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Black Friday: The Movie

(YouTube link) If they made a movie about Black Friday shopping, of course it would be a horror film.

Photo Series "Power Hungry" Aims to Keep World Hunger in World's Awareness

North Korea, "Power" Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin, featured previously at Neatorama for food maps of the world and candy and gingerbread galleries, among other things, present their latest series "Power Hungry." Hargreaves described the series in an interview with BuzzFeed, "This project began with a look at the foods historical dictators have eaten.

The Anatomy of TV Shows

(Wrong Hands/John Atkinson) Your cunning plan will fail. Yes, your pillow is trying to kill you. The 8-month hiatus will make you forget what happened during the previous season.

Vegetable Gelatin Pie Salad

Tell your Thanksgiving dinner guests you are thinking of serving Veg-All Pie Plate Salad, and you’ll either trim down your guest list or get someone to volunteer to bring a salad -or pie.

Man Plays Guitar While Standing on His Head

This busker has found a novel way of drawing a crowd. Not only is he good singer and guitarist, he's good at them while standing on his head!

The Story Of The Mexican Pobladores Who Founded Los Angeles

Every city has a backstory, a tale about its creation and the people responsible for putting it on the map.

LEGO Batman vs. Superman Stop-Motion Animated Brawl

YouTube Link Brick Nerd presents brick Batman and Superman in stop-motion animated brawl. Yet Batman is having a bit of trouble coaxing Superman into the fray...

2014 Supreme Cat Show

  #459403792 / A little fewer than 900 cats were paraded and judged at The Supreme Cat Show in Birmingham, England, yesterday.

Why Elephants Never Forget

YouTube Link I love animals, but elephants are some of my favorites. They are soulful, smart and sweet to their species and others.

Purr - The Legendary Feline Foursome

Purr by Paula Garcia The kittehs were looking to put the band back together, but they needed a style makeover because folk was out and metal was in.

Cargo Bikes That Quickly Turn into Power Generators

Portal Bikes is a not-for-profit organization that wants to help people rise out of poverty by giving them a machine with multiple purposes.

Clearing the Driveway

(YouTube link) Be careful! A guy in Corbett, Oregon, was going to remove the snow from his driveway. Turns out he didn’t need to worry about snow at all.

Spider Man Gloves are Real, and They're Spectacular

Researchers at Stanford have developed gloves inspired by the climbing movement of geckos that give users under 200 pounds the ability to climb a smooth, vertical surface.

Behold the Power of Telekinesis Cat

(Video Link) Fluffy was an ordinary cat. Then, late one night while roaming through the neighborhood, he encountered a crashed alien spaceship.

Let It Go, Bruce

So, did Batman watch Frozen, or did he become familiar with the entire story by osmosis, like I did? I finally saw the movie, or most of it, about a month ago.

Why Is Coffee More Likely to Spill Than Beer?

If you walk around with a glass of beer and a glass of coffee, you're more likely to spill your coffee than you beer.

23 Facts About Steel Magnolias

The movie Steel Magnolias turned 25 years old this past week. Where did the time go? Just the mention of the movie reminds me of getting my hair done and crying along with the movie characters as we watched on VHS.

Misconceptions About Pets

YouTube Link Mental Floss addresses a number of commonly repeated bits of information about pets that aren't necessarily factual.

Ten Television Characters Who Were Never Fully Revealed On Screen

In the television world there are characters like Kramer or Gilligan who keep the slapstick humor alive on a show, and then there are those wonderfully compelling mystery characters.