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24 Genius People Who Fixed Broken Stuff In The Most Brilliant Way Ever

Everyone knows the feeling of getting something broken that was once really useful to us. Whether it’is a broken mug, a shattered vase, or a cracked cellphone case, the feeling is equally sad.

18 Times Drunk People Outsmarted Their Sober Selves

Alcohol consumption brings about changes in our bodily processes, most specifically when you drink so much you get drunk.

34 Hilarious Examples Of Pareidolia (Seeing Faces In Everyday Objects)

Are you the kind of person who recognizes faces out of the objects you see every day? Like a face formed by a house’s windows as eyes and the door as the mouth, or cars with headlights as their eyes?

25 Of The Most Powerful And Creative Anti-Smoking Ads Ever Made

The habit of smoking has numerous risks yet many people still continue to do it. Most smokers are aware of the danger, but a lot of them are in too deep to even think about quitting, many want to quit but are too hooked, while some just don’t care.

Artist Creates Unique Tables That Look Like Animals Half-Submerged In Water

Looking for a fun and creative piece of furniture to spruce up your space? Designer Derek Pearce’s Water Tables feature an animal as the base with its head seemingly poking out of the glass tabletop, which gives the illusion of water surface.

29 Of The Most Hilarious Texts Ever Sent From Dads

Texting has brought a whole new world in our lives and while we don’t always see eye to eye with our parents, especially dads, humor has a way of bridging generations and making life much more interesting.

22 Hilarious Struggles Only Really Bad Students Will Understand

Being a student is not easy and sometimes the only thing that can get you through is your sense of humor.

Russian Artist Transform Dirty Cars Into Art With The Most Creative Act Of Vandalism Ever

When we hear the words “street art” many of us almost automatically think of hastily painted graffiti on walls.

Insulted By A Stranger, Muslim Girl Asks Her Dad If She Could Take Off Her Hijab, And His Response Is The Best Ever

Ethnocentrism is a terrible trait and with it comes racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, and other biases that results from the idea that a certain group of people is somehow inferior compared to others because of culture, clothing customs, sexuality, race, and so on.

24 People Who Quit Giving A Damn A Very Long Time Ago

The world is a complicated place and everything can get so intense and escalate pretty quickly. With the recent uproars on certain issues around the world and the general hypersensitivity of people nowadays, it can get overwhelming and frustrating.

Sydney Police Department Hired A Meme Team For Their Facebook Page, And It’s Just Hilarious

In life, we must take everything with a grain of salt and a bit of sense of humor to lighten things up.

Dad Photoshops His Daughter In Dangerous Situations Only To Mess With Grandma

Kids have a knack for crawling into potentially dangerous situations by themselves but in the case of Stephen Crowley, dubbed as “bad father”, things look much worse, at least at a first glance.

18 Before-After Pictures Of Grown-Up Puppies That Will Make You Realize How Fast Time Flies

As subjects to a dog’s love and loyalty, we owe them a lot in return. So to dog owners and dog lovers out there here’s a post expressing our equal love for our dear furry buddies.

Husband Text Wife Pics Of A Little Accident He Had With The Kid At Home, And She Hilariously Freaks Out

It’s fun to play pranks on people who care so much about us because most of the time they have the craziest of all reactions.

15 Weird Things All Dog Owners Have Done At Least Once But Will Never Admit

Being a pet parent means you have unlimited cuddles and unconditional love. When you know there’s someone waiting and excited for you to come home every day, such as a furry little creature, everything just seems brighter.

Teen Was Asked To Send Nude Pics, And Delivered The Best Comeback Ever

What do we love more than a charming young girl? A charming young girl with wit and sass. Jacquie Ross from North Carolina is exactly that.

30 Times Food Shamefully Lied To Us

Lies are everywhere, and believe it or not, they took over the food world too. If you expect food to be an instant pick me up, then you might want to watch out for these foods we are about to show you.

School Calls Mom After Her Daughter Punched A Boy, Her Reaction Isn’t What They Expected

This is what happened when a mom was called from her daughter school, telling that she punched another boy in the face.

Teen Singing ‘Hallelujah’ In A Well Is Going Viral, And Once You Listen You’ll Perfectly Understand Why

We’ve already heard tons of renditions of Leonard Cohen’s song, Hallelujah. However, this one sung by Tiffany Day, a 17-year-old high school student from Kansas, has a beautiful twist to her own rendition.

24 Times Online Shopping Didn’t Exactly Turn Out As Expected

Are you one of those people who find online shopping therapeutic? There is just something so appealing about enjoying a shopping session without the hassle of queues and crowds at the store.