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Moody Portraits of Exquisitely Fragmented Female Forms

Pittsburgh-based artist Mara Light paints intimate portraits of female figures whose faces and bodies are fragmented by the intervention of hazy shadows, textures, and colors.

Beautiful Black and White Photos of a Sideways Japanese Tree by Michael Kenna

For the last 20 years, photographer Michael Kenna has been using a manually operated Hasselblad camera to capture beautiful black and white photos of landscapes.

Dramatic Ocean Waves Crash and Swirl with Dyed Color

In his dramatic series Water meets colour, colour meets water, Paris-based photographer Arnaud Lajeunie captures striking images of ocean waves swirling with vibrant colors.

Retired Man Sculpts Giant Hedge Into a 100-Foot-Long Dragon

Gardener John Brooker has spent the past ten years meticulously shaping a 100-foot-long, 10-foot-tall hedge into the shape of a giant dragon.

Graffiti Art on a Brazilian Airplane Celebrates the World Cup

To celebrate the excitement of the upcoming 2014 World Cup, identical twin brothers and graffiti artists Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, aka Os Gêmeos, recently finished painting the exterior of the Brazil national team's airplane.

Colored Pencil Drawings Playfully Critique American Culture

LA-based artist Eric Yahnker uses colored pencils to produce his incredibly detailed large-scale illustrations that poke fun at contemporary American culture.

Colorfully Illuminated Cranes Produce a Dancing Light Show

Award-winning architectural lighting design firm Skira specializes in innovative lighting solutions. Recently, the firm collaborated with Uljanik Shipyard—one of the oldest working shipyards in the world—to create Lighting Giants.

Photographer Uses 130-Year-Old Camera to Capture Images of Modern England

In the age of Photoshop, cell phone snaps, and digital photography, British photographer Jonathan Keys stands out with his passion for the collodion (or wet plate) process, an early photographic process that was invented by Frederick Scott Archer in the 1850s.

Moving Portraits of Surviving 9/11 Search and Rescue Dogs 10 Years Later

Moxie — Winthrop, MA September 11, 2001 is a day in history that people all over the globe remember. For Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas, her most vivid recollection of that tragic day is of seeing images in the newspaper of the hundred search and rescue dogs that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) deployed to search for survivors in the debris of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Gorgeous Animal Portraits Painted on Wild Turkey Feathers

Connecticut-based artist, illustrator, and jewelry maker Brenda Lyons crafts gorgeous portraits of creatures on an unconventional surface.

Hilarious Meme of Nicholas Cage Photoshopped as Other People

Nicholas Cage takes on every role imaginable in this hilarious and quite popular meme called Nic Cage as Everyone.

Dramatic Landscapes of Iceland through an Infrared Lens

Blue Iceland is a captivating series filled with dark skies and moody atmospheres across the stunning landscape of Iceland.

Artist Continues to Photoshop Rescue Dogs to Help Find Them Homes

We were one of the first ones to help spread the word about artist Sarolta Ban's heartwarming project, Help Dogs with Images, and now we're happy to report that four out of the ten rescue dogs she's worked with have been adopted to loving homes!

Eco-Chalk Graffiti Revealed for Beakerhead 2014

To get you excited for Beakerhead, the annual art meets science meets engineering event, the City of Calgary worked with artist Michael Mateyko and Hans Thiessen, also known as Komboh, in creating "green graffiti" on two busy downtown underpasses.

Military Dogs Save Lives and Bravely Lead the Way to War

While dogs have always been a popular subject to write about, because of their warmth and gentleness, they're not often regarded as the bravest of animals.

Life-Size Portraits of Adorable Puppies Showcase Dog Breeds

California-based pet photographer J. Nichole Smith's book Puppyhood: Life-size Portraits of Puppies at 6 Weeks Old is the epitome of cuteness, featuring page after page of the most adorable puppy photos.

San Francisco Cityscapes Reflected in Fragmented Puddles

At first glance, these fantastic photographs are a bit surreal. For the series, photographer Angela May Chen turns everything upside-down in order to portray the city of San Francisco from unique angles—each cityscape is taken as a reflection in a puddle.

Amazing Metallic Sculpture Appears to Endlessly Melt

Melter 3-D appears to be a continuously moving sphere of liquid metal but, in fact, this amazing sculpture is actually an optical illusion developed by digital artist Takeshi Murata.

1 Hour of Sunlight Gives This Solar-Powered Watch 3 Months of Battery Life

Q&Q SmileSolar watches allow you to harness the power of the sun on your wrist while looking good at the same time.

256 Floating Balloons Beautifully Illuminate to Music

For the Mapping Festival, an audiovisual art event held annually in Geneva, Switzerland, a mesmerizing installation was just presented that turned ordinary white balloons into a mesmerizing installation.