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Sailfish: Fastest Fish In The Ocean

Just from studying the cut of a sailfish‘s jib you can tell it’s a speed freak. From slender pointed schnozz to elongated tail, the sailfish is a lean, mean swimming machine.

NEVERCREW: Swiss Graffiti Double Team

NEVERCREW consists of Swiss born duo, Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi. They’ve been making their mark on the walls and buildings of Switzerland since 1996.

Best Camera Trap Wildlife Photography

Camera traps have changed the way wildlife is monitored. These heat or motion sensitive cameras allow us humans to observe animal traffic in specific areas over long periods of time.

The Global Selfie Project #7

Here’s your seventh installment of the Global Selfie Project where we stare at people from around the world.

Ilya Yefimovich Repin: A Russian Master Of Light & Life

Volga Boatmen (1870-1873) Ilya Yefimovich Repin (1844-1930) is the most celebrated painter from 19th century Russia, and from the works below you can see how he rightfully attained such a standing.

Bonnacon: The Most Jokes Medieval Monster

Of all the mythical medieval beasts that rollocked around during the Dark Ages, the bonnacon (or bonasus and bonacon) has to be the most jokes.

Japanese Vintage Political Posters

These Japanese posters, mostly produced in the 70′s, look so current it’s quite amazing.

Laurie Lipton: Sinister Futuristic Victoriana

Laurie Lipton, a New York born arts and crafts wizard creates impressively detailed and darkly humorous images.

Death By Laughter

Death by laughter isn’t a particularly common way to go, but it has been recorded throughout history a number of times so it’s worth a mention I reckon.

Did America Design A Bomb Full Of Bats During WWII?

The idea of making a bomb that utilises bats might sound like a pretty mental idea, but actually when you think about it, it’s an awesome idea.

River Dolphins: A Glance At Freshwater Cetaceans

Dolphins are normally associated with the open ocean, and rightly so because that’s where the vast majority of them live.

Fat Manga By Trinity-Fate

I don’t know if I’m late to the party here, has anyone else seen fat manga characters before? I stumbled across an artist on Deviant Art the other day called Trinity-Fate and I was as confused as I was pleased.

The Skull Chapel Of Poland

The skull chapel in Czerman, Poland is a grizzly reminder of human loss. It was built in 1776 by the Czech local parish priest Wacław Tomaszek to commemorate people who died during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648), three Silesian Wars (1740–1763), and the people who perished thanks to cholera epidemics, the plague, syphilis and starvation.

Weird Image Silo #1

As you can imagine, on my daily trawl through the internet’s stodgy ether I come across some oddities.

Chemtrails: Evidence At Last

I wrote an article on chemtrails a little while back and it receives a fair bit of traffic. Some visitors want to know whether there’s any truth to the chemtrail theory and others simply want their unerring confidence that chemtrails are real to be affirmed.

9 Examples Of Top Notch Paleoart

Styracosaurus – FabrizioDeRossi Spinosaurus by FabrizioDeRossi Parasaurolophus cyrtocristatus by FabrizioDeRossi Julius Csotonyi Julius Csotonyi – ancient seas Julius Csotonyi – Brachiosaurus Julius Csotonyi – Acheroraptor beats T.

Should People Have The Right To Carry Guns?

I reckon what would be best is if we all just chilled out a bit; but I realise, as do we all, that a global “chilling out” is not particularly likely to happen.

Kamchatka’s Abandoned Wonders

The Kamchatka Peninsula is situated in the Russian Far East and runs for about 800 miles. It covers around 100,000 square miles and lies between the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Sea of Okhotsk to the west.

The Big Players In Europe’s Political Far Right

EDL, BNP, UKIP, all worryingly familiar names in British politics nowadays. Due to economic changes and social issues at home and abroad the far right in Britain and Europe at large is having a frightening resurgence.

North Korea Releases Human Rights Report About Themselves

Earlier in the year the UN released a sweeping and damning report on North Korea’s awful human rights performance.