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Pip-Boy 3000 (Fallout) vs. The Apple Watch Comparison Chart [Pic]

[Source: LightningBarBlues]

“Attack on Titan” Balloon Cosplay [Pic + Video]

Check out this fantastic “balloonified” Titan cosplay by Bruce Carr from No Ordinary Balloon Man. The picture and video were shot at Omni-Expo in Orlando, Florida, where Bruce was invited as a guest.

BEAUTIFUL: StarryNights – some of the largest observatories in time-lapse [Video]

From Jan Hattenbach: From 2011 to 2014 we have been visiting astronomical observatories in Chile and La Palma – with our telescope and some cameras.

Geektastic Crocheted Optimus Prime Hat [Pic]

Autobots, transform and rollout! [Source: BriAbby Hand Made Accessories | BriabbyHats on Etsy | Reddit | Via]

Spawn: The Recall [Short Fan Film]

Synopsis: SPAWN: THE RECALL is the story of a former witch and her son, who try to live a normal life away from the darkness.

People Laughing Without Smiling is the Creepiest Thing Ever [Video]

A compilation of 16 people who laugh with barely any facial expressions at all. This is a lot creepier than it sounds.

Brain Facts Your Brain Doesn’t Know About

So, wow much does your brain know about itself? [Buzzfeed]

Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 Messenger Bag

From Entertainment Earth: Your messenger bag can now take on the form of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701!

Amazon Deal of the Day – $0.99 Kindle Comics: Gotham Central Sale

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers a large number of DC kindle comics for just $0.99!

Fantastic Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay Video Featuring James Gunn [Video]

From Beat Down Boogie: James Gunn (director of Guardians of the Galaxy) and his brother Sean (who played a couple roles in the film) surprised Marvel cosplayers at Dragon Con in Atlanta.

The Batmobile [Comic]

[Source: Dragonarte | Like Dragonarte on Facebook]

Thrilling Match Burning Experiment Filmed in Super Slow Motion [Video]

Check out this super slow motion video (1000 to 5000 fps) of matches burning after being lit by a propane torch.

Happy Cold and Flu Season to All of You! [Comic]

Yep, it’s here, and there’s not much we can do about it unfortunately. [Source: The Awkward Yeti]

Why Can’t You Put Metal in the Microwave? WHY? [Science Video]

So as I’m sure you all know, you can’t put metal in your microwave, but why? And what about Hot Pockets?

New Jet Pack Gives Instantaneous Trust to Runners [Video]

From ASU Research: What if every soldier could run a four-minute mile? That’s the goal behind 4MM, or 4 Minute Mile, a student project to create a wearable jetpack that enhances speed and agility.

Featured Sci-Fi Short: L3.0 The Lonely Robot [Video]

I just received this fantastic animated sci-fi short from filmmaker Cyril Declercq: L3.0 is alone. The streets of Paris have long since ceased resounding to the clamor of humanity and he is left to his own devices.

The Evolution of Man Gets Animated [Video]

Where did we come from? Where are we going? [ADHD]

Hatsune Miku vs Human Dance “Comparison” [Video]

Just need one word to describe this: Japan. [awsomemojack]

If Videogames Had Impossible Mode [Video]

The best part is the one featuring Leonardo (TMNT.) Just watch it. [Source: Dorkly]

When Freerunning Meets Gaming: Freerunning in 8-Bit [Video]

The Set-Up in which Jason Paul and Team Farang are performing their run is simply awesome. The scenery is built in the look and feel of a 2D video game and reminds of legendary arcade games.