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Emergence – How Stupid Things Become Smart Together

A bunch of stupid things get together and do smart things. This seems impossible, but you are familiar with the phrase "the whole is more than the sum of its parts." An ant is only a bug, but a bunch of ants together build towers and colonies.

Strange and Curious Wills of the Georgian Era in the Canterbury Court

People who make our their wills are often advised to leave at least a token inheritance to every relative, even if they hate them.

C-3PO and the Forest of Doom

This weird LEGO stop-motion video portrays the Ewoks sacrificing C-3PO in a religious ceremony. Looks like they figured out he wasn't a god after all.

Thomas Lenk Is Back And Just As Fabulously Fashiony As Ever

Celebrities aren't always trendsetters or fashionable at all, but when they are fashiony the way they wear those clothes that are different than regular people clothes makes them look extra cool in their cool clothes.

Furious Flurry Follows Ferry McFerryface

The people of New South Wales, Australia, are the latest to learn the lesson of internet naming polls.

It's Astronaut Vs. Sentient Melon In Black Holes

The life of an astronaut ain't all rocketships and moonbeams ya know, they see things out in the cosmos that would make most people run home crying to their mommy, strange things, scary things, super icky things.

The True Story Behind Plymouth Rock

American children all learn the story of the Pilgrims, who landed at Plymouth Rock in what is now Massachusetts in 1620.

Don't Deal With The Clown! - Cup It, Mug It, Shoot IT Down Fast!

Don't Deal With The Clown! by Angdzu Getting through the holidays in one piece can feel like a miracle, and all the mall madness, family freak outs and gift buying garbage we go through can even make a cup is half full kinda fellow feel like he's running on empty.

These Dungeons & Dragons Memes Are Sure To Be A Critical Hit With Your Gaming Group

(Image Link) Dungeons & Dragons sessions tend to be pretty lighthearted affairs, and even when the stakes are high and the pressure is on to roll that critical hit (or at least refrain from rolling a critical fail) players are still happy to be gaming.

The Secret Protocol for When the Queen Dies

We don't like to speculate on someone's future death, especially someone who isn't even sick, but Queen Elizabeth II is 91 years old.

Money Can't Buy Everything

I have a feeling this guy is a bit fuzzy on the concept of money, or else that cluelessness is covering up the beginnings of a lifetime of crime.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Turkey

On the off chance that you are looking for something different to do to your Thanksgiving turkey, we've found a completely millennial way to spice it up.

Why the Nazi Party Loved Decaf Coffee

People love coffee, but some folks don't want the feeling caffeine leaves behind. In previous centuries, drinking coffee and other sources of caffeine was considered indulgent and sometimes downright sinful.

Ex-Cons Share The Craziest Things They've Witnessed In Jail

Nobody ever said going to prison would be a walk in the park, but prison-themed movies and TV shows never really prepare you for the true horrors of life behind bars because they focus on the fighting, the raping and the shanking.

Black Girl ln a Big Dress

Aydrea Walden created a video series "about an African American Anglophile cosplayer in love with the Victorian Era who's trying to bring a fantasy courtship from her re-enactment events into the real world." It's a historical comedy of manners, so to speak, except that it doesn't hide its 21st-century setting.

Brilliant Ways To Actually Use Your Vacation Photos

I love to take photos while traveling as a way to document my trip, but after reviewing and editing the pics I never know what else to do with them all short of showing them to friends who couldn't care less.

Norway’s Medieval Wooden Churches Look Plucked From a Fairy Tale

When we marvel at a sight and say it "looks like it came from a fairy tale," we have to remember that those fairy tales and their illustrations are based on real places that existed once upon a time.

Cockatiel Performs Medley of Queen Songs

Something gives me the idea that whoever owns this cockatiel is a Queen fan. MAY-cyan perches on the arm of a Freddie Mercury figurine while whistling "Another One Bites the Dust" and "Radio Gaga." (YouTube link) YouTuber MrsStr1 has a couple of other videos of MAY-cyan singing Queen songs in his channel.

Traffic Sign - Fumbles Ahead - Fate Determined By A Die Roll

Traffic Sign - Fumbles ahead by Bad Goblin When you're roaming through dungeons fighting creatures and making the fantasy world safe again the fate of your fictional character comes down to a die roll, and rolling a 1 spells disaster.

Police Bust Police

Detroit had a scene right out of a police TV show last week, but it wasn't Law & Order. It was more like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Police Squad!