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Untuned With Global Realities, China's Rival-Free TV Market Stagnates / ECONOMIC OBSERVER -OpEd- BEIJING — Since last year Chinese television has started to feel the threat of new media and to regard TV as a sunset industry.

Hamas Hunts Palestinian Spies Collaborating With Israel / LE TEMPS GAZA — Days after Israel's "elimination" of four senior Hamas commanders, the "hunt for traitors" is in full swing inside the Islamic organization.

The West's Collective Angst About Ukraine's Crisis-Zone Nuclear Reactors / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG BERLIN — For many in Ukraine the city of Enerhodar is known simply as "Atomic City." It was founded a couple of decades ago to accommodate a power station, and the city with its 50,000 inhabitants in southeastern Ukraine is known today as one of the country's main energy suppliers.

Formula E, Revving Up A Green Rival To Formula 1 / LES ECHOS After the latest preparatory races in mid-August on England's Donington Park circuit, all eyes are now on the first world championship of electric cars, to be held Sept.

Moscow's Booming Nightlife, A Haven Of Politics-Free Fun / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MOSCOW — It's a typical summer night at Gorky Park on the bank of the Moskva River.

Indonesia's First Retirement Home For Transgenders / PortalKBR JAKARTA — In a suburban part of Jakarta, we're walking down a dirt road up to a very small pink house at the end of an alley.

Is The World's Rarest Bird About To Go The Way Of The Dodo?

The Madagascar pochard, the world's rarest bird, is at a serious risk of extinction. The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), which led a study on the species, estimates that only 25 individual birds now remain in the wild.

Global Charts

It's Friday — time to check out some of the songs topping charts around the world: Portugal: Anselmo Ralph - "Unica Mulher"   Venezuela: Enrique Iglesias feat.

Economic Aid, Not Military Arms, Is What Ukraine Needs / LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR -Analysis- PARIS — What can Europe do after Kiev's desperate call for help in dealing with the invasion of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine, where separatists are gaining control?

Ukraine's NATO Ambition, Ebola Origins, Runaway Beauty Queen / WHILE YOU SLEPT Friday, August 29, 2014 UKRAINE PLANS NATO MEMBERSHIP NATO officials are holding an emergency meeting in Brussels this morning after it released satellite imagery showing “well over 1,000” Russian troops in Ukraine, warning that 20,000 more were “amassed at the border,” the Financial Times reports.

War Crimes In Gaza? Evidence Against Both Sides / LE MONDE GAZA — Palestinian human rights organizations have used the truce in Gaza to begin their difficult investigation work on a war that has already killed more than 2,000 people.

Once Upon A Time, In A Peaceful Middle East

Though Petra is awe-inspiring, I'm not sure I'd go back today. A trip to Jordan must be very different now than it was 18 years ago.

Argentina's Economy Implodes, Internet Swoons For Hunky Finance Minister / CLARIN BUENOS AIRES — Creditors may find him infuriating, but teenaged girls seem to adore Argentina's youthful Finance Minister Axel Kicillof.

How To Slay The ISIS Dragon, A User's Manual / DIE WELT -OpEd- BERLIN — We can deal with the ISIS terror group, or Islamic State, the way Moscow handled a Lebanese group that abducted a Soviet diplomat in the 1980s.

An Economic Defense Of China's Antitrust Crackdown / CAIXINMEDIA -Analysis- BEIJING — Chinese authorities have raised concern in the business world after recent antitrust investigations into several multinational companies such as Microsoft, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Weighing Syria, Gaza Rebuilding, Fake Panda Pregnancy / WHILE YOU SLEPT Thursday, August 28, 2014 UKRAINE DENOUNCES “RUSSIAN TROOP DEPLOYMENT” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko cancelled a trip to Turkey over what he described as “Russian troop deployments” in eastern Ukraine.

How Diamond Smuggling Drives Central African Religious War / LE MONDE BANGUI — Not a single stone. Not a single carat. Since May 23, 2013, and the suspension of the Kimberley Process — the certification scheme for the origin of rough diamonds — the Central African Republic (CAR) has officially exported none of the many diamonds that lie in its rivers.

Apollo On Fire

Who's this good-looking fellow dressed as Apollo and followed by his court of Muses, you ask? I told you before I used to take Carnival costumes pretty seriously.

The True Cost Of Russia's Food Patriotism / KOMMERSANT MOSCOW — People usually associate Russian conservatism with its citizens' political tastes, but marketing professionals have long ago seen another connection — literally, in consumer tastes.

Benefits Cheat: Panda Fakes Pregnancy For More Food

The world's first live broadcast panda cub delivery was canceled Tuesday — not because something went wrong, no, just because Mama Panda wasn't actually pregnant.