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Trump Will Keep Making Money Off 'The Apprentice,' and NBC Will Have a Business Deal With a President It Covers

Click here for reuse options! There are no rules anymore, it seems. Donald Trump isn’t letting his job as president force him to stop taking checks from his old job as executive producer on the reality TV show “Celebrity Apprentice.” Despite reportedly being so unprepared for the presidency that President Obama has to give him extra guidance on what the position entails, Trump will keep his role on the NBC show, for which he will be paid an as-of-yet undisclosed per-episode fee.

Robert Reich: Donald Trump Is Already Behaving Like a Tyrant

Click here for reuse options! Our democracy and our civil liberties could be in grave jeopardy. On the evening of December 7, minutes after a local Indiana union leader, Chuck Jones, criticized Trump on CNN for falsely promising to keep Carrier jobs in the U.S., Trump tweeted, “Chuck Jones, who is President of United Steelworkers 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers.

Paul Krugman: Here's What No One Is Talking About With Trump's Horrific EPA Pick

Click here for reuse options! "Make America gasp again!" Trump is already making good on his promise to return America to an earlier time, a time that includes a great deal more air pollution, Paul Krugman writes in Friday's column.

Octavia Spencer Tells Colbert Why Her Pioneering 'Hidden Figures' Character Was Lost In History Until Now

Click here for reuse options! "The arbiters of history were, at that time, the press," Spencer told Colbert, reflecting on the media's disregard for the black female rocket scientists behind the Apollo moon landing.

In Legal Pot States, People Are Turning to Buds over Beer

Click here for reuse options! Maybe it's time to talk about the public health benefits of marijuana legalization.

Voting Rights Activists Pursue Federal Lawsuit in Wisc. After Discovering Way to Hack Into Ballot Scanners

Click here for reuse options! The state said machines weren't accessible online, but they have cellular modem connectivity.

British Govt-Funded Outlet Offered Journalist $17,000 a Month to Produce Propaganda for Syrian Rebels

Click here for reuse options! Emails reveal that a popular source for mainstream Western media is a U.K.-backed propaganda outlet.

Does Shaving Your Pubic Hair Make You at Greater Risk for STIs? One Study Says It Might

Click here for reuse options! Get tested for STIs, disclose to your partners, and practice safe sex. What you do with your pubic hair is totally your own business.

Donald Trump's Labor Secretary Pick Andy Puzder, Who Makes 300 Times His Employees, Opposes Minimum Wage Hike

Click here for reuse options! "Does it really help if Sally makes $3 more an hour if Suzie has no job?

Trump Is Setting Himself up for a Coup by Packing Cabinet With Ex-Generals, Military Expert Warns

Click here for reuse options! Civilian control of the military is necessary to preserve American democratic institutions.

Election Aftermath: Toss the Thinking—Emotions Rule!

Click here for reuse options! Facts don’t change minds, but appealing to voters' emotions might. Well ...

Weather Channel Scientist to Breitbart News: 'Please Stop Using My Face to Mislead Americans'

Click here for reuse options! "Note: Fact: The Earth is warming." Right-wing news site Breitbart has been pushing the false claim that climate change is leading to global cooling, not warming.

7 Election Integrity and Cyber Security Experts Say Stopping Michigan Recount Is Anti-Democratic

Click here for reuse options! “Americans will never know the truth about what happened.” Michigan is the new Florida in American elections, an infamous state where Republican judges shut down a presidential recount before the votes were counted, leaving Americans with unanswered questions about Donald Trump’s closest margin of victory on election night, November 8.

Tina Fey Hilariously Mocks Trump's Favorite News Source, Breitbart

Click here for reuse options! "When I get written up in Breitbart I wanted it to be because they're mad that I'm making an all-female Hitler biopic." Nine-time Emmy winner Tina Fey aims to give Trump supporters juicy material—eventually.  "I promised myself I wouldn't get up here today and talk about the election, because when I get written up in Breitbart I wanted it to be because they're mad that I'm making an all-female Hitler biopic," Fey announced at The Hollywood Reporter's annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast on December 7.

License to Kill: Can Any Amount of Evidence Convict a White Cop Who Shoots a Black Man?

Click here for reuse options! Clear video evidence in the Walter Scott shooting wasn't enough; for black Americans this travesty is nothing new.

Trump’s Bait and Switch: How to Swamp Washington and Double-cross Your Supporters Big Time

Click here for reuse options! Trump’s anti-establishment campaign rhetoric was the biggest scam of his career.

Colbert Unleashes Epic Rant About the Trump Team, Fake News and Pizzagate: 'Grow the F*ck Up!'

Click here for reuse options! "If the Pope's talking poop you know we're in deep doo-doo." "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert worries that, in light of all the fake news stories, some viewers may actually think he's a journalist, or at the very least, a pundit.  "I really hope you don't get your news from me because news flash: This isn't news, this is entertainment," Colbert reminded viewers, before providing suggestions.

Michael Moore Perfectly Nails What Democrats Fail to Understand

Click here for reuse options! The filmmaker told Seth Meyers that predicting Trump's victory was like "negative lotto." In August, shortly after publishing "Five Reasons Donald Trump will win," filmmaker Michael Moore appeared on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" to offer democrats a terrifying warning.

Trump Picks Climate Denier and 'Fossil Fuel Industry Puppet' to Head EPA (Video)

Click here for reuse options! The wishes of the oil and gas industry have come true with Scott Pruitt.

Meet Four Young Farmers Who Are Rising to the Challenge of Water Scarcity in the Western U.S.

Click here for reuse options! A new short film highlights the joys and challenges of being a young farmer in the arid West.