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TV Shows That Were Banned Due To Crazy Controversy

Controversy is to be expected from shows like Family Guy, Game Of Thrones and South Park, but how could shows like Sesame Street and The Price Is Right possibly cause controversy?

World’s Ugliest Dog 2016

Embed from Getty Images   This is Sweepee Rambo, the newly crowned World’s Ugliest Dog. He won the competition yesterday at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California.

This Television Repels Mosquitoes

(Image: LG) The South Korean electronics company LG is selling a television set that drives away mosquitoes with ultrasonic sound waves.

10 Facts About the Original 'Trial of the Century'

In 1907, Harry Thaw went on trial for murdering Stanford White. Thaw was the paranoid heir to a Pittsburgh railroad fortune, and White was a renowned architect and playboy in New York.

Dog Is Fascinated with iPad Game

(Video Link) Maya the Golden Retriever loves to play games on her iPad. Here she is, fascinated by a little bird that flies back and forth on the screen.

The 9-Year-Old Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers try to document a couple's special day without being too disruptive, moving around to capture the scene without getting on everyone's nerves.

We're No Angels - Some Guys Are Suckers For A Good Lookin' Gal

We're No Angels by Aaron Morales They may have the faces of angels and the bodies to match but Wasp, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow aren't the golden girls you wish they were.

How to Make a Car Ad Without the Car

Why would you bother trying to make a car ad without the car itself? Well, ad producers will tell you it’s not always easy to get a few vehicles of the latest model with every style change, especially on short notice.

Birds in Scotland Are Stealing Skinny Dippers' Underwear

(Photo: Joe Pell) A swimming hole in an isolated party of Angus, Scotland is popular with local skinny dippers.


He may resemble a certain sponge we all know and love, but this is Sandwichboy! He lives under the sea, which is not the best environment for a sandwich.

Creepy Images of a Doll Factory

Embed from Getty Images   Before they were dolls, they were doll parts, which are mass-produced. We know that, but seeing rows and rows of disembodied doll parts is still eerie.

An Investigation of Asparagus Pee

It has been noticed for centuries -if not longer- that eating asparagus gives one’s urine a distinctive smell.

How Dunkin' Donuts Changed the Dictionary

(Photo: QFamily) The origin of the doughnut is shrouded in mystery, but it probably began in mid-Nineteenth Century America when a woman named Elizabeth Gregory made pastries, each of which had a single nut in the center.

A Few Ways to Die on the Metro

You might not have known, but Los Angeles does have a mass transit train system. Metro Los Angeles has produced a new set of safety videos that teach Californians how to not get themselves killed while taking the train.

A Quick Guide to Happiness

(Cinismo Ilustrado) I've got not thinking and eating my own vomit down, so I have a good head start on being happy.

CBS and Paramount Issue Rules for Star Trek Fan Films

Intellectual property owners have to walk a fine line between encouraging fan engagement and protecting their franchise against copyright infringement.

Fish Makes Daring Escape

It was an unlikely plan, but our hero had nothing to lose. If he didn't get out of the grocery store, he'd eventually end up eaten.

Neo-Tokyo - Retro Cyberpunk Anime Amazement

Neo-Tokyo by Ddjvigo Kaneda scanned the horizon looking for any sign of his old pal Tetsuo, who had recently gone full nuclear in Neo-Tokyo, but it seems even a being possessed of that much power must implode at some point.

Inventing the Beach: The Unnatural History of a Natural Place

Going to the beach for a vacation is a common, but relatively recent, practice. Throughout most of history, the seashore was a place to be feared, with sea monsters, pirates, and destructive storms.

New Logo for the Presbyterian Church of Tatooine

The Presbyterian Church in America is a protestant denomination not to be confused with the Presbyterian Church USA.