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Eight Wealthiest Men Own the Same Amount as the Poorest Half of The World

Click here for reuse options! According to Oxfam, because of our broken economics, never have so few owned so much.

Trump's New Tactics With the Press Follow the Old-School Authoritarian Model . . . With a Twist

Click here for reuse options! This is how free speech dies. Donald Trump is fulfilling the role of an authoritarian demagogue so thoroughly that if this whole disaster was a movie, it would be criticized for being too lazily formulaic and cliched.

Viral Video Brilliantly Debunks Trump's Tweets About John Lewis's District

Click here for reuse options! We should all be so lucky to live among these parks, universities and people.

26 Representatives Will Not Be Attending Trump's Inauguration . . . So Far

Click here for reuse options! Instead, they will be meeting with constituents, attending the Women's March or otherwise "preparing for resistance." "When you insult repjohnlewis, you insult America," New York City Congresswoman Yvette Clark tweeted on January 14th, explaining why she will not be at the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Robert Reich: Trump’s Plan to Neuter the White House Press Corps Is an Attack on Our Democracy

Click here for reuse options! We’re in a new era, the reign of King Trump. Tyrants don’t allow open questioning, and they hate the free press.

North Dakota GOP Lawmaker Proposes Bill That Would Let Motorists Run Over Pipeline Protesters

Click here for reuse options! Republican politician shows clear contempt for the United States Constitution and the rights granted therein.

Paul Krugman: Why John Lewis Has Committed the Ultimate Act of Patriotism

Click here for reuse options! No, we should not always say a president is not legitimate, but if the shoe fits .

Questions and Conflicts Surround GOP Mega-Donor Who May Become Our Next Education Secretary

Click here for reuse options! Democrats are vehemently opposing billionaire Betsy DeVos. Preparing for a packed first week of confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s numerous controversial cabinet picks, Democratic politicians and advocacy groups had to decide which nominees they would focus their energy on opposing.

Filmmaker Michael Moore Organizing Pre-Inauguration Rally

Click here for reuse options! With Mark Ruffalo, Alec Baldwin and more, it's a star-studded protest outside Trump Tower.

Chicago Police Assaulted Children, Got Away With Murders: DOJ Report Echoes What Residents Have Long Known

Click here for reuse options! Communities of color in Chicago meticulously documented the CPD's pattern of racist violence.

Michael Moore Backs up John Lewis With 6 Reasons Trump Is an 'Illegitimate President'

Click here for reuse options! Moore also accused the FBI of interfering the 2016 presidential race. Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said Saturday that he did not believe Donald Trump would be a “legitimate” president.

Alec Baldwin Brutally and Hilariously Mocks Trump's Press Conference on SNL

Click here for reuse options! The salacious details proved catnip for "Saturday Night Live." In a hysterical skit that felt just one notch above our sad reality, Alec Baldwin returned to "Saturday Night Live" to mock president-elect Donald Trump's press conference (if you can call the press-bashing and lawyer-parading that).  In SNL's thinly veiled version, Badwin's Trump spoke about what will happen when he takes office Friday: "I'll even have a little pet, like all the presidents do...

John Lewis Is a True American Profile in Courage

Click here for reuse options! John Lewis is #1 on Trump’s hit list. High from his gilded throne room in midtown Manhattan — like Zeus from Mt.

Trump Invited Notorious Anti-Muslim, Anti-Gay Rev. to Pray at Inauguration

Click here for reuse options! Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, is one of six religious clergy invited to give a reading.

10 Celebrities Advocating for a More Sustainable Food System

Click here for reuse options! Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Michael Kors are just a few celebrities who are helping improve America's food system.

Are You Eating Smuggled Avocados?

Click here for reuse options! As climate change makes it harder for growers, the criminal underworld has seized on the fruit's ever-growing popularity.

Latest Nonsense From The Rightwing Fringe Trump Fanboy Alex Jones: Putin is Listening to Me and Says Hi!

Click here for reuse options! A sign of Club Trump's ties with Russia or a fantasy skit also serving Putin?

Chomsky: America's Healthcare System Is an 'International Scandal,' Repealing the ACA Would Create a Catastrophe

Click here for reuse options! "The ultra-right and quite passionate 'Freedom Caucus' may insist on instant repeal without a plan, damn the consequence for the budget or, of course, the people." While Democrats pored over the salacious details of Russia's alleged kompromat on Donald Trump, Republican members of Congress gathered in the dead of night Wednesday to begin dismantling the Affordable Care Act, a repeal that could strip millions of their health insurance and kill tens of thousands in the process.  Noam Chomksy saw this coming as soon as the GOP recaptured the White House.

The ‘Hidden Figures’ Jeff Sessions Wants to Keep in the Shadows

Click here for reuse options! Trump administration attempts to turn back the clock on social justice make a new film required viewing.

If You Think Healthier Foods Are More Expensive, You're Not Alone—but You May Be Wrong

Click here for reuse options! Consumers tend to think healthy foods cost more than their less nutritional counterparts.