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A Hyperlapse of One Year Running With a GoPro

  Runner Jeff Dougherty put together this hyperlapse to show the 150 miles he ran over the course of a year in preparation for the Madison Marathon in Montana.

The Shirk Report – Volume 388

*Due to an extraordinary life event, the Sifter lamentably missed his first (Friday) Shirk Report in 388 weeks (that’s 7.5 years!

Putting Big Things in Perspective by Comparing Them To Something More Familiar

  Kevin Wisbith, creator of the new YouTube series entitled, ‘A Quick Perspective‘, created an interesting Imgur gallery that attempts to put 10 really big things in perspective by comparing their size to something more familiar.

Between Two Ferns With Hillary Clinton

  Zach Galifianakis sits down with Hillary Clinton and things get weird    

Hayley Ashburn Highlines Italy’s 2800m Vajolet Towers in the Winter

  Before walking a 52 meter (170 ft) highline at 2800m (9,186 ft) altitude in the winter (a first), director Stian Smestad asked Hayley about fear.

What Owning a Ramen Restaurant in Japan is Like

  A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at running your own Ramen shop. Video by Life Where I’m From.    

These Retro Cassette Tape Coffee Tables are Awesome

  Hand crafted from hardwood are these awesome retro cassette tape coffee tables by LA-based TAYBLES.

Picture of the Day: Empire State Puddle Reflection

Photograph by Ben Hipp | @benhippart   After a brief rainstorm in New York City, illustrator Ben Hipp took this creative reflection photo of the Empire State Building.

Teacher Delights Students With Incredible Chalkboard Drawings

  Artist and Japanese school teacher Hirotaka Hamasaki has been delighting his students with incredible chalkboard drawings.


  Skimboarding and wakesurfing with a Freefly ALTA 8 drone    

What a $21,000 First Class Flight from Dubai to NYC Looks Like

  Filmmaker Casey Neistat got a free upgrade from business class to first class on his flight from Dubai to New York City and he documented the entire thing.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Rare and Elusive Spirit Bear

  1. The Spirit or Kermode Bear is a rare subspecies of the American black bear living in the Central and North Coast regions of British Columbia, Canada.

Turkish Engineers Build Full-Scale, Driveable BMW Transformer

  Turkish R&D Company Letrons has built a full-scale, driveable BMW Transformer that can be remotely operated and features: neck and head movements; dynamic hydraulic controls; arm and hand movements; and a dynamic lighting system.

Data Analysis of 18 Million Amazon Reviews Finds Incentivized Reviewers Give Higher Ratings

  Data analysis has found that incentivized reviewers who were given free or discounted products in exchange for reviews were found to rate products 0.4 stars higher.

360 Underwater Video Lets You Swim With Dolphins

  Dive below the surface with Jim Abernethy and find yourself surrounded by a pod of dolphins. If you’re watching on your phone you can just move your phone and play around with the 360 video.

This Kid at His First Moto GP Race is What Pure, Genuine Excitement Looks Like

  Two-year-old Logan Cox was at Silverstone to experience his first-ever Moto GP event and his dad captured his priceless reaction to the passing motorcycles.

Clever Swiss Direction Sign Doubles as Viewfinder for Nearby Mountains

  Spotted on a hike somewhere in the hills of Switzerland was this clever direction sign that also included 30+ viewfinders, letting you discover and identify nearby mountains!

Citizen Campaign to Replace All Ads with Cats Triumphantly Launches in London

  After a successful crowdfunding campaign back in May, the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (C.A.T.S) has triumphantly replaced all ads in South London’s Clapham Common Tube Station with photos of cats.

Why You Can’t Hum a Familiar Tune from any Marvel Movie

  Despite 13 films and 10 billion dollars at the box office, the Marvel Cinematic Universe lacks a distinctive musical identity or approach.

Guy Can’t Stop Laughing at Giant Python Casually Attacking Him

  Professional snake handler Jay Brewer gets into a snake pit with three huge, reticulated pythons and laughs when one tries to casually attack.