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Charity Application Problems Leave Tots Without Their Toys

(Karen Chappell)Here’s an important lesson on following up with paperwork: nonprofit organizations near Pittsburgh (and possibly in other regions as well) learned that when they celebrate Christmas with disadvantaged children this year, there will be no toys supplied by Toys for Tots for Santa to hand out.

UPS Drives Forklift Into Valuable Sculpture, Shrugs

(Morton Fox)Current ad campaigns for UPS brag about the carrier’s abilities at logistics: getting a thing from one place to another is their specialty.

Skip Stores And Middlemen: Shop Directly From Chinese Wholesalers

*kevin dean)Instead of buying inexpensive, mass-produced junk from China at your local big-box store, why not save time, avoid human interaction, and go right to the source?

Starbucks Ditches Square, Will Cease Accepting Wallet Mobile Payments In Coming Months

(Adam Fagen) The two-year long partnership between Starbucks and mobile payment system Square is coming to an end, as the coffee company had decided to ditch the mobile payment company’s upcoming new system in favor of its own mobile ordering solution.

Tesla Launching Battery Swap Pilot ProgramFor Some Model S Owners Next Week

(Nicholas Eckhart)While many electric car owners love being gas-free, the time-consuming process of recharging a vehicle can be a bit of a setback.

Flickr Stops Selling Prints Of Photos Licensed For Free Use

(John Hanley)Creative Commons licenses let people without expansive legal teams license their creative work for use in other creative projects: a piece of Creative Commons-licensed music could appear in a podcast or a video, for example, or a photo could be used to illustrate a blog post.

CDC: Listeria Contaminated Pre-Packaged Caramel Apples Linked to Four Deaths, 28 Illnesses

(Jason Childs) The holidays are full of sweet treats and fresh-baked goods. But if your snacking plans included finishing off those prepackaged caramel apples from fall, you better come up with different plans.

Obama: Sony “Made A Mistake” Pulling ‘The Interview’ From Theaters

The FBI announced today, and President Obama confirmed during a press conference, that North Korea is indeed behind the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

NLRB: McDonald’s Retaliation Against Workers Who Participated In Protests Violates Their Rights

(epicharmus)McDonald’s and some of its franchisees retaliated against workers who participated in protests and other demonstrations over hours and working conditions, the National Labor Relations Board said today, in announcing several complaints it filed accusing the fast-food chain of violating workers’ rights with “discriminatory discipline.” Regional offices of the NLRB filed 13 complaints today covering 78 specific charges, the organization said, though some of those complaints have been settled or to be found without merit since the investigation started in 2012.

Apple Condemns BBC Reports About Factory And Tin Supplier Conditions

Earlier this week, the BBC aired an hourlong documentary program on conditions for workers in factories assembling Apple products in China, and conditions in tin mines in Indonesia that supply Apple.

Lawsuit Claims Couple Died After Getting Food Poisoning From Bob Evans’ Meatloaf

A new lawsuit claims that a “tainted meal” at Bob Evans lead to a couple’s death.Contracting food poisoning after consuming a meal is never a pleasant experience.

The Organization That Coordinates All The Internet Domain Names In The World Got Hacked

If the Internet was the Death Star, then the weak point hackers might be trying to aim at would be the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN (though I’d like to think the non-profit organization that administers and coordinates all the world’s Internet domain names wouldn’t be on the dark side).

Target Shoppers Get Go-Ahead To Sue Retail Giant Over 2013 Hack

(Ben Schumin) A year after Target discovered it was the, well, target of one of the largest retailer hacks ever, and a few weeks after banks got permission to sue the corporation, Target shoppers have now gotten the all-clear for their lawsuits, too.

T-Mobile Agrees To Pay $112.5M To Settle FTC Mobile-Cramming Lawsuit

(Ron Dauphin) Rounding out a week punctuated by new accusations of mobile carriers overcharging consumers using a practice known as “bill-cramming,” one past lawsuit is being put to rest.

Shell Gas Stations Turn To Hot Dogs For Financial Comfort As The Price Of Fuel Drops

(Great Beyond)I’m no stranger to falling into the loving embrace of encased meats, but who knew that gas stations are also seeking comfort from hot dogs these days?

Reminder: Don’t Buy Gift Cards From People Standing Outside Walmart

(Ron Dauphin) With just a few days remaining to finish your holiday shopping, you might feel compelled to buy a gift card and call it good.

We’ll Be Waiting A Little Longer For A Dollar Store Merger

(Ryan) The fate of the long-running dollar store merger saga likely won’t be decided by the end of the year as once expected, now that Family Dollar has decided to delay an upcoming shareholder vote.

Online Shipping War: Amazon’s Shelf Robots Against Walmart’s Puny Humans

(Ben Schumin)Amazon and other e-commerce companies have vast order fulfillment warehouses filled with shelves full of goods.

Google Doesn’t Recognize Itself Anymore, Marks Own Email As Spam

Google’s looking at the man in the mirror.Though it’s usually the place where fake Rolex offers, male enhancement drugs and princes from Ghana go to die, it’s always a good idea to check your spam folder.

Who Should Foot The Bill For Millions Of Repairs Because Of Defective Takata Airbags?

So far this year, 10 automakers have recalled more than 19 million vehicles for potentially defective Takata airbags.