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Philippine Scops-Owls: Skull Crushers

The Philippine scops-owl (Otus megalotis) hangs out in the forests of the Philippines. They stand around 20cm tall and have distinctive sticky-up ears, as is the fashion amongst the 45+ types of scops-owl worldwide.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love – Part I

Here lies another collection of tip-top ridiculous imagery from the social media sites of the world’s largest country.

The History of Life: Creatures Of The Ordovician

Recently I posted my first article about the history of life. I covered the Cambrian period in brief.

“The Hole”: Russia’s Abandoned Mir Diamond Mine

The Mir Mine (Кимберлитовая алмазная трубка) in Yakutia, Siberia is lovingly referred to as “The Hole”; it’s a dashingly impressive divot.

The History Of Life: Creatures From The Cambrian

Opabinia As part of my never-ending and unsuccessful effort to learn about the things I should already know, I’ve decided to look at geological epochs and the animals that lived therein.

Henry VIII’s Wives: A Brief History

  As I grow ever older I’m increasingly annoyed with how little I know about history in general. At school you have the perfect opportunity to learn about the weirdness of the Royal Family.

Julien Douvier’s Rather Swish Animated Photography

Julien Douvier animates photography. It’s a terribly modern type of art I suppose, but it works so darned nicely that I’m inclined to go along with it.

Well, Lorraine Loots Has Got A Steady Hand Hasn’t She?

Lorraine Loots paints really small things in Cape Town, South Africa. Have a look at her skills here: OFFICIAL SITE LORRAINE’S TUMBLR FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM   MORE IMPRESSIVE ART: THE BEST PAINTINGS OF FORESTS EVER DALTON’S TINY CARVINGS SOUTH KOREAN BURSTS OF SIZE AND COLOUR The post Well, Lorraine Loots Has Got A Steady Hand Hasn’t She?

Chen Wenling’s Odd Forms

Chen Wenling is a Chinese artist who lives and works in Beijing. He was born in Quanzhou, Fujian Province in 1969.

Dashcam Video: Driving Through Forest Fire In Siberia

Forest fires are scary, well, I suppose fire is pretty scary full stop. It’s certainly best to avoid it when it’s decided to go rampant.

Runner Pipped At The Post After Celebrating Too Soon

This should be a lesson that a serious runner learns right at the start of their career: DO NOT SHOW OFF IF YOU HAVEN’T WON YET.

The Mystery Of The Black Knight Satellite

Who doesn’t like a nice mystery, hey? They’re more exciting than cold hard facts because they take less effort to think about.

Chanctonbury Ring: Mysteries And Histories

View of Chanctonbury From The Washington Car Park Chanctonbury Ring, part of Sussex’s magnificent South Downs, has been part of local folklore and ancient culture since time immemorial.

Here’s One For UKIP: The Queen Is Related To The Prophet Muhammad

If you’re going to trace bloodlines back over a thousand years or so you’re going to come across some challenges and surprises.

Keng Lye’s Resin Creations Could Fool Anyone

Keng Lye uses layers of resin and acrylic paint to create the masterpieces you see before you. They look so real I could puke with surprise.

Rat Kings: Folk Legend Or Reality?

“Ratking” by Photographed at Naturkundliches Museum Mauritianum Altenburg. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Sunni, Shia, Sufi, Salafist & Wahhabi: What’s The Difference?

“Al-Haram mosque – Flickr – Al Jazeera English” by Al Jazeera English – Al-Haram mosque. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Frank Rinehart’s Intimate Portraits Of Native Americans In The 1890’s

Frank Albert Rinehart (1861-1928) was an American photographer of German decent who was most famous for his intimate portraits of Native Americans.

Do-Ho Suh: Another Innovative South Korean Artist

Do-Ho Suh (hangul:서도호, born 1962) is a Korean sculptor and installation artist. The modern world of South Korean art seems to scream “gargantuan” at the moment.

Seung Mo Park Makes Portraits From Wire Mesh And They’re A Little Bit Good

Seung Mo Park, a South Korean artist, predominantly works with metal. He’s done some amazing bits and bobs in his time and these portraits made from wire mesh truly are incredible.