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Picture of the Day: Real-Life Kermit the Frog Discovered

Photograph by Brian Kubicki   Wildlife researcher Brian Kubicki of the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center has discovered a new species of glass frog that looks strikingly similar to the famous muppet, Kermit the Frog.

10 Highlights from the 2015 Nat Geo Traveler Photo Contest

  The 27th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest opened on April 7 and there have already been a slew of amazing entries.

Life in Slow Motion Ultra HD

  A stunning compilation of footage shot on the 1000 FPS Phantom Flex4K camera by Jacob + Katie Schwarz.

Fire vs Water

  It’s a giant water cannon versus a giant flame thrower, need I say more?    

The Shirk Report – Volume 314

Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 25 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting.

Jaw-Dropping Timelapses of Chile’s Calbuco Volcano Erupting

  For the first time in over 42 years, Chile’s Calbuco volcano erupted on 22 April 2015, sending huge plumes of smoke and ash into the air.

Picture of the Day: Sailplane Solar Eclipse

© Daniele Molineris / Red Bull Content Pool   Luca Bertossio performs in a sailplane glider during the solar eclipse in Premariacco, Udine, Italy on March 20th 2015.

This Book from 1908 is Dedicated to Blackboard Art and it’s Amazing

  In 1908, Frederick Whitney, an artist and teacher in Salem, Massachusetts published Blackboard Sketching, a book dedicated to the art of blackboard chalk drawings.

Facebook Just Released Their Monthly Stats and the Numbers are Staggering

  Mark Zuckerberg recently announced some staggering numbers regarding Facebook’s monthly usage on their various social networks and platforms.

You’ll Never Look at a Cinnamon Stick the Same Again

  One of the most beloved spices in the world is actually the dried and curled up inner bark of one of several varietals of trees in the genus Cinnamomum.

10 Flying Versions of Modern Cars

  In an ongoing series entitled Flying Cars, artist and designer Sylvain Viau takes photographs of cars and then manipulates them in Photoshop so they appear to hover or fly.

Woman with Paralysis Surprises Her Nurse by Walking

  This woman had complete paralysis from the waist down for 11 days with no explanation as to why. This is of one of her favorite nurses coming onto her shift and not knowing that she had started walking earlier that day.

Simple Chart Shows How Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO Affect Your Photos

  Here’s a great chart for beginners that want to get a basic understanding of how aperture, shutter speed and ISO affect your photos.

NASA Celebrates Earth Day with Jaw-Dropping Images of Our Planet

  In celebration of Earth Day, NASA released a breathtaking gallery of some of the most incredible images of our planet ever taken.

Saved from Certain Doom, a Drone’s Perspective

  Watch this pilot make a mad dash to save his quadcopter from certain doom. It’s a race right to the finish!

Picture of the Day: Banyan Tree

Photographer Unknown via leewdo on reddit   A Banyan is a fig that starts its life as an epiphyte (a plant growing on another plant) when its seeds germinate in the cracks and crevices on a host tree (or on structures like buildings and bridges).

Fighting Kites in the Favelas of Brazil

  After football, soltar pipas is Brazil’s most popular sport. In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, flying kites is more than a leisurely escape from on-the-ground realities—it’s a venue for battle, with the entire sky as the arena.

For Children in Need, this Shoe Grows as They Do

  The Shoe That Grows started when founder Kenton Lee was living and working in Nairobi, Kenya in 2007.

Guy Gives His Boring Office Job the GoPro Treatment

  It’s time for some fast cuts, bass-heavy electronic music and first-person POV shots of photocopying.

Guy Buys Every Single Rose this Woman is Selling on One Condition:

  That she spends the rest of the day handing them out for free to anyone that wants one :)