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The True Cost of Citizens United: The Roberts Court’s Darkest Hour Revisited

Five years ago, conservatives on the high bench changed American elections forever. Here's what happened next.

Super Bowl for the Rich: Upper-Class 91, Middle-Class 9

Making money is all a game to the super-rich. Just 10% of Americans own 91 percent of the nation's stocks and mutual funds, according to economist Edward Wolff (Table 7).

Greece Elections: Anti-Austerity Syriza Party Sweeps to Stunning Victory

A big victory in the fight against foreign banks. Syriza, the radical leftists who have pledged to roll back austerity and renegotiate Greece’s mammoth debt, swept to a stunning victory in the country’s elections on Sunday – but looked like falling agonisingly short of an outright majority.

Are You Living in a "Bible-Minded City?"

A scary report shows the purported Christian religiosity of American cities. Ever wonder what makes a city bible-minded?

Michael Moore Tells Fox News ‘Quit Making Shit Up About Me’

Moore confronts the smear artists. Filmmaker Michael Moore went on offense on Facebook today, pushing back at the attacks upon him over a comment he made on Twitter about military snipers by listing the multitude of ways he has supported veterans, before calling on Fox News to “quit making sh*t up about me.” Moore has become the target of conservative fans of the film American Sniper who have claimed he attacked the subject of the film, Chris Kyle, when he tweeted: “My uncle killed by sniper in WW2.

How Israeli High-Tech Firms Are Turning the U.S.-Mexico Border into a New Kind of Hell

U.S. borderlands are laboratories for nightmarish innovations. To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from here.  It was October 2012.

“Sponsored” by My Husband: Why It’s a Problem that Writers Never Talk about Where their Money Comes From

The truth is, my husband's hefty salary makes my life as a writer easy. Pretending otherwise doesn't help anyone.

"The Struggle Doesn’t End:" Leak Reveals DOJ Not Likely to Charge Darren Wilson

The Department of Justice will likely not pursue federal civil rights charges against Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown The purpose of leaks by “credible sources” is to manage expectations for the public.

Penises on the Fashion Catwalk – a Flesh Flash Too Far?

An American designer sent models down the runway wearing clothes with peepholes that showed full-frontal male nudity underneath.

7 States That Are Next in Line to Legalize Marijuana

Four states and DC have already legalized marijuana -- here's the next crop. During a series of YouTube interviews Thursday, President Obama demonstrated a remarkably laissez-faire attitude toward marijuana legalization experiments in the states.

Anti-Vaxxers Ruined Disneyland: Why this Public Health Nightmare Needs to be Stopped

At least 51 measles cases have been linked to the California theme park. For children too young or sick to have received the MMR vaccine — or whose parents decided for them that they didn’t “need” to be vaccinated — the “happiest place on Earth” has been transformed into something far more sinister.

Bill Maher Takes a Shot at ‘American Sniper’ for Glorifying ‘Psychopath Patriot’ Chris Kyle

Maher wants to know why America is glorifying Chris Kyle. Bill Maher blasted Clint Eastwood’s film American Sniper during the Real Time panel discussion on Friday, comparing it unfavorably to Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar-winning The Hurt Locker.

Solar-Powered Sermon Kindles from US Evangelical Church Found on Captured Ukrainian Soldiers

The Georgia pastor tells Ukrainian soldiers, who were run out of the Donetsk Airport, to not be afraid and have faith in God.

When Wingnut Cavemen Attack: The Right Turns on Renee Ellmers with Stunning Misogyny

Hell hath no fury, apparently, like a male conservative who feels betrayed when a GOP woman disagrees with him.

This Week in Religion: Pope Francis Tells His Flock to Stop Breeding Like Rabbits

The Pontiff also implies that those who insult religions should "expect a punch" in return. Pope Francis remains as busy as ever.

Tennis Twirls and Page 3 Girls: The Week in Sexism

It's not your imagination — this was a bad week for women Let’s just call this week a total wash and start again Monday, shall we, womankind?

Kentucky Republican Says 1891 Law Lets Him Drive Drunk While He’s in Office

State Sen. Brandon Smith's lawyer argued his client shouldn't have been arrested to begin with. Kentucky state Sen.

What an Attempted Mass Murderer's Scary Words Tell Us About Our Sexual Culture

Ben Moynihan stabbed three women apparently because he couldn't get laid. “When women won’t talk to you, it’s heart breaking.

Why the Toxic Myths Rich People Believe About the Poor Are So Dangerous

Inequality and regressive tax policies hurt everyone, even rich people. American politics are dominated by those with money.

Is Women's Pubic Hair So Shocking It Needs to Be Censored?

It's supposedly the year of the bush! Shaved, trimmed, left alone, waxed out of existence or Vajazzled, we are both fascinated and utterly repelled by what women do and don’t do with their hair “down there”.