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There Are Fewer Than 10 Grizzlies Left in Washington State—and Incredibly, There's a Plan in Place That Can Restore Their Population

Click here for reuse options! Environmentalists, industry and politicians have a second chance to learn from decades of wolf debates and save the grizzlies.

Meet Gary Johnson’s Money Men, Led by the Despicable Koch Brothers

Click here for reuse options! Johnson's supporters are leading enemies of the environment and public education.

Louisiana Deputies Throw Tantrum After Teen Football Players Protest National Anthem

Click here for reuse options! When football players protest, suddenly they don't deserve the sheriff's protection.

What Controls Our Sex Drive? When and Why Do We Feel Like Having Sex?

Click here for reuse options! Are men hot-blooded, sex-driven creatures who think about sex every seven seconds?

The One Psychological Characteristic That Online Trolls Tend to Share

Click here for reuse options! Science points to a certain vile tendency. Trolling has literally changed culture, both online and off.

Another Tragic School Shooting -- This Time in South Carolina

Click here for reuse options! A frightening new reality for America's school children. UPDATE: 2:36 p.m.

Ex-Fox News Star Tantaros Presents Therapist Records Backing Up Ailes Harassment

Click here for reuse options! And retaliatory actions by others. Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against former-boss-turned-Trump-campaign-adviser Roger Ailes in August.

Federal Appeals Court: Employers Can Refuse Job Candidates for Having Dreadlocks

Click here for reuse options! A white HR manager rescinds a black woman's job offer, calling the candidate's hair "messy." In a blow to equal rights in workplaces everywhere in America, a federal appeals court ruled September 15 that rescinding a job offer based on a candidate's refusal to remove her dreadlocks does not constitute racial discrimination on the part of an employer.  The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 against an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suit brought on behalf of Chastity Jones.

A Memo From Hell: Donald Trump Says I Live There, Along With Every Other Black and Brown American—but Here's the True Hell He'll Never Understand

Click here for reuse options! Black people and Latinos are "living in hell," Trump says. Time to tell Donald what our lives are really like.

Fatal Shooting of Black Man by El Cajon Police Sparks Outrage, Protests

Click here for reuse options! Most of the demonstrators voiced concerns that the shooting was racially motivated.

Sister of San Diego Police Shooting Victim: 'I Called Police to Help Him, Not Kill Him' (VIDEO)

Click here for reuse options! Alfred Olango, an unarmed and mentally ill black man, was killed by police in El Cajon of San Diego County on Tuesday.

A Family of Exploiters: Trump's Children Made 'the Help' Buy From Their Own Lemonade Stand

Click here for reuse options! Like father, like brats. Donald Trump’s admitted federal tax evasion, frequent refusal to pay those he hires, and many bankruptcies have imparted a key singular message to his kids: Let the poor, common plebes deal with your money problems for you.

Colbert: The Terrifying Reason Trump Won't Stick to Facts

Click here for reuse options! Donald Trump didn't go against his advisers. They just have terrible advice.

The Biggest Choke of Trump's Political Life: 6 Reasons His Debate With Hillary Was an Unmitigated Disaster

Click here for reuse options! The broad consensus of Trump failure includes Republicans and conservatives.

Ted Cruz Tries to Justify Trump Endorsement to a Furious Glenn Beck

Click here for reuse options! "Why not just cover me with a bucket of blood?" Beck shouts at listeners.

White Officer in Georgia Lies About Being Shot by a Black Man

Click here for reuse options! She even went on television to discuss the fabricated crime and her imaginary assailant.

Rosie O'Donnell Blasts 'Orange Anus' Donald Trump After His Attack on Her During Debate

Click here for reuse options! "Sit and spin, my friend." Comedian Rosie O’Donnell hit back at Republican presidential nominee and former reality TV star Donald Trump after he lashed out at her during Monday night’s presidential debate.

Pepe's Post-Debate Identity Crisis: Online Alt-Right Turns on Donald Trump After His Presidential Debate Fiasco

Click here for reuse options! The alt-right has turned on Donald Trump: "Our only mission... was for the lulz." Despite finding Donald Trump’s performance unsatisfactory, 4chan and Reddit users, according to various news reports, banded together late on Monday night to manipulate an estimated 70 online polls to make it seem as if the Republican presidential nominee had won the first presidential debate at Hofstra University.

Attention, Men: Bright Light Could Lead to Better Sex

Click here for reuse options! A new study suggests sexual satisfaction can be related to circadian rhythms and seasons.

Donald Trump Is Every Woman's Workplace Nightmare: Debate With Hillary Clinton Was a Crash Course in Everyday Sexism

Click here for reuse options! Donald Trump, conservative pundits and even Chuck Todd exposed some ugly male insecurities Monday night.