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Man Photoshops Himself Into Stock Images, And The Results Are Hilarious!

Is there something more awkward and unintentionally hilarious than stock photography? Matthew Vescovo, now best known as The Stock Photobomber, has been an art director for 20 long years, and during his career he has spent way too many hours looking for the right image on stock photography sites.

22 Incredibly Useful Websites You Needed But Didn’t Know Existed. Thank Me Later For #10!

The Internet changed the way we live, it made our daily task easier and thanks to it we can do things we didn’t think could be possible just a few years ago.

These are hands down the 16 most ridiculously photogenic people in history. Is #6 even real?

You can generally divide the world population in two categories: those who will never look good in a picture, and those who no matter what they’re doing or how they feel will always look enchanting.

23 animals that have totally mastered the game of hide and seek. #16 is hilarious!

It looks like you can apply the “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” rule to pets too. More than a year ago we’ve published a post about kids mastering the game of hide and seek, where they tried to hide, but hilariously failed.

16 hilarious pictures of cats sitting on a glass table

These pictures prove that if you have a cat you absolutely need a glass table in your house. Our furry friends love to sit and stare at the world around them, but when they choose a flat surface to lay on they give us a very singular view we don’t have the chance to see everyday.

What would John Lennon, Elvis and other famous rock stars look like if they were still alive?

What if some of the greatest musicians and rock stars were still alive? What would they look like? Sachs Media Group partnered with photo restorations and manipulations company Phojoe trying to answer to this questions.

This looks like a normal café, but you’ll never guess what’s hidden behind that Coke vending machine

If during a trip to Shanghai you stumbled upon the sandwich shop The Press, you’d probably think that, apart form its nice and modern look, it’s just a normal café.

This Kid Called 911 Asking For Help With Math. Then His Mother Finds Out and… LOL!

In some cases, when you’re a kid, it’s not completely clear what you are allowed to do and what you are not, so this 4 year-old kid called 911 asking for some help with his math homework.

Whenever You Feel Dumb, Remember That People Like These Exist. #3 Killed Me LOL!

Every time you do or say something stupid and you feel a little dumb, remember there is always somebody who’s worse than you.

The 34 most hilarious translation fails ever. I’m still laughing hard at #7… LOL!

Chinglish is a common term used to indicate bad Chinese to English translations. Since we love every kind of epic fail here at Just Something, here we are with some of the most hilarious Chinese to English translation fails ever made.

Meet Gluta, the smiling dog that beat cancer

The beautiful and happy dog you are seeing in this post is Gluta, a former stray dog who used to live on the streets of Thailand.

These 7 to 11 years old boys were asked to slap a girl. Their reactions are just amazing. WOW.

What happens when you ask a little boy to slap a girl? Their reactions should make us wonder about what’s wrong in the adults’ world.

This Canadian couple thought they adopted a mini-pig. 670 pounds later, it looks like this!

Two years ago Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted a teacup pig, a particular kind of pig that doesn’t grow too much, allowing its owners to raise it even in a relatively small environment.

32 guilty dogs that would do it again if they could. #10 made my day, LOL!

If you have ever wondered how the face of guilt looks like, just take a look at these 32 pictures. These dogs have just been caught in the act, and their humans made them wear hilarious signs explaining their wrongdoings.

This is what happens when you put thousands of ping pong balls and mousetraps in the same room. Wow!

What happens when you put 2,014 mousetraps and 2,015 ping-pong balls in the same room? You’ve probably already guessed the answer but believe me, this video is a must-see.

12 things you’ve been cleaning wrong your entire life. The last one is genius, WOW!

Sometimes we do things like we’re used to, without thinking about a better way to do it. The result is a big waste of time that could be used to do something else instead.

Photographer transforms ordinary people in epic athletes using perfect lighting and a rain machine

Have you ever desired to look super-fit and super-athletic, but never had the time (and will) to spend hours training hard at the local gym?

24 teachers having fun in their jobs. #6 is totally brilliant, LOL!

Teachers often have to be serious and try to keep an adequate distance between them and their students.

18 hilarious struggles of having a pet during Christmas time. Pet owners will understand, LOL!

Christmas time is gone, and like every year we’ve done our very own balance of this holiday season: gift made and received, calories taken, quarrels with relatives and, for those who have pets, an additional balance about the number of broken Christmas ornaments.

World Design Rankings 2014 finally announced

Every December WDR announces the World Design Rankings in arts, architecture and design, based on the number of awards won by each nation at the popular A’Design Award & Competition.