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Cuzco, A Living Ode To Peru's Pre-Colonial Past / EL ESPECTADOR CUZCO — High up in the Andes mountains is a magical city with a rich history that began long before Peru was Peru.

Presidential Debate, Mister Television V. Madam Secretary / THE WASHINGTON POST WASHINGTON — In 1980, in one of his first big TV interviews, Donald Trump was asked whether television was ruining politics.

Will Algorithms Make Financial Advisers Obsolete? / AMERICA ECONOMIA -Analysis- SANTIAGO — Personal investors increasingly want more options and new models, and increasingly the search is for greater client participation.

Water Is The New Oil — The Rising Threat Of "Blue Gold" Wars / LES ECHOS PARIS — In August 2015, rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime sabotaged a water source a few kilometers north of Damascus.

Lessons For Duterte, Why Thailand Softened Its Drug War / KBR BANGKOK — Winai was just 12 years old when he started taking amphetamine pills.

Lessons For Duterte? Why Thailand Softened Its Drug War / KBR BANGKOK — Winai was just 12 years old when he started taking amphetamine pills.

This Brazilian Girl Read 560 Books And She’s Not Even 12 / FOLHA DE S. PAULO SAO JOSE DO RIO PRETO — At 11, Kaciane do Nascimento has become a bit of a celebrity.

Cost Of Spain’s Political Crisis Tallied In Pizzas / EL MUNDO MADRID — The political gridlock in Spain is getting just a bit silly: two general elections and endless soap-operatic negotiations since December 2015 have yet to produce a stable government among the bickering parties.

Korean Whispers, Charlotte Video, The Goat Life / WHILE YOU SLEPT SPOTLIGHT: NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA SECRETLY MEET Just how dangerous is a nuclear-armed North Korea?

Puerto Rico’s Outrage At Massive Black Out / EL NUEVO DIA El Nuevo Dia — Sept. 23, 2016 "Complex recovery" reads the front page of Puerto Rican daily El Nuevo Dia's Friday edition, as the Caribbean island is still struggling to restore power two days after a massive blackout left most of its...

Here Comes The Calvary

This stone calvary in western France's Brittany region depicts scenes from the life and death of Jesus with incredible attention to detail — and someone on Wikipedia was kind enough to explain it all exhaustively.

On This Day - September 23

At Former Soviet Nuclear Test Site, “Best Not To Take Souvenirs” / KOMMERSANT THE POLYGON — At first, it’s hard to tell where the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site begins as the scorched steppe stretches to the horizon.

Exclusive: North And South Korea Together At Swiss Summit / LE TEMPS GENEVA — Did the view on Lake Geneva favor a rapprochement between the two Koreas?

Telecom Giant Ericsson To Close All Production In Sweden / SVENSKA DAGBLADET Svenska Dagbladet's front page — Sept. 22, 2016 Swedish telecom network giant Ericsson plans to shut down all its remaining production plants in Sweden, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) reports in a front-page exclusive Thursday.

Haitian Migrants Flock To Costa Rica To Flee Brazil Crisis / LA NACION (COSTA RICA) LA CRUZ — Yet another migrant crisis for the world: the tiny Central American nation of Costa Rica is now faced with the arrival of thousands of Haitians, many by way of crisis-hit Brazil.

Women Who Rule The World Still Asked "Why Are You Childless?" / DIE WELT BERLIN — The two most powerful women of the United Kingdom stood in front of the Bute House in Edinburgh, shaking hands — Theresa May, the new British prime minister and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Brangelina, A French Actor And Your Internet Illness / WHILE YOU SLEPT Before this week, few outside of France knew his face. But no doubt, millions have been busy Google-Image-searching the name “Guillaume Canet.” Yup, bel homme.

RIP Valley Of Tombs

Next to the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra lay several funerary towers known as the Valley of the Tombs.

Who Owns Street Art? Missing Banksy Mural Sparks Debate / LE TEMPS It would not be surprising if a mural on government surveillance that went missing last month turned up for sale on the art market.