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Jenna Elfman Joins Forces Once Again With 20th Century Fox TV

Jenna Elfman has officially signed a deal with the folks over at 20th Century Fox TV to bring her talents back to the small screen.

Want To Own An Actual King-Size Castle? One Just Opened Up In Spain

Being a prince or princess has been a dream of many, but as we grew up, such flights of fancy usually faded away.

These People Had The Opportunity And They Took Their Best Sarcastic Shot

Hastily scribbled notes, print-outs, painted signs, all tell us what to do and what ought not to be done.

Liberian Ebola Crisis: Safety Shortages, Stubborn Patients Create Worldwide Risk

The AP is reporting that the ebola crisis in Liberia is causing serious stress for the country’s first responders, who are lacking safety equipment to prevent their own infection.

Trainee Vet Stitches Special Message Into Dog’s Skin That’ll Turn Your Stomach

There are many way in which to say ‘I love you’ but a veterinary student in Poland thought the best way to express his feelings of devotion towards his girlfriend would be by stitching them into the skin of an innocent and defenseless animal.

Iraqi Pilots Accidentally Deliver Food, Water And Ammunition To ISIS Militants

As the war in Syria between ISIS and various other groups, including soldiers loyal to the Assad regime, rages on the war in Iraq between ISIS and the Kurds is also heating up.

WWE: Roman Reigns May Not Be The ‘Top Guy’ For Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania 31, Says Steve Austin

The WWE Universe was shocked when Roman Reigns’ surgery dropped him off the roster suddenly, seemingly ending the big push by Vince McMahon and Triple H before it could really get started.

The Notebook War Is On, HP Stream Products To Rival Chromebook

Its cheap, its sleek and the colors are popping. That is what HP wants you to think of the newest additions to its Stream line-up of thin and light Windows products.

Vegas Weed Grower Posts Video Updates Of His Crop, Gets Promptly Arrested

Though purchase of marijuana has been legalized or at least decriminalized in a few American states, growing weed in your backyard is still quite illegal.

Colorado Teacher Protest Shuts Down Schools Over History Censorship

Teacher protests have shut down schools for two days out of the past two weeks and continue to gain momentum.

Parents Thrown Off Bus For Offending Muslim By Singing ‘Peppa Pig’ Song To Their Baby

A British couple were thrown off a bus for being racist. They were singing the theme song from Peppa Pig, a children’s show, in an attempt to calm their 15-month-old crying daughter.

Remember When Games Were A Fun, Family Activity? Here Are Some Great Board Game Moments

Remember the board game? Pulling a box down off the shelf, laying out on the floor or table while the whole family, or group of your best friends, gathered around ready to have fun playing together?

Arizona Teacher Fired For Defending A Bullied Student

It’s a sad state of affairs when bullied kids can’t even get help from teachers. Today, a long-time grade school teacher in Arizona was fired for her actions in helping a student who was being bullied by five other boys.

Dillon Taylor Shooting Video: Taylor Backing Away When Officer Fires, But DA Says Killing ‘Justified’

Dillon Taylor, the unarmed 20-year-old killed by police in Salt Lake City on August 11, was backing away from the police officer who shot him when the officer opened fire, video of the fatal shooting released Tuesday shows.

Pizza Hut’s ‘By The Slice’ Selling Is Expanding

Pizza Hut surely is coming up with different ways to make money. Columbus Business First is reporting that Pizza Hut will begin rolling out selling pizza by the slice in Ohio.

Snoop Dogg Promises Concert In Alaska If Weed Legalization Passed

Rapper Snoop Dogg said in an interview with Charlo Greene he would perform a concert in Alaska if voters pass ballot measure 2, which legalizes recreational marijuana use, in November.

Justin Bieber Stylish At CR Fashion Party, Miranda Kerr Hangs With Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the same premiere league fashion party as Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Karl Lagerfield, Paris Hilton and — um — Miranda Kerr?

WWE: Daniel Bryan’s Injury Bad Enough To Have Stone Cold Steve Austin Worried

That low rumbling sound of a “no, no, no” you still hear echoing throughout the WWE Universe is the result of Daniel Bryan’s injury causing him to disappear from the ring only after being the WWE Champion for a short while.

Should Pats Sit Brady? Tough Questions Surround Tom Following Abysmal Game

Putting Tom Brady on the bench in the 4th quarter could not save The New England Patriots from a humiliating 41-17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Six Flags Fight A Real Life Purge? Twitter-Organized Brawl Fractures Teen’s Skull [Video]

A Six Flags fight video may be the first ever to actually show a real life purge happen in America if reports about people using social media to organize a Six Flags “fight fest” in 2014 are correct.