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PHOTOS: Russian Police At Their Best

I publish a lot of Russian images here at Lazer Horse, as I’m sure you have noticed. Often, members of their police force make a brief entrance.

Interesting But Slightly Shocking Farm Infographic

Here’s an infographic that shows how much stuff UK farms produce… constantly. The figures represent the production of each food since you’ve been on the page.

The Aztec Death Whistle: Creepy Ancient Sounds

The Aztec death whistle is as creepy as it sounds. What is was used for exactly we may never know, but guessing is almost as fun as knowing.

The Aztec Death Whistle: Creepy Ancient Sounds

The Aztec death whistle is as creepy as it sounds. What is was used for exactly we may never know, but guessing is almost as fun as knowing.

Amazing Animated Adverts In Kiev’s Metro Rail System

Ukraine has been in the news quite a bit over recent years, and not for particularly good reasons; so it’s nice to be able to post something a little less bleak coming from the largest country in Europe.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love: Part X

What lies below is another mixed bag of Russian wonders. From turtle impressions to thoughtless dogs via military japes and vodka-fuelled fun.

Oleg Duo: Fantasy Electro Portraits

Moscow born Oleg Duo blends photography with a digital manipulation more at home in computer games. He leaves images looking real, but not as real as real life.

Cannibal Chickens Wearing Rose-Tinted Glasses

This is a story of chicken farming, rose-tinted spectacles and the fight against cannibalism. It’s a rather bleak affair to be honest, but worth knowing about.

Which Countries Has Britain Not Invaded?

It’s well known that the British Empire once covered a quarter of the globe, but our blood-thirsty, power-hungry, meddling tendrils drifted much further afield than even that impressive fact admits.

A Bunch Of Cool Sketches By Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a man with a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. He dabbled in architecture, science, music, engineering, literature, geology, astronomy, cartography and anything else he fancied.

The Beautifully Ornate Inca Tern

The terns are a successful group. Often sharing the same space as gulls, they are generally smaller but similar in colour and shading; they’re a handsome bunch of birds.

Jane Mutiny: Nature, Art, Beauty (Images/Interview)

Jane Mutiny is an artist with a big, pulsating heart for nature and an eye for detail. Here we check out some of her incredible art and find out about the woman behind the brush.

Clinton Conspiracy: Was She Wearing A Wire During The Debate

Half-baked news-mongers have been run ragged recently over a shocking bit of conspiracy wafting. Certain people have declared in public, out in the open, for all to see, that Clinton was cheating during her presidential debate with all-round noob – Trump.

Humorous Stories Straight Out of Britain!

The British have a great sense of humour, and much of it stems from the randomness of daily UK life, as well as the people that inhabit this multifaceted part of the world.

Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Asia

Traveling is a popular pastime for many people, regardless of their gender or age. Some people are more casual travelers while others are professionals.

Dogs Or Cats? Which Is Most Popular

Today, the majority of humans have access to more data than we could ever need or want. Even just a couple of decades ago, most people had access to zero data.

Most Accurate Coloured Model Of A Dinosaur Unveiled Today

Image credit: Jakob Vinther, University of Bristol and Bob Nicholls ( The colour and pattern of an animal is no accident, it helps them avoid being killed, or, conversely, helps them to hide in order to kill something else. New research into the coloring of Psittacosaurus shows that “countershading” has been helping animals hide for millions of years.

VIDEO: Boxer Knocks Opponent Clean Out Of The Ring

I’m not an expert in boxing, it’s not something I’ve ever paid a whole lot of attention to. I prefer dinosaurs.

Awesome Photos From Russia With Love – Part W

Welcome back. Guess what we’ve got for you today… that’s right – a butt-load of weird pictures from our brothers and sisters in Russia.

Cloud Shaped Like An Eye Sparks Illuminati Theories

Right. First things first: WOW THAT’S A COOL CLOUD. Now we’ve got that out of the way, this is the crux of the matter: a bunch of people saw this picture of a cloud and, rather than going – “what a neat cloud.” They all went down the crazy route and started panicking about the Illuminati (again).