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Channeling Jules Verne, A Measure Of Elon Musk's Ambitions / LE FIGARO -Analysis- PARIS — He is “a man of about forty-two years of age, of large build, but slightly round-shouldered.

Turkey And Germany, A Relationship Always Worth Watching / WORLDCRUNCH German-Turkish relations are a high-stakes affair. Not only does Germany count some three million residents with roots in Turkey, the two countries are strategic to both the global economy and international diplomacy.

A Virtual Frog Video Game And China's One-Child Mindset / ECONOMIC OBSERVER BEIJING — An online game from Japan has become a hopping success in China.

"Our Time Had Come" - A First-Person Account Of A Syrian Airstrike / SYRIA DEEPLY The story of Kfr Nobol Hospital is no different from other health facilities inside Syria that have paid a heavy price in the conflict.

Bitcoin, A Logical Return To Finance Of The Middle Ages / LES ECHOS -Analysis- PARIS — Michiel Van Aarnhem is a young and elegant advisor to the Dutch finance minister.

Kinder Laws Of The Jungle: Understanding Altruism In Animals / LE TEMPS LAUSANNE — Is wildlife a world of bullies? We like to imagine the relationships among living beings as a no-holds-barred struggle for survival, a twisted vision of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, conveyed by the political and economic...

Surfing Salesman / WORLDCRUNCH Marvel all you want at Californian surfers, but this one-man Li River retailer on his bamboo raft is the real deal.

Italian Revisited, Pinocchio Translated Into Emoji Language / LA STAMPA MACERATA — In the first chapter of Carlo Collodi’s children’s classic The Adventures of Pinocchio, the carpenter Mastro Ciliegia notes that “this piece of wood” came just in the nick of time for him to make a table out of.

After Florida School Massacre, Gauging Trump's Empathy Deficit / THE WASHINGTON POST WASHINGTON — As he heads to Florida this weekend, President Donald Trump is following in the footsteps of former President Barack Obama, a man he loathes and a leader whose time in office in many ways came to be defined by mass...

When Afghan Refugee Weavers Meet Swedish Designers / KBR STOCKHOLM — A tightly packed showroom and workspace in the Swedish capital is filled with textile designs.

Cryptocurrency Laundering? Colombia Drug Traffickers Eye Bitcoin / EL ESPECTADOR -Analysis- BOGOTÁ — The cryptocurrency sector has come to be worth almost as much to the Colombian economy as tourism, accounting for just over 2% of GDP.

Real-Life Ratatouille: Is Paris' Rat Problem Getting Worse? / LE FIGARO PARIS — It all started with a video shot late last year on the banks of the Seine, between the Musée d'Orsay and Pont Royal bridge in the French capital.

China To Argentina, Betting On Agrobusiness' Green Future / CLARIN -Analysis- BUENOS AIRES — Everything suggests that in the future, the world may want practically anything Argentina can produce.

Valentine’s Day Violence In India, A Culture And Policing Divide / THE WIRE NEW DELHI — It’s that time of the year again. Time for fear to stalk hearts that beat with love and longing.

A Britain Hell Bent On Brexit Holds A Bigger Lesson For Europe / LES ECHOS -OpEd- PARIS — While leafing through the newspapers in an English pub last weekend, I was surprised to see The Sunday Times, hardly a tabloid, portraying the three fiercest Brexiters as "musketeers." A rather flattering image...

The Risk Of Moral Superiority, On The Left And Right / WORLDCRUNCH Ah, the sweet smell of scandal … Don’t you just love it when a renowned institution or individual deemed beyond reproach has their reputation definitively tainted by the discovery of some deep moral failing or criminal action?

Guatemalan Open Carry / WORLDCRUNCH Just a friendly walk by the pier? Perhaps. The machetes, or "coupe-coupe" as we French call them, are a multi-purpose tool, and were ubiquitous through much of our Central American travels.

Egyptian President Sisi, A Strongman's Path To Uncontested Reelection / MADA MASR CAIRO — “Angry” was the way many described President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s improvised speech during the inauguration ceremony of the Zohr natural gas field on January 31.

The Eros And Ethics Of Sex Robots / DIE WELT BERLIN — She gently slides her hands along the metal bar. The guests are hypnotized by her beautiful breasts.

A Syrian Doctor's Bid To Build A Bomb-Proof Hospital For Women And Girls / SYRIA DEEPLY For a few days in October, a tiny, starving baby became the face of the war in Syria.