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10-Year-Old Becomes A Boy Under New Argentine Youth Sex-Change Law / WORLDCRUNCH BUENOS AIRES — A Buenos Aires public registry gave new identity papers this week to 10-year-old Mauro, the first Argentine youth born a girl to change his official gender identity to male under a landmark "Gender Identity Law." Last year, Lulu, a 6-year-old girl, had her sex change made official pursuant to the new 2012 law, which is believed to be the first of its kind in the world, Clarín reported.

By The Numbers: Ebola Spread, Death Penalty, Baby Bonus

News around the world that counts...

Give And Take

No, these monks are not giving food to destitute people, quite the opposite. In Thailand, the giving of alms is not considered charity — it is part of a two-way relationship: The community feeds and clothes the monks, who in return have a responsability to support the community spiritually.

Pemba Postcard: How A Natural Gas Boom Is Changing Mozambique / LE MONDE PEMBA — There used to be so few cars here that locals knew exactly who each one belonged to.

Why China's Luxury Hotels Are Giving Up Their Stars / ECONOMIC OBSERVER BEIJING — Over the past year more than 50 of China’s starred hotels have taken the initiative of voluntarily downgrading themselves. Chen Miaolin, vice-president of China Tourism Association, summed up the reaction of many: “I have simply never heard of such a thing, and I've worked in this field for decades!

Adios Banana Republics! Brazil Firm Buys 'Colonial' Chiquita / CLARIN -OpEd- BUENOS AIRES — It was never just about bananas. Chiquita Brands became, in the 20th century, a symbol of a quintessentially cynical colonialism most often attributed to the United States. It had a part in ensuring that many Latin American states became known as — and perhaps remained — "banana republics." But now, a Brazilian firm, Cutrale-Safra, has finalized the purchase of Chiquita.

In Germany, Schools Can't Handle Refugee Children / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MUNICH — Dominik Bauer, a teacher in a high school transition class for new students who don't speak German, says more and more kids arrive with dramatic true stories to tell.

NASA Fail, 60 Days To Save Africa, Google Vs. Death / WHILE YOU SLEPT Wednesday, October 29, 2014 ANTI-ISIS TROOPS JOINING FORCES IN KOBANI Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have arrived in Kobani to fight alongside Syrian Kurds in the besieged border city, more than a week after Turkey announced it would let them cross into Syria, The New York Times reports.

Italy's Vegan Commune Where Animals And Humans Are Equals / LA STAMPA ROCCO SANTO STEFANO — The little slice of countryside utopia southeast of Rome isn't easy to find.

Barns On Stilts

A stone's throw away from Santiago de Compostela, I took this picture of a hórreo — a kind of granary built above ground and characteristic of Spain's northwestern Galicia region.

Smarter Buildings, 10 Ideas From Around The World / DIE WELT BERLIN — Worldwide researchers are experimenting increasingly with moss, algae and potted plants as a way to turn houses into multifunctional buildings. The question is "how a facade in a city neighborhood can generate additional value," says Steffen Braun of the Stuttgart Fraunhofer Institute's Urban System Engineering. Behind that lies "a whole new approach to engineering." Buildings should clean the air, cool the surroundings, keep out noise, and capture energy.

Why Russia And China See Eye-To-Eye On Cyber Security / KOMMERSANT MOSCOW — During President Vladimir Putin's visit to Beijing next month, he is expected to seal a bilateral agreement on cyber-security between Russia and China, according to a source close to the Kremlin and confirmed by two other federal officials.

After Dilma's Reelection, The Lula Question Looms / FOLHA DE S. PAULO BRASILIA — Victory came late in the game, at the very end of the second half.

Wave Of Acid Attacks On Women Rattles Iranian Officials

Recent acid attacks on women in the central Iranian city of Isfahan have apparently begun to upset Iranian authorities, but as much for the media coverage they are prompting as for the real-life effects.

Defying Rape Culture, India's Urban Women Embrace Sexual Liberation / LE TEMPS NEW DELHI — "Girls' Night" started early in this apartment in Vasant Vihar, a wealthy area of New Delhi.

Second Mass Grave, Japan's Nuclear Restart, Table Tennis Foul / WHILE YOU SLEPT Tuesday, October 28, 2014 ISIS SAYS KOBANI BATTLE “NEARLY OVER” In a new video showing captive British journalist John Cantlie, and which The Washington Post calls “bizarre,” ISIS claims that the battle for the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani is “is coming to an end.

A Man's Job

Seeing these two girls with their spindles and balls of yarn, going their merry way on a steep path of Lake Titicaca's Taquile Island, you might think they are among the Peruvian girls and women who create the kind of high-quality handicraft I've already told you about.

A Man's Job

Seeing these two girls with their spindles and balls of yarn, going their merry way on a steep path of Lake Titicaca's Taquile Island, you might think they are among the Peruvian girls and women who create the kind of high-quality handicraft I've already told you about.

Algeria, An Authoritarian Regime Without A Leader / LE MONDE ALGIERS — The surroundings of El Mouradia, the Algerian presidential palace, are calm once again.

Thousands Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore In Southern Iran

ZAHEDAN — Three tons of "rotting" sardines were among thousands of dead fish from the Oman Sea that have washed onto Iran's southern coast in recent days, in and around the port of Konarak.  Local fishermen have blamed trawlers — the vast nets that sweep the sea floor in industrial fishing — and have urged authorities to investigate amid the spreading "stench in the area, the semi-official Mehr agency reported.  One fisherman told the agency that trawlers destroy "the entire sea floor" and were gradually pushing local fish stocks toward extinction.