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A Sick Society

Abby Zimet writes at Common Dreams: In a stunning indictment of the Gaza assault as the act of a savage nation, even its president has proclaimed Israel a “sick society” incapable of dialogue with those around them and in need of treatment.

Groening VS Kubrick

Casting about for another spooky October post, this one didn’t take long. The Simpsons annual “Treehouse of Horror” episodes have become an American Halloween television tradition given the show’s ridiculously long run and the intense creativity highlighted in these seasonal creep-fests.

Global Epidemic: Every 5 Minutes a Child is Killed by Violence

The UNICEF report reveals that the vast majority of children are killed outside warzones and that physical, sexual and emotional abuse is widespread with millions of children unsafe in their homes, schools and communities.

‘Hidden brain signatures’ of consciousness in vegetative state patients discovered

Brain networks in two behaviorally similar vegetative patients (left and middle), but one of whom imagined playing tennis (middle panel), alongside a healthy adult (right panel) (credit: Srivas Chennu) via Kurzweil: Accelerating Intelligence: Scientists in Cambridge, England have found hidden signatures in the brains of people in a vegetative state that point to networks that could support consciousness — even when a patient appears to be unconscious and unresponsive.

1980: America’s First Extraterrestrial Election

By exoimperator via Flickr (CC by-sa 2.0) via The Daily Beast: In a democracy, an idea ceases to sound crazy once every candidate in an election has accepted it.

Footage from Globe reporter captures exchange of gun fire in Canada’s Parliament Hill building

As many of you are probably already aware, there’s been a shooting at the Canadian parliament building earlier this morning.

Political Polarization & Media Habits

Do you read NPR or watch the Colbert Report? You’re may be more liberal than the folks who watch MSNBC.

Swedish submarine mystery: Navy works on two new observations of ‘foreign underwater’ activity

via Sweden’s military is working on two new observations that could be evidence of suspected “foreign underwater activity” near the country’s capital, a senior naval officer says.

Hackers: the Internet’s Immune System

The beauty of hackers, says cybersecurity expert Keren Elazari, is that they force us to evolve and improve.

Jake Fried’s Psychedelic Animations

Hand-drawn animation with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee. Hand-drawn animation with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee.

How To Report On A Riot, A Pumpkin One At That

Interested in learning more journalism, Sign up on our Journalism School Email List by clicking here: In this video Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange talks to Sophia Lierenfeld who found herself at the annual pumpkin festival this year in New Hampshire as riots broke out.

It’s Not Science Fiction, It’s Biomimicry– With Guest Dr. Michael Nosonovsky

Via Midwest Real “In the first half of the 20th century, the prevailing idea was that humans could be masters of nature and the universe.

Vlad the Impaler Was Not the Inspiration for Stoker’s Dracula

via io9: It’s one of those so-called facts that everyone knows: Bram Stoker’s character Count Dracula was loosely based on Vlad the Impaler.

Robber Barons Make Way For Robber Nerds

By Joi Ito via Flickr (CC by 2.0) via The Daily Beast: Rockefeller, Carnegie, J.P. Morgan: This country used to produce impressive if immoral captains of industry.

Totally Biased: Hari Kondabolu Goes Steampunk

The post Totally Biased: Hari Kondabolu Goes Steampunk appeared first on disinformation.

Two Rapporteurs Appointed by the UN Visit Detroit: Restore access to water

Two special rapporteurs from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights spoke at a press conference today, at the Crowne Plaza Riverfront Hotel in Detroit, about the need for all levels of government to step up in their defense of human rights.

Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant

via BBC: A paralysed man has been able to walk again after a pioneering therapy that involved transplanting cells from his nasal cavity into his spinal cord.

Anthropology unlocks clues about Roman gladiators’ eating habits

via Roman gladiators ate a mostly vegetarian diet and drank ashes after training as a tonic.

A Real Hoverboard

The New York Times discovers a couple of California garage tinkerers who have made a real hoverboard, as in Marty McFly’s ride in Back to the Future: LOS GATOS, Calif.

Our Souls Turned into Weapons

By Jayel Aheram via Flickr (CC by 2.0) Robert C. Koehler writes at Common Dreams: “During basic training, we are weaponized: our souls turned into weapons.” Jacob George’s suicide last month — a few days after President Obama announced that the US was launching its war against ISIS — opens a deep, terrible hole in the national identity.