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The 25 Most Terrifying Urban Legends in the World

Image Credit: Marcus Quigmire So what urban legend pulls you in the most? I would love to say it is the "guy with hook on his hand who just escaped the mental asylum" story, but for me, it is actually the "don't flash your headlights at another driver whose lights are off because it is a gang initiation move and they will kill you" legend.

Delicious Popsicles Shaped Like Deadly Microorgamisms

From left to right, you can see MRSA, influenza, chicken pox, e. coli, and HIV. Go ahead and take a lick!

Yard Sard and Other Delights

How can we misspell “yard sale’? Let me count the ways -because there are a lot more than two. Oh, I can’t count because after a few, I just giggled too much.

What Does The Tonberry Say? - The Final Words Of Fantasy Critters

What Does The Tonberry Say? by CArxangel You encounter all kinds of strange creatures when you're exploring the world in search of gil and XP, some you're forced to fight and others are friends, and they all make some seriously strange noises.

This Highly Realistic Bacon Scarf Looks Good Enough to Eat

Although it looks like thinly sliced bacon ready to slide into your skillet, this is actually a silk scarf designed by Natalie Luder.

Startup Ideas

Shen’s Startup Ideas from Owl Turd are, in order, 1. useless, 2. dumb, and 3. incomprehensible. But hey, those qualities (or lack thereof) never stopped a startup from making a ton of money.

A Cinderella Story:The Best Of Bill Murray

Bill Murray is the man. A million people have said it before me, and a million more will say afterwards.

Fashion Styles for Ghosts

(Gemma Correll) Ugg boots may be popular among the living this time of year, but the typical ghost wouldn't be caught dead in them.

Ten Misconceptions About Food

YouTube Link Ah, food. There aren't many things on which the people of the world agree, but our love of food is one of them.

30 Funny Business Signs

(Photo: jessyfastfinger) (Photo: unknown) (Photo: unknown) Alex once told me to change the sign in front of the Neatorama factory.

Moms' Notes on Front Doors: Ring this Doorbell and Regret It

Image via: Beth Anne This collection of notes posted on the front doors of exhausted women everywhere is full of sage reminders and cautionary tales.

World Record Skydive

(vimeo link) In 2012, Felix Baumgartner set a world record for skydiving from an altitude of 128,100 feet.

The Newest Meme: Adorable Bunnies as Phone Cases

10 days ago, Twitter user ryooneokrock1 sent out this image of his pet rabbit serving as a smartphone case.

The Top 100 Science Fiction-Themed Songs of All Time

YouTube Link George Dvorsky at i09 compiled a list of his suggestions for the top 100 songs having to do with science fiction.This comes after their prior list of the top 100 essential albums for science fiction fans.

Cthulhu Ferrigno - Weird Tales Of Bodybuilding

Cthulhu Ferrigno by Lederman Studio When the Great Old One discovered he wouldn't be able to arise in his old body he looked for a suitable replacement on Earth.

That Time it Rained Flesh in Kentucky

In March of 1876 in Bath County, Kentucky, pieces of meat started falling from the sky. Not just a little bit, but enough to have all the neighbors gathering to figure out what happened.

Sarcastic Moms Caption Ridiculous Stock Photos of Parenting

With a measure of alarm that I do not think was undue, I asked my wife, "Is there baby poop on my face?

Black Bear Knows When He's Not Wanted

YouTube Link This black bear was ambling up to the patio of a New Jersey homeowner who gave him a verbal warning to vacate the premises.

50% Off Sale on Halloween Stuff over at the NeatoShop

Save up to 50% off regular price on select items in NeatoShop's Halloween Shop. Treat yourself to costumes, accessories, Halloween decorations, and more.

Dance Dance Revolution: 1812 Overture Edition

This game works a bit like Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, in that you have to play an instrument at the right time in the music in order to score.