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The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 5 Trailer Has Leaked. Here Are The Six Big Takeaways From It

The first trailer for the fifth season of Game of Thrones has leaked to the internet, and it promises a truly epic season of the hit HBO fantasy series.

Dying Dog Lives Out Bucket List Adventure, Thanks To Her Loving Owner

A bucket list isn’t something you often hear about when referring to animals. After all, pets can’t talk to you and tell you the things they want to do before they die.

Fallout From Burger King/Tim Hortons Merger, Tim Hortons Cuts 350 Head Office Jobs

With the merger between Burger King and Tim Hortons complete, the fallout now begins. Bloomberg Business is reporting that Tim Hortons is cutting about 15 percent, or 350 positions, from the home office and other non-store positions in an effort to streamline the business as it prepares to begin a global push.

WWE: Daniel Bryan Wins Casket Match, But Vince McMahon Still Has ‘No Confidence’ In Him

Daniel Bryan enjoyed a bit of a reprieve Thursday on Smackdown after being dumped out eleventh in Sunday’s Royal Rumble battle royal main event, but one industry insider is warning fans not to get too attached to his comeback.

Marijuana Hijacks The 2015 Super Bowl Again [Recipes]

Last year, the Super Bowl was played in a marijuana state between two teams that were from areas where marijuana is legal — and everyone was laughing about it, calling it “The Stoner Bowl.” To emphasize the humor in the situation, newspaper headlines raved about their favorite Super Bowl recipes that infused traditional party foods with marijuana.

Weed News: Ohio Authorities Seize About $1.2 Million Worth Of Marijuana In Traffic Stop

Ohio State Highway Patrol officers pulled over a pick-up truck on Interstate 80 on January 21, 2015, for a failure to use a turn signal, and the canine on duty indicated that there could be drugs in the car.

Texas Executes Mentally Impaired Inmate With IQ Of 67

The state of Texas has executed another man, but this is making headlines because of the inmate in question.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin On ‘Entitled’ Roman Reigns: ‘He’s Not Ready’

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has proven that he’s not only one of the most popular WWE wrestlers of all time, but he’s also one of the leading voices when it comes to the world of the current professional wrestling product.

Rod McKuen: Award Winning, Inspiring American Poet, Composer, Songwriter And Singer Dies [Video]

Rod McKuen, an American poet, songwriter, composer, and singer, died Thursday after suffering from pneumonia.

Kendra Sunderland Video: Student Arrested For Filming Adult Films Inside OSU Library

Kendra Sunderland was arrested for filming adult films inside an Oregon State University library. The student has been charged with public lewdness after she filmed an x-rated video inside the school’s library.

Depression Linked To Inflammation In The Brain, Study Finds

Scientists in Canada have indicated that they’ve made a major breakthrough in depression research with a new study in which researchers have found a connection between inflammation deep in the brain and patients who suffer from depression.

Vicki Gunvalson Says Producers Will Have To Kill Her Before She’ll Quit ‘RHOC’

Vicki Gunvalson is staying put. As news of the 10th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County hit the web, the insurance agent sat down for a new interview, revealing she was happy with Bravo and not planning to move on anytime soon.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Will Compete With Apple iPad Pro

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has been a huge hit for the comeback company and has revitalized the tablet-laptop hybrid.

Washington Nationals’ Jayson Werth Heading To Jail For Reckless Driving

Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth today pleaded guilty to reckless driving and will spend five days in jail as a result.

What? Cute Rare Fox Spotted! Also Meet U.K. Rare Fox, 5 Photos [Videos]

If you love cute photos of adorable animals, stay tuned for the latest news about a rare fox spotted in the Yosemite National Forest.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Split: Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Reportedly End Engagement! Was Courtland Rogers Involved?

News of a Teen Mom 2 split has just hit the web. Just weeks after their St. Thomas engagement, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have reportedly ended their relationship, and according to a source, Evans’ ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, may have been the cause.

Tesla Model S P85D’s “Insane Mode” Gets A Software Upgrade, Now Goes 0.1 Seconds Faster

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors has a dual-motor electric luxury vehicle known as the Model S P85D, which the base model of starts at $69,900 (MSRP), and its already-quick acceleration just received an improvement via a software update that unlocks more of the vehicle’s potential through an update to the “Insane Mode.” The “Insane Mode” is activated by a button on the digital dashboard, which allows the mode to be toggled between on and off.

Gisele Bundchen Can’t Get Tom Brady’s Kids To Care About Football

Gisele Bundchen is likely Tom Brady’s biggest fan, but when it comes to the two children she shares with the New England Patriots quarterback, it’s a much different story.

Man On Trial After Two Wives Die In ‘Freak’ Accidents, Joked About Being A ‘Bride Killer’

Harold Henthorn, 58, is charged with pushing his second wife over a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park in 2012.

Security Camera Shows Mother Injecting Her Child With Feces – Reason Behind Candy Fluty’s Madness Revealed

When West Virginia mom, Candy Fluty, was arrested January 17th for injecting a “substance” into her son Elijah’s IV drip while he was convalescing in the hospital, it wasn’t a question of if Candy Fluty had injected anything into her son, but what she had injected.