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Just a Cockatoo Feeding Great Danes Biscuits Off the Counter

  Watch Spike, an umbrella cockatoo, feed two Great Danes biscuits from a box of treats on the kitchen counter.

Picture of the Day: Abandoned Courtyard

Photograph by Roberto Venegoni   In this eerily serene capture, we see an overgrown courtyard at an abandoned psychiatric hospital.

Street Art by Pejac [16 photos]

  Check out the fantastic work of Spanish street artist Pejac, whose pieces have been spotted in cities across Europe.

7 Cool Smartphone Photography Hacks

  Photographer Lorenz Holder demonstrates some creative smartphone photography tips and tricks using an iPhone 5S, although these ideas should work on whatever smartphone you use.

The Most Amazing Stone Walls You Will See Today

  Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl are the husband and wife duo behind Ancient Art of Stone. Together the two artists create some of the most beautiful and intricate stone walls you will ever see.

This Rescued Elephant Playing with Ribbon is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

  Watch rescued elephant Faa Mai play with an elastic ribbon at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Picture of the Day: Super Sneaky Sliding Brick Wall Door

Photograph by marvinvis on reddit   Reddit user marvinvis spotted this sliding door that perfectly matches the exterior brick facade of this building.

The 27 Tiniest Paintings You Will Ever See

  Microartist Hasan Kale creates impossibly small paintings you have to see to believe, using everyday objects as his canvas.

Underwater Footage Shows What an Egg Being Poached Looks Like

  Someone stuck their GoPro into a pot of boiling water and now we know what an egg being poached looks like from an underwater POV.

Instagram Unveils ‘Hyperlapse’, First Standalone App Outside of Instagram

    Today at 1pm EST, Instagram will release their first ever app outside of Instagram, called Hyperlapse.

The Clearest Lake in the World is in New Zealand

  Located in Nelson Lakes National Park, Blue Lake—also known as Rotomairewhenua—holds the title of the world’s clearest lake.

Supercut Shows Every Time VFX Dad Turned His Son Into “Action Movie Kid”

    VFX artist and father Daniel Hashimoto uses Adobe After Effects to transform his son James into Action Movie Kid.

Picture of the Day: A Snowplow for Train Tracks

Photograph by Freekee on Wikimedia Commons   Seen here is a rotary snowplow which is used for clearing train tracks after heavy snowfalls.

This Windowless Plane Wants to Bring the Outside World In

  The IXION Windowless Jet Concept was created specifically for the 2013 NBAA Business Aviation Show.

15 Reasons Why You Will Never Regret Sleeping in a Tent

  “I’ve never crawled out through a tent door and not had an incredible day.”   Those were the words of Cort Muller who took the first photo seen below.

Seeing How this Selfie was Taken Actually Made my Stomach Drop

  Photographer Daniel Lau uses his ‘selfie stick’ to take dizzying footage of a rooftopping adventure 346 meters (1,135 feet) above the streets of Hong Kong.

Watch a Building Get Completely Demolished in 60 Seconds

  Demolition experts have one of the coolest jobs out there. Watch as the Wellington Hotel Annex in Albany, New York gets completely demolished in less than a minute.

At the End of Each Season, this Pool has a Day Just for Dogs

  Before shutting down for the year, the pool at Lakeview Park in Nampa, Idaho has a ‘Pooch Pool Party’ where dogs are allowed to play in the water.

Picture of the Day: A Day at the Beach, 1905

Colorized by SANNA DULLAWAY Website | Facebook | Prints available   In this colorized photo by Sanna Dullaway, we see beach goers in Atlantic City, New Jersey circa 1905.

What Happens When the Majority of People Become Unemployable?

  This isn’t science fiction, this is happening as we speak. CGP Grey discusses the inevitability of automation and why we, as humans, need to start thinking about a world where the majority of jobs, across all sectors, can be performed better by a robot.