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How Maritime Law Works

The oceans make up vast areas of the earth’s surface that are under no governmental control. That’s where maritime law comes into play.

The Bourbon Burger

(Photo: Chicken & Sons) Chicken & Sons, a restaurant in Chatsworth, New South Wales, Australia, now offers the perfect breakfast burger.

DeepWarp: Changing the Gaze of an Image

So you’ve taken what would be the perfect group picture, except that Uncle Roy is staring at your sister-in-law’s bosom.

Soccer Balls on Demand for Kids in Brazil

The campaign by Brazilian cookie company Biscoitos Zezé is called "Be More Child." It places soccer balls in locked bins in the streets of Brazilian cities.

Guy Wearing Dinosaur Onesie Edits Himself Into Photos Of Famous People

@davidbeckham came into my tattoo studio the other day. He asked me for a #dinolicous tattoo on his back.

Singapore Steet Food Makes Culinary History by Earning Michelin Stars

(Photo: Edgar Su/Reuters) To earn a star in the Michelin travel guide is a great victory for a restaurant.

A Cosmic Groaner

Redditor terrafarma lives on a small farm, so my guess is that he is responsible for this sign. If you don’t get the joke, you might want to listen to the song.

The Fresh Tank Engine of Sodor

(Video Link) YouTube user marioboy22601 remixed Will Smith's famous introduction to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with the theme music of Thomas  and Friends.

Blasters Are So Uncivilized - Slice 'Em With A Saber Instead!

Blasters are so Uncivilized by WinterWolfMedia Just because you're fighting a war that spans the galaxy, just because you're a force of evil who uses the dark side of the force to kill those who dare to rebel against your Imperial policies, doesn't mean you have to act in an uncivilized manner.

Clones of Cloned Sheep Aging Normally

Dolly the sheep was the world’s first cloned animal to survive to adulthood, while 277 other attempts failed.

People Who Got The Last Laugh With Their Hilarious Headstones

(Image Link) Is it better to die with a smile on your face or get the last laugh? Both options can be seen as temporary, but when you get a funny slogan inscribed on your tombstone the laughs last forever.

The Man Engine

Monday in Tavistock, UK, a 33-foot man wearing a Cornish miner’s helmet woke up, waved to the crowd, and starting walking across Cornwall.

When The Boss Institutes A Strict Dress Code, Start Cosplaying At Work

Office dress codes are a real drag, even with Casual Fridays, but employees who want to keep their jobs are forced to dress accordingly...or are they?

Dog Fetches Brother

(Video Link) When Derick Duffner wants the presence of his dog Jack, he doesn't call for him. He asks his other dog, Luke, to fetch him.

Where Our Food Crops Come From

The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) conducted a vast study of global agriculture and how foods that originated in one region ended up sustaining different regions, both by exported agriculture and by exported food.

A Supercut Tribute To The Greatest T-Shirts In Film History

Filmmakers use the production's wardrobe and costumes to help tell their story, which is why they adore slogan t-shirts- because nothing gives a character instant attitude like a tee.

The Stretch Batmobile and Other Crazy Limousines

The definition of a limousine is a hired car with a driver, but in practical usage the word means a luxury ride for showing off.

Conan Patrols Comic-Con In His Superhero Suit

A true #American hero. #SDCC #ConanCon A photo posted by CONAN (@teamcoco) on Jul 22, 2016 at 4:43pm PDT Conan O'Brien has made it his mission to conquer Comic-Con ever since his show moved to L.A., so now we have show tapings and exclusive figures to look forward to at the event each year.

Cats' Reactions to Owners

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research, now in all-pdf form. Get a subscription now for only $25 a year!

Meat Controlled Carldroid - Watch Out For The Food Monsters Living Next Door

Meat Controlled Carldroid by pigboom My name is...wait, what's my name again? I can't seem to think of it, on account of the mind control thingamajigie that fry man used on my noggin'.