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GOP Obamacare Repeal Would Kick 23 Million Off Health Insurance and Give Trillion-Dollar Tax Cut to People Who Don't Need It

The hardest hit will be people 55 and above not yet on Medicare. The American Health Care Act is even worse than Democrats warned from the floor of the House last month when they fell one vote short of blocking Paul Ryan’s bill that was marketed as Obamacare-repeal legislation but was mostly a tax cut for the rich.

Why Race and Inequality Are at the Heart of America's Water Problems

Millions in the U.S., particularly poor people and communities of color, have inadequate access to water.

Toxic Masculinity Has Plagued Black Men Deeply, Down to the Details of What They Wear

Negative remarks about the male romper trend can harm black male identity development. The latest fashion trend, the romper for men—or as it's affectionately called, the “romphim”—has received mixed feedback on social media.

Why—and How—Is Trump's Base Still Loyal to a Guy Who Is a Proven Disaster?

Trump supporters haven't been swayed by empathy or appeals to logic. After all the lies, contradictions, hypocrisy, flip-flops, gaffes, unforced errors, self-pity, insults, provocations, threats, bullying, betrayals, disappointments, scapegoating, exploitation, nepotism, and corruption, why is Donald Trump still beloved by 35 percent of the country?

Doctor Jumps Onstage to Warn Crowd to Leave Anti-Vax Film: 'Your Presence Here Will Cause Babies to Die'

Two audience members left after his warning. A doctor jumped onstage during the screening of a controversial anti-vaccine film to warn the audience they were putting the lives of their children and others at risk.

Sean Hannity Calls Himself the Victim as Evidence Emerges That Seth Rich Was Not the WikiLeaks Source

Besieged by "liberal fascism," Hannity has been on a tear since Rich's family asked him to drop the conspiracy.

Trump Would Sell Off America's Energy Resources for a Pittance, Like Russia Did to Create Its Oligarchs

For sale: oil reserves, mineral rights, power lines. Maybe President Trump can’t help himself, but his 2018 budget and executive orders could lead to some of the biggest land grabs since America’s Teapot Dome scandal in the 1920s and Russia’s natural resource giveaways that created many oligarchs in the 1990s.

Study Finds Magic Mushrooms Are the Safest Recreational Drug

People taking mushrooms in 2016 needed medical treatment less than for MDMA, LSD and cocaine, while one of the riskiest drugs was synthetic cannabis.

John Lewis Hammers Steve Mnuchin over Trump's Sadistic Budget Cuts

"This budget is not respecting the American people. I think we can do much better." Before the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin attempted to defend President Trump's $4.1 trillion budget, whose nearly $30 billion in cuts he attributed to "hard choices." Ranking Democrat Rep.

The Art of the Steal: Has Trump Finally Found Someone to Buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

Our infrastructure crumbles while the president's family gets rich. At last, Trump has set the stage for a sequel to his first book of lies, The Art of the Deal—and in grand style.

An Open Letter to President Trump Upon His Arrival in Rome

St. Francis of Assisi is the Pope’s symbol. Yours is President Jackson. The first time I saw the painting of Andrew Jackson beside your desk in the White House, it felt like getting a punch in the stomach.

Read the Embarrassing Note Donald Trump Left at the Holocaust Memorial in Israel

Then read the message Barack Obama wrote after his visit to Yad Vashem in 2008. After visiting Yad Vashem, a Holocaust memorial in Israel, it is tradition for world leaders to leave a message.

'Morning Joe' Predicts Trump Will Spell Electoral Disaster for the GOP

"I speak for America when I say, we’re exhausted.” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said voters might not punish Republicans for defending President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and attacks on the rule of law — but they’ll hold the GOP accountable for legislative failures.

Al Franken Spells Out Why He Simply Can't Stand Ted Cruz

The Minnesota senator calls him "singularly dishonest" and "exceptionally smarmy." Senator Al Franken is said to return to his roots as a Saturday Night Live alum with a new book, set to be released next Tuesday.

Stephen Colbert Puts the Incredible Cruelty of Trump's New Budget Proposal in No Uncertain Terms

“I know this is an unpopular position these days, but I believe children should go to the doctor and eat." With its multi-billion dollar cuts to programs for the poor and working class, Trump's $4.1 trillion budget, titled “A New Foundation for American Greatness," will harm some of his most adamant supporters the most.

The 15 Heartless Proposals in Trump's Budget

Click here for reuse options! Budget Director Mick Mulvaney’s remarks show they aren’t operating in the real world.

Trump Is Hollowing out Our Democracy, Leaving Us Vulnerable to a True Authoritarian

History tells us a disastrous presidency can make a strongman seem like a reasonable alternative. Well before the Russia scandal became a national soap opera, comparisons between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were a media staple.

Robert Reich: Trump’s Budget Is Cruel and Deviant

We are a better nation than this. For years, conservatives warned that liberals were “defining deviancy downward.” They said that by tolerating bad social behavior, liberals in effect lowered what was deemed acceptable behavior overall – allowing social norms to decline.  There was never a lot of evidence for that view, but there’s little question that Donald Trump is actively defining deviancy downward for the nation as a whole – whether it’s by lying, denigrating basic democratic values, celebrating tyrants around the world, using his office to build his family wealth, or stopping at nothing to win the presidency.  Now comes his budget.

Experts Say Trump's Deteriorating Speech Could Be Sign of Early Dementia

The president wasn't always this incoherent. Research suggests it may be a result of cognitive decline.

Is Donald Trump's Casino Empire Linked to Money Laundering?

Past financial crimes, rather than collusion, may be the president’s biggest problem right now. So Donald Trump screwed the pooch again.