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Parade of Speakers at DNC Paint Trump as Unfit for Presidency in Every Way, from Billionaire Bloomberg to an ex-CIA Director

Trump called a con man, demagogue and panderer to authoritarians. A parade of speakers at the Democratic Convention painted a devastating picture of Donald Trump as the most unqualified, inexperienced and unpredictable nominee in anyone’s memory, urging Americans—including independents—to vote for Clinton or face dire consequences.

Trump Just Hosted the Most Trump-Like AMA in the History of Reddit

Make Reddit horrible again! Republican nominee Donald Trump participated in a very Trump-like “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit this evening, though in true Trump fashion, it turns out he didn’t really mean “anything.” For those uninitiated, Reddit “Ask Me Anythings”—also referred to as AMAs—provide a forum for Reddit users to have their questions answered by experts, celebrities, and even presidential candidates.

Incensed by Spotlight on Hillary, Trump Vies for Attention With Act of Near-Treason

At a press conference, the Republican standard-bearer invited Russian spies to hack State Department email, and said he hopes Putin likes him.

Virginia Officer Accused of Murdering Unarmed Black 18-Year-Old Tells Witness, 'This Is My Second One'

Judge rejects request by defense to have this evidence removed from the case. “This is my second one” said Virginia police officer Stephen Rankin to a witness after he shot and killed an unarmed black 18-year-old in the town of Portsmouth last year, a court was told onTuesday.

The Freddie Gray Case Concludes With No Convictions After the Remaining Charges Are Dropped

Not a single person was convicted for Gray’s death after he was loaded into a police van, shackled but not secured with a seatbelt, and died a week later.

Cherokee Nation Chief Schools Trump: Calling Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas' Is a Racist Put-down

Trump's lack of respect for the people of America seems to know no bounds. Alongside straight up lies, another tried and tested Trump tactic this election season has been his constant bullying.

Immoral Capitalism Will Wreck Us, No Matter Who Is President

Breaking the glass ceiling won't fix the walls and foundation. In a prescient, darkly prophetic, lecture at the conservative American Enterprise Institute in 2007, the writer Sam Tanenhaus, biographer of Whittaker Chambers and, soon, of William F.

Jimmy Carter's Big DNC Revelation

The former president pointed out that Hillary Clinton broke another glass ceiling 40 years ago. Hillary Clinton has had a long history of breaking various glass ceilings.

Colbert Shows Hillary How You Really Break a Glass Ceiling

At the historic celebration, Democrats didn't quite get the metaphor exactly right. On Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton officially became the Democratic nominee.

Elizabeth Warren’s Devastating Trump Hit: She Drew a Straight Line from Jim Crow to Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren's DNC speech made a crucial point about Trumpism's racial hatred: nobody benefits except the rich.

Scientology Boss Furious After Daily Mail Reports on His Tom Cruise ‘Bromance’ and Secret Videos

Growing concerns over secret video cameras allegedly installed to secretly record members of the church.

Bernie Steps up For Hillary As Historical Nominee; They Ready Themselves for Fierce Battle With Trump

The Sanders progressive revolution pledges to go forward for change. Bernie Sanders made history Tuesday in the most bittersweet moment of decades as a progressive champion, rising before the Democratic National Convention to call for unanimous consent to name the first women to be a major party nominee for president.

'Kids Are Watching Us': Michelle Obama's Speech Echoes Hillary Clinton Campaign Ad

Michelle Obama gave one of the best received speeches at the Democratic National Convention Monday night; she was also masterfully on message.

The Twisted Genius of Trump: His Appeals to Emotion are Dangerous

His dark fantasies show an innate understanding of the conservative mind. Donald Trump delivered a devastatingly powerful coronation speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week.

The NYPD Is Already a Small Army. Now It Is Hyping Terror Threats to Militarize Even More

"You name it, we are buying it," says NYPD Chief Bill Bratton as city purchases $7.5 million in military-style gear.

Are You Taking This Dangerous Antibiotic?

You could even be ingesting it without your knowledge. “I was given the antibiotic Levaquin. After 5 pills my body was burning and my right arm and legs were weak,” a reader posted after an article about underreported prescription drug dangers,“I discontinued the drug and was told I would be fine. 1 month later my feet started hurting, my knees developed chronic pain and I had stabbing pain in my quads. 13 months later, I have floaters in my vision, tinnitus, flat and deformed feet, rotator cuff damage, knee grinding, hip snapping, tendonitis and I can only walk for a few minutes.” After taking Levaquin another patient had “multiple areas of tendinitis in triceps, biceps, rotator cuff, hip flexor, feet and lower back,”  they wrote on the web site

Who Should Bernie Voters Support Now? Robert Reich vs. Chris Hedges

Democracy Now! hosts a debate between Clinton supporter Robert Reich, who served as labor secretary under President Clinton, and Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who backs Sanders.

AlterNet Comics: Brian McFadden on the DNC's Unscheduled Events

You may not have heard about these.  

Sanders Delegates and Protesters Make Their Frustrated Presence Known on Democratic Convention's Opening Day

Protests outside, interrupting jeers and cheers inside. The soldiers in Bernie Sanders’ political revolution took to the streets of Philadelphia by the thousands on Monday as swaths of his 1,850 delegates inside the Democratic Convention hall also made their displeasure known on the first night of the party’s national convention.

Shocking New Report: Four Women Accused Same Student of Rape, but Cops and Utah State Did Nothing

The four women did not know one another, and they all filed separate reports. ape culture continues to flourish on American college campuses. In the most recent account, four women who reported that they had been raped by the same man were ignored by the Utah State University’s Title IX office, and by the police detectives investigating the complaints in Logan, Utah.