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High Heels Affect Men In Interesting Ways, Study Reveals

Not too many men can stay indifferent when they notice a pair of high heels walking by or sitting for that matter, a new French study reveals.

Bill Cosby Gets Standing Ovation: Rape Accusations Mean Nothing To Crowd At Comeback Performance

Bill Cosby received a standing ovation in his return to the stage Thursday night, for his first performance since being hit with multiple rape and sexual assault allegations over the past two weeks, by women who have gone public saying that the once-beloved comedian attacked and abused them in incidents ranging from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Lionel Messi Barcelona Transfer: Man City, Chelsea Prepare Bids, Argentinian Disillusioned By Tax Jail Threat

Could Lionel Messi leave Barcelona? It has long been assumed that the diminutive Argentinian would play with the Catalan giants until the end of his career, but rumors have started to swirl that suggest he isn’t entirely happy in Spain.

Big Hero 6 Gets Unnecessary Censorship: Superhero Adventure Turns Into Dark Tale

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Box Office hit Big Hero 6, is sending a different message thanks to a trailer modified by Kyle J.

President Obama Rallies In Vegas! Going For Broke On Immigration Reform

President Obama is heading to Vegas! And while the general rule is, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” it probably won’t apply much to President Obama on Friday, as he wants his message on immigration reform to be heard, betting it will be embraced by the millions of undocumented immigrants who will benefit from his actions as well as his other supporters.

Mythbusters’ Adam Savage Will Judge Contest To Rewrite Ten Commandments — Sans God

Have you heard of the Rethink Prize? The idea is to rewrite the ten commandments, in a secular way. The winner, the person who submits what is judged to be the best set of ten rules for living life in a moral way, will receive a ten thousand dollar prize.

Hannibal Buress: Comedian Who Revived Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Himself Under Fire For Rape Jokes

Hannibal Buress is the comedian who sparked the firestorm of controversy related to decade-old allegations of rape against Bill Cosby, but now Buress himself is under fire for a number of rape jokes in his comedy arsenal.

Emily Dearden: NYPD Psychologist Tried To Kill Husband, Kenneth Dearden, To Be With Lover

Emily Dearden -Kenneth Dearden Police Psychologist Shooting Case: An NYPD psychologist from Yonkers, New york, was arrested in connection with the shooting and attempted murder of her husband, Kenneth Dearden.

Utah Looking To Reinstitute Firing Squad Option For Death Row Inmates

Death Row inmates in Utah may have the firing squad option returning in the near future. The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee Wednesday night voted 9-2 to bring back the firing squad as an alternative to lethal injection by amending current Utah law.

New York City’s Unemployment Rate Drops To Record Lows – But It Is Still Higher Than National Average

New York City attracts professional talent from all across the country and even overseas. Interestingly, the Big Apple continues to offer means to make a decent living, proved state’s Labor Department report.

WWE Racist? Vince McMahon Is Using Mark Henry As ‘Token Black,’ A New Report Claims

WWE racist accusations are once again flying after the company allegedly made what could be construed as a racially offensive advertising move.

Mike Golic Recreates Kim Kardashian Nude Photo, The World Retches

Mike Golic has recreated Kim Kardashian’s already iconic Paper Magazine shoot after losing a bet with his fellow ESPN host.

Kevin Spacey Gay Rumor: Takes One To Know One? Talk Show Host Says Famous Actor Is A Homosexual

Kevin Spacey is part of a gay rumor after Bravo talk show host and Real Housewives producer, Andy Cohen, accuses the A-list Hollywood actor of being gay and hiding it from the rest of the world.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers: What Comes Next When Season 1 Returns?

Fans of How to Get Away with Murder got some big reveals in the midseason finale and everybody is anxious to know what else lies ahead.

California Fisherman Catches Giant Lobster, Befriends It, Releases It Back To The Ocean!

When a California fisherman managed to catch giant lobster after he went fishing off the coast of the Channel Islands, the first thing he had in mind was the sumptuous dinner that awaited him.

10-Year-Old Smoking Marijuana: Disturbing Footage of Boy Smoking Stirs Controversy, Goes Viral (Video)

On Thursday, Nov. 20, a disturbing video of a 10-year-old boy surfaced online. In the nearly two-minute long video, the boy can be seen smoking what appears to be marijuana.

‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers About ‘Crossed': Caryl Shippers Should Be Worried [Video]

The Walking Dead fans will finally get to see what’s going on with all the survivors in this week’s episode titled “Crossed.” The last three episodes of The Walking Dead focused on one portion of Rick’s split-up family at at time — “Slabtown” was all about Beth, “Self Help” focused on Abraham’s group, and “Consumed” showed viewers what happened when Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon got to spend an entire episode together (Caryl shippers probably ended up being pretty disappointed).

Oregon Shoplifter Boxers: Alleged Thief Brawls With Store Owners Over Beer, Stripped Of Clothing [Video]

Beverton police say an Oregon shoplifter left only in his boxers, but had more clothing on when he entered.

Bill Murray Gets Serious On Acting, Religion, Seatbelt Safety And Politics

Billy Murray was recently interviewed by The Guardian, and in the interview the legendary comedic actor spoke about – among other things – the Cahtolic Church, seatbelt safety and politics.

Trapped In CVS: Woman Gets Trapped In CVS, Posts Selfie With Only 4 Percent Battery Left

A woman trapped in CVS posted a selfie before calling for help. With only four percent battery life left, the woman decided to post a picture of herself inside the CVS store, which had closed before she got to the register.