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Queen Elizabeth II reportedly a big fan of her life story in 'The Crown'

Netflix charts the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II in its biopic series The Crown... and the IRL queen is apparently a fan.

'Pirates of the Caribbean' box office is a series-low in the U.S.

The declining popularity around Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies continues — in the U.S., at least — with the release of Dead Men Tell No Tales.

'Arrow' star proves he's an actual superhuman with a jaw-dropping 'Ninja Warrior' run

WOW. Stephen Amell stars in The CW's hit DC Comics superhero series, Arrow. But did you know he's also an IRL superhuman who possesses powers above and beyond the normal person?

Bollywood's take on Shakespeare is still one of the best adaptations out there

Dear filmmakers: If you're going to remake an old story, you better damn well do it right. That isn't a targeted statement so much as a PSA (though it stings freshly of ABC's abominable Dirty Dancing), and a direct product of the fact that I was spoiled in 2006 by Omkara, an Indian film version of Othello.

'The Simpsons' hilariously shreds Trump and his team on Day 125

The Simpsons continues to pull zero punches when it comes to the increasingly disastrous presidency of Donald J.

'Pandora – The World of Avatar' just opened and it's a visual feast

Yesterday was a big deal for all the fans of James Cameron's Avatar.  Pandora – The World of Avatar – located in the Animal Kingdom Park in the Walt Disney World Resort – opened to guests staying at Disney resort hotels at 7am, and then to the general public an hour later.

Homer Simpson inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. D'oh!

Although it's no longer "America's favorite pastime," baseball is still at the heart of the county's popular culture and, along those lines, its Hall of Fame just hit a home run by adding Homer Simpson to its ranks.  SEE ALSO: Oculus founder thinks this wild anime film is the likely future of AR On Saturday, the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, added the animated character to its list of greats, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the episode "Homer at Bat," which aired in February of 1992.  A legendary reunion to celebrate Homer's "induction" into the Hall of Fame.

The Warriors have been unbeatable since Klay Thompson fulfilled a weird autograph request

The Golden State Warriors are unbeatable right now. Literally.  The team America loves to hate has been perfect in the NBA Playoffs, racking up a 12-0 record through the first three rounds in barnstorming its way to a third consecutive NBA Finals.  All this despite one of Golden State's vaunted superstars, Klay Thompson, slumping his way through the entire post-season.

'Terminator 2' entirely recreated in 'Grand Theft Auto'

There are Terminator movie fans and then there are beautiful maniacs like this guy who recreated the entire Terminator 2 movie using Grand Theft Auto V.  We already know that the GTA modding community is incredibly creative, but the dedication and attention to detail required by this project is mind blowing.

Song of the Summer talking points to sound like you know what you're talking about at BBQs

Every morning you wake up, and there are three new Migos features to add to your summer BBQ playlists.

Here's what 24 hours at the Cannes Film Festival looks like

No two days at the Cannes Film Festival are the same. The event, which runs for 10 days in May each year, is so jam-packed with films, press conferences, talks, parties and random celebrity sightings that a 24 hour summary doesn't really do it justice.

The original 'Alien' gets a trailer recut as a comedy

The spacecraft Nostromo has an unwanted guest wreaking havoc on the crew. No, it's not a bloodthirsty Alien...

'Sgt Pepper' at 50: Every song on the album, ranked

With characteristic swagger, the Beatles warned us ahead of time it was going to be the greatest album ever made.

Theater expertly trolls men angry over women-only 'Wonder Woman' screenings

Men didn't like being excluded from Alamo Drafthouse's women-only screening for the upcoming superhero film Wonder Woman.

This 'Alien' recut trailer proves everything is better with cats

The spacecraft Nostromo has an unwanted guest wreaking havoc on the crew. No, it's not a bloodthirsty Alien...

'Love Actually' sequel is actually pretty perfect

The Love Actually sequel has finally arrived and the world is like, actually okay with it. The follow-up to the beloved rom-com aired in the UK back in March, but the 16-minute special — with returning cast favorites like Laura Linney, Hugh Grant, and Keira Knightley — aired on NBC last night in honor of Red Nose Day, the  fundraising campaign aimed at ending child poverty.

The choices we're given in games are still ultimately meaningless

Video games are a fun way to pass time. They're engaging and distracting. They're an opportunity to socialize, and they can even be educational.

Stephen A. Smith picks the Cavs to win the NBA Finals ... which is very bad news for the Cavs

ESPN's chief bloviator, Stephen A. Smith, is usually the loudest guy in the room but he's not always the sharpest tool in the shed.  He's also remarkably bad at picking NBA Finals winners.

Ariana Grande releases full statement following Manchester attack: 'We won't let hate win'

Ariana Grande released a heartbreaking statement on her Twitter Friday afternoon, sharing what fans' support has met to her over the past few days and announcing that she'll be returning to Manchester for a benefit concert in the near future.

The 'Stranger Things' kids rocked 'Lip Sync Battle' so hard, everyone else should probably give up

Forget Dungeons and Dragons, there's a new game in town for the stars of Stranger Things — Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Noah Schnapp — who wowed the crowd with a four-way showdown on Spike's Lip Sync Battle this week, basically rendering all other Lip Sync Battle performances obsolete.