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China's Polluted Rivers Yield "Cancer Villages" / LE TEMPS HUANGMENGYING — Liu Yuzhi can barely stand. To walk, she needs to lean on a bamboo stick.

German Daily Turns Trump Into Rambo After Afghan Policy Reversal / WORLDCRUNCH Die Tageszeitung's Aug. 23 frontpage German daily Die Tageszeitung showed no photoshopping restraint on its Wednesday front page, in reaction to Donald Trump’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan.

When Nobel Avengers Assemble To Discuss The Future Of World Economy / WORLDCRUNCH Mario Draghi didn’t give much away in his opening remarks at the 6th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences in southern Germany.

Signs Of Resistance To India's Glaring Social Apartheid / THE WIRE EAST DELHI — It's one of those hot and withering mid-July afternoons. Anjum is sitting in her class at a government school in East Delhi’s Patparganj.

Erdogan's Global Witch Hunt, With A Little Help From Interpol / WORLDCRUNCH -Analysis- Even as the European Union has wavered on whether to let Turkey into its exclusive grouping, Ankara has flexed its muscles within the bloc.

Germany, Time And Time Again / WORLDCRUNCH I live in France near the border with Germany. The proximity has meant that my wife and I have visited Germany 32 times — yes, 32.

Maduro's Strongest Weapon In Venezuela? A Divided Opposition / AMERICA ECONOMIA -OpEd- CARACAS — The Venezuelan regime has established, slowly but surely, a full-blown dictatorship.

From Spain To Finland, When #PrayFor Isn't Enough / WORLDCRUNCH -Analysis- Two European cities, two terror attacks. In Finland, 18-year-old Moroccan Abderrahman Mechkah is suspected of stabbing two women to death and injuring eight others in the southwestern city of Turku on Aug.

Mike Pence Is Dull And Conservative And He's Still Our Best Hope / BLOOMBERG NEWS WASHINGTON, D.C. — Donald Trump's presidency has produced a proliferation of Eeyores.

Homecoming Horror, When Europeans Return From Waging Jihad / LE FIGARO PARIS — European nations are bracing themselves for the return of their citizens who had left to fight the wars in Syria and Iraq.

Finding Humor In A Harrowing Escape From North Korea / KBR SEOUL — There's a rumor that parts of the Lion King were animated in an unlikely place: North Korea.

My Trip Back Home Finds A New Face Of Slovenia / YONDER LJUBLJANA — I have been traveling for a few weeks now, on a journey filled with inner dialogue.

Universal Stakes, Who Owns The Rights For Space Exploitation / THE WIRE Of the 195 countries in the world, only 27 are smaller than Luxembourg. The landlocked country in western Europe has the world’s second highest GDP per capita (more than $104,000).

World Front Pages Show "Barcelona In Shock" After Terror Attack / WORLDCRUNCH A van rammed into pedestrians at Las Ramblas, a tourist hotspot in Barcelona, killing at least 13 and injuring scores of others on Thursday evening.

In Malawi, The Horrors Of A Sexual Initiation Camp For Young Girls / LE MONDE MULANJE — With her sweet smile and schoolgirl backpack, Awa Kandaya, 20, seems to be the picture of innocence.

Postcard From The Ganges / WORLDCRUNCH Oh, to watch the sun setting over the Ganges and the ghats of Varanasi ...

After Charlottesville, Confederate Statues Ousted Under Cover Of Darkness / THE WASHINGTON POST WASHINGTON, D.C. — City officials across the country are nervously trying to figure out how to avoid becoming the next Charlottesville as alt-right leaders and white nationalist groups vow to stage more rallies in coming days.

Letter To The Pope: Why You Shouldn't Visit Colombia / EL ESPECTADOR -OpEd- BOGOTÁ — Father Jorge, dear Pope Francis, less than a month remains before your visit to Colombia.

What Happens To Malls After Retail Shuts Shop? / BLOOMBERG NEWS DETROIT — Outside Detroit, plans have been in the works for two years to transform the outdated Lakeside Mall into an open-air center with green space and a waterway.

China's Flexibility To IMF Rules, Different Meanings Of Debt / LES ECHOS PARIS — What if the very different Chinese approach on debt held the key to a solution for the crisis of public finances in the West.