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Uber Ugliness, From San Francisco To Sao Paulo / WORLDCRUNCH Uber is a company built around maximizing customer service and experience — sometimes at any cost.

My Mosul Neighbor, When A French ISIS Member Moves In / LE FIGARO MOSUL — Ziyad put his wife and three children in his big German sedan that used to serve as his taxi between Baghdad and Mosul.

Grab Your Wallet, Taking Down Trump With A Retail Boycott / THE WASHINGTON POST Please continue reading on - Grab Your Wallet, Taking Down Trump With A Retail Boycott


The False Equivalency Of "Extremists" On Left And Right / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTÁ - It is a cliché now to say we live in the society of the spectacle, and some of those who assert this forget that it was artists who coined the term in the last century.

True Fiction: Iran's Perilous Quest For A New Supreme Leader / WORLDCRUNCH PARIS - What may be the mother-of-all news items from Iran was hiding for now behind a veil of rumors.

Euro Crisis Redux: Greek Austerity And Collective Depression / LE TEMPS ELEFSINA — Greece must repay 7 billion euros of debt by July. But, as has been the case since 2011, the country will not be able to honor its debt without receiving first the last tranche of credit promised by the International Monetary Fund...

One Woman's Tale Of Protest, Prison And Lost Love in Egypt / MADA MASR Out of jail after three years in prison, Asmaa Hamdy is not celebrating, but desperately searching for her fiancé, who was forcibly disappeared just one week before her release.

Why Haitian Migrants Are Flocking To Tijuana / LE FIGARO TIJUANA — The first wave of a group of migrants, unthinkable until then in this border region, arrived unannounced in Tijuana on May 29 of last year, after an interminable slog across the American continent.

Play-Doh To Plato, A Case For Teaching Philosophy To Young Kids / LE TEMPS "Who is God?" "And if he didn't create the earth, then who did?" "Why do some people believe in God and others don't?

China Eyes Latin America In Ashes Of Monroe Doctrine / AMERICA ECONOMIA -Analysis- SANTIAGO DE CHILE - Donald Trump's arrival at the White House will have effects on the international system that are already being felt, and which will inevitably impact our region.

Good Morning, Mr. Andersen / WORLDCRUNCH

A Very Dangerous Man In The White House / BLOOMBERG NEWS Donald Trump's first presidential press conference Thursday was ... something else.

Perils Of The "Common Man" - How Male Anger Fuels Populism / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTÁ — We live in the time of the common man's anger. I use the word man in the traditional sense, like Aaron Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man, and am aware the anger is not just manifest in the male half of humanity.

Do Not Underestimate Putin’​s Thirst For Power / DIE WELT Authoritarian Russia is exploiting the weaknesses of Western democracies to extend its power.

An After-Hours Visit To The Champs-Elysées Seedy Sister Street / LE FIGARO PARIS - The Rue de Ponthieu, an otherwise posh street running alongside the world's prettiest avenue, the Champs-Elysées, is best known these days for its night brawls and a less attractive crowd staggering out of its clubs and bars at...

Poisoning Relations, From Pyongyang To Moscow / WORLDCRUNCH Please continue reading on - Poisoning Relations, From Pyongyang To Moscow


Up-Pill Battle, Brazilian Women Want Men To Use Contraception / FOLHA DE S. PAULO Celebrated as a symbol of sexual freedom when it first appeared, in the 1960s, the contraceptive pill nowadays is seen very differently by an increasing number of women.

New Armed Faction Muscling Into Tripoli Reflects Chaos in Libya / LA STAMPA TRIPOLI — As sunset descends on the Libyan capital, the sky takes on an ochre shade over the old city walls surrounding Martyr’s Square.