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Stretch Limo Scooter

This glorious custom scooter is precisely the ride that I want. It's beautifully painted, including alll along the elongated trunk.

A Toddler and his First Friend

(YouTube link) When you are two years old, there’s nothing more impressive than a big truck that comes to your house.

Atheist Arya Stark Is The New Face Of Fantasy Disenchantment

Arya Stark has been through a lot in her young life, and while some may turn to faith after witnessing their father’s death and watching their family torn asunder by those vying for the Iron Throne, Anya has chosen to put faith in God on her list.

Out Of Baby Ruth! - A Minion Unlike Any Other

Out Of Baby Ruth! by MannArt Give a minion a movie and you're asking for some animated trouble, but give them the Goonies and you've got a full scale underground adventure on your hands!

Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights

(YouTube link) Our friends at Bad Lip Reading took a perfectly normal group of superheroes -The Avengers- and put them into a redneck reality TV show world in this horrible lip reading video.

Legend of Korra Flapper Cosplay

Korra and Asami, the lead characters from The Legend of Korra, are decked out for a fun evening in a speakeasy in this cosplay.

The Fears of a Father

Chris from Lunarbaboon is getting used to the idea of having two children. The second one will be a girl, and the implications of having a daughter can be daunting to a father -whether he’s experienced in such matters or not.

Shark Sniffs Photographer's Camera

(Photo: Luke Thom) Filmmaker Dave Riggs is getting ready for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week (auto-start video).

End Game: TV's Best and Worst Series Finales

Image: HBO/Everett Collection When a television show that's been a huge hit for the duration of its on-air run is ending, the pressure is on for the creator and writers to take it off air with an ending that is worthy of its prior content and story arcs.

16 Things You Might Not Know About Rambo

It’s been 30 years since Rambo: First Blood Part II sent veteran John Rambo back to Vietnam. Although the movie was a sequel to 1982’s First Blood, it was a much bigger hit, and gave Sylvester Stallone a second iconic character in addition to Rocky.

Florence Henderson Reveals What Happened to Carol Brady's First Husband

The 70s sitcom The Brady Bunch begins with widower Mike Brady marrying a woman named Carol and their two families blending into one.

The Groundbreaking History Of Star Wars Toys

Toys tied to movies existed long before Star Wars, but George Lucas’ 1977 space opera changed movie merchandising forever.

Dwayne Johnson Delivers A Rock Solid Surprise To Fan

Dwayne Johnson has gone from simply being a wrestler known as The Rock to a full blown movie star, and yet his fame and monetary success haven’t changed him one bit.

A Brief Summary of Star Wars

(YouTube link) Now you don’t have to watch all those Star Wars movies! Still, a commenter pointed out that this is BS, because it depicts a Storm Trooper actually hitting what he is aiming at.

Mystical Deer - The Watcher In the Woods

Mystical Deer by Art et Be Whenever you take a walk through the forest you'll feel eyes upon you, but don't worry- most of those eyes are there to watch over you, and watch what you do, and only a few of them belong to a predator who thinks you look delicious.

The World’s Smallest Park Is Only 2 Feet Wide

(Photo: Craig Dietrich) That’s it—the entire park.  It’s just a small tree surrounded by a bit of grass.

Giving Up the Phone for a Week

(YouTube link) It’s strange how one’s relationship with their phone varies according to age. These Millennials gave up their phones for a week to make a video about the experience, and their lives completely changed.

Spock Van Gogh and Captain James T. Ross

Chilean artist Fab Ciraolo mixes images from pop culture to “highlight the conflict between extravagance and rebellion.” His recent works include Vincent Van Gogh as Spock toting an antique phaser rifle and Bob Ross as Captain Kirk.

Cardboard Plane

(YouTube link) These guys made a plane out of cardboard. It’s not just a folded paper airplane, but a remote-controlled model with flaps and propellor and everything -made out of a cardboard box.

10 Camouflaged Cats

(Photo: unknown) A cat is hiding somewhere in this photo. Can you find it? Cats, the ninjas of the animal world, are good at hiding in plain sight.