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Live-Action Remake of a Classic He-Man Viral Video

(Video Link) If it is possible for there to be a "classic viral video," then one example is definitely SlackCircus's "What's Going on?

10 Secrets About The History of the Movie Heathers (With Writer Daniel Waters)

Image Via The movie Heathers was a dark comedy that no one saw coming. Dealing with the have and have nots in the 80's, it showed us a different side of high school hirearchy, and put and oddly twisted take on the whole thing.

Absurdly Ingenious Inventions By Dominic Wilcox

Artist and inventor of creatively kooky implements Dominic Wilcox has come up with some extremely unique ways to make our everyday lives more convenient, and a bit more interesting, with his whimsical, yet fully functional, inventions.

Famous People in Their Early TV Ads

(DailyMotion link) When young actors try to break into the business, they take any and all jobs, trying to both build their resumes and pay the rent.

The Greatest Star Trek Selfie Ever

Star Trek actor LeVar Burton tweeted out this fantastic image showing himself and several actors from both The Next Generation and the original series.

Hero Of Monsters - Costumed Kaiju Kookiness

Hero of Monsters by Raven Amos Human beings may see that giant lizard kaiju as a destroyer and a menace to mankind, but all of monsterkind see him as a mighty hero.

Finally! A 99-Can Pack of Beer

A 6-pack isn't enough. Neither is a 12 or a 24. When you're throwing a really big party, you'll need a full 99 cans of beer.

Students Invent Nail Polish That Helps Protect Women Against Date Rape

It’s incredible to think that date rape is still such a prevalent thing that people are still working on scientific methods of battling against this disgusting and cowardly act, but since it’s still happening it’s a good thing there are people like the four guys in this picture figuring out scientific ways to protect women.  They're Materials Science & Engineering students from North Carolina State University who came up with a smart and easy way to detect the presence of Rohypnol, Xanax, GHB and other medications commonly referred to as date rape drugs- color changing nail polish.

Now THAT Is How You Peel and Serve a Pineapple!

When it comes to peeling pineapples, I didn't think there were too many methods. This video showed me I was wrong.

Harry Potter Quills Are Perfect for Homework at Hogwarts

The Etsy shop Mythical Menagerie produces quill pens decorated with the colors and crests of the houses at Hogwarts.

Puppies Playing with their Mothers: A Compilation

YouTube Link Moms teach us so much about what we'll need to know later in life. For a dog, that means a ton of carefree playtime.

Artist Creates Amazingly Detailed Anime Cutouts from Post-It Notes

Akira Nagaya is a master of papercrafts. He can work wonders with any paper material--even ordinary post-it notes.

Baby Elephant Takes Her First Steps

YouTube Link A 24-year-old African elephant named Semba gave birth to a female calf on August 20th at Reid Park Zoo in Tuscon, Arizona.

75 Facts About The Wizard Of Oz, To Celebrate The Film's 75th Anniversary

It's hard to believe that 2014 marks the 75th anniversary of the release of The Wizard of Oz, because people are just as fascinated with the film today as they were when it came out.  There's something rather remarkable about a film that so easily spans across the generation gap, beloved by both children and adults, and yet even with such a large fanbase there are lots of facts about the film that aren't common knowledge.

25 Famous People Who Were Once Interns

(YouTube link) This week’s mental_floss video is hosted by summer intern Paige Finch. That must mean everyone else is goofing off.

TARDIS Toilet Appears Along Bike Path In Bristol

When the TARDIS arrives, with its signature whirring sound and flashing light, those who have traveled with the Doctor know they're about to be whisked off on another fantastic adventure, but a recent TARDIS sighting may change the way we think about that blue police box.

The Merc With A Mouth - Childrens Books And Chimichangas

The Merc With A Mouth by MikeGoesGeek A plan was underway to adapt Wade's story into book form, but the author was finding it really hard to edit out all the bloody bits for the sake of the kiddies.

Light Up Paddleboards

NightSUP, a company in Miami, offers this radical take on the surfing experience. Its paddleboards have built-in LED lanterns.

Photographer Captures All The Canine Pomp Of The Dog Pageant

Humans just can’t get enough of their dogs, and some people are so proud of their pampered pooches that they hold canine beauty pageants to decide which dog is the fairest in the land.

How To Harvest Cherries

(YouTube link) Picking cherries by hand is way too labor-intensive for commercial orchardists. The get the most cherries in the least time, you need specialized equipment, but strangely the one piece of heavy equipment not involved is a cherry picker!