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7 Important Details Nobody Mentions About Ferguson

Ferguson protests, 15 August 2014 by Loavesofbread via Wikimedia Commons. How pathetic is it when Cracked is more informative in an article replete with fart videos than CNN, Fox, and MSNBC put together?

What Caused The Red Glow Over the Pacific?

What do you think caused it? via Mysterious Universe: The pilot and co-pilot of a Boeing 747-8 flying from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska, were passing near the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka when they observed a fiery reddish glow over the Pacific.

How the Ancients Should Have Built the Pyramids

Nina at the Norwegian bokmål language Wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons Joseph West and his team suggest that the easiest way to build the pyramids would have been to roll the blocks.

A Letter From Franz Kafka About the Memories of Words

To Selma Kohn* [Entry in an album] How many words in this  book. They are meant for remembrance. As though words could carry memories.

Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order

“Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order” is the actual headline of this op-ed by Kissinger himself in the Wall Street Journal.

Woman with 4 Jobs Dies While Napping in Car

By SpaceShoe via Flickr. This tragic death raises questions about the economy. It’s time to raise minimum wage – working four jobs and being forced to nap in one’s car between shifts to make ends meet is unacceptable.

Interview with David Lynch – Transcendental Meditation, “True Detective,” and More

“David Lynch (cropped edit)” by Sasha Kargaltsev. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons The Daily Beast just ran an awesome interview with David Lynch.

Extinction Burst

Other than Filmspotting, the only podcast I listen to regularly is You Are Not So Smart. Out of all of the episodes, I felt compelled to share “Extinction Burst” because it’s filled with useful information about addictions and why they’re so difficult to overcome.

A Message to Young People from Andrei Tarkovsky

Andrei Tarkovsky is one of my go-to “favorite directors” when asked. I stumbled upon this video when browsing The Criterion Collection’s YouTube videos.

Dennis McKenna – Plants Fueled Neural Evolution

Via The Nexian: ‘Plants have an incredibly symbiotic relationship with insects to complete their life cycle….There was a very specific symbiosis with us, and whatever other animals that ate these fruits.

Police Officer Will Not Be Charged For Killing Napster Exec While Texting While Driving — Because It’s Apparently OK For Police To Do That

The title of this post at Business Insider pretty much says it all! Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy Andrew Wood will not be charged for fatally running over former Napster COO Milton Olin Jr.

PSA: Disinformation 3 Day Weekend Sale – 40% off everything!

Disinfolks, we are trying to increase the traffic to our store and because it’s a long weekend for most of us, we decided to offer 40% off LIST prices in our store.

China: No Cult Zone

Actual photo of Naval battle between Taiping-Qing armies on Yangtze River. The caption in French says: “Canonnade des Taiping contre les jonques de guerre des Tsing qui assiégeaient la capital du Royaume céleste.” (“Taiping cannon fire against the Qing war junks that are assaulting the capital of the celestial kingdom”).

UFO Over Pennsylvania?

Is this really a UFO spotted this week by a woman in Pennsylvania? (Probably not per Accuweather.) From ABC News: A Pennsylvania woman who captured what she insists was an unidentified flying object on her cell phone camera says she is “scared to death now.” A couple police officers also say they saw the UFO that night.

VIDEO: Your Brain On Coffee

H/T Laughing Squid Thought I’d share this as I sit at my desk and sip my morning cup of coffee. ASAPScience gives a quick overview of how our brains respond to coffee.

Wealth in Poverty: A Tribal’s View

Women in a tribal (Gond adivasi) village, Umaria district, India. Picture taken during a meeting organised by Ekta Parishad about land rights, the main grievance of the Adivasi people.

What Lies Beneath Stonehenge?

By garethwiscombe via Wikimedia Commons. via The Smithsonian: We walked the Avenue, the ancient route along which the stones were first dragged from the River Avon.

Solved: Death Valley’s Sliding Rocks

From Flickr via Wikimedia Commons Another mystery solved! via Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego: Racetrack Playa is home to an enduring Death Valley mystery.

What the Hell Is a Little Girl Doing With an Uzi?

OK Second Amendment defenders, what do you say to this question (posed by Cliff Schecter at Daily Beast) in the wake of the now notorious gun range death of a 9-year-old girl’s instructor: “What the Hell Is a Little Girl Doing With an Uzi?

Simulation Theory and the Nature of Reality with NASA Physicist and Author, Tom Campbell

Via Midwest Real “When the original founding fathers of quantum mechanics were doing these experiments they were really excited… making statements like- ‘if quantum mechanics doesn’t blow your mind, that’s because you don’t understand quantum mechanics.’ They realized this was a really big deal philosophically, (and) scientifically… Then they tried to come up with a good explanation.