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The Hierarchy of Humanities Schadenfreude

Franz Kafka: Not a job creator Rebecca Schuman writes at Slate: Carmen Maria Machado had a writing professor named Harvey Grossinger who changed her life.

Astounded by the Lack of Compassion for Men in Prison: Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project

jmiller291 (CC BY 2.0) Via the Good Men Project: Lisa Hickey: I’ve been thinking a lot about prison lately.

The NASA Team Keeping Tabs on Intergalactic Death Rays

Intergalactic death rays are just so sexy deadly… BBC Future reports on the NASA team trying to help us avoid gamma ray bursts : You do not want to get in the way of a gamma ray burst.

Robert Jeffress Says 9/11 Was Punishment For Abortion

Dammit… How did we miss that?! Luke Brinker via Salon: “All you have to do is look in history to see what God does with a nation that sanctions the killing of its own children,” Jeffress said, speaking at the Jerry Falwell-founded university’s convocation. ”Just look at the nation of Israel … Because they got involved in the worship of Moloch, the pagan god, and they sacrificed their children on the altar, what did God do?

This Is Absolutely Terrifying: “There Are Really Only Two Big Patches of Intact Forest Left on Earth”

Alias 0591 (CC BY-NC 2.0) Lindsay Abrams writes at Salon: Can a forest that exists only in the spaces between roads and patches cleared for human settlement and agricultural development truly be called a forest?

Disinformation Has Been Officially Bought By BuzzFeed

With over a decade of being independently run and owned, this has been a hard decision for all involved.

Tackling the ET question: Project Camelot and Robbie Graham

“The Cult of Nick podcast” has been going for a few years now. It launched on Disinfo, in 2012. Back then it contained work taken from my archive.

How to Discipline Your Children without Rewards or Punishment

Discipline is necessary for children, but we need to teach them to self-discipline, not bribe them to be good.

How tsunami aid destroyed a culture

Full story: When the tsunami of 2004 devastated the Nicobar islands, inappropriate aid poured in, and social ecologist Simron Jit Singh witnessed a cultural meltdown.

Venezuelan Model Wears Corset 23 Hours a Day for Extreme Hourglass Figure

Surreal… Sumitra via Oddity Central: In a bid to achieve a tiny waist, 25-year-old Aleira Avendano has been wearing a tight corset 23 hours a day, for the past six years.

Anglo-Saxon antibiotics are just the start – it’s time to start bioprospecting in the past

That old Anglo-Saxon remedy reported yesterday has got people “bioprospecting” the past according to the Guardian: Bioprospecting – the search for new drugs and commercial products from the natural world – is big business, and has recently turned towards the search for new antibiotics.

President Obama Grants Clemency to 22 Drug Offenders

President Obama told the Huffington Post in a recent interview, pictured here, that he plans to use his pardon and clemency powers “more aggressively,” with particular focus on cases that represent “the broader issues that we face, particularly around nonviolent drug offenses.” (Image via Huffington Post) This was originally published on Common Dreams.

Scientology: My First Audit

AJ+ (a recently launched digital-only news network from Al Jazeera) has just released this short on Scientology. AJ+’s Francesca Fiorentini visited the Church of Scientology in San Francisco for her very first dip into the religion, or, as some would call it, cult. In Scientology, “going clear” means reaching a state of happiness and freedom.

Finland is throwing away everything that made its schools the best in the world

alamosbasement (CC BY 2.0) Dennis Hayes, University of Derby It easy to lampoon education reforms in Finland that aim to scrap the teaching of traditional subjects in favour of broader topics.

Buckminster Fuller on The Geodesic Life

Buckminster Fuller on The Geodesic Life | The Experimenters | Blank on Blank from Quoted Studios on Vimeo.

Health and Community Advocates Overwhelmingly Oppose Vitter-Udall Takeover of Nation’s Toxic Chemical Safety Laws

Photo: Thekohser (CC) If you’ve seen the powerful disinformation documentary Unacceptable Levels you know that the amount of toxic chemicals in everyday household products is literally out of control.

Florida’s Bathroom Law

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Mike LaBossiere via Talking Philosophy: Being from Maine, I got accustomed to being asked about the cold, lobsters, moose and Stephen King.

Tesla’s Dream Of Wireless Transmission Of Electricity Realized In Japan

Nikola Tesla’s dream realized? says it’s happening in Japan: Japanese scientists have succeeded in transmitting energy wirelessly, in a key step that could one day make solar power generation in space a possibility, an official said Thursday.

Help Wanted, Now Hiring – Leader of the United States

I view America like this: 70 to 80% [are] pretty reasonable people that truthfully, if they sat down, even on contentious issues, would get along.

DEA Agents Investigating Silk Road Embezzled Bitcoin

Cops pilfering criminals’ loot isn’t exactly new, but perhaps it is when the bounty is Bitcoin. From the Guardian: “French Maid” wasn’t Carl Force’s officially sanctioned darknet alias.