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New Rules Would Require Debt Collectors Have Proof You Actually Owe Money

One of the most common complaints about debt collectors is that they harass people over debts that are either no longer owed, or weren’t owed in the first place.

Here’s A Letter Sent To A Verizon Wireless Customer Using ‘Extraordinary Amounts’ Of Data

Verizon Wireless brought back nominally unlimited mobile data by letting users have access just fast enough to check e-mail and make text posts to Facebook once they’re run through their data allotment, but what the company really wants is to get customers who still have unlimited data off their network for good.

Terrible Landlord Accused Of Harassing, Literally Freezing Out Tenants

The landlord in East Harlem in New York City wanted the last rent-stabilized tenants out. The rest of the building was being renovated to attract market-rate tenants, but the family with five kids just wouldn’t leave, even after the five other households in the building did.

You’ve Got Two Months Left To File A Claim In PayPal Class Action Settlement

Earlier this year, PayPal reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit, agreeing to provide some users with payments ranging from $3 to $440 to resolve allegations the company improperly handled disputed transactions and placed inappropriate holds or reserves on some sellers’ funds.

Starbucks Denies Reports That It’s Slashing Hours Chain-Wide

While Starbucks announced planned raises for employees and a loosened dress code, those changes came in the middle of rampant chain-wide unhappiness among baristas.

Verizon Thinking About Maybe Expanding FiOS Again After All, Sort Of

Verizon has been very clear, repeatedly, that they are over this whole FiOS thing. They are happy with the service they provide and the footprint in which they provide it, and do not have expansion plans for the future.

Amazon Adds Kickstarter Products To Launchpad Store

A year after wading into the world of startups by partnering with more than 25 crowd-funding platforms and venture capital firms to offer up-and-coming sellers a place to showcase their unique products, Amazon announced today that it has finally partnered with the most prominent name in the crowd-funding arena, Kickstarter, to bring more than 300 products to the masses.  The newly launched Kickstarter Collection offers customers a chance to scoop up crowd-funded products ranging from electronics to toys and games.

6 Things We Learned About The Test To Become A Certified Cheese Professional

Today I learned that there’s an entire group of people to envy that I was unaware of: Certified Cheese Professionals.

The Average Legal Marijuana User Spends $645 A Year On The Green Stuff

Before marijuana became legal in some states, you’d have to figure out on your own how much money you’d spend on weed.

Nintendo Delays Pokémon Go Wearable Release Until September

Pokémon Go fever is now global, but the frenzy over the game will eventually fizzle out a bit. That’s inevitable.

Woman Killed After Trying To Save Daughter From Tiger Attack At Chinese Wildlife Park

While there are many opportunities for us humans to brush up against wildlife, there’s always the risk of getting too close to nature.

Hoverboard Owners Report Issues Getting Refunds After Recall

Nearly a month after the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled half a million (non-hovering) hoverboards over safety concerns, urging owners to stop using the self-balancing scooters and seek refunds, some customers say they’re having a difficult time doing so.  The CPSC says it has received a slew of complaints from hoverboard owners related to how companies are providing refunds for the potentially dangerous boards, WCNC reports [warning: link has video that autoplays].

Noodles & Company Apologizes After Police Officer Denied Service At DC-Area Restaurant

Noodles & Company has apologized after a uniformed police officer said she was denied service at a D.C.-area location, saying the company does not “tolerate any form of discrimination.” According to a spokeswoman with the Alexandria police department, a female officer in uniform went into a Noodles & Company restaurant on Monday evening and got in line to order, The Washington Post reports.

Warning To Patients: No One Actually Vets Clinical Trials Listed In Government Database

When you have an impossible medical problem or don’t like the treatment solutions available to you, it makes sense to turn to the very latest treatments, including those so new that they’re still in clinical trials.

Zagat Dumps 30-Point Ratings For Simplified Five-Star Designations

It’s out with the old and in with the new for dining guide Zagat, as the company relaunched its brand this week with a new app and rating system.  The Wall Street Journal reports that Google-owned dining guide ditched its long-standing 30-point rating scale for restaurants in favor of a simpler five-star rating system.

If Your Kid Made Unapproved App Purchases Using Facebook, You Could Get A Refund

It’s so easy to buy apps and then buy even more stuff within those apps, even a kid can do it. Which is exactly why a court has ordered Facebook to refund parents whose children made unapproved app purchases while using the social media network.

Comcast Excited To Have Lost 4,000 TV Subscribers This Spring

Comcast is just so happy this morning, you guys! Their second quarter results are out and they are thrilled, just thrilled, to announce that they lost 4,000 TV subscribers in the last three months.

Southwest Passengers Recall Long Lines, Poor Communication During Massive Glitch

A major issue with its technical systems left thousands of Southwest Airlines flights grounded last week, leaving passengers stranded with few options: wait out the glitch or look for alternative means of travel.

New Law Will Make Airlines Refund Baggage Fees When Bags Are Delayed

You’ve been there. You’re sitting at an airport in one state, while your luggage is stranded at an airport in another after it failed to make its connecting flight.

Uber, Lyft, & Philly Cabs Have Showdown Of Their Own At The DNC

Do you remember the scene in Anchorman when all the different news teams have a giant, lethal street fight?