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Favela Tragedy, One More Mother With A Broken Heart / FOLHA DE S. PAULO RIO DE JANEIRO — Sheila Cristina da Silva came back from the market on Friday, June 10, to find her 20-year-old son lying on the pavement under a sheet.

Favela Tragedy, On More Mother With A Broken Heart / FOLHA DE S. PAULO RIO DE JANEIRO — Sheila Cristina da Silva came back from the market on Friday, June 10, to find her 20-year-old son lying on the pavement under a sheet.

Anonymity Killer, Russian App Takes Facial Recognition Mainstream / LE TEMPS MOSCOW — Big Brother is already within arm’s reach in Russia, and don't blame the Kremlin.

Guns And Gays After Orlando, Meet The Pink Pistols / THE WASHINGTON POST PHILADELPHIA — Try as he might, Tom Nelson just could not get any other gay people to the gun range.

Beaches To Cheese: 5 Unexpected Brexit Consequences / TAKE 5 "This has implications for absolutely everything," political editor for BBC News Laura Kuenssberg declared of the prospect of the Britain leaving the European Union.

Brexit, The Tough Lessons Europe Must Learn / LE MONDE -Editorial- PARIS — Britain's vote to leave the European Union is a major repudiation of Brussels.

What Unites Donald Trump And A Radical Muslim Theologian / CUMHURIYET ISTANBUL — In the wake of the ISIS-linked massacre in Orlando, the deadliest terror attack in the United States since Sep.

UK Votes To Leave EU, Cameron To Resign, FARC Peace / WHILE YOU SLEPT SPOTLIGHT: BREXIT WINS, CAMERON’S BAD BET No one ever forced David Cameron to call the referendum to decide whether the UK should stay in the European Union or not.

Ceasefire With FARC Rebels Front Page News In Colombia / EL ESPECTADOR The front page of El Espectador newspaper on June 24, 2016 Colombian daily El Espectador featured an AK-47 assault rifle with the headline "Do not recycle" on the paper's front page on Friday.

Former Member

Britain is making the news today. I took this shot in Edinburgh's Princes Street, just five years after Scotland, as part of the UK, joined the European Union.

What’s Hit The Brakes On China’s Foreign High-Speed Rail Ambition / CAIXINMEDIA -OpEd- CAIXIN — On June 9, U.S. company XpressWest suddenly announced that it would end the joint venture agreement that it had signed with China Railway International to build a high-speed rail linking Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Las Vegas, How Global Finances Are Burning Sin City / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG LAS VEGAS — Frank Sinatra is strolling through the streets of Las Vegas.

Teaching Arabic In French Schools, A Weapon Against Islamic Extremism / LE MONDE -OpEd- PARIS — The year 2015, an annus horribilis if there ever was one, will remain etched in people’s memories for the violent acts committed in the name of religion, of murder perpetrated in the name of Islam.

Beyond Brexit, Gun Sit-In, Solar Impulse Lands / WHILE YOU SLEPT SPOTLIGHT: BEYOND BREXIT The big day has arrived. Britons have begun voting to decide if their country should remain a member of the European Union, or go its own way.

Exposed: China’s School Tracks Made Of Toxic Tire Scraps / ECONOMIC OBSERVER BEIJING — Recycling used materials is great. School athletics, too!

The 27 Best Brexit Front Pages From The UK And The World

PARIS — The fateful day has arrived. Voters in the United Kingdom go to the polls Thursday to decide if they should stay or should they go from the familiar but increasingly unpopular arms of the European Union.

Walking In A Painting

I'm not the only one to find the Alyscamps, near Arles in the south of France, picturesque. Both Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin immortalized the alley of sarcophagi in this great Roman necropolis.

Venezuela: Nation In Crisis, Land Of Unfulfilled Potential / AMERICA ECONOMIA CARACAS — Venezuela is a land of fabulous and unique landscapes. Even back in the 18th and 19th centuries, German travelers testified to its natural majesty.

Brexit Would Leave Germany Stranded Against Freeloading South / DIE WELT MUNICH — The countdown for Britain's decision of whether or not to remain in the European Union is nearing its end.

Designer Doggy Bags In Italy, More Bark Than Bite? / LA STAMPA MILAN — Taking home leftover food from a restaurant is not common practice in Italy, where your fresh plate of lasagna should be finished the first time around.