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Dog Proves It Will Look Awesome In Whatever Halloween Costume It Wears (Photos)

The only thing better than brainstorming your own Halloween costume is brainstorming your pet’s Halloween costume because, seriously, is there anything cuter than an animal dressed up in a ridiculous costume?

12 Actors You Didn’t Know Were Geniuses

1. Natalie Portman KNOWN FOR: Black Swan, V for Vendetta, Leon: The Professional, Star Wars: Episode III THE SMART SCOOP: Portman has a degree in psychology from Harvard, she’s fluent in five language, and she pursued graduate studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She’s twice been published in scientific journals and in 2006 appeared at Columbia to guest lecture on terrorism and counterterrorism.

Spotify finally has subscription sharing for an extra $5 per user

Spotify has just addressed one of the main beefs with its service: the lack of ability to share a premium subscription.

17 Tips To Get Over Jet Lag Quickly

You’ve waited and planned and packed and are overly excited. Don’t sleep through it! Here are 17 jet lags tips to get up and at ‘em as quickly as possible!

U2’s Bono Reveals Why He Always Wears Sunglasses: Glaucoma

U2 frontman Bono has revealed the mystery behind his trademark sunglasses: glaucoma. Bono told BBC’s Graham Norton he had suffered from the condition for two decades.

Jude Law Announces Ex-Girlfriend – Who Is 5 Years Older Than His Son – Is Pregnant With His Fifth Child

Jude Law, 41 is expecting his fifth child with ex-girlfriend Catherine Harding, 23, his rep confirmed.

28 Cringeworthy Tattoos That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

Things all tattoo parlors should require: spell check, common sense check, thoughts about your future, and sobriety.

“Fear And Frustration” Over The Ebola Response

Lawmakers grill health officials over Ebola response, resistance to travel ban Federal health officials faced the ire of congressional lawmakers at a tense hearing on Thursday over the spread of the Ebola virus in the United States, as Republicans sparred with the witnesses over why they are not seriously considering a travel ban for the Ebola “hot-zone.” “People are scared,” said Rep.

Same-Day Delivery Poised For Big Breakthrough This Holiday Season

Five years after Amazon introduced same-day delivery, it’s finally catching on with mass retailers. Macy’s said its namesake chain and Bloomingdale’s will start piloting same-day delivery in eight major markets this fall, while Neiman Marcus started testing the service in three cities earlier this year.

Apple Accidentally Leaks Photos Of, And Details On, New iPads

Apple may have just made a big mistake. One day before its big October event, the company seems to have accidentally released information about what will be unveiled — namely an iPad Mini 3 and an iPad Air 2.

35 Pictures That Prove There Are Some Wonderful People Out There

The world can be a beautiful place if you know where to look. Here are some examples to prove it’s not such a bad planet.

19 Ways New England Owns Fall

Sure, all parts of the country have something they call “fall”. But New England owns fall. They do it best.

23 Outfits That Prove Clothing Speaks Louder Than Words

These universal outfits speak louder than words. Think we can’t tell who you are just by looking at you….

Amazon’s first brick-and-mortar store said to open in Manhattan

It’s hardly a secret that Amazon wants to be your go-to store for everything, but despite its big pushes for same-day delivery, there’s still nothing like trudging into a physical store when you need something in a rush.

19 Products That Will Make Your Life So Much Better

How have we survived this long without these amazing tech gadgets in our lives? Life, prepare to be upgraded with the best gadgets of 2014.

26 Most Incredible Looking Animals On The Planet

These are the most incredible looking creatures on the planet. They took the evolutionary challenge and won.

21 Most Amazing Gadgets on Kickstarter Right Now

These amazing gadgets will change the way you look at everyday items. How have we lived so long without them already?

“Scandal” Cuts Stephen Collins Amid Child Molestation Allegations

The day after the NYPD opened an investigation into actor Stephen Collins’ alleged child molestation, ABC has confirmed that former 7th Heaven star will no longer be featured in an upcoming episode of Scandal.

These King Henry VIII Text Messages Should Exist

So many wives, so little time to text when you’re trying to run a Country, Church, Peaceful Kingdom, efficient execution, etc.

21 Most Amazing Gadgets on Kickstarter Right Now

These amazing gadgets will change the way you look at everyday items. How have we lived so long without them already?