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Picture of the Day: Giant Bookcase Painted on Garage Door

Photograph by wootkatiee on reddit   Reddit user wootkatiee spotted this garage door painted like a giant bookcase in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Hollywood Hills.

How to Peel Apples with a Power Drill

  Should you ever find yourself needing to peel a LOT of apples, grab a power drill and a peeler and decimate that apple skin in one, gloriously long strand.

Anamorphic Hand Sculpture by Jonty Hurwitz

  In an ongoing series of anamorphic sculptures, artist Jonty Hurwitz (featured previously) creates distorted artworks can be seen ‘clearly’ when placed in front of a cylindrical mirror.

St. Bernard Meets a Kitten, Adorableness Ensues

  Watch a gentle giant named Bella meet a kitten for the very first time. Their interaction will put a smile on your face.

Jet Skiing Through the Canyons of Lake Powell

  A jet skier rides through a set of narrow canyons on Lake Powell, gliding effortlessly through the calm, mirror-like water.

Picture of the Day: Arpino, Italy

Photograph by Raffaele Camardella   Arpino is a comune (municipality) in the province of Frosinone in the region of Lazio in central Italy.

Office Aquarium Doubles as Desk Divider

  A former call center in Boulder, Colorado replaced their boring desk dividers with fish tanks, turning their staid office into a giant aquarium.

Prairie Dog Stuck in Its Own Hole Gets Rescued by Passing Motorists

  Passing motorists save a prairie dog that got too big for its own hole, freeing the distressed rodent.

The Shirk Report – Volume 280

Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find the 25 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting.

Picture of the Day: Baby Approves Ultrasound

Photograph by meancloth on reddit   Reddit user meancloth just posted this hilarious photo of his wife’s most recent ultrasound showing their baby boy giving a thumbs up.

Deliberately Inconvenient Everyday Objects

  The Uncomfortable is a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects, designed by Athens based architect Katerina Kamprani.

Young Boy Eloquently Explains Why He’s Upset His Mom is Pregnant

  A well-spoken young boy attempts to articulate why he’s upset that his Mom is pregnant when she already has TWO amazing children (in himself and his baby sister).

15 Portraits of Unrelated Doppelgangers

  Have you ever met or seen another person that looked exactly like someone you know? If so, then you’ve encountered someone’s Doppelgänger.

Just a Cockatoo Feeding Great Danes Biscuits Off the Counter

  Watch Spike, an umbrella cockatoo, feed two Great Danes biscuits from a box of treats on the kitchen counter.

Picture of the Day: Abandoned Courtyard

Photograph by Roberto Venegoni   In this eerily serene capture, we see an overgrown courtyard at an abandoned psychiatric hospital.

Street Art by Pejac [16 photos]

  Check out the fantastic work of Spanish street artist Pejac, whose pieces have been spotted in cities across Europe.

7 Cool Smartphone Photography Hacks

  Photographer Lorenz Holder demonstrates some creative smartphone photography tips and tricks using an iPhone 5S, although these ideas should work on whatever smartphone you use.

The Most Amazing Stone Walls You Will See Today

  Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl are the husband and wife duo behind Ancient Art of Stone. Together the two artists create some of the most beautiful and intricate stone walls you will ever see.

This Rescued Elephant Playing with Ribbon is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

  Watch rescued elephant Faa Mai play with an elastic ribbon at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Picture of the Day: Super Sneaky Sliding Brick Wall Door

Photograph by marvinvis on reddit   Reddit user marvinvis spotted this sliding door that perfectly matches the exterior brick facade of this building.