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Testosterone Nation: Male Hormone Therapy Explodes In U.S. / LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR DALLAS — Greg Lucas wasn't feeling at the top of his game. He'd gained weight, and the machines at the gym filled him with apprehension.

Snapshots: Kim Jong-un, Ring of Fire, Ebola Clipboard

Images that made the news and caught our eye...

Brazil Election, Latin American 'Alternative Socialism' Fights For Survival / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTA — The crucial question in Brazil's presidential elections, set for Sunday, is whether or not the country will remain the political and economic third way it has become.

Sick Of Smartphones Ruining Your Concerts? There May Be A Solution

Photo: Pixabay Smartphones and iPads, we all know, can be pretty cool. We also know they can suck. Take music concerts, when the other fans in front of you form a view-blocking field of little blue lights in their own private attempt to take home a digital souvenir of the show.

Corrupt And Violent, Egyptian Police Immune To All Revolutions / MADA MASR -OpEd- CAIRO — The record of police violations is extensive, ranging from murder to extortion and illegal bribes.

BMW Wants To Be Like Apple, Reimagining How Cars Are Sold / DIE WELT MUNICH — Tobias Fröhlich no longer wears a suit and tie to work. The former BMW salesman dons a white polo shirt and blue trousers for his job at a new branch of the Munich firm where he greets customers with a smile, iPad in hand.

Ebola Hits NYC, Japan Minister Scandal, Farting Cows / WHILE YOU SLEPT Friday, October 24, 2014 MORE ALLEGATIONS OF ISIS CHEMICAL ATTACK There is a new accusation that ISIS fighters launched a chemical attack, this time against Iraqi security forces north of Baghdad, The Washington Post reports just hours after unconfirmed details emerged of a similar attack against Kurdish fighters in Syria.

Mario Vargas Llosa: The Monsters Of Pure Pragmatism / CLARIN MADRID — A few days ago, Mario Vargas Llosa recalled that after winning the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature he had predicted that by the age of 80 he'd just be reading and resting.

Good News For Ireland's Farting Cows

Ireland's gassy cows emit so much methane gas that the country wants to be treated as a special case when it comes to greenhouse gas levels.  EU leaders met overnight Thursday and agreed to cut emissions 40% by the year 2030, compared with 1990 levels. Between 10-12% of greenhouse gas emissions come from global agriculture, but in Ireland the figure is much higher — around 33%.  While farmers can't do much about their cows having gas, an FAO study from last year found that greenhouse gas levels could be cut by 30% if improvements were made in existing production systems.  Irish Farming Association President Eddie Downey said that the country already has a highly carbon-efficient model in place.

Silver Lining

You can't tour the world for nearly 60 years without a few rainy days. Sure, rain is annoying — but it also makes for interesting, if gloomy, pictures.

Turkey And Syria: Why ISIS Isn't On Erdogan's Enemies List / RADIKAL -OpEd- ISTANBUL — It is often mentioned that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an obsessive man.

Why World Hunger Won't Go Away / LE MONDE PARIS — José Graziano da Silva, director general of the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently said that "hunger leads to conflict, and conflict exacerbates hunger." Three very different new books examine the global agriculture situation, the reality of agribusiness, and the pressing need for new regulations of what can be called the "global food system." Though the situation is slightly less critical than in 2008, a year that saw food prices soar, hunger still affects 850 million people around the world.

Mark Zuckerberg, 'Pushing Hands' Of A Kung Fu Master / WORLDCRUNCH Mark Zuckerberg has apparently learned more from the Chinese than just Mandarin.

Why U.S. Policy On Cuba Has Reached A Tipping Point / EL ESPECTADOR -Analysis- BOGOTA – Public debate on Cuba in American politics had long been frozen, due to Florida's importance in U.S.

Canada "Not Intimidated," $1 Million Apple, Adorkable / WHILE YOU SLEPT Thursday, October 23, 2014 CANADA “NOT INTIMIDATED” Details of the suspected Ottawa gunman who killed Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo in Ottawa yesterday are starting to emerge.

Foreskin, The Play: Circumcision As Art For A Turkish Playwright / DIE WELT BERLIN — A quiet New Year’s Eve in the maternity ward of a Berlin hospital.

Monumental Indeed

It doesn't matter how many pictures of the Taj Mahal you've seen before, or how often you've seen the Iguazu Falls on TV: Seeing the world's wonders in the flesh will always leave you awestruck.

Identifying The Dead In Ukraine's Simmering War / KOMMERSANT DNIPROPETROVSK – Last week, in this central Ukrainian city, a public farewell was bid to 21 soldiers, even if their names were never determined.

In India, Some Languish In Jail For Decades Awaiting Verdicts / PortalKBR NEW DELHI — Vajai Kumari was five months pregnant when she was accused of murdering a neighbor in 1994, which she insists she didn't do and for which she says she was framed.

Adam Smith To Xi Jinping, Wealthy Nations Need Good Laws / CAIXINMEDIA BEIJING – In his book The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith explained that under tyrannical and monarchical rule, property rights are always at imminent risk of infringement – and people will usually hide their wealth.