily nobody was seriously hurt.  SEE ALSO: China won't let Justin Bieber perform there because he's been a bad boy The pop star accidentally hit a photographer with his truck while leaving the Saban Theatre, which was holding a City Church service, in Beverly Hills.  Footage obtained by TMZ shows Bieber getting into his SUV and slowly driving away.

James Corden delivers hilariously sassy parody of 'L-O-V-E' after Trump's trans military ban

James Corden watched Donald Trump's decision to ban transgender people from the military very, very closely, ahead of his performance on the Late, Late show.  SEE ALSO: Trump bars transgender people from military, calls them a "disruption" And boy, did he deliver.  Sporting a frock coat, walking stick and top hat, Corden launched himself into an hilariously sassy parody of the classic song "L-O-V-E", with Trump as a target: The host then wonders, with brilliant rhyming, how transgender's disruption is "worse than Trump's corruption" and why it's such a crisis when thousands are "willing to fight Isis".

Larry David and Bernie Sanders are actually related, and now it all makes sense

Sometimes life imitates art in the most perfect way: Larry David is actually, truly, literally related to Bernie Sanders—y'know, the guy he impersonated on Saturday Night Live because everyone thought they looked alike?

'Deadwood' movie has a script, now HBO just needs to get the cast back together

The long-gestating Deadwood movie is one step closer to our screens, according to HBO programming president Casey Bloys.

Filming that epic 'Game of Thrones' sea battle was even crazier than it looked

Game of Thrones viewers are all too familiar with seminal battle sequences, but Sunday's Greyjoy faceoff was a visceral, bloody mess.

'Game of Thrones' Season 8 has been written, but we still don't know when it'll air

We're all freaking out about the impending end of Game of Thrones, but HBO programming president Casey Bloys doesn't plan to rush any of the proposed spinoffs to air to fill the void.

Oh no, a pop-up O.J. Simpson museum is coming to L.A.

As if we weren't inundated enough by O.J. Simpson news, the infamous leather glove bandit is now getting his own museum for one week, at the end of August, in Los Angeles.  SEE ALSO: O.J.

'True Detective' Season 3 'will be a go' as soon as HBO nails down a director

True Detective Season 3 is closer to reality than ever before, HBO boss Casey Bloys confirmed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Wednesday.

Jon Stewart is coming back to HBO to save our doomed souls

Jon Stewart, former host of The Daily Show will return to TV with two HBO comedy specials, President of HBO Programming Casey Bloys announced at TCA Wednesday.

'Game of Thrones' board game already funded over 200% on Kickstarter

One day after its campaign launched on Kickstarter, a Game of Thrones-inspired board game has already received more than 200% of its fundraising goal.

'Mighty No. 9' Kickstarter backers finally get their reward and it's... about as laughably bad as the game

Roughly a year after Might No. 9's release and four years after it was funded on Kickstarter, some Kickstarter backers are finally receiving their backer rewards in...some kind of form, anyway.

Mark your calendars, the 'Wonder Woman' sequel finally has a release date

Wonder Woman is getting a sequel and it's slated to hit theaters Dec. 2019. Talk about a holiday hit.  While Gal Gadot has officially signed on to resume her groundbreaking role, the director is yet to be decided.