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Rolling Balls through the Mind: On the Virtues of Laziness

I could have a job, but am too lazy to choose it; I have got land, but am too lazy to farm it. My house leaks; I am too lazy to mend it.

Tim Leary profile with John Higgs and an interview with Thad McKracken

Episode #126 of The Cult Of Nick descends into the net. It features John Higgs, who writes an excellent blog here and tweets here.

Embracing ‘The Third Wave’

via One night saw me watching and listening to the performance videos of Charice Pempengco.

William Gibson interview: time travel, virtual reality, and his new book

William Gibson (CC by-sa 2.0) via The Verge: Our geography is dissolving into the digital. Science fiction author William Gibson’s work, from cyberpunk classic Neuromancer to his more recent, less overtly futuristic novels, is usually more concerned with smart cultural analysis than plotting the mechanics of new technology.

This Is Your Brain on Drugs

A Harvard-Northwestern study has found differences between the brains of young adult marijuana smokers and those of nonsmokers.

GDS Technologies (water generator) is not ready to go yet

Greg Potter with his GDS3000, which they will not be selling. The 5kW system will be the smallest output they will sell.

Scientists Discover Huge ‘Bathtub Ring’ Of Oil On Sea Floor From BP Spill

Louisiana GOHSEP (CC by-sa 2.0) More bad news. via Think Progress: Scientists have discovered yet another unforeseen effect of BP’s historic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: a 1,235-square-mile “bathub ring” of oil on the deep ocean’s floor.

Guidestoned 2014 Documentary Kickstarter

“Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when he is called upon to act in accordance with the dictates of reason.” – Oscar Wilde Let’s dig up the Time Capsule together.

The Replicator Is Still Sci-Fi, But Here’s A Start

via Gizmodo: The dream of the Replicator-a machine that can create or copy any object-has mesmerized us ever since Star Trek used one to conjure a glass of water out of thin air.

Terms of Service: Al Jazeera’s Cool Web Comic About Big Data

Could you see any stalwart of the mainstream media in America using the medium of an online comic to address the tensions that so-called Big Data present?

The Last Internationale Breaks the Stage with Killing Fields & Revolution

  Abby Martin features an exclusive performance by, The Last Internationale, playing their songs Wanted Man and Killing Fields.

My Brief and Curious Life As a Mechanical Turk

via Gizmodo: As accomplished as modern-day computers are, there are some very basic things even the smartest machines have yet to master: tough judgment calls, advanced image recognition, making goofy faces, conducting psychological surveys.

The Islamic State: Grooming Children for Jihad

In Part 2 of VICE News’ exclusive look at the emergence of the Islamic State, filmmaker Medyan Dairieh meets an Islamic State member from Belgium who works to indoctrinate some of the youngest members of the group.

You’re powered by quantum mechanics. No, really…

“Schrödinger’s cat” by El Alvi (cc by-sa 2.0) via The Guardian: For years biologists have been wary of applying the strange world of quantum mechanics, where particles can be in two places at once or connected over huge distances, to their own field.

Google Nanotech Pill Will Search Your Body For Disease Detection

There’s an emerging theme in contemporary science fiction of medical nanotechnology running amok with disastrous consequences for humanity.

Study: Americans are as likely to believe in Bigfoot as in the big bang theory

By JD Hancock (cc by 2.0) via The Washington Post: Human beings are, in general, a superstitious lot.

Our Pay to Play System, Embodied by Beanie Babies

By Dominique Godbout (CC by 2.0) Disinfo’s newest film, Pay 2 Play: Democracy’s High Stakes will be available this Saturday (11/1) on our site.

Humans, Chimps and Why We Need Personhood for All

Not Tommy the Chimp. By Tambako The Jaguar via Flickr (CC by-nd 2.0) via Time: We accord rights to babies, the profoundly disabled and elderly people with dementia.

Genetically Modified Organisms Risk Global Ruin, Says Black Swan Author

By Rebecca W via Flickr (cc by 2.0) Written by The Physics arXiv Blog via Medium: It is 20 years since the FDA approved the Flavr Savr tomato for human consumption, the first genetically engineered food to gain this status.

Ed Snowden Taught Me To Smuggle Secrets Past Incredible Danger. Now I Teach You

Edward Snowden by Laura Poitras / Praxis Films (CC) Micah Lee was staff technologist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and chief technology officer of the Freedom of the Press Foundation when he was first contacted by Edward Snowden.