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A Short History Of The Great Dismal Swamp

Having written about the incredible Okefenokee swamp in the US of A and the Great Vasyugan Mire in Siberia I thought it appropriate to continue the theme.

Great Vasyugan Mire: The Biggest Swamp In The World

The Great Vasyugan Mire is located in Russia, in the Novosibirsk, Omsk, and Tomsk regions. It is epic in the original sense of the word, it covers an incredible 53,000 km² in total.

Amazing Weather Records: Rain

This is the second installment of impressive weather records. Last time I covered temperature and this time it is the turn of our old foe: rain.

VIDEO: Strange Lights In Russian Skies. Aliens Or Missile Launch?

These days, although I still revel in the idea of alien life, I can’t be bothered to hold out any hope.

The Blob: A Massive Meteorological Mystery

The Blob is a brand new meteorological phenomenon with a cool name and an evil glint in its eye. This beast is causing the deaths of thousands of marine mammals and birds and at the same time intriguing and confusing meteorologists on a global scale.

A Selection Of Weird & Disturbing Medieval Manuscript Art

Modern humans like a good laugh; yes, we also love a good cry and a winge too, but laughter truly is universal.

Wikidrummer: No Added Reverb

This video was first released in November 2013 so I am proper behind the times here. But, if you haven’t seen or heard it before you’re in for a real audio treat.

PyroPet Candles Are Cool Candles For Cool People

You might not have realised that candles are having a rebirth at the moment. In most people’s minds candles are associated with romance and power cuts, two very uncool things indeed.

Climate Change: The Almighty Elephant In The Deeply Fragile Room

Global warming: virtually everyone accepts it is happening and that it will inevitably result in dire consequences for humanity and other life on this planet.

Andreas Lie’s Beautiful Norwegian Forest Critters

Andreas Lie is a 24-year-old digital mixed media artist based in Bergen, Norway. He produces lovely images of Norwegian forests within Norwegian creatures.

Shigir Idol: The Oldest Wooden Sculpture Ever Found

Unearthed in 1894, the Shigir Idol is the oldest wooden sculpture ever found. Wood doesn’t fare all that well when it’s in the ground, so the fact that this fella managed to remain intact for 9,500 years is pretty spectacular.

Photos Of Siberian Folk 150 Years Ago

A while back I posted up some photos taken in Siberia 100 years ago, they were lovely to look at. If you missed them at the time click on that link back there.

Is The Indian Purple Frog The Ugliest Animal In The World?

I don’t think that even a herpetologist could find the purple frog attractive. They could definitely find them amusing and/or fascinating, but no one could look at this guy and think “wow, what a looker”.

Philippine Scops-Owls: Skull Crushers

The Philippine scops-owl (Otus megalotis) hangs out in the forests of the Philippines. They stand around 20cm tall and have distinctive sticky-up ears, as is the fashion amongst the 45+ types of scops-owl worldwide.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love – Part I

Here lies another collection of tip-top ridiculous imagery from the social media sites of the world’s largest country.

The History of Life: Creatures Of The Ordovician

Recently I posted my first article about the history of life. I covered the Cambrian period in brief.

“The Hole”: Russia’s Abandoned Mir Diamond Mine

The Mir Mine (Кимберлитовая алмазная трубка) in Yakutia, Siberia is lovingly referred to as “The Hole”; it’s a dashingly impressive divot.

The History Of Life: Creatures From The Cambrian

Opabinia As part of my never-ending and unsuccessful effort to learn about the things I should already know, I’ve decided to look at geological epochs and the animals that lived therein.

Henry VIII’s Wives: A Brief History

  As I grow ever older I’m increasingly annoyed with how little I know about history in general. At school you have the perfect opportunity to learn about the weirdness of the Royal Family.

Julien Douvier’s Rather Swish Animated Photography

Julien Douvier animates photography. It’s a terribly modern type of art I suppose, but it works so darned nicely that I’m inclined to go along with it.