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Sprint’s New Unlimited Plan Covers The Phone, But Sticks You With 3G Streaming

In an attempt to show customers exactly what they’re paying for with their phone plans, Sprint is throwing its hat into the phone-leasing ring with a new “All-In” plan.

Dept. Of Labor Proposal Would Expand Overtime Pay To Nearly Five Million More Americans

(Nathan Van Driel) Working more than 40 hours a week but not getting paid overtime because you make too much already?

Study Spoiling 4th Of July Fun Says Fireworks Release Harmful Particulates Into The Air

(Scott D. Rogers)Just in time for the Fourth of July comes some news that might put a damper on your celebrations: A new study says exploding fireworks create toxic air pollution that could be harmful to your health.

Police: Man Who Took 300-Mile Cab Ride Jailed Because He Couldn’t Pay $749 Fare

(ian.poley)Can you take a cab on a cross-state ride? Sure. But you better be able to pay for it when you reach your destination, or you could face jail.

Victims Of Debt Collection Scam To Start Receiving $4M In Refunds From FTC

(Earth2Kim) More than a year after the Federal Trade Commission settled charges with a massive debt collection operation that extorted payments from consumer using false threats, those affected by the deceptive practices are finally seeing a bit of restitution in the form of checks totaling $4 million.

Apple Is On The Hook For $450M After Losing Federal Appeal In E-Book Price-Fixing Case

(afagen)Though Apple’s alleged co-conspirators have long since settled and gone about the process of making good for the price-fixing they did not legally admit to committing, the elecronics company had held out in its fight to clear its name, taking the case to a federal appeals court late last year.

Delaware Becomes The Only State Without Commercial Air Travel After Frontier Airlines Flies Away

(Dendroica cerulea) While flying is often the easiest and quickest way for travelers to get from one place to another, the nearly one million residents in Delaware will have to find a different mode of transportation in their home state — unless they want to fly privately.

Hyundai, Nissan Dealerships In Las Vegas Settle Deceptive Advertising Complaints

(Eric Norris) Back in March, federal regulators teamed up with their Canadian counterparts to crack down on auto dealers’ deceptive, fraudulent practices.

Not Content To Remain In The Burger Realm, Wendy’s Expands The Baconator Brand To Fries

The thing about bacon is, once you’ve put it on one thing, everyone expects you to dump it all over everything else.

Consumer Reports: Nearly 1.5M Vehicles Have Higher-Than-Average Oil Consumption

(The Joy Of The Mundane) When I first started driving, I remember being told to change my car’s oil every 3,000 miles.

Lawsuit Accuses Jewelry Company Lia Sophia Of Refusing To Honor Lifetime Guarantee

Six months after direct-sales jewelry company Lia Sophia said it was shutting down, one of its former sales representatives has been joined by a customer in a lawsuit against the company, claiming it refuses to honor its lifetime guarantee on purchases, even while it’s continued to stay alive through online sales.

Today Will Be Extra Long, But Businesses Promise It Won’t Crash Their Computers This Time

(Felicia Violi)If today feels like a really long day, that’s because it is. There’s going to be a leap second this evening, making Tuesday 24 hours and one second long.

McDonald’s Offering Flavored Hot Coffees For The First Time, But In Just One Market

(Steve) Craving a little flavor with your morning cup of hot java? If your breakfast joint of choice is McDonald’s, then you likely know that just isn’t an option.

Today’s The Day: JetBlue’s Checked Bag Fees Are Now In Effect

(Boss Meg)Say goodbye to that free checked bag when flying on JetBlue: The company announced last November that it was going to start charging passengers who fly with checked bags at some point, and that point is today.

Chick-fil-A, Chipotle Lead In Customer Satisfaction Survey, McDonald’s Brings Up The Rear… Again

By now we’re well aware that McDonald’s has struggled to attract and keep new customers in recent years, leading to an all-out overhaul of the fast-food powerhouse.

Hyundai Replaces General Motors As Official Automotive Sponsor Of The NFL

(kenfagerdotcom)Sure, sometimes breaking up might be hard to do, but it always helps when you’ve got another suitor lined up to take your former flame’s place.

Victoria’s Secret Plans To End On-Call Scheduling

(Adam Fagen) Employees at Victoria’s Secret will no longer have to call in to find out if they’ll be hawking lotions, perfumes, bras, underwear and other products on any given day, as the company plans to end its use of on-call scheduling.

Now Available At Petco: One Long Tailed Grass Lizard Skeleton For Only $9.99

(imgur)Are you in the market for a new pet, one that doesn’t require much maintenance or care? Or perhaps, one that requires absolutely nothing from you?

App Developer Settles Charges It Hijacked Consumers’ Phones To Mine Virtual Currency

The FTC and New Jersey AG’s office allege that the makers of the Prized app used the program to infect customers’ phones with malware for their own use.

Where In The World Can You Find The Cheapest Beer?

(pwrplantgirl)If you’re the kind of person who needs to know everything about a city before you visit, your list of requirements might include pinning down where you can get a cheap beer.