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Uber, Revolution Of The Always Informed Consumer / CLARIN BOGOTA — The significance of Uber goes well beyond its specific function, which is to connect willing drivers with people who need to move around in a safe, comfortable and punctual manner.

Russian And Ukrainian Armies: Former Brothers In Arms / GAZETA WYBORCZA MOSCOW — There's a book being published exclusively in the United States entitled, Brothers Armed: Military Aspects of the Crisis in Ukraine, written by Russian experts of the well-known, Moscow-based Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies. The word "brothers" may sound like it's taken from Communist propaganda, but the word is actually apt.

Extra! Brazil's Drought Knocking Out Electricity

"The double-blackout threat," Veja, Jan. 28-Feb 3, 2015 For months now the southeastern region of Brazil has been experiencing the most severe drought in living memory.

Vanity Affair: This French Magazine Publishes Whenever It Damn Well Pleases / LE MONDE PARIS — It’s a cold spring day, near the end of the 1980s. Nicole Wisniak directs a magazine photo shoot with British photographer Max Vadukul in front of the famous Fontaine de l’Observatoire in Paris’ Jardin du Luxembourg.

Egypt's ISIS, Hollande As Hitler, Spectator Swearing

EGYPT’S ISIS TARGETS MILITARY At least 26 people were killed yesterday in a series of attacks by an ISIS-affiliated group in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, Al Jazeera reports.

Unmistakably Portuguese

The traditional pavement in front of Funchal's 17th century Igreja do Colégio can be found throughout Portugal but also in the country's former colonies.

Extra! Moroccan Weekly Features Francois Hollande As Hitler

Alwatan Alane, Jan. 29, 2015  The Jan. 29 front page of Morocco's weekly magazine Alwatan Alane features French President Francois Hollande wearing a Nazi outfit, complete with a swastika armband and Adolf Hitler's trademark mustache.

January 30

Chinese Lessons In How Not To Invest In Technology / ECONOMIC OBSERVER BEIJING — China is one of the world's top investors in technological research, having spent $193 billion in 2013.

Why Russia Is Abandoning The International Space Station / KOMMERSANT MOSCOW — An alarm went off in the American section of the International Space Station (ISS) on Jan.

The Hoppy Comeback Of French Microbreweries / LES ECHOS PARIS — Biotechnology Professor Frédéric Sannier is almost disconcerted by the success of the university degree he created at the University of La Rochelle in 2007.

The Anger Of Alexis Tsipras Could Tear Europe Apart / SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG -OpEd- MUNICH — It's understandable that Alexis Tsipras wants to savor the revolutionary frenzy a little while longer after his impressive electoral victory in Greece.

Hezbollah Restraint, MH370 Declared "Accident," Saudi Misogyny

HEZBOLLAH SENDS MESSAGE OF RESTRAINT While many feared that yesterday’s deadly clashes between Hezbollah and the Israeli Defense Forces on the Lebanon border might ignite a new war, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Israel had received a message from Hezbollah in which the Lebanese group said it was retreating from further violence, Haaretz reports.

Little House On The Fjord

In 1960, I was able to afford a trip to faraway Norway, because I'd just won the first prize at a radio show trivia contest — 1,280 new francs, the currency that had just been introduced in France at the beginning of the year.

Resomation, A Third Way Alternative To Cremation Or Burial / DIE WELT BERLIN — It takes several years for a human body to decompose in soil. But it takes a resomator just three hours to do the job.

January 29

Can France 'Cure' Its Aspiring Jihadists? / LE MONDE PARIS — One winter afternoon, Ahmed left to run an errand. The 26-year-old who hails from Hauts-de-Seine, on the outskirts of Paris, was supposed to pick up something his ex-girlfriend Dounia, the mother of his children, had purchased online.

In Rural Colombia, At The Gory Intersection Of Social Media And Bullfighting / EL ESPECTADOR -Essay- BOGOTA — How can something be disgusting, unacceptable and damnable to some people, and natural if not entertaining to others?

Why Shanghai Doesn't Want To Talk About GDP

SHANGHAI — The most important recent piece of economic data in Shanghai is the number that's missing.

ISIS In Libya, Japanese Mother's Plea, Apple Breaks Bank

ISRAEL-LEBANON-SYRIA SKIRMISHES INTENSIFY An anti-tank missile was fired at an Israeli military vehicle near the Lebanon border Wednesday, wounding four soldiers, Reuters quoted a military source as saying.