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Marketers Think It’s Time To Prepare Your Batches Of Halloween Cards

How early is “too early” for a store Halloween display? It used to be that seeing Halloween candy and merchandise on the shelves in July shocked us, but it no longer does.

4 Reasons Consumers Union Has Asked The FCC To Block The Comcast/TWC Merger

(Consumerist)The full regulatory approval process for the Comcast/TWC merger has months left to go, but we’re getting down to the wire on one part of it: the deadline for public comments is Monday.

Nestle Implements Tougher Animal Welfare Standards For Thousands Of Suppliers

(Adam Fagen) Several months after workers at one of its dairy suppliers were charged with animal cruelty after being caught on camera abusing cows, Nestle says that it is taking steps to ensure that the animals in its supply chain are treated properly.

Watch Suspected Scammers Install And Harvest Data From ATM Skimmers

Skimmers are devices that very bad people attach to unattended credit card readers such as bank ATMs, public transit kiosks, post office kiosks, or gas pumps.

U.S. Copyright Office Agrees: Monkey Self-Portraits Are Public Domain

In news that will disappoint monkey photographers nationwide, a draft report from the U.S. Copyright Office seems to make the regulators’ opinion pretty clear on the question of who holds the copyright for a photo — or any work — created by an animal.

The World’s Most Expensive Coffee Goes Through An Elephant Before It Gets To The Cup

(analogkid281) We are all mature adults, so I’m sure you can handle the news that the No. 1 most expensive coffee in the world first passes through an elephant as a No.

Brita Recalls Hello Kitty, SpongeBob, Dora, Ninja Turtles Water Bottles Because Kids Don’t Like Lacerated Lips

Brita has recalled four children-themed water bottles featuring Hello Kitty, SpongeBob Square Pants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dora the Explorer.

Some Moron Just Paid $5K To Buy A 12-Year-Old $1,600 Judgement Against Kim Kardashian

It’s a common practice for businesses to sell off uncollected bills and judgements to collections agencies, but those collectors usually only pay a fraction of the face value of the debt, knowing they are taking on the risk that it may never be paid or only partially paid.

Comcast Hoping Free Campus Cable Will Stop Cord-Cutters Before They Start

(bluwmongoose)With their ever-changing schedules, yearly changes of living situation, it’s easy for a college student to realize there’s little value in a pricey pay-TV package they may rarely ever get to use.

Cafe Blocks Wireless Signals So Patrons Can Put That Dang Phone Down Already

(afagen) Look up from your screen. Did you forget there’s a real world out there, with sights and sounds and people who aren’t yammering away at you via any of the plethora of apps for mobile devices?

Ever Wanted To Sleep At IKEA? Thanks To Airbnb Now You Can, But Only If You Live In Australia

Three groups of up to four people will stay the night at an Australia IKEA next week. Are you Australian and in need of a new pair of sheets?

Asian Restaurant Would Really Like Its 800-Pound Wok Back

(Madeleine Holland)If someone tries to sell you an 800-pound wok, the police in Wichita, Kansas would like to hear about it.

Sprint Offers $60 Unlimited Data Plan That Won’t Interest Real Data Hogs

(Will Middelar)Earlier this week, Sprint’s new CEO Marcelo Claure tried to take a swing at its bigger and/or faster competition by announcing a shared data plan that gives you a ton of data… on a network that’s currently so slow you’ll never get to use it all.

Rankings Confirm What Chicago Bears Fans Refuse To Admit: Green Bay Packers Fans Are The NFL’s Best

As if there was a doubt. (kenfagerdotcom) It is under the pall of my unnamed coworker’s* great distaste that I must emerge triumphant to report the best, and yet most unsurprising news I’ve probably ever read: A study looking at the fans of all the National Football League teams says what Wisconsinites have always known to be the truth is a fact**: Fans of the Green Bay Packers are the best.

Labor Day Weekend Travel Expected To Finally Hit Pre-Recession Levels

(Jeff Archer) Labor Day weekend kicks off in August this year, and fuel prices are lower than usual. So the folks at AAA say it’s bound to be a busy, crowded weekend on the road and in the air.

Sears Continues Retail Death Spiral, Still Sells A Few Useful Things

(Great Beyond)For the ninth quarter in a row, Sears Holdings Corporation has lost money. Even as the company closes stores, rents out remaining stores, and tries desperate moves like opening early on Thanksgiving Day and making fun of itself in its own ads, the company continues to sell itself for parts in a sad retail death spiral.

United Revamps First Class Meals With Fresh Sandwiches, Salads And Italian Wine

One of United’s new meal options for first class passengers includes a caprese on asiago baguette sandwich – and Italian wine.

It’s Legal To Play Pinball In Oakland For The First Time In 80 Years

This pleases the Pinball Wizard. Flex those wrists and get your shoulders rolling, folks: It’s legal to play pinball in Oakland, Calif.

Restaurant Realizes Maybe It Shouldn’t Force Servers To Pay Credit Card Fees Out Of Tips

(Avitania Satari Bronstein)Earlier this month we told you about the Minnesota restaurant owners who decided the best way to offset increases to the state’s minimum wage was to deduct credit card transaction fees from servers’ tips.

Honda Recalls 2015 Fit Because Failing Crash Tests Isn’t Exactly A Selling Point

(frankieleon) It’s difficult for me to see a subcompact vehicle and not automatically think that it would turn into an accordion-like piece of metal in the event of a crash.