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Guy Leaves Note To His Drunk Future Self. The Answer He Finds The Next Day Is Totally Hilarious.

Steve Davidson is a 30-year-old from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia who enjoys spending time with his mates.

20 Funny Fruits And Vegetables Looking Exactly Like Something Else

Nature is the most talented artist in the world. Its creativity has no limits and it always has new amazing works of art to show.

Guy Paints Over Graffiti And Rewrites Them In a More Legible Way

We are all familiar with graffiti, most of the people think they are just ugly doodles on public walls, while some people just think they are just an extremely controversial for of art.

20 Brilliant Illustrations That Will Make You Look Twice

Being an artist means also observing the world from a different perspective than other people do, and Russian artist Anthony Gudim is a real master in this.

20 Hilarious Tweets Depicting The Struggles Of People In Their 20s. #6 Is So True It Hurts.

The biggest desire most kids have is growing up fast and becoming an adult. We all had huge expectations about being adults when we were just kids.

13 Hilarious Photos Proving That Dogs And Cats Come From Two Totally Different Worlds

Dogs and cats are definitely the most popular pets in the world. Maybe the reason for this is the way they are able to express their personality and react to specific situations showing their character.

Man Complains About A Dead Worm He Found In His Cucumber. When Tesco Replied, Things Got Hilarious!

When Wes Metcalfe complained on Facebook about a dead worm he found in his cucumber, the last thing he probably expected was to start one of the funniest exchanges ever happened on socials with one of Tesco’s customer service reps.

28+ Hilarious Random Acts Of Laziness. #4 Cracked Me Up! (Open list)

We all have a fair share of laziness in our personality, and it’s important to learn how to control it before it’s too late.

11 Adorable Babies Who Look Exactly Like Emojis (Open list)

Apart from crying, there is only another way babies can express their emotions before learning how to speak, using their facial expression.

21 Of The Most Hilarious Notes Written By Parents With A Sense Of Humor. #5 Is The Best Ever.

If you are a parent you know your kids can make you mad sometimes, but even if you are angry you can’t help but show them a little bit of love.

15 Hilarious Insults From Toddlers That Will Make You Cry From Laughter. #6 Killed me.

Kids and their vision of the world never fail to make us smile, even when they try to insult us in their very own way.

27 Hilarious Brand Slogans That Are Way More Accurate Than The Original Ones

A logo and its slogan are the very first contact a company and a potential client, and as we all know first impression is extremely important.

24 Brutally Honest Illustrations Perfectly Depict The World We Live In

Poland Illustrator Pawel Kuczynski watches the world with a different spirit. he is able to put down in satirical illustrations all the ambiguous sides of our society.

How Dogs Change Before And After Their Haircuts

Haircuts can totally change a person’s face, and it’s just the same for longhaired dogs. Inspired by the huge difference grooming can make, Los Angeles based animal photographer Grace Chon started a photo series to highlight such a transformation.

15 Funny Photos Of Dogs Standing Awkwardly. #4 Is The Best Ever.

Dogs are supposed to walk on their four legs, and seeing them standing up for any reason is awkwardly funny.

22 Hilarious Notes From Kids Who Will Definitely Go Places In Life

If you have a kid you are probably used to the fact that they can surprise you at any time by saying totally unexpected things.

21 Hilarious Snapchats That Made Our Day Instantly Better. #6 Cracked Me Up!

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social networks right now, but many people still don’t understand how it works.

25 Brilliant Food Hacks That Will Change The Way You Cook. Thank Me Later For #9!

Cooking is a beautiful art, but most of the recipes take a long time, and a reasonable set of skills, to be mastered.

22 Hilarious Art History Tweets Proving That 2016 And 1400 Are Basically The Same Thing. #5 Killed Me!

We live in 2016 and we like to believe we are modern and the trivial struggles of our time are completely different than the problems they had in the past.

16 People Who Hilariously Failed At Adulting. #9 So Wrong It’s Actually Genius.

Becoming an adult is a long process that involves both aging and mind development. What happens when you become older but your mentality fails to grow up at the same rate of your age?