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DragonCon 2014 Cosplay in Pictures [Gallery]

Yes geeks, it’s that time of the year again! As usual, DragonCon took place during Labor Day weekend, and as with last year, we’ve got some pictures of various cosplayers attending the event for you.

Iran Gets Small Step Toward Online Freedom

Iran’s president has urged the country’s ruling clerics to be more open to the Internet. Hassan Rouhani has accompanied his call by allowing 3G and 4G services for the first time.

Should You Trust That Doctor [Pic]

[Source: CH | Via Neatorama]

Millions Of Historical Pics Digitized & Shared

The Internet Archive has uploaded around 2.6 million historical photographs to Flickr. The man who found a simple technique to create and automate the upload hopes to inspire other digital libraries to do the same.

Batman: The Ride – A 4D Batman Roller Coaster (Coming to You in 2015) [Video]

Warning: Watching this video got me slightly dizzy. Coming to you at the Six Flags park in San Antonio, Texas, in summer 2015.

Meet Japan’s Real-Life Batman: Chibatman [Video]

Meets Chibatman – a Japanese man who dresses as Batman to make Japanese people smile and who has become an internet sensation.

A Plan to Stop Thanos [Comic]

[Source: Texts from Superheroes | Follow Texts from Superheroes on Twitter | Like Texts from Superheroes on Facebook]

Kids with Autism Can Be Superheroes Too! [Pic]

A few days ago, James Gunn posted a story he got sent from a fan whose autistic young brother was overjoyed when he realized that Drax the Destroyer was just like him: “He’s like me!

Amazon Deal of the Day: Up to 85% Off More Than 1,000 Kindle Books for Students

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day and today only, Amazon offers up to 85% off on over a thousand Kindle books for student.

Here’s What Happens When You Drunk Text a Whovian [Pic]

[Via GT]

I Am Batman [Comic]

[Source: Dragonarte | Like Dragonarte on Facebook]

13 Thoughts To Nuke Your Brain [Video]

Prepare yourself for an unrelenting fact blitzkrieg. [Buzzfeed]

Anime Things That Would Get You In Trouble In Real Life [Video]

Ouch! Fortunately, no one does that, or at least no one I know of. [Dorkly]

Recycle Bin Rage [Comic]

Just seeing this makes me glad I stopped working in tech support back in 2011, I just stopped having the patience for this kind of stuff.

How to Offend Four Groups of Geeks with One Picture

Engage! [Via Eatliver]

The Most Awesome Prosthetic Leg of All Time [Video]

Don’t you just love that the little gear seems to be powering the whole leg? [Christopher Snell]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 44% Off Godzilla (Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack) – $19.99

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has Godzilla (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD UltraViolet Combo Pack) for just $19.99.

Being Good to Each Other is So Important, Guys [Comic]

A Fantastic webcomic by LA-based animator and comic artist “The Nate.” This one might not seem a whole lot geeky at first, but be sure to keep on reading!

Top 10 Star Wars Fight [Video]

From the Star Wars Youtube Channel: Welcome to The 10, a feature where’s editorial staff huddles to discuss — in committee — various topics relating to a galaxy far, far away.

A Czech Anti-Public Urination Sign [Pic]

You’ve been warned. [schizoduckie on Reddit | Via LS]