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Guy Photoshops Himself Into Scenes With Celebrities, And The Results Are Just Hilarious

“There’s always another side to every story”, they say. That’s almost the case with Average Rob as he makes it look like there is always an awkward side to every story.

16 Pictures That Are Way Too Real When Your Neighbors Are Noisy Monsters

At some point we’ve all been there, we’ve all been in the situation of having inconsiderate neighbors who keep us awake at night with incessant noise.

16 Of the Most Hilarious Tweets About Dogs

We have a soft spot in our hearts for dogs. Dubbed as man’s best friends, dogs are generally friendly, protective, and fiercely loyal to their human companions.

12 Hilarious Photos Of Cats Wearing Hats Made From Their Own Hair

Cats in hats; no, not just regular store-bought hats, but hats made out of their own fur. Cats are naturally adorable in their own simple way, but look at how these cats transform from simply adorable to extremely amusing when they put on these fancy hats.

Brilliant Dad Turns His 6-Year-Old ‘s Son Drawings Into Reality, And The Results Are Creepily Hilarious

Dom, a 6-year old boy seems to have inherited his creative skills from his Dad. He expresses his perception of reality into his drawings and his Dad, on the other hand, brings his drawings to life with a bit of help from Photoshop.

Rescue Goat That Suffers From Anxiety Only Calms Down In Her Duck Costume

This is Polly, and she is not like all the other goats. She is a rescue goat suffering neurological problems, blindness, and is severely underweight.

16 Of the Most Hilarious Tweets About Dogs

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Architect Builds Translucent Home Around A Tree In A Forest In Kazakhstan

Nestled amongst a dense fir tree forest in Almaty, Kazakhstan, lies a glass tower almost completely taken out of the storybooks.

Guy Recreates Famous Movie Scenes With His Cats, And The Results Are Downright Hilarious

David and Sarah are an English couple who is going quite viral these day on the web thanks to the creative project they are doing Willow and Tara, their two cats.

‘Saddest Cat’ In The World Was Scheduled To Be Put Down, But A Loving Couple Adopted Him And He Transformed In Just One Hour

Nicknames are just words, and you should never let them label you and decide who you should be. BenBen was nicknamed the ‘Saddest cat in the world’ after he was found as a stray kitten in critical conditions on the street.

25 Photos To Remind Us That Dogs Are Just Perfect Creatures From Another World

As a dog owner, sometimes I wonder if we humans deserve all the unconditional love dogs give us, and these 25 beautiful pictures are here to remember everyone how lucky we are to share a part of our journey with our little furry friends.

21 Hilarious Text Replacement Pranks That Will Make You Laugh Way More Than You Should

Changing some of the most used words to something completely unrelated in the text replacement or shortcuts settings of a smartphone is an easy but extremely effective way to make fun of people you love and have a good laugh with them about it, and according to these hilarious screenshots, people are really making the best out of it.

Woman Asks the Internet To Help Her Open This Cupboard, The Responses Are Just Brilliant

Take a look at the picture of this cupboard, you probably never found yourself in a situation like this.

Why Donald Trump When You Can Trump Donald?

Let’s just say it, whether you support him or not, he’s the man of the moment. He’s going to move to the White House early next year and the entire world is looking at his every move.

21 Brilliant Paintings That Will Make You Look Twice

Robert Gonsalves is a Toronto-based artist, popular for the unique style of his paintings. Gonsalves started experimenting with art, perspective and painting when he was only 12 years old, and developed a unique vision of the world, that he portrays on his surrealist paintings.

Photographer Tracks Down People He Photographed In The Street 40 Years Ago And Recreates The Same Pictures

Photography is a way to stop a moment in time and to make it immortal, because as time goes on, these moments will never come back again.

Pranksters Vandalized A Soviet Star In Russia And Turned It Into Patrick From SpongeBob

While here at Just Something we are absolutely against vandalism, we must admit that sometimes there is just a thin line marking the border between vandalism and creativity.

18 Hilarious Brand-New Animal Names That Are So Much Better Than The Originals

Animal names have an ancient origin, and the Greek and Latin nomenclature of animals often describe peculiarities that differentiate an animal species or family from the others.

24 Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better

Cats are the primary reason the internet exists, and are an endless source of inspiration for hilarious posts on social networks.

23 Conversations Obama And Biden Supposedly Had Since Trump Won The Elections

With Donald Trump’s staff moving in the White House early next year, Obama’s team will obviously have to move out, and with him his vice-president Joe Biden.