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Macron Mania, Why France Loves Its Enlightened Despots / LE MONDE -Essay- PARIS — Macronism is the product of a particularly French ideal: the enlightened despot.

Dire States: Does India Have A Hidden Debt Bubble? / WORLDCRUNCH The western state of Maharashtra, home of Mumbai and the biggest regional economy of India, announced this month that it will waive farmer loans worth 1,140 billion rupees, or nearly $18 billion.

Off The British Charts, One Year After Brexit / LE FIGARO PARIS — Donald Tusk had a dream: The United Kingdom was staying in the European Union — For him, this vision isn't just a pure imaginary digression.

Lucky Chaplin / WORLDCRUNCH There is a well-known statue of Charlie Chaplin in Vevey, Switzerland, not far from my hometown, where the great American actor lived for 25 years.

A New Women-Run Mosque In Berlin, Is This How The Reformation Of Islam Begins? / DIE WELT BERLIN — The room where the reformation of Islam is intended to begin measures a total of 90 square meters (969 sq feet).

Why Saudis Swapped Crown Prince: It's The Economy, Stupid / BLOOMBERG NEWS The latest big news out of the Middle East is that Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has ousted the crown prince and installed his 31-year-old son, Mohammed bin Salman, in that position.

Ghost Cities, Demographic Lessons From Japan To China / ECONOMIC OBSERVER TOKYO — The popular Chinese imagination of Japan has followed along with Japan’s evolution over the past four decades.

Mustache, That Must-Have Facial Prop Of Any Strongman / EL ESPECTADOR -Essay- BOGOTA — Saddam. Stalin. Pinochet. Hilter. Dictators all of them, with an unquenchable thirst for power and a terrifying taste for violence.

Our Lady Too? American Dollars In Paris To Save Notre-Dame / LE FIGARO PARIS - Notre-Dame Cathedral continues to draw millions in the center of Paris.

A Syrian Father's Mission To Clear ISIS Mines Is Cut Short / SYRIA DEEPLY Ahmad Muhammad al-Na’sani was haunted by thoughts of his death long before he died.

Changes At The Top, From Uber To Riyadh / WORLDCRUNCH Image is valuable currency in our modern world. It can make or break a brand, or a career.

Honoring “Turkish Schindlers” — Forgotten Heroes Of The Armenian Genocide / LE MONDE SOLOGNE — Whenever Jean-Pierre Fleury's mother talked to her son about the fate of the Armenian people, she would always end her story with a reminder: "Never forget it was Turks who saved us..." Fleury, growing up in France, had only...

Female-Only TV Station Hits Afghanistan Airwaves / KBR KABUL — When a series of terrorist attacks rocked the Afghan capital late last month, killing more than 150, less than a kilometer away from worst blast, a group of women were busy preparing a morning show for the country’s only TV...

In Syria, The Next War Has Already Begun / LE TEMPS GENEVA — The war against ISIS is in full swing. In Mosul and in Raqqa — the terror group's respective Iraqi and Syrian strongholds — a deluge of fire that grows less and less respectful of civilian life has meant that the presence of...

Despacito And 5 Other Non-English Hits That Went Global / TAKE 5 Despacito, by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, is 2017’s runaway worldwide hit.

The Antarctic, One Last Chance To "Do Right" By Mother Nature / CLARIN BUENOS AIRES — Beijing recently hosted the 40th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, a chance for signatory states to agree on how to better protect what may be the last bit of the planet with vast, pristine natural territories.

A Modern Tale Of Anti-Semitism In A Berlin School / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG BERLIN — Paul has started taking karate classes. Once a week he practices striking, blocking, kicking.

The Names In Spain Are Mostly The Same, Though That May Change / WORLDCRUNCH Spain is a land rich in diversity of cuisine and culture, natural wonders and memorable personalities.

How Human Trafficking Carries Witchcraft To Switzerland / LE TEMPS GENEVA — It may sound like hocus-pocus, but with the growing influx of African migrants, social services in Switzerland are having to tackle a new and perplexing problem: witchcraft.

Welcome To "Cracolandia," São Paulo's Roving Drug Bazaar / FOLHA DE S. PAULO SÃO PAULO — In "Cracolandia" (Crackland), in the Brazilian megalopolis of São Paulo, almost anything can be exchanged for drugs: a shower head, an empty rucksack, cachaça, headphones, radio-controlled cars, a lampshade.