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World's Okayest Welder - It's Good To Be Third Best

World's Okayest Welder TShirt by Metal Relic Welding is pretty easy to pick up but can be difficult to master, especially if you have to weld underwater, but with time and practice you too can become the World's Okayest Welder!

A Salesman Makes A Suicidal Sheep An Offer He Can't Refuse In "Cosmos Laundromat: First Cycle"

Don't you hate it when a salesman approaches you in a place where there's no escaping their sales pitch?

The Ford Model K?

(Image credit: Sicnag) The following is an article from the bookUncle John’s Perpetually Pleasing Bathroom Reader.

A Lone Cat

There is obviously a good reason this cat is alone. All by himself. Lonely. Antisocial. Awash in his solitude, he turns to poetry.

Pornhub Traffic Affected by Missile Alert

Residents of Hawaii will never forget the bogus nuclear missile warning they got last Saturday that sent them all into a panic.

Cats, Music, and Dancing in Fantasia dei Gatti

Grammy-winning violinist Augustin Hadelich wrote a little story about a violinist (himself) who plays music for a cat, which draws all the street cats out to listen.

6 New Events at the 2018 Winter Olympics

The Winter Games open February 9 in PyeongChang, South Korea. Almost every Olympics has new competitions, usually after they have built an international following and have been showcased as exhibits during previous games.

Skittles Created A Super Bowl Ad That Will Be Seen By Only One Person

Super Bowl ads are really big business, and companies pay millions for the chance to get millions of people talking about their ads, but this year Skittles is skipping the Super Bowl and going ultra exclusive with their ad.

Why Paris’ Greatest Art Nouveau Metro Stop Is No More

Look at this beautiful Art Nouveau building! This is the the Paris Metro station at the Bastille. Or it was, before it was torn down in 1962.

Spike TV Is Dead So Their Twitter Person Is Having A Field Day

(Image Link) The death of a television network can cause quite a stir in the TV world, especially when that network is beloved by fans, but Spike TV has died and I don't think anybody really cares.

The Little-Known History of Seafaring Pets

Ship's cats have always been common, because they are the best way to exterminate rats and other vermin on long voyages.

No Means No - You Must Learn

no means no by Harsimran_sain Why is it so hard for some people to accept the verdict when someone they proposition tells them "NO"?

Divers In Mexico Have Discovered The World's Largest Flooded Cave

I can't help but think of video games like Tomb Raider when I see pics of people exploring underwater caves, because the whole environment looks too fantastic to be real.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Doc Hollywood

The 1991 romantic comedy Doc Hollywood starred Michael J. Fox as a doctor on a road trip from Washington, DC, to Beverly Hills to begin a new job.

Family Shares The Cartoonish Results Of Their Photo Shoot With A "Professional" Photographer

Even though it's easy to shoot your own digital photos and get them printed any way you'd like people still hire professional photographers to shoot their "special" photos because they think the pics will turn out better.

Mantis Squad

What's going on with these mantises? Are they about to fight? Are they posing for a picture? Are they even alive?

A Neopets Romance

Here's a story that might make you feel good, but it will also make you feel old. It started 17 years ago when 12-year-old Kristin from Arkansas joined a Neopets role-playing guild called Evil Jellies.

The Oral History of Breaking Bad

This Saturday marks the 10th anniversary of the premiere of Breaking Bad. The AMC series followed Walter White, a chemistry teacher who turns to manufacturing methamphetamine after he develops cancer.

The Dangers of an Icy Hill

From one end to the other, the state of Texas dealt with winter weather this week. Kristy Boyd of Longview, Texas, recorded vehicles trying to make it up an icy hill, with some having more success than others.

Come for the Ride!

(Image credit: Flickr user Travis) 6 destinations where getting there is all the fun. 1) ALASKA’S DO-IT-YOURSELF TRAM In the winter, hikers at Alaska’s Chugach National Forest have to walk across Glacier Creek.