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The British-American coup that ended Australian independence

Prime minister Gough Whitlam watches ACTU president Bob Hawke drink beer from a yard glass Melbourne, Australia, 1972.

The Difference Between a Great Horror Movie and a Great Halloween Movie

via Screen Crush: I never watch ‘Halloween’ on Halloween. That’s not to say that I dislike John Carpenter’s slasher classic.

Digital Afterlife: 2045

Excerpt from Richard Weber’s History of Religion and Inequality in the 21st Century (2056) via The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies: Of all the bewildering diversity of new of consumer choices on offer before the middle of the century that would have stunned people from only a generation earlier, none was perhaps as shocking as the many ways there now were to be dead.

Dreams of the Universe: Is Particle Physics Unscientific?

Watch more videos on From string theory to the multiverse, the theories of modern physics look increasingly exotic and untestable.

Ebola News Gives Me a Guilty Thrill. Am I Crazy?

Ebola virus. (Photo: NIAID/Flickr) via Pacific Standard: Folks speak blithely about their guilty pleasures.

Don’t Let Them Eat Cake: More U.S. Cities Are Banning Feeding the Homeless

I’m regularly asked for something to eat by people on the subway or on the streets of New York City. Complying with such a request may well be illegal before long if a trend in other American cities expands.

Writing about demonic possession is a thankless task

This week I have added /r/Shinto and /r/Buddhism to the list of subreddits I follow, including /r/Christianity which I am currently banned from on Reddit for talking about psychosis as a rite of passage in mystical experiences related to sorcery.

Sales Of Plug-In Cars Exceed 600,000 Worldwide

via CleanTechnica: It hasn’t even been four full years since the first plug-in hybrid and electric cars went on sale across the globe, and in many places plug-in cars are still few and far between.

A Chair Straight Out of David Cronenberg’s Dreams

Pair this with the pseudo-flesh covered furniture and the hugging chair and you’ll officially be the coolest person on the block.

The Danger of Sleep Deprivation

By Eric Skiff via Flickr (CC by -sa 2.0) I’m queuing this post at 10:30pm and can barely keep my eyes open.

Isaac Asimov Asks, ‘How Do People Get New Ideas?’

Isaac Asimov MIT Technology Review has unearthed an old, previously unpublished essay on creativity by Isaac Asimov.

Meteor Hits Brazil, Creates Light Show

Most speculate that this was a meteor or bolide, though there are skeptics. via Mysterious Universe: So, what was it?

United Nations’ silence on gay rights is allowing their abuse

Yes, everywhere. riekhavoc via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA This article was originally published on The Conversation.

Hail Satan Your Own Way

Satanists are nonconformists. We all know that. So when most of us think “Satanic music,” we think of Satanic death metal.

Watching Friends Recover From Addiction on Facebook

By Mr. Theklan via Flickr (CC by-sa 2.0) via The Atlantic: Through likes and comments, I’ve watched my hometown of Perry, Ohio, disappear into and come back from heroin addiction.

Investors in anti-Facebook startup have no idea how it will make money

via Ars Technica: Ello, the notably stripped-down, ad-free social network, announced Thursday that it has taken $5.5 million in venture capital and re-incorporated as a “Public Benefit Corporation.” The company’s founders and investors also published a one-page document in which they declared: Ello must never make money from selling ads Ello must never make money from selling user data In the event that Ello is ever sold, the new owners would also have to comply by these terms So how is Ello going to make money?

Americans’ Trust in Doctors Is Falling

By Murray Barnes via Flickr (cc by 2.0) via Live Science: Americans’ trust in the medical profession has plummeted in recent years, and lags well behind public attitudes toward doctors in many other countries, according to a new report.

Brooklyn’s Gangster Graveyard

By Whit Andrews via Flickr (cc by 2.0) via The Daily Beast: On a sprawling, idyllic cluster of rolling hills in an otherwise industrial section of New York City, history’s finest and most notorious have been laid to rest.

Does Inequality Cause Crime?

By craftivist collective via Flickr (cc by 2.0). Surprised? via The Atlantic: In 1899, Thorstein Veblen described a type of good that is more lusted after the more expensive it is (think Ferraris).

Angelo Badalamenti on Creating the Twin Peaks Theme Song

h/t Bibliokept. The post Angelo Badalamenti on Creating the Twin Peaks Theme Song appeared first on disinformation.