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McDonald’s Invites Indie Band To Sell Out For No Pay

(Joseph O. Holmes)The South by Southwest Music Festival is an annual event in Austin, Texas, where you can discover relatively unknown independent bands and absorb other forms of culture.

Lumber Liquidators Sued Over Formaldehyde Allegations

Only days after a 60 Minutes report on the allegedly high formaldehyde levels in wood products sold by Lumber Liquidators, consumers have filed a potential class action against the company in federal court.

Mall Of America Owners Want To Build An Even Bigger Mall In Miami

From the proposal for American Dream Miami (via The Miami Herald)The company that operates the mammoth Mall of America in Minnesota and the larger West Edmonton Mall in Canada are looking to erect an outsized shopping destination in warmer climes with a new proposal to build a combination mall and amusement park in the Miami area.

Sephora Introduces $10 Unlimited 2-Day Shipping Program

(epicharmus)If you like to buy online from Sephora, but dislike waiting until you have $50 worth of items before making your purchase, great news!

Find Out Whether Your Flexible Spending Account Can Roll Over

(Sarah)A flexible spending account is a handy tool that lets you put aside pre-tax money for medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance.

Google Launches Car Insurance Comparison Site

Google officially jumped into the insurance business today with the launch of its car insurance comparison website in the United States.

The Nation’s Biggest Companies Agree: Gay Marriage Is Good For Business

(Scott Lynch)Next month, the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments with regard to the legality of state laws that prohibit same-sex marriages.

Amtrak Funding Bill Approved By House Includes Provision Allowing Pets On Trains

(Schumin Web)After embarking on a trial allowing dogs and cats to travel on some trains along with their owners last spring, it seems Amtrak could soon have pet cars on all its trains nationwide.

Brach’s Introduces Easter Chick Shaped Candy Corn For Some Reason

Fear not, candy fans: Brach’s is now able to fill in the bleak waiting time between Valentine’s Day candy corn and Independence Day candy corn with Easter candy corn.

Dunkin’ Donuts Says It Will Remove Controversial Whitening Agent From Powdered Sugar

(sameold2010)Dunkin’ Donuts announced today that it’s planning to remove titanium dioxide, a whitening agent often used in toothpaste and sunscreen as well as other products, from all powdered sugar used on its doughnuts.

Study: Self-Driving Vehicles Could Eliminate 90% Of Car Accidents In United States

(Enokson) Although we’re likely a decade or two away from every person on the block owning a driverless car, when the time comes we could be saving billions of dollars and spending far less time dealing with auto accidents.

Congresswoman Backed By AT&T, Comcast Introduces Bill To Kill Net Neutrality

While some members of Congress have argued that the best way to deal with net neutrality is to create a law that guides what broadband providers can and can’t do with regard to data, one legislator from Tennessee — who has received significant money from neutrality’s biggest opponents — has introduced a bill that would kill neutrality and strip the FCC of its authority to regulate broadband as a necessary piece of telecommunications infrastructure.

Researchers Teaming With Oxfam To Develop Toilet That Uses Urine To Generate Electricity

(UWE Bristol on YouTube)In an effort to bring sustainable sources of light to dark places, researchers working with Oxfam are working on a toilet that uses urine to generate electricity, in turn lighting up lavatories in places like refugee camps.

Experimental Crocs Store In Tokyo Brings You Shoes With Drone

If you’ve always thought that shoe stores would be improved by replacing salespeople with drones, well, you’re going to have to wait a while before you can experience your dream.

Passengers Safely Taken Off Delta Jet That Skidded Off Snowy Runway

Two-thirds of the flights scheduled to arrive today at New York’s LaGuardia airport have already been canceled, mostly due to the latest snow storm to slam the Mid-Atlantic region.

Marketer Of Snuggies, Perfect Brownie Pans, Others Must Pay $8M For Deceiving Consumers

The marketer of products such as Snuggies and Magic Mesh door covers must pay $8 million to settle charges of deceiving consumers.

Solo Diner Sues Portland Restaurant For $100K Claiming Staff Refused To Serve Her On Valentine’s Day

(tjean314)On the one hand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a table for one for Valentine’s Day, or any day.

HBO Registers URL For “HBO Now” Website

The URL for “” has recently been registered on behalf of HBO, giving credence to reports that it will use the HBO Now name for its upcoming streaming service.Yesterday, we got the first meaty (but currently unconfirmed) details about HBO’s upcoming standalone streaming service.

Why Do Girl Scouts Sell A “Caramel deLite” In Milwaukee And A “Samoa” In Seattle?

(Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie)When I first the nest to live among strangers in a strange land/another state, I was surprised to hear people talking about eating “Samoas” and “Tagalongs” during Girl Scout cookie season.

Comcast Not Afraid Of Streaming Services; Won’t Commit To Playing Nice With Them

Comcast can not currently make deals with broadcasters to keep their content off competing online video services like Sling, but that restriction expires in 2018 and the company won’t publicly commit to continuing this prohibition.Earlier this week, a Dish executive claimed that Comcast was afraid of so-called over-the-top streaming services like Dish’s Sling TV and that the cable giant could use its size and influence to prevent broadcasters from signing onto Sling and others.