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The Modern Monster Mash

(YouTube link) The Key of Awesome brings us an update to the classic song “The Monster Mash,” with Frank lamenting the current state of monster movies.

This Dress Is Made of Chocolate

(Photo: Splash News) This dress was made for the UK’s Chocolate Week. In other news: the United Kingdom has a Chocolate Week.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is Back!

(YouTube link) Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is an adorable little mollusk with one eye, two shoes, and a can-do attitude.

Hazard Minion - The Bedo Spells Disaster

Hazard Minion by Io Vorro The Minions had installed a new security alert system in the compound, and it was driving Gru mad!

"Ghost" Portraits From the Early Twentieth Century

Englishman William Hope worked as a carpenter until he realized that there were scams to be performed and money to be made in fooling grief-stricken individuals and families who were desperate for a supernatural sign that their deceased loved ones were at peace.


(YouTube link) The music video for Roy Kafri’s song “Mayokero” is a little different. The album covers do the singing!

Fifty Examples of Beautiful Currency

Fiji - Fiive Dollars There's nothing like having a wallet full of cash. Yet United States' one-color bills are bland when compared with some of these brightly colored currencies from other countries.

Alien Director Ridley Scott To Make An Ebola Miniseries

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore Brilliant director Ridley Scott is taking a stab at adapting the terrifying 1994 book about an Ebola outbreak called The Hot Zone into a TV minseries.

A Freak Show of Baked Goods

The TV series American Horror Story: Freak Show is premiering tonight in Britain on Fox UK. To promote the show, Miss Cakehead was commissioned to bake up some ghoulish goodies!

Where Did Last Names Come From?

YouTube Link Craig from Mental Floss addresses the question "where did last names comes from" by briefly delving into the ancient history of the surname.

KISS Garden Gnomes

Amy Lynn of Geek Crafts turned two ceramic garden gnomes into performers for the glam metal band KISS.

Are Photorealistic Video Games Possible One Day?

(YouTube Link) I remember a few years back, sitting and playing the opening level of God of War 3 on my Playstation 3, and I thought to myself games are not going to get much better looking than this.

Breathe Clean With the Dyson Humidifier

Air humidifiers can be a must-have in dry winter weather, but shooting wet, still water into the air is a great way to fill your home with bacteria.

An Apology to Women

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research. (Image credit: Flickr user butupa) How to make science popular with the fair sex by Sylvester Bames, PhD.

Shreveport Fangbangers - A Sports Team You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into

Shreveport Fangbangers by Fishbiscuit When the strange folks who live in Shreveport decided to form their own baseball team they had a hard time deciding on a name, so they looked to fictional works that take place in their city for inspiration.

Foxcatcher Trailer Looks To Change The Way We See Steve Carell

(YouTube Link) You know those moments when you see a trailer and you just know the movie will have some kind of impact on you?

The Dos and Don'ts of Pokémon Ownership

Are you going to be a nice Pokémon trainer or an effective one? Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman of Dorkly explain the stark choices that you have.

9 People Killed By Unexpected Things That Fell From the Sky

Image Credit: Hariadhi So imagine one day you are at a fast food taco place we will call Taco Hut for legal reasons, and right before you get to take your first bite of their weird meat substitute covered in fake cheese and wrapped in God knows what, the giant sign in the parking lot doubles over and lands on you, killing you instantly.

Paralyzed Artist Learns to Paint with Her Mouth

At the age of 20, Mariam Fatima Paré was an art student in college. She had a promising career ahead of her.

If I Had Known My Mother Back Then

Graphic artist Danielle Delph shows us a very personal project in which she combed through old family photographs and matched some from her childhood with those of her mother’s childhood.