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Terrifying Double-Faced Makeup

Does looking at her face make you feel dizzy or frightened? Either way, you should be impressed by redditor AllonsoAllonsy’s duplicating makeup job.

Nighttime Doctor - The Tenth At Half Past Ten

Nighttime Doctor by Cheeky Designs The tenth Doctor liked to throw on his 3D glasses and wander around the city at night, so he could get some serious thinking done.

Halloween: A Timeline

The anticipation is much greater than the actual event. It is so true! I’ve been writing about Halloween for a month now, and when the day comes, I overslept and don’t even have time to find my witch hat before the first trick-or-treaters arrive!

This Bicycle Has Wheels Made of Ice

Colin Furze is the insane British inventor who makes vehicles that you’ve never heard of, but we all need.

Levitating Pumpkin

(YouTube link) Watch a cute little Jack-o-Lentern hover in the air and speed around a track while oozing mist behind him!

Animals Enjoying Pumpkins

Image: Zoo Vienna Schönbrunn  We humans aren't the only ones who like to consume and play with pumpkins when October hits.

House For Sale Comes with Embedded Pipe Organ

Bill Tufts always wanted a pipe organ and had one installed in his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tufts recently passed away, and the home is for sale, with the organ and its 2300 pipes.

Terrifying Campfire Tales About Bill Murray

This Halloween people will be sitting around campfires telling scary stories, but those stories won't be about boogeymen or hook handed killers, they'll be about a different kind of fiend- the eccentric entertainer.

Souvenir Magnets from Fictional Places

You’ve visited many wonderful places in your imagination: Oz, Gotham City, Jurassic Park, King’s Landing, Neverland… but the magnets on your refrigerator say Martha’s Vineyard and Nashville.

Emergency Response Drone Has a Defibrillator

(UT Delft) Alec Momont, a recent engineering graduate at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, developed this brilliant use for aerial drones.

Amazing Alien Queen Cosplay Complete With DIY Instructions

You may have seen Xenomorph costumes before- they usually consist of a tight fitting body suit and some kind of foam rubber head/mask, but you’ve never seen an alien suit as frightfully fancy as this!

Pop Culture Heroes Frozen in Chocolate-Carbonite

Han Solo doesn't have to be alone while on display in Jabba's palace. Now, thanks to food photographer Henry Hargeaves, he'll have plenty of company.

Why So Serious? - Everybody Loves A Clown Prince Of Crime

Why So Serious? by Donnie When life starts to get you down, and your face begins wearing a frown, the best thing to do is take a tip from a clown and make yourself smile with a night on the town.

Halloween Short Film: Suckablood

(YouTube Link) Suckablood is a short film that plays out like a fairy tale crossed with an "old wive's tale" as if it were imagined by Stephen King and Tim Burton.

Old Tractor Turned into a Kitchen Bar

It's unfortunate that I can't find the craftsman responsible because I'd like to congratulate him/her on such an outstanding job.

How Tattoo Removal Works

(YouTube link) Last month, we had an up-close look at the process of tattooing. Now Smarter Every day brings us the next step- laser tattoo removal.

Why Are Witches Depicted With Green Skin?

Witches are typically depicted with green skin in pop culture, like their research into the occult arts has resulted in some sort of strange mossy skin condition.

Fifteen Everyday Products Invented by Accident

YouTube Link Who doesn't love anesthesia when faced with time spent on the hospital surgery unit where painful punctures will be made to our person?

Thirty Fun Facts About Pee-Wee And His Playhouse

Come on in and pull yourself up a chair (which probably isn’t as cool or fun to be around as Chairy), and we’ll tell you a tale of a man named Pee-Wee Herman and his amazing Playhouse.  Growing up in the 80s meant sharing your Saturday mornings with the hilarious Mr.

The Berlin Wall, 25 Years Later

November 7th through the 9th, Berlin will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mauerfall, or The Fall of the Wall.