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Snap! French Doctors Get Serious About Hypnotherapy / L'OBS PARIS — They're sitting face to face, barely one meter separating the hypnotherapist from his patient.

Eurovision Contestants 2015: United Kingdom

Photo: Eurovision Song Contest The two members of Electro Velvet, this year's Eurovision contestant for the United Kingdom, seem like fun people. Alex Larke for instance always wears odd socks, while Bianca Nicholas can do a pretty decent impression of Christina Aguilera.

Traveling And Instagramming The World Before Going Blind / LA STAMPA TURIN — Lara Miller, a 33-year-old Australian, has responded to the unexpected diagnosis of going blind with the singular objective to see, photograph and share as much of the world as possible before losing her sight altogether.  "I'm losing my sight and can't do anything about it," she says. "But I feel that I'm seeing everything that matters."  This adventure began on her 19th birthday, when she was diagnosed with Retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative and genetic ocular disease.

ISIS Takes Border, Ireland Votes, Fancy Fruit

ISIS TAKES FULL CONTROL OF SYRIA-IRAQ BORDER CROSSINGS Terrorist group ISIS continues to gain territory, and its latest victory against the Syrian army on the Syria-Iraq border puts its militants in complete control of the border crossings between the two countries, and more than half of Syrian territory, The Independent reports, citing The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

La French Touch

In the first half of the 20th century, French cabaret singer Maurice Chevalier was a huge star in the United States, eventually earning the right to put his footprints and handprints in the concrete blocks on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame.

With Ireland Referendum, A Video Tour Of Gay Marriage Around The World / WORLDCRUNCH Ireland holds a referendum Friday that could make it the first country to legalize gay marriage by a direct vote of the people.

How Chinese Cash Is Reshaping Global Relations / CLARIN -Analysis- BUENOS AIRES — As China extends its investment reach to just about every corner of the globe, the enormous amounts of capital at play are transforming economic and strategic relations the world over.

May 22

Immigration International: Rohingya Stranded, Mediterranean Tomb, U.S. Border / WORLDCRUNCH PARIS — Up to 8,000 Rohingya, a long-persecuted Burmese minority, are still reportedly stranded on rickety boats in deplorable and perilous conditions, weeks after being abandoned by human traffickers in the Andaman Sea.

On The Iraqi Front Line, As ISIS Aims For Abu Ghraib / DIE WELT ABU GHRAIB — This city's streets are deserted. It would seem certain that the residents of Abu Ghraib fear the Daish, the Arabic word for ISIS, as fear has been the dominant emotion since the terrorists began conquering territory in Iraq.

Eurovision Contestants 2015: Switzerland

Photo: Eurovision Song Contest It’s her "Time to Shine," but it is her time to win? Who knows, maybe Mélanie René's last name will help her, as she shares it with the husband of Céline Dion — the last singer to win the contest for Switzerland, back in 1988.

The New Netanyahu Government, The Worst In Israeli History / CALCALIST -OpEd- TEL AVIV — Who would have thought that we'd miss Avigdor Lieberman at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Malaysia Steps Up, California Emergency, Dave's Farewell

ANCIENT SYRIAN CITY FALLS TO ISIS  After days of fighting, “Palmyra’s fate is now in the hands of IS,” the Lebanese newspaper L’Orient Le Jour writes on Thursday’s front page.

Fourteen Nuns On A Boat

It was a day off for these Italian nuns, who were chatting on the deck of a ferry headed to Elba, the Mediterranean island 20 kilometers off the coast of Tuscany.

Extra! Palmyra Falls To ISIS

L'Orient Le Jour, May 21, 2015 After days of fighting, "Palmyra's fate is now in the hands of IS," L’Orient Le Jour writes on Thursday's front page. Coalition forces thought a few days ago that they had managed to beat back the ISIS terror group from the ancient Syrian city, but the jihadists came back stronger than before.

May 21

Sustainable Fishing: A No-Nets Approach To Catching Tuna In The Philippines / PortalKBR MAMBURAO — In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), those who fish the waters here in the town of Mamburao are using traditional handlines rather than large trawler nets in the deep waters off Mindoro Strait, in a bid to position the area as a Philippine hub of sustainable tuna fishing.

Race And Violence In The U.S., A View From Abroad / AMERICA ECONOMIA -OpEd SANTIAGO — Over the past half-century, two fundamental social changes have taken place in the United States around the issue of race.

Can DNA Be Used To Bust Owners Of Dog Poop Left Behind? / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MUNICH — This is DNA testing that reaches where you might not expect.

Eurovision Contestants 2015: Sweden

Photo: Eurovision Song Contest Having won five times, Sweden is one of the most successful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest.