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Delightfully Geeky Stained Glass Lamps

Nikita Leigh is a geek and artist in Houston, Texas. She works with a wide variety of media, but lately concentrates on stained glass.

Apollos Hester Post-game Interview

(YouTube link) Post-game interviews with football players mean nothing to non-football fans, because we don’t know the game well enough to follow their technical explanations of what happened.

Artist Recreates Famous Photographs with John Malkovich

Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange Marilyn in Pink Roses by Bert Stem The photographer Sandro Miller contacted the famous actor John Malkovich to pitch his novel premise for a project: Miller duplicate iconic photographic portraits using Malkovich as the subject.

Hey-Mon - By The Power Of Reggae Music!

Hey-Mon by Rocky Davies Prince Adam had grown tired of transforming and battling the forces of evil all the time, and he was looking for a way to just kick back and relax for a few days.

A Spooky Crow Wreath to Creep Out Your Halloween Guests

Plenty of us have wreath forms lying around in storage, just waiting for Christmas time to roll around again, but why only have a wreath for winter?

Confused Frogs Try to Catch Worms on a Smart Phone

(Video Link) The poor frogs don't understand why the worms taste like plastic and won't go in their mouths.

The World’s Greatest Markets and Bazaars

The following is an article fromUncle John's Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary Bathroom Reader. You know what would be a great trip?

The 23 Weirdest Movies and What They Really Mean

Image Credit: Libra Films The normal can be boring sometimes. We have all done normal. We have all seen and heard and lived normal.

Horror Movie Spoof: Stalked by an Internet Ad

YouTube Link In this video shot like a horror movie, unwitting Internet users are stalked by advertisements that, to their horror, just won't go away.

Rediscovered Footage from 1913 Shows the Earliest Black Feature Film

7 reels of 35-millimeter film sat in the archives of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, gathering dust.

A Collection Of Photographs Urban Climbers Risked Their Lives To Shoot

Risking your life for the ultimate daredevil photograph didn’t become a big deal until the internet made it so, because skywalking wasn’t really worth doing before millions of people could see it, right?

Puppies Playing in Leaf Piles

YouTube Link In certain parts of the country, with the change of seasons comes leaves turning brilliant jewel tones and eventually falling to the ground.

That’s a Wasp!

The tarantula hawk is neither a tarantula nor a hawk. It’s a really scary Pepsis wasp. It can grow really large and has an extremely painful sting.

Epic Meal Time: All Bacon Burger

As I am sure many of you know already, the guys over at Epic Meal Time are beasts. They put together meals that would cause most of us to go to the E.R.

MalefiCard - Fire Breathing Fairy Trumps Them All

MalefiCard by Edwoody Playing jacks and aces may make you feel like you're making powerful moves, but nothing says power quite like a queen who can transform into a dragon.

Kitty Action Shots

Image: Yura Kaprosh These fun captures of kitties in action are a great representation of the spirit of the species.

Bus Offers Private Seat for Breastfeeding Mothers

(Photo: News 163) A public bus in Jinhua, Zhejiang, China, offers a special seat for mothers with babies.

Artist Depicts a Woman from Birth to Old Age in One Continuously Updated Portrait

Seok Jeong Hyeon (warning: NSFW), a Korean artist, used illustration software to create a portrait of a woman.

What’s the Matter with Kids These Days?

Some people shake their heads at how far youth has fallen, with their selfies, lack of formality, and droopy pants.

Sully the Dog Pins Her Owner For Some Epic "I Missed You" Hugs

One of the funniest things about big dogs is that they don't seem to understand that they are big dogs.