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20 Jokes Only People Who Have To Wear Glasses Will Truly Understand

The glasses-wearing crowd has heard it all. From being bullied as a kid to being stereotyped as dorky and nerdy as an adult, it’s impossible not to develop a sense of humor about these things.

16 Maps That Will Totally Change The Way You Look At The World

How would you react if I told you that almost all the world maps you see today are wrong? Yes, you read that right.

Man Spends 4 Years Building A Church Using Only Living Trees, And You Really Need To Take A Look Inside

From a humble altar-boy dreaming to one day become a pope, New Zealand native Barry Cox found his true calling in gardening.

16 Hilarious Animal Fails That Will Make You Feel Guilty For Laughing

Animals generally have hyper-sharp senses and reflexes, but alas, all of us humble created beings must keep the cosmic balance of the universe.

This Hilarious Winter Prank Is Driving Minnesota Crazy

Minnesota winters are long and extra chilly, enough to freeze one’s ears off. The cold lingers throughout the whole month of January at a few degrees above zero.

Guy Makes Matching Sweaters Of Places He Visits And Photographs Himself In Those Places

Think knitting isn’t exciting? Tell adventurous artist Sam Barsky that and he’ll tell you differently.

Meet Yana, The Adorable Two-Faced Cat The Internet Has Fallen In Love With

We are sure you never thought the word “two-faced” could be this adorable! Yana the cat owes her striking two-tone fur to a genetic anomaly called chimerism.

20 Funny Photos Of Cats Sleeping On Their Dog Friends

We’re pretty sure everyone remembers that age-old rivalry between cats and dogs, but apparently these particular cats and dogs didn’t get the memo.

16 Adorable Photos Of Animals Before And After Being Called A Good Boy

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? Well, apparently, these cute pets are! After photos of a reddit user’s dog circulated on the Internet, others have taken a shot at snapping before-and-after photos of their own pets being called a good boy and they’re totally adorable!

24 Of The Most Hilariously Sarcastic Comebacks From Wendy’s Twitter Account

People are tough enough in the real world, but everyone has proved to be a little bit more snippy online.

16 Hilarious Love Notes From Couples That Are Totally Winning At Marriage

Marriage can be a crazy rollercoaster ride. It’s a remarkable expression of love, but it isn’t always as easy as a ‘once upon a time’ and absolutely not always a ‘happy ever after’.

22 Curious Maps That Will Change The Way You See The World

Maps are mainly known as graphic representations of the geographical location of places in the world.

This Woman Restored An Old Van To Travel The World With Her Dog

Marina Piro from Italy has built a mobile home straight out of Pinterest. Having always dreamed of seeing the world with her rescue dog named Odie, Marina finally took a step last year when she bought a 5-door 2001 Renault Kangoo, remodeled it, and named it Pam.

20 Puns That Are So Bad They Are Actually Good

Word play like puns showcase the more amusing aspects of language and even if it’s hard to admit, most people can’t resist them.

18 Creepy Horror Snowmen That Will Take Winter To The Next Level

Winter is a magical time, with snow giving a sparkly white cast over the streets, adding charm and lending a festive air to everything.

24 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Posing Like Pin-Up Girls

Just when we thought cats couldn’t get any more amusing, here comes a blog by Australian creative freelancer Rachael Aslett, entitled Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls.

16 Of The Funniest Cat Tweets Of 2016

Cats had pretty much ruled the internet with amusement and cuteness overload. From viral videos to memes, they got the virtual world covered.

20 Dog Fails That Will Make You Laugh More Than You Should

Dogs are little furry balls of positive energy that instantly brighten up our days. Whenever they fail at something, they still manage to stay adorable and to keep things cool.

24 Pictures That Are Just True No Matter What

Similarities are always great conversation starters. We find it amazing to just be able to relate to something at the same level.

20 Adorable Photos Proving That Love Is Actually Eternal

Love comes with all kinds of chills, thrills, and fuzzy feels but beyond the surface lies the cost. Storms come in relationships in form of misunderstandings which lead to fights, and fights which lead to broken hearts.