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Samsung Says My New TV From Groupon Is Secretly Mexican

(Eric Hauser)Rob bought a TV from Groupon Goods, and found himself in a weird dilemma where Groupon promised that his new TV would have a manufacturer’s warranty.

Kickstarter: Project Backers Must Get Rewards (But Leave Us Out Of It)

When you pledge your money to a Kickstarter project, you do so knowing that you won’t actually be charged unless the project reaches its funding goal.

GM Must Turn Over Documents Regarding Ignition Switch Defect

(frankieleon) Since the General Motors ignition switch defect came to light in February there has been no shortage of lawsuits filed against the car manufacturer.

Former Peanut Butter Moguls Found Guilty Of Knowingly Shipping Contaminated Food

(Great Beyond)Remember the massive outbreak of salmonella in peanut butter? No, not the one earlier this year, or the one in 2012, or the one in 2007.

California Lays Down New Requirements For Olive Oil Labels

(Michael W. May)Sure, the label says California olive oil — but how do you know something else hasn’t crept in along the way, an oil of another sort?

$400M Loan From Its Own CEO Is Only 1/10 Of What Sears Needs To Stay Alive

(Scott Miller)I don’t know about you, but if someone loaned me $400 million, it would just about cover all my debts.

Failed Stowaway Tries To Hide In Plane’s Wheel Well For Free Ride From Orlando To NYC

(kevindean)Just because one person survived flying miles above the ground in the wheel well of an airplane doesn’t mean everyone should try it.

Recreated Pan Am Plane Transports Guests To 1970s – All For The Price Of Real Airline Ticket

An airline themed film studio is offering consumers the chance to travel back to the ’70s.What if I said you didn’t need a speeding Delorean and 1.21 gigawatts to revisit the past?

Judge Hits Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme With $40.7 Million Penalty

(Duncan Rawlinson)If someone convinces you to invest with him by promising returns of 7% weekly, and that he’s never lost money and there’s no risk, you should be incredibly concerned about giving him your money, regardless of whether it’s a dollar or a Bitcoin.

Procter & Gamble Removes Microbeads From Toothpastes, Still Insists They’re Safe

Microbeads are little plastic beads that appear in face washes, toothpastes, and other personal-care items.

At Marriott, Going To Hawaii Means Standing In A Warm, Misty Booth Wearing Goggles

Teleporters be teleportin’. Sort of. (Marriott)You know how when you go to Hawaii, you sort of stand very still one, warm spot wearing weird goggles while the ocean breeze mists your face?

Let’s Celebrate Christmas In October 1989 With Kay-Bee Toys

We’ve been cataloging the spread of Christmas Creep for some years now, but it’s important to remember that aggressive Christmas marketing before Thanksgiving and even before Halloween is not a new phenomenon.

Hyatt Sells 38 Hotels For $590 Million, Plans To Franchise Them As Lower-Cost Brands

(Steve) The Hyatt Hotels Corp. just got a bit smaller. The Chicago-based company plans to sell off some of its select-service hotels as franchises.

Crest Confirms It’s Distancing Itself From Scandalized NFL

(m01229)Earlier today, we told you that Procter & Gamble’s Crest toothpaste brand had reportedly backed out of its deal to sponsor the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiative with the NFL because of the recent domestic violence scandals that have rocked the league.

Yelp Swears It Doesn’t Manipulate Reviews, Even Though It’s Allowed To

Earlier this month, a federal appeals court held that Yelp is free to shuffle positive and negative reviews around at will, and can even use that freedom as a way to urge businesses to advertise on the site.

Power Mad Pasta Pass Owner Attempts To Make Us His Vassals

It was a day like any other day. In fact, it was, and is today. The sky was bright, the sun was high in the sky and nothing was wr– oh HOLD UP.

American Airlines Betting Travelers Will Pay $8K To Sleep Awkwardly In A Cubicle

It looks like she fell asleep at the world’s tiniest dental practice.The most expensive airline ticket for domestic travel right now will cost you around $8,000 to fly first class on American Airlines from New York City to Los Angeles.

Happy Friday, Here’s A Video Of A Guy Dancing His Butt Off At A Sam’s Club In Mexico

Go Edgar, go Edgar, go! Look, everyone! Outside! Can you see it? It’s Friday. It’s here. You know how we can tell?

ITT Educational Services Under Increased Scrutiny From SEC, Department Of Education

Could ITT Educational Services be the next large for-profit company facing collapse? Things might not be that dire for the parent company of ITT Technical Institute, but the institution recently revealed it’s under increased government examination that could result in the loss of federal funds.

Mississippi Small Town Has The Bacon Bowl Blues

Looks nice.It’s easy to seek out and mock infomercial products that solve a need that consumers never knew they had.