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Even Syria's Safest City Is Not The Haven It Once Was / SYRIA DEEPLY TARTUS — Considered Syria's safest city, the coastal Alawite stronghold of Tartus is slowly feeling the war's pinch.

What Jews Can Teach Chinese, A View From China / CAIXINMEDIA BEIJING — Like the Chinese, not only do the Jews have natural gifts, but they are also a people with a tradition of respecting knowledge and attaching great importance to education.

A Night Out With DJ Antoine And Paris Hilton / DIE WELT DUSSELDORF — Something happened on a Friday night in the atrium of Düsseldorf’s most beautiful hotel that caused DJ Antoine's normally enviably good mood to sour.  He was talking about a few of the items he’d bought now that he earned the kind of money to buy beautiful things.

Scottish Lessons For The Falklands / CLARIN -OpEd- BUENOS AIRES — The international system is living through some notable crises.

Bling And Bureacracy: What's Wrong With China's State-Owned Companies / ECONOMIC OBSERVER -Analysis- BEIJING – The government has made its intentions clear: it is time to trim the outrageous salaries of top executives of China's stated owned enterprise (SOE).

My Grandson's Honeymoon

This is just a brief note to say that our journey is taking a momentary hiatus, but for a very good reason: my collaborator in this project, le petit-fils (the grandson), Bertrand, and his beautiful new bride Amandine have set off on their honeymoon – in Brazil!

Why Vladimir Putin Suddenly Has Mushrooms On His Mind / KOMMERSANT MOSCOW — There were two scandals related to imported mushrooms brewing at the end of August.

Why Scotland's Referendum Mattered Less Than You Think / LE MONDE LONDON — What if the result of the Scottish independence referendum was not that important after all?

Scotland Stays, French ISIS Strikes, IPhone Launch / WHILE YOU SLEPT SCOTLAND SAYS “NO” TO INDEPENDENCE Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom with 55.3% of voters rejecting independence.

German Advertising Innuendo To Sell Curvaceous Mountain Getaways / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MUNICH — The claims are true, at least. Germany's Black Forest does indeed have tall mountains, moist valleys prone to fog, and plenty of trees.

Fingerprinting The Victims To Fight Humanitarian Aid Fraud / SYFIA INTERNATIONAL GOMA — People are lining up at a shed a few miles north of this regional Congolese capital for one purpose: to get their fingerprints registered.

Gay, Lesbian And Straight: What Drives Sexual Promiscuity / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTA — When I started reading about Darwinism, it confirmed what we all knew since school, that men are always more readyDo to have sex than women.

Hyper-Polyglot, Greek Translator Speaks 32 Languages / DIE WELT BRUSSELS — Inside a gray office building in Brussels, Ioannis Ikonomou's workload is marked in different colors on his computer screen.

No Oasis: Cairo's Shiny New Developments Face Water Shortages / MADA MASR CAIRO — Developments like The Waterway boast of incorporating "the soothing presence of water throughout the public spaces of the grounds." They promise the good life in a desert oasis kept lush with precious water piped in from the Nile or from underground wells.

Scotland's Vote, Hitler's Food Taster, Monster Black Hole / WHILE YOU SLEPT SCOTLAND’S MOMENT OF TRUTH The time has come for Scottish voters to decide whether they want to live in an independent Scotland or remain part of the United Kingdom.

A Bogus Cure For Chinese Hospitals: Airline-Style Hostesses / CAIXINMEDIA -Analysis- BEIJING — There's a new trend in China's public hospitals: "stewardess nurses," sporting smart uniforms, pretty faces and nice airs while providing services such as greeting people with smiles at the entrance, offering cups of water or opening the elevator door for patients.

Will Isis Target Jordan Next? Inside Jihad Stronghold Of Ma'An / LA STAMPA MA'AN — "Welcome to Ma'an, in the nation of al-Sham..." Sitting behind a huge wooden desk, with the large golden scimitar of the Bedouin tribes on his hip, is Fawaz al-Sharari, the mayor of Jordan's most pro-jihad city: Ma'an.

How Blocked Hamas Paychecks Could Reignite Gaza / CALCALIST TEL AVIV — In recent days we have been witnessing growing discontent among Hamas public employees in Gaza who have not been paid their salaries.

Scottish Sprint, ISIS Trailer, Gerard Drinks / WHILE YOU SLEPT While You Slept Wednesday, September 17, 2014 LAST DAY OF CAMPAIGNING IN SCOTLAND Pro-independence and pro-union militants are campaigning for the last day in Scotland, with the latest polls ahead of tomorrow’s referendum giving the “No” to independence a slight lead, although more than 8% are still undecided, according to The Daily Mail.