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Potent New "Rambo" Drug Finds Fertile Ground In Casablanca / LE MONDE CASABLANCA —​ Invincible. Fearless. That's how Hicham feels as he dangerously weaves a stolen motorcycle through the streets of Casablanca, a knife tucked in his pocket.

Syria: One Thing Europe Can Do To Stop The Slaughter In Ghouta / SYRIA DEEPLY East Ghouta is experiencing hell on earth. The European Union called last week for an immediate end to what it described as a “massacre” in the besieged Damascus suburbs, but violence is ongoing.

Berkeley To Paris To Moscow, Eternal Ideals Of Youth / RUE AMELOT -Essay- PARIS — Growing up in Northern California, acts of public protest were never far away.

Farewell Rex, Hello Mike — Will Pompeo's Arrival Kill Iran Nuclear Deal? / THE WASHINGTON POST -Analysis- WASHINGTON — The nomination of Mike Pompeo to be the next secretary of state signals President Donald Trump's determination to quit the landmark Iran nuclear deal, which could cause it to unravel, according to national security...

Appetizing Art Deco / WORLDCRUNCH Wandering the narrow streets of Peniscola, a village in eastern Spain, I stumbled upon this quaint — if kitsch — house.

Putin's Toughest Challenge: A High-Tech Future For Russia / LES ECHOS MOSCOW — Rumor has it that Vladimir Putin is something of a techie. Though the man in charge at the Kremlin has been vague about his economic priorities after the March 18 presidential election, Igor Shuvalov, Russia’s First Deputy Prime...

In Colombia, A Losing Battle To Keep A Dump Off Native Lands / EL ESPECTADOR RIOHACHA — Graciela Cotes Arpushana has been living by the road between Riohacha and Valledupar, on Colombia's Caribbean coast, for 45 years.

Inside The Right-Wing Stronghold That Elected Italy's First Black Senator / LA STAMPA SPIRANO — More than a week after a divisive election that handed half of the vote to anti-establishment parties, Italy is still mired in a political crisis that continues to raise serious questions about the nation's identity.

The Human Thing: When It's Not About “Bioethics” / LE FIGARO -OpEd- RENNES — Blame our laziness or the traps of euphemism, but we’ve grown accustomed to using the timid term of “bioethics” to debate certain subjects that are, in reality, philosophical and moral meta-norms that govern us all...

Minority Rights In Algeria: Tension Among Tuareg Chiefs / WORLDCRUNCH TAMANRASSET — The rugged Hoggar mountains, stretching over an expanse of the Sahara desert in southern Algeria, are home to a large ethnic Tuareg population that has long been marginalized at the hands of the country’s Arab majority....

Memories Of Mechanics Past / WORLDCRUNCH This photograph of a mechanic working in the rain in the coastal Moroccan city of El Jadida was shot from the hip.

The Trump Presidency: Tune In Or Tune Out? / WORLDCRUNCH PARIS — "Previously on President Trump …" We have gotten used to following the news from the White House as we would a prime-time television drama.

Emissions, Ecology And Cures For The Common Cow Fart / LE TEMPS LAUSANNE — Fighting climate change means limiting our greenhouse gas emissions, which for most of us means carbon dioxide (CO2).

Testing A Mother-Daughter Relationship At The Gaza Border / MADA MASR -Essay- CAIRO — I dropped her off at the first of many stops that make up the long journey back to her home, and I went back to mine.

How The Kremlin Silences Youth Protests Ahead Of Elections / DIE WELT KALININGRAD — In mid-January, Oleg Alexeiev noticed agents from the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) lurking in front of his apartment in Kaliningrad.

Urban Planners Find Smart Design In Argentine Shantytowns / CLARIN BUENOS AIRES — International city planning experts invited to reform and rebuild Villa 31, a poor district of Buenos Aires, stumbled on a basic feature they didn't expect: cheerful living conditions despite the poverty.

Forced To Flee, Forced To Return: Syrian Refugees Trapped Again / SYRIA DEEPLY -Analysis- BEIRUT — More than 12 million Syrians have been displaced since 2011 — that is more than half of Syria’s pre-war population.

China, Deconstructing Xi Jinping's Imperial Temptation / LES ECHOS “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton’s famous remark comes quickly to mind after China’s decision to remove term limits for its president.

Russia And China Lead New Rush To The Arctic / LE FIGARO TROMSO — On the maps we all studied in school, the Arctic appears as a huge white spot separating Asia from the Americas — wild, untouched, impassable.

In India, Sex Workers Try To Shield Girls From Suffering Their Same Fate / THE WIRE HYDERABAD — Sex workers in towns and villages in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are often married off at a young age, or trafficked to larger cities.