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Sears Says Reports Of Planned Store Closings Are Inaccurate, Won’t Elaborate

Pete KraynakSears Holdings wants you to know that the rumors of planned store closings by the end of this year are wrong.

USPS Gets Go-Ahead To Expand Deliveries Of Groceries & Other Stuff

(Molly)Last month, the cash-strapped street urchin that is the U.S. Postal Service pleaded “more gruel, sir” to the Postal Regulatory Commission, asking for permission to expand its test of delivering groceries and other non-postal items during those wee-morning hours when mail trucks mostly sit idle.

Here’s The Latest Bit Of Astroturfing From The Cable Industry About Broadband Speeds

A site called “The Connectivist” tries to argue that U.S. broadband isn’t really as bad as it might look, but the site’s motives are questionable, since it’s a “partner” of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association.Once again, the latest survey of the current state of broadband around the globe [PDF] shows that, while improving, the U.S.

Costume Shops Have To Guess What You’ll Rush In To Buy On October 30th

(Kelly Lynn)It’s October 23rd: do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween? How about your kids?

Swiss Company Apologizes For Printing Photos Of Hitler, Mussolini On Creamer Packages

Some 2,000 mini-creamer containers distributed in Switzerland mistakenly contained images of Hitler and Mussolini.

Free Shipping Will Be More Expensive This Holiday Season

(PaulBarwick)There’s no such thing as free shipping. What looks like free shipping from a shopper’s perspective is only subsidized shipping, and those subsidies come from shoppers.

North Carolina Food Firm Shuts Down Two Weeks After Major Recall For Listeria Contamination

Just two weeks after recalling more than 150 food products for possible listeria contamination, a North Carolina-based food distributor is reportedly closing its doors.

First Female UPS Driver Reaches 40 Accident-Free Years

(So Cal Metro)UPS drivers who have been on the road for 25 years or more with zero accidents get a special arm patch and are named to the company’s “Circle of Honor.” One of the company’s minority of female drivers reached an even more impressive milestone, and was recently honored for driving more than four million miles over her forty years with the company.

Audi Recalls 850,000 Vehicles For Glitch That Could Prevent Airbag Deployment

(dirtyblueshirt) Airbag woes continued for car manufacturers around the world today as Audi announced it would recall 850,000 vehicles with possibly defective airbags.

Some Furniture Warranties May Expire Before Items Are Even Sold

In most cases, when a manufacturer advertises a 3-year warranty, it means three years from the time of purchase.

Customs Agents Seize Hundreds Of Kansas City Royals Panties In Raid On Boutique

(Old Shoe Woman)Show me someone who predicted federal agents would be engaged in a literal panty raid and I will show you a liar, because the idea is preposterous — at first.

How Much Would You Pay For A Standalone HBO Go?

Last week, HBO confirmed plans to launch a standalone online service that doesn’t require you to have a separate basic pay-TV package.

Facebook’s Next Big Thing: Bringing Back That AOL Chatroom Feeling

A few weeks ago, we all heard that Facebook — the site where your real name and offline social connections are meant to rule supreme — was planning to launch an app that supported anonymous use.

Red Velvet Oreos Could Be Real, Or Maybe Not

Red velvet, a type of cake flavored with chocolate and red food coloring, is very popular for some reason.

Still Looking For A Halloween Costume? Here’s One For Just $1.6M

This million dollar costume comes with head to toe diamonds.Some people might rummage through their closet or head to the local Halloween pop-up store for a clever, or sultry costume to prowl the streets in.

Forget Everything You’ve Been Told: Buy Your Plane Tickets On Sunday

(John Kittelsrud)That sound you hear is yourself throwing every thought you had in your brain about buying plane tickets on a certain day out the window.

Feds Searching For Graffiti Artist Vandalizing National Parks And Leaving An Instagram Handle Behind

How could you tag something better than nature already has? (Raj Hanchanahal Photography)The idea of leaving a place better than when you found it is a fine idea when it comes to things like tidying up a campground before you take off, but that does not mean painting graffiti all over our nation’s parks and wild places.

Restaurant Owner Defends Video Of Employee Climbing Out Of Ice Machine

Is this another example of an unthinking fast food worker caught on camera doing something stupid, or is it all a misunderstanding that looks much worse than it is?

Sears And Kmart Will Close 76 Stores By End Of 2014

(Scott Miller)Sears Holdings, the parent company of Sears and Kmart, needs to lose less money. Closing underperforming stores, renting out vacant space, and borrowing money from its manifesto-writing CEO.

Why Doesn’t Tesla Just Use Dealerships To Sell Its Cars?

(frankieleon)Earlier this week, auto dealers in Michigan successfully manipulated the state’s lawmakers to clarify that the only way any car company can sell any vehicles in Michigan is through franchised auto dealers.