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13-Year Old Drinking Prodigy Accepted into College

(Video Link) Colleges and universities are always on the lookout for young athletes with prodigious talent.

Strangers on a Beach: The Origins of Tom Ripley

Patricia Highsmith's most memorable supervillain was inspired by a chance encounter. But how fictional was he really?

Table for Two

Artist Shani Ha placed this unique interactive art installation at a street corner bistro in New York City.

Guitars Capable of Making the Kessel Run in Less Than Twelve Parsecs

Doni’s Custom Guitars has made two fully functional guitars out of Millennium Falcon models. The Han Solo Guitar is a standard six-string electric guitar, and what they call the Rebel Bass Guitar is a four-string bass.

Spiders Are Amazing - The Spectacular Arachnid Dude

Spiders Are Amazing by Barrett Biggers Most spiders surround themselves with webloads of food and a collection of hollow carcasses, but there's one spider who has chosen to use his arachnid abilities for good rather than food.

The Cutest Guinea Pig Cosplayer Ever

Chikuwa is the cutest guinea pig in Tokyo--and the best cosplayer, too! She dresses like her favorite characters, such as Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon, Chun-Li from Street Fighter, and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

The Horrible History Of The World's Most Notorious Mental Asylum

The word “bedlam” means chaos to modern ears, and that meaning came from the British asylum known as Bedlam, short for Bethlehem Royal Hospital.

Parents Get Bright Red Tattoos to Match Their Daughter's Birthmark

(Photo: Michelle Rawlins) Honey-Rae Phillips of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK, was born with a string of bright birthmarks stretching from her right foot up her leg and that side of her body.

Adam Savage's Scale Model of the Maze From Kubrick's The Shining

YouTube Link Adam Savage‘s most recent Tested project is an impressive accurate scale model of the Overlook Hotel's hedge maze from Stanley Kubrick's film presentation of Stephen King's novel The Shining.

A Classic, Old Fashioned Barber Shop on Wheels

I love the old fashioned barbershops of my youth—beautiful slices of Americana I like to call Floyds.

Photographer Captures Frozen "Slurpee Waves" on Nantucket

Photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh has been documenting these nearly frozen waves washing ashore on Nantucket island, Masssachusetts, approximately 30 miles south of Cape Cod.

What Color is This Dress?

There’s been quite a debate among Tumblr users about the colors of this dress. The picture was posted by Swiked, and then passed around, igniting arguments wherever it showed up.

Dog and Tortoise Are Best Friends Forever

(Photo: Cynthia Jones) Dolly is a Pit Bull. Sheldon is a Sulcata Tortoise. Cynthia Jones and her husband Ray adopted both of them into their growing family, which includes 2 miniature donkeys, a miniature horse, and another dog.

Your Chance to Drink with Owls

Japan has been a leader in animal cafes, including one where you can get up close and personal with owls.

"It's Always Sunny" Cast Take A Look At Tattoos Based On Their Show

The cast of characters who lurk around Paddy’s Pub are some seriously shady human beings, and not so long ago people with tattoos were seen as shady and untrustworthy by "polite" society.

Game Over - Freddy Versus Player One

Game Over by DeepFriedArt Fun and fancy free meet a grisly end at Freddy's Pizzeria, because the big boss of the show is done making people happy.

The 18 Most Beautiful Swimming Holes in the World

(Photo: Juozas Šalna) This is the Bimmah Sinkhole, a natural swimming pool in Oman. As the name suggests, it’s formed by the erosion and collapse of a level of limestone in the Hawiyam Najm Park.

Going Back to the ‘90s

(YouTube link) Be careful what you wish for, because with great power comes great responsibility. These familiar adages go double for this video from College Humor.

Great Celebrity Comebacks To Twitter Comments

Celebrities are bright, shiny targets for commenters and trolls online, and they have to deal with venomous comments on a daily basis, so what is a celeb to do when the Tweets are not so sweet?

Kitten vs. Chicken

(YouTube link) A kitten named Dash turns his attention to play-attacking and play-fighting a Frizzle chicken named Mora.