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WATCH: Texas Police Officer Harasses Black Teen for Mowing Grass

Promoting one's business while black is apparently now a crime. A video of a black teenager being harassed by a security officer in Harris County, Houston, Texas, went viral as soon as it emerged on social media Tuesday.

Turning on Jeff Sessions? Now the Far Right Republicans Are Waking up to the President They Elected

Now that Trump is tormenting his most loyal follower on a daily basis, others around him can only wonder who's next.

Trump Decrees on Twitter That Transgender People Now Banned from Military Service

A reversal of Obama's decision to allow transgender people in the military. President Donald Trump announced via Twitter on Wednesday morning that transgender people are banned from serving in the U.S.

Stephen Colbert Updates the Official Boy Scout Oath In Honor of President Trump

"On my honor, I will do my best to make a tremendous amount of money" and "keep myself physically strong with golf and steak." President Trump's speech at the annual national Boy Scout Jamboree late Monday continues to stir controversy for its hyperpartisan and wildly inappropriate content.

President of Boy Scouts Has Billions of Reasons to Overlook Trump’s Controversial Jamboree Speech

The president of the BSA is seeking approval from the Trump administration to sign off on a proposed $85 billion media acquisition.

Dying McCain Preaches High Road on Health Care; But McConnell Stays on the Dark Side, as Countless Lives Are at Stake

Senate health care debate pits some of the best and worst in American politics with the outcome still unclear.

Don't Worry About New Alabama Mad Cow, Says CDC, but Facts Suggest Otherwise

Government agencies protect big agriculture at the expense of our health. Don't worry, eat your hamburger.

'Pissed-Off' Jeff Sessions Won't Give 'Insane' Trump the Satisfaction of Quitting: Report

The president is very mercurial, and like Steve Bannon, Sessions could rise again. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who now seemingly gets insulted by President Donald Trump on a near-daily basis, is reportedly “pissed off” about his situation — but he’s not going to quit anytime soon.

The Boy Scouts Are Stunned by Donald Trump's Totally Inappropriate, Jaw-Dropping Speech

Donald Trump uses his speech in front of the Boy Scouts to score political points at a decidedly nonpolitical event.

Trump's 'America First' Campaign Is Already a Total Failure: He Has Diminished Our Standing in the World

Despite his patriotic bluster, Trump's words and deeds threaten to make America an outcast among nations.

Patriarchy and Toxic Masculinity Are Dominating America Under Trump

Expert Terry Real explains how hyper-masculinity presents a danger to us all. Donald Trump’s election was a victory for toxic masculinity and patriarchy, two issues psychologist Terry Real has spent a career exploring.

As Trump Prepares to Fire Mueller, the Rule of Law Has Never Been Weaker in Washington

White House turmoil as Trump trashes Sessions on a daily basis. As President Trump drops increasingly broad hints that he believes he is above the law, Congress and the public face an impending crisis that will test whether the Republican Party is more loyal to Trump or to the rule of law.

Modern-Day Eugenics? Prisoners Sterilized for Shorter Sentences

A Tennessee judge says he wants to give inmates a chance "not to be burdened with children." A Tennessee county has greenlit a modern-day eugenics program under the guise of offering prisoners a better future.

Real-Life Health Care Struggles Versus Right-Wing Gutting of Safety Nets at Stake in Today's Senate Vote

Will Republican senators be bullied by Trump and McConnell, or defend millions of constituents from drastic health care cuts?

Why Mitch McConnell May Be the Only Person in Washington Who Can Save the Trump-Kremlin Conspiracy Investigation

That man could hold the fate of the nation ... As soon as Congress goes into recess, Donald Trump will have the opportunity to remove special prosecutor Robert Mueller—unless Sen.

Boy Scouts of America Skewered for 'Total Cop-Out' on Trump's Jamboree Speech

There were multiple comparisons to Hitler Youth. President Donald Trump’s angry, partisan speech to the Boy Scout Jamboree on Monday evening is still stirring controversy, and has forced the Boy Scouts of America to issue a statement defending the organization’s decision to invite the president.

A Dying Baby and His Parents Are Being Exploited by the GOP to Advance Their Project to Destroy the American Health Care System

The sad story of Charlie Gard shows there's no limit to right-wing political vampirism. The sad story of Charlie Gard, a dying British baby who became a cause célèbre on the American right, seems to be coming to a close.

Stephen Colbert Debunks the Warning In President Trump's Self-Pardon Tweet

"The only crime 'so far'? He's hedging a little bit." The expanding probe of special counsel Robert S.

'Sessions Has a VERY Weak Position on Clinton Crimes': Trump Issues New Loyalty Test to Attorney General

Trump sharpened his attack against Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday in a series of tweets. President Donald Trump has made clear to Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he must launch an investigation of Hillary Clinton to keep his job.

9 Plagues That Could Destroy Everything We Love About Life on Earth

Click here for reuse options! It could be game over for humanity, much sooner than we think. Our climate is changing rapidly, whether you like it or not.